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    FAQ/Walkthrough by The Night Flier

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    Walkthrough/FAQ By The Night Flier
    Mail: night_007_flier@yahoo.com
    Platform: Playstation
    Version: Final Version
    Last Updated: 28/02/2002
    "Enter the mystical world of Kurosawa, the young ninja, as he fights his way
    through 11 levels of puzzles, baddies and bosses with dozens of fighting
    moves, weapons and magic spells in this third person action arcade game from
    Eidos Interactive."
    This is the intro given at the back of the cover of Playstation's Ninja:
    Shadow of Darkness. Two things have driven me to write this walkthrough:
    1.	It is really a very tough game to play and you will need lots of help
    to complete it.
    2.	I searched the web like hell and hardly anyone has written a
    walkthrough of it.
    This is going to be my last update. If you feel that some details have to be
    added, or you have a question, or anything else, contact me at
    Look at the 'Contact and Contribution' section for more details.
    NOTE: If you see this FAQ/walkthrough in any other site, please mail me at
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    1.	Introduction
    2.	You Are Reading This.
    3.	Legal Matters
    4.	Revision History
    5.	Game Review & Info
    6.	Tips, Hints & Strategies
    7.	Walkthrough
    8.	Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    9.	Contact & Contribution
    10.	Cheats
    11.	Gameshark
    12.	Credits
    This FAQ is prepared entirely by me and can only be used for private and
    personal reasons.  It can only be reproduced electronically. This FAQ cannot
    be used for PROFITABLE means in any way. This FAQ cannot be in any way
    printed in books, cds, magazines, etc. Copyright rules apply. If I find this
    in any other website without my permission, then I will be forced to take
    legal action. If you want to use this in ANY way, then please let me know.
    My E - Mail address is given below.
    NOTE: If you see this FAQ/walkthrough in any other site, please mail me at
    once and I will see that the guy who ripped off my work is properly
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    Version 23 (Final Version):
    1.	28/02/2002
    2.	Update after 1 year
          Changed mail to night_007_flier@yahoo.com.
    3.	Excite Mail no longer working
    Version 22:
    1.	01/11/2000
    2.	Corrected all mistakes.
    3.	Completed all the sections.
    4.	That's it. Goodbye.
    Version 21:
    1.	In one single burst of perseverance, finished the entire walkthrough!
    Version 20:
    1.	24/10/2000
    2.	Started level 13
    3.	Finished level 13
    Version 19:
    1.	20/10/2000
    2.	Finished level 12
    Version 18:
    1.	17/10/2000
    2.	Started level 12
    Version 17:
    1.	11/10/2000
    2.	Finished level 11
    Version 16:
    1.	07/10/2000
    2.	Started level 11
    Version 15:
    1.	03/10/2000
    2.	Finished level 9
    3.	Finished level 10
    Version 14:
    1.	30/09/2000
    2.	Finished level 8
    3.	Started level 9
    Version 13:
    1.	25/09/2000
    2.	Finished level 7
    3.	Started level 8
    Version 12:
    1.	19/09/2000
    2.	Finished level 6
    3.	Started level 7
    Version 11:
    1.	13/09/2000
    2.	Started level 6
    3.	Updated FAQ section
    Version 10:
    1.	05/09/2000
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    3.	Finished level 5
    Version 09:
    1.	29/08/2000
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    3.	Updated FAQ section
    Version 08:
    1.	21/08/2000
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    3.	Updated Legal Matters section
    Version 07:
    1.	15/08/2000
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    3.	Added Gameshark codes
    Version 06:
    1.	06/08/2000
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    3.	Updated Cheats section
    Version 05:
    1.	01/08/2000
    2.	Finished Level 2
    3.	Added FAQ section
    Version 04:
    1.	27/07/2000
    2.	Updated Tips, Hints & Strategies.
    3.	Started Level 2.
    Version 03:
    1.	24/07/2000
    2.	Updated Walkthrough. Finished Level 1.
    3.	Added Cheats
    Version 02:
    1.	19/07/2000
    2.	Updated Contact & Contribution Section.
    3.	Updated Tips, Hints & Strategies.
    4.	Updated Walkthrough.
    Version 01:
    1.	15/07/2000
    2.	Just started the walkthrough.
    3.	Most of the sections empty.
    O.K this game is one of the toughest that you will ever see. Without the use
    of cheat codes, it is almost impossible to defeat. But if you like a
    challenge, then this is the game for you. Horde after horde of enemies of
    varying strengths comes after your skin. Also, you can't just run away; you
    have to kill each and every one of them to advance into the next area. And
    these are just the easy parts...
    Genre - Arcade Action
    Players - 1
    Discs - 1
    Design - Core
    Creation - Eidos Interactive
    Release - 15/9/1998
    Review Scores:
    Presentation: 7/10
    This game is fairly presented, even though we might have expected something
    more from the developers of Tomb Raider. You play a young ninja, who has to
    fight a lot of enemies to avenge his ... whatever. You have to pass a lot of
    levels, facing countless foes and avoiding seemingly endless obstacles and
    Graphics: 8/10
    The graphics are decent and quite good. In fact, if it weren't for them,
    this game would have bombed totally. The FMV sequences, though not too many,
    are excellent.
    Sound: 7/10
    The sound in this game is passable. But there's nothing exceptional about
    it. The music is okay, even if it gets boring after some while.
    Gameplay: 6/10
    This game, as I have mentioned before, is the hardest one to ever hit the
    gaming world. You can hardly advance two steps forwards before you are
    ambushed my some blood-thirsty demons. But it is a lot of fun, if you don't
    use cheats. But then, you can't even advance to the second level. The
    controls are good and simple, and your magic potions add a little extra to
    the game.
    Replay Value: 0/10
    If you bother to play the game till the end, then the replay value is high.
    If not, it's zero. Also if you have already finished it, then you will never
    play the game again. One time is more than enough to reach the brink of
    Overall: 6/10
    This game is decent, but doesn't even compare to other good games. You can
    play it if no other game is present or you have nothing else to do. Never
    buy this game, I repeat never BUY this game, it's not worth that much for
    it's price. But I am sure you can rent it cheaply.
    The following are the basic strategies I have formed to survive the various
    aspects of the game. I will be adding to this section as I advance further.
    1.	While fighting, press the punch and kick buttons repeatedly, so that
    the ninja can perform combos. This will really hurt the enemies.
    2.	Remember the places I've told you to...well, remember. I have only
    asked you to remember a few places throughout the entire game so don't
    3.	While fighting multiple idiots, try to get into a place where you can
    see the whole area.
    4.	Never back up into a tree, rock, etc. You may think that that is a
    superb way to stop enemies attacking you from the rear, but in fact
    this move cramps you for space.
    5.	Be wary of chests. All chests do not hold goodies. Some of them hold
    explosives and others erupt spikes. Run to all types of chests, open
    it and run away quickly. If it's a trap, let it blast. If not, just
    retrace your steps and get the stuff inside them.
    6.	Your magic spells are by far, your most valuable attack weapon. But
    they are very rare to find, so never use them except near bosses and
    REALLY tough baddies.
    7.	You can't save in the middle of the game, so don't start one unless
    you have a lot of time in your hand. You can save only after each
    level, which are quite long, if I do say so.
