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    Weapon/Boss Guide by Naru2005

    Version: 1.03 | Updated: 07/06/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    ()    () ()         ()  ()     Parasite Eve II
    ()()()   ()()()     ()  ()     Weapons/BOSS Guide
    ()       ()         ()  ()     Version 1.03, July 6, 2006
    ()       ()         ()  ()     By Naru2005(aka Patrick Ling)
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    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission.
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public
    display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    I. Introduction
     A. Welcome!
     B. Contact Information
     C. Frequently Asked Questions
     D. Tips and Tricks
    II. Weapons
     A. Handguns
     B. Shotguns
     C. Rifles/Automatic
     D. Miscellaneous
     E. Armor
    III. BOSS Guide
     A. No. 9(Akropolis Tower)
     B. No. 9(Dryfield)
     C. Big Flamer NMC
     D. Mutated Chaser NMC
     E. Garbage Sucker
     F. Electrical Eel NMC(Optional)
     G. Tall Bowman Generator
     H. Reactor(Ultimate NMC)
     I. "Eve"
     J. Mini-Bosses
      J-1. Cafeteria Woman
      J-2. Bowman
      J-3. Generators
      J-4. Invisible Golem
    IV. Credits
     A. Credits
     B. Revision History
    I. Introduction
    A. Welcome
    Welcome to my Parasite Eve II Boss Guide! This guide will help you
    defeat those bosses in each mode. Each mode is different seeing how
    you don't get the same weapons to fight them, which alters the length
    of battles.
    One thing I love about Parasite Eve II's bosses is that they have
    telegraphed attacks, and no cheap "I didn't see that coming!" type
    of attacks. Some bosses may have fixed patterns on how they attack,
    other randomize their set of attacks.
    B. Contact Information
    One e-mail, one contact.
    If you've got any questions, suggestions, or any other type of
    contribution.. please e-mail me at the above e-mail address or
    contact me via MSN Messenger.
    C. Frequently Asked Questions
    1. How do I unlock Replay, Bounty, Scavenger, and Nightmare Modes?
    To unlock the following modes:
           |    Replay Mode   |   Beat the game once   |
           |    Bounty Mode   |   Beat the game once   |
           |  Scavenger Mode  |   Beat any mode with   |
           |                  |   69,001 EXP or more   |
           |  Nightmare Mode  |   Beat Scavenger Mode  |
    2. What's the difference between the four modes?
    Bosses are generally the same. They don't gain new attacks on harder
    difficulties. However, your stats when starting the harder modes are
    different, so it affects primarily the length of the battle.
    NOTE: Keep in mind that any items you earned when you complete a game
    is ONLY available in REPLAY mode.
                  Statistics -.- Replay Mode
           | Mission Level     | O O       | Easy |
           | Condition         | O O O O O | Good |
           | Enemy Level       | O O       | Easy |
           | Supply Level      | O O O O   | Rich |
                     | HP: 100   MP: 30 |
    o Replay Mode is exactly the same as the normal game. You can buy the
      items you earned when you finished your previous game. You start off
      with 10% of your final BP/EXP score from the previous game. You also
      start out healthy, and the EXP required to revive P.E. is less. An
      easy mode nonetheless.
                 Statistics -.- Bounty Mode
         | Mission Level     | O O O     | Normal |
         | Condition         | O O O O O |  Good  |
         | Enemy Level       | O O O O   | Strong |
         | Supply Level      | O O O     | Normal |
                    | HP: 100   MP: 30 |
                    |  Multiplier: x3  |
                    |    Rank + : 1    |
    o Bounty Mode is different. Your job is to collect as much BP as
      possible. You start off with 5% of your final BP/EXP score from
      the previous game. As with Replay Mode, you also start out healthy.
      At the start in the Akropolis Tower, you start facing Golems head
      on. The EXP required to reinvoke P.E. is less as well, and the shops
      start off with a decent level of weapons. You should not have much
      trouble with this mode.
                 Statistics -.- Scavenger Mode
           | Mission Level     | O O O O   |   Hard    |
           | Condition         | O O O O   | Exhausted |
           | Enemy Level       | O O O     |   Normal  |
           | Supply Level      | O         | Very Poor |
                      | HP: 100   MP: 10 |
                      |  Multiplier: x7  |
                      |    Rank + : 2    |
    o Scavenger Mode takes the difficulty of Replay Mode and tones it up.
      First of all, you'll start off with 1% of your final BP/EXP score
      from the previous game. Then, your MP is toned down by 20. The shops
      are nearly impossible to touch until you get to the second half of
      the game(no, it's not the start of Disc 2.. it's later than that).
      This mode affects your way of fighting bosses immensely. You may have
      to take the easy way out. However, the good news is that you don't
      fight Golems until the same time as in Replay Mode. Some say this
      mode isn't as hard as Bounty Mode. I'd say they're right in certain
                    Statistics -.- Nightmare Mode
           | Mission Level     | O O O O O |  Very Hard  |
           | Condition         | O         |    Sick     |
           | Enemy Level       | O O O O O | Very Strong |
           | Supply Level      | O O       |    Poor     |
                       | HP: 50    MP: 30 |
                       |  Multiplier: x10 |
                       |    Rank + : 3    |
    o Nightmare mode takes the worse of both Scavenger and Bounty Modes.
      You start off with 0% of your BP/EXP score from the previous game.
      You're very sick, the enemy level is strong, and one or two hits
      from any enemy will almost certainly kill you. If you think Scavenger
      ever becomes too easy, this mode is your next challenge.
