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    Zangief by Sanctuary Remix

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    Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix (Arcade)
    Zangief FAQ
    By: Alex "Joker" Hall
    Started on - 10/3/03
    Completed on - 10/3/03
    E-Mail at SanctuaryRemix@AOL.com
    - I'm going for it all!!!!!! If GameFAQs allows it, I'll have a walk-
      through for every character in the game! This one's number 4 for me
      in this game, and it's on the one character most people would think
      to do last. Well it was my idea to do the Zangief Walkthrough last,
      but I figured the game is mainly an all female cast, so I'll just get
      the male characters out of the way. Despite Zangief's sluggish ways
      of his past games and non-flashy moves, in this game he breaks the
      barriers that was holding him back in other games in my opinion. Now
      in other games he mainly came off as a thick headed dumbass, thanks
      solely to the Capcom Versus series. I still remember he's rather
      retarded ending in the Playstation version of Marvel Vs Capcom. Well
      in this one he's shaped up, gone to college, and become a very
      respectable gentleman!........in a rather big muscular kind of way.
      His moves haven't changed over to this game from any other previous
      game, and he still uses the same stuff you've seen. Rather than
      ramble on about him, I'll save all the main stuff for the opinion
      section later on.......lets just get this one underway already!
    - Oh yeah.......No copying my work onto your site without asking my
      permission. It's as simple as e-mailing me, asking me to use it. I'll
      say yes if you do ask, so lets save some hassle here by doing things
    - Ok....I know I said final version, but I found something new to add
      into the guides. I've now put in the different costumes for each
      character in the Overall Stats Chapter of the guide. Sorry to leave
      out such a factor to the game.
    Table of Contents
    1) Zangief's Story
    2) Controls
    3) Moves
    4) Overall Stats
    5) Ending
    6) Credits
    1) Zangief's Story
    - Can't really start a great fighter from Capcom without each character
      having a background to show now can you? Just like the rest of the
      fighters in this game Zangief will not be left out of having his own
      personal reasons for fighting. So here's his side of the story....
    - (Shows Zangief sitting on a plane in a very spiffy buisness suit....
       .....perhaps Armani?)
      Zangief is the master of the Russian wrestling world.
      As a representative of Russia, he is asked to invite Felicia, a world
      renowned musical star to his homeland.
      You must succeed in your duty for both our country and yourself!
      (His eye flashes and he gets his game face on)
      Leave it to me my comrade! But next time, make sure I get first-class
    - So there you have it. Zangief's a man on a mission to get Felicia and
      get her back to his homeland of Russia. If you ask me, a big sweaty
      dunce going after my fav character is not my idea of good date. He
      looks like a date rapist for god's sake! I just hope my girl Felicia
      can watch herself for whatever Zangief's got in mind....
    2) Controls
    - The Joystick controls your character (or if you got yourself an
      emulated version like me then you can use the D-Pad)
      up - jump
      down - duck
      left and right - move forward and backward
      double tap left and right - dash/run forward or backward
      P - Punch
      K - Kick
      S - Special
    - Common Motions Used:
      qcf - d-df-f
      qcb - d-db-b
      fdf - f-d-df
      bdb - b-d-db
      hcf - b-db-d-df-f
      hcb - f-df-d-db-b
      360 - f-df-d-db-b-ub-u-uf-f
    3) Moves
    - Time to learn the basics of what to do with Zangief.....
    - Throws -
    - Everyone can do a throw in the air by pressing the p+k buttons in the
      air. Zangief does a Powerslam in the air crashing the person to the
      fround that Zangief's holding.
    - p+k (Illegal Biting......Zangief gets an appetite for some opponent!
           In this 7-Hit combo he bites the victim over and over before
           releasing them with a few holes in their body. This move is not
           strong at all and should just be used to embarass the opponent
           or just for kicks, since it is funny to watch.)
    - f or b p+k (Irish Whip......that's right baby!!!!! Zangief's armed
                  with an exclusive 4th Throw in the game. By holding
                  forward or backward while grabbing at the opponent,
                  Zangief will send them careening towards the edge of the
                  screen, smashing their face into it. This throw is the
                  one you want to replace Illegal Biting due to it's
                  strength. Plus that.........IT'S EXTREMELY USEFUL!!!!!!!!
