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    Ryu by Sanctuary Remix

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    Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix (Arcade)
    Ryu FAQ
    By: Alex "Joker" Hall
    Started on - 9/16/03
    Completed on - 9/16/03
    E-Mail at SanctuaryRemix@AOL.com
    - Still going strong on the Mini-Mix front with walkthroughs, this time
      I'm bringing Ryu into the fold. The third walkthrough from me for
      this game, and I'm bringing you one of the few male characters for
      the game. Now don't say you didn't see Ryu coming, cuz Capcom puts
      him in every game they can. Just about every fighter dealing with
      Street Fighting practically involves him. He is truely one of the
      legends of gaming, and hopefully he won't disappear to a memory like
      so many other great game characters. Now the same as with the other
      Mini-Mix walkthroughs I've done there are SPOILERS ahead. Just giving
      you guys the heads up. Now on with the walkthrough.......
    - Oh yeah.......No copying my work onto your site without asking my
      permission. It's as simple as e-mailing me, asking me to use it. I'll
      say yes if you do ask, so lets save some hassle here by doing things
    - Ok....I know I said final version, but I found something new to add
      into the guides. I've now put in the different costumes for each
      character in the Overall Stats Chapter of the guide. Sorry to leave
      out such a factor to the game.
    Table of Contents
    1) Ryu's Story
    2) Controls
    3) Moves
    4) Overall Stats
    5) Ending
    6) Credits
    1) Ryu's Story
    - Despite all the games Ryu's been in and all the different situations
      he's been through, he's always the same throughout each game. The
      only differences I've ever seen him go through is his bandana color
      (started off red in the SF series and became white in the SF Alpha
      series), the shoes that he had just for the first Street Fighter game
      (you could only play as Ryu or Ken in the first game, and it wasn't
      exactly a groundbreaking game like Street Fighter 2 was....ya live
      and learn I guess), and when he gained one new move after so many
      years of just getting upgraded moves in Street Fighter 3. With that
      said you can expect Ryu to be practically the same from any other
      game you've played as with him. Same mentality, moves, and style.
    - (Ryu looking down at a small cat in a back alley carrying his pack)
      Ryu continues on his quest to become a true warrior.
      Now he wishes to see a lady named Tessa. He has heard much about her
      during his journeys.
      She is said to be wise, with a detailed knowledge of just about
      everything in the world.
      I might be able to learn more about the strongest fighters in the
      world... I should find her and ask about it.
    - Just like Ryu to always want to have the greatest challenge he can
      possibly find. Course why would you want to change something that's
      been working for so long for him?
    2) Controls
    - The Joystick controls your character (or if you got yourself an
      emulated version like me then you can use the D-Pad)
      up - jump
      down - duck
      left and right - move forward and backward
      double tap left and right - dash/run forward or backward
      P - Punch
      K - Kick
      S - Special
    - Common Motions Used:
      qcf - d-df-f
      qcb - d-db-b
      fdf - f-d-df
      bdb - b-d-db
      hcf - b-db-d-df-f
      hcb - f-df-d-db-b
      360 - f-df-d-db-b-ub-u-uf-f
    3) Moves
    - Naturally Ryu has an assortment of powerful moves that he can dish
      out on helpless opponents. Mastering them just as Ryu masters his
      techniques will make you just as great as him.
    - Throws -
    - Everyone can do a throw in the air by pressing the p+k buttons in the
      air. Ryu does his One Hand Overhead Slam in the air.
    - p+k (One Hand Overhead Slam.........His basic throw manuever, but in
           this game it becomes quite comical to watch as he gives off more
           of an impression of somebody spiking a football)
    - hcf p+k (One Foot Monkey Flip.........Motions backwards to send the
               opponent hurling towards the sky. It's not real impressive
               to see, but it's power and setup ability make it very useful
               to a master)
    - hcb p+k (The Punching Bag........This is Ryu's ultimate throw move,
               and quite honestly one of the greatest (if not THE GREATEST)
               move in the game. It alone is an 11-Hit combo. Ryu gets a
               blue training glove from nowhere and grips the opponent by
               the back of their head and starts repeatedly punch them in
               the stomach. This is a devestating move and awesome to watch
               over and over again)
    - Combos -
    - The combos that have descriptions with them are Ryu's most
      devestating combos in my eyes. So I suggest you stick with what I
      describe, or use the others that I didn't describe if you feel that
      they would serve you better. Either way I'll list them all.
