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There is no question as to who my favorite game developers of all time are. SquareSoft has constantly innovated with cool new games, including Secret of Mana, Xenogears, and Chrono Trigger. While most of the Playstation RPGs have not lived up to my expectations (Brave Fencer, Saga Frontier come to mind), Parasite Eve is awesome. Featuring awesome FMV scenes, there is no false advertising when SquareSoft calls this ''The Cinematic RPG''. Unfortunately for all of its many fans, maybe Parasite Eve was worked on too much as a cinematic rpg, as it seems that the FMV scenes are very cool, but the character development and game length aren't up to par. You see, Parasite Eve has got to be the shortest RPG I've ever played. Read on for the complete review to Parasite Eve.

GRAPHICS (6.3/10)
FMV (9.9/10)
The regular graphics during gameplay are average, as Aya Brea and the other characters appear blocky and pixelly. The pixellation gets particuarly noticable when viewed up close. The backgrounds are pretty cool looking, though, and the world map looks pretty tight as well. Now onto the FMVs. Talk about INCREDIBLE!! The FMV scenes look realistic and lifelike, and the attention to detail in the FMVs are outstanding and are the best FMV scenes are the best I have evr seen in a game (yes, even better than Final Fantasy 7!!) Yes, the graphics are good but they could have been better. It is clear after seeing the game that the Playstation has limited graphical power, but the full motion video can be supported by the Playstation much better than the Nintendo 64. Overall, the graphics are great, and I think it would have really been cool had the graphics looked as good as the Full Motion video scenes in the game. Oh well, maybe on Playstation 2...

MUSIC/SOUND (9.6/10)
SquareSoft has always been known to have great music and sound effects in their role playing games, and Parasite Eve is not the exception to this rule, because the music and sound effects in Parasite Eve for the Playstion are great! First, the music. The music in Parasite Eve is incredible, and SquareSoft really did a great job in the music and really did the capablities of the Playstation justice. I especially enjoyed the battle theme and boss theme in the gam, they were very well done. Also, the music that plays when you are in the map screen is also great. I would pay good money if I had a chance to buy a Parasite Eve soundtrack. Sound effect wise, Parasite Eve for the Playstation is great as well, and features a variety of great sound effects. For instance, when you're fighting the spider boss on top of the buildings at the end of the 3rd day I believe, the sound effects vary from the sound of Aya Brea's gun hitting the boss, to the sound of the spider boss shooting off its webs. Great sound effects. Overall, the music and sound effects in Parasite Eve for the Playstation are great and does the music capablities of the Playstation justice!

CONTROL (9.4/10)
Can't really complain about the control in the game. Thankfully, the control from Resident Evil 2 (which I hate), is not implemented into the game. It is far easier to walk, for one thing, than Resident Evil 2, where you had to turn
sideways then walk. The game also implements analog control (usage with the dual shock controller will enable you to use
analog) which is really cool but Ive noticed an annoying problem: see, the game starts you off automatically on analog control. So once you get into the main game, you cannot use the regular control pad. It kinda gets frustrating, especially when you forget the analog control is on. Still, even with that little annoying problem, the control in Parasite Eve is great and is what is expected from SquareSoft.

GAMEPLAY (9.3/10)
Parasite Eve is a mixture of Final Fantasy and Resident Evil (but you already knew that right?) You start off as a girl and her date at an opera. An evil thing takes over the opera, and the adventure begins. Over the course of the adventure, you only get one playable charcater, who is a cop from New York City Police Department named Aya Brea. There are plenty of NPCs, but the lack of playable characaters will be disapointing to those who like multi-playable character games. Anyways, the weapon and armor system is very.. weird. You just kind of find everything, since you can't buy anything (becuase, just like Quest, you don't build money during this game) After finding a new weapon or piece of armor, you can upgrade it at the New York Police Department at the weapons room. You need either a weapons permit or a trading card to upgrade your weapon. Despite the fact that there are few random battles throughout the game, you build up levels fairly quickly. After each level up, you get bonus points. You can distribute a mininum of 100 points towards two categories: Active Time (increases the activer time speed, which basically mean the time it takes to recharge between attacks) and Item Capacity (increases the amount of items you can hold, usually by one.) Just like in Resident Evil 2, you can only hold a certain amounts of items. As your level increases (and you distribute bonus points towards item cpacity) you can hold more items. The only ways to discard
unwanted items is to place it an empty chest, discard it from the menu, or by leaving it with Wayne (head weapons guy at
New York Police Department). Wayne also collects junk. If you give him 300 pieces of junk, you can get a special weapon. Aya also learns a wide variety of magic spells (called Parasite Energy) which ranges from healing to attack magic. Unlike most RPGs where you have a set limit of magic points, Aya has a Parasite Energy bar. Every time she uses a particular spell, her PE bar decreases by a set amount. As your levels increase, this set amount decreases. Anyways, it fills up slowly during battle. This is a very cool and original idea, although it does make an easy game a little easier. All you have to do is run around during battle, waiting for your PE bar to fill up. Also, the final Parasite Energy you learn (Liberate) is far too strong. So, basically, it would have been cooler had their been more variety in the strength of the parasite energies. The game does deliver in the battle system and storyline departments, but could have used a bit more length and variety. Overall, the gameplay in Parasite Eve for the Playstation is great, albeit a little short.

Parasite Eve for Playstation is a bit short, which does hurt the replay value a bit, but there are a lot of secrets in the game, and the added EX mode (once you beat the game you get a new EX mode) helps the replay value a lot also. Overall, the replay value in Parasite Eve for the Playstation is pretty high.

Parasite Eve may not be the most challenging role playing game of all time, and the length is a bit short, but it is still a decent challenge for the newbies.

OVERALL (9.4/10)
Parasite Eve seems to favor style over substance, but still manages to be a great game in the process. Well worth a purchase.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/17/00, Updated 07/16/01

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