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    Felicia by Sanctuary Remix

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    Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix (Arcade)
    Felicia FAQ
    By: Alex "Joker" Hall
    Started on - 8/1/03
    Completed on - 
    E-Mail at SanctuaryRemix@AOL.com
    - Personal Notes -
    - Really I'm still on vacation while writing this, but who cares.......I
      love writing FAQs for GameFAQs. To make it better and more wanting for
      me to do this is the fact that I'm doing this FAQ for my all time fav
      video gaming woman Felicia. I was going through one of my emulation
      sites to find a game to play on my mom's (yes my mom.....I'm 19 and I
      do love my mom very much that I had to visit her for a month here in
      Miami.) laptop, so I was cruising through a MAME roms listing and came
      across Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix. Now while I was trying to find Super
      Puzzle Fighter for MAME, I figured I'd give this game a go around. I
      didn't expect my girl to be in the game, nor did I think it'd be so
      addictive. So when I checked out to see how many FAQs were done for the
      game I saw only one character had an FAQ done for him. So in Felicia's
      honor I bring to you her well deserved FAQ for the game.
    - Just to give you reader's the heads up there is a big SPOILER in this
      FAQ...namely when you beat the game with her. I'm putting her ending
      in the game for those of you are either too lazy to earn it, or those
      of you that just want to know what her end is. Whatever the case is
      it's here in the FAQ, and unless you want to earn it yourself then go
      ahead and look at the Ending Chapter.
    - Ok....I know I said final version, but I found something new to add
      into the guides. I've now put in the different costumes for each
      character in the Overall Stats Chapter of the guide. Sorry to leave
      out such a factor to the game.
    Table of Contents
    1) Felicia's Story
    2) Controls
    3) Moves
    4) Overall Stats
    5) Ending
    6) Credits
    1) Felicia's Story
    - Just like all good Capcom fighters each fighter has their own reasons
      for traveling around and beating the living hell out of each other. So
      naturally the sleek and sexy catgirl has her own reasons for giving
      everyone a case of bad luck for going up against her. This is directly
      from the game....
    - The musical that Felicia performed in became a huge hit! She has earned
      the reputation of a great musical star!
      I'd like to become a movie actress now . . . of course the movie would
      have to be a romantic love story!
      A heroine who burns with love and passion . . . That's what I want to
      And so, Felicia journeys to see Ken, whom she believes to have a
      connection with the movie industry.
    - So basically she wants to be a famous actress, and to get started on
      the path to fame and fortune she must find Ken. And so the journey
    2) Controls
    - The Joystick controls your character (in my case the D-Pad for my mom's
      up - jump
      down - duck
      left and right - move forward and backward
      double tap left and right - dash/run forward or backward
      P - Punch
      K - Kick
      S - Special
    - Common Motions Used:
      qcf - d-df-f
      qcb - d-db-b
      fdf - f-d-df
      bdb - b-d-db
      hcf - b-db-d-df-f
      hcb - f-df-d-db-b
      360 - f-df-d-db-b-ub-u-uf-f
    3) Moves
    - Ok......here's where to learn what all Felicia can really do....
    - Throws
      Everyone can do an air throw by pressing the p+k buttons in the air.
      Felicia does a quick Dizzy Throw in the air.
      p+k (The Cat Scratch....can reach up to 10 well placed paw smackings
      by pressing the punch button continuously)
      hcf p+k (The Kitty Kiss....Felicia grips her opponent and gives them
               some gently licks to the face. Awww....she's so cute.)
      hcb p+k (The Dizzy Throw....I call it this because this is her throw
               that when she jumps backwards she spins a few times holding
               onto the opponent before she throws them)
    - Combos
    - These are her combos that I suggest you stick with, since they are her
      most effective. There are other combos that you can use with her, and I
      will list them too, but the ones I described I found to be her most
      PPPP (Her Darkstalker Combo....changes to Talbain, Rikku, and
      PKKK (Her Crazy Combo....changes to various objects....just do it and
            you'll see)
      PPKK (Her Megaman Combo....during the 4th hit hold the Kick button to
            charge the shot and release some extra damage, and if you hit it
            just right you'll send your opponent flying all over the screen.)
      PKPK (Her 2nd Darkstalker Combo)
      PKKP (Her Grab Combo....she changes into a gorilla on the 4th hit and
            mimics Zangief's Atomic Drop Throw move.)
