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    FAQ/Walkthrough by taerm

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 02/17/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Parasite Eve FAQ
    by Kamwah
    (Wesley K. Yue)
    This is probably the last version of the FAQ. I don't intend on adding new 
    sections, and any changes I make will only be corrections.
    As for a disclaimer, I hate to do it, but I see everyone else doing it, 
    so I might as well jump in. This FAQ was made for personal use, so don't 
    think of making money off this. Cut it, edit it, print it, HTML-ize it, 
    do whatever you want, just don't use this to make money. Also, if you want 
    to use this on a website, go ahead and do it. It would be nice if you'd 
    email me just to let me know that you're using it, but you don't have to.
    Anyway, enough babbling, and on with the show.
    - Version History
    - Walkthrough
    - EX Mode and the Chrysler Building
    - Weapons
    - Armor
    - Wayne's Junk
    Version 2.0: February 17, 1999
     Current edition, and probably the last.
     Added Weapons and Armors list.
     Added section on EX MODE and CHRYSLER BUILDING.
     Added section WAYNE'S JUNK.
    Version 1.0: (forgot the date)
     The walkthrough... just the walkthrough.
    Day 1 - RESONANCE
    Carnegie Hall
    Weapons: P220 handgun
    Armor: N Protector
       The game begins at the entrance to Carnegie hall. Aya Brea is escorted
    out of a limo. You now have the chance to rename our heroine. Do so, or
    don't. Once the man is finished talking, head inside the building. Once
    inside, run to the opposite end of the room and enter the double doors. 
    Watch the scene take place and witness the chaos that ensues. When you
    regain control of Aya, run up to the front, up the stairs onto the stage,
    and confront the actress. A battle between you and the actress will begin.
    Level: 1
    HP: 40
    EXP: 0
    The actress has only one attack, and it's very predictable. You'll see
    green energy swirling around the actress. When it starts to converge in 
    her hands, start running to either side, and when the shot comes out, 
    it'll pass behind you. Once you've dodged the blast, fire at her (make 
    sure she is inside the green dome or you'll do reduced damage and even 
    have a chance of missing). After firing at her, run around while your AT 
    recharges, and the actress will fire another blast at you. Dodge it again 
    and fire at her again. Repeat this pattern until you take off enough of 
    her HP, and the battle will end. If you happen to run out of ammo, then 
    just switch to the Club 1, and continue damaging her.
       Aya will experience a flashback, and then the actress (who is now 
    revealed as Eve), escapes just as you regain control of Aya. Follow her 
    to the left to the back of the stage. Examine the suspicious looking hole 
    in the ground and you'll hear the cops arrive. You can jump in right now, 
    but if you choose forget it, then open the chest on the right side of the 
    screen to get a Medicine 1. If you happen to leave Carnegie Hall, you'll 
    encounter some cops and a paramedic outside. talk to the paramedic and 
    he'll heal you of any damage you might have taken during the fight with 
    Eve. Talk to the cop on the right and he'll give you Ammo +6. Each time 
    you talk to him, he'll give you more ammo. Once you've talked to him ten 
    times, then he won't give you anymore.
       When you're done, go back into Carnegie Hall and jump down the hole 
    backstage. You'll see a little girl at the bottom, who laughs before 
    running away. Proceed in the same direction she left. At this hallway, 
    take a left and proceed north. If you try to open any of the doors, 
    you'll discover that they're all locked. Keep going north and you'll run 
    into a rat mutated by Eve. Kill the rat, and at the new screen, go 
    through the door on the left.
       Open the third locker from the left to get a Medicine 1. Leave and 
    enter the room on the opposite side. You'll bump into a clown, who will 
    run out of the room. You'll hear him scream. Now open the second locker 
    to get an Ammo +6, and then leave the room back to the main hallway. 
    Proceed north, run all the way down to the end and enter the door on the 
    left. Examine the burnt body lying on top of the desk and it'll fall to 
    the ground. Examine it again to get the Theater Key. Also, search for a 
    chest near the costumes in the right side of the room to get a Medicine 
    1. If you happen to pull open the rack of clothes, a parrot will fly out. 
    Before leaving this room, make sure you use the phone on the desk to save 
    your progress.
       Back in the main hallway, go south and take the first door on the left 
    side of the screen. Open the cabinet to get an Ammo +6, then check the 
    desk, read the diary to find out about the actress you fought earlier. 
    Get the Rehearse Key, then leave the room. Enter the door on the opposite 
    end and open the cabinet to get an Ammo +6. If you talk to the parrot 
    here, it will attack you, but if you don't, then just leave the room and 
    it won't bother you.
       Go south down the hallway, and you may have to fight some more rats. 
    When the screen changes, go through the first door on your left. Check 
    the cabinet and a rat will pop out at you. Kill it, then check the 
    cabinet again for a P220 handgun. Now open the chest for a Defense +1. 
    Walk to the corner of the room and examine the bare wall there. It 
    crumbles, allowing you to crawl through and get the N Protector in the 
    chest on the other side. Equip your new toys, then leave the room.
       Go north a little bit and enter the door on the right side. Go all the 
    way south from this room, open the chest for either a Medicine 1 or Ammo 
    +6, then leave through the bottom door. You'll come out in front of the 
    corpse of the clown you bumped into earlier (you probably saw this 
    already). Now run north through the hallway and through the double doors 
    at the end.
       You'll see Eve playing the piano. Her body transforms and she'll 
    attack you again.
    Level: 4
    HP: 92
    EXP: 0
    This time she's a little bit harder. She may move towards you, in which 
    you should run in the opposite direction, otherwise Eve will swipe at you 
    with her clawed arm. She also has another energy blast, where she uses 
    both hands. When she's about to fire it, stay put and the blasts should 
    come out on either side of you. Eve may redirect the blasts, so be ready 
    to move if she does. You should note that the closer you are to Eve when 
    she fires the blast, that it's easier to dodge when she moves it. And of 
    course, once your AT is filled, fire your P220 handgun at her 
    (hopefully you've picked it up). Once you deplete all her HP, Eve will 
    run away again.
       Check behind the piano and you'll discover another hole. Jump through 
    it and you'll end up in the sewers.
    Carnegie Hall Sewers
    Weapons: M1911A1 handgun
    Armor: Kv Vest 1
       Here, just run forward. When you get to a place with steps on both 
    sides, check for a well camoflauged chest lying near the foot of the left 
    stairs to get the M1911A1 handgun. Now go up the stairs and follow the 
    path as it winds around and then back down to the stairs on the other 
    side. It may have seemed like you didn't get anything, but you got into a 
    fight with two rats, who coughed up a couple of Revives when they died.
       Go back down the stairs and proceed north through the main tunnel. 
    You'll see that little girl again, who runs away again. Instead of 
    following her, go to the back left corner of the area for a chest 
    containing Medicine 1 or Ammo+6. Check the back right corner for a chest 
    containing an Offense +1 (or if you're lucky, an Offense +2 20% of the 
    time). Now move down a bit and hug the east wall while running south. 
    You'll end up in a hidden area where there are chests containing Ammo +15 
    or Cure-P, PE +1 or Range +2, and Offense +1 or Offense +2 (20% of the 
       Head to the main tunnel again and follow the little girl. Continue 
    left through this side tunnel and you'll see a locked gate to the north 
    at the end. Examine the device hanging by the left side of the gate, 
    which turns out to be a switch to open the gate and a phone. Save your 
    progress first, then press the switch. Go through the opening and you'll 
    see Eve yet again. She doesn't stay to fight this time, but instead 
    leaves with you a mutated sewer gator for you to deal with.
    Level: 7
    HP: 120 (Head), 80 (Tail)
    EXP: 30
    Even before the battle begins, you'll get a message telling you that 
    there are two parts to this monster, the head and the tail. When the 
    battle begins, keep your distance. It will slowly advance towards you, 
    then swing its tail, sending some easily dodged energy beams at you. Once 
    he attacks, run up to it and fire at its tail, then keep your distance
    When you destroy its tail, the view changes and so does the Alligator's 
    strategy. It moves a bit faster now, and throws fire breath at you three 
    times in succession (it's still fairly easy to avoid it). If you get too 
    close, it will claw you (just touching it hurts you, but the claw hurts 
    more), so it's best to keep your distance since the fire breath is easier 
    to avoid. The overall strategy here is the same as before. Back up, let 
    it attack, dodge it, get close, shoot, then back up again. Once you kill 
    it, you'll get the Kv Vest 1.
       With the alligator gone, Aya leaves Carnegie Hall and that's the end 
    of day one.
    Day 2 - FUSION
    New York City Police Department 17th Precinct
    Weapons: M16A1 rifle
    Armor: Cm Vest 1
       The day begins inside the New York Police Department. Talk to the men 
    standing there, then talk to the Police Chief, Baker. Baker will give you 
    a mod permit. Once you have control, leave Baker's office and go back to 
    the place where you started the day. If you go near the bottom left part 
    of the room, you'll see a phone on a desk amidst all the other rubbish. 
    Since you just saved, there's no need to use it now, but you may want to 
    come back later and save. Now leave this room and get to the main 
    hallway. Take the first door on your left to get to the locker room. Open 
    the second locker from the right to get the Cm Vest 1. Open the fourth 
    locker from the right and you'll get either a Medicine 2 or Cure-P. Now 
    leave the locker room.
       Back at the main hallway, keep going up and take a left down the 
    stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, go down a bit, then enter the door 
    on the left. Open the box on your right to get a Tool. Now go near the 
    back of the room, around the counter, and open the chest there and get a 
    Medicine 1. Note that this box refills every time you leave the Police 
    Department and come back, so you can get as many medicines as you like. 
    On day 3 and 4, this box will contain a Medicine 2. On day 5, this box 
    contains a Medicine 3. Now go to the front of the counter and open the 
    box there for an Ammo +6. This box also refills each time. On day 3 and 
    4, you'll get Ammo +15, and Ammo +30 on day 5.
       Now talk to the man standing behind the counter. A little scene will 
    take place, and Torres will give you the M16A1 rifle. After that, Torres 
    will also ask you for your mod permit, which adds an extra slot to any 
    one weapon. You don't have to use it right now. Once you're done talking 
    to Torres, Wayne will show you how to tune-up your weapons and armor. 
    Wayne will also offer to hold some of your excess equipment. Now's a good 
    time to get rid of your Theater and Rehearse Keys. Also, if you didn't 
    use the Mod Permit, then give it to him. And if you're not going to use 
    the Tool, then let him hold that as well.
       Leave the Weapons Storage and go back up the stairs. Go north at the 
    top of the stairs and you'll run into a little boy who happens to be 
    Daniel's son. After Ben runs off, go back to Baker's office and talk to 
    him. Baker will tell you about a press conference you're going to attend.
       The press conference automatically takes place, and, after Aya screws 
    up, you'll end back in Baker's office. Baker will get a phone call, and 
    Nix will say something about a scientist at the museum researching 
    mitochondria. You'll end up outside Baker's office. Now is a good time to 
    save. When you're done, go to outside to the main hallway, and take the 
    first door to your right. Now exit the Police Department.
    American Museum of Natural History
        This is your first time you're presented with a map of New York City. 
    Your choices are N.Y.P.D. #17, Carnegie Hall, and the Museum. Select the 
    Museum, and the screen will shift to the police car where Aya is having a 
    conversation with Daniel. Once they're done, you'll be at the Museum. Run 
    up the stairs and the guard will let you inside. Once inside, follow 
    Daniel up the stairs. The guard will ask you to sign in. Go to the desk 
    in the center of the room and sign in. There's also a telephone on the 
    left side of the room, but it's not needed.
       Now follow Daniel up the stairs. At the top, enter the door he's 
    standing near. You'll talk to Doctor Klamp about mitochondria, and then 
    he'll refuse to say no more. At this point, leave the museum and head 
    back to the police department. Also, notice that it's night-time now.