    3. What are telegraphed attacks?
    Telegraphed attacks are a unique way of attacking. Basically, a boss
    has to do something harmless before attacking. Before they attack,
    they'll give you a notice beforehand. (i.e. Flamer NMC boss lighting
    up its nose before toasting you).
    4. HELP! In Scavenger Mode, the MM1 costs 23,500BP! How the heck am
       I suppose to buy that?
    Don't buy it. Use the M93R and MP5A5, loaded with the unlimited 9mm
    Parabellum rounds. It's not even worth it, and you only get Riot
    grenades. The shops ARE weird. But don't worry, I have the same
    problem. I can't even afford one Protein Capsule. So my advice is
    to win battles and earn them. Don't forget to pick them up as well.
    5. Which P.E. is the best?
    If you mean Parasite Eve, both are good. Sure the second one may
    have a more Resident Evil feeling to it, but many aspects of this
    game is unique.
    If you mean Parasite Energy you invoke during your game, I have one
    advice for you. Never underestimate any energy, namely for Scavenger
    and Nightmare modes.
    6. I got the MP5A5 from the dead SWAT officer, but it's gone when
       I'm about to enter Dryfield. What the hell?!
    Any SWAT equipment you took from the Akropolis Tower will be brought
    back to the police department once you complete that area. If you
    really want that MP5A5 again, you'll have to buy it when available.
    7. Is there armor that resists ALL status effects?!
    If you find out, tell me, PLEASE! In the mean time, I don't think
    there is such armor.
    D. Tips and Tricks
    o Always have full loaded weapons/health/MP before entering a battle.
    o Grab the maximum amount of ammunition for their respective weapons
      with your BP before you fight a boss. You won't be needing them
      all, but it's strongly recommended that you GET that many.
    o Yes, for some of you I know the auto-targetting system may be very
      frustrating at times. You try to move one way and Aya tries to
      target the other way, making movement awkward. But you'll get use
      to it. Also, you may want to target one enemy, but that may not
      be the one that Aya targets. That's the reason why they put P.E.
      and spread fire ammunition that affects multiple enemies.
    o Try to fight with what you've got in every battle. Don't chicken
      out(you'll lose 10 BP, but gain 1 MP.. not recommended for Bounty
      Mode, since that kills the point of playing that mode) or you won't
      gain any EXP/BP! And since this is a Boss Guide as well, you won't
      be able to chicken out(unless you turn off your system).
    o Remember that if you don't have items to cure status effects, the
      effect will wear off after a while. So run around until you go
      back to normal, then continue on with the fight.
    o Try not to get any status effects on yourself. This way you won't
      have to attach items that cure status effects. Sure, it may wear
      off after a while, but it gets frustrating for how long it takes
      before you return to normal. Some armor can resist certain status
      effects, and it is listed below in Section II, Part E.
    o Remember that you can skip scenes by pressing START, so if you
      constantly get creamed by the bosses, you don't have to watch the
      WHOLE thing over again before fighting it.
    o You can still beat Eve if you ran out of ammo. But at this time
      she should be about dead. It's happened to me once when I was
      playing on Nightmare. You just have to chicken out until she does
      the Crimson Control move, which lets you gain MP, and cast either
      Necrosis twice to hit her out of it, or Pyrokenesis Lv3 for some
      heavy damage. The former is safer, while the latter is wiser.
    o Casting Necrosis on the Bowman Generator Boss works wonders. If
      it tries to attack you, the effect of Necrosis will cancel out
      its attack. A good alternative of the 40mm Grenades, since you
      don't get much of that in Scavenger and Nightmare.
    II. Weapons/Armor
    o Name--------------------the name of the weapon
    o Caliber-----------------what type of ammo it uses
    o Capacity----------------how much it/you can hold
    o Weight------------------how heavy it is.. the heavier it is, the 
                              longer it takes Aya to fire her first shot
    o Range-------------------the range of fire
    o Rate--------------------how fast it fires
    o Power-------------------how strong it is
                             (NOT how effective, that's another story)
    o Special-----------------indicates side effects of ammunition
                           ---indicates armor's special ability
    o Add HP------------------# of HP added to Aya's starting HP
    o Add MP------------------# of MP added to Aya's starting MP
    o Attachments-------------# of slots you can attach equipment to,
                                for use during battle
    A. Handguns
    At first, you may think Handguns are useless because you've been going
    through Replay/Bounty modes consistently. Well, in Scavenger and
    Nightmare mode, these babies are your best friends until you get your
    hands on some better weapons, which won't be available until very late
    in the game.
    Here is a list of Handguns(and their respective ammo) available in
    Parasite Eve II:
    | Name   | Caliber  | Capacity  | Weight | Range | Rate |
    |  PO8       9mm           7        70        80     87 |
    |  P229    9mm/Flash   12/50        92     120/4   90/3 |
    |  M93R      9mm          20        50       110    117 |
    |  M950      9mm         100        40        90    227 |
    | Ammunition    | Caliber | Power | Capacity | Special  | Cost   |
    | 9mm Parabellum    9mm      10       500        N/A     30BP/50 |
    | 9mm Hydra         9mm      15       500        N/A     50BP/50 |
    | 9mm Spartan       9mm      20       500        N/A     80BP/50 |
    o All Handguns can be used with all three types of ammo.
    o The PO8's capacity can be upgraded to 32 rounds per clip. You get
      it for free during your course of the game, or you can buy it at
      any shop for 650BP. It's worth it in Scavenger/Nightmare modes, but
      shouldn't be the primary weapon when facing against bosses.
    o The P229 is one sweet gun. It has a high critical hit rate. Plus,
      you've got an alternate fire that blinds many NMCs that knock them
      down, thus increasing the chances of critically killing them.
