How do I get past Neo Ark?

  1. I'm having trouble trying to find the right sequence to the rain dance. I've turned and turned the stone that looks like a clock with roman numerals and now I'm stuck. I don't understand the color coded blocks at all. What are these colors and sequences used for and will it help get to the next level or open more doors? Thanks Dahvid123 for answering my last question.

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    riaug05 - 8 years ago

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  1. Assuming that you're talking about the pyramid in the middle of Neo Ark, there are actually two different tile sequences you can enter. One unlocks a switch that allows you to move the bridge and thus, access the small island. The other unlocks the power station door.

    You can find a listing of the first sequence in the area just after the underwater tunnel. This first sequence is the one that unlocks the bridge, and requires you to step on a colored tile a certain number of times. (This is only an example and not the actual sequence required, but you need to step on, say, the white tile five times, then the yellow tile three times, and so on down the list)

    The second listing is in the area with the the power station door. This one requires you to put in order, from 1 to 12, the sequence of colored tiles you need to step on to open the door. Note that unlike the previous sequence, you do NOT step on a given colored tile sequentially; you should be stepping on a different colored tile each time in the sequence, like WBYR or BRWY (these aren't the actual sequences, just examples).

    As for the mandala that's at the bottom of the steps of the pyramid, you need to keep turning it until it "locks" into place. Basically, the symbols correspond to the numbers on a twelve hour clock and should give you an idea what each symbol/number means.

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  1. You have to turn the stone exactly 4 TIMES. It helps you to proceed in the game.
    If you're talking about that plate that have some egyptians signs in it, use this FAQ:

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  2. Theres another block further along that has different coloured blocks and thost number symbols seen on the dial, its right towards the lake entrance of the power factory, just do them in sequence (1 dot = 1, 2 dots = 2 etc, its all on the dial you turned)

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