    - PPPP (The Fighter Combo......Ryu doesn't really have off the wall
            transformations or many comical aspects in this game and
            remains to be a serious fighter. This combo is no exception to
            that as Ryu just lashes out with 4 hard hitting punches)
    - PKPP (The Training Combo........Ryu dons blue training gloves in the
            3rd hit and ends the combo with his Punching Bag grab. This is
            truely his best combo aside from the 2nd Training Combo which
            has Ryu using a giant Japanese sandal to kick the opponent in
            the mouth with and then going into his Punching Bag grab.
            Either one, they both make for a truely dangerous combo to
            watch out for)
    - PKKP (The 2nd Training Combo.......as stated above.....EXTREMELY
    - PKKK (The Japanese Sandal Combo.......Ryu gets on a sandal with two
            protruding blocks when you hit the kick buttons. He starts off
            smacking the jaw of the opponent hard, and then coming with an
            overhead smash with the sandal now turned steel. The final hit
            of the combo can be charged to hit with more damage)
    - PPKK (The 2nd Japanese Sandal Combo......just as bad as the first)
    - PKPK
    - Special -
    - Time to learn how that S button works with Ryu. Remember now,
      each attack can be charged for extra amounts of damage, and each
      attack is designated to knocking out specific gem colors.
    - S Alone (The Steel Sandal.......Ryu gathers all his strength into a
               sandal? Believe it or not he does.....his foot grows giant
               size and he goes for the overhead foot smash that he's done
               in so many other fighter games, only this time it's alot
               more funnier. This is something that you have to see. This
               move is best left as a type of counter move when an opponent
               is charging you. Don't expect this to have great power or
               reach, but as a surprise attack....it's at its best)
    - f+S     (The No Defeating Me Sign.......Ryu pulls out a gigantic road
               sign and swings it forward into the opponent. This is by far
               the best S Attack in the game due to it's superior reach and
               strength. If you're going to use an S Attack for offense,
               then this is that move)
    - d+S     (The Mace......Ryu's gonna get medivel on your ass with this
               S Attack. Ryu pulls out a huge mace and swings with great
               momentum to send any opponent flying in the opposite
               direction. This move has the 2nd best reach with Ryu and a
               little more power behind it than the Sign Attack)
    - Special Moves -
    - qcf+P (The Hadoken.........Ryu's trademark move that needs no
             explanation to all the veteran gamers out there. This move
             does gain strength as you gather up Red gems. The power and
             combo ability behind it at LVL 3 is something to watch out
             for, as it begins to hold a candle to even his Super Moves)
    - qcb+K (The Hurricane Kick........Now we all know that those that
             study the Hadou Style of Martial Arts always had their own
             twist to this move in each SF game. Ryu's has always been just
             a normal type of hurricane kick with no special quality about
             it like Ken or Akuma, but as you get this move to LVL 3 by
             aquiring Blue gems he gains lightning properties to his move.
             The power and devestation of this move at LVL 3 is something
             to witness)
    - fdf+P (The Shinryuken........this move was suppose to be the pinnacle
             of Ryu's and Ken's training in the Hadou Style, but Ryu didn't
             put much effort behind this move as he did with the Hadoken.
             Still he knew that it would come in handy and despite the fact
             that he lacked the ability to channel special energy through
             the move like Ken and Akuma, Ryu still was able to put alot of
             force behind the move even though he wasn't able to make it
             flashy. That all changes when you get this move to LVL 3 by
             collecting Yellow gems as he puts behind all the force he can
             plus lightning energy. This move is great as an offensive and
             counter move, plus at LVL 3 it becomes an insane move to use
             as it gains combo ability)
    - hcf+P (The True Hadoken........Ryu sends even more power behind this
             move than his regular Hadoken, but in this game it just holds
             it's fire properties like in all the other SF games he uses
             this in. This move really isn't needed if you have the regular
             Hadoken up to LVL 2. This move does lose all the potential and
             greatness it has in the other SF games he has it in. This move
             is supposidly the payoff to all the years of Ryu's hard work
             of trying to master the power of the Hadou. I'm really sure
             that sometime in the future we'll see more of how Ryu handles
             the power of the Hadou)
    - Super Moves -
    - Naturally Ryu's training and constant fighting have heightned his
      mastery of the Hadou. Thus he's able to truely unleash the power of
      the Hadou. Now with proper energy bars at full and the knowledge of
      how to perform these moves, you'll become a master in your rights.
    - hcf+S (The Ultimate Hadouken.......If you thought that the True
             Hadoken was Ryu's ultimate form of this move, think again. Ryu
             unleashes the true power behind this move to perform a nice
             6-Hit combo, plus with massive power. This form of the
             Hadouken is more bigger than any of the other forms, so it's
             harder to dodge. Even so all a simple person has to do is
             jump over it. To pull this on a person so that they have to
             block and lose minimum damage at least, get in as close as
             possible to them and perform the move)
    - fdf+S (The True Shinryuken.........Ryu's super of this has always
             been a favorite of mine as it's always extremely devestating.
