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    Car Strategy Guide by Ido Skira

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                    Car FAQ for Need For Speed Porsche 2000
                       Written by Ido "The Duke" Skira
                             Date Written: 4\3\05
    Table of Contents
    -Section 1: Introduction
    -Section 2: Legal Information
    -Section 3: Contact Information
    -Section 4: The Cars
     -Subsection 4A: Classic Era
     -Subsection 4B: Golden Era
     -Subsection 4C: Modern Era
    -Section 5: Thanks & Credits
    -Section 6: Closing
    Hi, my name is Ido and I've decided to write my first FAQ about NFS Porsche
    2000 and its cars. After spending almost a year playing this game I fell in
    love with Porsche and now I can say that I know the driving style of almost
    any car in the game. Each series of models has its own stats and driving style
    from the really old 356 to the very last car in the game: the 911 Turbo (996).
    In this guide I'll try to explain how every series, and sometimes specific,
    models handles. Please keep in mind that I'm only 16 years old and I don't
    know much about physics and how cars are built. The only stuff I know come
    from this game and whatever is in it. However I will try to explain everything
    according to the game.
    Legal Information
    This is the first game I'm writing a FAQ about and although I have no
    experience in being an author, I will try to protect this document from
    plagiarism. Of course, if anyone wants to post this document (or portions of
    it) on his site all he has to do is drop me an e-mail and I'll most likely say
    yes, providing you give credit where credit is due.
    Contact information
    Because this is my first FAQ, most chances are I'll have to update this more
    than once. If you have anything to add, correct, point out or whatever, just
    mail me at drunken_brawler@walla.com and say whatever is on your mind. Credits
    will be given at the appropriate section and in the credits & thanks section.
    If you're just interested in talking and making a friend you can include that
    in your e mail or you can contact me by ICQ if you have it. My ICQ number is:
    The Cars
    In this section I'll go into detail about every series of models, and when 
    needed, specific cars. All the cars are divided into the eras in which they
    were manufactured over the years. Classic era, Golden era and Modern era.
    Each era is divided into classes, when each class has its own cars which are
    relatively equal. Any coupe version of a certain car will outperform its targa
    or convertible counterpart. Ok now that everything has been said lets start
    with the Classic era.
    Classic Era
    - Class 3 -
    Class 3 of the Classic era contains the first cars in the game, the 356. Class
    3 356 don't have enough horsepower to be as fast as later cars, nor good
    handling to be comfortable but that's what is available to you and because 
    they are not that fast, chances that the tail will break loose are slim.
    The best car between these would be the '53 356 1500 Super Coupe.  
    - 1950 356 1100 Cabriolet
    - 1950 356 1100 Coupe Ferdinand
    - 1951 356 1300 Cabriolet
    - 1951 356 1300 Coupe
    - 1952 356 1500 Cabriolet
    - 1952 356 1500 Coupe
    - 1953 356 1500 Super Cabriolet
    - 1953 356 1500 Super Coupe
    - 1954 356 1300 Super Cabriolet
    - 1954 356 1300 Super Coupe
    Next, is the 356 A series. The 356 A have a slight advantage over the regular
    356's and while being somewhat better they are also slightly looser than the
    first 356's. If you are going too fast and you make a sharp turn you'll 
    probably hit the outside wall. If you try to push the car through the turn you
    might break the tail loose and take some damage. So, while it seems you are
    not going that fast, you're still going too fast for the car. Before you take
    sharp turns, brake a bit and the enter the turn in a wide arch.
