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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Samy

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    (-~-~--~-~-~-~--~-~-~-~--~-~ OverBlood 2 Walkthrough -~-~--~-~-~-~--~-~-~-~--~-)
    ¦                                                                              ¦
    ¦ OverBlood 2 Walkthrough                                                      ¦
    ¦ Version 0.4                                                                  ¦
    ¦ Author : Samy                                                                ¦
    ¦ E-mail : samy171@hotmail.com                                                 ¦
    ¦                                                                              ¦
    ¦ OverBlood 2                                                                  ¦
    ¦                                                                              ¦
    ¦ System : PlayStation                                                         ¦
    ¦ Developer / Publisher : RiverHillSoft                                        ¦
    ¦ Players : One                                                                ¦
    ¦ Number of CDs : 2                                                            ¦
    ¦ Style : Graphic Adventure                                                    ¦
    ¦                                                                              ¦
    ¦      • This Walkthrough is made upon the European Version of the Game •      ¦
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    ¦ OverBlood 2 Walkthrough is © 2000 Samy                                       ¦
    ¦ ® All Right Reserved                                                         ¦
    ( • OverLook                                                                   )
     • OverLook
     • Introduction
     • About the Author
     • The Game
      • The Controls
      • The Items
      • The Cast
      • The Walkthrough
       • Disc One
        • Prologue
        • Game Start
        • Episode I
         • Episode I complete
        • Episode II
       • Disc Two
      • End of walkthrough
     • Gameshark Codes
     • Version Info
     • Thanks to
     • Disclaimer
    ( • Introduction                                                               )
       OverBlood 2. This game falls, sadly, in the large category of games you 
    buy, either because you're novice in PlayStation gaming, or, because you buy 
    your games without trying them... I fell in the second, the title was very 
    appealing and the cover of the box too...
       I must say, that the camera sucks (even in active mode) and the game speed 
    is really SLOW (the targeting could have been better too)... The good, very 
    good point of the game, is that you can see some really great cinematics every 
    few seconds (I'll quote them in the walkthrough), but that's not enough for 
    us, Playstation gamers, that can buy a Gran Turismo 2 or a Final Fantasy VIII 
       Why write a walkthrough for such a poor game? You ask... Well I really like 
    those cinematics and I really want to see them all... I also read at GameFAQs, 
    that this game requested a walkthrough... Here goes this walkthrough with, as 
    its only purpose, to help you... If you want to know more about the author, 
    then read the section below, if you think the author's history is not 
    important, go directly to the walkthrough...
    ( • About the Author                                                           )
       Well, I'm kinda novice at GameFAQs compared to some other writers 
    considered as veterans, but I'm working hard on getting a place in the 
    contributor recognition... 
       So here is my third personal walkthrough, with the first being Toy Story 2 
    for the PlayStation and the second, The Amerzone for the PC... I also made a 
    walkthrough with a friend, Dim, on Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage. Regardless of the 
    number of walkthroughs, I've been in this adventure for about three months and 
    surely will continue this way... I'm always opened to any comment, suggestion, 
    criticism or help. So if you have any, just drop an e-mail...
       I know I've let this walkthrough by the side for a long time now but I really 
    wanted to play something else. I'm back now and will try to do my best in order 
    to continue this walkthrough. Meanwhile, I'll list what I've done since the last 
    update below:
     - Gran Turismo 2 Endurance Guide
     - Dracula Resurrection Walkthrough (English/ French)
     - Broken Sword 2 Walktrough/ Story (really worth a look)
     - Crash Team Racing Team Guide
       In my opinion, they all worth a look. Ok then, roll on with this update.
    ( • The Game                                                                   )
    ( • The Controls                                                               )
       When I first played the game, I realized that it had one of the weirdest 
    control system I've ever encountered... The camera was the most surprising as 
    it didn't followed the character all around and positioned itself so you can 
    get the best view, Tomb Raider style, but instead, got stuck on one point and 
    stayed there... Even in Active mode, the camera still stuck on walls and, 
    make my life a nightmare... The controls are also kinda weird too though... 
    Here's how they go : 
     -Press the D-pad around to make your character move (NOTE: This moves ONLY 
    your character...). If you have a Dual Shock or an analog pad, the left stick 
    will make your character run around...
     -Press X to run while holding the D-pad in a direction... This button acts as 
    the Ok button in the menu and in the dialogue texts...
     -Press O to react with people and objects in the field. In the menu or on the 
    texts, this acts like a cancel button...
     -Press ￾ to jump.
     -Press Triangle to bring up the menu. NOTE : Weirdly, while the menu is on, 
    the game continues to play and don't go into some pause mode... I realized 
    that, when I ran out of bullets at the start of the game and tried to change / 
    reload my weapon...In fact, here was were I first saw the Game Over message... 
     -Press Select, to switch the camera mode between Active and Passive (I would 
    personally recommend active as you won't have to turn the camera manually too 
     -Press R1 or L1 to turn the camera right or left. 
     -Press R2 or L2 to make the camera go up or down.
     -The start button brings the pause menu up. You can get the description of 
    the items here. Useful if you don't know what item do what.
