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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Mysticcat

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      This FAQ is Copyright 2001 by Phan Nguyen Khanh Dan
                    ####I      III
                  ########        II          #########
             #  ### II  ###      ### #########
              # ##  II    #      ######
               ##   II   #       ### I
               #     I###       ###   I       ###########
              ########I         ##############
        [   P   A   R   A   S   I   T   E      E   V   E      ]
               ###     I       ###      I
               ## #     I      ###      I
                #  #     I     ###      I           #####
                 #  # #   I     #####  II   ##########
                  ####     II    ##############
                      #      II      III
                  The worst foe lies within the self
                                THE GAME
                    GENRE : CINEMATIC RPG
                    RELEASED : 1998
                             FAQ PROPERTIES
                NAME : "Parasite Eve" FAQ/Walkthrough
                     By Phan Nguyen Khanh Dan "Mysticcat"
                FAQ VERSION : Final
                DATE : September 3rd 2001
                     T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S
       2/ LEGAL STUFF
          - ICON GUIDE
          - BATTLE SYSTEM
          - DAY 1 : RESONANCE
          - DAY 2 : FUSION
          - DAY 3 : SELECTION
          - DAY 4 : CONCEPTION
          - DAY 5 : LIBERATION
          - DAY 6 : EVOLUTION
       8/ MONSTER LIST
          - MONSTER LIST
       9/ ITEM LIST
          - COMMON ITEMS
          - KEY ITEM LIST
      10/ WEAPON LIST
      11/ ARMOR LIST
      12/ SECRETS
      14/ PE STORY
      16/ FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
      17/ OTHER STUFF
         - PE GAMES
    1. I N T R O D U C T I O N
      Parasite Eve is one of my favourite game. I was wrong to play the
    Japanese version that I can't make a guide because I don't know
    Japanese. So I have tried to collect information and English names to
    create a FAQ in English. Now I think I have got enough and I can make an 
    almost complete guide. Any major mistakes or ideas, please contact me at 
      Parasite Eve is some kind of survival horror game that Squaresoft
    created follow the first step of Capcom's Resident Evil series. But it
    still brings the clear characteristics of a Traditional RPG which is
    Squaresoft's best. To make it more like an adventure game, Square has
    released Parasite Eve II in 2000 which is almost like an adventure.
    Although they have succeeded with this game, many players, including me, 
    consider Parasite Eve II as Resident Evil clones about style and
    graphic. Anyway, I still like Parasite Eve just because it is completely 
    Square's rule, not Capcom's. Square needs more reparation if they want 
    to continue the story of Parasite Eve. About general features of this 
    game, if you are a fan of Squarsoft game, you can understand Parasite 
    Eve by this formula :
      Based on the best seller science fiction novel by author Hideaki Sena, 
    Parasite Eve is a thrilling cinematic RPG brought to you from the
    creators of Final Fantasy VII and digital artists Hollywood.
      Filled with horror and adventure, this sci-fi game features numerous
    high-end CG movies take the player directly into pre-rendered game maps
    and the player must fight in dynamic real-time polygon battles against
    various monsters to reach the fight against the ultimate enemy - Eve.
      Okay, let's begin...
    2.  L E G A L  S T U F F
    3.  U P D A T E  /  R E V I S I O N  H I S T O R Y
    - Version 1.0 (September 3rd 2001)
      I have thought much to make this guide when my language knowledge is
    not too good. I have tried all my effort to complete this guide and I
    hope to receive your forgiveness. I begin now...
    - Version 2.0 (September 4th 2001)
      I have added "PE Story" and "Monster List" to make this guide more
    perfect. Argh ! It's hard to write FAQ for a Japanese game when I don't
    know any Japanese. This might be an experience for me to wait for and
    choose the most suitable version for my language knowledge (+_+).
    - Version 3.0 (September 4th 2001)
      I again added "Other Stuff" and "Key Item List". Information is very
    important in a FAQ. What happens to me ?
      "Some Info about the author" would let the curious readers to know a
    little about me who write this FAQ.
    - Version 4.0 (September 8th 2001)
      I have added some little specific parts in each menu to make it more
    arranged and clear. I don't have much knowledge about Japanese but I
    think I must complete this guide anyway.
    - Version 5.0 (September 9th 2001)
      FAQ almost completed.
    - Version 5.5 (September 13th 2001)
      A lot of trouble happens to my computer and this guide is nearly
    deleted if I couldn't manage in time. But now I have made it return to
    me and now I continue to update it. Huff...huff...
    - Version 5.6 (September 15th 2001)
      I have made a major mistake when having written wrong the name of the
    most important person in "Special Thanks " : Psycho Penguin. His real
    name is Steve Saunders, please. I'm really sorry, Steve...
    - Version 6.0 (September 17th 2001)
      I have bought the English version and played it to know what I lacks
    in this guide. There are some important difference between the two
    versions that I think I should open a new menu "Difference between
    Japanese & English versions." Hope you enjoy it !
    - Version 6.5 (September 20th 2001)
      Added "Weapon List" and "Armor list". These are the hardest parts of
    the guide and I need much time to do them. What a nightmare !!!
      I also repair and make the control menu more useful and sufficient,
    including Japanese and English versions.
    - Version 7.5 (September 23rd 2001)
      I have added more necessary parts in "Controls & Battle System" menu
    such as Analog Mode or Icon Guide.
      Then I also added game shark codes which I got from CMGSCCC. Thanks to 
    this site for a treasure of codes !
    - Version 8.0 (October 2nd 2001)
      Repair mistakes and add a new link.
    - Version 8.5 (December 22nd 2001)
      Added new link.
      Repair some mistakes, added more notes. 
    - Final Version 
      Added more missing monster bios. 
      Correct some wrecked strategies. 
      Added more secrets. 
      It's time to stop correcting this FAQ. It has spent several months of 
    repairing and updating. I will put an end here... until any ideas come. 
    Beside, this game is pretty old for now. 
      Today has been May 4th 2002. After finishing Devil May Cry 
    FAQ/Walkthrough, I have found a new way to make boss fight strategies, 
    with specific infos about the bosses' attacks and how to 
    offense/defense. I think I should fix the boss strategies in this guide 
    to be like it, as the enemies in Parasite Eve all have their certain 
    patterns, which is completely possible to write such strategies. Well... 
      4. C O N T R O L S  &  B A T T L E  S Y S T E M
      How annoying when this game doesn't have an option for you to change
    control. The controls between English and Japanese versions are
       CONTROLS OF JAPANESE VERSION   \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      Buttons to move the character :
    - Up : go to north
    - Down : go to south
    - Right : go right
    - Left : go left
      Main Buttons :
    - Start Button : Pause/stop game
    - Triangle button : Open Aya's status screen
    - Square Button : No use
    - Cross Button : - Run
                     - Close the menu window
                     - Cancel a selected command
    - Circle Button : - Talk to characters
                      - Open treasure boxes
                      - Execute dialogue option
                      - Activate switches
                      - Execute selected command
    - Analog : To use the analog mode, press the analog mode switch and the
    LED will turn red. When the LED is turned off, it will be used the same
    way as an ordinary Controller.
    - Left Stick : - Move the character
                   - Select a message, an item, weapon or armor
                   - Run (if moving the stick a lot)
      CONTROLS OF ENGLISH VERSION    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      Buttons to move the character :
    - Up : go to north
    - Down : go to south
    - Right : go right
    - Left : go left
      Main buttons :
    - Start Button : Pause/Stop game
    - Triangle Button : Open Aya's status screen
    - Square Button : Skip a command (in battle)
    - Cross Button : - Talk to characters
                     - Open treasure boxes
                     - Execute dialogue option
                     - Activate switches
                     - Execute selected command
    - Circle Button : - Run
                      - Close the menu window
                      - Cancel a selected command
    - Analog : To use the analog mode, press the analog mode switch and the
    LED will turn red. When the LED is turned off, it will be used the same
    way as an ordinary Controller.
    - Left Stick : - Move the character
                   - Select a message, an item, weapon or armor
                   - Run (if moving the stick a lot)
      ICON GUIDE     \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      #1 ITEM ICON
      Displays all the items you have. Items is use are indicated in blue.
    Enables you to use, discard or move an item, and reload bullets.
      #2 PE ICON
      Displays Parasite Energy (PE) usable at your current level. Select the
    PE with the Directional buttons or Left Stick to use it. PE in gray
    indicates the PE gauge isn't sufficient or PE cannot be used at that
      #3 WEAPON ICON
      Displays the information on all weapons in your inventory. Can view
    additional effects of each weapon and compare the equipped weapon to
    others in your inventory. Weapons can be switched in the field and
    during a battle.
      #4 ARMOR ICON
      Displays the information on all armors in your inventory. Can view
    additional effects of each armor and compare the equipped armor to
    others in your inventory. Armor can be switched in the field and during
    a battle.
      #5 SYSTEM ICON
      Adjust sounds, position of the cursor, and the window color to
    personal preference.
      #6 SORT ICON
      Automatically sort Aya's items. Sorts inventory in order of :
     + Weapon - Armor - Item
     + Armor - Item - Weapon
     + Item - Weapon - Armor
      #7 TUNE-UP ICON
      Using "Tool" or "Super Tool" item, you can add or remove parameters
    and added effects on your weapon or armor to create your customized
    equipment. If you remove an added effect from a weapon or armor, that
    equipment will disappear.
      The number of added effects that can be attached to a piece of
    equipment is determined by the numbers of slots on that equipment. You
    can increase the number of slots by getting your equipment modified at
    the NYPD Weapons Department.
      #8 BP ICON
      When you gain a level, you get Bonus Points (BP). 1 BP counts as 1
    point, and can be divided up between parameters and item capacity. The
    more damage taken during battle, the less BP you will receive.
      #9 ESCAPE ICON
      This icon just appears during a battle. You use it to get out of
    battle. But this doesn't always work well because of your enemies or
    your positions.
      BATTLE SYSTEM    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      Just like usual RPGs as Final Fantasy series, you enter a battlefield
    with attack commands following the speed.
      Buttons to move the character :
    - Up : go to north
    - Down : go to south
    - Right : go right
    - Left : go left
      Main Buttons :
    - Start Button : Pause/stop game
    - Triangle button : Open Aya's status screen. This button is just
    available after Active Time Battle is full.
    - Square Button : No use
    - Cross Button : - Cancel commands in Japanese version
                     - Ok/Attack in English version (After the Active Time
                       Bar is full)
    - Circle Button : - Ok/Attack in Japanese Version (after the Active
                        Time Bar is full)
                      - Cancel commands in English version
      AT : Attack
      It might be Active Time Battle. When this bar is full, you can press
    Circle button to attack. A cover net appears and you choose a target in
    it. If your target is out of the net, you would miss.
      You can increase your Active Time Battle by using Bonus Points or
    casting Haste spell.
      PE : Parasite Energy
      The mitochondria inside Aya's body give her special powers called
    Parasite Energy. The green bar is almost like the MP, deciding how much
    you can use magic. But not like other RPG games, PE is charged by
    fighting and you don't need any magic or item to fill it except
    fighting. This bar will appear after you finish the first battle.
      In this game, you can get Armors from treasure chests or get parts to
    combine with the armor you are wearing. Each armor has 3 major stats :
    - DEFENSE : reduce damage from physical attacks
    - PENERGY : Parasite Energy - reduce damage from magic attack
    - CRITICAL : reduce rate of critical attack (strong attack)
    - SPECIAL : Added special ability (optional)
      You can increase your armor stats by using Bonus Points or combining
    with another armor using Tool or Super Tool.
      As armors, you find weapons by collected treasure chests. You can meet
    Wayne - a weapon specialist in NYPD Police Station to find special
    types. Sometimes he would give you good types if you do something for
    him. Each weapon has major 4 stats :
    - ATTACK : the power of weapon
    - RANGE : the shooting distance
    - BULLETS : Capacity (how much bullets it holds)
    - RATE OF FIRE : How much bullets you can shoot each time the Active
    Time Battle is full.
    - SPECIAL : Added special ability (optional)
      You can increase your weapon stats by using Bonus Points or combine
    with another weapon using Tool or Super Tool.
      About other types, I could let you know in Secrets menu.
      PARASITE ENERGY   \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      Parasite Energy is Aya's magic which is counted by PE bar. She has
    them by fighting battle and increasing level. PE bar just begins to 
    appear after Aya fights the actress.
    - Heal 1 : Restores 30 HP
    - Heal 2 : Restores 60 HP
    - Heal 3 : Restores 280 HP
    - Detox : Remove effects of Poison
    - Medic : Cures all negative statuses
    - Barrier : Uses PE to absorb damage
    - Energy Shot : Channel energy into bullet
    - Scan : Analyzes enemy's HP ans Weaknesses
    - Slow : Slows enemy's Active Time recharge
    - Haste : Speeds up Movement and Active Time recharge
    - Confuse : Confuses targeted enemy
    - Gene Heal : Uses PE to slowly restore HP
    - Preraise : Revives character when HP reaches 0.
    - Full Recover : Restores all HP
    - Liberate : Liberates Mitochondrial power
      Most of the Parasite Energy spells are used to support and heal. But 
    you have Energy Shot and Liberate as your attack spells, also your 
    strongest hits. 
    5/  T H E  B E G I N N I N G
      On Christmas Day 1997, New York city is like a big festival. Many
    special occasions are held everywhere. Everybody all goes out to see
    what they want in this special annual festival, including a young
    police-our heroine in this game named Aya Brea.
      She gets off the limo in a beautiful dress in front of a big opera
    theater. Here she goes with her boyfriend who gently takes her into the
    hall to watch the tragedy today...
    6/  C H A R A C T E R  B I O S
      # From Squaresoft
        AYA BREA     \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      Occupation : NYPD Rookie - Detective at the 17th Precinct
      Age : 25
      Height : 5 feet 3 inches (160cm)
      Characteristics : The main character of this story. She has been on
    the NYPD's 17th Precinct force for 6 months. After losing her mother in
    an accident when she was a child, Aya grew determined to become a
       MELISSA PEARCE     \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      Occupation : Opera Singer on the rise
      Age : 32
      Height : 6 feet (183cm)
      Characteristics : Her long awaited wish to play the leading role comes
    true in an opera to be held on Christmas Eve. Although she is an
    introvert and was constantly sick as a child, she began to aspire to
    become an actress after learning about opera. She occasionally commutes
    to the hospital even now and is always carrying some sort of medication.
        EVE     \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      Occupation : unknown
      Age : unknown
      Height : unknown
      Characteristics : The first form - the mitochondria begins to come to
    life within the cells of Melissa's body. After Eve comes to life, the
    color of Melissa's eyes turns from brown to emerald green. Her hair
    becomes disheveled. And the green flames that burn quietly in her eyes
    combust people into flames showing us the immeasurable power that the
    mitochondria possesses.
      Eve is Melissa, yes. The heavy medication makes Melissa not appreciate
    with her body that she turns into Eve. There is a secret between Eve and
    Aya which involved Aya's accident.
       DANIEL DOLLIS     \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      Occupation : 20 year veteran detective in the 17th Precinct
      Age : 42
      Height : 6 feet (183cm)
      Characteristics : A veteran detective who believes that "a detective
    belongs in any field", is not on the road to a promotion any time soon.
    Perhaps because of his passionate feelings for his work, Daniel and his
    wife Lorraine got a divorce a year ago.
      In the story Daniel is Aya's supporter in some situation.
       BEN DOLLIS     \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      Occupation : N/A
      Age : 8
      Height : 3 feet 6 inches (125cm)
      Characteristics : Daniel's only son. After the divorce, Daniel takes
    Ben into custody, but his mother is given visitation rights once a
    month. He appears to be fine with his parent's divorce on the surface,
    but deep down inside he hopes that they will all live together again
       KUNIHIKO MAEDA     \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      Occupation : University Researcher (scientist)
      Age : 35
      Height : 5 feet 6 inches (172cm)
      Characteristics : A scientist who resides in the pharmaceutical
    department at a Japanese university. He is a very competent scientist,
    but completely indifferent to everything else. When he is engrossed in
    his research, he sometimes doesn't return home for days.
      Aya would need much of Maeda's help in this game for clues about
        HANS KLAMP      \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      Occupation : Scientist who resides with the American Museum of Natural
    History Laboratory
      Age : 37
      Height : 5 feet 8 inches (175cm)
      Characteristics : He is a scientist who is cool, calm and indifferent
    who had previously aspired to become a doctor. His talent seemed
    promising, but during his internship he suddenly became absorbed in the
    study of Mitochondria.
       DOUGLAS BAKER     \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      Occupation : Chief of the NYPD Homicide Department at the 17th
      Age : 41
      Height : 5 feet 8 inches (175cm)
      Characteristics : A big man weighing 300 pounds. He started on the
    same year as Daniel, but is now Daniel and Aya's boss. Daniel and
    Douglas were once partners and solved many crimes together. But, Douglas
    gradually shifted towards deskwork in contrast to Daniel who
    concentrated on the crime scene.
       OTHER GUYS     \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      ---WAYNE GARCIA---
      He is a rebellious young cop with a passion for firearms. His passion
    is so powerful that he actually collects gun trading cards. It may be
    his ultimate goal to create his own line of high-powered weapons. Wayne
    is responsible for the Police Station's Weapon Department.
      ---TORRES OWENS---
      Torres works closely with Wayne and does his best to keep Wayne's gun
    obsession under control. Torres is a seasoned cop, but his career took a
    sudden turn after he lost his daughter in a gun mishap. Sworn to never
    fore another gun again to help keep the gun problem under control, he
    took a job in the Police Station's Weapon Department.
      An employee of NYPD 17th Precint.
      A detective of NYPD 17th Precinct.
      A detective of NYPD 17th Precinct.
      Ben's mother. She and the child always wish Daniel would spend more
    time to be with them. But an unlucky fate has happened to her. She is
    one of Eve's victims.
      ---MAYA BREA---
      Aya's sister who was killed in the car accident. But since she return
    to Aya in the Carnegie Hall, there's something strange about her and she 
    always wanders around Aya then. What does she want ?
    7/  W A L K T H R O U G H
      Okay, begin your first challenge... GO !!!
                       D A Y  1  -  R E S O N A N C E
                       LOCATION : Carnegie Hall
                       ENEMIES : Red Rat, Parrot, Frog
                       BOSS : Actress, Eve, Alligator
      The tragedy begins. One of the performing actress - Melissa Pearce -
    begins to sing an opera song. Her voice is strong and mysterious. Every
    audience seems to be fascinated by the great singer. But no one knows
    that something would happen next. The eyes of the actress becomes
    strange (Aya feels something at those eyes). Then the actress glares at
    the actors on the stage... They are all burnt !!!...
      The actress still continues her terrible melody. All the hall is burnt 
    by her. It's too late when the audience realize the real accident. Some 
    of them are burnt either. They try to escape as fast as they can, except 
    for Aya. This makes her suspect because she is the only one who is not 
    affected by Melissa's eyes. The curiosity of a police rises on her. She 
    holds her weapon steps on the stage...
      HP : 40
      MP : unknown
      This is an easy battle. You can use the Club to defeat her. Just stand 
    at a close distance and strike correctly. You could make her lose 7 or
    10 HP(critical) each hit. But when she prepares to cast spell, just run
    around to avoid until she finishes. After this battle, Aya would have
    the first Parasite Energy with the magic Heal.
      Aya tries to surround the actress. She claims to be Eve. And as some
    memory, she makes Aya remember something in the past. This experience
    seems to take place at a hospital. But that's what Aya remembers and
    nothing else. Then Eve suddenly disappears after the left curtain. Just
    chase after her.
      You are in the background of the stage. There is a big hole. Check the
    treasure chest beside it to get Medicine 1. But you aren't forced to get
    down the hole soon. You can get out of the hall to outside - where some
    police officers are standing. Here you can be healed free and receive 60
    free bullets from a guy if you talk to him.
      Now get down that hole by choosing "Yes" answer. Once you are down, a
    mysterious child appears in front of you. It's Maya - the dead sister of
    Aya in the car accident. But... this looks like a spirit. The child
    suddenly runs through the entrance that she opens the way for Aya to
    pursue Eve. I remind you that whenever you see Maya, just follow where
    she goes because she would take you to where you must go. If you want to
    know what she really is, just try to take the EX Mode game to play...
      Once you enter the area inside the door, you would realize this is an
    area for the preparation of actors. The first left door is locked and so
    is the first right. So just go along the hall to the next area.
      When you enter here, Aya sees something strange. A rat, yeah, but it's
    not ordinary. Something happens in its body. The rat sounds a very
    terrible sound that's not like it made from a rat. Then its teeth
    becomes longer through its mouth, its eyes become bigger that reveals
    the flesh. Its tail splits into three branches which is powered with
    fire. It wants to attack you.
      HP : 12
      MP : unknown
      Most of the enemies in Day 1 are easy to beat. You can use the Club
    for the whole day. Strike it and move away at once of it would bite you.
    In far distance, the rat will use its tail to cast three fireballs to
    you. Try to avoid their ways or stand between two balls. One critical
    hit or two strikes can defeat it. You would receive 6 bullets for this
      After that, go to the left room. You see two corpses who died because
    of being burnt. Check the lockers. You would get Medicine 1. When you
    open the semi-final locker in the right. One of the corpse is shaking.
    Come and talk to her. She would use all his last strength to tell you
    what happens here and die. Melissa is in charge of the murder. Okay, 
    then get out and go to the opposite room. You encounter a clown. He 
    doesn't attack you and seems to be one of the actors who would perform 
    today. He fears and becomes insane, getting out of the room. Once you 
    move, you will hear his cry outside (Squaresoft's rule). Something has 
    happened. First, check the lockers here to get 6 bullets. Now the rats 
    are around here. If you want to know what happens to the clown, return 
    to the first sight of the corrdior. He has been already burnt...