    - 1956 356 A 1300 Cabriolet
    - 1956 356 A 1300 Coupe
    - 1956 356 A 1300 Super Cabriolet
    - 1956 356 A 1300 Super Coupe
    - 1956 356 A 1600 Cabriolet
    - 1956 356 A 1600 Coupe
    - 1956 356 A 1600 Super Cabriolet
    - 1956 356 A 1600 Super Coupe
    - 1956 356 A 1600 Speedster
    - 1956 356 A 1600 Super Speedster
    - 1959 356 A 1600 Convertible D
    - 1959 356 A 1600 Super Convertible D
    - Class 2 -
    The next few cars are the 356 B's. With bigger engines these perform even
    better than the 356 A's. However, being faster means higher chances of 
    breaking the tail loose, thus losing control over the car. Learn to break the
    tail just loose enough to make it through a corner only without taking damage
    if you like going fast. The best of this class would be the Super 90 Coupe.
    - 1960 356 B 1600 Cabriolet
    - 1960 356 B 1600 Coupe 
    - 1960 356 B 1600 Roadster
    - 1960 356 B 1600 Hardtop
    - 1960 356 B 1600 Super Cabriolet
    - 1960 356 B 1600 Super Coupe
    - 1960 356 B 1600 Super Roadster
    - 1960 356 B 1600 Super Hardtop
    - 1960 356 B 1600 Super 90 Cabriolet
    - 1960 356 B 1600 Super 90 Coupe
    - 1960 356 B 1600 Super 90 Roadster
    - 1960 356 B 1600 Super 90 Hardtop
    - Class 1 -
    The first car out of class 1 is the fastest 356 in the game.
    - 1962 356 B 2000 GS Carrera 2
    The Carrera 2 will outperform any 356 in the game in both speed and handling.
    When fully improved it can go to speeds of up to 200 kph. With its speed comes
    the danger of losing control over the car at high speeds. If you try to push
    the car and then straighten it out inside a turn you'll most likely break the
    tail loose and spin out. Learn to brake properly before each turn and you
    should have no problems driving this car.
    - 1965 911 Coupe
    - 1967 911 Targa
    - 1967 911 S Coupe
    - 1967 911 S Targa
    Ahh finally the very first 911's. In the right hands these cars can be very
    easy and fun to drive while on the other hand, if you don't practice driving
    it you'll very likely lose control. These cars are pretty fast compared to
    others of their era and if you improve the 911 S Coupe it can go to speeds of
    up to 230 - 240 kph. At this speed it can be quite difficult to drive if
    you're not going in a straight line, so if you feel the need to brake, do so
    before you smash against a wall. The 911's are very loose around the corners
    if you want to push them through one, so if you're going at speeds of above
    200 kph, brake before most corners.
    - Race Class -
    - 1956 550 A Spyder
    You can drive this car if you win it in the Evolution mode bonus race,so make
    sure you do that. If you happen to lose that race, you can still buy it for a
    few year later in the new cars showroom for 50,000, and in the used car
    market. While most people would think that this is the best car in the era
    because it's the race class one, they're in for a big surprise. Compared to
    an improved 911 S or maybe even a regular 911, this car turns really bad,
    although it can go to speeds of up to 200 - 210 kph. Itmaybe better than the
    Carrera 2 but who would choose any of those?
    Given the choice, anyone would know better than to pick the Carrera 2 or the
    550 A Spyder. If you do decide to drive this car just for the sake of fun,
    then while being pretty fast for a car of its age, it's not as loose as a 911.
    Golden Era
    - Class 3 -
    - 1970 914/4 1.7
    - 1973 914/4 2.0
    - 1974 914/4 1.8
    These cars are very similar to the early 356's in both handling and top speed.
    The low speeds make these cars really comfortable to drive because if you
    don't push way too hard the tail won't get loose around the corners. The low
    speed also means cornering will be easy. However, don't expect much from any
    of these cars as they can only rival the 356's, 356 A's and the 356 B's.
    Anything beyond that will overtake these cars easily.
    - 1972 911 S 2.4 Targa
    - 1972 911 S 2.4 Coupe
    These 911's perform better than the '65 and '67 version 911's but not by much.
    They have more horsepower than the previous ones, which means the tail is a
    bit looser. To control that you can upgrade the engine lid to a ducktail but
    that doesn't mean you can go around pushing the car through corners without
    the fear of it losing control. The ducktail makes the car recover faster from
    loose tails as well as keeps the car under control while cornering, but it can
    still lose control if you're not careful.