    N.Y.P.D. 17th Precinct
       At the headquarters, follow Daniel inside, then go up the hallway and 
    enter the door on the right at the end. Inside the briefing room, Baker 
    will tell you that Melissa is scheduled to be at Central Park today. 
    Daniel will run off, and Baker will tell you to watch over him. He'll 
    also give you another Mod Permit. Back in the main hallway, you'll see 
    Daniel leave the building. Instead of following, go down the stairs and 
    go to the Weapons Storage room. The box on the shelf will contain more 
    Ammo +6, and the box on the back will contain another Medicine 1. Also, 
    if you're not going to use your Mod Permit right now, then give it to 
    Wayne to hold. Now you can leave the building.
       Once outside the building, Aya and Daniel, in a squad car, zoom off. 
    Go to Central Park. 
    Central Park
    Weapons: M9 handgun or P8 handgun, M203 grenade launcher
    Armor: Sp Vest 1, Sv Vest 1
       At Central Park, Daniel will try to rush in, but he'll be nearly 
    burned. That leaves the task up to Aya. Now enter the park, go south a 
    bit and you'll see a phone by a parked car. Save your progress and 
    continue south. As you round the curve, check the north side for a hidden 
    chest containing an Ammo +6 or Medicine 1. Now go back onto the path and 
    follow it north.         
       At the next screen, keep going right. You'll see three gates. Check 
    the gate on the left and you'll get a Medicine 1 or Ammo +6.  Check the 
    gate on the right for the same thing. Now enter the center gate. In the 
    next screen, open the chest that's near you when you enter to get P8 
    handgun or M9 handgun. Go down the stairs and circle around the fenced 
    area, then take a left up the stairs. The screen changes, and you'll be 
    able to see a phone straight ahead. Enter the door standing by the phone. 
    Inside the room, search the cabinet on the right for a Sp Vest 1. Turn 
    right and open the drawer to get the Zoo Key. Also, examine the stretcher 
    from the top side and Aya will push it out of the way. This will give you 
    access to another cabinet that contains the M203 grenade launcher. Now 
    leave the room. If you wish to save, do so now.
       Keep heading right and enter the first door on your left. It's 
    unlocked by the Zoo Key you got earlier, and once you enter, go forward a 
    bit and enter the forest area through the broken glass piece on your 
    left. Walk around the glass pathway to the right side and you can find 
    some chests containing a Medicine 2, Cure-P, and one containing a Defense 
    +1 or Defense +2.
       Go back outside and continue right. Insstead of going north, open the 
    chest hidden behind a pillar for an Ammo +15, then keep going right. Go 
    down the stairs, look to the left for a chest containing a Tool (or Ammo 
    +15 if you're lucky). Now continue to the right onto the next screen. 
    Continue right, then go north up the stairs, then head a bit north and 
    left to go through an opening that's partially hidden by the roof.
       Here, open the chest on the bottom left for a Medicine 2 (or Ammo +15 
    if lucky). Go to the right side of this area and there will be a red 
    chest containing Ammo +15. Now go across the bridge on the north side of 
    this section. Walk onto the main path, go south and then take the left 
    path and head north and go through the gate.
       There is a path that splits off the the left (with a burnt body on 
    it), but ignore it for now, and continue north. In the next screen, 
    continue north into the amphitheater. After watching Eve and regaining 
    control of yourself, run back to the right and into the previous screen. 
    Run to the right through the door labeled "Backstage". Eve will flee, so 
    follow her.
       At this previous screen, go back south and take the path that splits 
    off to the left (with the burnt body on it). Take the stairs up the 
    structure. At the top of the stairs, search the "bottom" right part of 
    this area for a chest containing a Revive. Now search the "upper" left 
    part for a chest containing an Ammo +15. Now continue going north from 
    the stairs. You'll see a phone here, in which you should save. Also, go 
    up from the phone and there will be another chest with an Ammo +15. Now 
    go back down the stairs and head left.
       You'll see the little girl run off here. You can choose to follow her, 
    but you can also search around for some items in this area. At the first 
    intersection, take the path south. Follow it as it winds around to 
    another intersection, in which you should go east. Continue along the 
    path as it bends south, then go left at the intersection. It bends back 
    south and leads you to another intersection of four paths. Take the path 
    going to the northeast to find a chest with an Ammo +15, then go back to 
    the intersection and proceed west to the next screen.
       When you arrive at the new screen, there will be a red chest near you 
    on the north side of the road. Open it for an Sv Vest 1, then continue 
    west along the path. Cross the little bridge and take the stairs down to 
    get a Defense +1. Follow the path and keep going west at the 
       At the next intersection, instead of following the girl, go north. 
    Take a left at the intersection and go south to find a chest with a Tool 
    or Super Tool. Go back up, left, and follow the path south, then continue 
    west. Follow the long path down and cross the bridge. When you get to the 
    fountain, instead of going up the stairs, go north from the fountain 
    under the bridge. You'll find two chests containing a Defense +1 or Tool, 
    and a PE +1 or CR Evade +1. After picking up these items, continue going 
    north. You'll eventually come across a phone. Save, because a boss battle 
    is coming up.
       When you've saved, go right to the next screen. You'll run into a set 
    of four giant worms.
    Giant Worms
    Level: 13
    HP: 120, 150, 180, 210
    EXP: 0
    At first, the four worms will be slow and somewhat lazy. They'll come up 
    from the ground (always in the same place) and sometimes shoot spikes at 
    you, which are fairly easy to dodge if you're far away, and sometimes 
    they won't. If you can help it, try not to shoot twice, especially if you 
    have a slow weapon. Even though they're not lazy, their spikes might 
    catch you while you're shooting. Don't deal all your damage to one worm, 
    because as one worm dies, the others become more aggressive. This is 
    easier said than done,  but try to spread the damage around as much as 
    possible. When one worm dies, the others rise and burrow faster, shoot 
    spikes more often, and the spikes are larger, move faster, and deal more 
    damage. When one worm is left, it takes the bottom spot. The lone worm at 
    the end has a different strategy. It slams itself to the ground, then 
    sweeps itself in a counter clockwise fashion that covers nearly the 
    entire screen. It's pretty hard to dodge if you're not set up correctly, 
    but if you know what to do, then it's very simple. All you do is stay to 
    the left side of where it pops up. When it comes out, start running to 
    the right. It will slam itself down to where you were standing when it 
    popped up, and then sweep itself to the left, but by that time, you 
    should already be out of range. Once its attack comes out, shoot it as 
    many times as you can, then go back to the left side and repeat. It may 
    sometimes try a quick strike without sweeping, but if you're already 
    running while it attacks, then you won't be hit. Note that no worm has a 
    set amount of HP. The first worm who takes 120 HP dies, then the next 
    worm who takes 150 HP dies, etc. You'll get four Defense +1 when you win.
       After the worms are dead, go back and use the phone to save, then come 
    back to this area and go up the stairs on the right side. You'll see Eve 
    standing on a carriage. Confront her and you'll get into a fight with her.
    Level: 14
    HP: 330
    EXP: 0
    This battle is hard only because there is very little room to move
    around. Eve will float around (she won't hurt you like this), in which 
    you should take the oppurtunity to deal as much damage as possible. When 
    she flies off the screen, make sure you're not near her, otherwise you 
    might take some damage. After she's off the screen, stand in the corner, 
    and watch where the energy conforms. Where ever you spot the place where 
    she's going to attack, run to the opposite corner. Also, when she lands, 
    make sure she doesn't land on top of you. She'll also swipe at you from 
    time to time, but you can't do anything about it except run to the other 
       After you beat Eve and she runs away, enjoy the following scenes, and 
    that's the end of day two.
    Day 3 - SELECTION
    Weapons: M11 machine gun, Club 2, G19 handgun
    Armor: Cr Vest 1
       The day begins with Aya waking up in a little house in Soho. The exit 
    is to your right, but before leaving, pick up the  Ammo +30 in the black 
    chest by the door. You'll see Maeda sitting outside, and then Daniel will 
    up in front of the house. Head left, and check the floor around the trash 
    can for a Trading Card. At the next screen, try to open the door for the 
    Gun Shop. You'll find out that it's locked, but Daniel will "unlock" it.
       Go inside the Gun Shop and start browsing. Everything is free! Right 
    when you enter, there's a camoflauged chest just to the south of the 
    entrance that contains a Bullet Cap +1 (or Bullet Cap +2 20% of the 
    time). Go left and you'll found another chest to your left that contains 
    a Tool. Now head to the northeast corner of the shop and start picking up 
    all the items in the chests. Starting from the corner and going in a 
    counter-clockwise direction, you'll get a Range +1 (Range +2 20% of the 
    time), M11 machine gun, Club 2, Ammo +15, G19 handgun (it's not in a 
    chest, but it's on a rack), and Cr Vest 1. Once you've picked up all the 
    items, leave the gun shop, go back to the screen where you started, and 
    go right.
       You'll arrive at a Pharmacy. Take all the items at your leisure. In 
    the rightmost aisle, there is a chest containing a Revive. In the aisle 
    to the left of that, check the shelf on the right side for a PE +1 (Pe +2 
    20% of the time). At the north end of the aisle left one over, there is a 
    chest with a Medicine 2 inside and a Cure-M on the shelf near it. Check 
    the shelves on the leftmost side of the store for a Medicine 3. Also, 
    don't forget to enter the room at the upper left part of the store. 
    You'll find a CR Evade +1 (or CR Evade +2 20%) and a Tool. Once you're 
    done, go to the front of the store. Walk behind the counter and pick up a 
    Defense +1 (Defense +2 20% of the time). It's a bit hard to spot. Just 
    act as if you were trying to use the phone from behind the counter. Now 
    save and leave the pharmacy. By the way, if you find that your inventory 
    is too full and you can't pick up the goodies here, go to the N.Y.P.D., 
    give all your unnecessary items to Wayne, and then come back and get all 
    the stuff.
       Return to where the squad car is waiting, and enter the car from the 
    passenger's side.
    American Museum of Natural History
       Your first destination is the Museum. There, you'll be automatically 
    brought to Doctor Klamp's research lab. You have no control here, so just 
    follow the story. When you're done, go to the police department.
    N.Y.P.D. 17th Precinct
    Weapons: M92F handgun, SG550 rifle, M9-2 handgun
    Armor: Cm Vest 2, N Jacket
       You'll find the headquarters a scene of chaos. Daniel will run inside, 
    so follow him in. Maeda will give you a Hamaya good luck charm. After 
    receiving it, go inside. In the main hallway, talk to the cop on the 
    floor twice for an Ammo +6. Now go south and take a left to enter the 
    locker room. Check the second locker from the right for a Medicine 3, the 
    fourth locker from the right will have a Cure-P or Medicine 2 only if you 
    didn't open it on Day 2. Talk to the fallen cop twice for an Ammo +6. 
    Back at the main hallway, go south to the detective's office.
       You'll see Warner on the ground. Talk to him twice and he'll give you 
    Ammo +15. Use the phone to save, then return to the main hallway. Take 
    the stairs down to the basement, and then enter the Weapons room. Wayne 
    will give you Torres' M92F handgun. Pick up the Ammo +15 and Medicine 2 
    that you should get everytime you visit the Weapons room. Now drop off 
    all weapons and armor you don't plan to use, and any other excess junk 
    you might have.
       Leave the Weapons room and go to the kennel, which is just north of 
    the Weapons room on the same floor. You'll see Cathy lying on the ground. 
    Talk to her and she'll tell you what happened. Talk to her again and 
    you'll get Ammo +6. Now go back up to the main floor. At the top of the 
    stairs, go north. You'll see Nix on the ground. Talk to him, and he'll 
    tell you about Sheeva, then give you an Ammo +15. Instead of going up the 
    stairs, keep going north to the briefing room. Pick up the Cm Vest 2, 
    then go back to where Nix was, and go up the stairs.