      Go to the left last door. You see another corpse who brings the
    Theater Key. Touch the body to fall, then grab the key and save here if 
    you want (by the red light telephone). Check the hidden chest to get an 
    item. If you check the clothes, a parrot will fly out. Don't worry, it's 
    just an ordinary parrot. Back to the corridor.
      Go to the nearest left room which is being locked. Unlock it to
    Melissa's room. Read her diary beside the mirror. You will know that she
    really wanted to be the main role in this opera and then she did
    everything to keep up her health by using heavy medication. She burns
    anyone who is on her way. But then her body is possessed with the hot
    sense...and then she is Eve. After reading the diary, you find "Rehearse
      After that, go to the opposite room of Melissa's. You find another
    parrot here. But now it's not just a parrot. Once you touch it, it will
    fight you. Just a strike of club can kill it. Open the wardrobe to get
    ammo. Then get out.
      Go to the first sight where the clown is dead. I let you go to the
    first right room first. There's nothing else beside a chest with
    ordinary items and some monsters. So get to the first left room.
      In the first sight of this room you would see a wardrobe. But it's not
    easy to open. Try to open it some times, a rat will jump out and then
    you fight it okay ? In the wardrobe you find a P220 handgun. Chech the
    chest to get item. Then check the wall beside the figure in the left.
    You would find another area. Go through it and you get a chest with N
    Protector inside. Now get out of this room.
      There's nothing more to do with this place. With the Rehearse Key you
    got from Melissa's diary, go to the last room...
      Melissa is playing the piano. She seems stupid and freak. "I am
    Melissa". Then she gets hot again with a confusion. "No, I...am...
    Eve...". Melissa has been completely possessed. The woman suddenly
    breaks the piano keyboard and then slowly turns into a weird monster
    with huge claws. Monster Eve...
      HP : 92
      MP : 0
      So now she is stronger than the actress form with better spell and
    sharp claws. Now Clus is useless, unless you want to enjoy her claws. 
    These are her attacks :
    - Double Laser : Eve stands for a while, swinging out her hands and 
    shoots two straight lasers which one of them hit you. Its damage is not 
    very big, but you had better not get it. There's a space between the 
    laser. And that's your only position to avoid. When the lasers have just 
    been cast, you have been put to stand between them. But then they move 
    soon. And you must try to move follow their direction slowly. Try to do 
    that successfully. Don't run too fast to dodge, or you'll be faster than 
    the lasers.
    - Scratch : Well, this is a dangerous hit of Eve. When she comes close 
    to you, she will immediately make a fatal scratch with her claws. This 
    hit can't be dodged once she does, except you have Haste spell. But now 
    you don't have it, so the solution is NOT to let it happen. Eve just 
    makes this when you are close to her, so always try to move around and 
    keep a safe distance from Eve, she will never play this attack to you. 
      After that, Eve forces you to remember something about your past. And
    then she disappears.
      Check the piano to find a hole on the wooden floor. Jump down it.
      You are in Sewer.
      You hear someone's cry. First, go along the path and fight some
    monsters until you see a chest with M119A1 Handgun inside. Pay attention
    to the two stairs. Both of them take you to the same place. Go either.
    Then you fight two rats and receive Revive and Medicine 1 (sometimes you
    can get two Revives). Then go down stairs and continue heading the
      Okay, Maya is crying here. But it seems that Aya doesn't recognize her
    yet. Then the child runs to the left door when seeing Aya. before
    following her, go to the north to find some secret chests hidden in the
    two sides. Then find another chest at the door where Maya has just gone
    to find ammo or Medicine 1. Go through the door.
      You may fight two frogs. Then you see your last place in this day.
    First, I remind you to save. Then push the switch to see Eve.
      Eve would try to help you remember who you really are. And this is her
    first challenge for. She turns into slime and goes through the sewer
    gate, summoning a monster to fight you - a giant crocodile. Okay, let's
    get this "baby" :
      Head HP : 120
      Tail HP : 80
      EXP : 30
      State : There are two targets
      I have had a better strategy in this update. Let's see :
    + Best Strategy : Try to shoot its tail first because this thing doesn't
    have such a high defense as the head. If the tail is dead, its head
    would reduce the defense either. And then the crocodile will change its
    attack. The camera angle is changed. The monster will attack by casting
    flame into three sides. But this is very easy to avoid. Just stand at
    some side (right or left) and then go to the other side as soon as the
    crocodile is ready to cast fire. Now the monster is weaker. You can
    easily handle the rest.
    + Ordinary Strategy : I'm afraid of some version not having the episode
    which is that the crocodile can cast flame. My English version disc is 
    suck and I can't execute the best strategy. So I must use this suck 
    tactic to put out the boss. So you can only shoot its head only. This is 
    harder because you run like hell to avoid the monster's strike. Then you 
    must frequently check your health if you don't want to die. Each shots 
    can just take 1 or 2 HP from it when you can get more of them from the 
    tail. But when you defeat the head, the crocodile dies immediately and 
    you receive a Kv Vest.
      One thing you must remember is that no matter what the Crocodile is 
    doing, you will lose a little HP if you touch him. 
      These are the Crocodile's attacks and pattern :
    - Pushing : This is an action the Crocodile does before striking you. He 
    corners you suddenly. If you are fast enough, you won't touch him. But 
    if he touches you, you may lose a few HP. Try to run fast to avoid this, 
    and turn your direction as soon as you are coming to a side. 
    - Strike : The Crocodile loves to do this. He runs very fast to you and 
    corners you, then strikes you very heavily. This hit is hard to avoid, 
    and it seems that you are forced to get it during the battle. Sometimes 
    you are fast, you can dodge the strike by NOT running to a corner. Then 
    when the boss prepares to strike, IMMEDIATELY turn to another direction 
    and run like hell. But generally, dodging this hit is nearly impossible.
    - Tail Attack : The Crocodile just does this when you try to attack from 
    his back. This is a pretty fatal hit and you should not get it in vain. 
    You can completely prevent the boss from doing this hit by NOT running 
    to his back too much. 
    - Fan Waves : When you get away from the Crocodile with a certain 
    distance, the Crocodile may not run close to you. But he uses his tail 
    to cast these waves instead. The waves go like a fan, and one of them 
    can hit you. The damage caused by one of these, of course, is not 
    To avoid this is rather difficult either. The waves are cast fast, and 
    you must determine the spaces between the waves as soon as you will move 
    to there to dodge. If you stand correctly at a space, you'll be 
    completely safe.
    - Flame of Anger : The Crocodile begins to play this attack when you 
    beat his tail. The camera angle will change, and since then he often 
    casts flame to you. As you are standing in a certain direction, the 
    Crocodile will gradually blow three flames around your position. To 
    dodge this is fairly easy. But you must be correct in estimating when to 
    early or so late, the boss can determine both directions and cast you 
    more correctly. You stand in either right or left side. When the boss is 
    going to flame, run to the opposite side soon. 
      After that, Aya would go out of the Carnegie Hall. Here that annoying
    reporter tries to ask her everything on the earth when she doesn't want
    to answer. Don't worry, your partner Daniel will take the rest for
                        D A Y  2  -  F U S I O N
                      LOCATION : Central Park
                      ENEMIES : The zoo animals
                      BOSS : Giant Worms, Eve
      Now the officers, including Aya, are discussing about the tragedy in
    Carnegie Hall. And now Aya becomes the only witness of this incident.
    Baker gives her a Mod Permit for her to prepare herself before meeting
    the press. Control Aya out of the office. If you don't know where to go,
    ask Cathy (the lady in the hallway). Go down the right stairs. There are
    three rooms here : Weapon Department, Dog room and Weapon Storage. The
    storage is locked. You have nothing to do with dogs so go to the
    Department. Here you meet Wayne Garcia - the guy who will be responsible
    for you about weapons (see my character bios to know about him). He is
    willing to make any weapons for you. But then Torres comes, stopping his
    willingness. Torres is a person who doesn't like using guns (read his
    biography) since his daughter's death. He has taken good care of this
    place to keep weapons under safe control. But Wayne is an opposite. He
    likes weapons and creating new combinations. But Torres doesn't let him
    be free because he's afraid of Wayne's love of weapons taking to 
    unforeseen action.
      Give Torres the Mod Permit and then he gives you the most powerful
    rifle he can let you use : M16A1. With the Mode Permit, he helps you to 
    add slot to your weapon of choice. But you can receive the M16A1 without 
    it. After that, Wayne will tell you something to use weapons and from 
    now you can ask him to keep your useless things such as keys or any 
    items. You can give him Junks and Trading Cards either. Okay, open all 
    the chests in the room and get out, back to the hallway.
      Ben - Daniel's son is wandering here. Run to him. And the so does
    Daniel. The child wants his father to come to the concert with him and
    Lorraine at Central Park. But Daniel says that he is very busy. Then Ben
    angrily goes away. Okay, let's return to the office and talk to Douglas
    Baker. You must "greet" the press now.
      Here Aya is so honest and impressed that she confesses most of things
    she witnesses from that night : including unbelievable episodes. Baker
    is very angry. But now he receives a call from someone which says that
    they should go to the Museum to see someone who knows about
    Mitochondria. You and Daniel will do this. Return to the hall way and
    choose the nearest right door. You will be taken out of here to New York
    Map. Choose Museum.
      A great museum. You will enjoy more excitement of this place in Day 5.
    And now you musr follow Daniel to get in. Before going to the research
    facility, you are forced to sign in something on the table. Just do what
    the game wants, then chase after Daniel. Both of you go to a laboratory.
      The guy seems to attend to his research intensely. Aya and Daniel talk
    to him. But maybe the talk is not smooth as I think. During the talk,
    Aya suddenly remembers about the past in the hospital after the
    accident. What happens to her ? She sees a familiar face of Klamp. She
    thinks that she has met him somewhere. And the idiot doctor doesn't want
    to tell you anything more . There might be a little quarrel between the
    two sides. But anyway, Aya and Daniel must come back in anger.
      You are in NYPD Police Station. Just follow Daniel and enter the
    Meeting Room again. Douglas Baker is here and he has something for you
    to do. There are some more clues about Melissa Pearce - who will have a
    great performance at Central Park tonight. It's sure that she would make
    some accident there. Aya and Daniel have a mission to go there for some
    exploration and arrest Melissa.
      After the talk, sometimes Baker would give you the Mod Permit. Give it
    to Torres if you want to repair your weapon again. Check the place. I'm 
    sure that there would be new things here (See "Secrets" menu). When you 
    have finished, get out and head to Central Park. This new position would 
    appear in your map. Choose it to go.
      I don't think this is a park. It seems like a hell, a cold hell. Why
    does Squresoft can design it like that ? First, the angry Daniel would
    be punished by some small joke of Eve : his hand is burnt a little. Then
    Aya must enter the park. If you get back here, you'll see another victim 
    of Eve's flame whose name is Harry. Suck ! 
      You must pass a short path before reaching the entrance of Central
    Park. There are some park cars here which are arranged in a mess. You
    can save here at a telephone on the pavement. When you have been going,
    I assure you would be welcomed by some snakes. Just take wipe of them by
    your new weapon M16A1. They are not strong enemies. But be careful with
    the red snake, it can poison you by a bite. Okay, try to get in the park
    entrance. There are two treasure chests in front of the gate. It's
    better for you to see them and get them (^_^).
      The first treasure you see can be the P8 or M9 handgun. It's random
    (Square's rule !!!). Here you can see a door far away. Just reach that
    door. There are monsters around here. So remember to prepare anytime you
      You must pass another camera angle to touch that room. There is a
    saving telephone on the wall and a burning corpse on the floor. Poor
    thing ! Check the room carefully and find a drawer that contains the Zoo
    Key. The next cabin can contain a vest for you to equip.
      Sometimes you can't find they Zoo Key soon here. If that case really 
    happens, just go around the park for a while and then return there. You 
    can find it when checking the drawer again.
      Get out of that room and go to the right next double door. There would
    be Monkeys and small snakes here. Get inside the next courtyard and find 
    the way to enter with the Zoo key. Find a broken glass and get through 
    it toward the forest area. There are a lot of treasure chests here with 
    useful items. I remind you not to abandon them. If you check the area, 
    you can read some notes about the animals here, including the snakes and 
    monkeys. But if you check carefully, you see a strange quest : Giant 
    Worms from Africa... Yeah, you haven't seen them yet, but don't forget 
      After finishing, get out and go right to the next area. You will see a
    north and a right path. They both take you to the same place. I remind
    you to go to the right path for some exploration. Then you could see
    another path which also takes you to the previous north path you saw.
    Here I mean : you have explored all the outside area of the park. Your
    turn now is the north path. Check the place until you find another gate.
    With the Zoo Key, unlock it and get in.
      The stage is in front of you. The left path is blocked by a corpse and
    of course the stage would be your destination. Go to the central path to
    the hall. Melissa - Eve is here. She completely transforms and prepares
    to do something next. Let's see a great FMV here...
      All the audience are affected by Eve's magic. They are both changed
    into a kind of awful elastic liquid called "slime" crawling everywhere 
    in the hall. How terrible it is ! But the weird thing is that Aya is not 
    affected (???).
      When you have taken control of Aya, let her go any side you want. Maya
    appears again. Chase after her and she will take you to Eve. But Eve
    runs away either.
      Get out of the stage. Now you can pass the left path without the
    blocking corpse. First, you see a restaurant in your left. You can enter
    it to another area. Here there are a Save Point and a treasure chest
    containing 15 bullet and a BEAR. This monster is not fast. You can
    defeat it easily by your speed. But try to avoid its electricity casting
    or you would lose a great deal of HP. Get out of the restaurant area and
    continue to go along path. You have entered the "matrix" of this park.
    There are many areas here. But I'll show you the way to go and get all
    items :
    - Area 1 : You see Maya running out of sight in the south. When you
    come, you realize there are two ways right. Turn to the small right
    - Area 2 : Maya is here, but she disappears again. Go along the path and
    go to the south. You can find a chest with 15 bullets inside. Then head
    to the bottom left.
    - Area 3 : Passing the bridge. You can fight some monsters here. There
    is a chest which can contain a Sp Vest or something. 
    - Area 4 : At the end of the bridge, find a chest with SV vest. Then you
    would be attacked by some snakes. Just take them out and next to the
    - Area 5 : Maya re-appears again. But she is lost anyway. You would see
    hes running to the bottom left. But don't chase after her soon. Go to 
    beside path to the north, you would reach a treasure chest with a Tool
    inside. Then go follow Maya.
      Okay, you have got out of the matrix. Just go a long this path. Just
    get rid of the crows if they attack you. Next to the other area.
      Passing the bridge, you can be welcomed by a bear and two red snakes.
    Kill the snakes before they can poison you. Then the next victim is the
    bear. After that, go to the left. Two monkeys welcome you...
      Go to under the stairs to find two chests with Tool or CR Vest,
    Defense + 1 for weapons. If you go upstairs, you would be attacked by
    two plants. Just head to the north area.
      There is a Save Point here. That means you are close the end of this
    adventure. Some plants and crows will welcome. I remind you to save
    here. Then step to the right and prepare for a boss battle :
     Smallest : 120 HP
     Small : 150 HP
     Big : 180 HP
     Biggest : 210 HP
      Do your best with M16A1. There are four smallest worms appear. Two of
    your shots can defeat one of them. When you defeat one, the others
    become bigger (small). Then try to kill one of them again. Just ONE OF
    THEM. If you shoot this one to that one, you can't defeat it. Then they
    are bigger (big) with two worms. Kill one of them again and you will
    fight the biggest worm. Then just defeat this biggest one to win.
      These are the worms' attacks :
    - Spreading Missiles : Multiple worms love to do this. They inflict a 
    bomb onto you, then the bomb spreads into many missiles flying to every 
    direction. If you stand under the bomb, you'll exactly get the damage 
    caused by the bomb. If you are moving around, you may avoid the bomb, 
    but he missiles can hit you too. The good news is that these missiles 
    are not very fast. And I think you have enough time to determine the 
    spaces between the missiles. Then move to there to avoid. The bigger the 
    worms are, the bigger and stronger bombs/missiles they cast. So be 
    careful !
    - Sliding : This attack is available with the biggest worm only. He lies 
    his head on the ground, then sweep the whole battlefield. Avoiding this 
    attack is nearly impossible. If you can, try to move to where he sweeps 
    toward. He always sweeps from right to left. But it doesn't take much 
    damage from you. Just try to kill him as soon as possible now.
      After the fight, you head to a small area in the right. Ah ! Eve is
    here... with a horse trailer. Get on the trailer and begin a battle with
    this female demon :
      HP : 330
      MP : unknown
      This is a hard battle, at least it's a hard battle on a trailer. You
    don't have much spaces to move or evade. Eve attacks you by scratching
    or casting spell from the air. When she comes close you, move to the
    opposite side or she would scratch you heavily. If she flies to the air,
    it means she is going to cast spell. There would be a small interval of
    time for you to determine where she casts and then avoid it as soon as
    possible. You MUST wait until the spell is completely finished because
    its remain can hurt you either. This spell can make you lose 90 HP. Try
    until Eve loses. Then a FMV appears...
      Eve ignores the trailer that the mad horse leaves the trailer with Aya
    on it. Then she goes away...
                       D A Y  3  -  S E L E C T I O N
              LOCATION : NYPD Police Station
              ENEMIES : Super Rat, Spider, Dog Man, Huge Dog Man, Birds
              BOSS : Sheeva (Ben's dog)
      You would enjoy a FMV about the situation of the city. Everyone wants
    to get out of town after a lot of accidents. The traffic becomes complex
    with means of transport accidents.
      Daniel is waiting for Aya at the Central Park gate. Suddenly Ben comes
    to him. He was lucky to escape from Eve's cruel plan to be turned into
    slime. But his mother Lorraine...she couldn't escape from the death. But
    the child doesn't know anything.
      Daniel returns to NYPD Precinct and asks Cathy to let a police dog -
    Sheeva to play with Ben. Detective Cathy gives up the dog and he sleeps
    with it deeply. He doesn't know this would be the last time he sees the
      So where is Aya ? The police officers are searching the around areas
    of Central Park but no one sees her. But they meet a wandering guy who
    seems to be mysterious who tries to pass the off-limit area. The police
    interview him. He introduces to be Kunihiko Maeda - a Japanese
    scientist. It seems he doesn't want to answer the police. And it's lucky
    to him when one of the asking guys is burnt by Eve somewhere. Maeda runs
    away at once.
      Aya wakes up in Maeda's room. So this guy saved her. And then Daniel
    comes either. Here they hear Maeda's story about a similar incident in
    Japan. So you know that the Mitochondria is aroused when an African
    scientist tried to culture his wife's liver cells to keep her alive
    which was named "Eve". But then there was a kidney transplant that Eve
    was spread into another body of a young girl who might be Maya - Aya's
    sister. Aya is the only one who isn't ignited by Eve's power. She
    doesn't want to fight. She feels hurt. She thinks that because she is
    the same kind of Eve. Then both Maeda and Daniel go out, leave her
    thinking alone in the room.
      Next morning, you take control of Aya. Check the room for 30 bullets.
    Then go out. Poor Maeda ! He is sleeping in the open. Then Daniel turns
    back, too. Now all of you have something to come to the Museum of
    Natural History again. But Daniel says you can prepare here for a while.
    I remind you to agree with him and search the place. The right is the
    Pharmacy. While Maeda and Daniel is trying to wipe the mess, you can
    find a lot of items here : CR Evade + 1, Defense + 1, Revive Medicine
    and Tool. These items are random, I'm not sure but they are what I got.
    There is a telephone for you to save, too. After finishing, just head to
    the left to a Gun Shop.
      The Gun Shop is destroyed either. The lock of the entrance is spoiled
    that it can't be opened. But don't worry, Daniel's shot will solve all
    of those. Then you can enter the shop. There are four chests here too :
    15 bullets, Attack Plus, Bullet Capacity Plus and Tool.
      When you have finished everything here, tell Daniel and he would pick
    you and Maeda to the Museum.
      There is nothing here beside a scene and a near riot between Daniel
    and Klamp.
      Maeda is such a talented guy. When Klamp is away, he does all his best
    to see Klamp's research about how the Mitochondria cells can invade
    human body. But then Klamp comes back and of course he has to get rid of
      Daniel can't hold his anger. But now it's not time for him to be
    angry. NYPD Station was destroyed by something. The characters just see
    a mess in their eyes. Daniel checks the place and so does Aya. Maeda
    would give you a Good Luck Charm (useless thing) and then you take
    control of Aya. Return to the main hallway. Such a mess ! Go to the
    Meeting Room, I'm sure that there are new items here. You would be
    welcomed by a spider. Be careful and don't let yourself trapped in web
    or your speed would be reduce.
      Get out of the Meeting Room and head to the Weapon Department.
    Sometimes you can meet Dog mans here. They are such strong and wise
    enemies. See my strategy at "Monster List". In the Weapon Storage, you
    will meet Wayne and Torres who is going to die...
      After that, Wayne stays in this storage. He gives you the M92F handgun
    - Torres's weapon. This is not only a good weapon but a bad weapon as
    well. You can combine it with your gun if you have tools. Then head to
    the last room where Sheeva and some dogs were caught. You would see the
    cages become a mess. Detective Cathy is unconscious. Talk to her and she
    will let you know what happens, giving you 6 bullets. But then you would
    be attacked by two Dog Men.
      Return to the hallway and go to the Locker Room to get Medicine 3.
    When you intend to enter the office, a Super Rat will attack you. This
    rat is faster and more dangerous than the ones in Carnegie Hall and it's
    yellow. Entering the office and talk to an unconscious officer here. He
    would tell you more about the accident and give you 30 bullets. You will
    know that something happens to Ben's dog - Sheeva and the child is
    chasing after the dangerous dog.