    - 1982 944 Coupe
    - 1987 944 S Coupe
    Ah yes the 944. While the 911 2.4 S might be a little faster, the 944 S is
    much less dangerous than the 911. The 944 makes pushing the car through a
    corner look a lot easy than it is with the 911. Even if you lose control while
    going at a straight line, chances are you'll straighten out before taking
    damage when driving one of these cars. Whether the 911 is better than the 944
    depends on the driver's driving style. If you like control, pick the 944, if
    you like a just enough loose car to make it through a turn and show off, the
    911 is for you.
    - Class 2 -
    - 1973 911 Carrera RS 2.7 Coupe
    This car is said to be one of the most hard to handle cars in the game. I find
    that to be slightly incorrect as I can control it almost perfectly. Although I
    lose control over it now and then it doesn't happen very often as I practiced
    driving it over and over and so should you. If you don't practice driving this
    car you're going to lose control a lot because it's really loose and it's hard
    to bring this car under control after you've lost it. It comes with a ducktail
    as you get it but most times that won't be enough. The only safe way to drive
    this car is not to go extremeley fast and brake often or if you feel you need
    - 1988 944 Turbo S Coupe
    The turbo upgrade to the 944 makes it faster than those previous ones but also
    slightly looser. I wouldn't worry though because it can recover from loose
    tails really fast and it's as easy and comfortable to drive as the '82 and '87
    - Class 1 -
    - 1975 911 Turbo 3.0 Coupe (930)
    - 1978 911 Turbo 3.3 Coupe (930)
    These 911's are just like the Carrera RS only faster and perhaps a bit looser.
    The higher speed makes it easier to lose control when cornering and what's
    worse is that it doesn't recover from a loose tail like a 944. If you happen
    to break the tail loose and damage the car in the rear prepare to pay 20 - 30k
    for repairs. It comes with it's own whale-tail rear spoiler and while it looks
    really really nice I didn't feel any improvement to its recovery time from the
    Carrera RS. Be careful with this car as you can lose control over it very
    - 1987 959
    Well, to drive this car you need to download it. Although you can't buy it in
    Evolution mode, you can drive it when in a single player race. It's just as
    fast as later 911's but not as loose as the 911 Turbo (930). This car is fun
    to drive.
    - Race Class -
    - 1978 935/78 Coupe "Moby Dick"
    At first, this might look like the best car you'll get to drive but hey, we
    still got the Modern era to cover. As with the last race class car, you'll be
    able to drive it if you win the Golden era bonus race, and in case you lose
    it, you can buy the Moby Dick from the new cars showroom for 450,000.
    Sometimes it will even be on the used car market but it will cost a bit more.
    If you run into it after you've finished the Modern era it will cost about a
    million, so if you missed it buy it brand new to save money. Now believe me
    when I say, driving this car is not a walk in the park. Sure, you have brakes
    but if you don't pay attention to that speedometer once in a while, even the
    brakes won't save you from hitting the wall if you approach a corner too fast.
    This car reaches 280 kph in no time and if you're not alert this means
    trouble. At high speeds the car starts to shake and if you try to turn while
    it's shaking you'll most likely break the tail loose. It is true that its
    recovery time is quite fast, well at least compared to other cars of its era,
    but at 280+ kph chances are you'll probably hit the wall somewhere before you
    regain control. To sum it up, you need to be real careful when you drive this
    car and always look at the speedometer and watch out for that speed.