    o The M93R is what you start out with, no matter what mode you play
      in. It fires short three-round bursts. Against low-end NMCs is okay,
      but it'll take a while before you cancel the higher strength NMCs.
    o The M950 is also one sweet baby. You will only get this if you saved
      Flint from the Flamer NMC boss. If you talk to Douglas again after
      he gives you the Truck Key, he'll tell you that there's a present for
      you if you meet him back in his trailer. This gun holds 100 rounds
      per clip, and it fires in full automatic mode, taking out many NMCs
      with ease.
    o Never buy 9mm Parabellum unless you absolutely need to. There are
      ammo boxes which contain an unlimited amount of these, and if you
      need a refill those are the places to do so.
    o There are only two places where you can get 9mm Hydra for free. One
      is in the Armory(you'll need the Black Card for this), and the other
      is where you face your first Generator NMC.
    o There are NO spots where you can get free unlimited 9mm Spartan
      rounds. You have to buy them, or earn via killing NMCs.
    B. Shotguns
    The Shotguns in Parasite Eve II packs a punch. They use 12-gauge
    rounds, and has more stopping power than Handguns. However, their
    rate of fire is much slower compared to the Handguns. Make sure you
    don't hold down the R1 button while firing these guns.
    Here is a list of Shotguns and their respective ammunition:
    |  Name     | Gauge | Capacity | Weight | Range | Rate | Cost(BP)|
    |   PA3       12ga.       3        270      30      2      1000  |
    |  SP12       12ga.       7        420      40     24      Free  |
    |  AS12       12ga.      20        550      50     36     12500  |
    | Gunblade    12ga.    -/12        579    2/100   2/36    10000  |
    | Ammunition    | Gauge | Power | Capacity | Special   | Cost    |
    |  Buckshot       12ga.     40       200     Explosion   60BP/10 |
    |  Firefly        12ga.     70       200     Incendiary  90BP/10 |
    |  R. Slug        12ga.     90       200     Piercing   120BP/10 |
    o All Shotguns are compatible with all three types of shells.
    o The Gunblade can be earned in one of two ways: Either get an A
      ranking(by completing the game with 400,001 or more EXP), or
      equip the Medicine Wheel and steal it from No.9(the last boss in
      the Akropolis Tower). If you earned it via ranking, you can buy
      this gun for 10,000BP. This is the same weapon Squall used in
      Final Fantasy VIII. And it has the same effect. You slash a NMC
      up close first, and try to time the shot for incredible damage.
      For me, I have to admit that I suck with this weapon. It was
      easier in FF8 though.
    o The PA3 is available at the beginning for 1,000BP at the shops,
      in Replay and Bounty modes only. You can only hold three rounds,
      which means you'll be reloading often. In the end, this gun is
      for backup. Make sure you reload via Inventory Screen often if
      it isn't, because you'll need it fully loaded if you change in
    o The SP12 can be found in the Armory at the Shelter. You will need
      the Black Card(which can be found in the garden area past the room
      where Rupert got attacked by No.9 at the Akropolis Tower). This gun
      holds 7 rounds, has a better rate/range of fire than the PA3, and
      weighs more.
    o The AS12 can only be bought, for an outrageous 12,500BP! In Bounty
      Mode, you don't get this baby until the end of the game. It's really
      not worth it, as the Tactical Armor costs 300 more BP, so you should
      get that instead. In Replay mode, if you've earned it, you can buy
      this gun and watch it kick. It holds 20 shells and fires in a semi
      auto function. Well worth it for fun.
    o No shell is useless. As you may noticed, each shell has it's own
      special ability. For Buckshot, Explosion means the same as spread
      fire. When you blast a Buckshot shell, the pellet spread out and
      hits almost every NMC in front of you. Firefly shells has the
      Incendiary ability, where if you fire one, it'll burn them, causing
      additional damage(like poison does to your character). R.Slugs has
      the Piercing ability, and is the strongest type of shell you can get.
      When you fire one, it does moderate damage.
    o There is only one place where you can get free unlimited Buckshot
      shells. It's in the same room where you get the SP12, and yes you'll
      need the Black Card for it.
    C. Rifles/Machine Guns
    Like it says, these are fully automatic weapons, taking out many low
    end NMCs within a few seconds. Some guns allow you to attach certain
    items to it, making them more effective to use.
    Here is a list of rifles and machine guns, including their respective
    |  Name    | Caliber | Capacity | Weight | Range | Rate | Cost(BP) |
    |  MP5A5        9mm      30/90       55      80    288     ????    |
    |  M4A1      5.56mm      30/90      254     500     85     2450    |
    |  M249      5.56mm        200      685     400    100    15800    |
    | Ammunition  | Caliber | Power | Capacity | Special    | Cost     |
    | 5.56mm Rifle   5.56mm     22       800       N/A        100BP/80 |
    o The MP5A5 uses 9mm rounds, like the Handguns. It can be found from
      a dead SWAT officer(in the Akropolis Tower), or you can buy it at
      the shops. The MP5A5 can hold 30 rounds per magazine, but with certain
      attachments it can boost that up in increments of 30, up to 90. This
      gun is fully automatic, and has no noticeable pause during fire.
      However, it eats up ammo quick.
    o The M4A1 is the sweetest rifle of all. Like the MP5A5, you can use
      clip attachments to boost its initial 30 round magazine to 90 maximum.
      Like the M93R, it fires in three round bursts, but does more damage.
      The most sweet thing about the M4A1 is that you can attach sub-weapons
      to it! You can only attach ONE sub-weapon at any given time.