      You would see a scene showing Ben who is chasing after Sheeva. The dof
    now looks like a crazy animal...
      In the hallway, go up the right stairs and you see Nix was beaten with
    a police officer. Talk to him and he will give you some ammo. Then head
    to the left path.
      You are in the first fork road where Ben was here to find Sheeva. Go
    to the first room you see. Two Dog Men will attack you. Kill them and
    get inside the left room to find Storage Key. There is a treasure chest
    in the bottom right containing a Medicine 3. Get out of the room.
      Ben is at another fork road... Sheeva is lost and the child is being
    surrounded by two Super Rats...
      Go to the left room. There is a Save Point here and CR Evade+1. Then
    get back to the fork road and head to the north stairs. Three spiders
    would attack you...
      You are in the next fork road where Ben was in danger. But you see
    nothing here. Go to the first room in sight. You meet the Lab Tech who
    would heal your health and fill your HP. I think you should do this
    because the battles here are rather tremendous. Then get out. You can
    fight some Rats, but you don't find Ben. Talk to the lying police for
    the Locker Key, then head to the north double door. A police officer is
    being beaten by a huge Dog Man. You can have SG550 after killing this
    monster. Equip this weapon or combine it with your gun. Talk to that
    wounded police for ammo. Do you see a hidden hole in the north of the
    police ? Check and get into it. You can find a SV Vest. Then get back to
    the fork road and go to the right path.
      Don't go to the left path soon. Just head to the north room to fight
    some spiders. Sometimes you can receive three Medicine 3 or two with a
    PE Medicine. When you have done this, you can go to the right path of
    the hall. Just go along to the front door and prepare for a boss fight.
      Ben is calming Sheeva but all of those are just useless. The dog is
    affected by Mitochondria cells and it is going to transform. Douglas
    Baker tries to protect the child while Sheeva is transforming. What a
    terrible scene ! But Aya has come :
      Central head : 400 HP
      Left head : 200 HP
      Right head : 300 HP
      Just attend to attack the central head to defeat it faster. This dog
    is slow but its hits are rather heavy. You can't avoid its earthquake
    and it makes you lose a big number of HP. Sheeva can attack by casting a
    huge laser. You can completely anticipate the laser's way and avoid it
    as soon as possible. Run around and shoot but don't touch it in this
    small battlefield. 
      Sheeva's attacks are pretty impressive : 
    - Bite : Well, he can do this attack whenever he wants. And the damage 
    caused by this is pretty big. He suddenly dashes into you quickly, then 
    bites you. Try to move aside as quickly as you can.
    - Triangle Laser : Maybe this is the most often attack of Sheeva. You 
    see him gathering triangular flashes, then he suddenly casts a big laser 
    which lasts pretty long, and he quickly moves it over the battlefield to 
    make you get hit. The damage is average. But the attack is easy to avoid 
    once you have got some practices. It takes Sheeva a long moment to 
    charge the triagular flashes, and that's the chance for you to prepare 
    yourself. Then he will cast the laser soon at where you are standing. 
    And you, be faster than him, by running to the opposite side as soon as 
    possible. Remember, it MUST BE AN OPPOSITE SIDE. As I said, Sheeva will 
    move the laser around as long as it's lasting. Standing around that side 
    also makes you get hit as usual. So now you know what you must do ? Your 
    best position before Sheeva shoots the laser is either left or right 
    - Earthquake : Sheeva makes a heavy earthquake which will cause 
    Stuffness (Slow) on you and inflicts a VERY BIG DAMAGE. You may lose 
    about 200 HP because of this attack. You can see there are many circles 
    spread when the earhquake is happenning. Well, if you can stand out of 
    the biggest circle, you'll be safe. But doing that is nearly impossible, 
    as the circles may occupy even the corners of the battlefield, as Sheeva 
    usually does it from the center. Well, check up your health babe !
    - Scream : This is not an attack, since it's harmless. Sheeva sometimes 
    will make scream out that shakes the screen. Don't worry, that means one 
    of his head is lost. 
      After that, Daniel would come. And you should prepare for a new
    adventure that takes place in another position, not here...
                     D A Y  4  -  C O N C E P T I O N
     LOCATION : Saint Francis Hospital
     ENEMIES : Slime, Giant Slime, Spawn, Rat Man, Flying Man, Spawn Ball
     BOSS : Spider Woman
      After talking to Daniel and Baker, get out of the office. With the
    keys you collected in Day 3, you can unlock the last room of Weapon
    Storage corridor. Here there are three treasure chests for you to get.
    There might be a new weapon either.
      Then return to the main hallway and go to the laboratory where the Lab
    Tech and Maeda are working together. Then Daniel would come to tell you
    that they have just known Eve's destination would be the Hospital in New
    York. Then he gives you 30 bullets and you go with Maeda.
      Now you can check the place more if you want. Get out of Police
    Station and choose the Hospital to go.
      Aya and Maeda are in front of the Hospital. It seems no one is inside.
    Aya must explore this place before Eve can do anything. Maeda again
    gives you a useless charm. Then you enter the hospital.
      There's no one here. You open the door beside the reception desk to
    grab a Tool. There is Save Point here either. The door at the north is
    locked and you can't open it now. Go to the left path to the elevator
      You would see Maya in the other side of the left locked door. But you
    can't follow her. Choose either elevator and get on it. Eve wants to
    joke you again. She would make some trouble that the elevator takes you
    to the basement area. Escape.
      The electric power is off. Now you must go in a rather dark
    atmosphere. The door behind you wouldn't be opened until you unlock it
    from other side. Go down the screen to a turn path.
      You can go to the first door beside in Aya's right to get some ammo
    and M79 Grenade Launcher. Here you find the Fuse 1 and some slime
    monsters would welcome you. Then get out by another door. You are at
    another corridor and Maya appears in the other side of the north door.
    This door can't be unlocked if there's no electric power supplied. Just
    continue to go south.
      Go to the nearest door you see. There are some treasure chests here.
    Open them to get plus pieces of armor. Then run to upper right to
    another area. Check the chest beside the skeleton to have Medicine 3.
    Then check the drawer of the desk. You get Autopsy Key. Then go out by
    the nearest door.
      Finding the locked door beside the storage, you enter Autopsy Room and
    Aya would discard the key. Here you open a treasure chest to get Tool
    and go to the next door. First, go to the north to grab Fuse 2. In the
    right path, you grab a treasure chest and Blue Card Key from a burning
    corpse. You would be welcomed eagerly here by monsters. Then get out.
      Go to the deepest right path to the place where you saw Maya. Unlock
    that door by using the Blue Card Key to access the switch on the wall.
    You can touch the Power Room. Here there is a chest that contain a
    special weapon (but not powerful). You can get it if you like. Maya is
    here and she continues to play with you the old game. Now open the right
    door. Get through the glass slide door and find a spawn here. You would
    a chest with Medicine 2 here. Then go to the bottom right and find Fuse
    3 on the floor. Then go out.
      At the corridor where you have met Maya, go to the north to reach the
    fuse box. First, you must turn off the power (or Aya would be shocked by
    your carelessness, then connect the two wires into each other. Put the
    three fuses on it. Finally, you turn on. The power would be supplied
      Turn right to the next corridor with the two elevators. Then use one
    of them to get down 1st floor. Return to the main hall. Now the door at
    north is unlocked. You can enter it soon...
      After being attacked by some monsters, you will meet a nurse and a
    patient. Then you go to the right sickroom and fight another group of
    enemies. Then suddenly Aya's memory arouses. She remembers this was the
    place where she and Maya got treat after the accident. But Maya couldn't
    be saved... Talk to the nurse and she would give Green Card Key which is
    used to unlock the door beside the elevators where you first met Maya
    here. So get back to that place.
      Let Aya talk to the nurse here. Then use the card to open the door. In
    the north you can find a chest with Bullet Capacity Plus. Go to the left
    room. You can be welcomed by a huge slime. After that, find a handle in
    the bottom right and turn it to activate the elevators to other floors.
    You can find a chest with 30 bullets here. Back to the elevator and get
    on it to 13th floor.
      Your only door you can go is in the left. After fighting the spawn,
    you can check around the room to grab a Medicine 3 and G3A3 Rifle. But
    the door to other area is locked. Okay, now you try to find a white
    freezer in the left side. Then let Aya push it aside. There is a hidden
    switch behind it. Push it the you can go through the door.
      Grab some chests go to the north path. Then enter the right room. You
    will find some documents saying about Aya's accident that includes info
    about her dead mother - Mariko Brea. Check the chests here to grab Cure-
    M and bullets. Then I remind you to save here. Get down the next
    elevator you see.
      It would take you to the terrace. Here you are attacked by a giant
      Total HP : 900
      Oh yeah, this is a tough boss. Currently you mightn't have Haste
    spell, unless you have tried to gain once more level. It'll be better to 
    have it. If not, remember to bring at least two Cure-M. The most 
    important thing is that you must avoid its casting web or you would be 
    petrified. But don't let it strike you, too. Use the weapon with 
    furthest range because this guy is too large to shoot. I have died a lot 
    of times in this battle. After that, the spider would take you to 
    another position to continue the fight. Then its HP remains 500. Just 
    beat as I told you. Now it can cast three webs at the same time and it's 
    better for you to run and fire at the same time.
      These are details about the boss' attacks :
    - Spider Webs : Wow, the boss will suddenly blow a very large-ranged web 
    to you. If you get hit, you'll be stuck very long until the web is 
    COMPLETELY ended. This attack is extremely annoying, because Spider 
    Woman will turn you into a toy while you are petrified, and then enjoy 
    your life ! If you have got Haste spell, cast it on Aya and move aside 
    to dodge the web easily. If not, try running as fast as you can, to 
    reduce the percentage of being caught. 
    - Flame Blowing : The Spider's mouth is burning. Then it suddenly casts 
    a flame through you. This attack is hard to dodge like the Spider Webs. 
    Although the flame flies to you slowly, its size is big enough to reach 
    Aya while she is running. As usual, Haste is the easiest solution to 
    avoid this. And if you don't have it, do the same as dodging the Spider 
    Webs. Huh, let's imaginw when you are being stuck, the Spider Woman is 
    very glad to shoot this. So Spider Web is still your first attention.
    - Strike : Spider Woman strikes you by its leg when it comes close to 
    you. Hoo-hoo, stay away from the boss when it is coming to you okay ? 
    Getting aside is not the best idea now. Haste is your friend now !!! 
      After the fight, the spider would be dropped down by a ground breaking
    and you receive 6500 EXP and G23 Handgun.
      Eve has appears in front of you. The ambition of the largest
    liberation makes her insane. She would kill you now... by her way.
      The airplanes of some soldiers are flying through this place. She uses
    her deadly eyes to kill him that the plane loses control. Its engine has
    been destroyed after a crash and it is toward the hospital terrace. Eve
    has gone and now Aya must escape from the death coming. An explosion
    would happen soon. Try to control her to run to the bottom left of the
    terrace. She would find an emergency elevator to get down at once and
      But then, a little spider would appear to fight you. Just kill it and
    Aya would land the ground safely...
      Now you must return to NYPD Police Station to talk to your Chief
    Baker. Then you begin Day 5...
                      D A Y  5  -  L I B E R A T I O N
     LOCATION : Chinatown, Warehouse, Sewer, Subway, Museum of Natural
     ENEMIES : Cat, Red Snake, Bat, Blue Frog, Crocodile, Mole, Super Rat,
               Spider, Velociraptor, Chameleon, Scorpion, Armadillo,
     BOSS : Crab, Centipede, Triceratops, T-Rex, Eve
      Now you have two new destinations to go : Chinatown and Warehouse.
    Warehouse is sub quest destination. You can go or not. But I suggest you
    should go. Here I write the strategy for Warehouse first okay ?
      You must talk to the guard for being allowed to enter. This place is
    haunted. Check the first chest to get PPK Handgun. This gun is very
    annoying because it can shoot 5 bullets each time charging Active Time
    Battle. Then open the door to get to the house.
      The first chest here, you grab CM Protector. Going deeper, you are
    welcomed by a small Rat chased by a Cat. But the Rat becomes bigger into
    a Super Rat and it gets rid of the damn Cat. Of course, you must fight
    it. Remember to grab the Warehouse Key in the bottom right (the
    sparkling thing). Open the right chest to get M203-2 Grenade Launcher.
    Then go to the next door. Go along the room to the south area. Here
    there are some chests which one of them contains Rocket Launcher ammo.
    But now you don't have the weapon. Okay, get on the stairs to save and
    you can find a Weapon Plus here. Then unlock the left door by the key
    and get through it.
      You are in a narrow path and two spiders might want to see you. Just
    get them all and go to the other side.
      This room has a lot of chests with useful items. Take them and equip
    if you can. Then climb down the rail into below floor. Go around that
    place. You'll be attacked by a Giant Crab...
      Head HP : 856
      Each Hand HP : 420
      This is my funny experience. STAND AT EITHER SIDE OF THE CRAB and 
    shoot it. Why ? One of the dangerous hit of the crabs is casting the 
    water balls. They are cast in multiple and there's no position to avoid 
    except beside the crab. But first of all, check his attacks :
    - Strike : The crab may use this fatal attack with his arm when you 
    stands too close to either side of him. That's the reason why you must 
    kill the arm you are standind at as soon as possible. At this time of 
    the game, if you have always fixed your guns with Tools, it would be 
    strong enough to get rid of the arm after a few shots. 
    - Laser Beams : The eyelids of the crabn fly out, casting two Laser 
    Beams chasing after you. If you get two of the beams, you may lose more 
    than 250 HP. And that's not good. Haste is the best way to dodge these 
    lasers. You just try to run to wherever you can. But if you haven't cast 
    the spell yet, try to run to a large area where you can be free for a 
    while. If you are not blocked by anything on your way, you may avoid the 
    beams safely.
    - Water Balloons : This is the most dangerous attack of the crab. He 
    casts several water balloons all over screen, and it's impossible to 
    avoid if you are within. But as I said above, since you STAND AT EITHER 
    SIDE OF THE CRAB, you don't need to worry about this attack.
    - Threatening : While you are standing next to him, he may use this hit 
    besides striking. Two big hands of the crab swing out. And if you are 
    too close to either hand, you'll get hit. Well, keep a pretty small 
    distance okay ? 
      You would receive 2510 EXP and AT4 Rocket Launcher after killing the
      Check the place around, until you find a Tool on the floor. But it is
    covered by some poison gas. Try to wait until the gas is off. Enter and
    get it as soon as possible (if you really want to) and then run out.
      Now you have nothing else to do there. So get to your next destination
    : Chinatown.
      Just go along the street. In the second sight, you can find chest with
    M79-2 Grenade Launcher in the left side and a Save Point in the right
    side. Now reach the last sight of this place.
      Maeda is here to check something. He suggests you to climb down the
    sewer. Before doing this, reach the two chests around the statue to grab
    some items. Then descend the sewer.
      If you are here the first time, you would think it's a matrix. But
    it's not. You would find the order after some moments for exploring.
    Here let me chart a map for you to this place. Maybe it's not very
    correct, but it can help you to imagine your way :
        | |        | |         | |        | |        | |
        | |        |T|         | |        | |        | |
    ____| |________| |_________| |________| |________| |________
    _M4_   ___M____ R _________ A ___S____   ________   ________
        | |        | |         | |        | |        | |
        | |        | |         | |        | |        | |
    ____| |________|C|_________| |________| |________| |________
    ____   __W_____   _________   ________ W ________   _____C__
        | |        | |         | |        | |        | |
        | |        |M3         | |        | |        |t|
     ___| |________| |_________| |________| |________| |________
    |                               |                           |
    |      Archway                  |  C                        |
    |                               |                           |
      A : Ammo
      C : chests
      M : Cure-D
      M3 : Medicine 3
      M4 : Medicine 4
      R : Weapon Range Plus
      S : Where you start
      t : Tool
      T : Super Tool
      W : Weapon
      Now you must reach the left archway in the map. Maybe my chart is
    clear enough for you to understand the order of this place ?
      Climb up the ladder to the upper corridor. Go right to grab Club 3.
    Then go south to see a FMV...
      Maybe you still remember the tragedy in Central Park where a lot of
    innocent people were changed into elastic liquid. Now you have a chance
    to review it again. The liquid is gathered into a mass and it disappears
    through the water pool. Aya can do nothing with it...
      Go to the south and climb down the ladder. Yes, there's nothing here.
    But you have a chance to find another crocodile. Now it's not your boss
    and you can defeat it easily with your higher level. You can get some
    useful Weapon or Armor Part Plus after this battle. Then go up and head
    to the upper right. Reach the Water Control Room. There are 30 bullets
    and a Save Point here. Take it if you like.
      Examine the control panel. Turn on the power and then activate the
    pumps and see another FMV...
      The liquid is mixed with the water drainage system. It seems to be
    controlled by Eve that strikes the ceiling of the sewer... Then you turn
    off the power. Go through the next door. You will see the place where
    the strange liquid was. But now it's a ruin.
      Pass the drain and go through the opposite door. Go up the stairs to
    reach Subway.
      There are some ruins here. Aya thinks there might be something
    strange. Let her climb to the waiting area to grab items and save. Then
    let her go to either the north railway. The left one has a chest
    containing Medicine 3. Reach the place where the two railways combine
    into one, then you face a dangerous boss :
      HP : 500
      This stage is not very hard. Try to run and shoot at the same time.
    You must avoid any hits it gives you because most of them can cause
    annoying status change abnormalities. STANDING AT EITHER LEFT OR RIGHT 
    SIDE OF THE CENTIPEDE is better, but you must move following the boss, 
    like you did with the Crab boss. Use a powerful with high speed-ATB to 
    kill it. These are details about the Centipede's attacks :
    - Poison Rain : The Centipede screams out. Then a lot of poisonous balls 
    dropping around the battlefield. They gradually drop, chasing to 
    wherever you go. Running forward in a straight line is your evasion. If 
    you are not blocked on your way, you'll be safe. Once you are hit by a 
    poisonous ball, you'll be damaged, along with Poison status abnormality. 
    As your HP will gradually go down, I extremely recommend you to use a 
    Cure-P if you have. You think you can survive ? It will be NIGHTMARISH 
    if you do so, especially when you are new to the boss and you haven't 
    known him very well. His other attacks are often not really easy to 
    avoid if you first fight him, and no one can make sure if he will make 
    another Poison Rain next. 
    - Stuffy Lightning : The Centipede will cast some blue lightning from 
    its mouth. The lightning comes circularly on the ground with large 
    range. If you get hit, you'll be damaged along with Stuffness status 
    abnormality. The good news is that the circular lightning can be only 
    cast in a limited area. So if you are fast enough, you can run to the 
    opposite side immediately to avoid. Haste will make it easier for you.
    - Diving : The Centipede will do this when Aya is in front of him : He 
    lies his body on you. This is his physical attack which takes a lot of 
    Aya's HP. You can completely avoid this by NOT getting in front of him. 
    But if you are forced to do that, cast Haste on Aya and pass him as soon 
    as possible before he can execute you by this way. 
    - Jumping : Don't think that a Centipede can't jump. When you are trying 
    to stand by him, sometimes he may make a fast jump to get in front of 
    you to hit you, because he can't do harm on you while you are standing 
    by him. This is just an action of the boss, not an attack. But I notice 
    here to let you know. 
      After some moments, the boss is wounded and it splits into many body
    parts to fight you. This is harder than the first stage.
      Head : 250 HP
      Body : 120 HP
      Body : 120 HP
      Tail : 180 HP
      If you have an EXTREMELY fast Active Time Battle, you can use the 
    Rocket Launcher AT4 to kill it because this weapon can reduce a great 
    deal of your agility. If not, try to use your most powerful handgun with 
    high speed. The reason why I remind you to have high agility is because 
    the body parts attack you very quickly. Try to kill the head and the 
    tail first as they can poison you. Then you can take the rest easily 
    with the bodies.
      You would receive 10000 EXP after the battle.
      Just continue on your way. Try to check the spoiled trains in the
    right side. One of them has items for you to grab. They can be Tools (or
    Super Tool sometimes) and B Protector. Then get out of the train and go
    to either north railway.
      Pass the bridge until you see a corpse of the Subway guard. Take the
    Gate Key from him. Then Aya would say she must go to the Museum...
      Return to the waiting area and head to the south. You will find
    another stairs to get out of Subway. Use the key to unlock the door and
    go up to the ground. You return to the New York map. Let's head to
      It's the evening. You can enter the Museum freely by the right door.
      No one is in your sight. The stairs to Klamp's laboratory is locked.
    You must find another way to go. First, go to the left door - where you
    have just seen a shadow looks like Klamp. You have entered a room which
    displayed small samples of ancient dinosaurs. Just take the next door.
    In this room, you see a map on the floor. It's useless. You head to the
    bottom left, behind the dinosaur's skull to grab Medicine 3. Then go to
    the left door. The shadow has gone to another door and locked it. You
    are attacked by a pair of dinosaurs. Here there are two chests, one of
    them contains a weapon and the other has a Tool or Medicine 3. Now you
    can't chase after that shadow anymore. So return to the main hall.
      Head to the only north path you can go. Here there is a table. If you
    access it, it will give a puzzle for you to answer.
    - Q: How many animals are hiding ?
    - A: 9
      Your gift can be Medicine 3 or Revive Medicine.
      Then continue heading to the north. In the next area, take the left
    path and turn left. Here you see a puzzle table and a Scorpion (you
    can't avoid it). First, solve the puzzle :
    - Q: The name of the organelle that appeared in the first organism ?
    - A: Mitochondria
      Your gift can be Medicine 2.
      Then you fight the Scorpion, no matter you want or not. Then run to
    the left.