    - Special
    - Here's a description on how her 3 Special Attacks (The S button)
      works....You can charge all the attacks to dish out more and more
      damage. Each attack knocks out a certain gem color.
      S alone (She turns into the robot from the Darkstalkers Series. Not
               much range with this attack....you have to wait for the
               opponent to get remotely close to you to hit.)
      f+S (Turns into Megaman to use his Mega Buster move. Unfortunately it
           doesn't go flying across the stage as a projectile. Has a better
           reach than the robot attack if you use the S attacks to attack
           plainly than to worry about gems.)
      d+S (Another Darkstalker transformation....she uses a fish bone to
           smack her opponent from below. This is her best S attack due to
           it's better reach than the other two attacks)
    - Special Attacks
    - Time to learn how to utilize Felicia's graceful and devistating special
      Tap P rapidly (taking a page out of Blanka's book Felicia can surprise
                     any opponent that wants to go on the offensive with this
                     shocking surprise. She makes it look cuter than what
                     Blanka could ever do.)
      qcf+k (One of her signature moves the Cat Spray....this is her basic
             projectile attack. It's a low hitting type of attack and when it
             reaches LVL 3 in it's gem slot, it becomes her most devestating
             move....it even contends with her Super Moves in terms of easy
             combo and attack power. It's worth getting this move to LVL 3 to
             end matches quickly)
      qcf+p then p (Her Rolling Pounce attack....this move is in my book
                    better than Ryu's and Ken's ShinRyuKen in the fact that
                    you can chase forward across the stage in an attacking
                    ball before pressing the P Button again to bring more
                    pain. This move too gains strength as it reaches LVL 3
                    in it's slot.)
      qcb+p then p rapidly (Her second Rolling Pounce....this one is
                            devestating. She bounces forward in her little
                            ball and when she hits the opponent rapidly
                            press the P Button to have her slash at the 
      fdf+K then K rapidly (Her Cat Kicker....She jumps up into the air and
                            lunges diagonally down to the ground with a kick.
                            If you press the K Button rapidly after you hit
                            you can get in a few extra hits. This is the 3rd
                            and final move you can level up to LVL 3.)
      360+P+K (The Big Slam.....In this she just figures screw the grab combo
               and goes straight for the gorilla grab slam.)
    - Super Moves
    - When the opposition seems to just not want to cooperate and lay down
      for you...then it's time to bring out the big guns.....here's how to
      bring the hurt on all opponents.
      hcb+S (The Vegas Show-Cat-Girls......keeping true to her dreams and 
             asperations of being an actress she gains some shadow pink
             haired versions of herself in a line from one side of the stage
             to the other. Then from Felicia to the end of the screen the
             pink haired show girls do the classic high kicking pose in
             their one piece suits. The kicks are the painful part and if
             you get the opponent hit at the beginning of the super where
             Felicia's standing then they'll travel along with the line of
             kicks. More flashy than powerful, but still a very great way to
             catch your opponent off guard.)
      hcf+S (The Kitty Cat Club....Felicia needs some help against her
             opponent and ducks out of the way as another cat girl resembling
             her runs across the screen. If that cat girl hits the opponent,
             she'll grab them and then many more cat girls will jump out of
             nowhere to start a mass ganging on the opponent. Once the smoke
             clears your opponent will be left battered and bruised...and
             missing one hell of a chunk out of their life! This is her most
             devestating super move in the game, but the downside to this
             move is that it's easily avoided. The cat girl doesn't move
             across the screen that fast and she can be jumped easily. The
             best way to hit with the move is to lure your opponent as close
             to the edge of the screen your back is facing, then put in the
      fdf+S (The Angry Kitty....Felicia goes into a furious looking ball,
             not what it normally looks like, at top speed across the screen.
             If she hits with the ball she'll automatically go into a chain
             of hard hits to the opponent until finally she hits with her
             uppercut portion of the ball move. This is her most useful super
             in that the closer you are to an opponent the harder it is to
             block or especially dodge. This move is her flagship super.....
             it's not the strongest or flashiest, but it gets the job done.)
    4) Overall Stats
    - Really this is just to give you the odds and ends of Felicia.....lets
      start with a list of her victory sayings. This is what you'd get (one
      of them at a time) when you defeat an opponent.
      Don't scratch my face! Stars always need to look their best!
      My ferocity is no act, but your applause is most welcome! Meow!
      Maybe if I perform as well as I fight, I'll be even more famous!
      Hey, that's so mean, stepping on my tail as a revenge!