       Talk to the downed cop and he'll give you an Ammo +6. Pass through the 
    gate and enter the door on the immediate right of the screen. A chest to 
    your left contains a PE +1 (or PE +2 20%). You can also find a Tool in 
    the bottom right cell. Now head back to the main hallway, go south, then 
    head west. In the next screen, enter the door to your north. Some 
    monsters will jump out of the mirror (ala Resident Evil 2). Take care of 
    them, then get the Medicine 3 in the chest here. Enter the room through 
    the door at the north side and get the Storage Key (glimmering object). 
    Go back outside, and at the T-intersection, go left and enter the room 
    there. You'll find a Medicine 3 in a chest on the table, a CR Evade +1 
    (or CR Evade +2 20%) in the bottom right corner, and you can also save 
    your game here. Once done, go back outside.
       Go north at the intersection and up the stairs. (At this point the 
    screen will switch and you'll be shown a horrible FMV). At the top of the 
    stairs, take the door to your right. You'll find a Lab Tech who will heal 
    all your wounds only once. Get healed, or don't, then go back outside and 
    go north until you arrive at the intersection. The fallen officer here 
    will give you his Locker Key. Now go north through the double doors. 
    You'll get into a fight with a pretty tough monster (not a boss, though). 
    Kill it, and you'll get the SG550 rifle. In the same room, open the chest 
    for a Defense +1 (Defense +2 20% chance), and talk to the cop twice for 
    an Ammo +6. Go to the upper right corner of this room, through a hard to 
    see door, and pick up the N Jacket in the small room.
       Return to the main hallway, and, if you didn't get healed by the Lab 
    Tech yet, go back and get healed now, because you probably got damaged a 
    good bit by the dogman. You may also want to go back downstairs and save 
    again. Back at the intersection on the third floor, go east now. Now up 
    the steps, you can choose to go forward and into the Morgue. In there, 
    you'll get into a battle where, if you win, you get some Medicine 3's and 
    a Full Cure. Or you can just go left and fight the boss.
    Level: 18
    HP: 400 (bottom, target 1), 200 (left, target 2), 300 (right, target 3)
    EXP: 1000
    You'll get a message telling you that there are three parts to this boss. 
    The left head, right head and center head. The center head (target 1), is 
    the one that can heal the others, so you should kill this one first. 
    Sheeva also has three attacks. One is a lunging attack that can be dodged 
    if you were already running to the side while the attack came out. If 
    you're standing there, and Sheeve lunges at you, even if you start 
    running now, you won't be able to get out of the way in time, so keep on 
    moving this whole battle. Another attack is an orange beam. You can 
    clearly see when this attack is going to come out, and when you see it, 
    start running in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction from Sheeva. 
    You get more time to move out of the way, but the sometimes Sheeva 
    directs the beam across the whole room, so you'll need the extra second 
    to avoid it (you won't get hit if you're standing to the side or back of 
    Sheeva). The last attack is a purple shockwave that covers nearly the 
    entire room. In fact, it's nearly impossible to dodge unless you're in 
    one corner and Sheeva is in the opposite corner, but that's unlikely to 
    happen, so you'll just need to grit your teeth and take the damage like a 
    (wo)man. Attack the heads only after you've just dodged an attack. If you 
    wait too long, then Sheeva will start pounding you while you're still 
    firing your gun, and you'll take avoidable damage. You get the M9-2 
    handgun when you win.
       With the mutated Sheeva dead, go up and talk to Baker and Ben. Daniel 
    will come in shortly, and the day will end.
    Day 4 - CONCEPTION
    N.Y.P.D. 17th Precinct
    Weapons: MPK5 machine gun
       You'll start in Baker's office. Go outside to the main hallway and 
    enter the locker room, and use the Locker Key to get the Trading Card. Go 
    the Basement and, at the bottom of the stairs, go north to the end of the 
    hall and enter the Storage Room. You'll find the MP5K machine gun and a 
    tool in the chests inside. There's also an Offense +1 (or Offense +2 20% 
    of the time). You could have gotten this items the day before after you 
    picked up the Storage Key, that is, if you wanted to backtrack. Talk to 
    Wayne, who is now running the show. There will be some new options 
    available to you, and the Trading Cards you picked up act as Mod Permits 
       Go up to the top floor and enter the Crime Lab. You'll find Maeda 
    snooping around here. Talk to him, take the Ammo +30 from Daniel, and 
    leave the headquarters. Head to St. Francis Hospital now.
    St. Francis Hospital
    Weapons: M79 grenade launcher, Micro UZ or M10 machine gun, G3A3 rifle, 
             G23 handgun
    Armor: B Vest 1, Sp Jacket
       Move right a little bit and talk to Meada, who will give you the 
    Mayoke before you head in. Now enter the hospital. Inside, take note of 
    the telephone on the counter, because you'll be using it alot. Once 
    you've used the phone (or not), go down to the waiting area, then to the 
    left and open the chest beside the two chairs for an Ammo +15. Go up now, 
    and then take a left. Press the elevator button, then go inside. Press 
    the button inside and you'll arrive at the basement.
       Exit the elevator, then go down. Go up at the next screen, and then 
    take the first door on your right. Examine the glittering object on top 
    of the shelf to get the Fuse 1, then open the chest in the bottom left 
    corner for the M79 grenade launcher. Search for a chest in the topright 
    corner of the room for an Ammo +30, then leave via the door in the upper 
    left corner.
       Go up and follow the little girl, and instead of attempting the locked 
    double doors, go left to enter another room. Get the Medicine 3 in the 
    chest, open the desk drawers on the right side for an Autopsy Key, then 
    use the phone to save. Now leave the room through the west exit. Go down 
    and pick up the Defense +1 (or Defense +2 20% of the time) in the chest 
    at the bottom left corner, then go through the door at the bottom right.
       Keep going down, past the pathway that leads to the elevators, and 
    then take the first door on the right side (Aya will discard the Autopsy 
    Key now). Snatch the Offense +1 (or Offense +2 20% chance) in the bottom 
    right corner. Get the tool in the chest that's just a bit north, then go 
    through the door on the north side. Here, just go straight ahead, pick up 
    the Fuse 2 on top of the cabinet. There's also a chest in the bottom left 
    that contains a B Vest 1 (sometimes you'll get a Cr Evade +1?). Check the 
    burnt body for the Blue Cardkey, then leave the Autopsy Room.
       Back outside, run up all the way to the end of the hall and then turn 
    right (don't enter the door). Go up, and use the Blue Cardkey to unlock 
    the door. Go through the opened doors. Instead of chasing after the girl, 
    open the chest near the entrance for a Micro UZ or M10 machine gun. Go 
    down and examine the glittering object for an Offense +1 (20% chance of 
    getting Offense +2). Return to where you saw the girl, skip the doors you 
    entered from, and take the next door on the right. Go through the glass 
    doors and get the tool in the chest at the left. Check the desk on the 
    south side for a Medicine 2, then get the Fuse 3 at the bottom right, and 
    then leave through the doors you came in.
       Head north and you'll find the fuse box. Put in all three fuses, 
    repair the wires, then toggle the power on. Now go right, enter the 
    elevator and return to the main floor. Go back to the lobby and use the 
    phone to save, then enter the room to the north. Rescue the patient and 
    the doctor, then search behind the moved shelf at the north side of the 
    room for a Trading Card. Now check for a chest hidden behind the curtain 
    and beside the middle bed for a PE +1 (20% chance of PE +2 instead). Now 
    enter the other room at the bottom right. Save the nurse, get the Green 
    Cardkey from her, pick up the Sp Jacket from the chest lying beside the 
    right bed, then go back to the lobby.
       Go left, past the elevators, and use the Green Cardkey to open the 
    doors. Run north, then enter the first door on your left. Go all the way 
    to the bottom of the room, then go to your right, pick up the Ammo +30, 
    and turn the handle on the leftmost valve. Leave this room, then open a 
    chest in the upper right corner for a Bullet Cap +1 or Range +1. Return 
    to the elevators and go up to the 13th floor.
       At the 13th floor, you can keep running south to get a view of the 
    Chrysler Building. When you're done, take the door on the left (you can't 
    go through the right door because of the body). Get the G3A3 rifle from 
    the chest in the bottom left corner. Check the cabinets for a Tool. Now 
    walk up to the red arrow pointing right, turn right, and push the machine 
    out of the way, then press the red button that was previously concealed. 
    Also, check some of the desks on the north wall for a Medicine 3. Go 
    through the now opened doors.
       There's a CR Evade +1 in the chest (or CR Evade +2 20% of the time). 
    Now go to through the hallway at the northeast. In the next screen, enter 
    the door on your right. A chest on the desk against the right wall 
    contains an Ammo +30. A little bit up there's a Cure-M in a chest on a 
    stool. Now examine the glittering object on the floor near the phone. 
    You'll find something out, and you'll also get a Junk. Go a little bit 
    right and then examine that shiny object to get an Elevator Key. Now 
    save, leave the room, and go north to the elevator. You'll arrive on the 
    roof, and then you'll be attacked by a boss.
    Level: 22
    HP: 450 (1st stage), 500 (2nd stage)
    EXP: 6500
    This boss is hard if you don't know what to do, and not so hard if you do 
    know what to do. First of all, you need to keep your distance from this 
    boss. When the battle starts, it will advance towards you, try to keep as 
    far away as you can from it. It will then shoot webs toward you that will 
    remain in the ground for some time. If you get hit by them, or you happen 
    to run into them before they disappear, then Aya will be unable to move 
    for a short period of time. If you do get caught, use Cure-M or cast 
    Haste, because if you're stuck sitting there, then the spider will 
    literally come up to you and kick your butt. There's no way to avoid 
    getting hit two or three times while stuck there. It can attack with one 
    of its legs, but only if Aya gets too close. It also can shoot fire in a 
    straight path towards you, but that's easily dodged if you just run to 
    either side. Note that the spider will only shoot webs after its previous 
    webs have disappeared. Also note that when the webs are fired, they are 
    not aimed at Aya, but they are aimed at where Aya was standing just a 
    short time before. So that means you can avoid the webs by running in away 
    from the spider before it fires, and the webs should land behind you. Once 
    you've dealt enough damage, the battle  will get up close and personal. 
    The strategy here is the same, except that you have a bit less room to 
    dodge. Once it gets really hurt, then it will start firing single webs 
    instead of triple webs. These don't last as long, so you won't have to 
    worry about getting trapped, but it also allows the boss to use it more 
    often. In addition, it seems to use its leg attack more often when it's 
    hurt. Once t's dead, you'll get the G23 handgun.
       Once the spider is gone, you'll confront Eve, she won't stay to fight 
    you, though. Once she leaves, QUICKLY run to the bottom left corner of 
    the roof, and the jet will crash into the roof. On the lift, a spider 
    will come out and release the brake. Kick its butt and Aya will 
    automatically use the brakes. You'll arrive back on the street and meet 
    up again with Daniel and Maeda. You'll arrive at the Police Department. 
    Give all your surplus to Wayne, then go to Baker's office. The day will 
    end shortly.
    Day 5 - EVOLUTION
    Chinatown and Chinatown Sewers
    Weapons: M79-2 grenade launcher, M1911A2 handgun, M870 shotgun, 
             M203-3 grenade launcher, Club 3, M79-3 grenade launcher
    Armor: Cr Protector, B Protector
       The day begins at the map of New York City. Your first destination is 
    Chinatown. When you get there, keep going north until you reach the next 
    screen. Go north a bit and look to your left for a chest containing a 
    Medicine 3. From here, go directly right, across the street to find a 
    chest with a PE +1 (or PE +2 20%). Go back into the street and continue 
    north. In the next screen, go up and open the chest near the left 
    lamppost for a M79-2 grenade launcher. Go down a little bit and pick up 
    the Offense +1 (20% Offense +2) in a chest nearby. Directly right you'll 
    find a phone. Save, and then keep going right to find a hidden area. Get 
    the M1911A2 handgun, which is directly south from the door, and the Tool, 
    which is in the bottom right corner. Leave, go back to the street, and 
    continue north. You'll meet up with Maeda here. He'll give you a Narita 
    Good Luck Charm. Now pick up the Ammo +30 in the chest in the upper left 
    corner, then go down the sewers.
