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    FAQ by ADean

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                  FAQ Version V0.6  Omega Boost Japanese Version Only
                             Started May 20th By Andrew Dean
                                   Update August 15th
           "Did you pack extra socks? Yeah... And the family christmas picture.."
    This FAQ can ONLY be freely distributed as long as it is done so in IT'S ENTIRETY and
    is unaltered. This FAQ CANNOT be used commercially or otherwise reprinted or
    incorporated into any commercial medium. It is FOR PRIVATE USE ONLY.
    NEW: Just a little update with a few small changes and things that I 
    have found. 
    1. What is Omega Boost?
    2. The Omega Boost
    3. Walkthrough/Boss Guide
    4. Extended Zones
    5. Cheating
    6. Version Differences
    7. Miscellaneous
    8. Copyright Notice/Thanks/Contact Information/..
    *1. What Is Omega Boost?*
    Omega Boost is a Playstation Shoot'em'up created by Polyphony Digital, the
    creators of (most notably) Gran Turismo. Omega Boost pushes the Playstation to
    its limits as the Hi-res 3d engine throws hundreds of enemy craft and light
    sourced explosions at you. The graphics show their Gran Turismo origins with
    light reflecting off the Omega Boosts metallic surface and an amusingly
    pointless replay mode, but without the restraints of realism seen in Gran
    Turismo, Polyphony have gone to town with the amazing effects seen. Playing
    Omega Boost is like a non stop light show of light sourced explosions,
    missiles, and huge amounts of Polygons being shifted. The speed of the game is
    amazing, and I have hardly ever seen the game slow down. On some levels, (i.e
    U3) the game is generating literally hundreds of enemies on screen each firing
    hundreds of shots at the player, each being destroyed with a light sourced
    explosion and a trail of smoke, and each being hit by up to 16 missiles, and
    the game never seems to be even troubled by this activity.
    As the pilot of the Omega Boost, a huge mech armed with a laser rifle and homing
    missiles, you must travel through time to replace a vacuum fuse on an antique
    super computer (don't ask...). Oh, and blow the hell out of anything that so
    much as looks at you funny.
    The game plays like a sort of cross between Afterburner and 3D shoot'em'ups like
    Colony Wars or Blast Radius, but with strategies for destroying the bosses
    similar to 2D classic R-Type. You blast through space locking on and firing
    hundreds of missiles and raking everything with laser fire as you battle
    through the waves of fighter aircraft, mechs, giant space stations, robotic
    spiders, huge dragon worm things, And Terminator 2-esque blobs of liquid metal.
    If you've played Panzer Dragoon then you know what to expect, but Omega Boost
    is much more 'hardcore'.
    *2. The Omega Boost*
    One thing that is essential in standing a chance in this fast and tough game is
    a good knowledge of the controls and the weapons of the Omega Boost.
    If you don't already have one, buy yourself an analogue pad. Omega Boost is
    much more fun and easier to control with the analogue sticks, plus you get the
    usual shaky explosions. And besides, you won't be able to play Ape Escape otherwise...
    The 'Scan'
    By holding down the L1 button you can ensure that you are always facing the
    enemy. This is absolutely essential for completing the game and I usually spend
    about 80% of the game holding this button down. It lets you turn tighter, and
    track enemies, as well as making it easier to see where you're going on timeshaft
    levels. Master its use ASAP.
    On thing you should bear in mind, however, is that you automatically turn
    towards the last enemy you shot at, even if they've got missiles fired after
    them. This can be a pain on levels like zone 3 where you will most likely be
    firing one stream of missiles before immediately locking on the next batch, as
    you end up facing the wrong way. To remedy this, try turning in the incoming
    enemies direction and pushing the L3 button (left analogue stick) to
    immediately do a 180 turn.
    Quick Turn
    As mentioned above, press L3 (push down the left analogue stick) whilst holding
    a direction to turn a quick 180.
    Although you only have three weapons in the game it is essential that you know
    when and how to use them effectively.
    Laser Rifle
    The Omega Boosts huge rifle is not really that powerful, but is very effective
    against waves of enemies. When you're up against huge amounts of enemies it can
    be more effective than the homing missiles. A good example of this is the U3
    level. You simply can't keep up by firing missiles, but by having a fast
    trigger finger you can cut a scathe through the aircraft.
    It's also instrumental in the defeat of certain bosses, for example, blowing
    pieces off them or doing damage to bosses with missile defences.
    Homing missiles
    Remember that you can only lock on missiles when you are NOT firing. Resist the
    temptation to blast like mad at incoming waves and instead calmly destroy them
    with your locked on missiles. A simple rule to bear in mind is that the more
    missiles you fire at once the more damage you will do faster to the enemy.
    Therefore fire off all 16 rather than small batches of 3 or 4.
