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    Level 38 Trick FAQ by ENAY

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    ============== Parasite Eve : Level 38 Trick ================
    A FAQ by ENAY
    V1.0 April/27th/2004
    V2.0 May/12th/2005
    This document is Copyrighted 2005 ENAY.
    Parasite Eve is a trademark of Squaresoft (c) 1998, 1999
    *********** NOTE : THIS FAQ CONTAINS NO SPOILERS ************
    2.0 LEVEL 38 TRICK
    3.0 STARTING
    Well I decided to dig out this old classic game and have
    another go with it. After reading all the other FAQS on
    this game I noticed that noone seems to have covered what I 
    am about to describe.
    So here I go!
    I should warn anyone reading this FAQ that what you're about
    to read is pretty slow and long winded and recommended only
    for Parasite Eve enthusiasts who are looking for something
    else to try with their game. This is by far the easiest way
    to complete the Chrysler building with ease but not really
    the best or quickest.
    2.0 LEVEL 38 TRICK
    As with all role playing games that feature a levelling up
    system; each time you go up a level you need just that little
    bit more experience to level up the next time round.
    For some obscure reason however with Parasite Eve this logic
    completely goes out of the window once you reach Level 38.
    The highest level that most people achieve is level 34 to 35.
    If I recall correctly level 33 is where you acquire your
    final spell liberate, but I'm not sure.
    Levelling up from level 37 to 38 is something like 200,000
    experience points. The jump from level 36 to level 37 is
    also pretty steep. It's enough to put anyone off ever
    wanting to level up again. Level 35 is probably the highest
    most people get, even when completing the Chrysler building.
    This is mainly due to the patronisingly small amount of exp
    that you get whilst battling inside of it.
    So for some unknown reason once you get to level 39 you only 
    need to get 4,500 exp points to level up again.
    Yes, that's right! A measly 4,500 exp points. And that applies
    all the way up to level 99. The maximum level you can get.
    You need to get to 730,000 exps point to reach level 38 and
    990,000 to reach Level 99. For some reason you jump straight
    to level 99 from level 96. Don't ask me why, it just happens.
    As you can imagine the number of bonus points you can achieve
    levelling all the way up to level 99 is immense.
    You can practically level up every time you get into a battle
    in the museum. With each level achieved your offence,
    defence, parasite energy, status recovery, active time and
    item slots all go up one. The first four parameters of which 
    you cannot ever increase using bonus points. These six 
    parameters follow the same number of your level.
    Such as:-
    Level 85
    Offence         : 85
    Defence         : 85
    Parasite Energy : 85
    Status Recovery : 85
    Active time     : 85 (Providing you haven't increased these
    Item            : 85  two with additional bonus points )
    Levelling up to 99 which guarantee an extra 60 points on
    all of these parameters. A huge leap in everything :)
    3.0 STARTING
    Levelling up past Level 35 is probably overkill when you're
    not planning to go anywhere near the Chrysler building. This
    is best to be used on the EX game the second time round.
    Whether you're half way through the game, about to start the
    second time around or you've never played this game before.
    This is what you should do:-
    When you're playing the first time round it's best to just
    carry on playing as you normally would. At least level up 
    until you get to Level 33 or when you gain the spell 
    Liberate before going past the point of no return point in 
    the museum.
    However during the game make sure you do the following:-
    - Never use a gun that fires more than two bullets. The more
    bullets you have to fire, the weaker the shots will be and
    the longer time you'll be spending stood still vulnerable.
    A gun that fires 1 bullet is best.
    - Don't drop any armour or guns you don't need. Store them
    at the police station.
    - Only use your tools on guns and armour when there is at 
    least a +1 attack or +1 defence to be gained.
    Don't add any extra status effects to your armoury until 
    later. Otherwise you'll have to waste your super tools later
    getting multiple effects from one weapon or armour.
    - Save ALL of your super tools. Treat them like gold dust.
    - Store all of your tune ups to add more slots to your
    armoury until later.
    - Use ALL of your bonus points to add attack and defence to
    your weapons. Don't waste your time on items or active time.
    You'll lose all of that the second time you play. Besides,
    when you level up to 99 later you'll get all of these for 
    - GUNS
    When you get your first rifle, keep using that until you
    get your next rifle. Keep using rifles only until you
    get to the museum. Each time you get a new and better rifle
    make sure you discard the old one with a tool and carry all
    of the attack, range and bullets to the next rifle.