       When you get to the bottom, go right to an intersection, then go down. 
    In this tunnel, keep going down until you reach the next intersection. 
    Get the M870 shotgun from the chest on the south platform, then go down 
    some more. You'll come out through the archway on the left. To your right 
    is a chest that contains an Offense +2 (20% chance of getting Defense 
    +2). Pick it up, then go through the archway on the right.
       In this tunnel, there's a shiny object on the ground that turns out to 
    be a Tool. Get it, then keep going north. At the intersection, take the 
    right path and you'll run into a dead end. There's a chest by the rubble 
    that contains a Defense +1 or Offense +1, though. Take it, then go back 
    to the previous screen. Go left at the intersection now, and continue 
    left until the next crossroads.
       Keep going left at this intersection again, and then go north at the 
    next one. You'll find a Range +1 (the shiny object on the ground) in this 
    tunnel. Once you get it, go back south to the previous intersection, and 
    go left instead. In this intersection, there are three ways you should 
    go. Go south first and there's a chest that contains a Medicine 3 (or 
    Range +1 20% of the time). Go west next and pick up the M203-3 grenade 
    launcher in the chest. Now go north.
       Go north at the intersection and examine the glimmering item and 
    you'll get a Super Tool. Return south and then head west. The object on 
    the ground is a Cure-D. Get it and continue west. Continue west at the 
    intersection and you'll run into a dead end. Get the Medicine 4 here, 
    then go back east, and then south. Get the Cr Protector in the chest at 
    the end of the tunnel, then go through the south exit. Go all the way 
    south until you can go no more, then climb up the ladder (finally!). Note 
    that you could've gotten to this same place by going west, south, south 
    starting at the entrance to the sewers, but you would've missed all the 
       At the top of the ladder, go right, past the T-intersection and open 
    the chest for the Club 3. Now go south from the intersection to the next 
    screen. Go forward and you'll find the people from Central Park (in a 
    slimy form). When you regain control, first go right, then climb down the 
    ladder. You'll get into a fight with some familiar enemies. These two are 
    the same as the alligator you fought in the Carnegie Hall Sewers. They 
    use the same tactics and have the same moves, so they should be no 
    problem. When you beat them, each one will give you a CR Evade +1 or a 
    Range +1.
       Climb back up the ladder, then go up, and take a right at the corner 
    and go up the stairs. At the top, enter the door in the upper right 
    corner. Now get the Ammo +30, then use the phone and save. Now examine 
    the control panel. Turn on the power, activate both pumps, then turn off 
    the power. Go through the door on the north. Cross the tunnel and enter 
    the door on the other side, then run up the stairs and through the door 
    at the top.
       Cross the train tracks, then climb up the platform. Go to the left and 
    get the CR Evade +1 (20% CR Evade +2), then go north. Get the Range +1 
    (20% Range +2), then get the Medicine 3 (20% chance of getting Ammo +30) 
    to the left of the phones, then save. Jump down the platform to get on 
    the tracks on the left side, then go north. Go right at the next screen 
    and get the Medicine 3 (20% chance of Ammo +30) in the chest, and go 
    right to the next screen. You'll have to fight a boss battle now.
    Level: 26
    HP: 500 (1st stage), 250 (head), 180 (tail), 120 (body), 120 (body)
    EXP: 10000
    This boss has two stages to it. The first stage, you fight the whole 
    body. It has three attacks. The first is a normal lunge attack that hits 
    a certain area in front of it. The second, it shoots some electric bolts 
    at you, which causes damage and darkness. The third, it shoots some 
    things into the air, which rain back down on you, causing damage and 
    poison. The first and second attacks can be dodged as long as you're 
    standing to its side. Just keep shooting it from there. There's no need 
    to shoot all your bullets in one turn, especially if you're using a slow 
    weapon, since it will turn to face you while you're pummeling it, and 
    will hit you with its lunge attack. The poison attack, you must dodge it 
    on your own. It's pretty hard not to get hit, but it's not impossible 
    either. When it takes 500 damage, it will explode into four parts, the 
    head, two body parts, and the tail. At this time, it's best to switch to 
    the rifle, because all four of them will constantly rotate around you, 
    and usually they'll move right before you shoot, causing you to miss or 
    do puny damage. Anyway, that's not all to it. When they attack, all four 
    of them will take turns pummeling you. The head will attack first, then 
    the nearest body will go and they'll continue in a circle until finally 
    the tail has its attack. This is their only attack, and it seriously 
    hurts, especially since the head can poison you when it hits you. One way 
    is to always keep on the opposite corner of the head since it attacks 
    first. Once it attacks, move to the opposite corner of the tail. You'll 
    be hit by the two body parts, but they do the least damage, and you'll 
    have dodged two out of four attacks. You can try to run in a circle 
    (opposite side of head, body, body, tail), avoiding them as they each 
    come out, but it's pretty hard, especially since Aya runs so slowly. When 
    attacking, attack the two body parts first, because they have the least 
    HP. When one part dies, the battle becomes a lot easier. Once the body 
    parts are dead, take care of the tail, then finally the head. When you 
    win, you'll get four various items from each part. First, you'll get an 
    Ammo +30, Defense +1 or Offense +1. Second, you get Medicine 3, PE +1 or 
    Range +1. Third, you get Medicine 3, CR Evade +1 or Bullet Cap +1. 
    Fourth, you'll always get a M79-3 grenade launcher.
       After killing the boss, run to the right until you bump into a train, 
    go up, around and to the right of it, then go down, past it, and into a 
    train at the bottom right corner of the screen. There are three chests in 
    here. You'll find a B Protector, and one chest with a Tool. The third 
    chest contains either a Tool or a Super Tool (5% chance). Leave the 
    train, then go north to the bridge. Run across the bridge and examine the 
    body of the guard for the Gate Key. Aya will notice the slime going 
    towards the museum. Now go left, and that's the end of disc one. Put in 
    disc two, and go back to the subway. Run all the way back to the train 
    stop platform (where the phone was). Go south from the phone, and then go 
    up the stairs under the EXIT sign and you'll arrive back at the map of 
    New York City. Before you go anywhere else, you should head back to the 
    Police Department and drop off all your stuff.
    Pier Number 3 Warehouse
    Weapons: PPK handgun, M203-2 grenade launcher, AT4 rocket launcher
    Armor: Cm Protector, Sp Protector
       This area is completely optional, but if you go here, you can get some 
    good items, and also build up some levels in the process. If you decide 
    that you don't want to go, then skip this section and head straight to 
    the museum.
       Upon going through the gate, swing to your right and open the chest 
    for a PPK handgun. Search somewhere behind the sliding metal door for a 
    Tool, then go up. The screen will shift and you'll be at the front of the 
    warehouse. Run up the steps and enter.
       Go forward and check your left for a chest that contains the Cm 
    Protector, then continue north to the next screen. Here, you'll see a cat 
    chasing a rat, and then after some mutations, the rat will chase the cat 
    away, heh. Kill the mutated rat, then check the bottom right corner for a 
    shiny object which turns out to be a Warehouse Key. Go up a little bit 
    and under the bridge. Right after you pass the bridge, there's a chest to 
    your right among the rubble that contains a M203-2 grenade launcher. Even 
    though the chest is in plain sight, you might have trouble spotting it 
    because it's camoflauged so well. Now go through the door on the north 
    side. Keep going down and then enter the door under the red light. Head 
    left and open the chest for the Sp Protector, then go near the bottom 
    right corner and open the chest for a Rocket (hint hint). Go up the 
    stairs on the left side and save before continuing through the left door. 
    Also, after saving, go to the right of the phone, climb up the ladder and 
    open the chest for an Offense +2 or Offense +3 (10% of the time). Now go 
    through the left door.
       Cross the bridge and enter the door on the other side. In the bottom 
    left corner of this room you'll find an Offense +2 or Defense +1. A chest 
    in the topright corner contains a Tool. The one in the topleft corner has 
    an Offense +2 or a Defense +2. There's also a chance you'll get a Defense 
    +3 (10% of the time). Once you've picked up all the items, go down the 
       Slide yourself down to the bottom, then go left. You'll be attacked by 
    the boss.
    Level: 32
    HP: 856 (head), 420 (claws)
    EXP: 2510
    The Crab has three parts to it, two claws and the head. What you should 
    do is always stick to its side. It shoots out bubbles in a cone-shaped 
    direction in front of it that hits twice and lowers your defense. If 
    you're to its side, it won't hit you. It also has two physical attacks. 
    One is where it thrusts both its claws outward, and the other is a grab 
    and smack you to 1 HP move, but both can be avoided as long as you're to 
    its side. It has one more move where its eyes pop up and shoot lasers. 
    You can't avoid this if you're to its side, so once you see the eyes come 
    out, get as far away as you can from it. If you get hit by them, then 
    heal and get back to its side. Kill the claws first, then go for the 
    head. Once the claws are gone, the defense of the head lowers. If you 
    have Burst effect on your weapon, then you might be able to hit both 
    claws with one attack. Chances are that the far claw will be out of 
    range, though. Note that you won't always be directly at its side because 
    it's constantly moving away from you. As long as you keep following it, 
    though, you'll be safe, because it stops when it's about to attack, 
    giving you time to move in. Don't attack it while it's moving, wait 
    instead until it has attacked, and then counter. When you win, you'll get 
    the AT4 rocket launcher (ooh).
       Once the crab is gone, go to the northwest. Watch the steam patterns. 
    When you think you've got it down, go in (while there's no steam), pick 
    up the shiny object (Tool), and get out. Return to the bottom right and 
    climb back up the elevator lift. Now leave the warehouse. If you're 
    thinking of equipping the AT4 right now, don't, because you won't find 
    rockets in abundance as you do Ammo. Save it for the boss fights.
    American Museum of Natural History
    Weapons: G22 or P220-2 handgun, M203-4 grenade launcher, 
             MP5PDW machine gun, M500 shotgun, Maeda's Gun, M8000 handgun, 
             M9-3 handgun
    Armor: N Suit, Sv Protector, B Jacket 1, Cr Vest 2
       After finishing the warehouse, go to the museum. You may also want to 
    stop by the department first and drop off all your extra stuff.
       Enter the museum now. In the lobby, head towards the topleft, and 
    follow the person who slipped behind the door (save before you follow). 
    Run to the left in the next room and then go to the bottom left corner. 
    Off screen in the corner is a chest that contains a Medicine 4. Get it, 
    then take the door on the left. Go to the bottom left corner in this next 
    room and open the chest behind the frog exhibit for a Medicine 3. Enter 
    the doors at the north. You'll see the figure disappear behind a locked 
    door, and then you'll have to fight a pair of dinosaurs. Once you kill 
    them, go north near the middle of the room, and then check your left and 
    right side for chests. The left chest contains a Tool or Medicine 3. The 
    right chest contains either the G22 or P220-2 handgun.
       Go back south, return to the lobby, and then save again. Take the 
    north exit from the lobby, under the stairs. In the next screen, you're 
    in an area with lots of green growth. Examine the machine on your right 
    and you'll get a little quiz. Answer it correctly and you'll get a prize. 
    Answer incorrectly and you'll get a chance at another not-so-good prize 
    (check below for the answers). When done, continue north while pressing 
    against the "wall" on your right. After a little bit of running, Aya 
    should be able to get through, now go south and east to get to a hidden 
    room. Pick up the Ammo +30 and answer the next quiz. Now go through the 
    door on the right. Open the chest under the fire alarm for a Defense +1, 
    then go south to the opposite side and open that chest for an Offense +1. 
