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    FAQ by Ewok King

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 04/01/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

         N  E  E  D * F  O  R * S  P  E  E  D * F  O  U  R
          ___     __ __________ __________ ______________
         /   |   / // ________// ________//_  _   ___  _/
        / /| |  / // /____    / /_______   / / | |  / /
       / / | | / // _____/   /_______  /  / /  | | / /
      / /  | |/ // /        ________/ /__/ /___| |/ /_
     /_/   |___//_/        /_________//______________/
     H    I    G    H  *  S    T    A    K    E    S
              Need For Speed 4:  High Stakes FAQ
                  version 2.0  FINAL VERSION!
                Steven Randolph, aka Ewok King
               version org. 12:57 PM 04/01/2000
    1.  Disclaimer
    2.  Version history
    3.  About this FAQ
    4.  High Stakes
    5.  Controls
    6.  Secret codes
    7.  Game modes
    8.  Random questions
    9.  Acknowledgements
    10.  Contact info
    I wrote this, so it's automatically copyrighted, you 
    know that, don't act stupid.  Don't try to say you 
    wrote this, and don't try to sell it.  Plagerism sucks,
    so don't contribute to the problem.  If you want to put
    this FAQ on your site, contact me and I'll let you.  
    Don't contact me and I'll get pissed.  Capiche?
    The Playstation Controller farther down took a long time,
    and I think it is hella sweet.  You can use it only if
    you acknowledge that I created it.
    Need For Speed 4:  High Stakes is copyright 1999, Electronic
    Arts.  All copyrights not mentioned are implied.
    Version 1.0, 7:24 PM 8/27/99:  FAQ completed and submitted
    Version 1.5, 3:12 PM 10/23/99:  New Codes added; random 
    questions section added.
    Version 2.0 FINAL VERSION!, 12:39 PM 04/01/2000:  Updates
    for Codes; Random questions
    ***_ABOUT THIS FAQ_***
    I rented this game, then when I got home, I looked it up 
    on GameFAQs.  There were no FAQs for it.  None.  So, I knew
    right then that I would make the first FAQ for NFS4:HS.  
    After I started playing the game, I knew this would be a 
    relatively short FAQ, because the game is pretty straight 
    This is my second FAQ.  My first one is for Link in the N64
    game, Super Smash Bros.  If you get a chance to play that 
    game, please check out my FAQ.
    A note on the ASCII PSX controller, when printed, it won't
    look right unless you print the FAQ in landscape format.
    This FAQ can be found at the following sites:
    GameFAQs:  http://www.gamefaqs.com
    Cheat Planet:  http://www.cheatplanet.com
    Video Game Strategies at About.com:  http//:vgstrategies.about.com
    You can always find the most recent version at GameFAQs.
    ***_HIGH STAKES_***
    High Stakes is the fourth in the popular Need For Speed series.
    It is named for the new game mode added.  I must say that 
    this is the best NFS yet, and one of the better racing games 
    I've ever played.  The graphics are second only to Grand 
    Turismo, and the controls are better.  This game is way better 
    than Ridge Racer Type 4, which I didn't like too well.  
    If you have a Dual Shock analog controller, this game is bliss!
    If you don't, I would recommend getting one just to feel the
    full effect of NFS4:HS.
    If you're not a big racing game fan(me), at least give this one 
    a rent.  But if you are a big racing game fan, you'll probably
    want to buy it.  
    If you don't have a dual shock controller with analog, you 
    can't experience this game completely.  I recommend sticking 
    with Control Type A:
          ___________                                    ___________
       L2:rear view  |                                  |           R2:shift down
          _________  |                                  |  _________
       L1:cop menu \ |        reset       pause         | /         R1:shift up
                 _=====_        |           |         _=====_
                / _____ \       |           |        / _____ \
             .'  |     |  `.    |  S O N Y  |     .'  |   ___________triangle:view/
            / ___| /|\ |___ \   |           |    / ___| /_\ |___ \            display
    D Pad----|      |      | ;  |_          |_  ; | _         _ | ;
           | |<---     --->| | |__|        |__> | ||_|-------(_)-----square:brake/reverse
           ; |___   |   ___| ;SELECT       START; |___       ___| ;  circle: hand brake
           |\    | \|/ |    /  _     ___      _  \    |  X-----------X:accelerate
           | `.  |_____|  .','" "', |___|  ,'" "',`.  |_____|  .' |
           |   `-._____.-' /       \ANALOG/       \ `-._____.-'   |
           |               |       |_====_|       |               |
           |              /\       /      \       /\              |
           |             /  `.___.'        `.___.'  \             |
           |            /      |                     \            |
            \          /       |                      \          /
             \________/      steer                     \________/
     To turn the display on/off, hold triangle for 1 second
     To honk your horn, press d pad up
     To change the music press L1+R1 until you have the track you want
    *To turn on your headlights, press L1+d pad up
     To turn on your turn signals, press L1+d pad left or right, again to turn off.
     To turn on your hazard lights, press L1+d pad down, again to turn off.
     When picking a car, press square, this brings up a screen where you can turn 
     damage off and choose manual or automatic transmission, automatic is the default.
    * in hot pursuit mode(you're the cops), this will turn the siren and lights, on/off.
    ***_SECRET CODES_***
         Use all cop cars on any track:
              Go to the user name screen and type in NFS_PD,
              _ being a space.  You can now use all the cars 
              on all tracks.  Like the German police car on 
              the Canadian track.  Yawn.  
         Phantom Car:
              Go to the user name screen and type in FLASH, 
              you can use the Phantom Car, but you can't save.
              This car is _SWEET!_
         Police Helicopter:
              Go to the user name screen and type in WHIRLY, 
              you can use the police helicopter, but only on
              Test Drive Mode, and saving is disabled.  This
              is pretty cool.
         Titan Car:
              Go to the user name screen and type in HOTROD,