    After the cut scene where the rumble happens and the 
    dinosaur mouth falls down. Go downstairs to the room 
    with the big mirror and walk through the broken glass and 
    get the hidden gun round the left hand side.
    You'll know if you've got the correct gun because it'll
    have two turns on it. I think it's called M8000.
    Get used to this gun, you'll be using it for a long time :)
    Go back to the police station and use a tool to get the
    attack, range and bullets that you've accumulated onto the 
    M8000. Remember to NOT use your super tools. Now get as 
    many slots on it as you can using, I think 5 if the 
    maximum for the M8000. Next use 3 tools to carry over 3 
    more effects from other weapons. Get the explosion effect 
    from the shotgun, the one you got from china town.
    Now add the 'Have your turn first' parameter from a handgun 
    of your choice and finally the tranquiliser effect. This 
    should leave one slot free and four of them used.
    - ARMOUR
    Keep equipping the best armour you can get.
    In the meantime use a regular tool to carry over your 
    defence parasite energy and critical to your next best armour.
    Do this until you find an armour that has the blue x 
    effect (auto use potion)
    From now on only use armours that have this effect.
    In the sewer you'll find an armour that has HP up on it.
    Don't equip it because of the ATB down. Keep with your
    original armour
    When you reach the museum and have acquired the M8000,
    use a tool to convert the HP up from the armour in the 
    sewer onto the best armour you have.
    Use another tool to get the defence, armour and critical
    to your best armour and also a tool to carry over the
    auto potion effect. These two effects are fine for your
    armour needs. Look after this armour, you'll be seeing it
    for a long time to come :)
    - MUSEUM
    Experience points in the Museum are really high compared to
    anywhere else. In 99% of rooms you enter for the first time
    you will enter into a battle. However did you know that in
    almost all of them you can get a second battle if you leave
    the room and immediately go back in? Doing so ensures that
    you get almost double the experience you normally would going
    through this part of the story. You'll definitely get the 
    liberate spell before the first boss fight in the museum.
    Make sure you cash in on this opportunity whilst you can. 
    You won't be able to go back for it later.
    After completing the game you will start the second time 
    around along with a nice 4,000ish point bonus. Anything in 
    your police station chest will still be there, along with 
    your newly renamed weapon and armour of your choice. 
    This time round every time you complete a day you'll get a 
    lovely 2000ish bonus points. So it's basically bonus points
    all round. :D
    Stick it ALL on attack and defence. with two thirds of the 
    bonus point being put on attack. Think about it, the stronger
    you are the quicker the battles will be over and the less
    times the enemy will attack. You can dodge most attacks
    anyway so it's less likely you'll be hit at all.
    You should have enough defence for the time being for 
    enemies to attack you and inflict no damage. Remember that
    running into enemies always causes you damage. No matter if
    you've +999 defence. Maybe a bug? But a fact none the less.
    Still make sure you put some bonus points on defence but the 
    priority should be on making you deal heavy damage in attack.
    Although the game is marginally harder on EX game you'll 
    absolutely cruise until Day 5. Most fights should end in one 
    shot. Bosses will die within seconds also.
    The explosion effect will hit multiple targets and you'll be
    getting around +20 extra attack on your gun per day, not 
    including any other attacks you may find or grab from other
    guns using tools. Bosses with multiple targets to hit will
    die even quicker than normal too.
    This time around the Chrysler building has appeared. Don't
    go anywhere near it though for the time being.
    Going through the second time is simple, just keep using the
    tools to gain more defence and attack like you did before.
    Don't even bother equipping anything, you already have the 
    best armour and gun you can get.
    By the time you get to the Museum the second time round and
    are ready to start powering to Level 38 you should have
    about +200 defence and +200 attack on your armour and gun.
    You'll be so powerful already and yet you've only just begun
    your quest to power up Aya.
    I hope you enjoy the museum and its music, because you're 
    going to be seeing a lot of it. When you first get there make
    sure you gain as much experience as you can whilst you're
    inside of it. Enemy encounters are more common up to a point 
    when you first arrive so make sure you drain the high 
    encounter rates while it lasts.
    Once you encounter the first fight and the museum music starts 
    go back to the beginning and you should get into a couple more
    fights. Then go back to the original room and go into the next
    room. After this fight go back to the beginning and repeat 
    the process. Basically every time you find a new place go back
    and forth through all of the old rooms. You should get into
    a couple more battles this way. This will allow you to get
    triple more battles and experience that you would normally do.
