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    Chrysler Building Walkthrough by Suppo

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 03/16/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    written by Sup(email: sick_s0p@hotmail.com).
    updated: 15/03/2003
    This walkthrough does contain spoilers, but only to a small 
    extent. I am certain that the suspense will be maintained.
    Some people probably think that I'm late in this gaming thing.
    To tell you the truth I only play when I've got the time to 
    waste, which is very rare indeed.
    This walkthrough is based upon what I have gone through already 
    without the help of a any friends or game guides. Everything that 
    shall be explained will be in a sense of what I have done through 
    'hair pulling' trial and error. Therefore I am proud to bring to 
    you my very own sweat and tears so that you won't have to shed any.
    I haven't really spent much time on explaining every single detail 
    to the Chrysaler Building. However, this guide is made more in-depth 
    towards the bosses of the CB. I have made a complete startegy guide 
    towards defeating the toughest of the tough bosses and have also 
    spent some time explaining how to defeat the TRUE EVE.
    To play the Chrysaler Building, you'll have to beat the game once. 
    After the credits are finished rolling, you'll be awarded 3000 bonus 
    points. Reinsert Disc 1 and prepare yourself for the EX Game, in 
    which the Chrysaler Building is available straight after you beat 
    the Carnegie Hall stage.
    In order to even survive in the Chrysaler Building, you'll need to 
    have LIBERATE, the final PE move. This means you'll have to be level 
    32 and over. To accomplish this, beat up to the T-Rex boss and then 
    proceed into the Chrysaler Building.
    Navigating your way through the CB can be a frustrating job, because 
    all the hallways resemble, and there are a lot of dead ends and paths 
    that can have you running around in circles all day! And here's another 
    thing, every 10 floors (1 level) you go up, you'll have to fight a boss 
    to proceed to the next level. Everytime, you defeat a boss, you'll get 
    a key for the elevators. If you don't defeat a boss, and you re-enter 
    the building, all the pathways will be automatically changed; this 
    applies to even when you step out of the building and re-enter it! So 
    what I recommend to you is to shoot first and ask questions later. 
    This means, to just go up and defeat the sub-bosses, so when you get 
    the key, you'll have no trouble in getting at those powerful guns, 
    armors and rare trading cards in any missed storage rooms 
    (every floor has one).
    5-///TIPS & TRICKS///
    1. The enemies of floors 2-10 are mostly rats and crows(purple ones 
    that is). If you kill a lot of these critters, you get lots of junk 
    which can be very useful when giving them to Wayne. How is this useful 
    you ask? Well I was suprised myself the first time it happened. You 
    see, everytime I exited the Crysaler Building for more supplies from 
    Wayne, I usually just asked him to discard my junk for me (Laziness,
    I guess!) I've given him so much junk that after I gave him about
    300 pcs or so, he asked me if I wanted him to make a gun out of all 
    the junk that I brought him! (Sweet!) So go ahead and try it if you 
    have the patience for it! I'm sure it'll be the best 2 hours you've
    ever spent!
    2. Although the enemies of floors 61-70 are downright pains in the 
    backside, they yield tons of EXP. I recommend that you tarry around 
    these levels to level up a bit. The 70th floor boss will definitely
    be a 'toughie' if you're at a low level.
    3. Collect 10 or 12 Rare T Cards and give them to Wayne and then ask 
    him to see his Rare T Card Collection and he will give you a Tool Kit.
    4. Give him 2 more rare cards and ask him to see his collection once 
    more and he will give you the Super Toolkit (veeerrrryyy useful!)
    \\\THE "SHOT/UL1" GUN\\\
    Well this gun cannot be found in the game actually! This was actually a 
    MAG rifle, then I cutomized it and Wayne asked me if I wanted to engrave 
    a name onto it. This gun had:-
    STATS - Attack -  265
            Range -   255
            Bullets - 110
    SPECIAL EFFECTS - Quick Draw; Triple Command; Burst; Critical Bonus; 
                      Counter and Cyanide.
    I guess you want one too! Well it's simple really, just shift all your 
    bonus points to the attack stat of your favourite gun plus all those 
    other gun power-ups. Work hard, get lots of BP and maybe your gun might
    turn out as good as mine or even better!
    \\\THE "AYA SP" ARMOR \\\
    This was also a custom made armor (was originally a CR SUIT 2) that 
    was forged in the depths of the Armory in the 17th precinct. 
    Here's the rollout:-
    STATS - Defense -   250
            PE Energy - 210
            Critical -  195
    SPECIAL EFFECTS - MAX HP Increase; Attack Increase; Auto Potion; 
                      Auto Heal; Resist Poison, Darkness, Stiffness, 
                      Confusion; +4 Item Space
    Tuning up this armor can take some time and BP but it's worth it. 
    You won't believe how much of a lifesaver this is!
    N.B -These are just small references and examples to what you can 
    do with a super toolkit.
    Well he looks scary but he's a wuss just like his brother from the 
    Hospital. The only difference is that you can't get away from his 
    webs very easily because there isn't much space to run around in. 
    The only thing you should do is LIBERATE, and kick his sorry behind.
    These guys are just like those pair of crocs that I am certain that 
    you have encountered in the sewers and...they're the stupidest idea 
    for a floor boss! They're so lame, you don't even need to use LIBERATE! 
    Just blow them away and get it over with!
    He has the same attacks and strategy as the one in the Subway. But he's 
    a little faster. However it's really no big deal how fast he is. Just 
    blow him apart with LIBERATE and blow away his four segments afterwards. 
    (Note: The head segment can poison you and the tail segment can cause
    Darkness --- Ouchies!).