             The only problem with this move was always that you had to be
             directly on top of the person to perform it right. It's power
             has always been basically unmatchable with the exceptions of
             Akuma or M.Bison. Now in this game it lost it's natural flaw
             as when you perform it, Ryu adjusts his gloves and starts a
             volley of punches forward a small ways before doing the gut
             punch, and then ending it with the Shinryuken at it's max
             force. Only difference is at this game is that at max force it
             gains that lightning ability from his LVL 3 Shinryuken)
    - qcb+S (The Hurricane.......Like Ryu's normal versions of this Super
             move of his, he does stay stationary. That means that you have
             to be relatively close to the opponent or used as a counter.
             The move really does look like a hurricane because when you do
             it a huge rain cloud forms over Ryu and starts raining in the
             area that move does its damage. This is his longest combo move
             in his entire arsenal, and if you need some big time gems to
             get those gem meters up plus it has an insane dish out of
    4) Overall Stats
    - Time to tell you nice people my opinions on Ryu and what he says for
    - The victory phrases.....
    - A warrior who keeps fighting and improving will never truely lose.
    - I must keep searching for someone stronger than I!
    - It was a good fight...But there is still more for me to learn!
    - Is that really your true power? Show me your best!
    - Now for my opinions.....really I can't say much about Ryu that isn't
      spoken through common knowledge or that doesn't need to be said. It
      didn't come as a surprise to me that he was in this game, as he's
      basically the top of the Capcom tower. Ryu's mixture of power, talent
      and technique make him the greatest of the great. It doesn't take
      long to learn everything about Ryu, but it does take a long time to
      fully master Ryu's style of fighting. No newbie gamer can just stroll
      up and use Ryu to his full potential like a veteran gamer. In this
      game Ryu takes all his skills to new levels that do make him a force
      to deal with in the hands of true master.
    - Now for the convo with Tessa.......
    - (Ryu)
      Are you Tessa? I want you to tell me who the strongest fighters are.
      I have been searching for a challenge....
    - (Tessa)
      You're Ryu....a lonely warrior who aims to improve himself....to
      become a true warrior with no equal....
    - (Ryu)
      So, it seems you do know everything.....Will you fight with me first?
    - (Tessa)
      Very well. Show me your strength!
    - And so the battle to prove his strength begins......
    - Costumes -
    - Now yes you do hve different costumes to use, but they're really just
      different colors like in the other Capcom games. Ah well, least wise
      they add some diversity to each character right? Here's Ryu's
      different colors.
    - Punch Button = Normal Colors
    - Kick Button = Ryu's clothes are now black. This is the equivilant of
                    his Evil Ryu Form without the red eyes.
    - S Button = Ryu's clothes are grey, and his gloves and headband are
    5) Ending
    - Now again......if you want to earn the ending for Ryu yourself
      then don't look at this chapter. Now for those that do, here it is.
    - (Ryu and Tessa standing after the battle looking at each other)
      Indeed.....You are strong. I surrender. Hmmm... Who can match your
      strength.....let me see...
      You should go see "Hauzer" in Savalia.
      A guy named Hauzer... Thank You. I'll go forth and find him.
      (Ryu runs off screen to go find Hauzer)
      (Now it shows Ryu looking around in an ancient Mayan ruin type
      I'm sure it's suppose to be somewhere around here...
      (Hauzer appears. He is a giant dinosaur looking thing, almost like
       a small T-Rex)
      I... is this Hauzer!? (I... I might lose... But I will put everything
      I have into the fight...)
      (Now it shows Tessa reading a book with her cat beside her)
      Oh shoot! I forgot to tell him that no one who has seen Hauzer has
      come back alive... Hee hee hee
      (Now shows Tessa with a devilish smile and her cat with a sweat
    - So did Ryu win or lose that battle? Considering that he's shown up in
      a few other fighting games after Mini-Mix came out, I'd say it's a
      safe bet he did.
    6) Credits
    - Now thanks goto Capcom for making this addictive little game. It's
      crazy as hell to play and really anybody should be able to get into
      the game no matter who it is.
    - Creds go out to all my friends that support my walkthrough making
      ways. Hey....they're good for something....
    - Lastly I thank all those who read this and my other FAQs I've made.
      I'm glad I've been of help to all of you, and I'll keep on making
      more walkthroughs.
    - If I've screwed this thing up in any way, shape, form, or fashion,
      then e-mail me at SanctuaryRemix@AOL.com to correct my foolish
      mistakes. I'll correct them and give you the proper credit you deserve
      for catching something that I didn't see.
      Sees Yas Later
      Alex "Joker" Hall

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