    During the EX game there are also more monsters in battle so
    you will be getting a bit more experience per battle :)
    Not all rooms have battles in them. Don't go into the save
    room for example, you're just wasting your time otherwise.
    You were probably about Level 31 or 32 when you first got to 
    the Museum, when you reach the giant corridor with the red
    carpet you should be about Level 35. If not then make sure
    you get to Level 35 before taking on the bosses. After this
    point you should have been everywhere but the place of no
    return room. It's now just a case of running around charging
    yourself up until you reach Level 38. That's all there is too
    it. Running around earlier in the day will have saved you a 
    lot of time though.
    For the next part I've tried to reverse engineer HOW battles
    are initiated. Number of steps taken, which rooms you're in.
    What you do in battle, hit points etc. I've tried everything
    and unfortunately getting into a battle is just pure luck.
    It's something like a 1/20th chance of getting into a fight.
    You've simply just got to run around until you get into a
    fight :( However to make this process a little easier I've
    developed some tips you should follow.
    The best two rooms to run between are that of the giant red
    carpet room and the corridor to the right. It's also a short
    walk to the place in the room where battle starts.
    You can try anywhere really but it's best to find a room where
    you don't have to open a door. You have to see that 2-3 second
    animation *EVERY* time you go in and out of the room :(
    I still think the place I chose is the best, no door to
    open and big rooms with high experience with easy access.
    The only slight problem is that the big red room takes 4
    seconds to load and the other 2.5 seconds. Yes you will
    notice loading after a while.
    It seems that going in and out of a room is the only way 
    to offer you the potential of getting into fight.
    It's not how many times you go in and out without checking.
    I did this 50 times as a test without running near the 
    battle zone and got nothing. It seems if there is a potential 
    battle in that room and you don't go over to it then you've
    forever missed it, it won't be there again next time. So
    you have to run over there and check before you leave. There
    is no easy way to get a battle guaranteed :(
    The big red room is usually 2 Dinosaurs and 1 Pterodactyl and
    rarely sometimes 1 Pterodactyl and a Scorpion. 
    The corridor to the right is 1 Pterodactyl and an Armadillo.
    Sometimes it is 3 Armadillos. The lowest you could earn in
    any of these battles is 3,000 exp. That's pretty decent. You
    certainly don't want to waste your time in other places where
    there is only 1 Pterodactyl or those rooms with 1 or 2 green
    jumpy things with the long tongues.
    It'll probably take you about 3-5 hours of charging to get 
    to Level 38. If you're feeling the tedium do something else 
    whilst you charge up. Watch TV, listen to the radio, read 
    a magazine. Running backwards and forwards is easy to do 
    without requiring your full attention. That's what I did.
    Sometimes it may be around 30 times in and out before you
    get into a battle. Sometimes you'll get into battles all
    the time. It's just random. But if you are getting 
    disheartened at the fact you haven't been into a battle for
    10 minutes. Just keep at it, your luck will change sooner
    or later. One time I got into 4 battles in a row :)
    Just think of the lovely 2,000 bonus points from level 36 to 
    37 and the 4000 bonus points from level 37 to 38 that you'll
    be getting. It's like completing 3 entire days and getting
    all that lovely bonus points :)
    Once you're at level 38 charging up is much more fun. You'll
    get about 90-120 bonus points per level up. Not much but it
    all helps. You'll pretty much level up every battle you win.
    Sometimes you won't and sometimes you'll level up twice. It
    all depends on the battle and the experience you get from it.
    But once you're at level 99 you'll be practically 
    unstoppable. You could probably kill the very last boss in
    the Chrysler building in your current state but you'll get
    even more attack and defence items in the Chrysler building 
    in your way up :)
    In total you'll get about another 5000 bonus points whilst 
    charging up to Level 99 from level 38. You can slowly put 
    this all on attack if you like. I would do so. Once you feel 
    comfortable with your character then it's time to brace 
    the Chrysler building.
    Don't charge up to Level 99 all in one go, do it in stages.
    What I do is do it in stages. Get to about Level 50 
    and then do 10 levels of the Chrysler building. Then do 
    another 10 levels in the museum before going further, break it
    up a bit. The great thing about only needing 4,500 exp to 
    level up is that gaining exp in the Chrysler no matter how 
    puny seems a lot more fun. 30-100exp per battle out of your 
    4,500 to level up is far more fun and seems a much more
    realistic attainable target than the 30-100exp per battle 
    out of your 120,435 that you're probably normally used to. 