      There are two ways here. The south door is locked. It's the door which
    the mysterious shadow locked. But now he is not here. So let's head to
    the north way. You see a stairs. But don't go up now. Check the chest to
    grab another M203 Grenade Launcher. Go to the north path first. You are
    a in room which exhibits a lot of statues in strange styles. After you
    fight some monsters, head to one of the corner of the room. An
    earthquake happens that breaks some statues samples. Now you can return
    to the previous place to go upstairs. Solve another puzzle :
    - Q: What was the nutrition source of the first organism that lived 3.9
    billions years ago ?
    - A: Nitrogen oxides from volcanoes.
      There are some chests here either. The south door of this floor is
    locked too. So your only way is the northern. You have reached the room
    upper the statue room. It is also affected by the earthquake. The
    statues are also broken revealing a secret door. Go through it to the
    back balcony. Grab ammo and climb up to 3rd floor. Get through the upper
      After fighting the dinosaur, solve the next puzzle here :
    - Q: The Mitochondria creates ATP (adenosine triphosphate) within the
    cell. How much energy is this equivalent to ?
    - A: 200,000V per cubic cm
      There are some hidden chests hidden in the top right.
      Then head to the bottom left. This room exhibits the samples showing
    the history of humans and creatures. How beautiful it is. But you must
    continue your adventure anyway...
    - Q: By taking mitochondria, which uses oxygen as its nutritional
    source, into the body and living with it symbiotically, the bacteria has
    acquired a tremendous amount of energy. What was the consequence ?
    - A: Aging
      In a next room, you would see a new monster - Pterodactylus who wants
    to play with you. Just teach it how you really are. Then check the
    treasure chest to grab Medicine 4.
    - Q: In 19A1, Cann and Wilson released a theory stating that humans were
    derived fro Mitochondria eve. Which organism is thought to be
    Mitochondria Eve ?
    - A : An African female
      Pass another room with dinosaur figures. Run to the right until you
    reach a long corridor.
      Just head to the south. And finally, you reach the 3rd floor main
    hall. Now you can't use the elevator. So you enter the left room... No 
    Someone has locked the door to trap you... Okay, you have no way to get
    out. Check the chests for some weapon and armor. Then let Aya search the
    broken glass. She would want to jump to the wall side and you should do
    as her decision.
      Run to the right wall. Choose the first decision. Aya would jump down
    the below side very well. Go to the right and she will enter a room on
    2nd floor. The left door is locked, so you open the right door. You are
    taken to 2nd floor main hall with Klamp's laboratory which is being
    locked. So your only way is the north path.
      You will reach a room with toys, Christmas Trees and some tents. There
    are two hidden chests containing a Tool and an Armor Plus under the left
    and right tents. The next area is a long blue corridor. Get to the red
    carpet area, open the Monitor Room in the top left. Push the switch to
    activate the elevator. Then view the monitor. You will see Eve in the
    terrace. But you can't meet her now. Get out of the room and see a 
      The elastic liquid of Eve slowly covers the skeleton of an ancient T-
    Rex. It becomes similar to a real dinosaur which can move and roar. It's
    turned into a living creature...
      Control Aya to go to the left path. Grab the chest for Revive
    Medicine. The stairs just take you to 3rd floor which you have explored.
    Go to the north. You would return to another old area. Get down the
    stairs, follow the way to the main hall. The gate to 2nd floor now is
    unlocked. Reach Klamp's laboratory.
      You would meet Maeda. He gives you a handgun and says that it's the
    key to kill Eve. You must receive this weapon, no matter you want or
    not, but don't equip it. Currently it's your weakest weapon. The reason
    would be known in Day 6. Then Klamp comes to do something with you, so
    does Daniel. It seems that Klamp has spotted something about Eve. But he
    is punished before saying anything. Daniel and Maeda escape through the
    window. You check Klamp's corpse to grab Klamp Key. Now you come out.
      Get back to the left room. You can unlock the left door with the key.
    In the next room, you see another puzzle table :
    Q: 25 million years ago, oxygen increased in the air. Why ?
    A: Photosynthesis by bacteria
      Your reward could be a Tool. Do you see a secret room behind the
    dinosaur fossils ? You can't get into it now but you will. Go to the
    north room and go upstairs. When checking the room, the Triceratops
    figure will attack you.
      HP : 750
      This stage you destroy its head. This is not a very tough boss. But I
    suggest you should use Haste spell to increase your agility. Then you
    can easily avoid its horns and casting lightning spark. The horns can 
    you lose a great deal of HP. Run as soon as possible when you think it
    can dash you with them. These are details about the boss' attacks :
    - Lightning Spark : From the creature's horns, some Lightning Spark is 
    cast round the battlefield which will go through where you are standing. 
    And that's the moment you get hit. This attack is hard to evade, and the 
    damage is mediocre. Just try to run around and stay away as much as you 
    can. I'm sorry that I haven't found any safe strategy about how to avoid 
    this attack. 
    - Dashing : This is a fatal attack which two of the hits can kill you 
    soon. As usual, the Triceratops is going slowly. But then it suddenly 
    makes a 180 degrees turn, and immediately dashes to you heavily, 
    damaging you by its horns. This attack can ONLY be avoided when you move 
    aside AS SOON AS he turns. Avoiding early or later a little moment both 
    make failure. That's when you manually manage to avoid the attack. But 
    if you have Haste cast on Aya, it won't be so difficulty anymore. So I 
    advise you to use Haste here, just to keep you alive better.  
      The Triceratops just loses its head. But its body still can act. You
    must fight a second stage :
      HP : 900
      Now it dashes faster and the lightning spark is larger. The 
    Triceratops moves faster and more suddenly. Try to keep up the balance 
    of the battle. Do your best with the weapon you choose.
      You receive 50000 EXP after battle.
      After it dies, if you go to the north door, you will return to an old
    place. So now you check the south. But the Triceratops is still alive.
    It pushes you to the T-Rex hall and then it's splashed into elastic
    liquid on the ground. About, you can't survive without winning this
    third battle :
      HP : 2400
      This is not a tough battle if you have a good tactic. As fighting the
    giant crab, you stand beside one of the dinosaur's leg but don't touch.
    Use a weapon with far range to attack from that position. When you stand
    in this place, you can avoid its fire easier because this attack can
    take wipe of all your HP if you are hit completely. Another attack of
    the T-Rex is casting some beams to where you stand. This is easier to
    evade. Don't worry much. Just don't let the dinosaur grab you by itself. 
    These are details about the T-Rex's attacks :
    - Flame Blowing : The T-Rex casts flame when you are around the 
    battlefield. He will move the flame all around a limited zone of the 
    battlefield where you have stayed. If you get the whole fire, there are 
    100% game over. Let me tell you how to do evasion. If you let the 
    dinosaur cast this at the center of the battlefield, it's nearly 
    impossible to avoid, and you'll die soon after touching the fire. But if 
    you are cast from the left side or right side, you can completely evade 
    by RUNNING FAST to the opposite side. You must be FAST, because the 
    flame range is very large. Haste will support you to do this. That's the 
    reason either left or right side is the best position for Aya to stay 
    while battling. Good luck !
    - Shooting Beams : The T-Rex rarely does this attack. He charges himself 
    at his body and then two beams will cast on the ground at where you are 
    standing. Have Haste cast on Aya and move aside to avoid. 
    - Bite : This is the strongest single attack of the T-Rex. When you are 
    too close under his head, he will suddenly make a bite on you. So have 
    you known what to do ? Just don't stand there. There's no good way to 
    evade since you get hit very suddenly. 
      Your reward after this battle is 100000 EXP, a new weapon and the
    strongest spell Liberate.
      Get out of the T-Rex Hall. Now you can use the elevator to go any
    floor you. You can check the 4th floor where you can't come on foot. But
    now your destination is the Triceratops room. Return to that place and
    unlock the south door. You are in a completely new area. a FMV shows
    that some earthquake happens...
      After the earthquake, you can check the secret room I have told you
    above. There are weapons and Tool there. I think they are really useful,
    especially this time of the game. In the new area, you can also check
    the left broken glass to grab some similar items...
      Are you finish ? Let's get up the stairs to see Eve.
      A great FMV ! Eve prepares to bear a Mitochondria baby - the Ultimate
    Being and now she can't fight with you. But she also doesn't let you
    touch her child. She uses her magic to gather all the elastic liquid
    into a giant elastic monster who would grab her out of Aya. Aya could do
    nothing and the monster heads to the Statue of Liberty. Enjoy a great
      The monster destroyed some parts of the city when coming to the Statue
    of Liberty. Aya is given a mission to drive a helicopter to protect the
    Statue of Liberty with some other soldiers. But all of their helicopters
    are destroyed by the monster, except Aya. She prepares a powerful
    missile and then sends it to destroy monster. The great deal of elastic
    liquid breaks the precious statue when collapsing. But Eve is still
      Aya prepares everything and jumps to the area by parachute. Then she
    faces Eve beside the statue :
      Top : 1900 HP
      Middle : 1750 HP
      Bottom : 1600 HP
      This is a hard battle if you don't understand how Eve attacks you. Try
    to store a lot of strong Medicines before taking part in this battle.
    Increase your agility, then fight her by your strongest gun. These are 
    her attacks :
    - Double shooting Beams : This is surely the first attack Eve uses to 
    start the fight. From her bottom, four pairs of shooting beams are cast 
    pursuing you. To avoid this attack, just run around Eve before the beams 
    until the attack is ended. You can make it more easily with Haste. 
    - Needles : Eve does this after the Double Shooting Beams. From her 
    claws, she casts tons of needles rounding the battlefield. About you, 
    just run VERY QUICKLY toward the direction of the needles to be out of 
    their range. Eve often casts them from right to left. But in my 
    experience, I rarely avoid this attack manually. If you are careful, 
    Haste may be helpful. 
    - Tentacle Attacks :
       + Blue Tentacle : Two strikes + Reducing your defense
       + Yellow Tentacle : Two or three strikes + Causing Confusion
       + White Tentacle : Four or five strikes
       + Red Tentacle : Your HP remains 1.
      Haste spell can help you avoid those easily. You can execute the same 
    evasion for all four styles of tentacle attacks. When Eve comes close to 
    you and swings the tentacle, no matter what she will do, quickly run and 
    stay away. If you are good, you can do without Haste. But be very 
    careful with the Red Tentacle. Eve usually does it when one of her body 
    part is killed, with a very extreme speed. So then Haste should be used 
    now if you want to be safe. Each single strike make you lose 100-200 HP. 
    - Bunch of Beams : If you attack Eve from the back, she would send some 
    magic beams from her top to the ground that's really a trouble to avoid. 
    The beam directions are random and spread all over the battlefield. 
    Haste will be helpful. Just try to run around Eve until she ends the 
      Each time you destroy one body part, Eve will sign unpleasantly and 
    quickly give you a red tentacle. So be careful ! Try to defeat the whole 
    her body.
      Eve doesn't die yet. She would transform into a winged creature to
    continue the battle :
      HP : 2200
      This form is weaker than the previous, but more annoying. She flies
    very fast that can give sudden hits to you. Her slashing can poison you.
    Or she can use some spell to trap you that you can neither move nor do
    anything. Use Cure-M to remove this state. When she flies to the sky,
    that means she is casting a flash to the ground where you are standing.
    You can't see your situation during this time so try to run around as
    much as you can to avoid the hit. But don't worry much, this skill
    doesn't take much of your HP. Just don't let yourself be passive in this
      It might over Eve. But before dying, she tries to look at Aya with a
    strange glare which look like everything is not over yet...
                        D A Y  6  -  E V O L U T I O N
                        LOCATION : Navy Cruiser
                        ENEMIES : N/A
                        BOSS : Ultimate Being
      Now Aya is on the cruiser with some other polices. Daniel and Maeda
    welcomes her victory. But she still worries about something.
      After talking to your friends, go to the left cabin. You meet Wayne
    and another guy here. Talk to Wayne first. He would ask you if you want
    to rename your weapon and armor or not. I remind you should, because you
    can keep that weapon until the next game of yours - EX Game. I will
    explain in other menus. But now you should.
      Then talk to the guy who blocks the door. He will give you some items
    as your command. After finishing, remember to save and go out.
      There is something strange on the Statue of Liberty. Something is
    rising which can be seen as a sphere containing a baby. No, Eve has
    already beard it. The child sounds its first cry, flying with the little
    wings. Its cry make every means of transport of the Police Department
    explode. Now Aya again must fight it - the next generation of Eve. She
    must take al of the rest. Maeda intends to give her something, but
    Daniel takes him away. Now you have no way to go :
      HP : 1500
      This battle is easy. Just shoot it by your gun and avoid its ring. But
    if it plays the ultimate ring, you can lose whole your health remaining
    1 HP. But it's not a problem to recover soon. Don't let it touch you
    because you have had the largest space to fight.
      The baby is exploded. But it's not dead. It is transforming into the
    next form :
      Child : 1500 HP
      Wings : 950 HP
      In the first time, the child and the wings combine into one to fight
    you. Try to avoid its beams and I think it's not hard. After some
    moments, it would split into a crawling child and the flying wings.
    Don't go near the child or it would grab you heavily. But the wings are
    more annoying. They drop some bursting sphere that you can't run
    yourself without using Haste spell. The child sometimes casts a huge
    pink laser that takes the whole space and you can't avoid it with low
    speed. If they split, try to kill the wings first because they annoy
    you, then the child. Store your Parasite Energy. Don't use too much
    because you would use it in the next battle.
      The child is exploded...
      HP : 3500
      This guy looks like the last form of Sephiroth in Final Fantasy VII.
    Again, I remind you to stand near him. One of his strongest attack is
    casting a group of spheres around the stage that you can't easily avoid
    except the boss' position. Your Item Slots should have some Revive
    Medicines for some instant situations. His claw can wipe your health and
    the best way to avoid is keeping a safe distance. Sometimes he can jump
    to the center to make a terrible earthquake. I don't know how to avoid
    this kind of attack. But generally, the best tactic is always keep your
    HP higher than half. Because any hits of him can also kill you
    instantly. If you are not good, store some Revive Medicines.
      Now he really dies ? Not yet...
      HP : 8000
      The boss casts some crystals that annoy you around. This is an easy
    battle. But the important thing is that your gun is just strong enough
    to massage him. So what do we do ? Do you remember that Maeda intended
    to give you something before leaving ? And now Daniel would do that...
      The gun Maeda gave you just proves its true power when being loaded
    with suitable ammo. From the helicopter, Daniel jumps down, throwing the
    ammo to Aya. Then he drops to the sea. After that, Aya would equip
    herself with Maeda's gun and load the new ammo. Shoot the boss until he
    is defeated. One shot of yours can make he lose 999 HP or more in EX
      The Ultimate Being is defeated, but it still uses its last strength to
    kill you. Now you must escape from this cruiser and from that annoying.
    Go to the left room. Aya would prompt to see the cruiser map and then
    she decides to go to the Engine Room. Don't save or it's just a waste of
    time. The monster can kill you once it touches you. So try to open the
    next door.
      You are in a fork road. Now you must follow what I show to avoid
    losing the way. Turn to your left, okay ? The right path is a dead end
    and you couldn't return once you go there because Ultimate Being has
    come. When you turn left, run to the end and enter the right way. There
    are stairs here. Go down as soon as possible and go to the left.
      Another fork road. Go right and choose the north path to go, don't
    continue to pass. Run until you reach a ladder to Engine Room. Access
    the control panel to activate the self-destruct system. The Ultimate
    Being now is near you. But don't fear. It is being petrified
    temporarily. Turn left and go to the south to climb up another ladder.
      Once you reach the ground, go along that path to the south. Quickly
    open the door in your left and enter. You see another stairs. Now the
    monster has increased its speed. It begins to fly, not crawl. So you
    must be faster either. Go upstairs and immediately run right (In this
    time you must keep calm, don't lose anytime until you pass this final
      This is your last path. Just head to left and...
    8/  M O N S T E R  L I S T
       MONSTER LIST     \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      Lowest HP : 240 HP
      Highest HP : 431 HP
      Weak against : Cold
      Location : Museum of Natural History - Day 5
      Strategy : Attack by rolling to you and make you lose a chance to
    attack when shooting. When it rolls, its defense increases much and it's
    the good form to attack. But you should attack whenever you can because
    your chance can be destroyed by its rolling.
      Lowest HP : 112 HP
      Highest HP : 201 HP
      Weak against : Fire
      Location : Sewer - Day 5
                 Subway - Day 5
      Strategy : This monster can strike lightly or cast ultra sonic that
    blinds you and you can't shoot them correctly. You need to collect Cure-
    Ds for fighting these guys. Always avoid its ultra sonic before
    shooting. Your hurry can make trouble for yourself. You must guess when
    they will cast the sonic to you to avoid. Just when they are really
    tranquilized, shoot at that time.
      Lowest HP : 75 HP
      Highest HP : 134 HP
      Weak against : Fire
      Location : Central Park - Day 2
      Strategy : This guy is slow and stupid. First, keep a safe distance.
    Then attack and run around at the same time to avoid its electricity.
    That's the only problem to fight this enemy.
      Lowest HP : 35 HP
      Highest HP : 62 HP
      Weak against : Poison
      Location : Central Park - Day 2
                 NYPD Police Station - Day 3
      Strategy : Shoot and run at the same time. They often attack in
    multiple and you need a high agility to fight them easily. But these are
    not strong enemies either.
      Lowest HP : 153 HP
      Highest HP : 275 HP
      Weak against : Fire
      Location : Sewer - Day 5
      Strategy : The strategy is similar to the ones in Carnegie Hall sewer,
    but this kind is tougher. Attack from its back and try to avoid its
    instant jump on you. Anyway, its tongue is still the most tough and
      Lowest HP : 135 HP
      Highest HP : 242 HP
      Weak against : Cold
      Location : Chinatown - Day 5
      Strategy : These lovely guys are hardly good at physical attacks. They
    often cast balls from their special tails that the balls chase after you
    continuously like the Rat Men. Kill the monsters first, you can get rid
    of others.
      Lowest HP : 200 HP
      Highest HP : 359 HP
      Weak against : Poison
      Location : Museum of History Natural - Day 5
      Strategy : Oh no, the most annoying guys in this game ! They jump
    continuously and cause damage on you by licking your feet. Use attack
    combining with running around to avoid those fast guys. The best way is
    killing them as soon as possible.
      Lowest HP : 215 HP
      Highest HP : 386 HP
      Weak against : Fire
      Location : Sewer - Day 5
      Strategy : Just like the boss of Day 1. This guy only has one body
    part to attack. Follow the strategy to defeat the boss in Carnegie Hall
    sewer I wrote in the full walkthrough.
      Lowest HP : 98 HP
      Highest HP : 176 HP
      Weak against : N/A
      Location : NYPD Police Station - Day 3
      Strategy : They use the purple wave to reduce your stat, including
    attack and defense. So just get close to them when they use this attack,
    but then get away for safe distance. Don't let them strike you by hand
    because it would make a serious damage.
      Lowest HP : 110 HP
      Highest HP : 197 HP
      Weak against : Cold, Poison
      Location : Saint Francis Hospital - Day 4
      Strategy : This monster is rather slow. It often casts a great deal of
    green liquid that can cause "Slow" on you if you step on them. Shoot it
    as fast as you can before it can cover the whole stage with green
      Lowest HP : 34 HP
      Highest HP : 60 HP
      Weak against : Cold
      Location : Carnegie Hall - Day 1
      Strategy : Keep a safe distance when shooting it. Its tongue can make
    you lose much HP. Don' touch it and you should attack its back.
      Lowest HP : 150 HP
      Highest HP : 269 HP
      Weak against : N/A
      Location : NYPD Police Station - Day 3
      Strategy : Just follow the strategy to beat ordinary Dog Men. But this
    guy is tougher and more dangerous that three of his hits can kill you
    immediately. So pay attention to your health and heal when necessary.
      Lowest HP : 201 HP
      Highest HP : 361 HP
      Weak against : Acid, Fire
      Location : Saint Francis Hospital - Day 4
      Strategy : It's a huge slime that is almost similar to the ordinary
    ones. Its red balls are bigger that cause more damage. It also can
    attack by stepping on you. Try to keep a safe distance and make deal
    with it by your gun.
      Lowest HP : 161 HP
      Highest HP : 289 HP
      Weak against : Fire, Cold
      Location : Subway - Day 5
      Strategy : Prepare for you a great patience to fight this ugly guy. It
    can hide underground to evade your attack. When your Active Time Battle
    has been full, don't shoot when it's still underground or you just waste
    your ammo. Sometimes it rises with a shocking hit on you. Just shoot it
    at once at that time (I was angry).
      Lowest HP : 57 HP
      Highest HP : 102 HP
      Weak against : N/A
      Location : Central Park - Day 2
      Strategy : Keep a safe distance from the monster to shoot. Don't let
    it go close you because you can be hit by its hand. If it throws the
    claw to you, just try to run out of its limit range, you can avoid it
      Lowest HP : 10 HP
      Highest HP : 17 HP
      Weak against : Cold, Acid, Poison
      Location : Carnegie Hall - Day 1
      Strategy : Try to avoid its quick hit and kill it by any weapons. This
    is not a strong enemy.
      Lowest HP : 60 HP
      Highest HP : 107 HP
      Weak against : Fire
      Location : Central Park - Day 2
      Strategy : Always keep a safe distance because their roots would
    strike you annoyingly. Sometimes the plant can cast some poison air.
    Just run out from those airs, they are not hard to avoid.
      Lowest HP : 320 HP
      Highest HP : 575 HP
      Weak against : N/A
      Location : Museum of Natural History - Day 5
      Strategy : Stand under it and shoot. But remember to avoid when it
    prepares to cast blue air. That means you can't just only stand at one
    position. Try to be a good athlete.