    ( • The Items                                                                  )
        I'm not far in the game, so here are the ones I got in my inventory  'till 
    now :
     -A gun ;
     -Some bullets ;
     -A fuse (the main object of the game?) ;
     -A grapling hook ; 
     -A knife (That looks like a sword ?!?!?);
     -Boots and vests ; 
     -Hamburgers and bananas ;
     -Some kind of Drink (Coca ?) ;
     -Emergency Spray ;
     -Extinguishing Spray ;
     -Portable Air ;
     -Freeze Pack ;
     -Heat Pack ;
     -Grenade ;
     -Time Bomb ;
     -Switch Bomb ;
     -Burst Bomb ;
     -20 yr. old suit (for Navarro) ;
     -Black Leather (for Acarno) ;
     -Grenades ;
     -Army Jacket ;
     -Spiked boots ;
     -Instant Plate ;
        I'm really at the start of the game so expect some updates here often.
    ( • The Cast                                                                   )
       Acarno :    This is the main character in the game, and represents
       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ the "anti-hero" as he enters in this adventure without
                actually wanting. He is a Junk-Blade rider, and came at
                East-Edge for its Junk-Blade courses. He also seems to have
                some psychic, unknown powers, that he can't control. You'll
                soon find out his troubled history...
       Razz :      This character is non-selectable, unlike the others. He
       ¯¯¯¯¯¯   strangely looks like the hero in OverBlood 1 and is a key
                person in the game as he is the link between you and the
                other persons. He has made some sort of strange pact with a
                young boy with Navarro. His past is also kinda trouble.
       Navarro :   A cow-boy like character that sure has a strange
       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯personality. He walk strangely, talks strangely and reacts
                strangely. He has some connection in the past with Razz and 
                wants to honor the pact he also made with the boy...
       Chris :     The woman person of the game, and a sexy one too. She is 
       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  a policewoman that enters the trio just after the first 
                episode. Strangely, the law is not her main obsession, and 
                will soon break it without regrets...
    ( • The Walkthrough                                                            )
    ( • Disc One                                                                   )
    ( - Prologue                                                                   )
       [FMV 1]
       The game starts with a large intro, that is not really explicit on  what's 
    going on. Only a (sexy) girl tracking a man in some kind of futuristic plane. 
       You're now coming out of this same plane and have the opportunity to visit 
    the area. Here, talk to all the people walking around and they'll give you 
    some useful advice's. You can also jump on a vending machine to get some 
    bullets and buy a drink. Also, by talking to the man left of the entrance, you 
    can get a gem not far from him... Of course, keep it for you.
       When you're done, go try to find a man sitting on a bench next to the left 
    window. You'll be given two choices, either you tell him to move on or, you 
    say how much you're tired. Choose the second one(first option in the game), 
    and sympathize with the man. At one moment, you'll see a flash with this same 
    man being shot to death from another, unknown, man. A little disturbed, you 
    let the man go. But your flash becomes true and the unknown man will shot the 
    old man. You have to react and save him. Good, but now this unknown man 
    transforms into some kind of beast and grabs the man again. He throws 
    something (a fuse) at you and tells you to go. No good, because the beast is 
    now after you... 
       You gain control of your hero and now have a gun. I would recommend  not to 
    use it but run around and get down two floors with the escalators (you may 
    need to go in circle. Oh and don't mind if you get shot, as you have plenty of 
    energy and at the end of the level you get it all back to normal.).
       Once down, the beast traps you. But you're smart (or crazy...) and knowing 
    that shooting him, won't do anything, so you shoot the window and jump in the 
    water to escape. 
       This was some kind of prologue and you can now enjoy the real intro of the 
       [FMV 2]
    ( - Game Start                                                                 )
       After you saved your game, you can control your hero again. You have to go 
    up some stairs but if you want, there's a cinema/ museum to your right with 
    some useful info on what's going on in this city and world.
       Up the stairs, go in the first shop to the left. 
       [FMV 3]
       You'll see a long scene with the barman there and he asks you to find two 
    items in order to continue your journey. Don't try and get the anti-gravity 
    from the statue on the upper right corner as you'll see the game over screen 
    without realizing anything.
       Go out of the shop and check the back of the car there to find the first 
    item, the grappling hook.
       Now, you have to go left to an intersection, where you can go north, east, 
    south and west. In this screen, talk to everybody, and you'll eventually, come 
    across a man with a quiz for you (Siver Ottaki is his name). The answer, is the 
    third, and you'll win an item worth 5000 Cr. But DON'T USE IT like me, because 
    it's a one use item. Go up to reach the market street.
       Here, go in the right shop and talk to the strange looking animal saying 
    Beep! Beep!, this is the Bomb shop : Below, is what I bought there and how 
       Bomb Shop : 
                  -Grenade                 80 Cr.     x3
                  -Time Bomb              300 Cr.     x2
                  -Switch Bomb            500 Cr.     x1
                  -Burst Bomb             300 Cr.     x1
                  -Decoy                 2000 Cr.     NA
       If you talk to the black man in this section, you could buy some weapons. 
    Although, you don't have enough money for that...
       Agibat Junk :
                  -Grenade Launcher      6000 Cr.     NA
                  -Fire Extinguisher     4000 Cr.     NA
                  -Machine Gun           7000 Cr.     NA
                  -Laser Gun             6000 Cr.     NA
                  -Super Light Saber (Star Wars Style)
                                         9500 Cr.     NA
                  -Flame Thrower         3000 Cr.     NA
       At the other side of this street, is the item shop. Talk to the man in 
    flashy-Clothes to buy some...