    Once you're at 99 you'll still get experience but it'll 
    not get you any higher and then once you get 999,999 exp 
    the numbers will never move any higher. Once you're at
    999,999 all battles are a waste of time. You'll get nothing
    from them but items.
    My tactic in the Chrysler building is simple. I always 
    follow the left wall. Keeping next to it you can be sure to
    at least go everywhere and eventually find the exit. Make
    sure you find the hidden storage room on EVERY floor. Make
    a note which floor you're on and whether you found the room.
    It's very easy to forget. I always use a piece of paper.
    If you find the stairs first keep following the left wall
    until you find the store room. Afterwards simply find your
    trail back by following the walls on your right hand side.
    Easy! :) This works 98% of the time and you don't have to
    think at all. The only problems I find are forgetting which
    direction I came after coming out of a store room and 
    trying not to go through all the dead ends on the way 
    back from the store room backtracking to the stairs.
    A rare problem is that you may face a level where this
    plan doesn't work and you keep going round in circles.
    This is rare though and only happened to me once.
    It's best to go through all the stores rooms whilst 
    you're passing the floor rather than wait till later on.
    You'll need to collect over 10 rare cards to give to
    Wayne so he can give you the infinite super tool. Then you 
    can go through ALL of the items you stored in the police 
    station and add ALL of the stats to your armour and gun.
    That's about another 50 attack and defence. Not to mention
    the other bits and pieces you'll get for the other 4 
    parameters. You will literally be unstoppable. :)
    If you take 300 junks to Wayne you get the chance to build
    a super gun of your choice. You get lots of it on the first
    10 levels. You can do this if you wish but I wouldn't bother.
    You'll be strong enough as it is with even your weedy gun 
    that you kept from the very first time round. The gun you'll
    get will only have about 40ish more base attack attached to
    it. You gained that much just from levelling up once from
    37 to 38. You can get the item if you think you'll need it.
    But I personally wouldn't bother. It's entirely up to you.
    When you're on Level 99 your status recovery is 99. It's so
    quick that any status effects you get only last for 3-4
    seconds :)
    On your journeys make sure you super tool the Tranquiliser
    off your gun and put the Attack up effect on in its place
    when you find a gun that has it. As useful as the 
    tranquiliser was, it's pretty useless when 95% of enemies
    die in one hit. The attack up won't make your gun stronger
    It'll increase your chance of getting a critical hit. 
    (Yellow numbers)
    The fifth and final slot should be reserved for the
    rare cyanide effect, dealing even more heavy damage to
    your gun. This should increase your attacks by about 150
    points of damage.
    I'd stick with the same gun and armour until level 76 or so
    where you should super tool everything you find onto the
    best armour and handgun you have. You'll be able to EASILY
    defeat any boss below level 70 anyway, even with the 
    crappy gun and armour you have equipped. But by now you'll
    have infinite super tools and will be able to snatch 
    everything. Your stats for the gun and armour should be 
    about +350 attack, but your actual attack will probably be
    about 600. you'll be practically invulnerable. Not to mention 
    your offence and defence that  you have maxed out to 99. 
    You should be hitting for about 600-800 hit points PER BULLET! 
    The last boss should be fairly easy. The bosses attacks should
    still be only inflicting between 0-20 points of damage on you.
    Depending on your defence some attacks will do no damage at 
    all. Even from the last boss!
    Your active time will also be so fast that you'll be onto
    your next turn before you've even finished firing your two
    bullets in your current turn. You're almost unstoppable.
    Super Aya! ;) 
    If you're still struggling (God Help you if you are!) with 
    the game then there's nothing stopping you of course going 
    through the game a third time to get EVEN more attack and 
    defence!! I'd certainly recommend this if you love the 
    story and can't be bothered to ever charge past Level 32.
    But remember to do so before even going anywhere near the 
    Chrysler building or else you'll have to do it ALL again
    Chrysler keys cannot be carried across to the next game 
    after the EX game :( At least I don't think so.
    [EDIT] Thanks to all those people who've e-mailed me 
    confirming this. You can carry over your Keys, you just
    need to make sure that you put them in the Police station
    chest before you go into the Museum past the point of 
    no return.
    Have fun!
    ============== Parasite Eve : Level 38 Trick ================
    A FAQ by ENAY
    V1.0 April/27th/2004
    V2.0 May/12th/2005
    This document is Copyrighted 2005 ENAY.
    Parasite Eve is a trademark of Squaresoft (c) 1998, 1999
    The latest version of this FAQ can always be found at:-

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