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"A great hockey game, but is it enough to warrant a purchase?"

Wow, EA Sports sure does know how to make those sports games. Every year EA produces game after game, and each one of them are great. One of the most popular EA series has always been the NHL series because it has always been a very good series, with the exception of the NHL 97 fiasco. As a matter of fact, I still say that NHL 95 for the Sega Genesis is the best hockey game of all time. Regardless, NHL 99 is a very fun game and goes right up there as one of the best hockey games of all time. But, with NHL 2000 and 98 out also, is there enough here to warrant a purchase?

Graphics (8.4/10): The graphics are actually very good for a hockey game. The best thing about the graphics in the game are not the wonderful chararacter models, but the fact that the ice looks very smooth, realistic, and is not distracting in the least. I hate hockey games where the ice is so bright you can't seem to concentrate on what's going on. Overall the graphics in NHL 99 are pretty good.

Music/Sound (9.1/10): The commentary in the game is smart, witty, and funn. Usually before a faceoff, if a player just made a big play, the announcer will talk about the player that made the big play. Its pretty cool. Also the detail to the sound is great as between periods a PA guy comes on and announces the sale of stuff at the concession stands... its great!!

Gameplay/Control (9.2/10): Yeah, it's a hockey game. The control is really good as it is really easy to both shoot and pass the puck while on the go. The gameplay is as solid as ever and features fighting, which is really cool. The problem is if you lose them fight, and penalties are turned on, you go to the box for five minutes for fighting while the opposing team usually gets two minutes for roughing.

Replay Value (7.7/10): if you have NHl 2000 you probably wouldn't play this game much at all, but I still do anyways.

Challenge (6.1/10): Its very easy on the rookie setting, put it on All Star and get a very good challenge.

Overall (9.1/10): one of the best hockey titles ever, but with NHL 2000 out the choice is yours.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/26/00, Updated 07/16/01

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