      Lowest HP : 120 HP
      Highest HP : 215 HP
      Weak against : Fire, Poison
      Location : Saint Francis Hospital - Day 4
      Strategy : This guy like to go close you to throw his toy ball. Just
    kill him before the ball can make trouble on you. Run around to avoid
    the ball, shooting at the guy either. But it's not so serious if the
    ball hits you.
      RED RAT
      Lowest HP : 12 HP
      Highest HP : 21 HP
      Weak against : N/A
      Location : Carnegie Hall - Day 1
      Strategy : Just beat it with the club if you want to save ammo. Try to
    avoid its fire and keep a safe distance from enemies.
      Lowest HP : 44 HP
      Highest HP : 178 HP
      Weak against : Cold, Confusion
      Location : Central Park - Day 2
                 Chinatown - Day 5
                 Sewer - Day 5
      Strategy : One bite of these can cause Poison on you. Run around and
    shoot at the same time. Slow and annoying, this is not a troubling enemy
    if you are a careful player.
      Lowest HP : 430 HP
      Highest HP : 773 HP
      Weak against : N/A
      Location : Museum of Natural History - Day 5
      Strategy : This is a dangerous kind, I know. Running around is the
    best way to confuse it. Try to keep a safe distance because its tail can
    make you lose a great deal of HP and poison you. Sometimes it can cast
    some purple gale that confuses you. You avoid that hit by running to a
    completely different position.
      Lowest HP : 88 HP
      Highest HP : 158 HP
      Weak against : Acid, Fire, Tranquilization
      Location : Saint Francis Hospital - Day 4
      Strategy : Run around and attack at the same time, mainly avoid the
    red balls they throw. It's would be serious trouble if you are thrown at
    by multiple slimes and I'm sure you would die if you can't get out of
    that surrounding.
      Lowest HP : 170 HP
      Highest HP : 305 HP
      Weak against : Cold
      Location : Saint Francis Hospital - Day 4
      Strategy : An ugly slow mess ! It attacks by making an earthquake that
    slows you down. Then periodically sends some Spawn Balls to play with
    you. This guy hardly attacks himself.
      Lowest HP : 44 HP
      Highest HP : 80 HP
      Weak against : Poison
      Location : Saint Francis Hospital - Day 4
      Strategy : The balls jump everywhere in the battlefield and randomly
    strike you. If you don't kill it fast, it will gradually grow with
    stronger HP and vitality. Try to kill them before solving the big guy.
      Lowest HP : 78 HP
      Highest HP : 435 HP
      Weak against : Fire, Cold, Confusion
      Location : NYPD Police Station - Day 3
                 Warehouse - Day 5
      Strategy : This kind of enemies is annoying, too. They bite very fast
    and cast webs that reduce your agility seriously. Try to keep a safe
    distance out of the casting web range and attack as usual.
      HP : ~500 (about 500)
      Weakness : unknown
      Location : Chrysler Building 
      Strategy : The squirrel can bite you with little damage or it can cast 
    missiles which cause Confusion on you. The missiles can be easily to 
    avoid, just run to another side when you see it preparing to shoot to a 
    definite direction. When its partner is killed or it's going to die, the 
    squirrel often run out of battle. So then if you want to get EXP and 
    dropped items, just try to kill it as soon as possible.  
      Lowest HP : 70 HP
      Highest HP : 386 HP
      Weak against : Fire, Poison, tranquilization, confusion
      Location : NYPD Police Station - Day 3
      Strategy : Use guns and always keep a safe distance because this kind
    is more dangerous the ordinary rats. Don't use Club for safety.
      HP : ~500
      Weak against : Fire, Poison, Tranquilization, Confusion
      Location : Chrysler Building
      Strategy : Sometimes you can meet them in the floors between 60th and 
    70th floor. The strategy is the same as ordinary super rats.  
      HP : 500/1000 HP
      Weak against : None
      Location : Chrysler Building
      Strategy : Sometimes you grab them from treasure chests in Chrysler 
    Building. They look like some kinds of mole, but wiser and tougher. It 
    attacks by two hits : Striking or Rotating. Both hit can make you lose 
    3/4 your HP. Then you can die easily if you can't heal your HP promptly. 
    Remember to bring some Revive, your best weapon and your best armor with 
    you to fight it.
      The given HP above is my estimation from some of my encounters. But 
    acoording to my feeling, its HP rises as Aya levels up, so it means that 
    levelling up doesn't completely make the battles with them easier. 
    Powered-up weapons are better for you against them.   
      Lowest HP : 280 HP
      Highest HP : 503 HP
      Weak against : Cold
      Location : Museum of Natural History - Day 5
      Strategy : This guy is slow but annoying. Try to increase your speed,
    then attack it by your strong weapons. Its bite is hard to avoid and you
    can only do it by running aside. It's hard to keep a safe distance with
    this guy. So just try to kill it as fast as you can.
      Lowest HP : 32 HP
      Highest HP : 57 HP
      Weak against : N/A
      Location : Central Park - Day 2
      Strategy : They are smaller and faster than the red ones but they
    can't cause poison. Run around and shoot at the same time because these
    small enemies bite you frequently that is very annoying.
      MAJOR MONSTER CHARACTERISTICS    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    * This description is of Squaresoft.
      This result from Eve's manipulation of a monkey's genes bears no
    resemblance to its prior form. A bipedal creature standing as tall as a
    man, this mutant monkey is deadly at both long and short range.
      The mutant frog Aya encounters in the sewers is a man size creature
    with a prehensile tongue. Though slow and dull-witted, the speed and
    range of its daring tongue more than make up fir its weaknesses.
      Though not a powerful creature, the mutant bat's sonic attack makes it
    a monster to be weary of. Capable of disorienting creatures far bigger
    than itself, this attack effectively negates an opponent's ability to
    fight, making them easy prey.
      The first mutant creature Aya encounters, the rat's relative weakness
    make it easy to disregard, though its flaming tail attack may be a cause
    for concern in tight quarters.
      The massive mutant scorpion is a well armored and dangerous foe.
    Capable of shrugging off large amounts damage and dishing out the same
    through its pincer attacks and poisoned tail, this monster's only
    weakness may be is slowness.
      The genetically altered snake improves upon all of its previous
    strengths, and eliminates its weaknesses. Now capable of surviving in
    even freezing temperatures, this monster's lightning strikes and
    poisoning attacks make it a formidable creature.
      By manipulating the DNA found in the fossilized remains of certain
    dinosaurs, Eve was able to bring some of these long extinct creatures
    back to life. With its speed and strength, the Veloceraptor is one of
    the deadlier species Aya encounters.
    9/  I T E M  L I S T
      COMMON ITEM LIST     \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                  -----------!  HEALING ITEMS   !-----------
    - Medicine 1 : Restores 45 HP
    - Medicine 2 : Restores 90 HP
    - Medicine 3 : Restores 180 HP
    - Medicine 4 : Restores 400 HP
    - Full Recover : Restores all HP and cures all negative statuses
    - Revive : Automatically revives Aya when her HP reaches 0 with half
    maximum HP.
    - Cure-P : Cures and prevents Poison temporarily
    - Cure-M : Cures and prevent Stiffness temporarily
    - Cure-D : Cures and prevents Darkness temporarily
    - Cure-C : Cures and prevents Confusion temporarily
                    -----------!    ARMOR PLUS    !-----------
    - Defense + 1 : Increases Defense Power by 1
    - Defense + 2 : Increases Defense Power by 2
    - Defense + 3 : Increases Defense Power by 3
    - Defense + 4 : Increases Defense Power by 4
    - PE + 1 : Increases PE Defense by 1
    - PE + 2 : Increases PE Defense by 2
    - PE + 3 : Increases PE Defense by 3
    - PE + 4 : Increases PE Defense by 4
    - CR Evade + 1 : Increases Critical Evasion Percentage by 1
    - CR Evade + 2 : Increases Critical Evasion Percentage by 2
    - CR Evade + 3 : Increases Critical Evasion Percentage by 3
    - CR Evade + 4 : Increases Critical Evasion Percentage by 4
                      -----------!   WEAPON PLUS    !-----------
    - Offense + 1 : Increases Attack Power by 1
    - Offense + 2 : Increases Attack Power by 2
    - Offense + 3 : Increases Attack Power by 3
    - Offense + 4 : Increases Attack Power by 4
    - Range + 1 : Increases Attack Range by 1
    - Range + 2 : Increases Attack Range by 2
    - Range + 3 : Increases Attack Range by 3
    - Range + 4 : Increases Attack Range by 4
    - Bullet Cap + 1 : Increases Bullet Capacity by 1
    - Bullet Cap + 2 : Increases Bullet Capacity by 2
    - Bullet Cap + 3 : Increases Bullet Capacity by 3
    - Bullet Cap + 4 : Increases Bullet Capacity by 4
      KEY ITEM LIST    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      Use : Unlock the doors of Carnegie Hall backstage
      Location : Carnegie Hall (corpse)
      Use : Unlock Rehearse Room of Carnegie Hall
      Location : Carnegie Hall backstage (Melissa's diary)
      ZOO KEY (CP Key in Japanese version)
      Use : Unlock the gates in Central Park
      Location : Central Park - Guard's corpse
      HAMAYA (Japanese Special Good Luck Charm)
      Use : Useless
      Location : Maeda - NYPD Police Station
      Use : Unlock the Storage Room
      Location : Interview Room - NYPD Station
      Use : unlock a locker in 17th Precinct
      Location : Police Office - NYPD Station
      MAYOKE (Japanese Helpful Good Luck Charm)
      Use : Useless
      Location : Maeda - Hospital
      Use : Unlock Hospital Autopsy Room
      Location : Basement Office - Saint Francis Hospital
      FUSE 1
      Use : Put in Hospital fuse box
      Location : Medicine Storage - Hospital
      FUSE 2
      Use : Put in Hospital fuse Box
      Location : Power Room
      FUSE 3
      Use : Put in Hospital fuse box
      Location : Hospital basement
      Use : Open a door in Hospital basement
      Location : Corpse - Power Room
      Use : Unlock a door in Hospital
      Location : from the nurse in Sick Room
      Use : Unlock elevator to Hospital terrace
      Location : the last room - Hospital
      Use : Unlock a door in Warehouse
      Location : Warehouse
      NARITA (Japanese Good Luck Charm)
      Use : Useless
      Location : Maeda - Chinatown
      GATE KEY
      Use : Unlock Subway gate
      Location : Subway - corpse
      Use : Unlock doors in Museum
      Location : Klamp's corpse - Museum
      Use : Unlock the elevator from 1st-10th floors in Chrysler Building
      Location : 10th floor - Chrysler Building
      Use : Unlock the elevator from 1st-20th floors in Chrysler Building
      Location : 20th floor - Chrysler Building
      Use : Unlock the elevator from 1st-30th floors in Chrysler Building
      Location : 30th floor - Chrysler Building
      Use : Unlock the elevator from 1stth-40th floors in Chrysler Building
      Location : 40th floor - Chrysler Building
      Use : Unlock the elevator from 1stth-50th floors in Chrysler Building
      Location : 50th floor - Chrysler Building
      Use : Unlock the elevator from 1st-60th floors in Chrysler Building
      Location : 60th floor - Chrysler Building
      Use : Unlock the elevator from 1st-70th floors in Chrysler Building
      Location : 70th floor - Chrysler Building
    10/ W E A P O N  L I S T
    - Name : Weapon's name
    - AT : Attack
    - R : Range
    - CA : Bullet Capacity
    - RT : Rate of Fire
    - The weapons are written following the alphabet order of their names.
    - The weapons' stats are current, not plus or base.
    - The weapons in Chrysler Building can only be got in EX Game.
    !               T Y P E  :  M E L E E  W E A P O N                    !
    !   NAME     ! AT ! R  ! CA ! RT !    LOCATION      !     SPECIAL     !
    ! Club 1     ! 10 ! 10 ! 0  !    ! Initial          ! None            !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                  !                 !
    ! Club 2     ! 26 ! 10 ! 0  !    ! Soho             ! Item            !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                  !                 !
    ! Club 3     ! 38 ! 10 ! 0  !    ! Chinatown        ! Item + Quickdraw!
    !            !    !    !    !    !                  !                 !
    ! Club 4     ! 80 ! 10 ! 0  !    ! Chrysler Building! Item            !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                  ! Critical Bonus  !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                  ! Counter Attack  !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                  !                 !
    ! Club 5     ! 102! 10 ! 0  !    ! Chrysler Building! Item + Quickdraw!
    !            !    !    !    !    !                  !                 !
    !                   T Y P E  :  H A N D G U N                         !
    !   NAME     ! AT ! R  ! CA ! RT !    LOCATION        !   SPECIAL     !
    ! AM444      ! 78 ! 58 ! 13 ! 5  ! Chrysler Building  ! None          !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! G19        ! 32 ! 58 ! 10 ! 3  ! Soho               ! None          !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! G20        ! 65 ! 62 ! 14 ! 1  ! Chrysler Building  ! Counter Attack!
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! G22        ! 51 ! 60 ! 11 ! 2  ! Museum             ! None          !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! G23        ! 48 ! 60 ! 10 ! 3  ! Hospital           ! None          !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! M1911A1    ! 17 ! 60 ! 6  ! 3  ! Carnegie Hall Sewer! None          !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! M1911A2    ! 48 ! 61 ! 10 ! 3  ! Chinatown          ! None          !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! M1911A3    ! 50 ! 62 ! 9  ! 5  ! Chrysler Building  ! None          !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! M1911A4    ! 68 ! 63 ! 9  ! 1  ! Chrysler Building  ! None          !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! M1911A5    ! 86 ! 63 ! 11 ! 1  ! Chrysler Building  ! None          !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! M712       ! A1 ! 64 ! 11 ! 1  ! Chrysler Building  ! Counter Attack!
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! M8000      ! 57 ! 58 ! 12 ! 1  ! Museum             ! Command x 2   !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! M84F       ! 12 ! 51 ! 6  ! 2  ! Initial            ! None          !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! M9         ! 17 ! 54 ! 9  ! 3  ! Central Park       ! None          !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! M9-2       ! 39 ! 55 ! 11 ! 3  ! NYPD 17th Precinct ! None          !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! M9-3       ! 55 ! 58 ! 13 ! 3  ! Museum             ! Command x 2   !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! M92F       ! 29 ! 51 ! 11 ! 3  ! NYPD 17th Precinct ! None          !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! M96        ! 77 ! 59 ! 16 ! 1  ! Chrysler Building  ! None          !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! M96R       ! 89 ! 59 ! 20 ! 2  ! Chrysler Building  ! Command x 3   !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! Maeda's Gun! 1  ! 60 ! 15 ! 2  ! From Maeda         ! None          !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! Mark 23    ! 82 ! 61 ! 13 ! 3  ! Chrysler Building  ! Quickdraw     !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! MDE50AE7   ! 125! 56 ! 17 ! 2  ! From Wayne         ! None          !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! P220       ! 15 ! 55 ! 5  ! 2  ! Carnegie Hall      ! None          !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! P220-2     ! 48 ! 55 ! 12 ! 3  ! Museum             ! None          !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! P226       ! 63 ! 57 ! 12 ! 2  ! Chrysler Building  ! None          !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! P228       ! 59 ! 56 ! 13 ! 5  ! Chrysler Building  ! Counter Attack!
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! P229       ! 71 ! 56 ! 13 ! 3  ! Chrysler Building  ! None          !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! P8         ! 19 ! 56 ! 7  ! 1  ! Central Park       ! None          !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! PPK        ! 47 ! 49 ! 12 ! 5  ! Warehouse          ! Quickdraw     !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! SP1C       ! 120! 69 ! 20 ! 2  ! From Wayne         ! None          !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! USP        ! 52 ! 56 ! 10 ! 3  ! Chrysler Building  ! None          !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! USP-2      ! 58 ! 59 ! 11 ! 1  ! Chrysler Building  ! None          !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! USP-3      ! 76 ! 58 ! 13 ! 2  ! Chrysler Building  ! Quickdraw     !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! USP-TU     ! 116! A2 ! 31 ! 5  ! From Wayne         ! Counter Attack!
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    !                   T Y P E  :  S H O T G U N                         !
    !   NAME     ! AT ! R  ! CA ! RT !    LOCATION        !   SPECIAL     !
    ! M10B       !121 ! 70 ! 7  ! 3  ! From Wayne         ! Burst         !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! M500       ! 59 ! 63 ! 7  ! 2  ! Museum             ! Burst         !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! M500-2     ! 76 ! 67 ! 6  ! 3  ! Chrysler Building  ! Burst         !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! MA10       ! 49 ! 60 ! 7  ! 2  ! Chinatown Sewer    ! Burst         !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! MA10-2     ! 63 ! 64 ! 5  ! 1  ! Chrysler Building  ! Burst         !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! Maverick   ! 82 ! 71 ! 7  ! 1  ! Chrysler Building  ! Burst         !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! S12        ! 98 ! 72 ! 9  ! 1  ! Chrysler Building  ! Burst         !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    !           T Y P E  :  G R E N A D E  L A U N C H E R                !
    !   NAME     ! AT ! R  ! CA ! RT !    LOCATION        !   SPECIAL     !
    ! M203       ! 27 ! 60 ! 5  ! 1  ! Central Park       ! Explosive     !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! M203-2     ! 49 ! 65 ! 7  ! 6  ! Warehouse          ! Explosive     !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! M203-3     ! 50 ! 71 ! 7  ! 3  ! Chinatown Sewer    ! Acid          !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! M203-4     ! 58 ! 67 ! 8  ! 2  ! Museum             ! Freeze        !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! M203-5     ! 68 ! 65 ! 7  ! 1  ! Chrysler Building  ! None          !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! M203-6     ! 81 ! 68 ! 8  ! 1  ! Chrysler Building  ! Cyanide       !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! M79        ! 45 ! 67 ! 5  ! 2  ! Hospital           ! Tranquilizer  !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! M79-2      ! 46 ! 68 ! 6  ! 3  ! Chinatown          ! Acid          !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! M79-3      ! 54 ! 69 ! 6  ! 2  ! Subway             ! Freeze        !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! M79-4      ! 61 ! 65 ! 10 ! 1  ! Chrysler Building  ! None          !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! M79-5      ! 75 ! 69 ! 8  ! 1  ! Chrysler Building  ! None          !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! M79-6      ! 94 ! 69 ! 11 ! 1  ! Chrysler Building  ! None          !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    !                     T Y P E  :  R I F L E                           !
    !   NAME     ! AT ! R  ! CA ! RT !    LOCATION        !   SPECIAL     !
    ! AK-47      !115 !154 ! 25 ! 5  ! From Wayne         ! Counter Attack!
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! FA-MAS     !119 !169 ! 26 ! 3  ! Chrysler Building  ! None          !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! M16A1      ! 35 !112 ! 16 ! 2  ! NYPD 17th Precinct ! None          !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! M16A2      ! 55 !124 ! 19 ! 3  ! Chrysler Building  ! None          !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! MAG        !152 !185 ! 21 ! 2  ! From Wayne         ! Critical Bonus!
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! G3A3       ! 44 !123 ! 19 ! 1  ! Hospital           ! None          !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! PSG-1      ! 75 !120 ! 19 ! 2  ! Chrysler Building  ! None          !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! SAR        ! 86 !136 ! 16 ! 1  ! Chrysler Building  ! None          !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! SG550      ! 40 !110 ! 21 ! 2  ! NYPD 17th Precinct ! None          !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! XM177E2    ! 99 !159 ! 17 ! 1  ! Chrysler Building  ! Critical Bonus!
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    !                T Y P E  : M A C H I N E  G U N                      !
    !   NAME     ! AT ! R  ! CA ! RT !    LOCATION        !   SPECIAL     !
    ! Full UZ    ! 68 ! 50 ! 43 ! 10 ! Chrysler Building  ! Random Shot   !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! M10        ! 38 ! 45 ! 24 ! 7  ! Hospital           ! Random Shot   !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! M11        ! 33 ! 42 ! 21 ! 5  ! Soho               ! Random Shot   !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! Micro UZ   ! 40 ! 43 ! 19 ! 5  ! Hospital           ! Random Shot   !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! Mini UZ    ! 49 ! 46 ! 20 ! 5  ! Hospital           ! Random Shot   !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! MP5A5      ! 68 ! 48 ! 29 ! 2  ! Chrysler Building  ! Random Shot   !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! MP5K       ! 36 ! 43 ! 24 ! 3  ! NYPD 17th Precinct ! None          !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! MP5PDW     ! 53 ! 46 ! 25 ! 7  ! Museum             ! Random Shot   !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! MP5SD6     ! 89 ! 52 ! 32 ! 3  ! Chrysler Building  ! Random Shot   !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! P90        !122 ! 53 !201 ! 10 ! From Wayne         ! Random Shot   !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! PPSH41     ! 80 ! 76 ! 71 ! 10 ! From Wayne         ! None          !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    !            T Y P E  :  R O C K E T  L A U N C H E R                 !
    !   NAME     ! AT ! R  ! CA ! RT !    LOCATION        !   SPECIAL     !
    ! AT4        !128 !202 ! 1  ! 1  ! Warehouse          ! None          !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! AT4-1      !186 !232 ! 1  ! 1  ! Chrysler Building  ! None          !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    ! LAW80      !220 !210 ! 1  ! 1  ! From Wayne         ! None          !
    !            !    !    !    !    !                    !               !
    11/ A R M O R  L I S T
    - DE : Defense
    - PE : Parasite Energy
    - CR : Critical
    - The armors' stats are main, not plus or base.
    - The armors in Chrysler Building can only be found in Ex game.
    !               T Y P E  :  N O R M A L  A R M O R                    !
    !   NAME       ! DE ! PE ! CR !    LOCATION        !      SPECIAL     !