    The only difference between this guy and the one from the Museum is 
    their color, I guess! Just break off his head armor with LIBERATE 
    and blow him the hell away afterwards!
    (Note: I recommend a rifle with the Burst effect for this boss).
    Well this a suprise--a new boss! This guy isn't a cockroach for nothing! 
    It's gonna take A LOT of HIGH damaging shots to kill him. But he's simple 
    really, the key is staying as far away from him as possible, but keeping 
    him within firing range at the same time. Otherwise if you get too close 
    by a little distance, he's gonna whip you with his antennae good! Try 
    using LIBERATE from a distance to weaken him a bit, because he'll lay an 
    egg that will hatch and grow into another cockroach! Now you'll have two 
    of them to deal with! And this is the hard part. While one is flying around 
    shooting balls of fire at you, one will be trying to whip your little ass! 
    And the second cockroach is a bit faster, so use HASTE to help you get 
    around him and those fireballs. Shoot them alternately or simultaneously, 
    so that when one dies, the other wouldn't have a chance to lay another egg. 
    Concentrate on the one on the ground, most likely the flying one will die 
    first and the other will get ready to lay another egg, so kill him before 
    the egg hatches! And it'll be the end of those killer cockroaches! 
    (Note: I recommend a rifle/shotgun with the Burst effect for this boss).
    Whoa! This guy is on some serious caffeine! He's pretty fast to keep up 
    with at normal speed, so use HASTE ever so often. Like his brother in the 
    Warehouse, he likes to start things off with his eye lasers, do your best 
    at dodging them, because they come at you fast and furious! Now get ready 
    to chase him down, cuz if you're not at his side he'll wipe you out with 
    his bubble attack. There is one thing though; everytime you shoot him, 
    he does a counter attack where he shoots out his two pincers in a forwards 
    motion simultaneously, so corner him, stay at his side and keep on pumping 
    lead into his pincers until you blow both of them off. Now's the hard part. 
    He's gonna crawl even faster, so don't run in a complete circle to catch up, 
    but just run straight at his side and wait until he does the bubble attack 
    to shoot. It's the only possible way of getting rid of him without losing 
    your head! 
    This boss is one hell of a 'you know what I mean'. She's big and she does 
    this attack where she sends out this big wave at you and two boomerang-like 
    projectiles all at once! They come at you so fast, you shall definitely 
    need to use HASTE to dodge this killer attack! She also has two drones that 
    give her 250 HP when she's hurt so don't even think about using LIBERATE, 
    because you'll be wasting precious PE. This boss' strategy is to move to 
    the center of the room and then move quickly to either the left or right 
    top end and do the wave attack. While this is going on, the drones will be 
    trying to sting you. Even when you kill them, more will be back to serve 
    their queen. So here's your strategy: Dodge the first wave attack, run to 
    the opposite side from where the queen is at and fire at her and the drones 
    (A rifle with BURST, works wonders here). Use this strategy everytime she 
    does a wave attack. Also don't shoot the queen while a drone is healing her, 
    shoot the drone instead in order to kill him before he heals the queen. 
    Another precaution when dodging a wave attack, while avoiding the boomerang 
    beams, try not to get cornered by the drones, they can kill you instantly 
    with just one sting.
    PARASITE EVE (77th floor Chrysaler Building) - TRUE FINAL BOSS - MAYA
    (PREPARATIONS - I hope that you're well stocked for this fight because it 
    will surely take a lot of lives to beat this lady! Just keep a lot of Revives 
    and a few Med 4's if you have any. You can collect these in the Museum from 
    enemies if you need to stock up. Customize your primary weapon to the fullest, 
    and your armor as well. You won't need a R. Launcher, it will only slow you 
    down and plus it won't have much of an effect on Maya. Deposit any lucky 
    charms and such for more room for recovery items. Now save your game, go up 
    to the 77th floor cross your fingers and take a deep breath.)
    This is how Maya strings her attacks together: First she just floats around 
    the rather SMALL room and vanishes and reappears to do a LIBERATE attack. 
    This can be dodged by waiting for her to fully reappear and run in a 
    direction furthest away from her (HASTE is must), when she teleports to hit 
    you run in a tight circle around her to get behind her attack (At first she 
    does just one hit but when she gets weakened, she does more hits. All you 
    have to do is to always try and get behind her, so that her attack misses you. 
    Good luck in dodging them though!). Secondly, when she's really weakened, 
    she'll vanish and reappear on some corner of the room and powers up (it takes 
    about 5 seconds) and dashes straight towards you with blinding speed! When you 
    get hit, it leaves you down to a staggering 1HP. Sadly enough, I've tried many
    different techniques in trying to dodge this killer attack but it was all in 
    vain...which means that this attack is inescapable. What you can do is stand
    up and suck it in, then shoot Maya when she's huffing and puffing in a corner
    after the charge attack. Just make sure she doesn't touch you after the dash
    attack, so stay out of those corners and ends of the room.
    Now Maya will call a little girl (Who has a striking resembelence to 
    little Maya). If this happens---DON'T SHOOT MAYA! (the real one that is!) 
    Otherwise all your efforts will be naught when she gets healed from one of 
    her helpers. Wait until they are ready to leave then you can return to shooting
    the living daylights out of Maya. Repeat the same steps, but don't be hasty wait
    and see what Maya is going to do next then shoot depending on the situation.
    If you have survived long enough to see Maya disintegrate, you shall be revealed
    to the rest of the story. Enjoy the cool CG artwork afterwards!
    Well as I have stated earlier, no one has helped me in figuring out how to 
    defeat the true final boss neither has anyone helped me in writing this 
    guide. So therefore I have only myself to thank! (;p)
    Copyright SQUARESOFT 1998. 

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