    When waiting for missiles to hit, always keep firing with your rifle, especially
    on bosses.
    Viper Boost
    The equivalent of a 'smart bomb'. Use it to destroy large numbers of enemies,
    or more commonly bosses. You are awarded more viper boost energy after each
    level (You start with none on zone 1) and by destroying bosses and other baddies.
    you can abort viper boost by pressing the L2 button again, but you will have
    wasted too much energy to make this useful.
    *3. Walkthrough / Boss Guide*
    Although the walkthrough is quite thorough, it's difficult to make a definitive
    100% accurate guide to this game as so little information is easily available
    on it (after all, it's only out in Japan, a major obstacle for someone
    who only speaks english). Therefore, I made up all the boss and stage names. I
    think most are quite fitting, but I don't expect these to be the real names of
    the bad guys. In the future I will also write the differences in hard mode for
    each zone (I started doing it, but it's a bit patchy).
    Guide info
    """"" """"
    Time Limit: The amount of time to complete the level before you begin to lose
    bonus points (less than 100% on ranking screen)
    Number of enemies: Simply the number of enemies on the stage. On some stages
    this is just an approximate number as more enemies appear until e.g you defeat a
    boss enemy, so the number could be potentially infinite.
    Mini Boss: Any enemy that arrives with a yellow energy bar at the bottom of
    the screen.
    Boss Battle: Guess. Yes, that's right.
    Destroyable Parts (on bosses): Things you can blow off bosses to make them
    easier/look cool.
    ZONE 1 - Approach to planet Eta
    ======   ======================
    Time Limit: 2:30
    No. enemies: 39
    An easy, and slightly dull beginning to the game.
    Simply lock on to all the incoming waves and blow them to pieces.
    on Normal difficulty they won't even get a single shot off.
    MINI BOSS: Asteroid Cannon
    Destroyable parts: Rotating Spheres
    You have two choices in how to take the cannon out. Either take out all the
    rotating spheres and then go for the cannon, or just go for the kill from the
    beginning. Taking out the spheres dosen't make the battle much easier, so you
    may as well just destroy the cannon.
    Either way, boost towards the cannon so you can get as many lock-ons as
    possible before the iris opens again. Just as it's about to open fire all
    the missiles and get out of the way. On normal difficulty, rake the cannon with
    your rifle until it closes again, you should be able to easily avoid the
    incoming fire. In hard difficulty you'll have to avoid the cannon as much as
    possible, and only wait in front of it when its closed the iris, letting off
    all you missiles and avoiding the cannon again, as it constantly follows and fires
    at you accurately.
    Once it begins to explode, hang back as a load of mechs are waiting in the
    explosion. They don't actually do anything, but if you're trying for a perfect
    score you'll want to hit them before they try to escape.
    Destroyable Parts: 3 Reactor Power Nodes
    A very easy boss. head towards the centre, and take out the formation of fighters.
    now simply sit next to one of the three 'points' of the reactor and pump it
    with homing missiles. Watch out for the fighters escaping if your going for a
    perfect score. In hard mode you'll get attacked from behind by 3 fighters every
    now and again, but this is still very easy.
    You can blow the 3 points away from the structure if you use your laser, but it
    dosen't make things any easier (not that it needs to be).
    ZONE 2 - Orbit of Planet Eta
    ======   ===================
    Time Limit: 3:10
    No. Enemies: 70-80
    Slightly tougher than Zone 1, but still easy.
    Lock on and destroy all the incoming fighter waves, easy.
    Eventually you'll reach a space shuttle. hit with as many lock-ons as possible
    or it will dispense lots of little satellites that are a pain to destroy.
    Next up is another 3 shuttles, so make sure you hit them before they can
    dispense their load.
    MINI BOSS: Planet Eta Orbital Platform
    Destroyable Parts: Fuel Tanks, Gun Emplacements, Cargo Canisters
    An easy enemy. Fly round destroying the large cylindrical fuel tanks and
    the mech producing cargo canisters with you rifle and finish the main structure
    off with your missiles. Even if you move slowly the guns will miss you, and the
    enemy mechs aren't much of a threat (unless you playing in hard mode, natch).
    Destroyable Points: NONE
    This boss likes nothing more than to hit you in head on collisions. When he
    charges you get some lock-ons, but most importantly, GET OUT OF THE WAY!
    although it dosen't do that much damage you will be knocked out of control
    giving him time to charge you again. Just keep hitting him and avoiding its
    charge attacks and it's easy.
    ZONE 3 - Planet Eta, Upper Atmosphere
    ======   ============================
    Time Limit: 3:25
    No. Enemies: 91
    One of my favourite levels.