       Gotti Tools :
                  -Emergency Spray        100 Cr.     x1
                  -Extinguishing Spray     80 Cr.     x1
                  -Portable Air            80 Cr.     x1
                  -Gravity Controller     500 Cr.     NA
                  -Small Aqualung         500 Cr.     NA
                  -Freeze Pack            100 Cr.     x1
                  -Heat Pack              100 Cr.     x1
       You can now go back to the bar BUT there is also a building west of the 
    town (you'll have to climb some stairs), where you can buy some rare items :                                
       Rare Items Shop :                        
                  -Katana               30000 Cr.     NA
                  -Big Magnum            8200 Cr.     NA
                  -Dance Outfit          3000 Cr.     NA
                  -Instant Plate         5000 Cr.     NA
                  -Rubber Boots           500 Cr.     NA
                  -Leather Boots         1000 Cr.     NA
                  -Black Leather        20000 Cr.     NA
        You surely don't have enough money for anyone of these but you can see 
    them. Go see the other man there for some ammunitions :
       Ammunition Shop : 
                  -Magazine Cartridge     300 Cr.     x1 (if you don't have any)
                  -Energy Pack            800 Cr.     NA
                  -Air Pack               200 Cr.     NA
                  -Oil Cartridge          500 Cr.     NA
                  -Fire Extinguisher Cartridge
                                          700 Cr.     NA
       You now have only one shop left, and it's somewhere south of the town. The 
    clothes shop :
       Clothes Shop :
                  -Western Jacket       10000 Cr.     NA
                  -Army Jacket           4000 Cr.     NA
                  -Wolf Jacket           5300 Cr.     NA
                  -Rira Jacket           6000 Cr.     NA
                  -Shield Jacket         7800 Cr.     NA
                  -Wet Suit              2000 Cr.     NA
       And also, you can buy some boots there too :
       Boots Shop :
                  -Blade Boots           2000 Cr.     NA
                  -Cool Sole             3000 Cr.     NA
                  -Shock Absorber        3000 Cr.     NA
                  -Insulator             3000 Cr.     NA
                  -Heavy Boots           5000 Cr.     NA
                  -Spiked Boots          2000 Cr.     NA
                  -Moonlight Boots      70000!Cr      NA!
       Go now, back to the bar and talk to the man (witch looks like the hero of 
    OverBlood 1 !!!), to go for your first Episode...
    ( - Episode I : Encounter                                                      )
    [FMV 4]
    [FMV 5]
       Two FMV opens this new episode, where you have to infiltrate the island. To 
    infiltrate it, you have two choices : Either you use your Hook Shot, or use 
    the sub-entrance. My strategy, use them both at the same time. Here goes :
    ====[ Sub-Entrance ]============================================================
       Jump in the water and go right. Do a circle, and, at the second turn, 
    you'll find a switch with a door nearby. Push the Switch and go pass the door. 
    In there, you'll see some sharks, so move quickly to the surface, and jump on 
    the submarine. You have two items to take there, one in front of you, the 
    other will be reached by jumping on the right side wing. You can now enter the 
    submarine, and kill the robot in there QUICKLY with the antique gun.
       Three items there to take. Now go up, and use a heat pack on the water. Go 
    down (don't jump or you'll die), and take the 15 Cr. there. 
       Now go back where you started the episode and...
    ====[ Hook-Shot Entrance ]======================================================
       Jump on the red thing in front of you. Now select the hook-shot in your 
    inventory and use it.
       Next to the door in front of you, collect the credits and the magazine 
    cartridge. Use the stairs to your left to go down. Aim for the south-est. 
    corner of the room and jump on the crate there. From there, jump and keep the 
    ￾ pressed to grab the ledge. In the room, upstairs, you should find a magazine 
    cartridge and a gold keycard. Use the computer there, to reveal a new door. Go 
    down, DON'T jump or you'll get hurt, instead, use the crate to go down 
       In the new room, you'll find a lot of items for you. The most useful being 
    the red keycard.
       Go out of this room, and take the stairs leading down. Here, will be a lot 
    of robot-guards, so try to dodge their scanning red area. Run in the first 
    door in front of you, where you can get some items. Get out from the other 
    door where no Robots should perturb you. In front of you, are the girls 
    toilets with an item and, at the same side, but a little further, should be 
    the men one with an item. Anyway, search for a door on the left hand side, 
    that opens with the gold key card (you'll have to try them all... It's the 
    third or fourth one...).
       In there, should be some Spiked Boots (worth 2000 Cr. !!), 5x Grenades and 
    an Army Jacket worth 4000 Cr.!!!(Cool looking too).
       Go out. Be careful 'cause a robot should be there, patrolling just in front 
    of this room. Go left and try the RED keycard on the... RED door (duh). In 
    there, you should find a 20 yr old suit (don't know its purpose yet...), 20 
    credits, and a silver keycard. To the left of the entrance, you should find a 
    path leading to a room. Here, you should find some credits, and bullets. You 
    can now go out, and proceed down the stairs.
       In front of you, in the corner, should be an item. Proceed down another set 
    of stairs, and climb some crates on your right. 
       Here comes a tricky part. You'll have to jump on the turning "wheel". From 
    there, jump on your right on this thing going up and down. Try aiming your 
    jump as it goes down and not as it elevates. If you fall here, jump on another 
    moving wheel on your left and make your way back to where you first jumped.
       Lets imagine you make it (lucky !), now you have to jump on the other one, 
    moving to your left. This jump will be easy if you time it right. Now, all you 
    have to do, is to jump on the last wheel and make your way to the ledge on the 
       Trying to open the door, the game will give you two options :
    1-. You use the silver keycard (you have !) to open the door normally !