                  If someone's got you pinned into a corner by going an all
                  out offensive, use this to throw them to the opposite
                  side of the screen and give you a few seconds breather.
                  You can also use this to set up an opponent for a combo
                  or special move if you do it close enough to the edge of
                  the screen. Again....EXTREMELY USEFUL!!!!!!)
    - hcf p+k (The German Suplex........This is his definitive throw move.
               It's got the necessary stopping power you'll want from a
               throw. Not only is it the powerhouse of his throw moves, but
               it's extremely hilarious to do. It's not that he does any
               funny motions or gets in a costume or nothing, it's the
               sound that the opponent makes when their head hits the floor
               from the impact. Normally you'd expect a huge crash sound or
               boom, but nope......not in this game. Instead you're ears
               are tuned in to listen to......a tennis ball smack? Yeppers.
               This is just one thing you'll have to see for yourself to
    - hcb p+k (Overhead Throw.......this would be Zangief's Combo Throw
               move just like with everyone else, but it's not. Rather it's
               the motion of the throw move in his combo which sends the
               opponent skyward. I'll get into his throw combo in the combo
               section and you'll then know the difference. The power
               behind this throw is about the same as the Irish Whip, so
               this too is third place in the throws department.)
    - d p+k (The Small-time Piledriver.......only just a few minutes ago
             did I accidentally find a 5th Throw move for Zangief!!!!! It's
             just as funny as the others and comes in second for power. By
             crouching and then doing a grab you'll catch do a quick
             piledriver, hence Small-Time Piledriver. I'm glad I caught
             this before I sent the final walkthrough version of this in.)
    - Combos -
    - The combos that I describe are to me his most lethal and effective
      combos to use, so my suggestion is use them. I will also list the
      combos that you can do with him as well. Let me just start off by
      saying that since Zangief lacks speed and jumping power, he makes up
      for it in pure strength. All his combos are insanely strong and you
      could even use the Kick Button alone to do some heavy damage to your
    - PPPP (The Powerhouse Combo........called this for a very good reason.
            Not only is for once the normal all punch combo powerful, but
            the costumes Zangief goes through is hilarious to boot. Zangief
            becomes a giant gorilla in the second hit and then "evolves"
            into a caveman in the third and fourth hits. It's hilarious to
            watch and powerful to hit, so you're killing two birds with one
            stone on this one.)
    - PKKK (The Mother Russia Combo........On the 2nd hit Zangief dons some
            Russian gear and does starts to do a little Russian jig. At the
            fourth hit he ends the combo off with a gigantic knee smash to
            the head that would make Billy and Jimmy Lee jealous.)
    - PKPP (The Angry Bear Combo.......This is his Grab Combo. On the 3rd
            hit Zangief goes into what looks like military training clothes
            accompanied by a red towel. Now on the 4th hit is where he
            reaches out to grab, not so hard considering he has the longest
            reach in the game to grab with. When he grabs a tale appears
            beside him with a various food item on it , and him in a stool
            reading a newspaper. Then suddenly he sees someone on the other
            side of the table trying to steal his food, so he rips the
            paper in half and slams the table into the opponent. This is
            more powerful than the Overhead Throw, and if it would let you
            do this as a normal throw, then it'd easily take the German
            Suplex in terms of power. This is a very funny grab move to
            watch, and you can even use this as a great taunt against an
    - PKKP (The 2nd Angry Bear Combo.......Same as above cept with a
            different 3rd attack.)
    - PKPK (The Angry Russian.......he goes through a series of his best
            combo hits by far to decimate an opponent in this painful combo
            to the opponent. It's not exactly the one combo you want to be
            on the receiving end of if you ask my opinion.)
    - PPKK (It's My Frickin Job Combo.......On the 3rd hit Zangief acquires
            a construction outfit and a jackhammer and starts doing his
            thing. On the third hit the move actually has a bit of distance
            despite the jackhammer being stationary. On the 4th Hit Zangief
            goes postal and tries to drive a huge pickaxe into the opponent
            sending them flying.)
    - PPKP
    - Special -
    - Time to learn how that S button works with Zangief. Remember now,
      each attack can be charged for extra amounts of damage, and each
      attack is designated to knocking out specific gem colors.