    Start blasting with your rifle as soon as the zone starts to take out all the
    fighters. Try to hit all the incoming planes with clean lock-ons, so you don't
    have to turn round, as otherwise you'll get overwhelmed by planes and have no
    chance of taking them all out.
    When you fight the strange mechs watch out below you, as when you've taken one
    of them out a whole squadron of fighter planes will sneak past underneath the
    battle. You must be quick to take them out.
    MINI BOSS: Missile Mech
    Destroyable parts: NONE
    In many ways this enemy is similar to the Alpha Boost from the previous level,
    in that it simply flies around colliding with you and firing missiles.
    Hit it hard to begin with so that you have done as much damage as possible
    before he starts firing missiles. The missiles are reasonably easy to avoid and
    don't do much damage, but their sheer volume means that you'll have to take
    evasive action. Keep turning and hitting him with missiles and victory is
    Destroyable Points: Fuel pods, Wing tips, Missile launchers, Cockpit
    Not too difficult, as long as you keep on the move.
    move about to avoid the flak from the AA-Guns, and when it starts using its
    red lasers on you, fly underneath it so they can't hit you. Usually this makes
    it drop bombs on you, so next avoid them and keep pummelling its underside.
    When it starts getting low on health it often uses yellow homing missiles which
    do a fair bit of damage, so beware.
    If you do this boss right and keep moving and hiding, then it's easy to
    never get hit.
    ZONE 4 - Planet Eta, Surface
    ======   ===================
    Time Limit: 4:10
    No. Enemies: 50
    An initially tough level, but with some practice not too bad.
    Watch out for the spiders dropping from above. Either boost out of their way or
    'scan' at them and let off some missiles. If one grabs you quickly blast in its
    general direction or you'll suffer rapid damage.
    After several waves of spiders you'll see several mounds of earth moving
    towards you. These 'Rat Catchers' wait until they're almost apon you before
    leaping up and biting you. You should be able to 'scan' and take them out as
    they leave the ground, but if there's several of them then get close before
    boosting and then spin round to blast them.
    MINI BOSS: Robo-Octopus
    Destroyable Parts: NONE
    The important thing to bear in mind here is the bosses dangerous 'tentacle'
    which if it catches you does damage as well as stopping you from moving.
    The solution to this is to simply get close and keep circling it. If you get a
    tight enough angle you can get loads of lock-ons and the tentacle can't 'lasso'
    you. The rifle seems particularly effective on this enemy.
    MINI BOSS: Sand Worm
    Is it just me or does this enemy look suspiciously like the massive worms from
    classic Amiga game 'Awesome'? Anyway, this is an easy enemy to kill. Wait for
    it to attack then scan round and waste it with missiles and finish off its tail
     with laser fire. Simple.
    Destroyable Parts: NONE
    An annoying battle. immediately fire off your missiles and get behind the
    walker. This stops it using its large cannons on you. Keep firing and soon
    it'll use its yellow homing missiles on you. Avoid these and keep pounding.
    Next it will use tracking energy beams. Move straight up or down to avoid
    these - any other direction and they'll hit you. When the boss is nearly dead
    it starts flying back and forth into the fog. Stay high to avoid the incoming
    mortars and dodge the incoming cannon fire. Get as many lock-ons as possible,
    and bear in mind you can sometimes lock on to it even when it flies away.
    ZONE 5 - Timeshaft
    ======   =========
    Time Limit: 4:00
    No. Enemies: 63
    A difficult level that will test your ability to pilot the Omega Boost. Using
    the 'scan' button (L1) always lines you up facing dead ahead. Use this to see
    what's up ahead in the obstacle section.
    Lock on all the limpet guns and blow them away, but be prepared for dodging the
    pipes. Stay on guard for the occasional back attack and the narrow tunnel
    On the obstacle section with the round blade things, move in a clockwise
    direction from the top to bottom, then quickly begin moving back
    counterclockwise for the change in direction to get through undamaged.
    MINI BOSS: Timeshaft portal
    Destroyable parts: Laser Probes
    Speed is the key here as the more damage you can do before the lasers appear
    the better. As long as you keep firing maximum lock-ons then you should destroy
    the lasers as soon as they appear. Next the boss begins moving backwards and
    forwards cutting you with its laser. A bit of good judgement will get you through
    Unscathed, and a few good missiles will finish off the boss.
    Destroyable Parts: Leg Armour
    A straight forward but potentially difficult battle. There's no real strategy,
    so keep moving back and forth shooting as much as possible.
    The red lasers are easily avoided by moving in a circular direction, and the
    powerful yellow lasers can be avoided by keeping to the centre. Watch out for
    when the boss begins to curl up - it'll use its extremely powerful laser, just
    keep to one side and it's easily avoided. Occasionally the boss fires rings of
    energy that take up the outside of the tunnel, making them easy to avoid, but
    the fact they appear suddenly and the way the boss can often fire several rings
    in succession is something to beware of.