    2-. You break a window, and pass through it in the room !
       Choose either, and get in the room. You have some items to pick up in this 
    room (break the right glass door to pick one), but your main goal, is to push 
    the red switches on the control panel.
       You now have to make your way back down in the main room. Don't jump down 
    or you'll get hurt! Instead try using the same path as before but the opposite 
       Back on the ground, take the stairs leading down, and you'll find yourself 
    in the submarine base from before. But now, you're on the ground. Of course, 
    it's pointless for me to say you NOT to jump in the water! You'll have some 
    items to get here and then make your way back up two floors, where the robots 
       On this floor, go in the room that had electric green lasers before. Go in 
    and take all of the items there. The most important being the pagoda map. When 
    you'll go out, you'll encounter your first boss :
    ====[ 1st Boss ]================================================================
       Your first boss is VERY EASY. Here is a strategy that'll help you beat him 
    WITHOUT being too wounded. Here goes :
       When you gain control of your character, press triangle to go in your 
    inventory. The game won't pause, so select the KNIFE quickly. If you're lucky 
    (like me ^_^), you'll get it at the same time as he runs on you. What you have 
    to do now, is to continuously attack him, leaving him helpless as he cannot 
    perform a single attack. Enjoy the sequence that follows...
    [FMV 6]
    [FMV 7]
       At a moment, you'll have to fire some helicopters down. This section is 
    easy, aim with the D-pad, fire with the O and reload with the X. Try getting 
    around 10 and you can see the others astonishing FMVs.
    [FMV 8]
    [FMV 9]
    [FMV 10]
       You have now completed the first (easy) episode. Congratulations. 
    Personally, I've got C rank and 59 min spent on it. I must claim that this is 
    my first time playing the game, so be indulgent. IMO this rank is made upon 
    the time, the tasks accomplished (like breaking the window not being that 
    good), and health/lives used. Try having a better rank by completing this 
    level more quickly. Mail me your rank and times and I'll post them in a new 
    section. Personally, I'll try to replay this one when I have some time. 
    ( - Episode I Completed.                                                       )
       You'll have a long sequence explaining a lot on what's happening on in this 
    world, and you'll then leave.
       If you look in your inventory, you'll find : 50 K Credit. I don't know what 
    this is as I can't use it anywhere. Mail me if you have some info on that.
       Anyway, go left, and left again. Search for Siver Ottaki again for a new 
    quiz. This quiz is easy again and the answer is, once again, the number three 
    "Sudden death of the earth" that you should have found at the museum ! 
    Normally, he'll give you a Black leather worth 20000 Cr. !
    Oh boy this one is cool... Put it on right now and look at your back.
       Go now up one screen to go in the market street. Some shops changed items 
    here, so here goes :
       Gotti tools : Got out :    -The portable air.
       Agibat Junk : Got out :    -Grenade Launcher
                                  -Super Light Saber
                     And putted : +Hand Bazooka                7000 Cr.
                                  +Laser knife                 1500 Cr.
                                  +Light Saber                 4000 Cr.
       Go now up one screen and watch the sequence. It seems that you're the 
    little boy, Acarno, and your sister being kidnapped by a goon. You then see 
    her and tells you to help the others go in the pagoda. 
       You're kind of course, so aim back for the bar and see yet another small 
       At the end of the sequence, if you talk to another character, he'll ask 
    you, either to change person, or to act. Choose to take Navaro first, and give 
    him his clothe. Isn't he pointless with this stupid suit ? Well, change again 
    and take Chris (the girl), and do what you want with her. I aimed for the 
    cloth shop and entered the lady's area and found that :
       -Label Suit               3000 Cr.
       -Exotic Panther (humm)    8000 Cr.
       -Y.O Miyabi Suit         54000!Cr.
       -Flight wear              9000 Cr.
       -Y.O Angel Suit          30000!Cr.
       -Label Plus               9000 Cr.
       -Pumpkin Suit             5000 Cr.
       Of course, you can't buy these but, hey, look at them and fantasme... Or 
       Going back to the bar, and choosing the action, you'll have to make a 
       Three persons will enter the pagoda. Acarno, Chris and Navarro. You must 
    say witch person will enter where.
       Here was my choice, but of course, you can do what you like.
     -First enter point  : Navarro
     -Second enter point : Chris
     -Third enter point  : Acarno.
    [FMV 11]
    ( - Episode II : Awakening                                                     )
       I know, I know, it's been a while since this walkthrough has been updated so 
    here continues the adventures of Acarno:
    ====[ Acarno ]==================================================================
       Don't ask me how, but Acarno managed to enter in some kind of sewers. Anyway, 
    he is here and has to find a way out.
       To tell you the truth, I played a little bit of this level when I first made 
    this walkthrough and then saved my game. What I'm trying to tell you is that I 
    don't quite remember what you gotta do at the start. I think (but am not really 
    sure) that you gotta get across the water and then try to push some kind of 
    switch at the far right end of the room. Again, I'm telling you that I'm not 
    sure of that, if you have some more clear inf., don't hesitate to send it and 
    I'll give you full credit. Sorry if I disappointed you.
       Anyway, maybe there is something in the water but I'm not sure of it. Put on 
    your swim suit "you should have it in your inventory. Don't forget to put it on 
    as it will greatly increase your swimming speed and the time you can spend 
    underwater. Never take it out. Jump in the water and get to the far left and in 
    a new section.