    8.	Open each and every chest you come across.
    9.	Be wary of traps. Every level is littered with them.
    10.	If you look carefully at some places, you can see a glimmer of
    stars that repeat itself every few seconds. They are actually hidden
    items and other items of importance. Whenever you see a glimmer, just
    shoot at it with your knives.
    11.	Kill each and every foe you come up against. Killing all them
    gives you more goodies.
    NOTE: Before starting the game, watch the cool FMV sequence that shows the
    story of how you became a ninja.
    Once you start, just experiment with your controls. Shoot the item from the
    top of tree on the right of your screen. Then head down the path and open
    all the chests along the way. Be careful of the beehive. Soon, you will be
    greeted by some farmers. Take them out with the knives and your punch and
    kick combos. Be careful, don't go near the fire, 'cos it can damage you.
    When the last enemy is dead, the chest containing the key to the nearby gate
    appears. Grab the key and open the gate.
    The area inside has many chests and enemies in the form of lumberjacks and
    farmers. Take them all out. Once the last one is dead, a chest will appear
    with a key for the nearby gate. Further to your right is a chest guarded by
    a trip wire. Go near the chest and once you touch the wire, run away like
    hell. Once you avoid the three spears, take the item inside the chest. Then
    go out through the gate (You can also jump over the trip wires, but this
    method is more fun).
    You will reach a checkpoint (now if you die in the remainder of the level,
    you will start from here). Kill the enemies in this region and go forwards.
    Be careful; don't fall down below from the sides of the cliff here. You will
    die if you fall down. As soon as you reach the ledge, jump to avoid being
    caught in the bear traps. Then go left, avoid the spinning blade and take
    the stuff you see inside the chest. There is a chest in the inner enclosure
    as well. Then go back out avoiding the blades and advance down the hill. As
    soon as you see the logs rolling down, jump up to escape from not being hit.
    You must also leap over two gaps on the hillside. You must do this all very
    quickly if you want to live. Then proceed downwards till you reach another
    Kill the peasant women that appear. They can be killed with one kick. Then
    cross the wooden bridge, killing all the farmers that appear. But be
    careful, 'cos there's a trip wire at the end of the bridge. Jump over it.
    After that take the stuff inside the chest. Then turn left and DROP from the
    ledge to the ground below. Avoid the three spinning blades and go to the
    area on the left. Kill everyone here and then take the stuff from the chest
    while avoiding the animal traps.
    Trip the wire and then stand to one side. It's not a spear trap; it's more
    like a wooden spike one. Grab the thing inside the chest. Go forwards, take
    care of the lumberjacks that appear and continue forwards till you see a
    checkpoint and a chest. Now comes the toughest part of the First Level.
    NOTE: If you step off the ledge and into deep water, you will drown. Be very
    careful while you walk. Also, the following paragraph won't make much sense
    unless you are playing the game. Just keep exploring the area yourself if
    you don't understand what I wrote.
    Wade into the water, turn right and knife that huge crab. It's not as
    dangerous as it seems. Continue forwards. You will come to a place where the
    path leads to the left. Don't go there now. Go forwards, till you see
    another crab. Take care of it too. If you advance any further, you will
    reach a dead end. Now retrace your steps and go back to the place where the
    ledge branched towards the left. Go front from there now. Keep going
    forwards. You will reach a place where the ledge goes to the left from here.
    Take no notice of it and go forwards. You will now see another ledge going
    to the left as well. Follow it, kill the crab and get to its end avoiding
    the orange colored fish on the way. Then jump on the moving platform and let
    it take you across.
    Once on the other side, avoid the fish and go forwards. If you want, you can
    kill the crab that is waiting a little further. If not, jump to the smaller
    platform on your left and then quickly across, as it collapses once you land
    on it. Advance doing the same. When you finally reach the other side, go up
    to the land and take the checkpoint. Also take the stuff inside the chest.
    You can't go through the gate, as you don't have the key for it. Go back
    into the water, go forwards, turn right, avoid the fishes, go through the
    waterfall and take the key from the chest. Whewwww!!! Then use this key on
    the gate you saw previously.
    Go through the gate and take care of the ninjas inside. Go into the passage
    in front of you, jumping over the wire. Then take the stuff inside the
    chests in the inner enclosure of this passage. Go back out and then go to
    the right passage. Take the stuff inside the chest here as well and then go
    to the left passage. Once you go inside this passage, it begins to rain.
    Here, be careful. Small, blue sparks on the ground are the places where
    lighting strikes. Avoid all the sparks when you see them. Keep going
    forwards. You will have to take care of several ninjas that drop from the
    skies. In one chest in this area, you will find a sword. Note: Once you die,
    the sword disappears.
    Then keep going forwards, disposing of all enemies along the way. Once you
    kill everyone, a chest with a key will appear. Open the gate and then
    activate the checkpoint. It stops raining now.
    Go right now to access a chest, which is being guarded by animal traps, and
    trip wires. Then go out and go forwards. Avoid the rolling wooden spikes and
    jump over them to get to the other side. Cross the log and activate the
    checkpoint. Go right and jump down the ledges and kill the farmers. Go
    forwards and jump across the moving platforms to get the key on the other
    side after fighting the ninjas. Go all the way back to the checkpoint. Then
    go front where you again have to fight some ninjas. Keep advancing, but be
    careful, because trees keep falling in your path. Then open the gate to face
    the first boss.
    Boss Fight 1
    This boss I call Big Tail with Small Brain (HYUCK, HYUCK). You will
    understand when you come face to face with him. Basically, he's a slow
    dinosaur type creature. His attack is this: first he will take a jump to
    reach near you, and then he will swipe you with his tail. Then he will
    attack you with his purple breath (yugh!). Just keep running around him in
    tight circles and you will be fine. When you finally defeat this monster,
    collect all the change and the key to the exit quickly. Congratulations!!!
    You have completed the first level successfully.
    Next, you will be inside a shop. Here, you can purchase whatever items you
    need with gold. The amount of gold you have is shown on the upper right
    corner of your screen. You also have an option to save. Save your game and
    exit from the shop.
    Now you enter the next level, The Cemetery.
    Start this level by slowly going forwards. Exercise extreme caution, as the
    pillars topple over once you get near it. There are chests on either sides
    of the flight of stairs. Once on top jump over the alternative green and
    blue currents. Then go around the razor plant and to the wide space directly
    behind it. There are some chests along the way.
    Some green creatures will come to smash you. I call them shaggies. After you
    defeat them, the stone portions with eyes in front of you will open, each
    with an armed skeleton inside. Now, they are a real pain in the a$$. You
    will understand soon why enough. To kill the upper part of the skeleton once
    it separated from the lower part, just jump on top of it. To kill the lower
    part, just punch it. Then climb the stairs on your right and navigate all
    the way to the other side, taking care of some shaggies along the way. Take
    the key from the chest and beware of the spikes on the floor. Now go down
    the stairs and open the chest near it. Now go back to the plant monster and
    open the gate to the LEFT of your SCREEN.
