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  • Pole Position II - New Tracks

    While Pole Position II is in Attract Mode, press the Triangle Button to open the options menu. From there, choose to enable Test Mode. While in the Test Mode screen, press the Triangle Button again to open the options menu. This time, choose the dip switches, and activate Dip Switch #1 (it should be in the upwards position.) After doing this, disable the Test Mode and return to the main game. Once you have done this, press Triangle once more. You should notice a new option saying, "Course." Move to this option and press the X button. You should hear a tone. Now start a new game, and the track layouts will look the same on the track selection screens, but when the game starts, you'll find the layouts have drastically changed!

    Turn on Dip Switch #1 from Test Mode, then option options menu and choose Course option while in attract mode.Change Track Layouts

    Contributed By: Larcen Tyler.


  • Hard Mode in Galaxian

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Hard ModeBeat round 9 and check the "Options" > "Rank" menu to change difficulty

    Contributed By: Vash the Stampede67.


  • Galaxian Psychidelic mode

    Play Galaxian until you have 30,000 points or more. Then, press the triangle button during the demo sequence to go to the access the options menu. Choose the Test option and press x, when the test screen appears, press triangle, then choose the Dip sw option and press x, then choose the switch 6 and press up to turn it on. Now start the game and you will be playing in Psychidelic mode

    Contributed By: smashingdrillman.

  • Galaxian: Turbo Mode

    During the demo mode, press Select 32 times to add to the Credits total in the bottom right corner of the screen. Now the number 32 should be displayed. Hold Select and press Start to begin the game in turbo mode.

    Contributed By: KasketDarkfyre.

  • Phozon: level select

    In test mode, simply flip the second #4 Dip switch.

    Contributed By: Crazy AJ.

  • Tower of Druaga fight scene

    While you're just standing there in the musuem, hold L1 and R1, and press Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Right, Down, Left. There will be a pick-axe on the bottom of the screen. Now walk into the Tower of Druaga room, and go up to a brick wall in there. I think it's the first one you see. Press X once Pac-Man tells you something's there. Once the wall is destroyed, go through, and you can see Gil fighting Druaga.

    Contributed By: Igtenos.

  • Tower of Druaga: Another Tower & Darkness Tower

    First, enter the Tower of Druaga museum. Next, hold L1 and R1 while you press (Up, Right, Down, Left) three times. Then, find a solid brick wall and push X. Finally, look to the right of this new room to find the Another Tower machine. While in the Another Tower game, push Triangle and go to the test screen. Push Triangle again and flip Dip Switch #4 in the menu. Go back to the game and press select to enter 1 credit. Press X, Right, Circle, Down, Square, Left, R1, L1, R2, L2 to access Darkness Tower.

    Contributed By: Crazy AJ.

Dig Dug Cheats


  • Make every enemy dissapear!

    This glitch will make all enemies dissapear in the current level, but the level will not end. This let's you to get as many points as you want from eating all the dirt! 1) Get the game down to two Pookas. If you only leave one, it will escape thus ending the round. 2) This works best in horizontal tunnels under the rocks. 3) Get a Pooka to follow you, inflate as necessary to delay him a little. 4) Right when you are next to the rock, inflate the Pooka once to just delay him. When he moves at your character again, move under the rock. 5) Quickly turn around and start pumping the Pooka up. Using the delay of the rock dropping, you should be able to cause the Pooka to burst at the same time the rock drops on him. 6) If you are successful, then the other Pooka will disappear and you can amuse yourself digging out tunnels all day long in the dirt. NOTE: To return the game back to normal, drop another rock and you will go into the next round.

    Contributed By: Apalapan.

Easter Eggs

  • Hidden message

    In service mode, keep down the fire button and press Up six times, Right three times, Down four times, and Left eight times to see a hidden message

    Contributed By: BinaryHedgehog.

Phozon Cheats

Easter Eggs

  • Hidden message

    In service mode, move the stick up four times, right once, down once, and left twice in order to find a hidden message.

    Contributed By: BinaryHedgehog.

The Tower of Druaga Cheats


  • Continue / Level Select

    Keep button 1 pressed while pushing the START button to continue from a previous game, as well as select which level.

    Contributed By: odino.

Easter Eggs

  • Namco screen

    Enter the service mode and select sound 19. Press the service switch to view the grid and enter U, U, U, U, D, R, R, L, L, L, L, L, L, START P2.

    Contributed By: odino.

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