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    FAQ by TReyna

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/18/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    VERSION 1.0 (09/18/99)
    TITO REYNA @ titoreyna@aol.com
    L E G A L  S T U F F
    1. You may NOT copy this FAQ and claim it for your own. IF you wish to 
    post this FAQ on your webpage, or wish to make a FAQ and see some 
    examples of different FAQs then e-mail me.(titoreyna@aol.com) 
    2.  I checked my owned codes and compared them to: Donovan "Domino" 
    Keith, Steven Samuelson, Mike Short, Vince Bryant, Michael DeAngelis, 
    Landry Dillinger, and Joe wanstrath. The key word in that sentence was: 
    CHECKED. I happen to own NFL Blitz 2000 and have done my own reaseach. 
    Feel free to e-mail me with any corrections. 
    V E R S I O N
    G A M E P LA Y
    1. The codes below you enter in the match-up screen. The first box is 
    for Turbo, the second box for Jump, and the third for Pass. For example 
    if the code was 4-5-2 then you would press Turbo 4 times, Jump 5 times, 
    and Pass twice.
    2. For the specialized head under the category NAMES you enter in the 
    Arcade option new or load. Most the time it will be load. 
    3.Some of the codes below require a teammate to do the same code, some 
    codes can only be done in one player mode.
    C O N T R O L S
    (At Default)
    A-Passes the ball/with turbo stiff arms or shoves/changes to another 
    B-Jump/with turbo dives.
    C-up/C-left/C-right-Throws to designated reciver.
    Z-Turbo used to go faster.
    D-pad/analog joystick-besides moving you in your wanted direction 
    pressing a direction and A will throw the ball to the reciver in that 
    direction. For example pressing left and A when your a QB will throw it 
    to the leftmost reciever.
    A-Changes to another teammate/with Turbo, shoves.
    B-Jumps/dives with Turbo.
    D-pad/analog joystick-just moves you in that direction.
    T I P S  ' N '  T R I C K S
    1. Stiff Arm-turbo+A
    2. Push-turbo+A
    3. Dive-turbo+B
    4. Attack-collide with opponent w/o pressing A or B. Turbo doesn't 
    matter. Same with downed opponent.
    5. To Intercept- Look for the "X" marking where the ball will land, step 
    in front and jump W/O Turbo. 
    6. The best way to QB sack is to just run down the QB with Turbo and 
    dive when in range. (Pretty simple really) Watch the computer controlled 
    QB, they like to run without passing. Remember, No Rules, this means if 
    you see who is gonna catch the ball you can dive at him making him 
    unable to catch it.
    7. Team with Highest Stats-Denver Broncos.
    8. Team with Lowest Stats-Philidelphia Eagles
    Q U E S T I O N ?
    Question? Comment? Correction? Concern? Mistake I made? Simply email me 
    with your problem. (titoreyna@aol.com)
    T A B L E  O F  C  O N T E N T S
    1 .Gameplay Codes
    2. Player Codes
    3. Power-Up Codes
    4. Stadium Codes