    Modern Era
    - Class 3 -
    - 1989 944 S2 Cabriolet
    - 1991 944 Turbo Cabriolet
    The last 944's you'll see in the game are not much better than their earlier
    versions. They drive just as any 944 in the game so you shouldn't have any
    problems driving them. Their handling is slightly better but, I don't think
    you'll want to drive one of these anyway because if you're going for a 944,
    pick the 1988 Turbo S Coupe as it is the best of the bunch, but hey, it's your
    - 1989 911 Carrera 4 Coupe (964)
    - 1990 991 Carrera 4 Targa (964)
    - 1990 991 Carrera 4 Cabriolet (964)
    - 1990 991 Carrera 2 Coupe (964)
    - 1990 991 Carrera 2 Targa (964)
    - 1990 991 Carrera 2 Cabriolet (964)
    The new 911's perform much better than their predecessors, the 911 Turbo (930)
    as they should. Carrera 4 are AWD which enhances their handling and
    acceleration. Best out of these and actually out of all the class 3 cars would
    be the 911 Carrera 4 Coupe. This car really sticks to the road and it'll break
    loose only if you push it extremely hard. Adding the whale-tale will even make
    it more stable at high speeds. Sometimes it will even make it hard for you to
    turn if you come to a corner too fast because it won't let you break the tail
    just loose enough to make it through the turn. Try out some of them and choose
    what you like most.
    - 1997 Boxster
    - 2000 Boxster S
    The Boxster, while not being as fast as a 911, is a nice average car. It can
    go to speeds of up to 240+ kph when fully modified, which is not too shabby.
    Its handling can't compete with that of the 911 but one the other hand, you
    brake before entering a corner so that makes little difference. It can even
    break the tail loose a little bit if you want to slide through a corner.
    - Class 2 -
    - 1991 911 Turbo 3.3 Coupe (964)
    - 1993 911 Turbo 3.6 Coupe (964)
    These 911's are better than the class 3 ones but only to be looser and more
    difficult to drive. These cars reach high speed quickly and when they do, they
    start shaking pretty badly. If you don't brake a bit when that happens, you'll
    most likely crash at some point. These two come with their own whale-tail but
    their recovery time is pretty much the same as the class 3 991's, if not a bit
    -1992 928 GTS
    Yet another download car, this one is very similar to the 944. It's front
    engined like the 944, but unlike it the 928's recovery time maybe a little
    longer than the 944's time. I can't really say much about this car because
    I didn't like driving it.
    - 1994 Carrera Coupe (993)
    - 1994 Carrera Cabriolet (993)
    - 1995 Carrera 4 Cabriolet (993)
    - 1995 Carrera 4 Coupe (993)
    - 1996 Carrera Targa (993)
    - 1996 Carrera Coupe (993)
    - 1996 Carrera 4 Coupe (993)
    - 1996 Carrera 4S Coupe (993)
    - 1997 Carrera S 3.6 Coupe (993)
    At last, we are getting somewhere. These improved versions of the 911 are all
    pretty fast and have great handling. The only question is, which one of them
    is the best? Well, I'd have to say that for me, the Carrera 4S seemed to
    perform the best, though the car compare list says that the Carrera 4 Coupe of
    '96 handles slightly better. From experience, I can tell you that it's not
    that much of a difference if you modify them both. With that said, I would
    choose the Carrera 4S as it looks cooler with its wide rear. The Carrera S 3.6
    is also a good car so make sure you try it out as well. It has good
    acceleration but it's bit slower than the Carrera 4S. All of these have pretty
    quick recovery time, especially the Coupe versions. They are even quite
    nimble for sliding through a corner.
    - 1998 911 Carrera 3.4 Cabriolet (996)
    - 1998 911 Carrera 3.4 Coupe (996)
    - 1999 911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet (996)
    - 1999 911 Carrera 4 Coupe (996)
    Obviously, these four models perform better than the 993 series as you'll soon
    learn. They are extremely tight and will only break loose if you are really
    pushing the car through a corner. When fully upgraded you're not going to find
    any better than these except maybe the class 1 Turbos. Carrera 4's are AWD
    which greatly improves handling and stability. They also have the rear auto
    spoiler which deploys when you go faster than 50~ kph.