    - S alone (The Huge Pickaxe.......Maybe this was Zangief's job before
               he struck it big in the wrestling circuit. In any case with
               a great amount of distance and high attack power makes this
               an S Attack to watch out for. This is 2nd in both power and
    - f+S     (The Illegal Chair Shot.........Going back to his wrestling
               roots Zangief goes Lucha Libre costume wise and puts on a
               mask accompanied by a huge chair. Zangief takes aim with the
               chair to drive it into the stomach of the opponent for a
               hard hitting gut shot. This move is powerful compared to
               most of the others' S Attacks, but this is 3rd in power for
               him amongst the three, but it's 1st in terms of distance
               being the one move you'll want to use should you need to hit
               someone at a good distance.)
    - d+S     (Ring the Bell, It's Over!!!.........Zangief declairs himself
               to be the victor in the match by ringing the bell against
               the opponent's face. This is like an uppercut, but with
               better range than the standard uppercut. Now amongst the
               three S Attacks Zangief has, this is 3rd in distance, but
               first in power. It's his most insanely strong attack, and
               despite the distance letdown, his great reach to begin with
               makes it longer than most fighters' S Attacks, so go ahead
               and try to use it against any opponent to catch them off
               guard. It makes for an excellent counter move.)
    - Special Moves -
    - 360+P (The Super Atomic Drop........This is Zangief's signature
             spinning slam move. Where would he be without it huh? It's
             still as hard to pull off as ever, but with a little practice
             you'll get the motion down right in no time. When you do pull
             it off you have to be right on top of the opponent basically.
             If you do manage to get the opponent in this move, then you're
             gonna put a real hurtin on them, as this is his most powerful
             Special of the group. As you collect Red Gems this move gets
             that much more dangerous to get hit by. It also gains
             elevation. When it hits LVL 3, you go up past the top of the
             screen. This move is best left as a counter move when you get
             the motion down right to pull it off on the fly.)
    - P+S   (The Hurricane Clothesline........Yet another one of Zangief's
             signature moves. This is another move that as you gain Yellow
             Gems it gains power. I never found much use for this move in
             any other game with him, and still don't find much use for it
             now. Use it as you see fit is all I can say, and know that it
             is powerful, especially as it gains levels.)
    - fdf+P (The Flamming Backhand.......Still another of his signatures
             that he gained just recently through the Alpha series. This
             move has some fair distance on it and is a great counter move.
             Now that I think about it really all his moves are counter
             moves. This move's flame gets bigger as you gain Blue Gems to
             LVL it up. The flame also changes color each level.)
    - Super Moves -
    - Alright........it's time to put the hurt on people! We all know that
      opponents can be annoying, thinking that they will go all out
      offensive on you, but if you have your Super Meter Bar filled up at
      least once, then you'll be able to use some of Zangief's most
      devestating moves.
    - 360+S (Ultimate Atomic Drop...........Like most of the other versions
             of this Super of his, he does 2 backdrops before doing the
             Atomic Drop. If you finish someone with this move, which you
             most likely will in most situations since it's insanely
             powerful, Then you'll get a much different flashing background
             than the rest get when they finish someone with their Supers.
             By far this is his most powerful Super, but the downside is
             that you have to treat it like his normal Atomic Drop. This
             is basically a counter move. He's got some reach, but not that
             far. Either counter an opponent with this move, or time it
             just right to catch an opponent off guard.)
    - hcf+S (It's Dinner Time!!!...........Zangief's got a mighty appeatite
             and in this Super he shows it. He bites the living hell out of
             the victim before kicking them away. This is his most
             hilarious Super to watch. Only drawback to it is that you have
             to put just less than half a screen's distance to hit with it.
             Zangief hurls himself forward through the air to grab the
             opponent. Now if they're too close to you you'll just jump
             right over them, and if they're too far, you'll fall short of
             them. So timing and distance is everything to hit with this
             move. This is his 2nd strongest Super in his arsenal.)
    - fdf+S (The Russian Jig.........First off let me say that just because
             this is his easiest Super Move doesn't make it that good. It's
             funny to watch, but that's it. It does a decent combo, but it
             lacks power. This is his 3rd strongest Super, and most of your
             regular combos and Specials can equal the power behind this
             move. Only use it to catch an opponent off guard. It is his
             only combo that will take him a good distance across the
             screen too on an all out offensive)
    4) Overall Stats
    - Alrighty, time to give my two cents worth of what I think of Zangief
      in this section, his victory phrases, and his final battle
      conversation with Felicia. So here it is already......