    5. Field Codes
    6. Weather Codes
    7. Playbooks
    8. Pin Numbers 
    9. Team Stats
    1. G A M E P L A Y  C O D E S
    5-5-5 U      Hyper Blitz Mode 
    4-4-4 U      Super Blitz Mode 
    4-2-3 R      Super Passing Mode  
    4-2-3 D      No Random Fumbles  
    3-4-4 U      No Interceptions  
    3-1-4 D      Smart CPU   
    2-2-3 R      Unlimited Throws  
    2-5-0 L      Fast Passes  
    2-1-2 D      Deranged Blitz Mode 
    2-1-1 L      Allow Stepping Out-of-Bounds 
    2-1-0 U      No First Downs  
    1-5-1 U      No Punting 
    1-2-3 L      Super Field Goals  
    1-1-5 L      No Play Selection 
    1-1-1 D      Tournament Mode 
    1-0-2 R      Hide Receiver Name  
    1-0-0 U      Use Team Plays  
    0-5-0 R      Big Football 
    0-4-5 U      Super Blitzing  
    0-4-0 U      Huge Head  
    0-3-2 L      Fast Turbo Running  
    0-2-2 R      Night Game  
    0-2-1 R      Show More Field  
    0-1-2 D      No CPU Assistance  
    0-1-0 U      Late Hits 
    0-0-1 R      Punt Hang Time Meter  
    0-0-1 D      Show Field Goal %  
    2. P L A Y E R S  C O D E S
    5-2-2 D      Unidentified Ball Carrier    
    5-1-4 U      Infinite Turbo Meter
    4-3-3 U      Invisible
    3-3-3 U      Cancel "Always QB/Receiver"
    3-2-1 L      No Head 
    3-2-1 D      No Highlighting  
    3-1-0 R      Team Tiny Players  
    2-2-2 R      Always Receiver 
    2-2-2 L      Always QB 
    2-0-3 R      Team Big Head 
    2-0-0 R      Big Head 
    1-4-1 R      Team Big Players
    1-2-3 R      Headless Team 
    3. P O W E R - U P  C O D E S
    4-0-4 L Powerup Speed   
    4-2-1 U Powerup Defense 
    2-3-3 U Powerup Teammates  
    3-1-2 U Powerup Offense 
    3-1-2 L Powerup Blockers  
    4. S T A D I U M  C O D E S
    5-0-1 L City Stadium
    5-0-2 L Future Stadium
    5-0-3 L Roman Stadium 
    5-0-1 D Day Stadium
    5-0-1 U Old Day Stadium
    5-0-2 D Night Stadium
    5-0-2 U Old Night Stadium 
    5-0-3 D Snow Stadium
    5-0-3 U Old Snow Stadium 
    5-0-0 L Stadium OFF
    5. F I E L D  C O D E S
    3-0-1 U Asphalt Field 
    3-0-3 U Astroturf Field 
    3-0-0 U Grass Field 
    3-0-4 U Snow Field 
    6. W E A T H E R  C O D E S
    2-1-2 L Weather: Clear 
    0-3-0 D Weather: Fog 
    5-5-5 R Weather: Rain 
    5-2-5 D Weather: Snow 
    0-4-1 D Weather: Thick fog 
    1-0-1 L Arizona Cardinals  
    1-0-2 L Atlanta Falcons 
    1-0-3 L Baltimore Ravens 
    1-0-4 L Buffalo Bills 
    1-0-5 L Carolina Panthers 
    1-1-0 L Chicago Bears 
    1-1-2 L Cinncinatti Bengals 
    1-1-3 L Cleveland Browns 
    1-1-4 L Dallas Cowboys 
    1-1-5 R Denver Broncos 
    1-2-1 L Detroit Lions 
    1-2-2 L Green Bay Packers 
    1-2-3 U Indianapolis Colts 
    1-2-4 L Jacksonville Jaguars 
    1-2-5 L Kansas City Chiefs 
    1-3-1 L Miami Dolphins 
    1-3-2 L Minnesota Vikings 
    1-3-3 L New England Patriots 
    1-3-4 L New Orleans Saints 
    1-3-5 L New York Giants 
    1-4-1 L New York Jets 
    1-4-2 L Oakland Raiders 
    1-4-3 L Philadelphia Eagles 