       This section is tough so maybe you would like to save your game before 
    entering it. Below, I'll draw a very small map that could help you:
                                            |__ |  
                              ____    ____    _||_ 
                             |    ----    ----    |
                             |_X _----_  _----_X _|
                               ||      ||      ||  
                              _||_    _||_    _||_ 
                             | X  ----  O ---- X  |
                             |____----_  _----____|
       Ok, I think it is a pretty explicit map. Here was my way for getting out of 
       First of all, I may tell you that this area is divided in a lower and upper 
    part. You start where I putted the 'Start' word and you're in the upper part. 
    You gotta try and survive some giant cutting things that go up and down. I 
    putted them on the map as 'X' and they are only Four. Where you see an O, is a 
    deadly whirlwind that will kill you if you're going too down or too close.
       So from the start, without going down, go straight ahead until you reach a 
    dead end. Then go right and in this tunnel you should find 'Portable Air x4'. If 
    you followed my walkthrough, you should now have 'Portable Air x6' as you bought 
    some before. This item is really useful but you can also make it 'till the end 
    without it. Take it and use one right now. Now, In front of you should be this 
    killing thing going up and down. If you haven't taken the portable air, wait 
    'till it goes down and go up to take some fresh air. Stay tight to a corner or 
    it will kill you though. If you have the portable air, wait 'till this machine 
    is up and go down. On your left, you should find a path to the exit. You should 
    have made it with only one portable air consumed.
       OPTIONAL: If you really want to take the most of this area, you have 3 other 
    things to take. Instead of turning left and go though the path that will exit 
    the level, go right and you should find a helpful hand bazooka under the big 
    machine that goes up and down. Now go right and you should pass from the right 
    side ahead or you'll die aspired by the whirlwind. Anyway, try to get the item 
    ahead. On last item can be found just under the big machine in the upper left 
    section of the map. That's all...
       Take some fresh air immediately and swim till you reach one edge. There is no 
    need to hide as there are no enemies in this area. In the water should be some 
    credits so take them if you want. Go out of the water by the ledges that throw 
    some dirty water (humm, would you swim underwater in such dirty water? I doubt 
       In this room, follow the path to the left. At the end, you'll be in a higher 
    path. Take your _Grappling Hook_ and use it. It should automatically target. 
    Choose the right target and press X. Take the magazine cartridge and jump back 
    in the water. Get out of it and go right this time and through the only opened 
       Here, I must admit that it is kinda weird. Here is what I've done:
       On your right, you should find something that looks like a big bar. Well, in 
    fact it is a ladder and can be climbed by pressing the O Button. At the end of 
    it, two computers. Each one changes the direction of the crates that are being 
    moved on your right.
       In the water, you can pick up a Diamond (don't ask me its purpose...) if you 
    climb the area where the crates are coming to, you'll find 2 Emergency Sprays. 
    You can now use the ladder to get back up.
       Use your grappling hook and target it on the bar just in front of you (left 
    one). You'll cross the gap in no time(you can't imagine how much time I've spent 
    on this level trying to jump on the crates, freeze the water, heat it, just to 
    find that the solution was so easy... Whatever.).
       Pass through the door and into a new area.
       Go ahead and jump in the big pool. At the bottom, you'll find a freeze pack, 
    and some other items. Take all of them and go back to where you were.
       Throw that freeze pack and walk on the ice (spike boots are good for that...) 
    a little. Get this grappling hook out and throw it to the left target. You'll 
    find two items there the most important being the LIGHT SABER worth 4000 Cr. 
    Good... NOTE: Don't use the light-saber just to try it as it is time limit... 
    You've been warn.
       Throw a heat pack and jump in the water. If you jump without this heat pack 
    before, you'll get very badly hurt. Go back to the entrance and throw yet 
    another freeze pack and get to the left area. Jump and go to the door. You can't 
    pass as it is card locked. Now, here, I've spent hours trying to figure out what 
    to do. In fact, just take the Transceiver and call Chris! This reminds me the 
    green junctions in Ultimecia's castle in Final Fantasy 8. Whatever...
    ====[ Chris ]===================================================================
       Ok, here, walk around the area without getting to the middle and collect any 
    important item.
       There is an item locked in a crate but I can't seem to be able to take it. If 
    you use a bomb on it, it will destroy it.
       Anyway, go to the controller and she will say that it is destroyed. Put a 
    switch bomb and get to a safe distance. Press X to detonate and get ready for a 
    sprint. You'll gotta run past the burning area taking the freeze pack. What you 
    have to do is run as quickly as you can without falling and go pass the door at 
    the other side. You'll die there because you cached fire before but that is not 
    a big deal as you'll start from this same room again and not the room before. If 
    you really don't want to die, then use the fire extinguisher. Although, I would 
    not recommend this as you'll loose one extinguisher and you'll get less health 
    than if you restarted the area. Well, you choose.
       Ok, here, I spent a lot of time, here is one solution:
       Get down (from the left or right, it does not make any difference) and try 
    not to loose too much energy (aim for one ladder and continuously press O). Down 
    on the moving things, react quickly and select a freeze pack. Walk a little and 
    throw it in the lava.