    Get rid of all the creatures that attack you. Then get the stuff from all
    the boxes. One holds an ax. Then shoot the tombstones which glimmers. After
    that, shoot the tombstone closest to the boxes in front of you. The boxes
    will explode. But now, again be careful, as the blue eye on top of the
    column shoots a ray at you. While dodging it, kill the enemies and open the
    chests. Once you get the key, run all the way back to the plant monster. Now
    go to all the way round to the other side and open that gate. Activate the
    Go left, but don't cross the bridge yet. Go front. You will see the walls of
    the buildings shimmering. Throw the knives at the walls to get some
    considerable change. Then go to the other side of the building and do the
    Now go to the left bridge and cross it. Take out all the enemies that charge
    at you. Then climb the stirs and open the chest at the far end to get the
    silver key. But the only problem is those exploding crates... Just go near
    them and when they start quivering, back away as far away as you can. Now
    with the silver key, open the silver gate below.
    There are some explosive crates here as well. Avoid them, and then overcome
    the obstacles in your path. Keep jumping over the pulses and the spikes.
    When you reach the other end, quickly open all the chests and get out,
    before the translucent flying skeletons can get to you.
    Now avoid those endless traps again and cross the bridge. Then cross the
    other bridge. Go slowly, as the plant monster there moves more quickly. Just
    wait till you see a pattern for those razor arms and quickly cross the
    bridge. Then dispose of all the seemingly unlimited enemies that try to kill
    you. Climb the stairs and trigger those explosive crates. Cross the three-
    spiked section as well and acquire the gold key. Jump down below and open
    the golden gate. There are some crates here as well. Open the second golden
    gate and activate the checkpoint.
    Then go right and take care of the enemies. Open all the chests on the way.
    Note the gate, which is locked. Once you get rid of all the creatures, the
    gate to the inner circle opens. Destroy all the enemies here and the other
    gate opens. Be prepared for anything and go through that gate.
    Yeeesh!!! It's that horde of useless things again! Take them out, climb the
    stairs, trip the trap, get the key and open the gate downstairs. You have
    just entered the realm of the next boss.
    Boss Fight 2
    I call this boss 'The Two Headed Freak Of Nature' (believe me, no pun
    intended there). Guess you're in 'double trouble' now (HYUCK, HYUCK). This
    boss is faster than the last one though. Keep moving, otherwise he/they will
    catch you in his/their eye laser. When you see an opening, use your punch
    and kick combos. Repeat this till you succeed. Then collect all the bonus
    stuff and wait. Congratulations!!! You have successfully completed the
    second level!
    Next, buy whatever you need in the shop if you have the cash. Don't spend
    your money on something you don't need. Save and exit the shop.
    Now you enter the next level, The Monastery Exterior.
    LEVEL 3 - The Monastery Exterior
    Proceed forwards and knock the senses out of the samurai warriors at the
    gates and anybody who dares to come near you. There will be a key in one of
    the chests. Open the gate and kill all the enemies that charge you at once.
    Then proceed to the left. As you reach the edge a stone block appears. When
    you step on it, another one appears and so on. Don't worry; they won't
    collapse under your feet. Just keep following it till you reach the other
    side. There's a checkpoint and about 5 guards waiting for you there. Note
    the spikes on your right.
    When you get rid of the guards, a chest appears with a key to a nearby gate.
    Open it and again take care of the people that attack you. When all of them
    have been eliminated, a hole opens in between the two doors. Go down, open
    the chests and stand on the circular disc that you can see on the corner.
    This opens the spiked section above, near the checkpoint. Go there, while
    eliminating all the opposition along the way. Take out all those guys too.
    Then open the gate and whatever you do, don't step on the grass. There's a
    dragon sleeping in the middle. Kill all the enemies you see and the ones
    that come out of the doors, while standing on the stone pavement. After
    everyone has been killed go near the dragon and defeat it. If you go near
    it's tail, it will swipe you with it, if you go near its side, it will roll
    over like a dog and crush you and if you go front of it, it does what all
    dragons do; spit fire. There, that doesn't give you many options, does it?
    Just don't get too close to it and keep shooting at it with your knives. The
    best strategy is to go near it, give a few good punches and run away before
    it can react. You will get lots of stuff and a golden key once you defeat
    it. Its death also opens a hole on the side of the area. After slaying all
    the guys and opening all the chests go all the way back to the disappearing
    platforms. Cross it once again and open the gate on your left. I call this
    area the Pulse Room. Activate the checkpoint. Don't go any further. Go back
    out and to the left.
    You will have to do another platform miracle, except this one's tougher.
    Once you get on the other side, fight like hell and dispose of all the guys.
    Open the gate and kill the fleet of enemies. Once on their demise, go
    through the opening. Activate the circular thing. There's a spike trap chest
    here. Get out and you will find a spiked entranceway on the other side, just
    like the previous one. And like the previous one, there is another dragon
    here as well. Toast it and take the golden key. Go back to the Pulse Room
    and open the next gate. There will be another checkpoint here.
    Go left. You will see horse drawn chariots charging towards you. Avoid them
    at all costs. At the end, take out all the guards, including those dummy
    type warriors. Get the key from the chest. Open the gate in front of you and
    kill all the guards. You will then receive a chest with a gold key. You
    cannot get those chests in the center yet.
    Go out and go towards the checkpoint and don't forget about the chariots.
    There are several fences glimmering if you look hard. Get the goodies and
    open the gate with your gold key. Look left and you will see a couple of
    extra armored samurais guarding the hole. Kill them and shoot both the
    tombstones on either side of the hole. You will then get some goodies and
    open the hole. Go through the hole and you can access the goodies that were
    in the central area before.
    Next, get out and go to the other side. You will be faced with a situation
    as exactly as the last one. Get the stuff and go back towards then
    checkpoint. Now go the other side. Avoid the horses, kill the guys and get
    the key. Then open the gate, kill some more guys and get the golden key. Go
    towards the checkpoint again and head right, where the last gate is.
    The battle inside is one of the toughest in the game. The enemies are
    stronger here and they just keep coming and coming. After defeating them and
    getting all the goodies, climb the stairs. That's It!!!!! You have finished
    Level 3!!!
    Buy whatever you want and save your game.
    Now enter the next level, The Monastery Exterior.
    IMP NOTE: From now on, I am not mentioning the enemies. I will only write
    about the bosses and enemies that are exceptionally tough to kill. I am also
    not going to mention about any chests either, except for the ones that hold
    Note: Most of the lamps in this area hold goodies.
    Go through the middle door. In the next area, go through the right door.
    Next, go through the left door and finally through the middle door. Once you
    dispose of the enemies here, you will get the gold key. Open the door in
    front of you and activate the checkpoint.
    Note: Most of the candlesticks in this area hold goodies as well.
    Kill the ghost skeletons and climb the left ladder. Avoid the wooden logs
    and go to the other side. Warning, as the chest here is a trap. Take the
    silver key. Now go back to the checkpoint and open the gate in front of you.
    You will get another checkpoint and a weapon in one of the chests. Now head
    up the right ladder. The same fate awaits you. Make your way to the other
    side to receive another key. Go back and open the other gate in front of the
    Beat the hell out of those ghost skeletons and climb the left stairs.