    1-4-4 L Pittsburgh Steelers 
    1-4-5 L San Diego Chargers 
    1-5-1 L San Francisco 49ers 
    1-2-5 L Seattle Seahawks 
    1-5-3 L St. Louis Rams 
    1-5-4 L Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
    1-5-5 L Tennessee Titans 
    2-0-1 L Washington Redskins 
    ALEC 1197 (P)
    ALIEN 1111 (P) 
    AOB 1111 (P) 
    AUBREY 7777 (P) 
    AZPOD 4777 (P)
    BETH 7761 (N) 
    BILLZ 0526 (N)  
    BOXER 2111 (P/N) 
    BRAIN 1111 (P/N) 
    BRIAN 2221 (P) 
    BRIAN 0818 (N)  
    CALEB 0996 (P) 
    CURTIS 1111 (P) 
    DANIEL 0604 (P/N)   
    DAVID 3333 (P) 
    DBN 6969 (N)  
    DINO 1111 (P) 
    ED 3246 (N)  
    EDDIE 3333 (P) 
    FORDEN 1111 (P/N) 
    FRANZ 1010 (P) 
    GENE 0310 (N)  
    GENTIL 1111 (P/N) 
    GRINCH 0222 (P/N) 
    GUIDO 2222 (P) 
    GUIDO 6765 (N) 
    GUMBY 8698 (P) 
    JAPPLE 6660 (P/N)   
    JASON 3141 (P) 
    JEFF 1111 (P/N)
    JENIFR 3333 (P/N) 
    JIMK 5651 (N) 
    JOHN 5158 (N) 
    JOSH 4288 (N) 
    JOVE 6644 (P/N) 
    JULIA 1234 (N) 
    LEX 7777 (P) 
    LT 7777 (P) 
    LUIS 3333 (P) 
    MARKA 1112 (N)  
    MIKE 3333 (N)  
    MITCH 4393 (N)  
    MONTY 1836 (N)  
    MOOSE 1111 (P) 
    MXV 1014 (P) 
    NATHAN 0515 (P) 
    NICO 4440 (P)
    PAULA 0425 (N)  
    PAULO 0517 (N)  
    PIRATE 1111 (P) 
    PUNKR 1221 (P) 
    PUNKB 2112 (P) 
    RAIDEN 3691 (P/N)  
    RALPH 1111 (P) 
    RANDU 6666 (P) 
    ROG 8148 (N)  
    ROOT 6000 (P/N)  
    RYAN 1029 (N)  
    SAL 0201 (P/N) 
    SHINOK 8337 (P/N) 
    SHRUNK 6666 (P) 
    SAD 1111 (P/N) 
    SAL 0201 (N)   
    SHUN 0530 (N)  
    SKULL 1111 (P/N) 
    SMILE 1111 (P) 
    THUG 1111 (P/N) 
    TODD 1122 (N)  
    TREX 1111 (P)  
    TURMEL 0322 (P) 
    VAN 1234 (N)  
    WHODAT 1844 (P)
    ZZ 1221 (N)  
    9. T E A M  S T A T S
    Passing-Rushing-Lineman-Defense-Sp. Teams-Total
    Arizona Cardinals  4-2-3-2-0-11
    Atlanta Falcons 4-4-5-4-3-20
    Baltimore Ravens 2-2-1-2-3-10
    Buffalo Bills 3-4-4-4-2-17
    Carolina Panthers 3-0-3-0-1-7
    Chicago Bears 3-2-2-3-3-13
    Cinncinatti Bengals 4-2-3-1-2-12
    Cleveland Browns 4-3-3-4-3-17
    Dallas Cowboys 4-4-4-3-4-19
    Denver Broncos 5-5-5-3-5-23
    Detroit Lions 3-4-3-3-5-18
    Green Bay Packers 4-1-4-4-4-17
    Indianapolis Colts 2-1-3-0-4-10
    Jacksonville Jaguars 4-4-3-3-4-18
    Kansas City Chiefs 2-2-2-4-3-13
    Miami Dolphins 4-3-3-5-3-18
    Minnesota Vikings 5-3-5-3-5-21
    New England Patriots 3-1-4-3-4-15
    New Orleans Saints 2-0-1-1-4-8
    New York Giants 1-3-0-2-1-7
    New York Jets 5-3-5-4-2-19
    Oakland Raiders 1-3-3-5-1-13
    Philadelphia Eagles 0-3-0-2-0-5
    Pittsburgh Steelers 0-4-1-4-2-11
    San Diego Chargers 0-3-1-5-3-12
    San Francisco 49ers 5-5-5-2-3-20 
    Seattle Seahawks 3-2-2-0-3-10
    St. Louis Rams 1-0-0-3-2-6
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-5-2-5-2-16
    Tennessee Titans 2-4-3-3-4-16
    Washington Redskins 3-3-3-2-2-13

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