    ! N Vest       ! 10 ! 8  ! 13 ! Initial            ! None             !
    !              !    !    !    !                    !                  !
    ! N Protector  ! 12 ! 9  ! 18 ! Carnegie Hall      ! None             !
    !              !    !    !    !                    !                  !
    ! N Jacket     ! 35 ! 29 ! 19 ! NYPD 17th Precinct ! None             !
    !              !    !    !    !                    !                  !
    ! N Suit       ! 44 ! 36 ! 23 ! Museum             ! None             !
    !              !    !    !    !                    !                  !
    !               T Y P E  :  K E V L A R  A R M O R                    !
    !   NAME       ! DE ! PE ! CR !    LOCATION        !      SPECIAL     !
    ! Kv Vest 1    ! 20 ! 12 ! 15 ! Carnegie Hall Sewer! None             !
    !              !    !    !    !                    !                  !
    ! Kv Protector ! 41 ! 33 ! 20 ! Chrysler Building  ! None             !
    !              !    !    !    !                    !                  !
    ! Kv Jacket    ! 46 ! 45 ! 21 ! Chrysler Building  ! None             !
    !              !    !    !    !                    !                  !
    ! Kv Suit 1    ! 56 ! 56 ! 28 ! Chrysler Building  ! None             !
    !              !    !    !    !                    !                  !
    ! Kv Armor 1   ! 70 ! 68 ! 32 ! Chrysler Building  ! None             !
    !              !    !    !    !                    !                  !
    !              T Y P E  :  C H E M I C A L  A R M O R                 !
    !   NAME       ! DE ! PE ! CR !    LOCATION        !      SPECIAL     !
    ! Cm Vest 1    ! 16 ! 16 ! 11 ! NYPD 17th Precinct ! Auto-heal        !
    !              !    !    !    !                    !                  !
    ! Cm Vest 2    ! 31 ! 23 ! 35 ! NYPD 17th Precinct ! Auto-heal        !
    !              !    !    !    !                    !                  !
    ! Cm Protector ! 37 ! 48 ! 31 ! Warehouse          ! Auto-heal        !
    !              !    !    !    !                    !                  !
    ! Cm Jacket    ! 42 ! 50 ! 33 ! Chrysler Building  ! Auto-heal        !
    !              !    !    !    !                    !                  !
    ! Cm Suit 1    ! 52 ! 58 ! 35 ! Chrysler Building  ! Auto-cure        !
    !              !    !    !    !                    !                  !
    ! Cm Armor 1   ! 52 ! 56 ! 38 ! Chrysler Building  ! Auto-heal        !
    !              !    !    !    !                    ! Auto-cure        !
    !              !    !    !    !                    !                  !
    ! Cm Armor 2   ! 89 ! 97 ! 41 ! Chrysler Building  ! PE Light         !
    !              !    !    !    !                    ! Attack down      !
    !              T Y P E  :  S P E C T R A  A R M O R                   !
    !   NAME       ! DE ! PE ! CR !    LOCATION        !      SPECIAL     !
    ! Sp Vest 1    ! 22 ! 50 ! 19 ! Central Park       ! None             !
    !              !    !    !    !                    !                  !
    ! Sp Vest 2    ! 50 ! 41 ! 25 ! Chrysler Building  ! None             !
    !              !    !    !    !                    !                  !
    ! Sp Jacket    ! 35 ! 30 ! 26 ! Hospital           ! None             !
    !              !    !    !    !                    !                  !
    ! Sp Protector ! 39 ! 23 ! 26 ! Warehouse          ! None             !
    !              !    !    !    !                    !                  !
    ! Sp Suit 1    ! 60 ! 52 ! 29 ! Chrysler Building  ! None             !
    !              !    !    !    !                    !                  !
    ! Sp Armor 1   ! 75 ! 70 ! 33 ! Chrysler Building  ! None             !
    !              !    !    !    !                    !                  !
    ! Sp Armor 2   ! A1 ! 80 ! 40 ! Chrysler Building  ! Attack Up        !
    !              !    !    !    !                    !                  !
    !              T Y P E  :  S U R V I V A L  A R M O R                 !
    !   NAME       ! DE ! PE ! CR !    LOCATION        !      SPECIAL     !
    ! Sv Vest 1    ! 19 ! 16 ! 19 ! Central Park       ! Inventory Slot+1 !
    !              !    !    !    !                    !                  !
    ! Sv Protector ! 39 ! 36 ! 30 ! Museum             ! Inventory Slot+1 !
    !              !    !    !    !                    !                  !
    ! Sv Jacket    ! 42 ! 40 ! 33 ! Chrysler Building  ! Inventory Slot+1 !
    !              !    !    !    !                    !                  !
    ! Sv Suit 1    ! 47 ! 42 ! 40 ! Chrysler Building  ! Inventory Slot+2 !
    !              !    !    !    !                    !                  !
    ! Sv Suit 2    ! 52 ! 45 ! 41 ! Chrysler Building  ! Inventory Slot+2 !
    !              !    !    !    !                    !                  !
    ! Sv Armor 1   ! 66 ! 62 ! 47 ! Chrysler Building  ! Inventory Slot+4 !
    !              !    !    !    !                    !                  !
    ! Sv Armor 2   ! 79 ! 70 ! 49 ! Chrysler Building  ! Inventory Slot+4 !
    !              !    !    !    !                    !                  !
    !                  T Y P E  :  B I O  A R M O R                       !
    !   NAME       ! DE ! PE ! CR !    LOCATION        !      SPECIAL     !
    ! B Vest 1     ! 30 ! 35 ! 20 ! Hospital           ! Anti-poison      !
    !              !    !    !    !                    !                  !
    ! B Protector  ! 33 ! 38 ! 23 ! Subway             ! Anti-stiffness   !
    !              !    !    !    !                    !                  !
    ! B Jacket 1   ! 44 ! 49 ! 28 ! Museum             ! Anti-poison      !
    !              !    !    !    !                    !                  !
    ! B Jacket 2   ! 55 ! 62 ! 32 ! Chrysler Building  ! Anti-darkness    !
    !              !    !    !    !                    !                  !
    ! B Suit 1     ! 48 ! 55 ! 27 ! Chrysler Building  ! Anti-poison      !
    !              !    !    !    !                    ! Anti-darkness    !
    !              !    !    !    !                    ! Anti-stiffness   !
    !              !    !    !    !                    !                  !
    ! B Suit 2     ! 70 ! 76 ! 34 ! Chrysler Building  ! Anti-confusion   !
    !              !    !    !    !                    ! Attack down      !
    !              !    !    !    !                    !                  !
    ! B Armor      ! 85 ! 86 ! 45 ! Chrysler Building  ! Anti-poison      !
    !              !    !    !    !                    ! Anti-stiffness   !
    !              !    !    !    !                    ! Attack down      !
    !              T Y P E  :  C E R A M I C S  A R M O R                 !
    !   NAME       ! DE ! PE ! CR !    LOCATION        !      SPECIAL     !
    ! Cr Vest 1    ! 29 ! 24 ! 30 ! Soho               ! None             !
    !              !    !    !    !                    !                  !
    ! Cr Vest 2    ! 46 ! 43 ! 31 ! Museum             ! None             !
    !              !    !    !    !                    !                  !
    ! Cr Protector ! 41 ! 43 ! 26 ! Chinatown Sewer    ! HP Up            !
    !              !    !    !    !                    ! Active Time slow !
    !              !    !    !    !                    !                  !
    ! Cr Jacket    ! 44 ! 45 ! 34 ! Chrysler Building  ! None             !
    !              !    !    !    !                    !                  !
    ! Cr Suit 1    ! 65 ! 68 ! 39 ! Chrysler Building  ! HP Up            !
    !              !    !    !    !                    ! Active Time slow !
    !              !    !    !    !                    !                  !
    ! Cm Armor 1   ! 92 ! 90 ! 43 ! Chrysler Building  ! HP Up            !
    !              !    !    !    !                    ! Active Time slow !
    !              !    !    !    !                    ! Attack Up        !
    !              !    !    !    !                    !                  !
    ! Cm Armor 2   !107 !104 ! 51 ! Chrysler Building  ! HP Up            !
    !              !    !    !    !                    !                  !
    12/  S E C R E T S
      SMALL TRICK IN CARNEGIE HALL    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      In Day 1, after you fight the first battle with the actress (Melissa),
    don't chase after her or jump down the hole. Go out of the hall to see
    some of your backup. Then you ask the medical employee to heal your
    health completely. Or you ask the most left guy 10 times that he gives
    you 60 bullets. But this trick has a sequel after it. When you return to
    jump down the hole to Carnegie Hall backstage, you just face very few
    monsters (Japanese version).
      EX GAME    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      Finish the game once and use the Save File you used after completing.
      ALTERNATE ENDING    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      Finish the game once to get Ex Game. Then enter Ex Game and try to 
    beat up all the bosses in Chrysler Building, you'll get an alternate 
    ending. See the walkthrough for Ex game - Chrysler Building for more 
       300 JUNKS     \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      When you fight in Central Park or Warehouse, do you see that you get
    tons of Junks from enemies ? It's stupid that you have to collect
    useless things when your Item Slot is limited. But do you know that you
    would be rewarded special thing if you collect 300 junks ? Give them to
    Wayne, he will make for you a special weapon. Make sure of your decision
      Choose the gun type you want to have. If you let Wayne decide, I
    assure he doesn't give you the best weapon. Sometimes he even gives you
    the worst weapon. I would choose Handgun because that's my favourite
    weapon type with high speed.
    GUN : DE50AE7
    ATTACK : 125
    RANGE : 56
    CAPACITY : 17
    RATE OF FIRE : 2
    GUN : M10B
    ATTACK : 121
    RANGE : 70
    CAPACITY : 7
    RATE OF FIRE : 3
    SPECIAL :  Burst
    GUN : P90
    ATTACK : 122
    RANGE : 53
    CAPACITY : 200
    RATE OF FIRE : 10
    SPECIAL : Random Shot
    GUN : MAG
    ATTACK : 152
    RANGE : 185
    CAPACITY : 21
    RATE OF FIRE : 2
    SPECIAL : Critical Bonus
    GUN : HK40
    ATTACK : 116
    RANGE : 70
    CAPACITY : 9
    RATE OF FIRE : 1
    GUN : LAW80
    ATTACK : 220
    RANGE : 210
    CAPACITY : 1
    RATE OF FIRE : 1
    GUN : PPSH41 (MG)
    ATTACK : 80
    RANGE : 76
    CAPACITY : 71
    RATE OF FIRE : 10
    GUN : SP1C
    ATTACK : 120
    RANGE : 69
    CAPACITY : 20
    RATE OF FIRE : 5
    GUN : USP-TU (HG)
    ATTACK : 116
    RANGE : A2
    CAPACITY : 31
    RATE OF FIRE : 5
    SPECIAL : Counter
    GUN : AK-47 (RI)
    ATTACK : 155
    RANGE : 154
    CAPACITY : 24
    RATE OF FIRE : 5
    SPECIAL : Counter + Critical Bonus
      TRADING CARDS     \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      You only get these things in Chrysler Building of EX Game. Wayne will
    tune up your weapons for each one you give him. If you give him 12
    Trading Cards, he will give you Tool Kit (Infinite Tools). If you have
    all 14 Trading Cards to give you, he rewards you Super Tool Kit
    (Infinite Super Tools).
      Or you can get them at the Saint Francis Hospital. When you intend to
    go up to 13th floor, return to the place where a nurse is searching for
    the patients and check a cabin there. You will get tons of Trading Cards
    if you have enough Item Slots.
      Trading Card list :
     Eagle Trading Card
     MP44 Trading Card
     P38 Trading Card
     MG42 Trading Card
     BHAWK Trading Card
     KASUL Trading Card
     TYPE3 Trading Card
     PPKS Trading Card
     M1 Trading Card
     MK5 Trading Card
     TYPE38 Trading Card
     BAR Trading Card
     M29 Trading Card
     M73 Trading Card
     GSP Trading Card
      INFINITE AMMO & MEDICINE    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      In the Weapon Storage of NYPD 17th Precinct where Wayne often stands,
    you can find a chest on his desk which contains Ammo every time you get
    back from New York Map. In the bottom right of the room there is a
    similar chest with Infinite Medicine 2 or 3.
      MORE BATTLE POINTS    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      Just complete a day without saving.
      SEE THE HELICOPTER IN MAP   \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      When you are in New York map, try to push Select button, you can
    observe the helicopter flying around. Then press it again to return to
    ordinary state.
      SECRETS CHESTS       \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      Just the most hidden chests are listed.
      NYPD #17 PRECINCT 
      + Meeting Room : This is the room where you greet the press. At first, 
    there's nothing here. But if you get back here in Day 3, after it's 
    ruined by Eve, you find a chest containing a Cm armor. 
      At the only Save Point of this area, you turn to its right path. You 
    are taken to a dirty room which has some hidden chests. 
     1/ After finishing the T-Rex, you return to the room where you fought 
    the Triceratops, using Klamp Key to unlock the south door. Then you see 
    a FMV about some small earthquake. Well, you are in another room. But 
    now you back to the Triceratops room and go downstairs, open the south 
    door. The left dinosaur sample has been broken, you get in to find some 
    chests containing an armor and Super Tool.      
     2/ Maybe you still remember the security room with the alarm. After 
    deactivating the alarm, from your position, run right as far as you can 
    until Aya is lost from the screen, then go south. You'll find the 
    elevator to secret storeroom in 4th floor, which contains some cool 
    13/ E X  G A M E  -  C R Y S T L E R  B U I L D I N G
      See the "Secrets" menu to know how to unlock this mode. Ex Game is
    similar to the main game but all the enemies and bosses are stronger and
    tougher very much. Each day the game gives you some Bonus Points to
    increase your stat. Try to do your best with them because the enemies in
    EX Game are now very dangerous. Ex Game has a new location - Chrysler
    Building which contains a lot of secret things. Here you will meet Maya
    - the true Eve with invincible power and also the toughest boss of this
    game, I think. Let me take you to the real world of this place.
                                E X - M O D E
       LOCATION : Chrysler Building
       ENEMIES : Every enemies 
       BOSS : Arachnid, Crocodiles, Centipede, Triceratops, Cockroach,
              Giant Crab, Bees, Maya Brea
       CHRYSLER BUILDING    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      Chrysler Building is hard to make a walkthrough because the matrix in
    each area and floor are random. It changes every time you play. So I
    think that you can pass this challenge or not depends on your patience
    and memory when searching. Most of them are familiar to the bosses you
    fight in main game. I will remind you about this in Boss Strategy.
      Each floor has an elevator and a storage for you to collect new
    weapons and armors. But they are not easy to find.
      Level : 24
      HP : 1000
      EXP : 100
      Strong against : Acid, Fire, Tranquilization, Scan, Slow, Confusion
      Weak against : N/A
      Item Received : Chrysler Key 1
      It's like the Spider Woman in Hospital. This boss is the easiest in
    this tower. The higher Aya's level is, the more easily you fight this
    boss. Just do your best with your weapons and running around.
      Level : 29
      HP : 1200
      EXP : 150
      Strong against : Cold, Acid, Tranquilization, Confusion
      Weak against : Fire
      Item Received : Chrysler Key 2
      "This boss" is the pair of two crocodiles similar to the one in
    Carnegie Hall sewer but slower and lazier. Just follow the strategy for
    that boss to beat these guys. Not a hard battle !!!
      Level : 34
      Head : 1200 HP
      Body : 600 HP
      Body : 600 HP
      Tail : 600 HP - 800 HP
      EXP : 800
      Strong against : Fire, Acid, Tranquilization, Confusion, Slow
      Weak against : Cold
      Item Received : Chrysler Key 3
      Just as the "baby" you met in Subway. It splits into many parts to
    fight you. You follow the old strategy in Subway to fight him. I think
    the key to win this battle is high agility and long ranged weapon. Of
    course, it's good if you have a strong perfect weapon to beat him. This
    guy is tougher than the one in Subway very much.
      Level : 39
      Head : 1600 HP
      Body : 1600 HP
      EXP : 2500
      Strong against : Fire, Cold, Acid, Tranquilization, Confusion, Slow
      Weak against : N/A
      Item Received : Chrysler Key 4
      Yeah ! The guy in Museum of Natural History ! It's tougher than the
    one in Museum with stronger attacks. But if you increase your level,
    weapon and armor's stats, this battle is not hard anymore. Increasing
    the time of charging Active Time Battle is better at this fight and I
    think you can win easily.
      Level : 49
      Cockroach : 4200 HP
      Hatching Cockroach : 1200 HP
      EXP : 5000
      Strong against : Fire, Cold, Acid, Tranquilization, Confusion, Slow
      Weak against : N/A
      Item Received : Chrysler Key 5
      This is a completely new enemy. Try to avoid the antennas and some
    other attacks. When it transforms, it can emit a dangerous larva. Use
    strong weapons with special abilities such as Burst or Critical bonus.
    Try to finish the fight as fast as you can. It's better to use Haste
    spell to support attacking and evading. The larva can grow up to be a 
    mature roach and you must kill it before it gives birth to another next 
    larva. Many players have failed to conquer the building because of this 
    boss. So be careful !
      Level : 59
      Head : 6400 HP
      Left hand : 1600 HP
      Right hand : 1600 HP
      EXP : 10000
      Strong against : Fire, Cold, Acid, Tranquilization, Confusion, Slow
      Weak against : N/A
      Item Received : Chrysler Key 6
      This boss is similar to the simple one in Warehouse. But now it really
    improves strength and danger. Just stand at its side as the strategy of
    the old one and remember to cast Haste every time. Use your Bonus Point
    to increase Active Time Battle before entering the battle. Try to kill
    the hand at your side to avoid being annoyed. Then kill the head to
    finish the battle. Its beam can make serious damage that you can only
    avoid with very high agility. Do your best with the strongest weapon you
    currently have.
      This battle begins to be a real tough fight in this matrix tower. Now
    you have a chance to fight the real bosses :
      GENERAL STRATEGY : The Queen Bee appears first in the battle field. 
    Then it will summon the Little Bees to heal, and Worker Bee to paralyze 
    you. So then use powerful weapons with Special Burst to attack many 
    opponents at the same time. You must kill the supporter bees first, then 
    the Queen. The Special Burst can help you attack them at the same time. 
      Level : 74
      HP : 600
      EXP : 0
      Strong against : Fire, Cold, Acid, Tranquilization, Confusion, Slow
      Weak against : N/A
      Item Received : N/A
      They first appear in the battlefield that supports the Queen Bee. All
    these bees both can cause Poison on you by their stings. Your main
    target is the Queen Bee. But these guys would heal the Queen gradually
    that all what you have done are useless. Try to use a perfect weapon
    with high Rate of Fire and Special Burst. These stats can help you take
    the Queen and servants out at the same time. With high Rate of fire, you
    also need a high agility to solve dangerous situation when shooting. But
    please read this important notes : These little bees can be regenerated
    when some of them are killed. Don't forget to attack the Queen Bee.
      Level : 74
      HP : 1200
      EXP : 128
      Strong against : Fire, Cold, Acid, Tranquilization, Confusion, Slow
      Weak against : N/A
      Item Received : N/A
      These guys are not very dangerous, but they are the Queen Bee's "right
    hand". I confirm they are indeed good servants with great strategy to
    attack you. Don't come near them because you can get hit seriously. Use
    a long-ranged weapon to attack more easily. But never run to the place
    where the bees gather. You will be trapped in a mess with no escape
    except dying. Okay ? Always run to keep a safe distance and it's more
    important for you to keep a great calmness and patience.(Because you
    would lose many times if you are new). Kill them before it comes closer 
    to you.
      Level : 74
      HP : 12000
      EXP : 20000
      Strong against : Fire, Cold, Acid, Tranquilization, Confusion, Slow
      Weak against : N/A
      Item Received : Chrysler Key 7
      She deserves to be the Queen : a dangerous boss. Make sure that you
    have prepared very carefully before taking part in this battle. Choose
    the most perfect weapon and armor as well as all stats are high,
    suitable agility, tons of medicines and full PE bar. The Queen can hit
    you with powerful energy which is casting a great deal of shots that you
    can be safe if you are good at avoid. If not, you are suddenly turned
    into an insane dancing guy who must suffer 500 lost HP/hit and then die
    "in peace". You would be more careful when the Queen causes paralysis on
    you. You would be petrified for a while and then suffer her hits. The
    Queen has great skills that you can't anticipate or prepare even you are
    a "god".
      Its usual attack is casting some wave that make you lose 300-500 HP. 
    Then two other boomerangs fly around the battle field and each of them 
    can make you lose 150-250 HP. But it's lucky that the Queen often uses 
    this attack on left side or right side. So just try to dash to the 
    opposite side when she's going to cast hit. The second attacks of the 
    Queen is paralyzing. She petrifies you in a certain position, summoning 
    a laser to hit you from the air. If there are several Little Bees 
    around, they may poison you while you're trapped. This can cause a great 
    deal of HP. So then it's good to have Auto-heal in your armor. After 
    that hit, recover yourself asap and continue the battle.    
      Level : 99
      HP : 45000 (O_O)
      EXP : ???
      Strong against : Everything
      Weak against : N/A
      Item Received : Nil
      (This strategy is written by my friend .)
      Uh huh ! If you have read the full walkthrough, you might know Maya -
    the younger sister of Aya who got killed in the car accident long ago.