    ZONE 6 - Approach to Alpha Core / Metal Eta
    ======   ==================================
    Time Limit: 4:10
    No. Enemies: 81
    Now things begin to get difficult.
    The waves of enemies come thick and fast, so be ready to destroy them. Watch
    out for attacks coming from the side, and the mechs that attack.
    When the fleet appears you have two options, either take out each escort
    carefully, or if you want a quick completion time, try using the viper boost,
    to destroy all of them. Then prepare for..
    MINI BOSS: Heavy Cruiser
    Destroyable parts: Gun Emplacements, Missile Ports
    This is one boss where simply being on the move is not even remotely going to
    be enough to see you through. After you destroy the last of the escort ships the
    cruiser fires a huge blast of energy disrupting its energy shield. Now you can
    do damage to it. get as many lock-ons as you can whilst it's still inactive,
    then start blasting at the ship. Move to the top or bottom of the ship and
    avoid the sides at all costs (If you approach the sides the missile ports will
    fire an endless stream of homing missiles). This way only the guns can hit you.
    Quickly get to work hitting the guns with your rifle until the whole
    side is clear. The cruiser will most likely still have half of its energy bar
    left, but as it's now a sitting duck you can easily destroy it with your rifle
    or targetting the missile ports with your own missiles.
    Once it disappears get ready to move - FAST! Otherwise it appears behind you
    and blasts you with energy causing serious damage (remember the intro?) .
    Destroyable Parts: Body Segments
    This can be one of the toughest bosses in the game. The idea is to destroy all
    the segments of the worms body before destroying its head. This would be easy
    if it weren't for the fact the boss does ridiculous damage when it hits you.
    To begin with as it approaches, keep out of its way, and at the last minute get
    as many lock-ons as possible before letting rip with your missiles.
    The boss constantly turns round trying to get a bead on you. When it does this
    don't bother attacking, concentrate on keeping out of the way, or it WILL hit
    you. Keep back and only attack when the worm is facing away to minimise damage.
    When you eventually destroy the tail the boss goes mad firing randomly. Use
    this to your advantage and fly by hitting it with 2 or 3 missiles before
    boosting out of the way and turning back for more.
    (Actually, forget that. My most recent tactic on the last part is simply sitting
    toe to toe with the boss and filling it full of lead. The random gunfire from
    the boss means it will almost never hit you).
    Found that too hard?
    A.J. Morgenthal sent me a suggestion for a better tactic:
    "Um... ok, I have a much easier stratagy to beat the mecha worm in zone 6 in
    omega boost.  With this, you can beat it without getting hit once, with or 
    without using the viper boost.  When it appears, lock on with missles, and 
    fire.  Repeat until it opens its mouth.  Now use the boosters four times to 
    get pretty far away.  Scan back around, and use missles when you pass.  
    After you fire the missles, boost four times again.  Repeat until its head 
    is all thats left.  Now boost away a few times turn, fire the vulcun cannon 
    for a split second then boost past it, scan around fire again and boost 
    past.  If you do this correctly, you wont be touched.  To speed it up, don't 
    us the viper boost until this battle, and it should be full."
    Thanks A.J! Hopefully some people will find this an easier method.
    ZONE 7 - Alpha Core / Eta Surface
    ======   ========================
    Time Limit: 4:10
    No. Enemies: 43
    A useful thing to remember here is that the huge APC transports can be
    destroyed before they drop off the squad of robots. Hit them with all your
    lock-ons to take them out before they get a chance to make trouble.
    The fighters are easy to take out, but make sure you get two lock-ons. And get
    out of the way!
    Eventually you'll reach..
    MINI BOSS: Moto-Angle Grinder :)
    This strange boss is quite easy as long as you keep moving. Circle round the
    boss firing and launching missiles and you can kill it without any damage.
    Otherwise avoid its laser beam, and pay particular attention to the missiles it
    Just when you thought it was all over..
    MINI BOSS: Wheel Mech (x2)
    The wheels now transform into giant robots !?
    Hover in front of one of them as it 'transforms' and hit it with two complete
    sets of lock-ons to kill it.
    Get a distance away from the other one and get as many lock-ons as possible to
    easily dispatch it. Just be careful to stay above the laser beam.
    Destroyable Parts: NONE
    Similar to your previous encounter, but this time he's learnt some new tricks.
    Avoid the laser fire and head-on collisions as before, but be on alert for when
    he starts spinning round opening fire. Keep above the oncoming lasers and you
    have a perfect opportunity to hit him with missiles. After a while of flying
    around and spinning the boss will start using his strange 'karate lasers'. Keep
    moving and dodging to avoid the lasers and you should be able to finish him
    off... Now he uses his own Viper Boost! This WILL kill you, so as soon as he
    starts looking like he's about to explode then start boosting away from him and
    don't stop till he's dead. If you want an alternative method of killing him,
    try using your own viper boost as he powers up...