    Survival of the following battle activates a bridge that takes you to those
    chests. Take the key and open the gate in front of the last checkpoint. Then
    head up the right ladder. You will be introduced to a new trap.
    Leap over the incoming fireballs. You have to have perfect timing for this.
    Keep shooting at the damned contraption. Your bombs and magic does not work
    on it. The more the damage you do, the faster it will become. But
    eventually, it will explode, giving you a silver key. Then go back and open
    the other gate.
    Kill the ghost skeletons and climb the left stairs. Killing the enemies in
    this area allows you to climb further up. Once you gat up there, quickly
    avoid the golden snake (you can't kill it) and climb the slope. Note that
    you can only climb the slopes that have a green tint to it. The slopes
    having the bluish tint are unclimbable. Kill all the enemies, get the chests
    and go to the other side. Climb down the slope and activate the circular
    thing to lower the spikes, while avoiding the snake. Remember, the spikes
    remain lowered only for a short period. Run back towards the upper walkway
    and SLIDE down the MIDDLE of it. You will get a gold key. Now get out of the
    area and open the wooden gate in the left of you. It will reveal (surprise,
    surprise) another gate. Now go up the right ladder and do the entire snake
    process again till you get the second gold key. Then open the other door.
    Once you open the door, get the stuff inside the chests quickly. Look at the
    floor carefully. When you see an orange spark on the floor, get away from
    there; because that's the place where a huge fireball will drop. This is
    similar to the lighting in the first level. Then go near the spikes. Once it
    lowers, quickly climb the ladder. Take out all the guys that come at you.
    Then stand on the circular spot and shoot the window boards six times. It
    will then disintegrate to let the sunshine in. Don't go down. Just go all
    around the entire walkway, taking out all enemies and opening all the
    windows. Make sure you traveled left and right as far as you can. There will
    be a chest at each end. Once you do all that climb down either of the stairs
    and jump into the fire at the center. Trust me, you won't die. But you will
    wish you had...
    Congrats!!! You completed the first and EASIEST part of this level! Now
    let's dive into the last part of this level or the next level (whatever you
    want to call it).
    LEVEL 5 - HELL 1
    Boss Fight 3
    This is just a mini level and is more or less the boss of the last level.
    Watch the FMV sequence. Your main enemy sits on a hideous throne on top,
    where you can't reach him. Now you have to deal with his assistant, which I
    just call Big Ugly Monster. The reason will strike you soon enough.
    Now, this guy is mean. And I mean really MEAN. He has a powerful sonar-type
    magic breath and he will swipe, kick and bite you. He can also let loose a
    few tons of rocks at your head. A formidable opponent...
    His A$$ is his weak point. Keep running around him in circles and keep
    shooting, punching, kicking, etc. An advantage you have is speed. Either you
    are very fast, or that dumb ass is very slow. If you run, he can't keep up
    with you. Also, your magic potion does a helluva damage to him.
    If you want to know, that vertical bar on the left of your screen is Mr. Big
    Ugly Monster's health bar. Just keep attacking him from behind and you will
    EVENTUALLY send that sucker to meet its maker. But he won't die that
    quickly. It will take some time. Remember, patience is a virtue (yeah
    After all that, go to the shop and save your game. Yahooooo!!! Proceed to
    the next level!
    Note: This is one of the most boring levels of this game. The obstacles are
    pointless and exist solely for the purpose of increasing the game time. Also
    in some areas, once you cross a point, a steel door shuts behind you and you
    cannot go back. Fortunately, this door also acts as a checkpoint.
    After you defeat your evil counterparts, two chests appear at the starting
    point. Keep going forwards. Open the chest in front of you and run back!
    Then go through the door on your right after taking the key from the chest.
    After vanquishing all the enemies in this area, you will get a chest with a
    key for the door in front of you. And no, you cannot kill that idiot on top
    who keeps throwing the dynamites. Not yet.
    Keep following the tunnel. Notice that the unlit lamps glimmer. Jump the
    deep hole and proceed with caution. Rocks fall on top of you. Soon you will
    come across a bridge. Go as close as possible towards the spiked ball and
    jump past it. Kill everyone you see and collect the stuff from the chests.
    Now you must be in a corridor filled with green slime. Whatever you do,
    don't ever step on them. Proceed and be careful of the falling rafters.
    Avoid all the slime and go across the steel bridge. This is the bridge from
    where the ninja threw dynamites at you. Eliminating all the enemies here
    gives you a gold key. Cross the steel bridge. At least try to, anyway. Once
    you fall down, come to the bottom of your screen and open the golden door.
    (Remember, this is the place where the dynamite-throwing chest was).
    Go through the passage till you reach a checkpoint. There's a locked door
    near here. Head right and take the key once you have killed all your
    opponents. Open the door and head forwards. Be careful of the rake trap that
    lies dead ahead. Dash through the spiked closing walls. Then go to the end
    and jump on the platform. It will go up after a second. Kill the bats and
    get the key from the chest at the end of the tunnel. Then retreat and open
    the door near the checkpoint.
    Avoid the slime and go forwards. Another bridge, another pain. Go to the
    other side and advance. Jump the hole and you will see another huge hole.
    (Please remember this place). You cannot jump past this one. Go through its
    left and turn right immediately to avoid the falling rafter. Then jump past
    the rake traps ahead of you. (Man, this game just keeps getting better and
    better doesn't it? Yeeesh!) Avoid the falling rafters and make your way to
    the end of the tunnel. There's a block of circular stone here. Stand on it
    and go back to the place I told you to remember. There will be a bridge now
    at the deep hole. Jump on it and go up.
    Now, you have to face more horrors, the same type you faced earlier during
    this level. Advance, and the spiked wall behind you will start to close.
    Keep to the left and head left once you reach the opening. The chests you
    see in front of you are just not worth it. Then keep going through the
    tunnel, killing everything you see. You will come across another spiked wall
    and this time, stick to the right. More brides lie across your path.
    Eventually, you will get a chest with a gold key. Head back and the steel
    bridge will drop. Go to the top of your screen. Jump across the moving
    platforms QUICKLY. Now after everything you've endured, your reward is a
    giant spider.
    Boss Fight 4
    This spider is a little tough to defeat. The problem is, it keeps laying
    eggs on the floor, which will hatch after a few seconds. Then the baby
    spiders will attack you too. So don't let the spider lay eggs. Also, this
    might be a good place to use a FEW of your bombs.
    Kill it and head to the shop and save your game. Hats off to you!!! Proceed
    to the next level.
    LEVEL 7 - CLOUD 1
    IMP NOTE: From now on, I am going to be very brief. You should know what to
    do by yourself. Open all the chests and kill all the enemies you find.
    Explaining everything in detail is just going to ruin the entire game for
    you. Find the doors I mention by exploring the area yourself.
    Note: Most of the walls in this level glimmer.
    Take care of the enemies and climb the stairs. Then climb the stairs and
    take the key. Across the chest are some hidden goodies. Then cross the
    bridge and slay the flying dragons. Take the key from the chest that appears
    and open the gate in front of you. Then touch the spinning cube and run
    across the bridge that appears.
    Circle to the right and kill the enemies that appear. Cross the second
    bridge and activate the windmill. The area here glimmers. Then go back
    across the bridge. Shoot the wall in front of you and it will explode,
    giving you a weapon. Then go around till you reach a big platform, which
    moves due to the windmill.