    A list of possible attachments to the M4A1:
      o M9 (Bayonet, 980BP)
        [Yes, you can slash enemies, like the Gunblade.]
      o M203 (Grenade Launcher, 40mm, Capacity: 1, 2130BP)
        [Oh, baby. The M203 uses 40mm grenades. You can use
         it to knock them down, and then start blasting them
         like no tomorrow.]
      o Hammer (Stun Gun, Battery, Capacity: 40, 3720BP)
        [Sends an electrical shock to your enemies, knocking
         most down. Use the opportunity to shoot them while
         they're down.]
      o Pyke (Flame Thrower, Fuel, Capacity: 30, 5180BP)
        [Sends a stream of flame, doing continuous damage
         like no tomorrow.]
      o Javelin (Laser Gun, Battery, Capacity: 60, 7500BP)
        [Sends a stream of lasers at your enemy. Kinda slow,
         but your experience may be different.]
    o The M249 is one crazy weapon. It holds up to 200 5.56mm rounds in
      its magazine. Pro: Foes drop like flies, Con: Eats ammo like popcorn.
    D. Miscellaneous
    These are the weapons I have not list above, including their
    respective ammunition:
    | Name              | Caliber | Capacity | Weight | Range | Rate    |
    | Tonfa Baton                                 68       1      5     |
    | Mongoose             .44mag       6        168      60     70     |
    | Grenade Pistol         40mm       1        260     350      1     |
    | MM1                    40mm      12        900     350     12     |
    | Hypervelocity          20mm     100        881    1000      7     |
    | Ammunition        | Caliber | Power | Capacity |      Special     X
    | Grenade               40mm     270       100            Burst     |
    | Airburst              40mm     220       100        Explosion     |
    | Riot                  40mm      60       100            Flash     |
    | 44 Magnum           .44mag      40       500              N/A     |
    | 44 Maeda SP         .44mag      70       500           Poison     |
    o The Tonfa Baton is practically useless unless you want to go close
      range combat with the NMCs.
    o The Grenade Pistol/MM1 both uses all 40mm type grenades.
    o The Mongoose is the only weapon that uses .44mag rounds.
    o The Grenade Pistol can be bought from the shops at a cost of
      1,680BP. It reloads faster than the M203, due to lighter weight.
      It holds one grenade at a time in its barrel. Great against Golems,
      and most bosses.
    o The MM1 Grenade Launcher can be bought from the shops at an
      outrageous 23,500BP! This weapon holds up to 12 40mm grenades
      in its barrel. Great weapon, but not really worth the expensive
      price. You can kill most bosses faster than when using the
      Grenade Pistol.
    o The Mongoose can be bought at a Replay game for 2,850BP. At any
      other mode, you can only get this weapon at the end of the game
      from Rupert. This weapon is very effective against the last boss,
      especially with the 44 Maeda SP rounds that come as part of Rupert's
      package. The weapon fires at a fast rate, and holds 6 rounds before
      in need of reload.
    o The Hypervelocity gun locks down the game, especially if you consider
      buying the M249 to go along with it. There is no 20mm ammunition. It
      operates from battery, which you can recharge for free. This weapon is
      very heavy, so Aya will have a hard time lifting it up. It also takes
      a while to charge up, but once you get it charged all the way and fire..
      it'll kill any NMC in one hit, and bosses in no more than 3-4 hits. It
      has an expensive price of 20,000BP.
    o The regular 40mm grenades costs 280BP per 4 shells. Airbursts cost
      450BP per 4 shells. Riots cost 80 per 4 shells. Grenades have the
      Burst effect, as it blows up in front of an enemy. Airbursts have
      the Explosion effect, which is the same as splash damage. Riots
      have the Flash effect, which blinds certain NMCs and knocks them
      down for a brief time.
    E. Armor
    Having the right armor is crucial to winning, especially if you're not
    very skillful at dodging. In Nightmare mode, it doesn't really matter as
    you have to be practically invincible the whole game.
    Here is a list of armor in Parasite Eve II:
    | Armor(In order of BP cost)                                          |
    | Name             | Add HP | Add MP | Attachments | Cost(in BP)      |
    | Leather Jacket         10        0             3          Free^     |
    | Assault Suit            0       10             5          Free^^    |
    | Chicken Plate          60        0             5          Free*     |
    | Tactical Vest          50       10             6          Free**    |
    | Turtle Vest             5       20             3          1680      |
    | Shoulder Holster        0       20             4          2580      |
    | PASGT Vest             20        0             6          2980      |
    | Monk's Robe             0      100             6          3000***   |
    | Combat Armor           40       10             5          3250      |
    | NBC Suit               20       20             6          3980      |
    | EOD Suit              100        0             5          4580      |
    | Psysuit                 0       50             4          4580      |
    | Aya Special            30       50             7          8000      |
    | Tactical Armor         60       30             8         12800      |
    | Special Features(Armor in ABC order)                        |
    | Name                 | Special Features                     |
    | Assault Suit           Resist POISON                        |
    | Aya Special            Quick Fire, MP Recovery              |
    | Chicken Plate          Resist IMPACT, HP Recovery           |
    | Combat Armor           Motion Detector, Resist SILENCE      |
    | EOD Suit               Resist IMPACT/PARALYSIS              |
    | Leather Jacket         Resist PARALYSIS                     |
    | Monk's Robe            MP Recovery, MP Generation           |
    | NBC Suit               Resist PARALYSIS/POISON              |
    | PASGT Vest             Resist POISON, HP Recovery           |
    | Psysuit                Resist CONFUSION, Medical Inspection |
    | Shoulder Holster       Quick Fire                           |
    | Tactical Armor         Motion Detector, Medical Inspection  |
    | Tactical Vest          HP Recovery, Quick Fire              |
    | Turtle Vest            MP Recovery, Resist PARALYSIS        |
    ^  You start off with the Leather Jacket, no matter which mode you
       play in.
