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    Mini-FAQ by jebediah_36

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    NHL "99 Mini FAQ
    This mini FAQ has not covered every single point of the game and was not
    created to. I have just written this to give people 
    an idea of what they are doing. 
    2. GAMES 
        Coaching Drills 
    3. LEVEL 
    4. TEAMS 
        Key Players 
    6. DREAM TEAM 
    8. OTHER 
    9. END 
        E-Mail Me 
    This game is my favourite game by far.With it's big body checks to
    scoring the winning goal in overtime, this game has it all! 
    I haven't found many things wrong with this game only positives. With
    all of it's options like 1-8 players, vibration and 
    analog stearing I highly recommend you go out and buy it if you haven't
    already! Lest just hope NHL '2000 is even 
    better some how! Well thats that, hope you enjoy this mini FAQ on NHL
    2. GAMES 
    NHL '99 has heps of game options. Exhabition games, season, playoffs,
    tounament, shoot-out and coaching drills. 
    This option is just a single game which you can pick any team. You can
    have the NHL Championship teams against 
    Countries or the North American All-Stars, World All-Stars, Eastern
    Conference, Western Conference, EA Blades, 
    EA Storm teams. This  is the best game for starters or when you just
    want a quick game before you go out. At the end of 
    the game you can have a rematch if you want revenge or if you want to
    belt them even more. 
    To play this option you really need a memory card. You can play the
    1998/99 regular National Hockey League or make 
    your own custom season. In the custom season you can choose from 4-27
    teams. To have an all-star game in the season 
    you must have 8 or more teams. You can also choose to have a short or
    long season. If you have a long season you will 
    have a trade dead-line. This happens on March 22 1999. 
    If you want to skip the season and go straight through to the main end
    of the year, fine this option allows you to go and pick 
    any NHL team and battle it out for the Stanley Cup. You can choose the
    best of 1-7 games. Also the expansion draft is 
    an option to have it on or not. 
    This mode allows you to choose 2 teams for a shoot-out game. It's good
    for practising for the real game or practising 
    one-on-one with the goalie. You also get to select your line-up which is
    5 players and 1 goalie. In this mode you also get 
    a chance to have a rematch. 
    In this mode you can choose if you want a round-robin game. Also you can
    choose  8-12 teams and 1-4 rounds 
    (only if it is a round-robin). The expansion draft is again also an
    option. You can choose teams from all NHL teams or 
    all of the counties. It is a fun game type to play when you can match up
    regular NHL teams against the Counties and the 
    same player against himself. 
    Coaching Drills. 
    This the place to go when you are just learning about the game. The
    strategies are by Marc Crawford. You can have a go at 
    many situations that you would be in a game. Powerplay, shorthanded,
    one-on-one with the goalie or even strength. It's 
    just a al-round great place for beginners or if you just want to sharpen
    up on your skills. 
    3. LEVELS 
    Beginner: Great mode to learn on or when your hungry for goals. 
    Rookie: I bit harder than beginner but still a good place to begin. 
    Pro: This is when competion begins. Pretty hard at start but you should
    soon conquer it. 
    All-Star: The hardest mode of all. This it face it or leave it. As good
    as it gets for competion. 
    This is a guide to all of the teams ratings and their key players. 