    Once across, slay till you get the chests. Then go around till you see some
    floating platforms. Jump across it till you reach the other side. Whew, at
    least these platforms are big. Wait! Now I understand why they are so big. A
    couple of dragons try to knock our hero down!
    Land on the higher walkway. If you land on the lower walkway, no problem, as
    there is a lift to take you to the higher walkway.  Get the silver key by
    killing everyone and everything you see. Be careful of those falling rocks
    while jumping on the moving platform. Then jump to the lower platform. You
    will find a spinning cube that will activate another bridge once you disturb
    it. Cross the bridge and open the door in front of you.
    After you slay all the people in this area, a stairway to the underground
    will appear. (Please remember this place). Go down and you will soon reach a
    very big hole. Jump to the small disappearing platform in the middle of the
    hole and quickly jump to the other side. Go up and you will reach a
    Almost all the walls in this area glimmer. If you jump the platforms on the
    left and right, you can access some chests. But I really wouldn't advise it,
    because those fireballs would take too much of your life. Go to your extreme
    left from the checkpoint and climb UP the ledges. Taking care of all the
    wannabe demons here drops the bridge in front of you. Cross it and repeat
    the entire procedure all over again to drop the second bridge. Then go
    through the wooden walkway and get the chests at the end of it, after
    avoiding those pushing obstacles. Then go back and climb the stairs you just
    passed. Go to the right and go down the lift. Annihilate the samurai and
    then shoot the wall in front of you to reveal a chest with an extra life.
    Then go back up the lift and cross the rolling stones. Be careful because
    there are spikes in the middle section between the stones. Once on the other
    side, show those demons that you are not called a ninja for nothing. Then
    collect the key once they are dead.
    Then head all the way back to the place I told you to remember. Open the
    gate in front of you and jump on the ropeway. Then jump on the other
    platform and to the platform below you. This is really tough, as you will
    miss it. Go to the upper left corner of the platform as much as you can and
    jump below. Finally, jump to another platform and from there to the wooden
    OOORBAGA!!! You finished this level as well. If you didn't use any of the
    cheats till now, then you're the man. (After me, of course. I didn't use any
    cheats either). Save your game and head to the next level.
    LEVEL 8 - CLOUD 2
    NOTE: The barrels in this level explode once you shoot them. Shoot each and
    every barrel you come up against, because some of them reveal secret hiding
    rooms with lots of treasures inside once they are destroyed. Shoot at them
    while standing a little back or you will get caught in the blast.
    Go right and get the key from the chest. Then shoot the wall alongside here
    to get a power up. Then jump down and cross the bridge. Note that the bridge
    glimmers. Circle the walkway and activate the windmill. Then hop abroad the
    ropeway on the other side you just activated. Secure the lower walkway, and
    then ride the lift to the top. There, after killing all those oppose you,
    touch the cube. A bridge appears and quickly cross it. Activate the
    Drop down and get the goodies if you want to. Then go back up and find
    another cube, once you have cleared the area. Cross the bridge and again
    secure the upper walkway. Blow up the barrels here. Next drop down to the
    lower walkway and get the gold key from the chest. Then activate the
    windmill you find nearby. Go back up via the lift. Cross the spiked closing
    doors and ride the ropeway across. Activate the checkpoint once on the other
    Circle the walkway and blow the barrels to open the door. (Remember this
    place). Go through the door and defend yourself against the foes. Drop down
    and circle the walkway while opening all the chests on the way. Caution, one
    or two chests may be trapped. Then ride the lift back up. Keep circling
    around here until you see a transparent platform. Wait, and once it has
    become solid, jump on it. Then wait for the next one to be solid, and then
    jump on it quickly and so on, till you reach the other side.
    Clear this area and the bridge falls down. Do the same in the next area and
    advance. Soon, you will reach a place full of spikes. Wait there for some
    time and watch the spikes moving carefully, till you see a pattern in their
    movements. Dash past them and kill all the enemies you see. Collect the key
    and go all the way back to the place I told you to remember. From there,
    drop down and enter the gate in front of you. Dash past the enemies and open
    the last gate to face the boss.
    Boss Fight 5
    I call this guy...well, The Bug Monster. He is not that hard to defeat,
    considering the other bosses. The problem is, that you cannot use your punch
    and kick combos. Use the knives and the bombs. The flying pest is slow, so
    just keep circling him and attack him from the behind. Be warned, he has
    quite a powerful breath, which you cannot escape from. You cannot kill him,
    and thus you cannot collect any change from him.
    Hakumba!!!! You did it again! You finished this level!!! Save your game and
    be prepared for a tropical pain.
    Note: In this level, the coconut trees are a menace. The falling coconuts
    can damage you. Even if they miss you, they explode once they touch the
    ground. Those plants can also explode. Be careful.
    Go left and kill the farmers. Collect the chests and then go right. Be
    careful of those plants and the wells. Take the key and then climb up the
    ledges. There's a chest here with a weapon inside. Then open the door in
    front of you. Kill all the enemies and go into the narrow passage to the
    right of your screen. Shoot at the walls here, 'cos it glimmers. Then go to
    the middle of the bridge. Checkpoint. You can't advance, as some spikes
    block your path. Jump to the raft below you from the side of the bridge.
    Keep drifting till you reach land and ignore the serpents that appear to say
    hi to you. Then step on the circular stone and go through the open door
    behind you. You will be back near the bridge. Cross it.
    Go front and eliminate the enemies. Then go right and jump onto the moving
    platform. Keep jumping over the blue currents. Collect the gold key at the
    end and go back. Then open the gold gate to your right. Then dash through
    the obstacles lying in front of you. You will be faced with a column made of
    stone. Each time it opens, it releases a magical fireball that will chase
    you. Keep running around to lose it. Then quickly run to the column and
    attack it. Once you defeat it, you will get a silver key. Open the door in
    front of you.
    Go down the ledges till you hit the ground. There is a checkpoint along the
    way. Kill all the enemies and take all the chests in this area. Then cross
    the bridge (it only becomes accessible once you kill all the enemies). A
    fireball similar to the one you faced earlier will burst through the door.
    After avoiding it cross the bridge and activate the checkpoint. Go left and
    you will get another weapon. Once you kill the enemies you see in this area,
    another part of the beach opens up. Keep going forwards till you get a gold
    key. Then go back towards the checkpoint and use the key on the lock near
    the spiked platform. It will roll over and you will be able to jump on it
    and on to the other side. If you glance right, you will see a huge spiked
    log. But for now, you have to go the opposite way. But don't worry. You will
    have to come back here...
    You will be faced with another statue, which you have to blast to get a
    silver key. Then head back up to the spiked log. Let it roll right up to
    you, then when it goes back follow it quickly. Quite a stupid strategy, you
    may say to yourself, but it's the only thing that works. When you land on
    the ground below, wait for it to roll over your head. Then climb up the
    slope and proceed. Go through the gate nearby and get the checkpoint.