    ^^ You replace the Leather Jacket with the Assault Suit once you
       completed the Akropolis Tower and entering Dryfield.
    *  You'll get the Chicken Plate if you let Flint die during the
       Flamer NMC battle.
    ** You can get this for free by saving Pierce in Dryfield. Just
       kill off any NMC that surrounds Pierce up in the watertower.
       Pierce will then give you the key to his SUV. Go back to the
       Gas Station, and you'll see his SUV. Open it up to receive the
       Tactical Vest.
    ***This is available once you L rank the game, which is either by
       getting S rank twice, or getting L rank.
    o  A Belt Pouch can increase the number of armor attachments. You
       can gain these by killing all enemies in certain places, or you
       can buy at the shops for 10,000BP.
    III. Boss Guide
    In this section, I'll list the bosses you'll face and how to defeat them.
    Keep in mind that, in some bosses, there are two ways to emerge victory.
    NOTE: Your experience with bosses may differ from mine.
    A. No. 9(Akropolis Tower)
    "You ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?" - Joker, Batman
    This is the first true boss you face in the Akropolis Tower. And it is
    also the last you'll face in that area. Depending on which mode you play
    in, this boss shouldn't be too hard.
    Status Grenade
    You WILL see this one coming. As long as you stay away from it, you'll be
    fine. If it hits, well, it'll cause status effects that'll distract your
    battle. Easy to dodge nonetheless. It usually laughs at you before doing
    this move.
    Rush Sword Attack
    When you hear the "shing!" sound, that means he is about to rush to you
    and attack you with its sword attack.
    Flame Sword
    This SOB will charge up its sword with flame, and execute one heavy
    slash. In harder difficulties, this will certainly kill you.
    Your offense/defense:
    Electrical Boxes/Steam Pump
    You may notice the electrical boxes that Aya has been auto-targetting.
    Well, let that bastard run into those and shoot at it, and he'll get
    hurt, giving you time to get away. There is also an electrical box next
    to the lift, which if you combo in with the steam pump, will do a lot
    of damage.
    Since this guy is pretty easy to deal with, it shouldn't be much of a
    .. or if you DO have problems in certain difficulties, here's how to
    waste him.
    Replay Mode/Bounty Mode
    Make sure you buy the right weapons, and you should be fine. The M4A1
    is a good start if you're playing Bounty.
    Scavenger/Nightmare Mode
    Since your supply is pretty limited, you'll NEED to get that MP5A5 from
    the dead SWAT officer outside the church. And fill that gun up with the
    Parabellum rounds. You won't be needing the flashlight. Same strategy
    above, use the electrical boxes to buy time and inflict damage. Just
    don't get hit, or else you're dead. At the lift, wait until it tries to
    attack before shooting the wire and pump, so that inflicts as counter
    If you want to take the challenge and want to use the M93R instead,
    that's up to you.
    B. No. 9(Dryfield)
    So you thought fighting it back at the Akropolis Tower was the last. No,
    it chickened out and came to Dryfield, and probably tortured the poor old
    This battle is by no means easy as pie. It primarily has ONE attack, and
    a secondary one if you get close to it.
    What's with its evil laugh? What's so funny? Well, I'm glad it laughs
    first before executing this move. About 95% of the time, this SHOULD
    miss you.
    Grab and Choke
    If you do the below strategy properly, this attack will almost never
    get you. It'll only do this if you run up close to it.
    Strategy: Run far away. Shoot. When it comes close, run to the other
              direction. Shoot. Rinse and Repeat.
    C. Big Flamer NMC(Dryfield)
    So after us guys drool over the shower scene, yet another boss pays us
    a visit. A one big... well, you get the point.
    There are two ways to get this boss out of your way:
     1. Dodge until it gets bored.
     2. Fight it and save the poor doggy(Flint!)
    If you choose the former, and dodge its attacks for over 200 seconds,
    he'll get bored and run away, killing the dog along the way. Douglas
    won't be happy and he left a Chicken Plate for you.
    If you choose the latter, Flint is saved(yay!). It'll also be a two
    part battle. Douglas will be happy, and he'll give you one sweet gun
    (M950!) that's useful for harder modes of play.
    This freak has at least three attacks..
    "That damn nose of his. It's weird." - Sgt. Mac, Predator
    Watch its nose for the whole battle, because its other attacks usually
    miss. When it lights up with flame, run in a STRAIGHT direction! It
    should miss you, and this gives you a 3-second window to fire at him.
    The slam and sweep should always miss if you're fast enough to get back
    to the safe spot. It does the slam when it raises its left arm, and the
    sweep when it moves its left arm to the left.
    Grab, Flame, Then Throw
    NOTE: Keep in mind that this move is ONLY executed during the second
    part of the battle(only available if you choose to save Flint).
    When it grabs you(indicated by it moving its left arm SLOWLY towards
    you), you need to mash the buttons so Aya's arms can go free. Use this
    opportunity to shoot at it, and if you inflict enough damage, it'll
    skip the flame portion, and go straight to the throw you against the
    NOTE: Except for its flamethrower, if you stand at the corner between
    Room 6 and the Jerry Can room, its attacks should miss you most of the
    Bounty Mode
    The grenade pistol will work well. It'll kill him before he has a chance
    to run away. If you fire off your round, and it lights up its nose, DON'T
    RELOAD! Run until you dodge ALL of it, THEN reload.