    Now run to the bottom right corner and get the N Suit in the chest, then 
    go south a little, turn to face the west side, and push the box out of 
    the way to reveal another room. Get the Trading Card and the Tool, then 
    go back to the green area. This time, go all the way north.
       When you get out of the green area, continue north through the 
    passage, then turn left at the end. At the new screen, you'll see another 
    quiz here. Take it, or don't, then continue left and beat up the 
    scorpion. After it's gone, go left to the next screen. Take a right at 
    the canoe in the center of the room, going through the north exit. Go to 
    the bottom right corner, at the foot of the stairs, and open the chest 
    for an M203-4 grenade launcher. Instead of going up the stairs, go north 
    around them. When you get to the next screen (the place with all the 
    heads), just try to leave, and you'll be attacked by three armadillos. 
    Kill them, return to the previous room and now go up the stairs.
       At the top, you'll see another quiz in the upper right corner. Go 
    south for a bit, then look to your left and right for two chests that may 
    be partially hidden. The left chest contains a CR Evade +1 or PE +1, the 
    right chest has an Offense +1 or Defense +1. Now go through the north 
    exit. Walk around the exhibits and take the door on the upper right 
    corner. Climb down the ladder, pick up the Offense +1 or Defense +1 in 
    the chest, then go through the door. Pick up the tool hidden by the left 
    head, then climb back up the ladder to the second floor.
       Climb up to the third floor now. Pick up the Rocket in the chest, then 
    go through the door back inside. Take the quiz in the lower right corner, 
    then go through the exit at the southwest. In the next room, you'll find 
    another quiz in the bottom right corner. Take it, then leave the room 
    through the south. You'll see some stairs to the second floor. Go down 
    them, pick up the Revive inside the chest, then go back to the third 
    floor. Now take the exit to your right.
       Inside the next room, a pterodactyl will crash into the room and 
    attack you. Kill it off, pick up the Medicine 4 in the chest, then 
    continue going right. When you get to the room with the fall dinosaur 
    fossils, go south (or continue to go south, rather). Take the door on the 
    west side of the room. Open the chest for the Sv Protectorby the smashed 
    window, then climb through the window. Run across the ledge to the right, 
    jump down to the second floor, and then climb through the window.
       After going through the window, go through the east door. You'll find 
    yourself outside of Klamp's Office, but it's locked, so take the path 
    leading north. Check under the tent labeled Museum Shop for a Defense +1 
    and a Tool, then continue north. Run down the long hallway and take a 
    left at the end. At the red carpet area, take the door on the north. 
    Examine the monitors, and examine the blinking object to the right of the 
    monitors, then deactivate the alarm. Open the chest on the left for an 
    MP5PDW machine gun, then use the phone to save (finally!).
       Before leaving the room, stand in front of the alarm, then run to the 
    right. When you can go right no more, head south (you're off the screen), 
    and then examine everything around there until you appear in the 
    elevator. Move it to the fourth floor. You'll come into a secret room 
    where you can pick up some various items. Among them are the Tool, M500 
    shotgun, B Jacket 1, and Cure-D. Now go back to the second floor. Leave 
    the monitoring room and head back to Klamp's office (go right from the 
    red carpet area).
       In Klamp's office, just watch the events as they happen. You'll come 
    out with the Klamp Key and Maeda's Gun. Outside of the office, go through 
    the door at the bottom left. Also note that the stairs are no longer 
    blocked, but don't go up them. In the next room, keep going left and 
    unlock the door with the Klamp Key. Do the quiz in this room, then take 
    the door north. When you come up in the next room, walk to the center of 
    the room and you'll be attacked by the Triceratops.
    Level: 33
    HP: 750 (1st stage), 900 (2nd stage)
    EXP: 50,000
    This boss has two attacks. One is a charging attack and another a 
    lightning attack. The charging attack is fairly easy to dodge in the 
    beginning. To be able to dodge it, though, you'll need to be running 
    _before_ it charges, otherwise you won't have enough time to get out of 
    the way. Once you get the pattern down, you should be able to tell when 
    it's about to charge. When it loses more HP, it will charge two, then 
    three times in a row. When it does this, it's pretty hard not to get hit, 
    so make sure you're ready to heal. Its other attack is a lightning attack 
    that curves around the whole room. When it fires, look for the little 
    open spot in front and beside its head. That's where you should stand 
    when it's about to shoot the lightning. Other than that, there's nothing 
    more to this boss except dodge and shoot. When you deal enough damage, 
    then its head will disappear. At this point, it's weak against ice, so 
    switch to the M203-4 grenade launcher. Also, in this form it will charge 
    less and shoot lightning more often. You'll get a mighty Ammo +6 when you 
    beat it.
       With the Triceratops dead, go back down the stairs to the lobby and 
    save again. Do _not_ go south otherwise you will have to fight another 
    boss without saving! After you've saved, go back to the Triceratops room 
    and try to go south. You'll be knocked all the way down to the first 
    floor. Pick up the Ammo +30 and Medicine 4, then run to the right. You'll 
    be attacked by the T-Rex.
    Level: 35
    HP: 2400
    EXP: 100,000
    This guy is even tougher than the Triceratops (that is, if you thought 
    the Triceratops was tough). In the beginning, it will work on shooting 
    flames at you. The flames cover nearly the entire room in front of it, so 
    if you don't want to be burned, then stay behind it. The best thing to do 
    is stay near its left side and more behind than in front of it. That way, 
    when it shoots the flames, you won't have to worry about getting into 
    position. Sometimes it will jump to the other side of the screen and 
    follow with the flame attack. When it does that, just quickly run back to 
    position so you won't get hit. The flame attack can hit multiple times at 
    about 150 damage each, and you can take up to 750 damage if you're 
    standing in front of it when it fires, so you definitely don't want to 
    get hit. Its other moves consist of a normal biting attack which is 
    easily dodged and one where it shoots two bolts of energy at you. It's 
    not as easily dodged, but the damage is bearable. To dodge, watch when 
    it's about to shoot the balls, then start running away from it. When they 
    actually start coming at you, start running towards it and then a little 
    bit to the side. To kill it, just keep shooting at it from its side with 
    your strongest handgun (using anything else is too risky as they fire too 
    slowly) or machine gun. If you happen to have Liberate by now, use it, 
    and the battle will be over. You'll get the M8000 handgun when you win.
       Run to the bottom left corner, then enter the doors at the south wall. 
    You'll end up back in the lobby. Save, then go into the elevator and go 
    to the fourth floor. There's a chest here that contains a Full Cure or 
    Full Recover. Get it, then go back into the elevator and head to the 
    second floor.
       Out of the elevator, go west two rooms, then go north. Head up the 
    stairs back to the Triceratops room. Now go south (you won't be rammed 
    this time) to the next room. After the "earthquake", you'll notice the 
    window on the west side is shattered. Go through it, then turn south. 
    You'll find two chests with a Tool and an M9-3 handgun inside. Also, 
    before going up the stairs, go north again, down the stairs, and south to 
    the room with the quiz. You'll find broken glass in this room, too. Go 
    through it and head to the bottom left corner of the room. In the two 
    chests you'll find a Cr Vest 2 and a Super Tool. After getting them, go 
    back to the room where the "earthquake" occured and up the stairs.
       Go through the door on the north, and watch the events take place. Aya 
    will automatically leave the Museum after that. View all the cool FMV's 
    and Aya will be brought to an aircraft carrier outside of New York City. 
    Eventually you'll be able to save, and after that, you'll be at the 
    Statue of Liberty.
       Also, here are the answers to the Quiz questions in the Museum.
    -How many animals are hiding?
    -The name of the organelle that appeared in the first organism?  
    -What was the nutritional source of the first organism that lived 3.9
     billion years ago?
      Nitrogen oxides from volcanoes
    -The mitochondria creates ATP (adenosine triphosphate) within the cell. 
     How much energy is this equivalent to?
      200,000 V per cubic cm
    -By taking mitochondria, which uses oxygen as its nutritional source,
     into the body and living with it symbiotically, the bacteria has 
     acquired a tremendous amount of energy. What was the consequence?
    -In 1987, Cann & Wilson released a theory stating that humans were 
     derived from Mitochondria eve. Which organism is thought to be 
     Mitochondria Eve?
      An African female
    -25 Million years ago, oxygen increased in the air. Why?
      Photosynthesis by bacteria
    The Statue of Liberty
       You'll land at the base of the Statue of Liberty. Before going north, 
    check everything you can think of, because the upcoming battle is tough. 
    Once you're ready, go north and you'll confront Eve for the final time.
    Level: 37
    HP: 1900 (Top), 1750 (Middle), 1600 (Bottom)
    EXP: 0
    There are three parts to Eve, so you should use a weapon with the Burst 
    effect (probably a shotgun unless you moved it to another). Also, if you 
    have it, now is a good time to use your AT4 rocket launcher. Eve has many 
    attacks. One is where she shoots a pair of energy balls at you, four 
    times in succession. You can dodge them by standing in between them, but 
    it's much easier to avoid them by continuously running to either side. 
    She also sprays needles around the whole screen in a circular fashion. 
    Just run away from them, but angle yourself so that you're also running 
    towards Eve. (Simple Geometry has it that as the radius of a circle 
    becomes smaller, the circumference gets smaller. The closer you are to 
    Eve, the less distance you have to cover, giving you more time to outrun 
    the needle spray. If you're farther away, and you don't get close, then 
    you'll probably get hit.) And then there's a move where Eve spins around 
    in place and shoots boomerangs in the air which rain down back on Aya. 
    They're pretty hard to dodge, but if you get directly under Eve, then you 
    shouldn't get hit. Just remember to back off when she stops firing. Eve 
    also has several close up attacks. You can tell when they're coming when 
    waves of energy eminate from Eve's "tail". The only way to avoid this is 
    to STAY AWAY from her the instant you see her. If you're far away enough, 
    then her melee attack won't come out. If you get caught, though, then 
    you're in trouble. Among her melee attacks are a multi-hit hurts-a-lot 
    move, another multi-attack which doesn't have as many hits, but confuses 
    you, and one where she just smacks you to one HP. The strategy to beat 
    Eve goes as follows. Run in a counter-clockwise direction around Eve. 
    Make sure you're always moving. When she attacks, position yourself 
    correspondingly so that you don't get hit (easier said than done, but do 
    your best). Once her attack comes out, get in range, and then shoot her. 
    The bottom section has the least HP, so get rid of that first. By the 
    way, you should have the Liberate spell at this point. Use it. It will 
    help a lot. When yon win, you'll have to fight Eve in a different form.
    Level: 35
    HP: 2200
    EXP: 0
    This Eve moves a lot quicker than the previous one, so you need to keep 
    Aya moving at all times. Eve has fewer attacks than the other, but they 
    still hurt. The first is a quick physical attack where Eve rushes up to 
    Aya and just hits her several times. Just keep moving away and you should 
    be able to avoid at least some of the hits. Eve also has a paralysis 
    attack that can't be dodged. You'll be either paralyzed or slowed. When 
    that happens, cast Haste on yourself instead of Medic (you move faster 
    and you use up less PE). Eve's final attack is where she flies into the 
    air, summons an energy lance and throws it at the ground towards you. 
    When she goes up into the air, move yourself to one corner (you can't see 
    yourself, but you can still move). When she throws it (or right before 
    she throws it) run to the opposite corner and DON'T STOP until the energy 
    has completely disappeared. This is pretty hard to do, as Eve doesn't 
    give you enough time to run to the corner and run back, and even though 
    the lance won't directly hit you, the shockwaves that result from it 
    cover a lot of the screen. But the further away you are from the center, 
    the less damage you'll take. You'll be slapped with a Def. Down effect if 
    you get hit, but there's nothing you can do about that. For this battle, 
    just keep moving around and buy yourself as much time as possible so you 
    can use your Liberate spell. Switch from the AT4 to the M8000 so your AT 
    can go up faster. Other than that, it's more dodging and shooting. Beat 
    her and that's the end of Eve! And the end of day five!