    Then go forwards till you see some barrels floating. There are three rows of
    them. Keep jumping on each one till you reach the other side. Activate the
    checkpoint here. Then clean up this area of enemies and climb the raised
    platform on your right. Keep jumping till you reach the other side. Upon the
    annihilation of those foes, a chest with a gold key appears. Go all the way
    back and jump the other row of barrels. Look front and you will see a gold
    lock near a spiked platform. Just remember it. Then head right and jump the
    platforms once again. There's a super demon fest going on at the other side.
    Break it up and you will get a number of chests all around this beach. Then
    climb the slope in front of you to get some more chests. You should have
    silver and a gold key now. Open the gate in front of you and demolish
    another statue to get another gold key. Now head all the way back to the
    spiked platforms. Jump over both of them and contend yourself with another
    spiked log. Once you outfoxed it, drop to the ledges on your right and to
    the ground below.
    Then head up the bridge. Three holes will be blown. After successfully
    avoiding it, be prepared to face the next boss.
    Boss Fight 6
    Mr. Fat Ass is quite an opponent. For his size, he is pretty fast and can
    charge at you with surprising speed. His main weapons are a charging head-
    butt and a belly flop. Both are pretty good. Unlike the former bosses, his
    front is his weakness. Just unload a couple of bombs and land a few good
    punches and kicks. This would more or less put the creep out of his misery
    quickly. Just remember to jump when he does his belly dance... I mean flop.
    Man, you are good!!! Save and go to straight to Hell (I mean the level).
    LEVEL 10 - HELL 2
    Boss Fight 7
    Again your enemy sits out of reach. For now, you have to be satisfied with
    another flying pain in the butt. First, shoot at it or punch it to bring it
    down to earth. Use one of your magic potions. Then use a couple of your
    bombs. Then land a couple of good punches to send the monster packing.
    When he is about to attack you, just run. Run around the ring and he won't
    catch you. Then close in for a couple of kicks and run away again. With
    this, you should win easily.
    Congrats!!! Go to the next level!
    NOTE: Most of the platforms in this level collapse. Be very careful.
    Head right and climb the ledges. You will get a silver key. Then cross the
    bridge. Defend yourself while climbing the slope. The key you got earlier
    lowers the barrier in front of you. Next, avoid the spiked pushing walls and
    go to the other side. After clearing this area, go down the ledges and
    activate the checkpoint.
    Go right and you will see a raised platform. Jump on it and then jump into
    the water. There's a path here, similar to the one in the first level.
    Follow it, till you reach another platform. Then climb up to land, dispose
    of those eagles and get the stuff in the chests. Then continue following the
    walkway. Jump across the moving platforms and take care of all the enemies
    blocking your path. You will soon reach another raised platform. Climb up
    and take the checkpoint.
    Then climb the slope in front of you. On the way to the top of the slope,
    drop down to the chests below. Then jump to the chest in the water. You will
    get a silver key. Then jump to the moving platform and go back to the
    checkpoint again. Again climb the slope and open the gate in front of you.
    Kill all the enemies in this area. You will get a silver key once you
    eliminate all the enemies. Don't open the gate in front of you. Go a little
    back and open the gate of the small enclosure that holds two chests. You
    will get a weapon and another silver key. Now open the other gate. Go down
    and clear the area of enemies. You can go to the right of your screen if you
    want. There are lots of goodies there. Then go to your left. Avoid the
    falling rocks and jump on the platform. Keep jumping till you get to the
    other side.
    Clear this area and you can advance to the next area. Do the same here to go
    to the other area. There's a weapon in a hidden chest behind some stones in
    this place. Next, cross the bridge. Kill all the enemies near the fire to
    get a gold key. Key in hand, climb up the slope. Open the fence and activate
    the checkpoint a little further up.
    Then proceed down the narrow path on the right. When you hear a rumble,
    quickly step back and let the avalanche be over. Then keep jumping across
    the platforms till you reach the other side. Kill the enemies here and step
    on the rectangular switch on the ground. Then go all the way back and climb
    the ledge.
    There are two big dangers here. One is the falling rocks and the other is
    the collapsing platforms. Make your way to the top and clear that area. If
    you go right, you will see a weird wooden machine. You don't have to worry
    about it now.
    Climb the ledges and activate the checkpoint. Kill all the enemies to get
    the key. Open the gate in front of you and stand on the switch on the
    ground. Now go all the way back to the wooden device you saw earlier. Stand
    on one platform. A rock will fall on either one. As long as you are standing
    on the right platform, you will be able to jump up. But be careful of all
    those animal traps. Ahead are two more similar devices. When you finally get
    on top, activate the checkpoint.
    Kill the archers and cross the bridge. Careful, 'cos there's a trip wire at
    the beginning of it. Now, you have to pass the fire test. Watch each
    sequence carefully, till you see a pattern. When you get an opening, dash
    past the fire and to the other side. You will soon reach a place where you
    can climb down the ledges, or climb up some other ledges. You can go down if
    you want some goodies. But even if you do so, you have to come all the way
    back here to this point and climb up. It's your choice.
    Once you're on top, go left and kill all the enemies. Now, the path to the
    right becomes accessible. Go up the slope and activate the checkpoint. You
    will see now that the path to your right is blocked. So go left and wait for
    the avalanche to pass. Proceed forwards and kill all the enemies in this
    area to get a silver key. Now, go all the way back and lift the barrier on
    the other side with the key.
    Climb the ledges you see and be careful, 'cos the ground collapses as you
    climb up. Once on top, activate the last checkpoint of the level. Kill all
    the enemies in this area to get the silver key. Then take care of all the
    archers in this area to get the silver key and finish the level!!!
    Congrats!!!! But you can't save now. (Bummer).
    LEVEL 12 - MOUNT 2
    Boss Fight 8
    Da Dastardly Demonic DRAGON is rather tough to defeat. Even though he hardly
    moves, he has a pretty good defense mixed with an impressive offense. Which
    by the way, means that you are Jakked Big Time.
    It can bite and swipe at you, but that's not the problem here. It has three
    powerful breath moves, each which can bring you down easily. The first is a
    fire breath that he shoots in a single, sweeping motion. The second is the
    breath that he shoots to the ground, so that the flames can reflect in all
    the directions. The third is the one that he shoots into the air, so that
    the flames can rain on top of you.
    You can avoid the first one by timely jumping over the stream of flames. The
    second and the third one can be avoided by simply staying mobile. Use some
    of your bombs on this guy.
    Save and head to the next level. (I would have added another corny
    expression, but I ran out of them).
    Take care of the ninja trouble at the beginning of the level. You can use
    barrels to your advantage. The ledge gets activated when the crowd below
    dies. Fight your way across the bridge you see on your left. Dispose of your
    evil counterparts and you can gain access to a ledge above.
    Go forward and cross the spiked obstacles. Duck between the second and third
    trap to swing it around. When you jump over the spiked pits around the final
    trap, quickly leap to the left to avoid getting sheesh-kebabed. Walk across
    the high bridge, disposing ninjas. The field beyond the bridge is empty. Hop
    to the upper ledge. Check it for goodies and go through the next obstacle.