    Zone 8 - Alpha Core Internal
    ======   ===================
    Time Limit: 1:20
    No. Enemies: 2
    The game takes a dramatic change from now on. Instead of hundreds of small
    enemies you have to fight a series of difficult boss enemies, so don't use up
    any boost power too soon.
    This level is pretty special, as it features an actual time limit. Fail to
    destroy the Alpha Core in 2 minutes, and your history (Actually, the game
    dosen't make it clear quite why there is a time limit, or why you die when it
    runs out).
    MINI BOSS: Alpha Core Sentinel
    Destroyable Parts: Head, limbs
    Fly away from the boss and try to stay at middle distance away, so you can get
    as many lock-ons as possible. Only fire when you have at least half your
    missiles locked on, or you'll never do enough damage to destroy the boss.
    When the boss starts to split up, head round to it's back and blast away at the
    pyramid thing. This does a huge amount of damage, but when the boss joins back
    together it regains some energy. Keep firing missiles and avoiding its fire
    when it starts moving around. Then when it stops and splits apart go for the
    pyramid again to finish it off.
    After the explosive interlude it's time to face:
    Destroyable Parts: Tentacles (Hard Mode)
    This is incredibly easy. Your only enemy is how much time you have left from the
    previous fight. As soon as the boss appears, boost towards the core so you can
    lock on and smother it with missiles. 10 seconds later, it's all over.
    ZONE 9 - Timeshaft / Alpha Core
    ======   ======================
    Time Limit: 4:30
    No. Enemies: 3
    The final level, and predictably, the hardest (And also, in my opinion, blessed
    with the best music).
    MINI BOSS: Alpha Core
    Destroyable parts: Orbitals
    The second this level starts, begin firing a constant stream of laser fire dead
    centre. This will hit the Alpha Core as soon as it appears, and if you've got a
    fast trigger finger you can do more than half damage to it before the battle
    even begins. Once the orbitals appear STOP FIRING! You must understand the
    'rules' for the battle. You can only harm the Alpha Core by using your rifle.
    You CANNOT use your missiles as they will simply rebound back at you. However,
    the orbitals can ONLY be destroyed by missiles, and any damage done to them or
    the Core with you laser will reflect back at you. Therefore, you must use you
    missiles to destroy the orbitals, and THEN shoot the Alpha Core again.
    When the Core generates the orbitals, move in an anticlockwise motion to get as
    many lock-ons as possible and destroy all the orbitals. Once you've done this
    you have about five seconds to do damage before the orbitals re-generate.
    Then you must destroy the orbitals again, etc. When you've destroyed the
    orbitals once, the Core starts firing energy waves at you making it even more
    difficult (Now you probably appreciate why you should try to hit it hard at the
    Hard mode strategy:
    You have to use a slightly different tactic in hard mode, as the orbitals are 
    replaced almost instantly. Begin by destroying all the orbitals except one.
    Now follow it round keeping to the opposite side to it and keep firing at the
    Core. If you do it right the orbital will not fire on you, and even if it does
    it should miss you. You can do this on normal difficulty too, but it is more risky
    than the other method.
    If you find this part difficult it is possible to cheat... See Section 5:
    cheating on how to make this battle easy (especially in hard mode).
    Eventually you'll take it out and the core disappears for yet another battle..
    MINI BOSS: Alpha Core Dragon
    Destroyable Parts: Armoured segments
    Just as the music gets going it gets drowned out by gunfire..
    Take immediate evasive action to avoid the dragons constant strafing.
    You must destroy each section of armour on the dragons body before taking on
    the head. The back sections fire lasers and a couple fire missiles.
    Stay on the opposite side of the tunnel to the dragon to avoid its missiles,
    and lock-on your own missiles. If you find yourself being brought along side the
    dragon when there is still armour behind you, try using the brake button to
    get back behind the tail and do some pounding.
    Once all the segments are destroyed, you'll move up to the head.
    Dodge past the glowing spheres on the dragons head and move like crazy to avoid
    the incoming fire. Once again, you can only damage the Alpha Core by using you
    rifle. When it's safe blast like crazy at the core, but watch out for the dragon
    moving you back. If this happens, dodge the spheres again and get ready for
    more blasting.
    The next attack pattern the dragon takes is to hit you with 2 different types
    of energy blasts. The purple ones move straight down the centre of the tunnel,
    and the yellow ones move down the outside of the tunnel. Keep shooting and
    moving back and forth to avoid the blasts and it'll soon be over. Or you die
    horribly. One or the other.