    Day 6 - LIBERATION
    Navy Cruiser
       The day begins with Aya standing by the rail of a navy cruiser. After 
    talking to Daniel a bit, go through the door to your left. You'll see 
    Wayne and Maeda talking. When Maeda leaves, talk to Wayne and drop off 
    all your excess equipment and pick up any Medicine you might have. When 
    you're done, Wayne will offer to rename one weapon and one piece of armor 
    at your choosing. Once done, use the phone on the left to save, then 
    leave the room. Some more scenes will take place, and after a while, the 
    final battle will commence.
    The Ultimate Being
    Level: 37
    HP: 1500
    EXP: 0
    The Ultimate Being looks pretty revolting. Don't let that stop you, 
    though. In fact, this battle is quite easy. All he does is float around 
    like a pansy and attack occasionally. His attack is a shockwave that 
    eminates from himself, spreading out to damage everything within a 
    certain radius. To avoid it, all you have to do is to figure out which 
    corner he's furthest from, and run there before he attacks. If he shoots 
    the wave before you get to the corner, then don't worry. As long as 
    there's some distance between you two while it fires, then you can outrun 
    it as long as you keep heading for the corner. After it fires, run up to 
    it and shoot it. You can fire quite a few shots. Three or four is fine, 
    but if you're really paranoid, you can stick with one shot, but there's 
    really no need. After firing, the Ultimate Being will float around 
    someplace else, in which you should move to the corresponding corner and 
    prepare for the next attack, then repeat the pattern. It also has an 
    attack that is unavoidable and brings you down to 1 HP, but luckily, it 
    is used very occasionally. When you see it about to do its 1 HP attack 
    (it drops to the ground), then you could cast a Barrier at that instant. 
    It uses up less PE than healing yourself back to full.
    The Ultimate Being
    Level: 37
    HP: 1500 (Top), 950 (Bottom)
    EXP: 0
    There are two parts to this boss. It's also fairly easy, though not as 
    easy as the previous form. Its attack is a pair of lightning bolts it 
    shoots from its hands four times in a row. You can either get between 
    them or just avoid them altogether. Getting between them is a bit 
    difficult because it swings the bolts in a direction, and so you'll have 
    to move with them. If you can get outside of the bolts (on the other side 
    of the direction he swings it), then you won't have to worry about it. 
    Remember, however, that he shoots four times in a row, so don't let up if 
    you've managed to dodge one, keep running circles around him (the 
    opposite direction the bolts are going). Also, the closer you are to it, 
    then the easier it is to dodge (and it also has a chance of going over 
    you, missing you completely). Actually, it's best to stay close to it, 
    and once you see the bolts about to come out, start moving. Its other 
    attack is just three bolts that sort of home in on Aya, but they can be 
    dodged easily. After dealing enough damage to one section, both sections 
    split apart and move and attack independently. This stage is a lot 
    harder. The flying part will either try to run into you or shoot a string 
    of bullets at you. It follows you as it shoots, so just run as fast as 
    you can away from it. If that wasn't bad enough, the part that's crawling 
    on the ground will shoot a puple beam that reaches from one corner all 
    the way to the opposite corner. It can also sweep its purple beam around 
    the screen. To dodge, just run away from the beam while at the same time 
    running towards the baby (so you can outrun it faster). If you kill the 
    baby first, then the other part will die, too, and the battle will end. 
    If you kill the flying section, you'll still have to kill the baby. For a 
    quick battle, as always, use Liberate.
    The Ultimate Being
    Level: 38
    HP: 3500
    EXP: 0
    This form reminds me of Tyrant from Resident Evil 1. Anyway, it's 
    probably the toughest form, also. It has several moves. One is a two-hit 
    combo. It quickly rushes up to you and hits you twice. You can avoid this 
    by running away from it when you see it start to speed up. As it 
    approaches you, it will stop to attack you. If you keep running, it will 
    land behind you. As for the second attack, after the first one comes out, 
    angle yourself away and to the side when you run, and the second attack 
    should miss you by a hair. It has another attack where it flies to one 
    corner and shoots several large balls at you that. When you see that it's 
    about to fire, start running towards it. If you're really close to it, 
    then the balls will miss you. You might get hit for about 15 points of 
    damage, but it's preferred than losing 250 HP. Oh, yeah, this one also 
    has a 1 HP attack and a half HP attack.
    The Ultimate Being
    Level: ??
    HP: 8000
    EXP: 0
    This form is pretty easy. It has four extensions that can't hurt you, but 
    fly around and shoot easily avoidable lasers. Each shot you hit it with 
    does 1 point of damage. It's best to switch to a machine gun now, as they 
    can shoot up to 7 times in a row. Just dodge and shoot, and you'll 
    eventually kill him.
    Just kidding! Once you do about 20 damage, Daniel will come down and 
    throw you some special bullets. You'll automatically switch to Maeda's 
    Gun, loaded with the special clip. Each hit here does 999 damage! Kill 
       So now the Ultimate Being is dead... not quite. You now have to find 
    the engine room and destroy the ship, and the Ultimate Being with it. 
    Once you regain control of Aya, RUN to the door on your left (where you 
    talked with Wayne). Inside the room, Aya will notice the map and realize 
    she has to go to the engine room (okay, so I spoiled it, sorry). Go 
    through the door that was blocked earlier.
       Go through the door and immediately start running up. At the 
    intersection, turn left. At the next screen, go UP. It may look like left 
    is the way, but trust me, hold UP in the control pad and go through the 
    door on your right at the end of the hallway. In the next screen, hold 
    right for just a fraction of a second, then go down the stairs. Go 
    through the door on the left.
       In the next screen, immediately head right, then go up at the T-
    intersection. At the end of the passage, climb down the ladder. At the 
    bottom of the ladder, go down and access the control panel. The Ultimate 
    Being will crawl near you after you do that. You'll have to do something 
    scary... run around the Ultimate Being, then turn left. It will freeze 
    for a moment, however, allowing you to run past. Go down now and then up 
    the ladder.
       At the top of the ladder, keep running down and go through the door. 
    Continue going down to the end of the hall, then through the door on your 
    left. In the next screen, run to the left for a fraction of a second, 
    then go up the stairs (or rather, DOWN them), then through the door on 
    the right. At the final screen, keep running left. Make it through the 
    door, and you've finished the game!
    After watching the ending and the credits, you'll be awarded a mess of 
    Bonus Points, and also be given the option of saving the game so that you 
    may begin again in the EX Mode. The EX Mode is theoretically the same as 
    the normal game. The difference is that you can access the Chrysler 
    Building when you get to the World Map now. Also, the enemies in the game 
    become harder and they have more HP than before. Oh, and did I mention 
    you keep all the items you picked up in the normal game? Even though the 
    enemies are tougher, with the M8000 handgun in possession, you can breeze 
    through the game up to about day five.
       Actually, the Chrysler Building is the thing most worth noting in the 
    EX-mode. Start a new game through EX-mode, and the Chrysler Building will 
    be on the map of New York City. You can go there any time during Day 2 
    (which is the first time you see the map of the city) and on. It is not 
    wise, however, to go there in the beginning of the game. Although you'll 
    have your best weapon and armor from last game, you do not keep your 
    levels, and even a good armor does not offset low hit points. Also, you 
    should accumulate a large amount of ammunition before entering, otherwise 
    you'll run out after climbing the first few floors.
       A good way to go about this is to play through the game again. The 
    monsters, although they are tougher (more HP, harder attacks), are pretty 
    easy since you have the M8000, and you also get a mass amount of bonus 
    points at the end of each day. By the time you kill the T-Rex again, 
    you'll be at least level 30, collected a lot of ammunition, weapons, and 
    armor. Don't go to the top floor of the museum, otherwise you won't be 
    able to go back to the map of New York City before the game ends.
       Now you're ready to enter the Chrysler Building. Notice that the 
    monsters here are much harder than the ones you'll find elsewhere, and 
    they give low experience, too, making this a bad place to gain levels. On 
    every floor is a storage room where you can find good items, an elevator 
    that requires a key to operate, and stairs to the next floor. Every ten 
    floors is a boss fight, and when you win, you'll get the key to operate 
    the elevators for the previous ten floors.
       Each "package" is randomly determined for every ten floors. You might find 
    one package on the second floor, or on the ninth floor, but never on the 
    nineteenth floor. Also, for every Offense, Defense, PE, CR Evade, etc., 
    you may get a +1, +2, +3 or +4 each time you pick up, so I won't bother to 
    include that from now.
    Floors 2-10
     PE, M79-4 grenade launcher, Kv Jacket
     Bullet Cap, Range, Rocket Ammo, Tool
     CR Evade, Offense, USP-2 handgun, Tool
     M1911A4 handgun, Sp Vest 2, Tool, Tool
     CR Evade, M16A2 rifle, Tool
     P38 T Card, CR Evade, PE, P228 handgun
     CR Evade, Sv Jacket
     Defense, PE, P226 handgun
     Bullet Cap, Offense, Offense
    Floors 11-20
     Defense, Cr Jacket
     Tool, Treasurebox (monster)
     M203-5 grenade launcher, Tool, Tool
     Bullet Cap, M96 handgun, Tool
     Kasul T Card, Offense, Rocket Ammo
     Defense, Club 4, Super Tool
     AM44 handgun, P229 handgun
     PE, Sp Suit 1
     Bhawk T Card, Range, Full UZ machinegun
     Kv Suit 1, Tool
    Floors 21-30
     Tool, Treasurebox (monster)
     PPKS T Card, Tool, Tool
     Bullet Cap, Tool, Super Tool
     CR Evade, Mark 23 handgun, Super Tool
     Offense, M870-2, Tool
     Defense, Type64 rifle
     Cm Jacket, Treasurebox (monster)
     M1 T Card, Offense, B Jacket 2
     CR Evade, Range
     M79-5 grenade launcher, Sv Suit 1, Tool
    Floors 31-40
     Bullet Cap, PSG-1 rifle, Full Cure, Tool
     Cm Suit 1, Full Recover, Tool
     Defense, Sv Suit 2, Rocket Ammo, Tool
     BAR T Card, MK5 T Card, MP5A5 machinegun, Sp Armor 1
     Tool, Treasurebox (monster)
     MP44 T Card, Treasurebox (monster)
     MG42 T Card, CR Evade, Defense, M1911A5 handgun
     Range, Maverick shotgun
     Kv Armor 1, Treasurebox (monster)
     Tool, Treasurebox (monster)
    Floors 41-50
     M29 T Card, SAR rifle, Tool
     M73 T Card, PE, AT4-1 rocket launcher, Super Tool
     Bullet Cap, Tool
     Cr Suit 1, Treasurebox (monster)
     USP-3 handgun, Treasurebox (monster)
     Offense, Range, Cm Armor 1, Rocket Ammo, Tool
     Treasurebox (monster), Treasurebox (monster)
     Tool, Treasurebox (monster)
     B Suit 1, Treasurebox (monster)
     Offense, G20 handgun, Sv Armor 1, Tool
    Floors 51-60
     Type38 T Card, CR Evade, Sp Armor 2
     MP5SD6 machinegun
     B Suit 2, Treasurebox (monster)
     M712 handgun, Treasurebox (monster)
     PE, S12 shotgun, Cr Armor, Full Recover
     Treasurebox (monster), Treasurebox(monster)
     Full Cure, Treasurebox (monster)
     FA-MAS rifle, Treasurebox (monster)
     Defense, Range
     Tool, Tool, Tool
    Floors 61-70
     PE, M500 shotgun, M500-2 shotgun, Full Recover
     Defense, Treasurebox (monster)
     Treasurebox (monster), Treasurebox (monster)
     Range, XM177E2 rifle, Full Cure, Tool
     Treasurebox (monster), Treasurebox (monster)
     Bullet Cap, Cm Armor 2, Super Tool
     M96R handgun, B Armor, Tool, Super Tool
     Type3 T Card, Treasurebox (monster)
     Eagle T Card, PE, Club 5, Cr Armor 2
     Offense, M203-6 grenade launcher, Sv Armor 2
       Every ten levels there is a boss. They can get pretty annoying since 
    you can't save before the fight. Kill them to get the keys to the 
    10th Floor
    Level: 24
    HP: 1000
    EXP: 100
    This spider is the same as the one you fought on the roof of the hospital. 