       Now normally you should be able to cross the gap using the metal things (look 
    at the pre-intro of the game and you should see Acarno do this!). Well, no... I 
    can't manage to get on this f*ck*ng thing. Ok then, lets go in the, now, cold 
    lava. By going there, you'll loose energy. Sorry but I just can't find a single 
    way to get there without loosing some... Well, two items can be found on the 
    rocks there, a flame thrower and a fuel tank. 
       Must admit that I'm stuck here. I can't manage to use the rocks/ Pieces of 
    wood to get across. You can use the grappling hook in order to get up, but it 
    will be on the same side as in the beginning and will loose energy. Well, stuck 
    ====[ Navaro ]==================================================================
       His way of walking is funny for a while but gets on my nerves after some time 
    spent with him. Anyway, use the computer at the end of the path to get those 
    blue things off and take the item on the ground. Get now down to where these 
    blue things where and take an item. Jump up the other side and take yet another 
    item. There is also one hidden item behind a crate. Search a little and you'll 
    find it.
       By going down and towards the black area on the left, you should normally get 
    across a new area. Although, my screen goes black and, well, stuck. I can't seem 
    to be able to do anything... Stuck definitively then...
       It seems official then, I'm definitively stuck... This Walkthrough will never 
    be completed even though I was so close to the solution... Sorry. But if you 
    have any solution/ Walkthrough, something to add, or just want to continue my 
    walkthrough, send it to me and you'll get full credit for that! 
    ( • Disc Two                                                                   )
       Not Yet...
    ( • End of Walkthrough                                                         )
       Not much in here, Sorry but as I'm stuck, I can't do much... Really sorry...
    ( • Gameshark Codes                                                            )
       Ok, here are all the codes I could find for this game.
       NOTE : You will need a Gameshark or a Pro Action Replay compatible 
    device connected to the back of your Playstation for these codes to work. 
       WARNING : Use these codes at your own risk. I'm not liable for 
    anything that happens to your console or game. Although, I never had any 
    problems using Gameshark codes. Fact.
       NOTE 2: I didn't had the time to test any of these codes so please don't 
    report me any code that doesn't work.
       NOTE 3: As there are lots of codes, and maybe you just dan't want these to 
    print, then you can skip the pages 13 to 17.
       English Version (credit goes to Boycode):
     - Max. Money:                                          801BECC4 967F 
                                                            801BECC6 0098
       American Version (credits go to lowiayin@iname.com):
     - Infinite HP                                          801BF49C 0B40 
                                                            8004AFE2 0040
     - Infinite C.P.                                        801BF4A0 04B0 
                                                            80056CBC 0000
     - Infinite bullets                                     8006F3F6 8482
     - Fast kill enemy                                      80044FAE 0000
     - All Accessory item                                   801BF5CC 0000 
                                                            801BF5D8 0001 
                                                            801BF5E4 0002 
                                                            801BF5F0 0003 
                                                            801BF5FC 0004 
                                                            801BF608 0005 
                                                            801BF614 0006 
                                                            801BF620 0007 
                                                            801BF62C 0008 
                                                            801BF5CE 0000 
                                                            801BF5DA 0000 
                                                            801BF5E6 0000 
                                                            801BF5F2 0000 
                                                            801BF5FE 0000 
                                                            801BF60A 0000 
                                                            801BF616 0000 
                                                            801BF622 0000 
                                                            801BF62E 0000
                                                            801BF5D0 0063 
                                                            801BF5DC 0063 
                                                            801BF5E8 0063 
                                                            801BF5F4 0063 
                                                            801BF600 0063 
                                                            801BF60C 0063 
                                                            801BF618 0063 
                                                            801BF624 0063 
                                                            801BF630 0063
     - All Recovery Items                                   801BF638 000B 
                                                            801BF644 000C 
                                                            801BF650 000D 
                                                            801BF63A 0001 
                                                            801BF646 0001 
                                                            801BF652 0001
                                                            801BF63C 0063 
                                                            801BF648 0063 
                                                            801BF654 0063
     - All Weapons                                          801BF65C 000F 
                                                            801BF668 0010 
                                                            801BF674 0011 
                                                            801BF680 0012 
                                                            801BF68C 0013 
                                                            801BF698 0014 
                                                            801BF6A4 0015 
                                                            801BF6B0 0016 
                                                            801BF6BC 0017 
                                                            801BF6C8 0018 
                                                            801BF6D4 0019 
                                                            801BF6E0 001A 
                                                            801BF6EC 001B 
                                                            801BF6F8 001C 
                                                            801BF704 001D 
                                                            801BF65E 0002 
                                                            801BF66A 0002 
                                                            801BF676 0002 
                                                            801BF682 0002 
                                                            801BF68E 0002 
                                                            801BF69A 0002 
                                                            801BF6A6 0002 
                                                            801BF6B2 0002 
                                                            801BF6BE 0002 
                                                            801BF6CA 0002 
                                                            801BF6D6 0002 
                                                            801BF6E2 0002 
                                                            801BF6EE 0002 
                                                            801BF6FA 0002 
                                                            801BF706 0002
                                                            801BF660 0063 
                                                            801BF66C 0063 
                                                            801BF678 0063 
                                                            801BF684 0063 
                                                            801BF690 0063 
                                                            801BF69C 0063 
                                                            801BF6A8 0063 
                                                            801BF6B4 0063 
                                                            801BF6C0 0063 
                                                            801BF6CC 0063 
                                                            801BF6D8 0063 
                                                            801BF6E4 0063 
                                                            801BF6F0 0063 
                                                            801BF6FC 0063 
                                                            801BF708 0063
     - All Bullets                                          801BF710 0020 
                                                            801BF71C 0021 
