• Team Unlock Passwords

    Enter the following code at the User Name screen to make these teams available.

    CURLHBUnlock '46 Army Team
    FOLTAUnlock '46 Notre Dame Team
    KPEALUnlock '57 Notre Dame Team
    SLANTGUnlock '57 Oklahoma Team
    ZAIDEUnlock '59 Mississippi Team
    BJRAOUnlock '59 USC Team
    YBUEUnlock '62 USC Team
    XXLUnlock '62 Wisconsin Team
    ITAGMUnlock '65 UCLA Team
    PSAONUnlock '66 Notre Dame Team
    WSATLUnlock '67 UCLA Team
    DTYXUnlock '67 USC Team
    POEWROUnlock '68 Ohio State Team
    QSUILIUnlock '68 USC Team
    RTACEUnlock '69 Texas Team
    CAUSEUnlock '70 Ohio State Team
    DSUGUSUnlock '70 Stanford Team
    DOEFLUnlock '71 Nebraska Team
    ITGSINUnlock '71 Oklahoma Team
    AJNADSUnlock '73 Alabama Team
    PSAPMUnlock '73 Michigan Team
    CGEOUnlock '73 Notre Dame Team
    MDAVIUnlock '73 Ohio State Team
    JDEMIUnlock '74 Notre Dame Team
    HCOHTUnlock '74 USC Team
    CLICKUnlock '75 Arizona Team
    FIRELTUnlock '75 Nebraska Team
    OPLTOUnlock '76 Georgia Team
    DDPELOPUnlock '78 Alabama Team
    STAEYTUnlock '78 Penn State Team
    RJOTNHUnlock '79 Ohio State Team
    HSBEUnlock '79 USC Team
    SEDEFUnlock '81 North Carolina Team
    CHELTUnlock '82 California Team
    ISTMEUnlock '82 Georgia Team
    SJOIUnlock '82 Penn State Team
    KEORHUnlock '82 Stanford Team
    MDAADNDUnlock '83 Miami Team
    SJCOHUnlock '83 Nebraska Team
    DWOUKUnlock '84 BC Team
    FERTUnlock '84 Miami Team
    DPUATUnlock '85 Alabama Team
    GNAMSUnlock '85 Penn State Team
    HMOELUnlock '86 Miami Team
    REERMUnlock '86 Penn State Team
    JDALCKUnlock '87 Miami Team
    TANDGWOUnlock '87 Oklahoma Team
    CSHUnlock '88 Notre Dame Team
    GQUnlock '88 UCLA Team
    XLLUnlock '88 USC Team
    GCRHUISCUnlock '89 Alabama
    NJOHUnlock '89 Miami Team
    DAMYNOUnlock '89 Notre Dame Team
    VSAENUnlock '91 Miami Team
    MFAENUnlock '91 Michigan Team
    TEWGTUnlock '91 Nebraska Team
    TJUOUnlock '91 Washington Team
    CJOEORUnlock '92 Alabama Team
    SICAHUnlock '92 Miami Team
    HEREWGUnlock '93 Nebraska Team
    LEDIWSUnlock '94 Miami Team
    SDWAUnlock '94 Nebraska Team
    OLUTPUnlock '94 Penn State Team
    GRUSBLUnlock '96 Florida State Team
    OMJIERUnlock '96 Florida Team
    PWARSSUnlock '97 Michigan Team
    QAILIUnlock '97 Nebraska Team
    MAERUNUnlock '97 Tennessee Team
    TMERIGUnlock '97 Washington State Team
    JROONBUnlock 93 Florida State Team

    Contributed By: Mike Truitt.

  • Unlockable Bonus Goodies

    Enter the following codes at the User Name screen.

    WATCHDOG25-Second clock will not start until the referee puts the ball on the line of scrimage
    PLAY WIZReveal the computers plays
    SOUNDALOTRowdy Fans
    CMONGUYTurbo Mode
    FASTNFUNKYTwo-Minute Game
    OHAMISOREUnlock All Stadiums

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