    That child wanders with you with unknown reason and she often shows you
    where Eve is. But now the question has been answered here, the top of
    Chrysler Building. Maya is waiting for you here who looks like a
    monster, not a poor child anymore. This is very the real Eve with
    invincible power and strength. As the previous battle with bees, equip
    yourself with the most perfect equipments. Before all, I MUST remind you 
    this note :
      I think this is the best standard for your equipments :
     - YOUR LEVEL : 35 or more
       It's not really easy to fight at Level 35. But this is the least 
    level you must reach. Try to level up as much as you can before getting 
    in this battle. Remember to touch the nearest save point outside if you 
       I have also found some expert players who can defeat   
     - YOUR HP : 677 or more 
       Just like your level, this is the least HP you must have now. Try to 
    increase your HP by using Armor's specialities, like increasing Max HP. 
       Attack : 350+
       Range : 120+
       Bullets : 100+ 
       Rate of Fire : 2 or 3 shots 
       Special : Quickdraw, Critical Hit 
     - ARMOR : Cm Armor
       Defense : 250+
       P.Energy : 200+
       Critical : 150+ 
       Special : Auto-heal, Increase Max HP 
     - ITEMS : Try to have as many these items as you can :
       Medicine 3
       Medicine 4 
       Full Recover
       Full Cure (Optional)
      That means you must have a big inventory. I have defeated with six 
    Medicine 3 ; eight Medicine 4 ; seven Revives and one Full Recover. 
    That's the truth and it's difficult. There are two tactics for this 
     STRATEGY #1 : This strategy is told by several guides. Use as much as 
    Liberate and Energy Shot in your effort, to cause great damage on Eve. 
    Once your PE charging is slow, try to exchange another one, with the 
    same stat. I have tried this tactic, and the percentage to win is VERY 
    FEW. You must have at least two armors for exchanging and recharging the 
    PE gauge. Then you waste a lot of your PEs for those Liberate and Energy 
    Shot, when each of them just causes about 1200 HP damage on Eve. Then 
    Eve can kill you immediately while you don't prompt to recover. Try this 
    tactic if you like, but I'm not sure of it.
      STRATEGY #2 : Thanks to some guys in Parasite Eve message board for 
    this strategy. I have won the battle by it, and I believe this is the 
    best and simplest tactic at all : No Liberate, no Energy Shot, just 
    shoot as usual. Don't believe ? I assure that you can save your life 
    more easily than the first tactic, for you have your PE restore your HP 
    and increase your ATB. Use the Medicines along with the healing spells. 
    If your gun is really stronger than 350, that means each of your shot 
    can make Eve lose 250-350 HP, and that's enough. Keep this up. You can 
    use Full Recover spell in case you have no way to save your life. 
    ! GENERAL NOTES (MUST READ) : Never attack when Eve summons her        !
    ! supporters. They are the kids that look like Maya, who may cause     !
    ! afflictions on you or recharge Eve's power. If you shoot Eve while   !
    ! the support is still on the screen (even when while its shadow is on !
    ! the screen), NEVER SHOOT HER. If you shoot, Eve will call another    !
    ! Maya to HEAL herself. First, it heals 1000 HP for her. But if you    !
    ! still keep attacking her like that several times, the supporter will !
    ! heal her more and more, that you will never defeat Eve. So then,     !
    ! please remember this when getting in battle.                         !
    - STAGE 1 : Eve usually teleports and you just shoot her when she is 
    shown. After teleporting twice, Eve may cause a wing strike at you which 
    is similar to Aya's first strike of Liberate. It takes you 100-200 HP 
    which is not very serious. It's not easy to avoid it, as you must run 
    and run out of her limit. This time, Eve just summons "Maya" to cause 
    affliction on you such as Stuffness or Confusion. This stage is pretty 
    - STAGE 2 : When attacking, Eve will make a double hit : including the 
    wing strike of Stage 1, and a kick. This kick can wipe 300-400 HP of 
    yours or more. That's terrible. Try to run out as much as you can, but 
    I'm sure it's not that simple. Auto-heal may help you to survive. If 
    not, use Heal 3 to before being hit. I think it's enough. If your 
    current HP is so few, use Medicine 4. This time, "Maya" is called to 
    recharge Eve's power. After that process, your shots just make Eve lose 
    1 or 2 HP. Then Eve will gather her power to dash to you. While she is 
    gathering, remember not to shoot, and stand AT THE CENTER of the screen. 
    YOU NEVER avoid this hit. When being dashed, your HP remains 1, and 
    Auto-Heal will help you to heal, if you have some Medicines. After this 
    hit, Eve is temporarily conscious. That's the best moment to keep 
    attacking her, until she recovers. Keep this going up, til Stage 3. 
    - STAGE 3 : Mostly similar to Stage 2. But Eve can dash without being 
    charged by the supporters. Then she can make a triple physical attack : 
    wing strike -> kick -> somersault. The somersault is new and stronger 
    than the kick, but easier to avoid. Just run to the opposite side before 
    Eve finishes her somersault. Somersault is really fatal, and you should 
    avoid it as much as you can. 
    14/  P A R A S I T E  E V E  S T O R Y
     # Source : Squaresoft
      A microorganism that lives within human cells and has existed
    symbiotically with the nucleus for hundreds of millions of years.
    Critical for production of energy within living things, Mitochondria has
    its own genetic code and the ability to evolve and multiply. What if
    this organism had her own intensions and was waiting for the day to take
    over human race...?
      Aya and her boyfriend go to Carnegie Hall to watch an opera. Suddenly,
    the actors and audience burst into flames during the performance. While
    the entire theatre is in frenzy, Aya is the only one who doesn't
    combust. Through the screams of terror, one actress laughs loudly by
    herself... "Who are you !?", Aya askes. "I...I am Eve." Aya takes her 
    gun and moves toward the stage. So begins the final battle for surviving
    between the human race and the Mitochondria...
     # This below passage is written by the author of this guide.
      As its introduction, everyone all has Mitochondria in their bodies.
    But it became growing from an instant incident. An African scientist
    whose wife is caught in a car accident, tried to culture her liver cells
    to keep her alive. He named these cells "Eve". Then the Mitochondria -
    Eve has had chance to grow in a human body. Later, there was a kidney
    transplantion between that woman and a young girl who is doubted to be
    Maya - Aya's sister.
      Aya's mother and sister has died in a car accident. In that tragedy,
    Aya was the only one who was able to be saved. Her eye was destroyed and
    she was transplanted with Maya's cornea. That's the reason why she could
    see Maya in her mind. Because that was what Maya saw before her death.
    But why does Eve live in Melissa Pearce's body ? Maya's and Melissa's
    operations were happened at the same time : another transplantion
    between Maya and Melissa. The guy who stands behind all these is Hans
    Klamp. He supports Eve to grow. And Melissa is a person who badly wants
    to take the main role in the opera, even selling her soul to the evil
    just to stand on the stage. She takes a great deal of medication to
    preserve her health. But now she is so weak to suffer, and then Eve has
    chance to possess Melissa's body.
      Aya...she feels to be called to the Carnegie Hall although she doesn't
    like opera. But then the battle between Human and Mitochondria happens.
    Aya has the Mitochondria cells from Maya that she is the only one who
    can prevent Eve's power.
      Maya, she is the real original Eve who makes everything to go wrong.
    You can meet her in the Chrysler Building in EX Game mode. It's the
    invincible Mitochondria with greatest power and strength...
    15/  G A M E  S H A R K  C O D E S
    - Here I just list codes for the most common items in the game. Codes
    for detail parts are in all CMGSCCC website. Please visit there to know.
    - I just get this part from other source and I never use codes to play
    any games. Anything with your codes, please contact the source
    http://www.cmgsccc.com. Everything about codes are collected in that
                        AMMO + 6 STATS MODIFIER CODES
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300AB60F 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300AB610 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300AB611 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800AB616 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800AB618 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800AB61A 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800AB61C 250A
                                                 800AB61E 480F
                                                 800AB620 0B0C
                                                 800AB622 490A
                                                 800AB624 0E0D
                                                 300AB626 0014
                     AMMO + 30 STATS MODIFIER CODES
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300AB64F 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300AB650 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300AB651 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800AB656 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800AB658 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800AB65A 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800AB65C 250A
                                                 800AB65E 480F
                                                 800AB660 0B0C
                                                 800AB662 490A
                                                 800AB664 0E0D
                                                 300AB666 0014
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300AB66F 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300AB670 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300AB671 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800AB676 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800AB678 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800AB67A 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800AB67C 250A
                                                 800AB67E 480F
                                                 800AB680 0B0C
                                                 800AB682 490A
                                                 800AB684 0E0D
                                                 300AB686 0014
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300AB68F 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300AB690 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300AB691 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800AB696 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800AB698 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800AB69A 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800AB69C 250A
                                                 800AB69E 480F
                                                 800AB6A0 0B0C
                                                 800AB6A2 490A
                                                 800AB6A4 0E0D
                                                 300AB6A6 0014
                     MEDICINE 1 STATS MODIFIER CODES
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300AB6AF 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300AB6B0 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300AB6B1 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800AB6B6 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800AB6B8 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800AB6BA 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800AB6BC 250A
                                                 800AB6BE 480F
                                                 800AB6C0 0B0C
                                                 800AB6C2 490A
                                                 800AB6C4 0E0D
                                                 300AB6C6 0014
                     MEDICINE 2 STATS MODIFIER CODES
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300AB6CF 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300AB6D0 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300AB6D1 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800AB6D6 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800AB6D8 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800AB6DA 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800AB6DC 250A
                                                 800AB6DE 480F
                                                 800AB6E0 0B0C
                                                 800AB6E2 490A
                                                 800AB6E4 0E0D
                                                 300AB6E6 0014
                      MEDICINE 3 STATS MODIFIER CODES
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300AB6EF 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300AB6F0 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300AB6F1 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800AB6F6 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800AB6F8 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800AB6FA 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800AB6FC 250A
                                                 800AB6FE 480F
                                                 800AB700 0B0C
                                                 800AB702 490A
                                                 800AB704 0E0D
                                                 300AB706 0014
                     MEDICINE 4 STATS MODIFIER CODES
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300AB70F 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300AB710 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300AB711 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800AB716 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800AB718 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800AB71A 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800AB71C 250A
                                                 800AB71E 480F
                                                 800AB720 0B0C
                                                 800AB722 490A
                                                 800AB724 0E0D
                                                 300AB726 0014
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300AB72F 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300AB730 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300AB731 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800AB736 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800AB738 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800AB73A 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800AB73C 250A
                                                 800AB73E 480F
                                                 800AB740 0B0C
                                                 800AB742 490A
                                                 800AB744 0E0D
                                                 300AB746 0014
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300AB74F 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300AB750 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300AB751 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800AB756 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800AB758 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800AB75A 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800AB75C 250A
                                                 800AB75E 480F
                                                 800AB760 0B0C
                                                 800AB762 490A
                                                 800AB764 0E0D
                                                 300AB766 0014
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300AB76F 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300AB770 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300AB771 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800AB776 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800AB778 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800AB77A 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800AB77C 250A
                                                 800AB77E 480F
                                                 800AB780 0B0C
                                                 800AB782 490A
                                                 800AB784 0E0D
                                                 300AB786 0014
                       CURE-P STATS MODIFIER CODES
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300AB78F 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300AB790 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300AB791 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800AB796 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800AB798 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800AB79A 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800AB79C 250A
                                                 800AB79E 480F
                                                 800AB7A0 0B0C
                                                 800AB7A2 490A
                                                 800AB7A4 0E0D
                                                 300AB7A6 0014
                       CURE-D STATS MODIFIER CODES
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300AB7AF 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300AB7B0 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300AB7B1 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800AB7B6 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800AB7B8 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800AB7BA 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800AB7BC 250A
                                                 800AB7BE 480F
                                                 800AB7C0 0B0C
                                                 800AB7C2 490A
                                                 800AB7C4 0E0D
                                                 300AB7C6 0014
                       CURE-C STATS MODIFIER CODES
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300AB7CF 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300AB7D0 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300AB7D1 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800AB7D6 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800AB7D8 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800AB7DA 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800AB7DC 250A
                                                 800AB7DE 480F
                                                 800AB7E0 0B0C
                                                 800AB7E2 490A
                                                 800AB7E4 0E0D
                                                 300AB7E6 0014
                      CURE-M STATS MODIFIER CODES
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300AB7EF 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300AB7F0 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300AB7F1 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800AB7F6 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800AB7F8 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800AB7FA 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800AB7FC 250A
                                                 800AB7FE 480F
                                                 800AB800 0B0C
                                                 800AB802 490A
                                                 800AB804 0E0D
                                                 300AB806 0014
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300AB80F 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300AB810 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300AB811 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800AB816 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800AB818 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800AB81A 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800AB81C 250A
                                                 800AB81E 480F
                                                 800AB820 0B0C
                                                 800AB822 490A
                                                 800AB824 0E0D
                                                 300AB826 0014
                       REVIVE STATS MODIFIER CODES
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300AB60F 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300AB610 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300AB611 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800AB616 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800AB618 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800AB61A 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800AB61C 250A
                                                 800AB61E 480F
                                                 800AB620 0B0C
                                                 800AB622 490A
                                                 800AB624 0E0D
                                                 300AB626 0014
                         JUNK STATS MODIFIER CODES
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300AB86F 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300ABA10 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300ABA11 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800ABA16 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800ABA18 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800ABA1A 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800ABA1C 250A
                                                 800ABA1E 480F
                                                 800ABA20 0B0C
                                                 800ABA22 490A
                                                 800ABA24 0E0D
                                                 300ABA26 0014
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300ABA2F 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300AB890 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300AB891 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800AB896 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800AB898 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800AB89A 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800AB89C 250A
                                                 800AB89E 480F
                                                 800AB8A0 0B0C
                                                 800AB8A2 490A
                                                 800AB8A4 0E0D
                                                 300AB8A6 0014
                         TOOL STATS MODIFIER CODES
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300AB8AF 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300AB8B0 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300AB8B1 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800AB8B6 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800AB8B8 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800AB8BA 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800AB8BC 250A
                                                 800AB8BE 480F
                                                 800AB8C0 0B0C
                                                 800AB8C2 490A
                                                 800AB8C4 0E0D
                                                 300AB8C6 0014
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300AB8CF 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300AB8D0 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300AB8D1 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800AB8D6 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800AB8D8 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800AB8DA 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800AB8DC 250A
                                                 800AB8DE 480F
                                                 800AB8E0 0B0C
                                                 800AB8E2 490A
                                                 800AB8E4 0E0D
                                                 300AB8E6 0014
                     TOOL KIT STATS MODIFIER CODES
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300ABC8F 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300ABC90 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300ABC91 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800ABC96 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800ABC98 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800ABC9A 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800ABC9C 250A
                                                 800ABC9E 480F
                                                 800ABCA0 0B0C
                                                 800ABCA2 490A
                                                 800ABCA4 0E0D
                                                 300ABCA6 0014
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300ABCAF 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300ABCB0 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300ABCB1 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800ABCB6 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800ABCB8 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800ABCBA 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800ABCBC 250A
                                                 800ABCBE 480F
                                                 800ABCC0 0B0C
                                                 800ABCC2 490A
                                                 800ABCC4 0E0D
                                                 300ABCC6 0014
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300ABCCF 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300ABCD0 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300ABCD1 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800ABCD6 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800ABCD8 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800ABCDA 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800ABCDC 250A
                                                 800ABCDE 480F
                                                 800ABCE0 0B0C
                                                 800ABCE2 490A
                                                 800ABCE4 0E0D
                                                 300ABCE6 0014
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300AB92F 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300AB930 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300AB931 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800AB936 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800AB938 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800AB93A 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800AB93C 250A
                                                 800AB93E 480F
                                                 800AB940 0B0C
                                                 800AB942 490A
                                                 800AB944 0E0D
                                                 300AB946 0014
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300AB94F 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300AB950 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300AB951 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800AB956 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800AB958 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800AB95A 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800AB95C 250A
                                                 800AB95E 480F
                                                 800AB960 0B0C
                                                 800AB962 490A
                                                 800AB964 0E0D
                                                 300AB966 0014
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300AB96F 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300AB970 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300AB971 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800AB976 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800AB978 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800AB97A 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800AB97C 250A
                                                 800AB97E 480F
                                                 800AB980 0B0C
                                                 800AB982 490A
                                                 800AB984 0E0D
                                                 300AB986 0014
                    OFFENSE + 1 STATS MODIFIER CODE
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300AB98F 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300AB990 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300AB991 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800AB996 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800AB998 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800AB99A 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800AB99C 250A
                                                 800AB99E 480F
                                                 800AB9A0 0B0C
                                                 800AB9A2 490A
                                                 800AB9A4 0E0D
                                                 300AB9A6 0014
                    OFFENSE + 2 STATS MODIFIER CODES
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300AB9AF 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300AB9B0 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300AB9B1 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800AB9B6 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800AB9B8 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800AB9BA 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800AB9BC 250A
                                                 800AB9BE 480F
                                                 800AB9C0 0B0C
                                                 800AB9C2 490A
                                                 800AB9C4 0E0D
                                                 300AB9C6 0014
                     OFFENSE + 3 STATS MODIFIER CODES
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300AB9CF 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300AB9D0 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300AB9D1 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800AB9D6 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800AB9D8 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800AB9DA 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800AB9DC 250A
                                                 800AB9DE 480F
                                                 800AB9E0 0B0C
                                                 800AB9E2 490A
                                                 800AB9E4 0E0D
                                                 300AB9E6 0014
                      OFFENSE + 4 STATS MODIFIER CODES
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300AB9EF 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300AB9F0 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300AB9F1 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800AB9F6 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800AB9F8 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800AB9FA 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800AB9FC 250A
                                                 800AB9FE 480F
                                                 800ABA00 0B0C
                                                 800ABA02 490A
                                                 800ABA04 0E0D
                                                 300ABA06 0014
                     RANGE + 1 STATS MODIFIER CODES
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300ABA0F 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300ABA10 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300ABA11 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800ABA16 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800ABA18 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800ABA1A 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800ABA1C 250A
                                                 800ABA1E 480F
                                                 800ABA20 0B0C
                                                 800ABA22 490A
                                                 800ABA24 0E0D
                                                 300ABA26 0014
                   RANGE + 2 STATS MODIFIER CODES
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300ABA2F 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300ABA30 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300ABA31 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800ABA36 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800ABA38 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800ABA3A 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800ABA3C 250A
                                                 800ABA3E 480F
                                                 800ABA40 0B0C
                                                 800ABA42 490A
                                                 800ABA44 0E0D
                                                 300ABA46 0014