                                                            801BF728 0022 
                                                            801BF734 0023 
                                                            801BF740 0024 
                                                            801BF74C 0025 
                                                            801BF758 0026 
                                                            801BF764 0027 
                                                            801BF770 0028 
                                                            801BF712 0003 
                                                            801BF71E 0003 
                                                            801BF72A 0003 
                                                            801BF736 0003 
                                                            801BF742 0003 
                                                            801BF74E 0003 
                                                            801BF75A 0003 
                                                            801BF766 0003 
                                                            801BF772 0003
                                                            801BF714 0063 
                                                            801BF720 0063 
                                                            801BF72C 0063 
                                                            801BF738 0063 
                                                            801BF744 0063 
                                                            801BF750 0063 
                                                            801BF75C 0063 
                                                            801BF768 0063 
                                                            801BF774 0063
     - All Bombs                                            801BF77C 002A 
                                                            801BF788 002B 
                                                            801BF794 002C 
                                                            801BF7A0 002D 
                                                            801BF7AC 002E 
                                                            801BF7B8 002F 
                                                            801BF77E 0004 
                                                            801BF78A 0004 
                                                            801BF796 0004 
                                                            801BF7A2 0004 
                                                            801BF7AE 0004 
                                                            801BF7BA 0004 
                                                            801BF780 0063 
                                                            801BF78C 0063 
                                                            801BF798 0063 
                                                            801BF7A4 0063 
                                                            801BF7B0 0063 
                                                            801BF7BC 0063
     - All Shoes                                            801BF7C4 0031 
                                                            801BF7D0 0032 
                                                            801BF7DC 0033 
                                                            801BF7E8 0034 
                                                            801BF7F4 0035 
                                                            801BF800 0036 
                                                            801BF80C 0037 
                                                            801BF818 0038 
                                                            801BF824 0039 
                                                            801BF7C6 0006 
                                                            801BF7D2 0006 
                                                            801BF7DE 0006 
                                                            801BF7EA 0006 
                                                            801BF7F6 0006 
                                                            801BF802 0006 
                                                            801BF80E 0006 
                                                            801BF81A 0006 
                                                            801BF826 0006 
                                                            801BF7C8 0063 
                                                            801BF7D4 0063 
                                                            801BF7E0 0063 
                                                            801BF7EC 0063 
                                                            801BF7F8 0063 
                                                            801BF804 0063 
                                                            801BF810 0063 
                                                            801BF81C 0063 
                                                            801BF828 0063
     - All Clothes                                          801BF830 003A 
                                                            801BF83C 003B 
                                                            801BF848 003C 
                                                            801BF854 003D 
                                                            801BF860 003E 
                                                            801BF86C 003F 
                                                            801BF878 0040 
                                                            801BF884 0041 
                                                            801BF890 0042 
                                                            801BF89C 0043 
                                                            801BF8A8 0044 
                                                            801BF8B4 0045 
                                                            801BF8C0 0046 
                                                            801BF8CC 0047 
                                                            801BF8D8 0048 
                                                            801BF8E4 0049 
                                                            801BF8F0 004A 
                                                            801BF8FC 004B 
                                                            801BF908 004C 
                                                            801BF914 004D 
                                                            801BF920 004E 
                                                            801BF92C 004F 
                                                            801BF938 0050 
                                                            801BF832 0005 
                                                            801BF83E 0005 
                                                            801BF84A 0005 
                                                            801BF856 0005 
                                                            801BF862 0005 
                                                            801BF86E 0005 
                                                            801BF87A 0005 
                                                            801BF886 0005 
                                                            801BF892 0005 
                                                            801BF89E 0005 
                                                            801BF8AA 0005 
                                                            801BF8B6 0005 
                                                            801BF8C2 0005 
                                                            801BF8CE 0005 
                                                            801BF8DA 0005 
                                                            801BF8E6 0005 
                                                            801BF8F2 0005 
                                                            801BF8FE 0005 
                                                            801BF90A 0005 
                                                            801BF916 0005 
                                                            801BF922 0005 
                                                            801BF92E 0005 
                                                            801BF93A 0005 
                                                            801BF834 0063 
                                                            801BF840 0063 
                                                            801BF84C 0063 
                                                            801BF858 0063 
                                                            801BF864 0063 
                                                            801BF870 0063 
                                                            801BF87C 0063 
                                                            801BF888 0063 
                                                            801BF894 0063 
                                                            801BF8A0 0063 
                                                            801BF8AC 0063 
                                                            801BF8B8 0063 
                                                            801BF8C4 0063 
                                                            801BF8D0 0063 
                                                            801BF8DC 0063 
