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Reviewed: 01/09/03 | Updated: 01/09/03

Worth every last penny


Need For Speed III: Hot Pursuit is a very worthwhile and enjoyable game. Seeing how several of the other previous NFS Games had shortcomings will make this one all the more enjoyable.


The controls are very easy to master and the cars all handle differently. The game boasts an incredible array of actual sports cars and one very maxed out secret car which in and of itself makes NFS III a worthy addition to any gamers collection. There are several modes of play including Single Race, Tournament, Knock out, Practice and Hot pursuit which has the heat all over you in an attempt to capture you and drag you off to jail. There are many different scenic tracks to race through as well as a host of secret tracks accessed only by inputting secret passwords.


The graphics stunning for a PSX title and some of the levels will leave you in awe of the details. Scenic tracks include snowy mountains, beautifully rendered pastures, Egyptian looking ruins, Desert Paths, Sea Side spots and many more. There are shortcuts and secret nooks and crannies hidden throughout which goes to show just how much attention the developers paid to the backgrounds. The cars are magnificently rendered as well and add to the sense of realism that you would get if it was all for real.

CAMERA 10/10

The camera angles are very comfortable and easy to manage. There are a few different angles to select from and I highly doubt that anyone could find faults in this regard.

FMV's, MUSIC and SFX 7/10

The music is not bad nor great and the FMV's are simply overviews of the various tracks which leaves a bit to be desired. However, since the tracks are so good looking the clips are enjoyable to watch. The SFX are pretty cool and original, the cops have several warnings and complaints that they spew at you and the burning rubber and crashes sound cool. the engine noise could have been worked on a little more but it is certainly tolerable.


NFS III is a game that offers plenty replay value due to the fact that there are enough different modes of play available as well as a host of selectable cars. There is also the additional element of passwords which in turn will unlock several new tracks and one awesome speed demon. Also ''Hot Pursuit'' mode allows for endless possibilities for eluding the police so there alone you will find plenty replay value.


All in all I think that NEED FOR SPEED III: HOT PURSUIT is a great game for any racing enthusiast. There are no major flaws or drawbacks in the game and it is both easy enough to have fun and challenging enough to make the victories worthwhile. If you like driving games then you will love NFS III. It's worth every penny!!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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