    Scavenger/Nightmare mode
    I used the chicken method. I dodge until it gets bored and runs away.
    But some say if you have the Necrosis P.E. revived, you can use that
    on it and it'll inflict additional damage, so you can save Flint and
    get the M950!
    D. Mutated Chaser NMC(Cavern)
    This is like one of those rammers you've been facing throughout
    Dryfield, only bigger and stronger.
    Keep in mind that there are explosive barrels around the area, so it
    needs about 30 damage before it blows up. So if it gets close, and you
    blow up the barrel, it inflicts nearly four times the damage of your
    Grenade Pistol.
    There is no need to list its attacks. Because as its name explains, it
    chases in a Ring-around-the-Rosie, like it doesn't know where to go.
    This battle is also a two-part battle.
    o Part 1 - As long as you stay on the move, its attacks will never get
    you. One attack will be when it goes "Muh", which means it is about to
    stomp on you. If you stayed on the move, this won't get you. Use this
    oppourtunity to hit with everything you've got. It'll run away, of
    course. The other attacks is when it finally gets tired and runs up to
    you and try to whack you with its head. Both attacks are easy to dodge.
    There is also a third attack where it's the same as the run and hit,
    except it jumps and bite.
    o Part 2 - So you busted it the first time, and you thought it was over?
    No, it came back, red and ugly. This battle is pretty much the same as
    the last one, except it has more health to deal with. This is truely
    where the explosive barrels come in(assuming you left some behind).
    Remember the jump and bite attack from the last battle? This time it
    causes status effects on you, namely poison, and sometimes darkness.
    Make sure you dodge this attack. You don't want that black screen or the
    poison effect to take over, thus distracting the battle.
    Bounty Mode
    The Grenade Pistol works well. One grenade will knock it down. If you
    think you can hit it a second time, go for it, because it'll get back
    up as soon as you reload. Also, it takes one grenade to blow up a barrel.
    Scavenger Mode
    Lets hope you have enough ammunition. Fight it out the first battle,
    leaving no barrels exploded. Yes, I know the auto-targetting may be
    annoying, but I did it. If you use the barrels on the second part of
    the fight, you'll have no problems finishing it off. Keep one thing
    in mind: IT HAS TO DIE!
    E. Garbage Sucker(Shelter)
    Why are so many bosses in Parasite Eve II so easy to figure out?
    Because all of them have telegraphed attacks! This lahp-sahp(garbage
    in Cantonese) is no exception. And yet again this is a two part battle.
    The one thing to know about this battle is that if this thing vacuums
    you all the way in close, you're dead. But there's a catch. When it
    does this, it exposes it's weak point, and that's where you have to
    hit it.
    This IS a telegraphed attack. You'll know, because the camera goes at
    a CERTAIN angle before it does this. Don't let it get you. This is also
    where it exposes its most vulnerable point.
    Raining Acid
    Hear it out.. "Shoo! Shoo! shoo!", or something similar. Or see it happen.
    Watch the shadows, and stay away from them.
    Poison Gas
    Stay far away from it, preferably against the wall where the door is.
    First, it has to stomp its left leg first before steaming out poison
    gas. You can also tell when it does this by hearing the "stomp" sound.
    Sticky Goo
    It always does this after the Poison Gas, so run around, and it'll miss.
    It's completely harmless, but it'll stick you into one position if it
    gets you.
    Laughing NMCs(Optional, Requirement)
    If this garbage doesn't expose its weakness after a while, shoot at its
    left or right arms until a few laughing NMCs fly out. Shoot them FIRST,
    then the Garbage's mouth. If it manages to swallow any Laughing NMCs,
    it'll gain health, and you don't want that to happen.
    Bounty Mode
    The Grenade Pistol works well, but the M4A1 Pyke is better(you can get
    one for free if you killed the Invisible Golem in Sleeping Quarters).
    When it opens it's mouth, send a stream of flame at it.. and watch the
    yellow numbers go.
    Scavenger/Nightmare Mode
    Let's hope you kept that P229(9mm Hydra a plus) you stole from the Mutated
    Chaser NMC boss, because that's what you'll need for this battle. Get your
    critical hits going!
    There is a second part to this battle. You'll have one of two options:
       1. Fight it until it dies.
       2. Chicken out and let the compactor do the dirty work.
    I always choose the second option. Saves me time. Once the battle starts,
    run all the way down and step on the switch. Wait for it to show up(at
    this time, Garbage Blob will try to suck you in, or poison you). When it
    does poison, stay on YOUR left, and it should miss. Once the lift rises
    up, run past it. Now fight it until he steps on it, and when he goes all
    the way, step on the other switch and watch the compactor crush him.
    F. Electrical Eel NMC(Optional, Neo Ark)
    This boss is totally optional. I recommend you skip the boss if you're
    playing Scavenger or Nightmare.
    You'll need to solve a puzzle at the Pyramid(in Neo Ark). This is the
    area where you see Blue, White, Red, and Yellow floor switches. The
    following codes are:
    - R, Y, B, W, B, W, R, Y, W, B, Y, R(To move on)
    - Blue x6, White x2, Red x3, Yellow x5(to reveal a switch
      that lets you gain access to this optional boss).
    Remember those electrical eels you've been facing in the Shelter? Well,
    this boss is no different from them. It only has ONE attack, and that is
    to send a stream of electricity at you, much like the way the Flamer NMC
    did back in Dryfield.
