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"Hot Pursuit is what this game is about!"

The two previous Need For Speed series were the shame of the series. Horrible frame rate, wrestling with controls, and low replay value made the games lame and boring. But this time, Need For Speed III has finally overcome its obstacles to be a great racing game everyone dreamed of. Even I was hooked up with this game for almost three months, playing no other game but this one thing.

Pure challenge. Especially when its in expert mode. You will be greatly astonished on how the AI responds to your actions. This element is greatly presented in Hot Pursuit mode. The cops vary from each other, ranging from the lame Countach and police jeeps (I think) to the devillishly fast Diablo supercop car. They will try everything to make you stop, ramming you sideways persistently, hitting you to a dead end, tire spikes and lots more. Of course, the game never gets to be too hard to be beaten. Prizes upon beating the tournament and knockout mode vary according to the set difficulty. This has enhanced the replayability too.

The lighting source and other miscellaneous details are in. A vast improvement from the previous Need For Speed series that is. A good example of the superb lighting is when you are racing night time. Every contour and curve hit by the light from the head lamp even of different intencities. Also, the annoying red and blue light from the cop's sirens is an example too. Apart from that, the cars are animated in supreme detail, they shine in the blazing sunlight. You got to see for yourself the other graphical supremes.

You will seldom be bored upon hearing the crystal clear sounds generated. Ambient sounds, sirens, engine blaring and birds chirping in the countryside are all for you to hear for yourself. They were so realistic, you would somewhat feel the sensation of being inside the surroundings.

Everybody are sure to be greatly entertained with this revved up game. Unlike the previous series, lots of improvements were made, such as the return of cop-racer chase. Although the tracks were not that numerous, but each were made to sit the theme. This also enhanced the replayability, aside from the challenging AI. But some flaws such as no music in two player mode, no damage visible (although we like to do that, and witness it too), analog control no different from the d-pad etc. are present.

Buy this one if you can't stand being fined by the cops in real-life (especially). Heh heh.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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