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  • Assault Plus

    The X-Room normally shows nothing but darkness and a grey pillar in the middle of the room. But there is a reason for the mysterious X-Room's existence...a hidden game!

    In the X-Room, press R1, R2, L1, L2, Up, and Triangle all at the same time. The screen will flash and a noise will be heard. A woman will suddenly appear to the right of the pillar (The same woman that appears on the "X-Room" sign...and also on the Assault Plus game card.) Go to the woman until Pac-Man gains attention ("!") and press X. The woman will make some pose and will point you to the direction of the pillar, where a static screen that says "ASSAULT PLUS" is hovering over. Press X in front of it, and the room will change into a small stadium; the pillar will be converted to the Assault Plus cabinet!

    There are also two exhibits and complementary How to Play and Tip screens for the game near the doorway.

    Contributed By: Sketch Tucker.

  • Hidden "Return of Ishtar" Version

    While in the exhibit room of "Return of Ishtar," quickly press Right, Left, Up, then Down+X. The torches will change to blue flames, and all but one of the exhibits ("How to Play") will be darkened out and unavailable to view. "How to Play" details the changes in this special version of Return of Ishtar, and when entering the main Game Room a different scene is portrayed behind the machine. In the special version, more spells are available to you from the start, and stats such as Gil's experience and Ki's magic are now visible. However, there are no passwords and you cannot continue when you die.

    In the exhibit room for Return of Ishtar, quickly press Right, Left, Up, then Down+X.Hidden Game

    Contributed By: KasketDarkfyre and Sketch Tucker.

  • Human Receptionist

    The robot receptionist you meet at the beginning can be changed into a human! When Pac-Man gains attention of the receptionist ("!"), press Triangle to look up, and then press X. When looking down (by pressing Square), the receptionist has changed! While the functionality of the receptionist is no different, the human receptionist will have a few different animations that make her...well, more human.

    Doing the same trick while the human receptionist is available will revert her to the robot.

    Contributed By: Sketch Tucker.

  • Secret Videos

    Hold all the L and R buttons as soon as you power up the game. Keep them held down and you'll see a secret video of Japanese shows and cartoons.

    Contributed By: freakunique.

Pac-Land Cheats


  • Hidden warp

    First, make sure you're in Round 2. Move a tree stump (There's only one in the level that you can move) and you will warp to Trip 3 Round 9, and earn an additional 80,000 points (Arcade and Atari Lynx versions only).

    Contributed By: Mega Man 5.

The Return of Ishtar Cheats


  • Last Level Password

    At the title screen, select "Password". Enter your name as "AAA" for both characters. Then select "MALE" for both characters and choose "Ki & Gil". Now for the left password enter "PDU5JT" and for the right password enter "X7JJ". If done right, you'll be able to select the last level from the stage list.

    Contributed By: ReyVGM.

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