    Bounty Mode
    Use Grenade Pistol, and when it surfaces, blast once. It dive back down.
    Rinse and repeat.
    If you want that Skull Crystal so BADLY for some reason, then you'll
    need some ACTUAL dodging. It shouldn't be too hard anyway. It'll just
    take longer, and you do not want to get hit.
    G. Tall Bowman Generator(Shelter, B1)
    This boss is more than just the Bowman. It's a taller Bowman, with lots
    more attacks.
    Make sure you destroy both speakers so that you don't lose any more MP.
    Occasionally, Eve will heal the boss at a decent amount. Also, get a
    view of it while staying as close to the camera as possible.
    Keep in mind that its laser does status effects to your character. Also,
    touching Eve will also cause status effects.
    Bounty Mode
    Grenade Pistol. No buts, no exceptions. One grenade will cancel out its
    attack every time. You practically will not get hit. It'll take less
    than 50 grenades for this battle.
    Scavenger Mode
    Let's hope you got the M4A1 Rifle, and 800 5.56mm rounds. You'll need
    to do some actual dodging for this fight. It mostly does lasers. Watch
    where the lasers go, and try to dodge them. The lasers always start
    from its side and work its way towards you, giving you time to react.
    There are two attacks you must watch out for.
    Three Balls of Fire
    You'll know when it does this by looking at its arms and seeing those
    balls charge up. Run around to dodge.
    It has its own version. You'll see it with yellow circles charging up.
    In this case, run up to it and touch it. You'll be knocked down, yes,
    but you're invincible while you're trying to get up(hey, it's a game).
    If you do it properly, this attack should miss.
    o Necrosis works wonders in Nightmare mode. If you cast this, the poison
      will cancel out its attacks for you! One Necrosis should cancel about
      three to four attacks.
    H. Reactor(Ultimate NMC, Shelter)
    And yet, we see another two-part boss fight. There are two ways to fight
    this boss:
       1. Take out all its limbs, and then focus on the point.
       2. Get to the point, and don't waste time.
    In Scavenger and Nightmare, I always choose the second.
    Now this is one tough boss fight. When the fight starts, it'll always
    start off with the red laser beam attack, so run for it around the area.
    Now what you need to do is blow that part of the head off, so it doesn't
    do it again. But how do we dodge its attacks?
    Red Laser Beam
    As long as the "skin" part of its head is still intact, it'll execute
    this move. Run around to dodge. It has to charge up first.
    Yellow Circle of Darkness
    I made that up. This is its alternate attack when you blow the outer
    part of its head. Run to the bottom of the area to avoid. It causes
    darkness if you get hit.
    Poisonous Gas
    When you see it wiggle both arms, that means its about to throw some
    poison gas. Unlike the Garbage Blob, this one throws poison gas from
    BOTH arms(!), thus trapping you. It then takes this opportunity to use
    the Red Laser Beam. Cheap bastard! Make sure you dodge this one fast.
    Liquid of Confusion
    It usually does this if you're on the bottom of the area. It usually
    misses as well.
    Vertical Inferno
    So you've got down to the point and blew off enough damage to its
    entire head area. Now its stomach will open up and charge up for a
    very powerful attack. Now this is a tough one to dodge. It's really
    hard to tell where exactly it is. But you need to stay at the top or
    bottom corners as far as possible. If it misses, then you're good to
    go. This is also the point where it exposes it's final weakness.
    Like the Flamer NMC boss, this boss also tries to sweep you with its
    hands, only that it uses both(but one at a time).
    Bounty Mode
    Grenade Pistol, with 100 Grenades, and as many Airbursts as possible.
    If you focus on the point, you shouldn't have any problems. Like with
    the Flamer NMC, don't reload if it is about to launch an attack at you.
    And if you got enough BP to get Inferno Lv3, you can use that method to
    take off many of its limbs.
    Scavenger/Nightmare Mode
    Down to the point. No wasting time unless you're in for the challenge.
    You'll need the M4A1 for this battle, and about 800 5.56mm rounds(you
    don't need it all, but don't forget about the next battle with Eve).
    It'll take longer, but you'll manage. Keep the P229 as well.
    I. "Eve"(Shelter)
    This is it, the final battle. Before you fight this battle,
    there are a couple of things you might want to consider..
    1. If you went for one of the bad endings, you should receive a
       Mongoose and 25 .44 Maeda SP rounds. These are vital to your
    2. Alongside with #1, keep yourself well stocked with 40mm grenades,
       5.56mm rounds, and/or .44Mag rounds.
    When you start the battle, Eve will try to attack you physically. If
    you've got the Grenade Pistol equipped with grenade rounds, pump one
    grenade. If not, try to run away from the bridge as fast as possible,
    because she is about to fly up and drop down so fast causing a shockwave
    that does moderate/heavy damage.
    Now on with Eve's attacks....
    Status Effect Balls
    Don't you hate when bosses have attacks that cause status effects? It's
    the most distracted attack in the entire game. You'll know when she does
    it, as she'll start to charge those balls up. Run around the area, because
    these balls are semi-homing.
    Teleport Portal
    I can't think of any better way to say this. Basically, when you see her
    "sparkle" up, that means she is about to charge towards you. Run around
    the area, and if she misses you, take the time to reload any empty weapons
    or heal your character. Eventually she will rise from the middle of the
    bridge. Take the opportunity to hit her.
    Crimson Control
    When your screen goes all weird like your underwater or something, you're
    in trouble...