    Phew, That's it, right?
    Not by a long stretch, now it's time for:
    Destroyable Parts: NONE
    Don't be intimidated by its appearance, this is actually quite an easy boss,
    and compared to the last 2 enemies it's an absolute pushover.
    keep moving and you should easily avoid its shots, as well as hitting it with
    all the lock-ons you can. If you have any viper boost power left you may as well use
    it up as this is the final battle. (One thing to be wary of is that if you take
    to long, it'll turn into a fireball and do serious damage, so be quick)
    Keep moving and blasting and it's game complete.
    *4. Extended Zones*
    A quick guide to each of the extra zones/levels that can be earned.
    I have finally earned all the secret levels/zones, but am still none 
    the wiser as to exactly how.. I had played through the game several 
    times on normal mode achieving scores of 96 pts on average, but I 
    couldn't seem to get any more zones/levels. I began playing hard mode 
    until I had completed hard mode virtually perfectly. I received a few 
    more zones, but zones U1, U7 and level B were still not available. I 
    decided to have a quick go at Omega Boost a few weeks later after not 
    playing it for a while, and started on normal mode. I played through 
    the game without once dying and got an average score (91 pts). To my 
    suprise I now had all the zones/levels! I had completed most levels 
    with A or S rank, but one was a low B rank, so why did it give me 
    the new zones? It really dosen't make any sense as to how you can 
    earn new zones/levels but if you get stuck then try playing normal 
    mode again.
    It seems that i'm no closer to solving the mystery of the extra 
    Level Select
    """"" """"""
    The different levels refer to different abilities of the Omega Boost. As you
    progress through the game in campaign mode, the level of your mech goes up each
    zone. This results in an increase in the maximum number of missile lock-ons, up
    to 16.
    The level select works in the same way, except for the levels over 9 (e.g
    level one starts the zone with 6 lock-ons possible as if the game started at
    that level, level 9 starts the zone with all 16 missiles available).
    The levels over 9 work by giving you new abilities, as listed below:
    A. Infinite Energy
    B. Infinite Viper Boost energy
    C. Faster Omega Boost 
    D. Lock-on lasers (Four lasers fire from the Omega Boost each time the trigger
    is pressed. They automatically fire at the nearest enemy. Note that you lose
    your missiles in this mode.)
    E. Instead of barrel rolling, the Omega Boost quickly moves laterally in the
    direction held down when boost is pressed.
    ZONE U1 - Fighter Cull
    ==== ==   ======= ====
    No. Enemies: 201
    Time Limit:
    Objective: Destroy all enemies as quickly as possible.
    You have to see this - hopefully OB 2 will run this fast :).
    Simply keep blasting at the waves of enemies until they are all 
    destroyed. Try out some of the extra levels here to see how they work.
    The Zone ends once all enemies are destroyed.
    ZONE U2 - Mech Battle
    ==== ==   ==== ======
    No. Enemies: 3
    Time Limit: 
    Objective: You must destroy all mechs as fast as possible.
    The Alpha Boost and two new mechs attack. Same as Zone 2 Boss, only with 2
    extra enemies.
    ZONE U3 - Fighter Cull 2
    ==== ==   ======= ==== =
    No. Enemies: 101 (201 Hard)
    Time Limit:
    Objective: Destroy all fighters as quickly as possible.
    The level keeps going until all 101 fighters are destroyed. (201 in hard mode).
    Try this zone with level D!
    ZONE U4 - Worm Surfing..
    ==== ==   ==== =========
    No. Enemies: 64
    Time Limit:
    Objective: Catch the worm, then eliminate all enemies as quickly as possible.
    This is by far one of the strangest extra levels. First, wait for the worm to
    get over to you and then boost into its head. Hold down the brake button. The
    worm should have stopped, so boost into its head again and with some practice you
    will appear on top of it, riding it! when riding the worm the controls are the
    same as the normal game, but you MUST keep the brake button held down to stay on
    the worm. If you let go of brake or press the scan button you fall off, so
    don't! Once you're on the worm you get attacked by waves of rat-catchers, so
    waste them with missiles to end the stage.
    Try doing some stunts, in particular, try boosting and twisting round or using
    the L3 button (on the left analogue stick) to do some strange looking quick
    ZONE U5 - Timeshaft Run
    =======   ========= ===
    No. Enemies: 0
    Time Limit:
    Objective: Negotiate obstacles and reach the end of the timeshaft as quickly as possible.
    Note you can actually stop and even turn round on this difficult level.
    ZONE U6 - Mech Battle
    ==== ==   ==== ======
    No. Enemies: 1-1000 (infinite?)