    Team Ratings (best to worst) 
    1. North American All-Stars 
    2. Team Canada 
    3. Western Conference 
    4. World All-Stars 
    5. Eastern Conference 
    6. Team USA 
    7. Colorado Avalanche 
    8. Dallas Stars 
    9. Detroit Red Wings 
    10. Buffalo Sabres 
    11. Philadelphia Flyers 
    12. Pittsburgh Penguins 
    13. New Jersey Devils 
    14. Washington Capitals 
    15. New York Rangers 
    16. Chicago Blackhawks 
    17. Montreal Canadians 
    18. Los Angeles Kings 
    19. Phoenix Coyotes 
    20. Carolina Hurricanes 
    21. St. Louis Blues 
    22. Team Czech Republic 
    23. Toronto Maple Leafs 
    24. Vancouver Canucks 
    25. Team Russia 
    26. San Jose Sharks 
    27. Ottawa Senators 
    28. Edmonton Oilers 
    29. Boston Bruins 
    30. Florida Panthers 
    31. New York Islanders 
    32. Mighty Ducks of Anaheim 
    33. Team Sweden 
    34. Calgary Flames 
    35. Tampa Bay Lightning 
    36. Nashville Predators 
    37. Team Finland 
    38. Team Slovakia 
    39. Team Germany 
    40. Team Kazakstan 
    41. Team England 
    42. Team Japan 
    43. Team Switzerland 
    44. Team Italy 
    45. Team Poland 
    46. Team Austria 
    47. Team Belarus 
    48. Team France 
    49. Team Norway 
    Key Players. 
    (this is only for the NHL teams) 
    key- G: Goalie  D: Defender   C: Centre   LW: Left Wing   RW: Right Wing 
    Mighty Ducks of Anahiem. 
    - Paul Kariya: LW 
    - Teemu Selanne: RW 
    - Guy Herbet: G 
    Boston Bruins. 
    - Jason Allison: C 
    - Ray Bourque: D 
    - Sergei Samsonov: LW 
    Buffalo Sabres. 
    - Alexei Zhitnik: D 
    - Dominik Hasek: G 
    Calgary Flames. 
    - Theoren Fleury: RW 
    Carolina Hurricanes. 
    - Ron Francis: C 
    - Keith Primeau: C 
    - Gary Roberts: LW 
    Chicago Blackhawks. 
    - Tony Amonte: RW 
    - Chris Chelios: D 
    - Doug Gilmour: C 
    - Alexei Zhamnov: C 
    - Jeff Hackett: G 
    Colorado Avalanche. 
    - Adam Deadmarsh: RW 
    - Peter Forsberg: C 
    - Valeri Kamensky: LW 
    - Sandis Ozolinsh: D 
    - Joe Sakic: C 
    - Patrick Roy: G 
    Dallas Stars. 
    - Derian Hatcher: D 
    - Brett Hull: RW 
    - Mike Modano: C 
    - Joe Nieuwendyk: C 
    - Darryl Syder: D 
    - Sergei Zubov: D 
    - Ed Belfour: G 
    Detroit Red Wings. 
    - Sergei Fedorov: C 
    - Nicklas Lidstrom: D 
    - Larry Murphy: D 
    - Brendan Shanahan: LW 
    - Steve Yzerman: C 
    - Chris Osgood: G 
    Edmonton Oilers. 
    - Roman Hamrlik: D 
    - Boris Mironov: D 
    - Doug Weight: C 
    Florida Panthers. 
    - Ed Jovanovski: D 
    - Robert Svehla: D 
    Los Angeles Kings. 
    - Rob Blake: D 
    - Steve Duchesne: D 
    - Jozef Stumpel: C 
    Montreal Canadians. 
    - Shane Corson: LW 
    - Vincent Damphousse: C 
    - Saku Koivu: C 
    - Vladimir Malakhov: D 
    - Mark Recchi 
    Nashville Predators. 
    - Andrew Brunette: LW 
    - Greg Johnson: C 
    New Jersey Devils. 
    - Bobby Holik: C 
    - Scott Niedermayer: D 
    - Scott Stevens: D 
    - Martin Brodeur: G 
    New York Islanders. 
    - Bryan Berard: D 
    - Kenny Jonsson: D 
    - Zigmund Palffy: RW 
    - Robert Reichel: C 
    New York Rangers. 
    - Wayne Gretzky: C 
    - Alexei Kovalev: RW 
    - Pat La Fontaine: C 
    - Brian Leetch: D 
    - Mike Richter: G 
    Ottawa Senators. 
    - Daniel Alfredsson: RW 
    - Alexei Yashin: C 
    Philadelphia Flyers. 