    At the far side, you must jump diagonally to reach safety. When you slide
    down the slope, jump across to the area nearby. Be prepared for a huge
    Now comes the tricky part. You have to keep jumping on these carts till you
    get to the other side. Then head to the checkpoint beyond the carts. Dispose
    of more ninja and enter the hole that opens. Screw the ghost skeletons as
    they appear. After killing all of them, you can proceed forwards. Jump to
    the top of the platform and from there, to the ground. Go left and kill all
    the enemies that appear. Then climb the ledge above you and continue going
    forwards. Keep killing enemies till you can finally get out via the hole.
    Another tough battle awaits you. (Yeeesh, this game never let's you have a
    moment's peace, does it?) Kill all the enemies in this area. You will be
    rewarded with more enemies trying to decapitate you. After winning the
    fight, climb the ledge above you. Don't cross the bridge yet. (Well, you
    cant, anyway.) Instead of that, go forwards till you get another checkpoint
    and another barrel obstacle. Climb the first two slopes, till you reach the
    circular thing. Step on it to activate the bridge in front of you. Again
    avoid the barrels and ride up the moving platforms. Fight your way to the
    golden key on the upper ledge; then ride back down the lift and continue
    along the cliff face. Through the gold key door, angle left along the
    crooked path.
    As you approach the rock wall, it explodes outward, as spikes seal the path
    behind you. The hideous ice demon is tough and dangerous, but he has his
    limits. Try to stick close to the cave. Pay attention to what the freak is
    doing, and you can anticipate its attack form. When the creature rears up,
    it's about to call down a hail of snowballs. Retreat for the safety of the
    cave area.
    After defeating the monster, open the nearby door. Leap past the geyser.
    Down the second slope, continue through the door. Watch the spin traps. When
    all the spikes illuminate, jump for the center pad. It rolls over while
    you're in midair.
    You have only a split-second to reach the third row and jump from there to
    the ledge beyond. Battle your way through the bad guys and enter the portal
    that opens. Disperse the vermin in the snowy area, and continue across the
    bridge. Beyond the locked door, whack the mutants to produce a welcome pair
    of chests. Check in, and hop along the ledge past the smash traps. Avoid the
    spin traps. Study the pattern, and use a few daggers to correct your
    perspective. Fight along the ledge above the last spin trap and take the
    gold key above the slope.
    Once you have the gold key, fight your way down to ground level and clean up
    there, as well. Go through the gold key door on the upper ledge. One last
    gigantic ice freak bars the level exit. His tactics are identical to the
    first foe's.
    Save And Proceed With Caution.
    Follow the pathway, and expect an ambush. More trouble lies just past the
    checkpoint. Clean up and hop on the platform in the lava. The hands pawing
    at the platform send out deadly shock waves. Be ready to leap as they slap
    the slab. Your reward is another pack of enemies.
    Two paths lie beyond the gate the key lowers. Double back, and take the high
    road. Jump along the platforms as the smash traps retract. Time your leaps
    to avoid the flame jets, as well. Beyond the smash traps and flame jets,
    fight your way up the slope and claim the Ultimate Sword from the chest.
    Drop down to the area below and show the resident evildoers your new blade.
    Continue along the shore, and fire at the wall to blow open a tunnel riddled
    with small geysers. More trouble waits beyond the steamy tunnel, which you
    must blast open from the inside. Hop across the lava quickly as the
    platforms sink beneath your weight. Disperse the crowd near the checkpoint
    and head left. Once more, choose the high road at the path's juncture.
    Beyond the flame jets, ascend in the lift. The key you need lies to the
    right. Watch your back as you fight past the keyhole. When you claim the
    key, return and apply it to the lock. You must stick to the ledges' edges,
    and perhaps jump straight up to check the timing of the flame jets above.
    Stand on the ledge with the smash traps to time the uppermost jet. Above,
    battle bad guys and bats en route to the gold key. Return to the ledge, and
    keep killing bad guys until the last one falls. Return to the area below the
    lift and fight your way down the path with the small lava crack.
    When you apply the gold key to the lock, a pathway appears momentarily. If
    you don't make it across, backtrack a short distance to discover a duplicate
    key. Across the lava, fight your way to the checkpoint on the bridge.
    From the wooden-bridge checkpoint, you might notice a small island in the
    stream of lava. Hop over the rotating obstacle and fight your way down the
    path on the far side. Near the door on the lava-level path, hop over to the
    island, and be ready for action. The chest near the bottom of the screen
    holds three 1-Ups. The pressure pad on the island lowers the nearby ledge
    barrier. Watch the timing, and stick to the edges.
    Above, fight for the second gold key before returning to the area below.
    Continue on the path past the 1-Up island. You can cling to the ledges as
    the huge boulders roll behind you and make your way to the distant walkway.
    Again, the gold key creates a bridge that lasts only a moment.
    Save and prepare to go into the last level (almost).
    Proceed forwards and be prepared for demon trouble in the area below the
    checkpoint. Watch out for the swinging spiked ball. In the next area, get
    mobile as the ground erupts with mini volcanoes. You'll be facing plenty of
    demons. Continue along the pathway, testing your nerves along the way, wary
    of volcanic activity.
    The pressure pad lowers a barrier back along the path. Backtrack to the
    spiked balls near the newly lowered barrier: There's more volcanic activity
    in the area beyond. When the lava stops flying, there's always a demon or
    three to contend with. You have just enough time to walk to the edge of the
    platform and leap before it sinks into the lava.
    If you hustle past the spiked balls in the first area, you can bypass the
    lava eruption and head straight for the demons. Leap the sinking platforms
    en route to a checkpoint across the lava flow. Expect demons to welcome you
    aboard. Hop along the levitating platforms and ride the central one up to a
    high ledge.
    Fight your way to a high ledge above the switchback paths. Near the central
    portal, an invisible statue of invulnerability waits for an obvious purpose.
    Use the statue of invulnerability to hustle along the steamy tunnel, and
    stomp the floor pad halfway along the path. Return to the levitating pads,
    and continue in the direction you were headed toward. The next series of
    pads is an identical obstacle to the first area.
    When you make it past the two series of levitating pads, drop down to lava
    level and defend yourself. Enjoy another lovely lava ride. When you
    disembark, fight your way up the path to the right to avoid the impending
    eruption. The first series of light bridges are a cinch: You really needn't
    use more than one to make the crossing.
    Jump, as the bridge is about to appear beneath you, and then jump again as
    you near the distant area, just in case. The second series of bridges is
    trickier. You must jump in mid crossing to make the far side. Fight your way
    along the lower path via the silver key.
    The lock for the silver key is up and to the left. Go and get the gold key
    first (to the right). Fight your way down the apparent dead end and blow
    open the wall to discover a tunnel. In the new area, head left and ascend in
    the lift. To the right, beyond the smash trap, waits the chest with the gold
    key. Open the gate and proceed.
    To the right from the barred entryway, hop the spinning platforms toward the
    distant smash trap. There's a lift on the far side. Up the lift, a nasty
    series of flame jets (and two moving platforms) is the last obstacle of the
    sublevel. Back in the main area, apply the silver key to the lock and a
    barrier lowers. Proceed forwards till you see a door and escape through it.
    Whew, and that's it. Your misery is almost over. NO more running and no more
    avoiding traps.
    Boss Fight 8
    This is the second last boss you have to face. He is pretty easy to defeat
    if you have a little patience. Correction, if you have A LOT of patience.