    - Class 1 -
    - 1995 911 Turbo 3.6 (993)
    You know at first I thought this car wasn't going to be better than the class
    2 911 (996) but after you drive it, you'll know what I'm talking about. This
    car reaches 300 kph before you even say "oh man", which is really dangerous as
    repairs for it are quite expensive. Though being the fastest 993 it's just as
    loose as the class 2 versions so if you're driving it always remember to brake
    often. It comes stock with the whale-tail engine lid but you can upgrade it to
    a GT2 engine lid which makes this car look like something you only see in the
    movies, and of course it helps to keep the car's rear under control when in
    high speeds. I've grown to like this car very much mainly because it suits me
    and my driving style. Try to drive it as much as possible and you'll see this
    car is certainly worth its dollar.
    - 2000 911 Turbo (996)
    The pinnacle of all the Porsche 911's, this car delivers. It's speed and
    acceleration are almost unmatched by any other. When turning, this car will
    make it through a turn with little effort. It remains fast even in a 180
    degree turn, which allows you to pass the competition with almost no problems.
    If you happen to hit the outside wall while attempting a turn, you really were
    going too fast. As much as I commend this car for being one of the best in the
    game, even it won't make it through a tight turn when the road is pretty
    narrow and you're doing 250+ kph. As with every car, you need to brake a bit
    before entering the corner. I would have to say that this one is better than
    the 993 version even if I like the 993 version more. It has better handling,
    acceleration but practically, the same top speed as the 993 version as you
    cannot go over 300 - 305~ kph in the game. And of course it's also less loose
    than the 993 version. Both of these are excellent cars, but when it comes to
    which one is better, it's all about driving style.
    - Race Class -
    - 1997 911 GT2 Race Version
    - 1998 911 GT3 Cup
    Again, these are download only cars. You can only race with them in single
    player mode. The GT2 drives almost exactly like an unimproved 911 turbo (993).
    It has the GT2 engine lid as you guessed it and although you can't modify it,
    It's pretty fast. Now I haven't really driven the GT3 much but I can tell you
    that it's pretty much like one of 911 Carreras (996) of class 2.
    - 1998 911 GT1 Race Version
    The supposedly best car in the game is not what I would expect it to be. Now
    don't get me wrong this car is better than almost any other car in the game,
    it's just not what I was expecting. On the outside it looks exactly like one
    of the race cars you see on tv. it's very long, very short and has a spoiler
    the size of whale's fin on the rear. It's length makes it less nimble than one
    of the 993 or 996 series 911's so on sharp corners you'll need to brake a bit
    for it to complete the turn without hitting the outside wall. Be careful not
    to brake too much as you will spin out. It's quite fast although you rarely
    reach the 6th gear but that's of little difference because by the time you do
    reach it, you'll need to brake anyway in order to turn. Pick this car when you
    have nothing but road to drive on because it can easily spin out if you're
    driving on mud or snow. You have the opportunity to buy this car from the new
    cars showroom for 750,000 before you take the bonus race so if you don't want
    to trouble of racing another 5 lap race just buy it amd be done with it. To my
    knowledge, this car doesn't appear in the used car market but you can buy it
    after the bonus race as well in case you lose.
    Thanks & Credits
    In this section I want to thank everyone who helped me write this FAQ at the
    FAQ Contributors board, by telling me how to use the notepad to write it.
    So thanks! I also thank you, the reader, for reading it, and my best pal
    Annihilator for well, for being my pal.
    I want to thank my big brother too who let me use his computer when I wanted
    Credits will go to anyone who has something to contribute to this guide.
    I want to thank here to Hugo Arts for pointing the fact that you can buy the
    bonus cars if you lose the bonus race, which I stupidly forgot, so thanks!
    Well, this is it. The end of my first FAQ. I've got to admit it was fun
    writing it. I hope it helped you, the reader, how to drive these amazing cars.
    If you have anything to say to me, remember, you can contact me at my e mail:
    drunken_brawler@.walla.com or by ICQ if you have it. 167249906 is my ICQ
    number. See you guys in my next FAQ!
    The End.  

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