    - First his victory phrases.....
    - You can't harm me! My body is unbreakable!
    - Whew! I had some good exercise! I think I'll have "Borscht" now!
    - Wow, impressive! You're almost as strong as a Siberian Bear!
    - Your lack of training is why you are on the floor!
    - Ok.......leaving off where I started at the beginning of this FAQ....
      Zangief has come a long way in this game. For once he's a character
      that I actually enjoy playing as. Not to say that he's changed my
      mind about him in any way, but least wise in this game I'll pick him
      to take someone on. I'll never understand why Capcom is so insistent
      on putting him in most of their games. He's like Ryu almost if you
      think about it. Everytime you see Ryu in a fighting game Zangief is
      there right behind him. It's rare that I don't see him in one of
      Capcom's fighting games. I mean is there an underground group of fans
      of Zangief? Cuz I've never met a single Zangief fan in all my gaming
      days. Well least wise Capcom did a nice job of making him a fun
      character with some class in this game.
    - Now here's the conversation for the final battle with Felicia....
    - (Zangief)
      You must be Felicia. I have come to ask you to perform a musical in
      our country. I am desperate!
      I'm sorry, but my schedule is tied up. Maybe if you can force me to.
      What do you say?
      Okay, if that is your wish.
      Meeeeow! I was just joking!!!
    - And there you have it......after that little convo, the final battle
    - Costumes -
    - Now yes you do hve different costumes to use, but they're really just
      different colors like in the other Capcom games. Ah well, least wise
      they add some diversity to each character right? Here's Sakura's
      different colors.
    - Punch Button = Normal Colors
    - Kick Button = His trunks, boots, and arm bands are now dark blue and
                    dark green
    - S Button = His trunks, boots, and arm bands are now green and yellow,
                 plus he's now got a tan.
    5) Ending
    - Now as with all my other character walkthroughs for Mini-Mix I put
      the ending in for all to see. If you want to earn it for yourself,
      then you might want to just skip this chapter in it's entirity. For
      those that came to see it, here it is.
    - Ohhh, that hurt...Okay, okay, I'll do it.
    - Good. Come with me now! Your seat is next to mine on the plane. It
      may be a tight fit, but please bear with it.
    - (Shows Felicia in a tuxedo smiling and finishing a bow)
      And so, Felicia's Russian tour began. The musical hall is packed
      everday, and the area's economy is booming!
    - Thank you very much everyone!
    - (screen goes black)
      ...there are two men watching the stage with much satisfaction
    - (shows Zangief standing next to some old Russian guy, I think his
       name is Yeltzin or something along those lines. Both are giving the
       "Number One" sign with their hands)
      You did a good job, comrade Zangief. Now I will get more supprt from
      the people of the nation!
    - Please do not forget about the renovation of my training room...And
      the walk-in refrigerator-freezer!
    - Of course I remember comrade Zangief!
    - Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!
    - So there you go.......Felicia is put to work by Zangief, but she's
      making some money in the long run. You just can't keep this kitty
      down. Zangief ends his story with a happy ending too. This is
      compared to Felicia's getting screwed over ending, Morrigan's getting
      one-upped ending, and Ryu's unknown opponent ending that talked about
      in the previous three character walkthroughs I've done. So I have to
      tip my hat off to Zangief for making my girl richer and ending his
      story with a smile. A nice ending for all you Zangief fans out there,
      wherever you are.....
    6) Credits
    - Now thanks goto Capcom for making this addictive little game. It's
      crazy as hell to play and really anybody should be able to get into
      the game no matter who it is.
    - Creds go out to all my friends that support my walkthrough making
      ways. Hey....they're good for something....
    - Lastly I thank all those who read this and my other FAQs I've made.
      I'm glad I've been of help to all of you, and I'll keep on making
      more walkthroughs.
    - If I've screwed this thing up in any way, shape, form, or fashion,
      then e-mail me at SanctuaryRemix@AOL.com to correct my foolish
      mistakes. I'll correct them and give you the proper credit you deserve
      for catching something that I didn't see.
      Sees Yas Later

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