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    EX Mode Guide by WAvalon

    Version: 0.05 | Updated: 10/04/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Date: Sun, 04 Oct 1998 07:36:54 +0800
    From: "Winston Avalon 'Nemesis'" <isc60002@leonis.nus.edu.sg>
    VERSION 0.05
    DATE : 04/10/98
    This is my first article for PSX, so I will make this short.
    Anyway, this run through does not cover how to pass the 70 levels. 
    The startng point of this run through start only at level 70 and basically
    only cover what is absolutely neccessary to complete the game. 
    OK. Let's start.
    Where to find update of this FAQ
    Visit PSX Cheat Station
    Look under Hall of Fame and you will find other stuff like translation, 
    walkthrough etc.
    Version 0.01 First Release 26/07/98
    Version 0.05 Second Release 04/10/98
    Correct damage stats for non gameshark in hints.
    Added cheats.
    Added Gameshark codes.
    How to get EX Mode?
    Play through and finish the game once. Wait until the 5 minutes credits end.
    Save game and it start in EX Mode. Choose EX Game in menu next time to start. 
    How to reach the extra building?
    I found no other short cut, but to play through the first day. On second day,
    save if you want at police station and you can go to the building.
    How to save game in extra building?
    As far as I know, you can't. But you should get a key for every 10 levels 
    and there is the lift right? This is what I speculate : You can get those 
    keys and return to ground floor by use of lift and go back to police station
    to save. Then you can come back to the last x0th level with your key.
    How to reach level 70?
    You can play through honestly and finding all the exit for each level. Or 
    you can cheat if you have a Game Shark. Just use the code for the 7 SP keys
    and you can take the lift from the ground floor up to level 70. Use the up
    and down control to select level in the lift.
    Game Shark screw my game up!
    If you had used the older code I posted or the code for EX mode from another
    place, this is likely to happen. The reason is that it lock the first 7 
    slots in your inventory for the 7 keys and thus covered all your weapons and
    armor making you helpless even though you may be invincible. I have shifted 
    the slot to slot 8 to slot 15. That should solve the problem. If you also 
    use the Most Powerful Weapon code also, that will be in slot 16.
    How to solve level 70?
    Once out of the lift, move right 1 screen. You will see a crossroad. Go 
    right again. Another crossroad here. Go up this time. You will meet the 
    boss of this level.
    How to kill the boss
    Normally, I really don't know. I came here without PE last time and finished
    all my 999 rounds unable to kill it. This boss took about 4-5 hit with my
    most powerful angel transformation PE. That's about 5 x 7 x 800 = 28000 HP. 
    To make things worse, it keep summoning monster that doesn't run out and 
    will waste you PE hit on them. Just tro calrify, you can only get 800 damage
    if you are using gameshark to boost your stats.
    You mean there is more than 70 level?
    OK. You're right. There is about 76-78 levels I can't quite remember. Just
    keep running up and then go down and run up the stairs. I don't know what 
    you can do in the museum.
    The final showdown
    You will meet Maya here and after some talking she will explain to you that
    Eve was just nothing compare to her. She will transform into the angel form
    just like your PE spell and can teleport in battle. You will be force to 
    fight her. You will need about 6-7 most powerful angel transformation PE. 
    And you can only attack if she is on screen. After defeating her, you will 
    finally come to the real ending of the game. Aya mentioned something going 
    to the theater I think and thus the first ending come after this.
    Extra Bullets ( 15 times )
    In the NYPD go downstair and enter the left door. You can find the bullets
    in the box near
    the counter get it and go out to the New York map. Now return to that room
    for more
    Station Cheat
    Infinite Bullets 
    In the NYPD go downstair and enter the left door. You can find the bullets
    in the box near
    the counter get it and go out to the New York map. Now return to that room
    for more
    bullets. You can get as much bullet as you want by returning.
    EX Mode
    After you win you'll be asked if you wish to save. Do so, then reinsert CD
    #1 and choose
    the EX game. You'll now see the Chrysler Building on the Manhattan map. Go
    inside and
    make your way to the top level 70 to see the real enemy and ending. 
    Game Shark Code
    The following codes are for Japanese Version only.
     Max and Infinite HP (V)
                                           800B84EC 00FF
                                           800B84FC 00FF
     Max AT (V)
                                           800B84F0 03E8
     Max and Inifinite PE (V)
                                           800B84EA 270F
                                           800B850E 270F
     Unlimited Ammo
                                           800AC9AC 03E7
     Max XP
                                           8009CAAC 03E7
                                           8009CAB0 FFFF
     Max Status Recovery
                                           800C08F0 03DE
     Max Item Capacity
                                           800C08F4 03DE
     Max Offensive
                                           800C08EA 03DE
     Max Defensive
                                           800C08EC 03DE
     Walk Speedup
                                           80070BF0 000A
     Run Speedup
                                           80070E70 002C
     All Abilities
                                           800C08E4 1FFF
                                           800C08E6 000C
     Infinite Bullet Box
                                           800514B8 03E7
                                           800514BA 3402
     Max Bonus Point
                                           800C08D0 869F
                                           800C08D2 0001
     99 Level XP
                                           8009CDC6 7FFF
     Level 99 (V)
                                           800C08CA 0062
                                           800A717C 0000
                                           800A717E 0000
     Keys for EX Mode (V)
                                           800C0916 0038
                                           800C0918 0039
                                           800C091A 003A
                                           800C091C 003B
                                           800C091E 003C 
                                           800C0920 003D
                                           800C0922 003E
     Most Powerful Weapon (V)
                                           800C0924 0067 
     Most Powerful Armor
                                           800C0926 00C7
    Code followed by (V) means that I have verified it to be working.
    I don't know Japanese well and my interpretation may not be correct. If 
    there is any mistake, feel free to let me know. This run through is not 
    related to Squaresoft in any way and is not authorised by Squaresoft 
    For personal use only. Do distribute, but no modification please. If there 
    is error, contact me to let me change it.
    PSX Cheat Station
    Winston Avalon
    Email : isc60002@leonis.nus.edu.sg
    Yours Truly,
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    Email    : isc60002@leonis.nus.edu.sg

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