    .. or are you? Keep in mind you gain MP this way, but not so fast there..
    if you don't do at least 300+ damage to her, she gets the chance to drain
    all your MP and take a huge chunk of your health away. Don't let that
    Shadow "Ghost" Eve
    "And now this GHOST is gonna kill my ass next!" - Skank, The Crow.
    This is annoying. I hate bosses with backup. At least the other bosses
    are an exception. Eve will summon a ghost clone of herself. When this
    ghost hits you, it causes darkness. You can get that clone to go away in
    one of two ways:
      1. Chicken out for 3-5 minutes, and eventually it'll get
      2. Hit her during summoning process and hit her again
         until she fades away.
    Also, while the ghost is following you, the real Eve will try to
    attack you. How about that for frustration? She will try to charge
    at you, throw effect balls, and/or physically attack you.
    NOTE: Never stay in the middle of the bridge for too long.
          Eve will rise up way to the top and slam down causing
          a shockwave that will take out out of the bridge. If
          you don't get out of the bridge, Eve will do it for
          you(and you don't want that to happen).
    Bounty Mode
    Grenade Pistol plus Mongoose(with .44 Maeda SP loaded). The Maeda SP
    does Poison to Eve. So once you hit her(and she has a purple tint),
    let the poison do the work until she is no longer purple. The Grenade
    Pistol with Airburst rounds is a must, since that'll get her out of
    Crimson Control in a couple of shots. Good luck. And stay away from
    that ghost.
    Scavenger Mode
    Let's hope you got the .44 Maeda SP rounds from Rupert. Because we'll
    be needing those. We'll probably need the M4A1 Rifle as well. If you
    learned to dodge many of its attacks, you should have very little
    problems. Keep your inventory well stocked. And stay away from the ghost.
    Nightmare Mode
    Lets hope you got enough ammo(I had over 150 Buckshot rounds(SP12), the
    full 25 .44 Maeda SP rounds Rupert gave me, several Airbursts, and three
    Protein Capsules equipped. I've also had Pyrokenesis and Necrosis at Lv3).
    Dodge her attacks as normal, and use the Maeda SP rounds to poison her.
    o Necrosis is an alternative to the Maeda SP rounds.
    o If you have Ringer Solutions, equip them before entering the battle.
    o When her bottom abdomen(?) explodes into pieces, that means she is about
      to die.
    o If you run out of ammo, she should be nearly dead. Wait until she does
      the Crimson Control, then cast Pyrokenesis on her(for heavy damage), or
      Necrosis twice to hit her out of it. Both spells require little MP.
    J. Mini-Bosses
     J-1. Cafeteria Woman(Akropolis Tower)
    I don't consider this a true boss, since she is so weak. You should not
    get hit in this battle. Position yourself on one side of a table where
    she is on the other. Shoot. Rinse and repeat. You don't get to truely
    kill this NMC.
     J-2. Bowman(Shelter, B2)
    Since you'll probably be playing Bounty Mode, you should have no
    problem with this mini-boss. You battled these type of creatures
    starting back in Dryfield, remember? Three 40mm grenades will do
    the trick. Or if you're in Scavenger, the M4A1 will do. Piss easy.
    Killing this creature will get you the Bowman Card, which lets you
    move on with the game.
     J-3. Generators(Neo Ark)
    I hardly call these bosses.
    NOTE: Make SURE you turn off the Security Sentry Cameras.
    These bosses can't hurt you. They are powered by a generator. If you
    try to shoot at it, it'll gain health. First, kill the cameras, then
    the generator. Aya will target it herself. Once you destroy the
    generator, you can now shoot it. Shoot until it dies.
     J-4. Invisible Golems
    Alright, in Bounty/Nightmare Mode, you'll be facing these guys a lot.
    The good news is that they give you awesome stuff when you kill them.
    The bad news is that they cause status effects.
    When one of them gets ahold of you, mash the buttons until Aya goes
    free. You may notice that the Golem seems like its malfunctioning.
    When Aya gets up(may take a while), quickly turn around and hit them.
    The M4A1 works wonders.
    They also have a laser pointer, where if you see one aiming at you,
    run towards it, past the Golem. It'll miss, and you can now take the
    opportunity to shoot them. If it hits, well, it causes status effects.
    Sometimes the Golem may appear, and if you try to shoot it, it'll
    disappear and reappear to hit you. Well, here's a tactic to avoid
    this. When they do this, run past them. If it feels like you're
    pushing them, and they attack, take this chance to shoot at them.
    Keep in mind that when they fall flat on the ground, they may not
    be fully dead. You'll know when they die when you see Aya reload
    CLOSING: Well, I hope you found this guide helpful to some extent.
             You can always e-mail me if you have suggestions or a
             better strategy.
    IV. Credits
    A. Credits
    o Squaresoft for making this excellent game.
    o Me for writing this guide.
    o Message Board members.
    o CjayC(GameGAQs) for posting it.
    o You for reading it.
    ()()()   ()()() ()()()()()()()
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    ()    () ()         ()  ()     Parasite Eve II
    ()()()   ()()()     ()  ()     Weapons/BOSS Guide
    ()       ()         ()  ()     Copyright (c)2006
    ()       ()         ()  ()     Patrick Ling
    ()       ()()() ()()()()()()()-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances
    except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on
    any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without
    advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly
    prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    B. Revision History
    Version 1.03, July 6, 2006
    Boss strategies on Eve updated, as well as providing costs for weapons
    and ammunition.
    Version 1.02, July 1, 2006
    Added a Tips and Tricks section.
    Version 1.01, June 29, 2006
    Added an Armor section, and fixed some empty spaces.
    Version 1.00, June 29, 2006
    Completed everything that has to do with the name of the guide.

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