    It should be pretty easy by now, especially since you have a good weapon. 
    There's also less room to move around, so the fireball is a little harder 
    to dodge, but you can always heal.
    20th Floor
    Level: 29
    HP: 1200, 1200
    EXP: 300
    Again, these guys are just like the one you fought against in the Carnegie 
    Hall Sewers. Each have only one target, and although there are two of 
    them, the fight should still be easy.
    30th Floor
    Level: 34
    HP: 1500 (first stage), 1200 (head), 800 (tail), 600 (body), 600 (body)
    EXP: 800
    This is the same as the boss you fought in the Subway on day five. I don't 
    know what more to say. :( Actually, the first part is pretty easy. Just 
    stick to its side and it won't be able to hurt you by lunging. The fight 
    gets hard when it splits up into four separate parts. Kill one part as 
    quickly as you can so you'll take less damage when you get hit. Also, if 
    he head hits you, you'll be poisoned, and if the tail hits you, you'll be 
    blinded. Same strategy, though. If you don't get hit, you won't be 
    40th Floor
    Level: 39
    HP: 1600 (first stage), 1600 (second stage)
    EXP: 2,500
    Again, this is the same Triceratops you beat in the Museum on day five. 
    For some reason, this boss is easier than the one on the 30th floor. Using 
    the Mark 23, I killed the first stage before it got two attacks out. In 
    the second stage, the triceratops attacks more often, and uses only the 
    lightning bolts, and no longer charges. Still, it should be no trouble. 
    And although this is like the one you fought in the Museum, freezing 
    rounds do no special damage to it.
    50th Floor
    Level: 49
    HP: 4200 (main), 1200 (hatchling)
    EXP: 5,000
    Ah, finally an original boss here. At first, only one roach appears, and 
    it has only one attack, which is swiping you with its antenna. To avoid, 
    _simply_ run away from the roach if it's approaching you. It will run up 
    to you, and then attack with its antenna. If you start running by the time 
    the attack is already coming out, you won't make it. After you deal a 
    certain amount of damage, the roach will fly into the air and another 
    roach will hatch out of an egg. The groundling roach is just like the 
    original one when it was on the ground. The now airborne roach attacks by 
    shooting white fire at you. There's nothing special you need to do to 
    avoid it. Just don't get hit by it.
    60th Floor
    Level: 59
    HP: 6400 (head), 1600 (claws)
    EXP: 10,000
    The Crab is very similar to the crab in the Warehouse. Note that this one 
    moves a LOT faster, so you have to use Haste to keep up. Otherwise, the 
    strategy is the same as before. Stay to its side, kill the claws first, 
    then the defense of the head lowers, then destroy the head. Although its 
    eye lasers are nothing to worry about, the bubble attack does an insane 
    amount of damage, so you should be extra careful when dodging.
    70th Floor
    Level: 74
    HP: 12000 (Main), 600 (Small), 1200 (Large)
    EXP: 20,000
    This battle is really tough. Hopefully you saved up a good amount of 
    Medicine 4 and Revives during your flight up the last ten floors. The main 
    bee (the largest one) has three attacks. The first is where it shoots a 
    wall of orange light at you, and then two sickles fly out after it. Just 
    one hit from one of them alone deals over 500 damage. The wall is pretty 
    easy to dodge if you're not caught shooting, so don't go crazy firing at 
    it. Whichever side of the screen you're standing on, the bee will move to 
    the top of that side, and fire the wall at you. From here, just run to the 
    opposite side of the screen, and the wall should come out once you're out 
    of range. Continue running and the sickles will miss you, also. The second 
    attack is unavoidable once it comes out. It paralyzes you for several 
    seconds, allowing the other bees to get licks on you, and then a white 
    light deals around 400 damage to you. Not much you can do about this. But 
    I _think_ the main bee uses this only when it's in the center of the 
    screen _and_ when you're in front of it. The third attack is a lame swipe 
    with its leg which is easily avoided. As for the small bees, they fly 
    around stinging you occasionally. Again, they're easy to dodge unless 
    you're caught shooting. Getting hit by the stingers will poison you. The 
    small bees can also heal the main bee for 200 points of damage. 
    Unfortunately, once you kill the small bees, more take their place. Also, 
    there are large bees that don't appear as often. They're pretty easy to 
    avoid since they're so slow, but they have range attacks to use when 
    you're far away. Getting hit by their ranged attacks will confuse you. 
    Each bee alone isn't too tough, but all of them in one fight makes a very 
    tough battle. It's best if you have the burst effect on your weapon so you 
    can hit the main bee and the healer bees with one shot, otherwise it will 
    take forever to take away all 12000 of its hitpoints.
    77th Floor
    Level: 99
    HP: 45000
    EXP: 0
    Ahh, the final showdown with Eve. This battle is really tough. Hopefully, 
    you've been stocking up on Medicine and Revives, and that you've upgraded 
    your weapon pretty good (300+ Attack) or else the fight will be over 
    quickly (for you). Anyway, the first thing you should note is that Eve has 
    a little helper. You should NEVER attack Eve while the helper is on the 
    screen, or else the helper will heal Eve in increasing increments (1000, 
    2000, 3000, etc). Basically, you should only attack Eve right after she 
    completes an attack, or immediately after the helper has left the screen 
    (make sure its shadow is completely gone before you start shooting, just 
    to be safe). In the beginning, Eve will float around, and then teleport 
    right next to you. Quickly run away from her. Eve will teleport and appear 
    right next to you again, and immediately follow with an attack. To dodge 
    this attack, run a clockwise circle around Eve. Once she misses her 
    attack, shoot her as much as you possibly can, but stop when she teleports 
    (away from you, this time). After teleporting away, Eve will float around 
    again, and may use her teleport attack on you again, or she may also call 
    down her helper to inflict a status ailment on you. Once you bring Eve 
    down to two-thirds of her hitpoints, Eve will start using another attack. 
    The helper will come down and charge Eve up for an attack. When this 
    happens, Eve will float to a corner, charge up, and then fly to the other 
    side of the room, ramming you, and knocking you down to 1 HP and removing 
    all status benefits. I found this impossible to dodge, even with haste. 
    However, after charging up, Eve will be stunned, allowing you to get a 
    good deal of hits on her. Once she regains composure, though, stop firing, 
    and wait to see what she'll do next. Also, Eve's teleport attack will have 
    another hit. First, she'll teleport near you and attack (still run 
    clockwise to dodge it), and then teleport near you again and kick at you. 
    To dodge the kick, you have to run counter-clockwise. I found it possible 
    to dodge only with haste on. When Eve is at a third of her hit points, 
    she'll use her charge-up ramming move without her having to call on the 
    helper. In addition, the teleport attack will have another attack. After 
    the kick comes out, she'll teleport near you again, and try to hit you 
    with a somersault kick. Dodge this by running to the side in either 
    When I saw Eve teleporting right next to me, I immediately casted Haste so 
    I would be able to dodge the following attacks more easily. After she 
    missed, I would shoot her until she teleported away. When the helper came 
    down, I'd wait until it left, then start shooting Eve again. When I saw 
    Eve preparing for her charge-up attack, I'd switch to a different armor, 
    and then switch back to get my PE moving again. After getting hit, I'd 
    cast Preraise (just in case), let the autocure kick in, and shoot her 
    about six times. Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, seeing as how she has 
    so many hitpoints, it might take a while to kill her. Theoretically, she 
    should not be able to kill you, since you can dodge all but the 1 HP 
    attack, but you should bring plenty of Medicine just in case. Good luck! 
    It took me half an hour to beat her...
    NAME - The name of the weapon
    ATTACK - The initial attack power of the weapon (base + modifiers)
    RANGE - The initial range of the weapon (base + modifiers)
    BULLETS - The initial number of bullets on the weapon (base + modifiers)
    SLOTS - The number of slots on the weapon (initial slots / max. slots)
    SPECIAL - The Special Effects on the weapon
    LOCATION - The location where the weapon is found
    Special Effects
    St (Steal Item) - Steals items, but halves attack power
    Sa (Steal and Attack) - Steals item during attack
    Q  (Quickdraw) - First attack
    Cr (Critical Bonus) - Critical attack rate increases
    Co (Counter) - Counterattack when attacked
    B  (Burst) - Hit multiple targets
    ER (Explosive Rounds) - Adds Heat Effect to weapon
    FR (Freezing Rounds) - Adds Frost Effect to weapon
    AR (Acid Rounds) - Adds Acid Effect to weapon
    TR (Tranquilizer Rounds) - Adds Tranquilizer Effect to weapon
    CR (Cyanide Rounds) - Adds Cyanide Effect to weapon
    R1 (Random Shot 1) - Enemies targeted at random
    R2 (Random Shot 2) - All enemies targeted (?)
    C2 (Command x2) - Enter two commands per turn
    C3 (Command x3) - Enter three commands per turn
    x# (Rate of Fire x#) - Shoot # times per turn
    Melee Weapon
    Club 1   9+1      10+0      0+0      1/1    None      Start 
    Club 2   24+2     10+0      0+0      1/1    St        Soho
    Club 3   38+0     10+0      0+0      2/2    St,Q      Chinatown Sewers
    Club 4   78+2     10+0      0+0      3/3    Sa,Cr,Co  Chrysler Building
    Club 5   100+2    10+0      0+0      2/2    Sa,Q      Chrysler Building
    Maeda's Gun 1+0      60+0      15+0     1/1    x2        Museum
    M84F        10+2     51+0      6+0      1/4    x2        Start
    P220        14+1     55+0      5+0      1/5    x2        Carnegie Hall
    M1911A1     15+2     60+0      5+1      2/6    x3        Carnegia Sewers
    M9          17+0     53+1      8+1      3/6    x3        Central Park
    P8          18+1     54+2      7+0      1/1    none      Central Park
    M92F        28+1     50+1      8+3      3/10   x3        N.Y.P.D.
    G19         30+2     57+1      8+2      3/5    x3        Soho
    M9-2        38+1     54+1      10+1     2/7    x3        N.Y.P.D.
    PPK         45+2     48+1      12+0     2/4    Q,x5      Warehouse
    G23         47+1     58+2      10+0     2/7    x3        Hospital
    P220-2      47+1     55+0      11+1     3/5    x3        Museum
    M1911A2     48+0     61+0      8+2      2/5    x3        Chinatown
    M1911A3     50+0     62+0      8+1      2/7    x5        Chrysler Building
    G22         49+2     60+0      10+1     2/5    x2        Museum
    USP         51+1     56+0      9+1      2/4    x3        Chrysler Building
    M9-3        53+2     58+0      13+0     2/7    C2,x3     Museum
    M8000       57+0     58+0      12+0     3/5    C2        Museum
    USP-2       58+0     57+2      11+0     2/7    none      Chrysler Building
    P228        59+0     55+1      12+1     2/6    none      Chrysler Building
    P226        63+0     57+0      11+1     2/6    x2        Chrysler Building
    G20         65+0     61+1      12+2     2/3    Co        Chrysler Building
    M1911A4     68+0     62+1      9+0      2/8    none      Chrysler Building
    P229        71+0     56+0      13+0     1/7    x3        Chrysler Building
    USP-3       75+1     58+0      12+1     2/3    Q,x2      Chrysler Building
    M96         75+2     59+0      14+2     5/5    none      Chrysler Building
    AM44        78+0     58+0      12+1     2/8    none      Chrysler Building
    Mark23      81+1     60+1      13+0     2/3    Q,x3      Chrysler Building
    M1911A5     85+1     63+0      10+1     2/5    none      Chrysler Building
    M712        85+2     63+1      10+1     2/2    Co        Chrysler Building
    M96R        88+1     59+0      20+0     2/4    C3,x2     Chrysler Building
    USP-TU      115+1    87+1      25+6     3/9    Co,x5     Wayne (300 Junk)
    SP1C        118+2    67+2      18+2     2/6    x2        Wayne (300 Junk)
    DE50AE7     123+2    55+1      15+2     8/9    x2        Wayne (300 Junk)
    M16A1       34+1     110+2     15+1     1/3    x2        N.Y.P.D.