    - Rod Brind' Amour: LW 
    - Eric Desjardins: D 
    - John LeClair: LW 
    - Eric Lindros: C 
    Phoenix Coyotes. 
    - Teppo Nimminen: D 
    - Jeremy Roenick: C 
    - Keith Tkachuk: LW 
    - Oleg Tverdovsky: D 
    - Nikolai Khabibalin: G 
    Pittsburgh Penguins. 
    - Stu Barnes: C 
    - Kevin Hatcher: D 
    - Jaromir Jagr: RW 
    - Darius Kasparatis: D 
    - Tom Barrasso: G 
    St. Louis Blues. 
    - Al MacInnis: D 
    - Chris Pronger: D 
    - Pierre Turgeon: C 
    - Grant Fuhr: G 
    San Jose Sharks. 
    - Jeff Friesen: LW 
    - Owen Nolan: RW 
    - Gary Suter: D 
    Tampa Bay Lightning. 
    - Rob Zamuner: LW 
    - Brian Bradley: C 
    Toronto Maple Leafs. 
    - Mats Sundin: C 
    - Curtis Joseph: G 
    Vancouver Canucks. 
    - Pavel Bure: RW 
    - Mark Messier: C 
    - Alexander Mogilny: RW 
    Washington Capitals. 
    - Peter Bondra: RW 
    - Adam Oates: C 
    - Olaf Kolzig: G 
    This is just a description of the rules and options you have. 
    Period Length: 5, 10 or 20 minutes. 
    You can have these rules on or off - Fighting, icing, 2 line pass,
    crease rule and injuries. 
    Rink Type: Auto, NHL or International. 
    Referee Type: Auto, NHL or International. 
    Tie Break: Auto, continuous over-time, shootout, one over-time and
    shootout or single over-time. 
    6. DREAM TEAM 
    G - D.Hasek 
    G - M.Brodeur 
    G - E.Belfour 
    D - N.Lidstrom 
    D - C.Progner 
    D - R.Blake 
    D - S.Niedermayer 
    D - S.Ozolinish 
    D - C.Chelios 
    F - P.Kariya 
    F - T.Selanne 
    F - J.Jagr 
    F - P.Forsberg 
    F - M.Modano 
    F - J.Leclair 
    F - P.Bure 
    F - E.Lindros 
    F - J.Sakic 
    No Goalies: Enter "PULLED" 
    Big heads: Enter "BRAINY" 
    Big players: Enter "BIGBIG" 
    Full Attribute Player: Enter "GREATSKATE" 
    Wear alternate jerseys (if available): Enter "3RD" 
    Faster game play: Enter "SPEEDY"or "SPEED" 
    Faster game play and clock: Enter "FAST" 
    View ending FMV sequence: Enter "VICTORY" 
    Alternate scoring sounds: After scoring a goal, press Triangle to hear
    various sounds 
    Tiny Players & Large Goalie: Enter "PLAYTIME" 
    View Stadium Sequences: Enter the first 3 letters for the team you are
    Example - DET as a password for Detroit, 
                    BOS as a password for Boston, 
                    COL as a password for Colorodo 
    Hint: Goal Sounds: Press Z after making a goal to hear various sound.
    Keep hitting it for new sounds. 
    Maxium Ratings For Created Players: Use the names shown in the credits
    and enter it as a player name, try JAY                 
    More Fights: Enter "DEATHTOALL" 
    EA Blades & EA Storm: "FREEEA" 
    8. OTHER 
    To have your stats recorded, all you have to is when you are at
    controller setup go to the team you want and press X and 
    type your name in (maxium characters - 8). 
    During the game change controllers to the opostion team and pull their
    goalie. He will be off for the rest of the game! 
    9. END 
    I hope this helps you in some little way. E-mail me for any problems. 
    For more information -  www.easports.com 
    Or e-mail me at   jebediah_36@yahoo.com

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