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"Easy to drive, not quite the realism of the Gran Turismo series...."

Need For Speed has had a history of having racing games that are easy to drive, and easy to win. Porsche Unleashed is no exception. This game was a blast at first because of the ease of driving involved. Even with the steering wheel and pedals, the game was fairly easy to beat. Turning ratios were no where near lifelike, and the ease of controlling the car was unmatched, mostly due to the unrealistic physics simulator. One button can get you from 200+mph to zero almost instantly. Kind of cheap in a racing game where the handling is easy. Unnecessary almost.

If we move from the unrealisticness and go towards the actual toughness, we again see how unbalanced this game is. You as a driver have to avoid and pass only three other vehicles, instead of five like in the tougher Gran Turismo series. It does not prove to be much of a challenge, and serious racing gamers like a challenge. Even on hard mode racing, it is still fairly easy to beat, as long as you have the course laid out in your mind. But a few laps around each track is all it takes to get adjusted.

Graphicswise, the game was very good for a Playstation game. It had a few glitches in it, as when tires rotated about axes perpendicular to their normal rotation, but otherwise it was very solid. The cars looked really nice, the headlights lit up the road far enough ahead if you never saw the course before, and of course the damage looked real. Although you can't turn the damage off, it does not affect the way your car handles, unless you are in Evolution mode. But still, even with the glitched views, the game still performed well enough to hook me in, if only for the length of the one good song.

So on with the final aspects. The soundtrack is a decent one, not too harsh, although you can feel the excitement behind the driving while hearing the music play. I found the music actually benefits the driver, as sort of an adrenaline rush. And if it's an adrenaline rush you want, you might consider this game. Even though it's unrealistic, it's still good to pop in once in a while as a morale or ego booster.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/04/02, Updated 06/04/02

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