    Keep running around in circles and jump immediately as he does his wave
    attack. Don't use all your bombs and magic, as the final boss is yet to
    come. Just punch the idiot the second you get an opening.
    Final Boss 9
    Okay, this is the final confrontation. All the suffering you have endured
    for the past few weeks is for this, the final battle.
    Unload all the magic potions and bombs you have got right away. Don't save
    anything for the end. Then just close in and punch and kick him. There is no
    one effective way to defeat him, so you have to figure out a way to defeat
    him yourself.
    Just be careful, when he is floating around, as you can't do anything to him
    That's it for the game!!! You finished it!!! If you finished it without
    using cheats at all, then you must be the greatest gaming genius ever. My
    humble form bows down to touch your smoky shoes!
    Enjoy the last FMV
    Q : Why is this game so tough?
    A : It's tough because there are too many enemies and so less food around.
    You also get damaged easily.
    Q : How can we find if there are traps in an area or not?
    A : You just have to keep your eyes open. Normally, the traps are concealed
    in a place where you have to run a lot, so that you won't have time to
    notice them. But don't worry, as I've mentioned all the traps and their
    locations in my walkthrough.
    Q : Why are some trees glimmering?
    A : When any place is glimmering, such as trees, walls, fences etc., just
    shoot at them with your knives and you will get some hidden stuff. You have
    to look very carefully at places to notice the glimmers.
    Q : Aren't there any cheats for this game?
    A: Yes, there are many, but I have just included the best ones in my
    Q : What about Gameshark codes?
    A : You can find the best Gameshark codes in my walkthrough as well.
    Q : Is this game anything like Tomb Raider?
    A : Visual wise and gameplay wise, it does resemble Tomb Raider (most
    probably because both have the same creators), but the storyline is
    completely different.
    Q : Who are the creators of this game?
    A : The game is created by Eidos interactive.
    Q : How come your Gameshark codes aren't working?
    A : You must have a different version than mine. I tested all the codes and
    they worked fine for me.
    Q : Against which bosses shall I use the magic potions?
    A : Save all your potions and bombs for the last two bosses. They are really
    tough to kill.
    Q : In the first level, I collected all the coins and every bonus item, but
    still I couldn't buy the Ultimate Sword at the end of the level. Why not?
    A : In the first level, you won't get enough money to buy it. After
    completing the level, don't buy anything. Then complete the second level,
    while collecting all the change. Then at the end of that level, you will
    have enough cash to buy the sword.
    Q : Yeeesh! This game isn't any good! I was duped! Shall I ask for my money
    A : No. Give the game a try. It's pretty good. The graphics are superb, the
    sounds excellent and the storyline is good too. This game is also a little
    tough, thus posing a challenge. What more reasons do you need?
    Q : Did you ever finish the game without using the cheats?
    A : I got to the last boss without using the cheats. But when I got there, I
    hardly had any potions or bombs left. Thus, I got royally screwed. Thus, I
    used cheats.
    Q : What are those paper fan things you find from time to time?
    A : Those fans are checkpoints. They are really useful because once you die;
    you don't have to restart the entire level. You can start from the last
    checkpoint you activated.
    Q : How can I activate a checkpoint?
    A : Just go near the folded fan when you see one and once you get close
    enough, it spreads out and rises above the ground. This means you have
    successfully activated the checkpoint.
    Q : How many kinds of chests are there?
    A : There are three types of chests; the ones holding goodies, the ones
    holding keys and the ones holding traps.
    Q : What are the different types of traps?
    A : The whole Ninja game is based on traps. There are trip wires that
    activate different traps once you touch them. There are chest traps, which
    explode once you open it. Then there are the animal traps and the collapsing
    platforms. There are lots of other things that make your life miserable, but
    I call them 'obstacles' rather than traps. Few examples are the spinning
    blades in Level 1, the swinging logs in Level 4, etc.
    Q : What are the different types of chest traps?
    A : The chest traps are the most common and the most widespread. There are
    four different types of them; the exploding kind, the spike erupting kind,
    the ones that throw dynamites and the one that shoots fireballs that follow
    you. Escaping from the last one is the most difficult.
    Q : When I repeat a level, even though the chests are in the same places as
    before, how come the stuff you find inside them is different?
    A : This is the creator's way of increasing the game's replay value. Each
    chest holds different items according to the situation at hand.
    Q : Hey, I could have finished the entire game without your walkthrough.
    Your walkthrough sux, big time. What do you have to say to that?
    A : Well Mr. Bonehead, if you could finish the game by yourself, then great.
    But then how did you get his walkthrough, huh? I am sure it didn't fall from
    the sky to your lap. The only way you could have gotten it is if you had
    SEARCHED or ASKED for it. But then why do you need it, if you finished the
    game by yourself? What do YOU have to say to that?
    Q : What do the different bars on the screen stand for?
    A : The bar on your lower left screen is your health bar and top of it is
    your statistics on the no. of lives you have, no. of bombs and the no. of
    magic spells you can do. The other bar shows the level of magic you can do.
    Q : What's the power-up for?
    A : With each power-up you get, the bar on the lower right corner of your
    screen gets filled. It determines the level of magic you can perform.
    21 Q & A total.
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    Okay, this is the first game in my life where I felt justified in using
    cheat codes. Really, this game is so tough; you will scratch your hair out
    in pure frustration. But don't use all the codes; otherwise the game will
    become plain boring.
    1.	Invincibility Code
    Pause the game, while playing and then press L2, R2, (L2 three times), (R2
    three times), Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, Square. You should
    hear a chime. Unpause the game. You're now an invincible skeleton with
    unlimited health, magic potions and bombs. If you pause the game and enter
    the same code again, you'll revert back to a ninja, but with a full stock of
    health and magic.
    2.	Level Skip Code
    At the very beginning of the game, the first time the game checks the memory
    card, press L2 three times and then R2 three times. A message saying Dels
    Level Cheat On : ) will appear, Now, when you start a game, a level select
    menu will appear.
    3.	Boss Weakening Code
    While fighting a boss, pause the game and press L2 (3 times), R2 (3 times),
    Triangle (6 times) to weaken the boss's energy.
    And for those with the benefit of Gameshark, here are codes for you:
    Infinite Health         : 8006d09e0050
    Infinite Lives          : 8002c0522400
    Infinite bombs          : 8006d07c0009
    Infinite Magic Potions  : 8006d0a00009
    Silver Key              : 8006d01c0001
    Gold Key                : 8006d0340001
    Infinite Money          : 8006d044ffff
    Max Power Up            : 8006d0180004
    There are more, but I have just included the best ones.
    1.	Eidos Interactive for creating this game.
    2.	This website for posting my FAQ.
    3.	My friend Zamar, whom I stole this cd from.
    4.	My best friend Roxy, for actually writing the walkthrough of the last
    few levels (Sorry, but my patience ran out).
    5.	My family who though I wasn't going crazy after all.
    6.	The guy who found the cheat codes for this game.
    7.	Dan Short, who e-mailed me the Gameshark codes.
    8.	Most of all, ME!!!
    This document Copyright (c) 2000 The Night Flier. All rights reserved.
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