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"The Hot Pursuit in this game will keep you coming back for more"

I would have to agree with the people that have this game is that this must be the best Need for Speed games that was made in its time. If there are anyone who does not like this game (for example: bad graphics, or maybe bad car physics) that is a sign that those people do not understand of how fun this game can be especially in the Hot Pursuit mode. This must be like one of the greatest racing games that Electronic Arts has made in their Need for Speed series. It's probably on of the greatest games in the racing genre, if not than the reward would probably go to NASCAR Racing 4 because of the real-life graphics. All right let me get straight to the review:

Graphics: 9.2/10
The graphics of this game are probably the best graphics that were used in a Need for Speed game. The graphics used for this game almost looks like that its real life but not all the way to real life, but others may seem to find these graphics to be superb because this game will not be able to satisfy every racer.

Difficulty: 9.5/10
The difficulty of this game varies from how good people are or how bad you are at this game. If you are a beginner on this game, it will take time to get used to the way the cars handle, definitely how to get around the tracks. Even with the A.I. of the other racers or the cops in Hot Pursuit will make any race very challenging especially for people who are beginning to know the tracks well enough. A couple features will make the difficulty of the game to be real.

Sound: 9/10
The sound of this game is quite good especially the cop voices when you go past them. The sounds of the cars are also great but the car sounds may not impress some people but the will not disappoint. When the cops you’ll notice that the sound while chasing you quite good but the when you hit something (such as a building) doesn’t sound that well but it seems that, it is a flaw that EA made while developing this game.

OVERALL: 9.4/10
Overall this has to be one of the best Need for Speed games besides High Stakes which also happens to be another great Need for Speed after the release of this game from Electronic Arts. If you are planning to get a great racing game this has to be one of the racing games you should pick up besides Gran Turismo. Even though that the Need for Speed games were out for quite a few years but some people say that Gran Turismo is better but Need for Speed is quite a challenge to Gran Turismo. This game can be a challenge especially the Knockout which the last car after each race is eliminated from the challenge. Another challenge is the Tournament mode where you must try to stay in the points lead after the number of races that you do.

There are gamers who are willing to try a different type of racing game, this has to be the type of racer that the person would be willing to try because of the Hot Pursuit and some of the cars to please the gamer. If you are looking for a game that is different from Gran Turismo you should see about renting this game first to see if you like the game, but I can guarantee that you’ll enjoy the Hot Pursuit mode.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/17/02, Updated 10/19/02

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