    Time Limit:  1:45
    Objective: Destroy enemy mech as possible
    This is by far the hardest level in the entire game. The enemy mech uses simple
    laser attacks on you, but is made impossibly difficult by the waves of
    satellites it launches. The intense crossfire generated by the satelites means
    they should be your primary targets.
    Don't even bother with anything less than level 9, but if you can complete this
    zone without cheating then you're a real Omega Boost master.
    ZONE U7 - Mech Battle 2
    ==== ==   ==== ====== =
    No. Enemies: 1
    Time Limit:
    Objective: Destroy enemy mech as quickly as possible
    Yet another Mech battle. This one is a little different, though. You 
    have to fight the OMEGA BOOST! The Boost that you are fighting against
    appears to be at about level 1, but that dosen't make it easy. You 
    have to keep moving fast to avoid his lock ons and his laser, but as 
    long as you keep boosting it isn't too hard.
    HINTS: (Try using your viper boost and see what happens.. The replays 
    of this zone look very nice too, like some sort of anime mech  showdown.
    Also, a fair fight can  be much more fun..)
    ZONE U8 - Alpha Core Battle
    ==== ==   ===== ==== ======
    No. Enemies: 1
    Time Limit:
    Objective: Destroy Alpha Core head as quickly as possible.
    This isn't really a level, but a demonstration of the cool morphing techniques
    possible with the game engine. As you shoot the head it turns from a weird bald
    man to a long haired woman, to a strange cow/demon thing. Try watching in
    replay mode to make most sense of it.
    ZONE U9 - Mech Battle 3
    ==== ==   ==== ====== =
    No. Enemies: 1
    Time Limit:
    Objective: Destroy enemy Mech as fast as possible.
    Same as boss battle 2, only in a tunnel.
    Notice the Gold Omega Boost as in the end of the game.
    ZONE V5 - Timeshaft Run 2
    ==== ==   ========= === =
    No. Enemies: 21
    Time Limit: 0:50
    Objective: Get to the end of the time shaft and collect or destroy all beacons.
    *5. Ratings *
    Depending on your performance in the game you will be awarded a ranking based
    on the AP points you earned by e.g destroying all enemies, or beating the time
    limit. It therefore does not necessarily follow that someone who reaches say,
    level 7 will have a higher rating than someone who managed to reach level 6.
    Remember that like the game Einhander you are only ranked on how well you
    performed before you continue. To get the best ranks you really need to be
    able to complete the whole game without once continuing.
    The rating is the same in normal and hard modes.
    Rank / Rating /  AP required
    15.Drunkard March          0
    14.Green Decoration       10
    13.Country VIP            20
    12.Model Pilot            25
    11.Pawn Abyss             30  (N.B. The prefix 'Pixy' is added from here on)
    10.Rook Abyss             35 
    9.Queen Abyss             40
    8.King Abyss              50
    7.Galactic Magician       55
    6.Galactic Warrior        60
    5.Galactic Revolutionary  70
    4.Galactic Maestro        75
    3.Eniac Mania             80
    2.Omega Hades             85
    1.Omega Zeus              95+
    How AP Works
    AP is calculated by taking the average of your overall score from each level.
    The numbers are added together and then divided by nine.
    This even happens if you don't complete the game, so if you get, for example 95
    pts overall on zone one, and then died at the start of zone two then the
    calculation would be:
    95+0+0+0+0+0+0+0+0/9 = 10.5 = 11 AP (Green Decoration)
    Then again, if you completed the game then you might get something like:
    95+89+92+90+87+90+100+96+100/9 = 93.22 = 93 AP (Pixy Omega Hades)
    *5. Cheating...*
    Although I have yet to find any actual cheats for the game, there is an easy
    way to 'take advantage' of the way the tunnel levels work.
    On the final stage when fighting the first incarnation of the Alpha Core, boost
    towards it and try and get as close as you can. Then move to the side whilst
    holding the 'scan' button and you should be able to gradually edge past the
    core and end up on the other side of it! Now you can shoot it as much as you
    want and nothing can touch you. This is makes it a breeze even in hard mode.
    (This can actually be pretty hard to do. Well VERY HARD in hard mode..
    But it CAN be done. Practice in the zone play with level C to see that it is
    possible. The trick is to make the camera begin to slide down the wall. )
    *6. Version Differences *
    Although I only own the Japanese NTSC version of Omega Boost, I recently bought
    Official UK Playstation Magazine and found some interesting changes in the
    early PAL version.
    *. Predictably, the PAL version is slightly slower. The action seems to be at
    the same pace (movement speed, etc) but the frame rate is slightly ragged. The
    PAL version also has small borders (Not as bad as say, Tekken 3).
    *. The PAL version now has a new gallery option. I can't tell if this is only
    in the demo or in the full game, but it contains 10 pictures of the Omega Boost
    with annotated notes (usefully in Japanese..) in the style of Einhander.