    SG550       40+0     108+2     20+1     2/5    x2        N.Y.P.D.
    G3A3        43+1     121+2     18+1     3/4    none      Hospital
    Type64      50+1     112+2     14+2     4/5    Cr,x3     Chrysler Building
    M16A2       53+2     124+0     18+1     2/4    x3        Chrysler Building
    PSG-1       75+0     120+0     18+1     5/5    x2        Chrysler Building
    SAR         85+1     135+1     16+0     2/3    none      Chrysler Building
    XM177E2     99+0     158+1     16+1     5/6    Cr        Chrysler Building
    FA-MAS      119+0    168+1     26+0     6/7    x3        Chrysler Building
    MAG         151+1    185+0     20+1     4/7    Cr,x2     Wayne (300 Junk)
    AK-47       155+0    152+2     23+1     6/8    Cr,Co,x5  Wayne (300 Junk)
    Grenade Launcher
    M203        25+2     59+1      5+0      2/3    ER        Central Park
    M79         44+1     65+2      4+1      3/4    TR,x2     Hospital
    M79-2       45+1     68+0      4+2      4/4    AR,x3     Chinatown
    M203-2      48+1     65+0      6+1      2/5    ER,x2     Warehouse
    M203-3      49+1     71+0      5+2      4/5    AR,x3     Chinatown Sewers
    M79-3       52+2     68+1      5+1      3/5    FR,x2     Chinatown Sewers
    M203-4      57+1     67+0      7+1      5/7    FR,x2     Museum
    M79-4       59+2     65+0      10+0     4/5    none      Chrysler Building
    M203-5      68+0     65+0      7+0      5/6    none      Chrysler Building
    M79-5       75+0     67+2      8+0      5/5    none      Chrysler Building
    M203-6      80+1     67+1      6+2      4/4    CR        Chrysler Building
    M79-6       94+0     68+1      10+1     4/7    none      Chrysler Building
    HK40        115+1    70+0      8+1      6/6    none      Wayne (300 Junk)
    Machine Gun
    M11         32+1     42+0      20+1     2/2    R1,x5     Soho
    MP5K        35+1     43+0      23+1     1/4    x3        N.Y.P.D.
    M10         37+1     45+0      22+2     2/3    R1,x7     Hospital
    Micro UZ    38+2     43+0      18+1     4/4    R1,x5     Hospital
    MP5PDW      52+1     46+0      23+2     2/6    R1,x7     Museum
    MP5A5       67+1     48+0      28+1     2/4    R2,x2     Chrysler Building
    Full UZ     68+0     49+1      42+1     3/4    R1,x10    Chrysler Building
    PPSh41      78+2     75+1      71+0     2/6    x10       Wayne (300 Junk)
    MP5SD6      89+0     52+0      31+1     4/7    R2,x3     Chrysler Building
    P90         122+0    51+2      200+1    5/7    R1,x10    Wayne (300 Junk)
    M870        48+1     60+0      4+3      6/6    B,x2      Chinatown Sewers
    M500        57+2     61+2      5+2      8/8    B,x2      Museum
    M870-2      63+0     63+1      5+0      7/7    B         Chrysler Building
    M500-2      75+1     67+0      6+0      5/9    B,x3      Chrysler Building
    Maverick    82+0     69+2      7+0      5/6    B         Chrysler Building
    S12         97+1     72+0      8+1      6/6    B         Chrysler Building
    M10B        120+1    70+0      6+1      4/7    B,x3      Wayne (300 Junk)
    Rocket Launcher
    AT4         128+0    202+0     1+0      0/0    none      Warehouse
    AT4-2       186+0    205+30    1+0      0/0    none      Chrysler Building
    LAW80       200+20   210+0     1+0      0/0    none      Wayne (300 Junk)
    NAME - The name of the armor
    DEFENSE - The initial defense provided by the armor (base + modifier)
    PE - The amount of Parasite Energy added to Aya's amount (base + modifier)
    CRITICAL - The defense provided against critical attacks (base + modifier)
    SLOTS - The number of slots on the armor (initial slots / max. slots)
    SPECIAL - The Special Effects on the armor
    LOCATION - The location where the weapon is found
    Special Effects
    H  (Auto Heal) - Automatically uses Medicine when HP is low
    C  (Auto Cure) - Automatically uses Cures to remove harmful status
    HU (HP Up) - Aya's max HP is increased
    AU (Attack Up) - Aya's Attack Power is increased
    AD (Attack Down) - Aya's Attack Power is decreased
    AT (AT Slow) - The Active Time Bar recharges more slowly
    PE (PE Light) - Parasite Energy potential decreases
    I# (Inventory Bonus) - Item capacity increases by #
    aP (Anti-Poison) - Resists Poison
    aS (Anti-Stiffness) - Resists Stiffness
    aD (Anti-Darkness) - Resists Darkness
    aC (Anti-Confusion) - Resists Confusion
    Normal (N)
    N Vest       9+1      8+0      13+0      2/2    none     Start
    N Protector  11+1     9+0      16+2      3/4    none     Carnegie Hall
    N Jacket     34+1     28+1     19+0      3/5    none     N.Y.P.D.
    N Suit       43+1     35+1     22+1      2/6    none     Museum
    Kevlar (K)
    Kv Vest 1    19+1     11+1     15+0      2/2    none     Carnegie Sewers
    Kv Protector 40+1     32+1     18+2      2/2    none     Chrysler Building
    Kv Jacket    46+0     45+0     21+0      2/3    none     Chrysler Building
    Kv Suit 1    55+1     56+0     27+1      2/3    none     Chrysler Building
    Kv Armor 1   69+1     67+1     30+2      2/3    none     Chrysler Building
    Chemical (Cm)
    Cm Vest 1    15+1     16+0     10+1      2/2    H        N.Y.P.D.
    Cm Vest 2    30+1     33+2     21+2      2/2    H        N.Y.P.D.
    Cm Protector 36+1     48+0     29+2      3/3    H        Warehouse
    Cm Jacket    42+0     48+2     32+1      2/3    H        Chrysler Building
    Cm Suit 1    52+0     57+1     35+0      3/4    C        Chrysler Building
    Cm Armor 1   52+0     55+1     37+1      4/4    C,H      Chrysler Building
    Cm Armor 1   88+1     96+1     41+0      5/6    AD,PE    Chrysler Building
    Spectra (Sp)
    Sp Vest 1    20+2     14+1     18+1      2/3    none     Central Park
    Sp Jacket    35+0     29+1     26+0      2/3    none     Hospital
    Sp Protector 38+1     23+0     26+0      3/4    none     Warehouse
    Sp Vest 2    49+1     41+0     24+1      2/3    none     Chrysler Building
    Sp Suit 1    58+2     52+0     29+0      2/4    none     Chrysler Building
    Sp Armor 1   75+0     69+1     32+1      2/6    none     Chrysler Building
    Sp Armor 2   86+1     79+1     39+1      2/6    AU       Chrysler Building
    Survival (Sv)
    Sv Vest 1    18+1     14+2     19+0      2/4    I1       Central Park
    Sv Protector 38+1     35+1     30+0      2/5    I1       Museum
    Sv Jacket    42+0     38+2     33+0      2/3    I1       Chrysler Building
    Sv Suit 1    46+1     42+0     38+2      3/6    I2       Chrysler Building
    Sv Suit 2    51+1     45+0     41+0      3/8    I2       Chrysler Building
    Sv Armor 1   65+1     62+0     45+2      2/8    I4       Chrysler Building
    Sv Armor 2   78+1     69+1     48+1      4/9    I4       Chrysler Building
    Bio (B)
    B Vest 1     29+1     35+0     20+0      2/4    aP       Hospital
    B Protector  32+1     38+0     22+1      2/3    aS       Chinatown Sewers
    B Jacket 1   43+1     48+1     27+1      3/4    aP       Museum
    B Suit 1     48+0     54+1     27+0      3/4    aD,aP,aS Chrysler Building
    B Jacket 2   55+0     61+0     30+2      2/5    aD       Chrysler Building
    B Suit 2     69+1     75+1     34+0      2/6    aC,AD    Chrysler Building
    B Armor      85+0     86       45+0      6/6    AD,aP,aS Chrysler Building
    Ceramics (Cr)
    Cr Vest 1    27+2     24+0     29+1      2/3    none     Soho
    Cr Protector 39+2     41+2     25+1      2/4    AT,HU    Chinatown Sewers
    Cr Jacket    43+1     45+0     33+1      4/7    none     Chrysler Building
    Cr Vest 2    45+1     42+1     31+0      2/4    none     Museum
    Cr Suit 1    65+0     67+1     37+2      4/5    AT,HU    Chrysler Building
    Cr Armor 1   91+1     89+1     42+1      5/7    AT,AU,HU Chrysler Building
    Cr Armor 2   106+1    102+2    48+3      7/10   HU       Chrysler Building
       After Day 3, when Wayne becomes the head of the weapon department, 
    he'll tell you to find him some Rare Trading Cards. For each Rare Trading 
    Card you give him, you'll be able to upgrade two pieces of equipment (as 
    opposed to the one you receive by giving him a regular Trading Card or Mod 
    Permit). In addition, if you give him at least 10 Rare Trading Cards, 
    he'll give you a Tool Kit, which has the same use as a Tool, but never 
    runs out. If you give him all 14 Rare Trading Cards, you'll receive the 
    Super Tool Kit, which is like the Tool Kit in its unlimited supply, but 
    acts as a Super Tool.
       All of the Rare Trading Cards are located inside the Chrysler Building:
       P38 T       M1 T        MG42 T      Type3 T
       Kasul T     BAR T       M29 T       Eagle T
       Bhawk T     MK5 T       M73 T
       PPKS T      MP44 T      Type38 T
       Also, when you talk to Wayne, you'll notice that there is an option 
    "Discard Junk". Instead of discarding the junk you collect from your 
    inventory, you should go to Wayne and have him take it. If you give him 
    300 pieces, he'll offer to make you a gun of your choice:
    HANDGUN             DE50AE7
    SHOTGUN             M10B
    MACHINE GUN         P90
    RIFLE               MAG
    LEAVE IT TO WAYNE   PPSh41 machinegun
                        SP1C handgun
                        USP-TU handgun
                        AK-47 rifle
                        Super Junk (useless!)
                        Duper Junk (also useless!)
    The statistics of the weapons are:
    DE50AE7     123+2    55+1      15+2     8/9    x2
    M10B        120+1    70+0      6+1      4/7    B,x3
    P90         122+0    51+2      200+1    5/7    R1,x10
    MAG         151+1    185+0     20+1     4/7    Cr,x2
    HK40        115+1    70+0      8+1      6/6    none
    LAW80       200+20   210+0     1+0      0/0    none
    PPSh41      78+2     75+1      71+0     2/6    x10
    SP1C        118+2    67+2      18+2     2/6    x2
    USP-TU      115+1    87+1      25+6     3/9    Co,x5
    AK-47       155+0    152+2     23+1     6/8    Cr,Co,x5
       It is best not to leave anything to Wayne. Other than the fact that he 
    might mess up (in which case you can still load), the weapon he decides to 
    make for you is generally less powerful than the one you'd get if you did 
    not leave it to Wayne.
    That's the end of this particular FAQ! Later...

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