    - Now here's the basic lowdown of her from me. Personally she's my all
      time fav Capcom character and I love seeing her in many different
      Capcom games other than the Darkstalker series. In this game she's just
      like in all the other games she's appeared in, down played by bigger
      named stars. Felicia doesn't have some of the most flashiest or jaw
      dropping moves in the game, but in the hands of an expert (like me!!!)
      she becomes a huge threat. Felicia's special moves in the game many of
      the time can be used as reversals. Her Cat Kicker and Rolling Pounces
      are true signatures of that. Time them just right to knock people off
      their high horse of trying to keep the offensive on you. Mainly just
      because she's cute and sexy and has alot of playful taunts and moves
      is the reason why she's not taken seriously. Despite her cute and sexy
      exterior she turns out to be stronger than most of any of the other
      female fighters, even Morrigan or Sakura. I myself rather enjoy people
      down playing her due to the fact that when they get their ass handed to
      them by me using her, they get pissed and blame something else other
      than poor skills. Just keep in mind that not only does she have the
      extreme beauty and sexiness that every guy wishes their girl had, but
      she knows how to kick some butt in no time flat as well.
    - Here's the listing for the match that you have with Ken in the final
      block of her story. If you couldn't tell from her beginning story,
      Ken's the final person you have to face. Before you fight with Ken
      there's a small segment where Felicia talks with Ken. So here it is....
    - (F) Here you are Ken! Could you introduce me to someone in the movie
          industry? I'd like to appear in a movie!
      (K) A movie...I think I know someone...I could introduce you to him,
          but you will have to fight me first!
      (F) I don't understand why you want to fight me, but you'd better make
          sure I'm well introduced to him if I win!
    - And then you fight with Ken to end the game.....
    - Costumes -
    - Now yes you do hve different costumes to use, but they're really just
      different colors like in the other Capcom games. Ah well, least wise
      they add some diversity to each character right? Here's Felicia's
      different colors.
    - Punch Button = Normal Colors
    - Kick Button = Felicia with Blonde hair and Emerald Green Eyes
    - S Button = Felicia's hair is Pink and her eyes are now Dark Green
    5) Ending
    - Now again....if you don't want to know how Felicia's story ends then
      skip this chapter. Without further delay....here's how Felicia's game
      (shows Felicia with her arm raised in victory and Ken to the side with
      a thumbs up)
      Your skills are impressive! Thanks for the workout! Now I'll introduce
      him to you.
      Great! I can't wait! Meow!
      (shows Felicia with Fei Long to her right and Ken to his right)
      ...So here she is. I guarantee that her abilities are worthy! Please
      take good care of her!
      Nice to meet you!
      (screen goes black)
      And so, Felicia made a debut in a movie, as she had hoped to...
      (shows Felicia in a oriental dress throwing a can of Capsi (lol)
       angrily at Ken. Ken's covering up and looking a little confused while
       Felicia looks angry.)
      Ouch! Calm down! You wanted to perform in an action movie right? What's
      the matter?
      That's not what I wanted! How could you do this to me? You're so cruel
      Ken! Meeeow!!
      (Felicia and Ken disappear and the scene scrolls up a bit at the
       billboard sign that was behind the two of them. It shows Felicia in
       her pink oriental dress in a flying kick type pose with the words Cat
       Dragon to her left and "starring Felicia underneath her.)
      The new movie star Felicia, in "Dragon vs. Monster Cat" Now showing in
      a theater near you!
    - Ok so the ending's a let down....but it's still funny, especially when
      you see it. Course as a Felicia fan I wish she'd of got her way to do
      that romantic movie she originally wanted to do. Oh well.......can't
      win them all.
    6) Credits
    - Creds go out to me for making this guide. HAHAHAHA!
    - Creds go out to my dear loving mom. Without her laptop or letting me
      stay at her place for free (^.^) I couldn't of done this guide. Plus my
      mom loves me very very much so of course I have to give her credit for
      putting up with me. It's not easy to do it and I love you mom for
      putting up with me for all 19 years of my life so far.
    - Big creds to Capcom for creating the sexiest, charming, and most
      beautiful female video game character of all time. You guys rock for
      creating her.
    - Of course if I left something out or made any careless and stupid
      mistakes then by all means correct me. E-mail me at
      SanctuaryRemix@AOL.com and I'll get around to correcting my guide.
      Thanks and Sees Yas Later.
      Alex "Joker" Hall

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