    *. Much slower rifle fire rate (initially I thought this was because of the
    usual PAL speed lag, but I think it may have been done intentionally to make
    the game harder).
    *. Menu options now in English (obviously).
    *. After examining the demo gallery program it seems there are 30 
    gallery pictures in Omega Boost PAL version.
    Gallery Pictures: (256 colour .TIM files)
    1. Coloured Omega Boost facing forwards
    2. Same as 1, but outline only (no colour)
    3. View of Omega Boost from behind 
    4. Front/rear view plus profile view sketches
    5. Detailed head sketch
    6. Rear of head
    7. Sketch of arms
    8. Sketch of Assault rifle (interestingly it's a dual vulcan/laser 
    cannon thingy)
    9. Sketch of how gun parts work
    10. Sketch of jetpack front/back
    It will be interesting to see if these exist in the NTSC American 
    release as well as so far I have heard little or no information on it,
    whereas the PAL version is out now.
    *7. Misc. *
    *. Once you have unlocked all the extra zones the save icon changes to a picture
    of the Alpha Boost.
    *. In case you didn't know, pushing the d-pad moves the weird squares that appear
    when loading.
    *. Pause Menu Fun
    When the game is paused, the camera can still be moved left and right (reminds
    me of the 'flo-mo' effect seen in 'The Matrix').
    Pressing the L2 and R2 buttons increases and decreases the sound effects volume
    (you can't change the music volume, though).
    *. It's mentioned somewhere, but pressing Start after a zone will save the
    flight data to memory for watching in a replay.
    *. The term 'Pixy' in the ranking screen refers to the model type of the Omega
    Boost. Quite what other models there could be I don't know, but I'd like to see :)
    *. Now, for your amusement, and for the sheer hell of it basically, here is the
    complete lyrics to the song Shade by Feeder (it's the music in the intro and
    title screen/end game in case you didn't know).
    Will it always be the same?
    Give it all a reason,
    Put me down, watch me drown,
    I can not exceed
    Holding out, I can't explain,
    Though I never could, that's the problem,
    Burning back the pain again,
    Climbing up to free myself
    I don't need this, innovation comes,
    (Do you really know? I'm falling..)
    I just fall into shade
    All I want to do is pray,
    Give me back the freedom,
    It becomes the only way,
    Clear, it sets me free
    State of mind is twisted too,
    Looking at the same thing,
    Flicking back the pages,
    just enough for me to see myself
    I don't need this, innovation comes,
    (Do you really know, What you're seeing?)
    I'm trying to believe this life goes on
    (Do you really know? Do you see it?)
    Do you see it, do you really know?
    (Do you really know? I'm falling..)
    I will fall, into space..
    It's funny how it seems,
    Now I can dream a little,
    It's pulling me inside,
    The wheel still turns,
    Remember how the sun,
    Touched my face, see it,
    Lighting up the way back home..
    I don't need this, innovation comes,
    (Do you really know, what you're seeing?)
    I'm trying to believe this life goes on,
    (Do you really know? Do you see it?)
    Do you see it, Do you really know?
    (Do you really know? I'm falling..)
    I will fall into shade..
    That's all for now. Have fun with this great game!
    *8. Credits/Copyright Notice/Thanks/etc..*
    This FAQ was written totally by Andrew Dean. This guide is all my own work and
    is simply a compilation of everything I have found. As such it may not
    necessarily be accurate, and so does not claim to be 100% correct, although the upmost
    measures were taken to be accurate.
    FAQ 1999 Andrew Dean   (deano@ravensnest.demon.co.uk)
    Omega Boost and Playstation are Copyright of Sony Computer Entertainment International 1999
    Omega Boost is 1999 Polyphony Digital
    All other trademarks (if any) are acknowledged.
    This FAQ can be freely distributed AS LONG AS it is done so in IT'S ENTIRETY and
    is unaltered. This FAQ CANNOT be used commercially or otherwise reprinted or
    incorporated into any commercial medium. It is FOR PRIVATE USE ONLY.
    ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^
    Found something amazing in your battles against the Alpha Core that I don't know about?
    Then you can send me mail at:
    Please bear in mind that I cannot afford constant internet access and so may
    only be able to check my mail once a week. You will get a reply!
    This is my first FAQ so feedback would be appreciated. Whats good, bad or
    indifferent? Tell me!
    Thanks To:
    Polyphony Digital: (predictably) for teaching the old Playstation Dog even more
    new tricks. It will be interesting to see if Gran Turismo 2 pushes the
    Playstation any further. Or even a possible Omega Boost 2...
    Everyone who sent me mail about this FAQ.
    A.J. Morgenthal: For a boss suggestion
    Natalie: You know why... :)

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