                                                            801BF8E8 0063 
                                                            801BF8F4 0063 
                                                            801BF900 0063 
                                                            801BF90C 0063 
                                                            801BF918 0063 
                                                            801BF924 0063 
                                                            801BF930 0063 
                                                            801BF93C 0063
     - All special items                                    801BF944 0051 
                                                            801BF950 0052 
                                                            801BF95C 0053 
                                                            801BF968 0054 
                                                            801BF974 0055 
                                                            801BF980 0056 
                                                            801BF98C 0057 
                                                            801BF998 0058 
                                                            801BF9A4 0059 
                                                            801BF9B0 005A 
                                                            801BF9BC 005B 
                                                            801BF9C8 005C 
                                                            801BF9D4 005D 
                                                            801BF9E0 005E 
                                                            801BF9EC 005F 
                                                            801BF9F8 0060 
                                                            801BFA04 0061 
                                                            801BFA10 0062 
                                                            801BFA1C 0063 
                                                            801BFA28 0064 
                                                            801BFA34 0065 
                                                            801BFA40 0066 
                                                            801BFA4C 0067 
                                                            801BFA58 0068 
                                                            801BF946 0007 
                                                            801BF952 0007 
                                                            801BF95E 0007 
                                                            801BF96A 0007 
                                                            801BF976 0007 
                                                            801BF982 0007 
                                                            801BF98E 0007 
                                                            801BF99A 0007 
                                                            801BF9B2 0007 
                                                            801BF9BE 0007 
                                                            801BF9CA 0007 
                                                            801BF9D6 0007 
                                                            801BF9E2 0007 
                                                            801BF9EE 0007 
                                                            801BF9FA 0007 
                                                            801BFA06 0007 
                                                            801BFA12 0007 
                                                            801BFA1E 0007 
                                                            801BFA2A 0007 
                                                            801BFA36 0007 
                                                            801BFA42 0007 
                                                            801BFA4E 0007 
                                                            801BFA5A 0007 
                                                            801BF948 0063 
                                                            801BF954 0063 
                                                            801BF960 0063 
                                                            801BF96C 0063 
                                                            801BF978 0063 
                                                            801BF984 0063 
                                                            801BF990 0063 
                                                            801BF99C 0063 
                                                            801BF9A8 0063 
                                                            801BF9B4 0063 
                                                            801BF9C0 0063 
                                                            801BF9CC 0063 
                                                            801BF9E4 0063 
                                                            801BF9F0 0063 
                                                            801BF9FC 0063 
                                                            801BFA08 0063 
                                                            801BFA14 0063 
                                                            801BFA20 0063 
                                                            801BFA2C 0063 
                                                            801BFA38 0063 
                                                            801BFA44 0063 
                                                            801BFA50 0063 
                                                            801BFA5C 0063
    ( • Revision History                                                           )
       Version 0.1 01/03/2000 :
    -Initial Release with all the sections and the start of the game.
       Version 0.2 02/03/2000 :
    -Continued the walkthrough and finished the first episode.
    -Grammar errors fixed.
    -Added a cast section as I found more about the character's history in the 
       Version 0.3 17/03/2000 :
    -All Grammar errors fixed.
    -As an update, I continued the walkthrough.
    -Gameshark codes added as I found some on the net.
    -Completely Re-done the structure of the walkthrough and should now be more 
    -Updated the "About the author" Section.
    -It is now official: This will be the last update of this walkthrough as I have 
    a bugged version of the game. Sorry...
    ( • Thanks To                                                                  )
       Thanks to GameFAQs < www.gamefaqs.com > for a wonderful site and for 
    posting all of my walkthroughs...
       Thanks Dim < asomac2000@hotmail.com > for the support and just for being my 
    best friend...
       Thanks to my sister Gralia for being there where I need her...
       Thanks to the readers that pushed me to continue and update this walkthrough. 
    Without them, this would remain unchanged.
       And of course, thanks to all of you, reading this walkthrough... Without 
    you, I would be nothing...Thanks again...
       Homepage : http://i.am/samy171
               ___                              _...__ 
            .-'   '--._                       .'_     '-.
          .'     .--._ '-._                 .'.' \       '.
         /      /__   `'.  '.              / /    `\       \
        /      /   '-.    `\ \           /'/'       \      |
        |     |       '.    `\`\        / /     _.-'|      |
        |     |         \     \ \      / /    .'    |      /
         \    /          '.   | |,-~-,/ /   .'      \     /
          '--'           __\               /__       '._.'
                       ."  '.             .'  ".
                       |      '.       .'      |
                        \ ',    '.   .'    .' /
                        /'-.""-._ \ / _.-"".-'\
             _.=='''--,/ '/_.--._\'V'/_.--._\' \,--'''--._
           .'            _'-.__0_;\ /;_0__.-'_ '          '.
          /     ,____..-'\'.      """      -'/'--..____,    \
         /     '          \       .=.       /          `     \
         |             __  '-.   .-=-.   .-'  __             |
          \      _.--''  ''---'. .-=-. .'---''  ''--._      /
           '----'            .-'  ___  '-.            `----'
              jgs           (    '   '    )
                             '.    _    .'
                               '--/ \--'
       This ASCII art is courtesy of Joan G. Stark < spunk1111@juno.com > and 
    represents E. Coyote of the Warner Bros. Go see her outstanding work at 
    http://www.geocities.com/spunk1111 it is really worth of a look. Please, support 
    ( • Disclaimer                                                                 )
       This walkthrough is intended for PRIVATE and PERSONAL use. This walkthrough 
    CAN be only re-produced or distributed with the WRITTEN APPROVAL of the author. 
    This walkthrough CANNOT be use for profitable purposes. Anyone who has violated 
    this agreement will be severely dealt with.
       All copyrights and trademarks that are not specifically mentioned in this 
    document are acknowledged.
    "OverBlood 2" is © 1999 RiverHillSoft
    "PlayStation™" is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
    "E. Coyote ASCII art" is © Joan G. Stark.
    "OverBlood 2 Walkthrough" is © Samy 2000
    Copyright © Samy 2000
    All Rights Reserved ®
                                  # End of Document #

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