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"Mmmmmm... Porsche..."

Well, it seems that EA has taken a no holds barred approach to its Porsche license, as it has built a game around just about every single car in Zuffenhausen. But, I don't really like to elaborate, so I'll cut to the chase here...

Graphics: 8/10

Every car is lovingly detailed, from the lowly 356 No. 1 to the snappy 959. The framerate is nice and fast when you're alone on the track, but in traffic, things tend to slow down a bit. My only wishes are that the taillights came on when you brake, and that there was an option to turn off the damage in Quick Race mode. But, nothing's perfect, except for maybe the 996 Turbo...

Sound: 4/10

This is where the game fails. I'm sure EA must have tried to record every possible sound, but all of the cars basically sound the same. In other words, there's only 3 noticably different engine sounds, with other sounds only slightly discernable. I'm not saying that the cars sound bad, by the way... Plus, the music is drowned out by the music. For shame, EA! Back up your great engine sound preformace in High Stakes, add the graphics of this game, and you have a WINNER.

Gameplay: 10/10

People may complain about the extremely tight handling of the cars (a touch on the D-pad sends the car turning that way very easily) but I like it. Why? Because the game makes it so that your car has superb traction on every surface (a problem in High Stakes, because if you spun onto the grass and tried to turn onto the road, you could spin out because of bad traction), so you never have to worry about sending the car ass in front of headlights, unless you're on the mud in the circuit tracks. But, don't get me wrong, each car has its different characteristics. Examples? The 356 never powerslides unless you're at its absolute limit, but the 993 GT2 fishtails at the slightest touch of the D-pad (making it a real expert's car).

Story: ???

It's a racing game... Unless you count the Evolution mode as a story, where a man buys his first 356 and races his way up to the cream of the crop in his 911 GT1.

Replayability: 7/10

The Factory Driver mode isn't worth playing again if you beat it, but the Evolution mode basically never ends, especially with the huge secret you win if you get 100%... But I'm not about to spoil it.

All in all, one of the best racing games that features Porsche that you can get.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/28/02, Updated 03/28/02

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