                   RANGE + 3 STATS MODIFIER CODES
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300ABA4F 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300ABA50 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300ABA51 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800ABA56 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800ABA58 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800ABA5A 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800ABA5C 250A
                                                 800ABA5E 480F
                                                 800ABA60 0B0C
                                                 800ABA62 490A
                                                 800ABA64 0E0D
                                                 300ABA66 0014
                     RANGE + 4 STATS MODIFIER CODES
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300ABA6F 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300ABA70 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300ABA71 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800ABA76 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800ABA78 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800ABA7A 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800ABA7C 250A
                                                 800ABA7E 480F
                                                 800ABA80 0B0C
                                                 800ABA82 490A
                                                 800ABA84 0E0D
                                                 300ABA86 0014
                   BULLET CAP + 1 STATS MODIFIER CODES
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300ABA8F 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300ABA90 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300ABA91 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800ABA96 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800ABA98 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800ABA9A 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800ABA9C 250A
                                                 800ABA9E 480F
                                                 800ABAA0 0B0C
                                                 800ABAA2 490A
                                                 800ABAA4 0E0D
                                                 300ABAA6 0014
                   BULLET CAP + 2 STATS MODIFIER CODES
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300ABAAF 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300ABAB0 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300ABAB1 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800ABAB6 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800ABAB8 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800ABABA 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800ABABC 250A
                                                 800ABABE 480F
                                                 800ABAC0 0B0C
                                                 800ABAC2 490A
                                                 800ABAC4 0E0D
                                                 300ABAC6 0014
                    BULLET CAP + 3 STATS MODIFIER CODES
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300ABACF 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300ABAD0 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300ABAD1 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800ABAD6 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800ABAD8 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800ABADA 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800ABADC 250A
                                                 800ABADE 480F
                                                 800ABAE0 0B0C
                                                 800ABAE2 490A
                                                 800ABAE4 0E0D
                                                 300ABAE6 0014
                   BULLET CAP + 4 STATS MODIFIER CODES
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300ABAEF 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300ABAF0 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300ABAF1 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800ABAF6 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800ABAF8 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800ABAFA 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800ABAFC 250A
                                                 800ABAFE 480F
                                                 800ABB00 0B0C
                                                 800ABB02 490A
                                                 800ABB04 0E0D
                                                 300ABB06 0014
                     DEFENSE + 1 STATS MODIFIER CODES
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300ABB0F 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300ABB10 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300ABB11 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800ABB16 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800ABB18 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800ABB1A 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800ABB1C 250A
                                                 800ABB1E 480F
                                                 800ABB20 0B0C
                                                 800ABB22 490A
                                                 800ABB24 0E0D
                                                 300ABB26 0014
                    DEFENSE + 2 STATS MODIFIER CODES
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300ABB2F 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300ABB30 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300ABB31 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800ABB36 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800ABB38 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800ABB3A 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800ABB3C 250A
                                                 800ABB3E 480F
                                                 800ABB40 0B0C
                                                 800ABB42 490A
                                                 800ABB44 0E0D
                                                 300ABB06 0014
                    DEFENSE + 3 STATS MODIFIER CODES
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300ABB4F 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300ABB50 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300ABB51 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800ABB56 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800ABB58 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800ABB5A 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800ABB5C 250A
                                                 800ABB5E 480F
                                                 800ABB60 0B0C
                                                 800ABB62 490A
                                                 800ABB64 0E0D
                                                 300ABB66 0014
                     DEFENSE + 4 STATS MODIFIER CODES
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300ABB6F 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300ABB70 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300ABB71 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800ABB76 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800ABB78 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800ABB7A 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800ABB7C 250A
                                                 800ABB7E 480F
                                                 800ABB80 0B0C
                                                 800ABB82 490A
                                                 800ABB84 0E0D
                                                 300ABB86 0014
                    CR EVADE + 1 STATS MODIFIER CODES
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300ABB8F 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300ABB90 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300ABB91 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800ABB96 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800ABB98 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800ABB9A 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800ABB9C 250A
                                                 800ABB9E 480F
                                                 800ABBA0 0B0C
                                                 800ABBA2 490A
                                                 800ABBA4 0E0D
                                                 300ABBA6 0014
                    CR EVADE + 2 STATS MODIFIER CODES
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300ABBAF 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300ABBB0 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300ABBB1 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800ABBB6 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800ABBB8 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800ABBBA 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800ABBBC 250A
                                                 800ABBBE 480F
                                                 800ABBC0 0B0C
                                                 800ABBC2 490A
                                                 800ABBC4 0E0D
                                                 300ABBC6 0014
                  CR EVADE + 3 STATS MODIFIER CODES
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300ABBCF 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300ABBD0 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300ABBD1 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800ABBD6 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800ABBD8 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800ABBDA 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800ABBDC 250A
                                                 800ABBDE 480F
                                                 800ABBE0 0B0C
                                                 800ABBE2 490A
                                                 800ABBE4 0E0D
                                                 300ABBE6 0014
                      CR EVADE + 4 STATS MODIFIER CODES
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300ABBEF 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300ABBF0 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300ABBF1 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800ABBF6 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800ABBF8 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800ABBFA 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800ABBFC 250A
                                                 800ABBFE 480F
                                                 800ABC00 0B0C
                                                 800ABC02 490A
                                                 800ABC04 0E0D
                                                 300ABC06 0014
                       PE + 1 STATS MODIFIER CODES
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300ABC0F 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300ABC10 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300ABC11 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800ABC16 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800ABC18 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800ABC1A 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800ABC1C 250A
                                                 800ABC1E 480F
                                                 800ABC20 0B0C
                                                 800ABC22 490A
                                                 800ABC24 0E0D
                                                 300ABC26 0014
                       PE + 2 STATS MODIFIER CODES
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300ABC2F 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300ABC30 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300ABC31 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800ABC36 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800ABC38 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800ABC3A 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800ABC3C 250A
                                                 800ABC3E 480F
                                                 800ABC40 0B0C
                                                 800ABC42 490A
                                                 800ABC44 0E0D
                                                 300ABC46 0014
                      PE + 3 STATS MODIFIER CODES
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300ABC4F 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300ABC50 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300ABC51 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800ABC56 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800ABC58 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800ABC5A 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800ABC5C 250A
                                                 800ABC5E 480F
                                                 800ABC60 0B0C
                                                 800ABC62 490A
                                                 800ABC64 0E0D
                                                 300ABC66 0014
                       PE + 4 STATS MODIFIER CODES
     MAX BASE ATTR.1                             300ABC6F 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.2                             300ABC70 00FF
     MAX BASE ATTR.3                             300ABC71 00FF
     MAX PLUS ATTR.1                             800ABC76 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.2                             800ABC78 03E7
     MAX PLUS ATTR.3                             800ABC7A 03E7
     ALL ADDITIONAL EFFECTS                      800ABC7C 250A
                                                 800ABC7E 480F
                                                 800ABC80 0B0C
                                                 800ABC82 490A
                                                 800ABC84 0E0D
                                                 300ABC86 0014
    00 - NOTHING
    01 - AMMO + 6
    02 - AMMO + 15
    03 - AMMO + 30
    04 - DNA BULLETS
    05 - ROCKET
    06 - MEDICINE 1
    07 - MEDICINE 2
    08 - MEDICINE 3
    09 - MEDICINE 4
    0D - CURE-P
    0E - CURE-D
    0F - CURE-C
    10 - CURE-M
    11 - FULL CURE
    12 - REVIVE
    13 - DEFENSE
    14 - JUNK
    16 - TOOL
    17 - SUPER TOOL
    18 - ITEM 24
    19 - ITEM 25
    1D - OFFENSE + 1
    1E - OFFENSE + 2
    1F - OFFENSE + 3
    20 - OFFENSE + 4
    21 - RANGE + 1
    22 - RANGE + 2
    23 - RANGE + 3
    24 - RANGE + 4
    25 - BULLET CAP + 1
    26 - BULLET CAP + 2
    27 - BULLET CAP + 3
    28 - BULLET CAP + 4
    29 - DEFENSE + 1
    2A - DEFENSE + 2
    2B - DEFENSE + 3
    2C - DEFENSE + 4
    2D - CR EVADE + 1
    2E - CR EVADE + 2
    2F - CR EVADE + 3
    30 - CR EVADE + 4
    31 - PE + 1
    32 - PE + 2
    33 - PE + 3
    34 - PE + 4
    35 - TOOL KIT
    37 - MOD PERMIT
    38 - CHRYSLER KEY 1
    39 - CHRYSLER KEY 2
    3F - CLUB 1
    40 - CLUB 2
    41 - CLUB 3
    42 - CLUB 4
    43 - CLUB 5
    44 - M84F
    45 - M9
    46 - M9-2
    47 - M9-3
    48 - M8000
    49 - M96
    4A - M96R
    4B - P220
    4C - P220-2
    4D - P228
    4E - P226
    4F - P229
    50 - M1911A1
    51 - M1911A2
    52 - M1911A3
    53 - M1911A4
    54 - M1911A5
    55 - P8
    56 - USP
    57 - USP-2
    58 - USP-3
    59 - MARK 23
    5A - G19
    5B - G23
    5C - G22
    5D - G20
    5E - M712
    5F - PPK
    60 - AM44
    61 - MAEDA'S GUN
    62 - PPSH41
    63 - SP1C
    64 - USP-TU
    65 - AK47
    66 - DE50AE7
    67 - DEBUG SMG
    68 - M870
    69 - M870-2
    6A - M500
    6B - M500-2
    6D - S12
    6E - M10B
    6F - M11
    70 - M10
    71 - MPK5
    72 - MP5PDW
    73 - MP5A5
    74 - MP5SD6
    75 - MICRO-UZ
    76 - MINI-UZ
    77 - FULL-UZ
    78 - P90
    79 - M16A1
    7A - M16A2
    7B - SG550
    7C - SAR
    7D - G3A3
    7E - TYPE 64
    7F - XM117E2
    80 - PSG-1
    81 - FA-MAS
    82 - MAG
    83 - M203
    84 - M203-2
    85 - M203-3
    86 - M203-4
    87 - M203-5
    88 - M203-6
    89 - M79
    8A - M79-2
    8B - M79-3
    8C - M79-4
    8D - M79-5
    8E - M79-6
    8F - HK40
    90 - AT4
    91 - AT4-1
    92 - LAW-80
    94 - M92F
    95 - DRESS
    96 - NORMAL VEST
    99 - NORMAL SUIT
    B8 - BIO VEST 1
    B9 - BIO VEST 2
    BD - BIO SUIT 1
    BE - BIO SUIT 2
    CA - ZOO KEY
    CE - FUSE 1
    CF - FUSE 2
    D0 - FUSE 2
    D4 - PUMP KEY
    D5 - KLAMP KEY
    D9 - MEDAL
    DE - P38 T CARD
    E1 - PPKS T CARD
    E2 - M1 T CARD
    E3 - MKS T CARD
    E4 - MP44 T CARD
    E5 - BAR T CARD
    E6 - M642 T CARD
    E7 - M29 T CARD
    E8 - M73 T CARD
    E9 - TYPE 38 T CARD
    EA - TYPE 3 T CARD
    EC - HEAL 1
    ED - HEAL 2
    EE - HEAL 3
    EF - DETOX
    F0 - MEDIC
    F1 - BARRIER
    F3 - SCAN
    F4 - SLOW
    F5 - HASTE
    F6 - CONFUSE
    F7 - GENE HEAL
                          ITEMS MODIFIER CODES
         SLOT 1                                    800C0E48 00??
         SLOT 2                                    800C0E4A 00??
         SLOT 3                                    800C0E4C 00??
         SLOT 4                                    800C0E4E 00??
         SLOT 5                                    800C0E50 00??
         SLOT 6                                    800C0E52 00??
         SLOT 7                                    800C0E54 00??
         SLOT 8                                    800C0E56 00??
         SLOT 9                                    800C0E58 00??
         SLOT 10                                   800C0E5A 00??
         SLOT 11                                   800C0E5C 00??
         SLOT 12                                   800C0E5E 00??
         SLOT 13                                   800C0E60 00??
         SLOT 14                                   800C0E62 00??
         SLOT 15                                   800C0E64 00??
         SLOT 16                                   800C0E66 00??
         SLOT 17                                   800C0E68 00??
         SLOT 18                                   800C0E6A 00??
         SLOT 19                                   800C0E6C 00??
         SLOT 20                                   800C0E6E 00??
         SLOT 21                                   800C0E70 00??
         SLOT 22                                   800C0E72 00??
         SLOT 23                                   800C0E74 00??
         SLOT 24                                   800C0E76 00??
         SLOT 25                                   800C0E78 00??
         SLOT 26                                   800C0E7A 00??
         SLOT 27                                   800C0E7C 00??
         SLOT 28                                   800C0E7E 00??
         SLOT 29                                   800C0E80 00??
         SLOT 30                                   800C0E82 00??
         SLOT 31                                   800C0E84 00??
         SLOT 32                                   800C0E86 00??
         SLOT 33                                   800C0E88 00??
         SLOT 34                                   800C0E8A 00??
         SLOT 35                                   800C0E8C 00??
         SLOT 36                                   800C0E8E 00??
         SLOT 37                                   800C0E90 00??
         SLOT 38                                   800C0E92 00??
         SLOT 39                                   800C0E94 00??
         SLOT 40                                   800C0E96 00??
         SLOT 41                                   800C0E98 00??
         SLOT 42                                   800C0E9A 00??
         SLOT 43                                   800C0E9C 00??
         SLOT 44                                   800C0E9E 00??
         SLOT 45                                   800C0EA0 00??
         SLOT 46                                   800C0EA2 00??
         SLOT 47                                   800C0EA4 00??
         SLOT 48                                   800C0EA6 00??
         SLOT 49                                   800C0EA8 00??
         SLOT 50                                   800C0EAA 00??
                           MISCHELLANIOUS CODES
      JOKER COMMAND                             D009D0F0 ????
      MAX AT POINTS                             800B8A30 FFFF
      INFINITE HEALTH                           800B8A2C 03E7
                                                800B8A3C 03E7
      QUICK LEVEL GAIN                          8009CFE8 FFFF
      START WITH SMG                            D00A76BC 03E8
                                                800C0E50 0067
      MAX ITEM SLOTS                            800C0E0C 0032
      LEVEL 99                                  800C030A 0063
      MAX BONUS POINTS                          800C0E10 FFFF
      INFINITE BONUS POINTS                     8004AAAC 0000
      INFINITE AMMO                             80056BE0 0000
      TIME 00:00:00                             800A76BC 0000
                                                800A76BE 0000
      ACTIVATE TOOLS & BP MENU                  8009CEF0 FFFF
      HAVE ALL PARASITE ENERGY                  800C0E24 1FFF
      HAVE LOTS OF EXP                          800C0E00 FFFF
      MAX OFFENSE                               800C0E2A 03E0
      MAX DEFENSE                               800C0E2C 03E0
      MAX PARASITE ENERGY                       800C0E2E 03E0
      MAX STATUS RECOVER                        800C0E30 03E0
      MAX ACTIVE TIME                           800C0E32 03E0
      MAX ITEM CAPACITY                         800C0E34 03E0
      INFINITE PAASITE ENERGY                   800B8A2A 270F
                                                800B8A4E 270F
      WALK THROUGH WALLS                        8001AA4E 2400
      MAP MODIFIER                              8009D280 ????
                                                8009D28D ????
      HASTE ALWAYS                              800B8A42 03E7
    16/  FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
      *Question : Why do you create this guide ?
      *Answer : Because writing FAQs is my favourite task, and Parasite Eve 
    is one of my most favourite game of all time. 
      *Question : How many discs of this game are there ?
      *Answer : There are two. 
      *Question : How long does it take to beat this game ?
      *Answer : In your first try, it can take about 5 hours. But later, 
    once you are used to it, you can finish it within 2:50 hours or quicker. 
      *Questions : What are the charms Maeda gives Aya used for ? They seem 
    useless. How do I avoid getting them from Maeda ?
      *Answer : Well, this is a pretty popular question and according to 
    what I know, there's really no exact answer. I think they are useless 
    (or maybe they reduce the percentage of enemy encounters ?). You get 
    them when you talk to Maeda in NYPD Police Station (Day 3), Francis 
    Hospital (Day 4) and Chinatown (Day 5). In order to avoid getting them, 
    before meeting Maeda, try to pack your inventory with tons of any items 
    and LEAVE NO EMPTY SPACE. Then once you talk to him, you won't receive 
    the charm. And remember not to talk to him again. 
    17/  O T H E R  S T U F F
      PE GAMES    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      As the information I know, Parasite Eve is a survival horror game
    Squaresoft made following the first step of Capcom's Resident Evil
    series, the same as Konami's Silent Hill. Parasite Eve is a combination
    between Adventure and RPG game. But it has more characteristics of a RPG
    than an adventure. And it was created with Hollywood Digital Art is that
    Square called it a "Cinematic RPG". But in Parasite Eve II, Squaresoft
    has tried to make it more like an adventure game by changing the battle
    system and graphic that is made by Holliwood either with the genre
    "Cinematic Adventure". Not very good, but this game was in best seller
    in US.
      I don't know if PE is ended. But I hope it would be longer in the
    future as my favourite Resident Evil series. The current newest is
    Parasite Eve II which has already released in US and Japan :
      RELEASED : 1998  
      RELEASED : 1998
      This version is just like Japanese version I have been writting for
    you. There are some small difference that don't affect your game, just
    the orders of days are re-arranged.
      RELEASED : 2000
      CONTENTS : The next battle between Humans and Mitochondria. But now
    it's not just an ordinary monster. Now they can be Neo Mitochondrion
    Creature or Artificial Neo Mitochondrion Creature which could be created
    by Human themselves. Two years later, Aya has been transferred from NYPD
    17th Precinct in New York to MIST Office (Mitochondrion Investigating
    Service Team), Los Angeles. To search for this incident, she is
    instructed to explore the horrible accidents in Acropolis Building and
    Mojave Desert. And then, she has found a great shelter underground which
    is used for Mitochondrion research. Besides her, there are a lot of
    other characters related to this.
     - Good guys :
        Aya Brea
        Pierce Carradine
        Gary Douglas
        Jodie Bouquet
        Rupert Broderick
    - Bad guys :
        Kyle Madigan
    - Your enemies :
        Neo Mitochondrion Creatures (NMC)
        Artificial Neo Mitochondrion Creatures (ANMC)
    !   PARASITE EVE IN JAPAN         !       PARASITE EVE IN US        !
    !                                 !                                 !
    ! - Language : Japanese           ! - Language : English            !
    !                                 !                                 !
    !                                 !                                 !
    ! - Opening movie has some        ! - Opening movie has no prologue.!
    ! Japanese prologue.              !                                 !
    !                                 !                                 !
    ! - The tutorial background is a  ! - The tutorial background is a  !
    ! normal portrait of Aya.         ! picture about Aya with her club,!
    !                                 ! drawned by Tetsuya Nomura.      !
    !                                 !                                 !
    ! - You can name Aya with English ! - You can only name Aya with    !
    ! or Japanese.                    ! English.                        !
    !                                 !                                 !
    !                                 !                                 !
    ! - In the opening movie, the days! - In the opening movie, the days!
    ! are written in both English and ! are written in English only in  !
    ! Japanese.                       ! different font.                 !
    !                                 !                                 !
    ! - Day 5 is Liberation.          ! - Day 5 is Evolution.           !
    !                                 !                                 !
    ! - Day 6 is Evolution.           ! - Day 6 is Liberation.          !
    !                                 !                                 !
      I don't know if there are more any difference. But you can see, the
    major difference is the deception between Day 5 and Day 6. I think the
    English version is correct. "Conception" leads to "Evolution". Then the
    "Evolution" can lead to the "Liberation" as the complete state of
    Ultimate Being. The opposite order of Japanese version is very
    illogical. But anyway, this guide is mainly written for Japanese version
    so I must follow Japanese version's order in walkthrough.
      MY REVIEW ABOUT THIS GAME    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      I have bought Parasite Eve for nearly 3 years but I have still played
    it frequently until now. 3 years ago, games are not so nice and modern
    as they are now. So Parasite Eve was my best game. And now, although I
    have a lot of newer and nicer games, although I would rather them than
    it, Parasite Eve is still one of my favourite games.
      Gameplay 10/10
      It was the best game can make me happier after tired studying time.
    The good sound, great graphic, lively storyline, new system etc made me
    surprised hand happy. At that time, I only wanted to turn on the
    Playstation to play it. I wanted to see the miracles in it.
      Story 10/10
      The mysterious past of Aya and Eve, the long story about the hazardous
    Mitochondria, the long fight between Aya and Eve etc are indeed a great
    combination. They make the game more interesting, thrilling but
    mysteriously. I'm a person of mystery and I like mysterious things.
    There are a lot of different episodes in the game that make it more
    various. I not only hate Eve/Melissa but also feel sorry for her. If the
    old accident didn't happen, she wouldn't be like in the game. I admire
    Aya - a little police woman who bravely fights against the evil herself.
    This is the best storyline I have ever seen.
      Graphic 9/10
      The graphic in Parasite Eve can't be compared with current games
    because it was old. But if I wrote this in 1998, I would write it's the
    most perfect. The FMV scenes are very beautiful and splendid that I had
    never seen. But sometimes the camera is not so correct that makes me
    hard to control. But I was very happy to have a chance to play this
    wonderful game.
      Sound 9/10
      The music is very wonderful and various which are appreciate with the
    situations. The battle music seems mystical but quick and tremendous.
    The music of Aya's past seems hurt and sad but it also contains
    something powerful. The voice of cruel Eve contained something lament.
    How wonderful !!! The reason why I write 9/10 is because some sounds of
    feet or strikes are not correct. But generally, it's good.
      Battle System 8/10
      I think the battle system of Parasite Eve need to be repaired. I like
    it because it was new kind of system I had ever played. It's easy to
    understand , easy to control. It's not heavy battle such as Vagrant
    Story (Squaresoft). It's not so simple such as Resident Evil (Capcom).
    It's good. But I see that it also has so much mistakes. The camera can't
    be put to appreciate with the sights. It can change that make confusion
    in moving. The character's actions are still simple and unreal. That's
    what I really criticize the system of Parasite Eve.
      Replayability 10/10
      I have played it during 3 years and now I still play. The images about
    its miracles are not pale in my mind. I still want to play it anytime.
    Bravo ! Parasite Eve !!! I don't remember how many times I have played
    it because it's too much.
      To buy or to rent ???
      Of course, BUY !!!
      Overall score : 10/10
      SOME INFO ABOUT THE AUTHOR    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      I never talk to you directly. But I think now I can let you know a
    little thing about myself. In other of my FAQs, I always appeared as a
    guy who repeatedly remind the reader about the notes in Legal Stuff. How
    weird I was ! Today I would try to be friendlier with you.
      My first name is Khanh Dan (not English name), okay ? "Phan Nguyen" is
    my surname. And English is neither my native language nor second
    language. It's really a trouble to talk to people on Internet or to
    write FAQs like this. I'm learning English with time to be better. On
    Internet, I have some names but the most common is Mystic Cat. Mystic
    Cat = My Chinese Lucky Zodiac Animal + I'm a person who loves mysteries.
      I like to play survival horror games such as Resident Evil series,
    Silent Hill or Parasite Eve series; and some Traditional RPGs such as
    Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX, Legend of Dragoon etc. Sometimes I
    change by playing Fighting games such as Evil Zone or Virtue Fighter.
    But I hate Racing and Puzzle games. My common FAQs are Resident Evil
    series. I hope they would be useful for anyone has used them. My
    favourite gaming sites are Gamefaqs and Gamespot. I decide to serve
    Gamefaqs site and make more FAQs for various games.
      Thank you for reading my FAQs.
      Related FAQs :
      PARASITE EVE STORY FAQ can be found at : 
    18/  S P E C I A L  T H A N K S
      Here I send my special thanks to :
     - Squaresoft - for creating this game and letting me know the profiles
    of characters and monsters.
     - Psycho Penguin (Steve Saunders) - DaLadies Man for his great FAQ 
    which helps me about some Japanese words I don't know. Please see his 
    Parasite Eve guide on Gamefaqs.com. I also thank him about giving idea 
    about my guide and forgiving me of having written his name wrong. Again, 
    thank you.
    - Thanks to my close friend, Hardy Cat - for letting me know the boss
    strategies in Chrysler Building. I can't beat this challenge and I
    wouldn't write the walkthrough for Chrysler Building without his help.
    - Http://www.cmgsccc.com - for game shark codes
    - Jeff "CJayC" Veasay, the creator of Gamefaqs - for posting my FAQ
    - Rob Hamilton - for displaying my guide on your RPGamer site.
    - Http://www.psxcodez.com - for displaying my guide on your site
    - The creator of Http://misthq.topcities.com - for choosing my guide on
    his Website.
    - This game "Parasite Eve" - for giving me a chance to do my favourite
    work : writing guides for games.
    - Enigma01 of Gamefaq Message Board - for answering my questions about
    the English translation.
    - All the website owners who have chosen my guide for their sites. 
      Again, thanks to everyone for helping make this guide.
      This FAQ is owned by
                            PHAN NGUYEN KHANH DAN

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