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    Dan by VPierbattista

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     Date: Wed, 23 Dec 1998 15:53:34 +0100 
    Pocket Fighter Dan FAQ
    MoveList, Secrets cool stuff
    By Valerio "Omega Iori" Pierbattista
    - Dan and his characteristics
    - Basic Moves
    - Special Moves
    - Super Moves
    - Throws
    - Taunts
    - Flash Combo
    - Strategies
    - Credits
    Dan and his characteristics
    I love Dan because is a CRAZY hidden character. He's FUN in all the things he 
    do. He is weak, ok, but with some advanced techniques, you can manage him very 
    well and beat your opponent with facility. He is weak because all his moves 
    release Red Gems who charge up the Gadoken Special Move, a very short 
    projectile not very useful. I repeat it another time: DAN IS FUN! You have to 
    take him!
    Basic Moves
    Here are Dan's Basic Moves (learn!):
    Forward: Walk Forward
    Back: Walk Back
    Down: Crouch
    Up: Jump
    Forward, Forward: Dash
    Back, Back: Jump Away
    Down, Up: Super Jump
    Punch: Normal Punch
    Down\Forward + Punch: Oyaji Uppercut
    Forward, Forward + Punch: Dashing Body Slam
    Kick: Normal Kick
    Down\Forward + Kick: Sweep
    Forward, Forward + Kick: Dashing Knee Hit
    Comments: Forward (X2) + Punch is very fun. First, he jump on you. If it 
    connects, he continue rolling forward and he taunts the opponent. If it 
    doesn't connect, he fall back and he lie on the ground for 2 seconds. Also the 
    uppecut is fun.
    Special Moves
    Here you are the Special Moves, they ROCK! :
    - Gadoken: D, DF, F + Punch
    It's a normal fireball, but it's not a projectile. Weak but cool. It has got 
    Red Gems and it's very easy to charges up!!!!!!!
    At Level 1: Tiny Size
    At Level 2: Small Size
    At Level 3: Big Size
    - Koryuken: F, D, DF + Punch
    A Shoryuken-like Move. It has Yellow Gems and it's hard to charge up!
    At Level 1: Short Uppercut 
    At Level 2: Medium Uppercut
    At Level 3: High Uppercut
    - Danu-Kyaku: D, DB, B + Kick 
    It's a Robert Garcia-like Flying Kick. It's the most spectacural and useful 
    move of Dan. It has got Blue Gems and it's hard to charge. 
    At Level 1: 2 Hit Rush
    At Level 2: 3 Hit Rush
    At Level 3: 2 Hit Rush plus a final Koryuken (3 Hit Rush)
    Comments: The Gadoken is weak but if it connects, it makes fly the opponent 
    far away... It's powerful! The Danu-Kyaku it's cool and very spectacular, and 
    at the Level 3 it's pretty fantastic. Super Dan!!!!
    Super Moves:
    Dan's good and freak Super Moves, check these out:
    - Shinku Gadoken: D, DF, F + Super
    It's a more powerful version of the basic Gadoken
    - Shinku Koryuken: F, D, DF + Super
    It's a 7 Hit Rush more powerful version of the basic Koryuken
    - Father Nose Blast: B, DB, D, DF, F + Super
    A Dan-like monster appear and makes Energy Blast from his nose (???). 
    - Father Raging Demon: F, DF, D, DB, B + Super
    The Dan-like monster appear and attacks the opponent (it's unblockable and it 
    costs 3 Level of Energy!). If it connects, the screen comes white, multiple 
    Comments: The Shinku Gadoken is a sucks Super Move. Shinku Koryuken it’s 
    a good move, Father Nose Blast too (but it's not as fast as the 
    Tabasa's Robot Blast). Now a special notation for the Father Raging 
    Demon: it release a lot of BIG gems and I consider it "The Ultimate Move". 
    Pretty Cool!
    Here are the Dan’s throws. Funny, hehe:
    PK: Normal Throw
    Jump + PK: Air Throw
    F, DF, D, DB, B + PK: Overleap Throw
    B, BD, D, DF, F + PK: Sing a Song Throw (let’s stone the opponent!)
    Comments: Any.
    Dan can Taunt all the time, whatever he want. He can do it VERY WELL:
    T: Normal Taunt (Oyajiiii!)
    D + T: Crouching Taunt (Ya!)
    Jump + Taunt: Air Taunt (Yahoo!)
    B, BD, D, DF, F (x2) + Taunt: SUPER TAUNT!!!
    Comments: Dan is a pretty fun taunter! I love especially the Crouching Taunt, 
    it’s good and symphatic. Even the SUPPA TAUNT is good: he make a lot of 
    stranges poses!
    Flash Combo
    This is ALL the Dan’s Flash Combo with the explanation:
    P, P, P, P: Punch, Jab, Jab, Oyaji Uppercut (it release a box!)
    P, P, K, P: Punch, Jab, Megaphone Attack, Oyaji Uppercut (it release a box!)
    P, K, P, K: Punch, Elvis Punch, Karaoke Punch, Sing a Song Throw
    P, K, K, K: Punch, Elvis Punch, Elvis Kick, Sing a Song Throw
    P, P, P, K: Punch, Jab, Jab, Unblockable Father Throw (it release a box!)
    P, P, K, K: Punch, Jab, Megaphone Attack, Faher Throw (it release a box!)
    P, K, P, P: Punch, Elvis Punch, Karaoke Punch, Ax Attack
    P, K, K, P: Punch, Elvis Punch, Elvis Kick, Ax Attack
    Comments: This combo are pretty good, but I think that I have confused a 
    little bit the Flash Combo who release a box (I'm sorry. Sigh!)
    Dan, like the other Pocket Fighter Characters, haven’t any kind of 
    combat strategie, so, I dunno what can I write. Oh yes, I can write that 
    I'm stupid!
    Comments: I'm stupid
    I based my FAQ just playing the game and learning some stuff on the GAME 
    MASTER X INDONESIA Dan FAQ. That's all, enjoy the game
    OMEGA IORI-SAN (pierbattista@esteri.it)

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