              you can now use the Titan Car.  _THIS IS THE 
              COOLEST CAR ON THE GAME!_  It goes in excess of
              220 mph!  Saving is disabled.
              Pick any mode, track, and car, then press start.
              immediately hold d pad up, R1 and L2, keep holding
              them until the race starts.  The picture is all
              psychadelic, like you're drunk.  If you want to 
              know why you should not drive drunk, play the game
              in this mode, you'll never want to touch alcohol.
         Outta my Way!:
              Pick any mode, track, and car, then press start.
              Immediately hold d pad left, square, and circle.
              Keep holding them until the race starts.  Now you
              can cause the other cars to wreck by just barely
              bumping them!  This works really well on Hot Pursuit
              mode when you're the cops.
         Super Cop Cars:
              To use the Super Cop Cars, you have to arrest 10 
              speeders in Hot Persuit Mode(playing as the cops).
              You have to do this on each track to get that track's
              super cop car.
              ***_NOTE_***  I have not tried this code, and cannot
              confirm it.  Go to the user name screen and type in 
              ***_NOTE_***  I have not tried this code, and cannot
              confirm it.  Pick any mode, track, and car, then press
              start.  Immediately hold d pad up, triangle, and x.
              Keep holding them until the race starts.  Now you can 
              use tubos.  The way I understand it, you can't steer 
              while the turbo is going.  I think.
              ***_NOTE_***  I have not tried this code, and cannot
              confirm it.  Pick any mode, track, and car, then press
              start.  Immediately hold d pad down, triangl, and x.
              You can accelerate from 0 to 60 in under a second!
              The way I understand this one, it differs from Turbo
              because you can steer.  You must press down on the D-pad
              for this one to work.
         Extra Music
              Just go to Audio Options from the main menu, then go
              to CD Player, go all the way down and there are two 
              music tracks turned off, turn them on and you can 
              listen to them during the game.
         Drive Special Edition Corvette
              You must place first in the Corvette Pro Cup to get
              this extra fast 'Vette.
         Drive Special Edition Porsche 911
              You must place first in the Porsche Pro Cup to get
              this extra fast 911.
    ***_GAME MODES_***
    NFS4:HS has three game modes that can be played by either one
    or two players:  Test Drive, Single Race, and Hot Pursuit.
    Let's take a look at each of these:
         Test Drive:
              In this mode you can take one lap on any open track,
              with any available car.  Use this to get the feel of
              each individual track.  This mode has traffic, so it's
              not just you riding around.
         Single Race:
              Here you can take two laps on any open track, but you 
              have to buy a car.  You can race alone, with one other 
              car, or a full grid.  No prize money.
         Hot Pursuit:
              Before Grand Theft Auto, before Driver, there was NFS3:
              Hot Pursuit.  The first game that let you run from the
              cops.  This great mode is back and better than ever.
              You can either pick a super car and run from the cops
              on any open track, or pick a cop car and bust purps.
              In the cop mode, press L1 to bring up a menu in the 
              lower right corner, then press the proper button for 
              backup, road blocks, spike belts, etc.
    There are two modes you can only play as one player:  Tournament,
    and Special Events:
              Buy a car and complete a series of races for prize money.
              Use the money to buy both car upgrades and new cars.  
              You are required to have different cars for different 
         Special Events:
              These are special tournaments that have both tougher
              qualifying requirements and entry fees.  Special Events
              are not for novices!
    There is only one mode specific to two player play:  High Stakes Mode.
         High Stakes:
              In olden times, the ancient ones would drag race for car 
              titles.  So it do be in High Stakes mode.  You think that
              Car you've spent so much time and money on is The Sh*t?
              Does your friend think the same thing about his car?  See
              who is really the greatest by plugging in each of your 
              memory cards and racing.  The winner gets the loser's car.
              Forever.  That car is completely erased from the loser's
              card!  ***_TIP_***  save your NFS game to another memory
              card before playing, just in case you lose.  Just in case.
    Here are some answers to some of my emails about this FAQ.
    Q:  I am goin to get a PSX soon, do I have to have a dual shock
    A:  No, but I would recommend it.
    Q:  Does <insert code of choice> exist?
    A:  The codes I have here are all the codes I know.  And any
        new codes I get are not guaranteed to work, I just rented
        NFS:HS for a weekend, and that was about two months ago.
        I conquered the game and have no intention of renting it 
    Q:  Can I put your FAQ on <insert site of choice>?
    A:  Like I said in the disclaimer, just so long as you email me
        for permission first, and you keep it as is.
    Q:  Your site rocks, and you must be famous b/c they printed
        it in the best videogame magazine ever, Score.
    A:  I don't have a 'site'; I'm not famous; I've never heard
        of 'Score', so tell them I'm gonna kick their asses.
    I'd like to thank my little bro', Joey.  That's it.
    Thanx to Percy Mui for the codes "Turbo" and "0.0"
    Thanx to Michael Stith for the code "Moneybags"
    Thanx to all of you who have read this FAQ and made
    it so extremely popular.
    ***_CONTACT INFO_***
    If you have any comments, things to add to the FAQ, 
    wanna' talk about Star Wars, or some such, my email is
                  Thanx for reading my FAQ!
                        COMING SOON:
               (AS SOON AS I GET AHOLD OF IT)

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