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    Sakura by Sanctuary Remix

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    Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix (Arcade)
    Sakura FAQ
    By: Alex "Joker" Hall
    Started on - 10/8/03
    Completed on - 10/9/03
    E-Mail at SanctuaryRemix@AOL.com
    - 5th Round into the Mini-Mix Battle Lines and still got energy to spare
      baby! This time is Sakura's turn for her very own walkthrough from
      yours truely. Sakura busted onto the Capcom scene in the SF Alpha
      series as the young school girl with the deep admiration for Ryu. She
      trained herself in martial arts and mimiced Ryu's techniques too. She
      wanted to be on the same level as Ryu in terms of skill, and
      eventually what started out as admiration turned into a crush. Her
      ending in SF EX2 for the PS2 was a letter to her parents telling them
      why she had to leave, which was to go after the one she loved. Since
      those days she's always been seen with Ryu in various games chasing
      after him. This one's no exception either. So onto the school girl
      with the really big crush......
    - Oh yeah.......No copying my work onto your site without asking my
      permission. It's as simple as e-mailing me, asking me to use it. I'll
      say yes if you do ask, so lets save some hassle here by doing things
    Table of Contents
    1) Sakura's Story
    2) Controls
    3) Moves
    4) Overall Stats
    5) Ending
    6) Credits
    1) Sakura's Story
    - A girl with big hopes and dreams......plus a really great attitude and
      cute looks. Sakura's been growing and maturing throughout her romp
      through the Capcom years. The only thing I don't get is why doesn't
      she get a new suit to fight in? I mean she's already out of high
      school and what.....least she should be.....so there's no reason to
      keep on wearing that sailor uniform. Ah well.....that's just my peeve,
      other than that she's always been shirt tailing Ryu. Let's see what's
      she got in store for this game.....
    - (Shows Sakura and her friend that's she's been with in a few games, I
       still haven't figured out her name yet either......)
      Hey Sakura! Summer vacation starts tommorow! What are you going to do
      this year?
      I saved up enough money! I'm going on a trip to look for him and
      train! Maybe my dreams will come true!
      You never change! Don't forget my souvenir, okay?
      Leave it to me! Not only that, I'll come back with new moves and
      skills only a master could teach me!
      Sakura, a young high school girl and fighter, set out on a journey to
      look for Ryu and fulfill her dreams.
    - So like always Sakura is in search of Ryu in order to get training
      from him. He did deny her training once before in SFA2, but maybe this
      time around Ryu will take kindness to her and give her the training
      that she wants.....heck....it could get her off his back if he did
    2) Controls
    - The Joystick controls your character (or if you got yourself an
      emulated version like me then you can use the D-Pad)
      up - jump
      down - duck
      left and right - move forward and backward
      double tap left and right - dash/run forward or backward
      P - Punch
      K - Kick
      S - Special
    - Common Motions Used:
      qcf - d-df-f
      qcb - d-db-b
      fdf - f-d-df
      bdb - b-d-db
      hcf - b-db-d-df-f
      hcb - f-df-d-db-b
      360 - f-df-d-db-b-ub-u-uf-f
    3) Moves
    - Sakura hasn't been studying for nothing! She's spent her time learning
      how to be just as strong as Ryu, and in my humble opinion she's pulled
      off a better repetoir than Ryu. I mean her version of Ryu's Shinryuken
      combo's like a mother! She maybe an amateur when it comes to fighting,
      but if she keeps on maturing her moves like she does every game, then
      she'll be more than a match for Ryu. So with that.....here's how to
      perform her well thought out moves.....
    - Throws -
    - Everyone can do a throw in the air by pressing the p+k buttons in the
      air. Sakura does a sitting press showing her red panties to her
      opponent leaving them with hearts in their eyes.
    - p+k (The Ever Popular Noogie!.....Rather than choke the life out of
           her opponent like all the other games she appears in, she gives
           them double noogies. Like her choke grab it does go on for a few
           hits. The final blow in this grab is not an elbow to the face,
           but a headbutt to the top of the head. Alot more cuter and funny
           than her choke out grab, but the choke out grab is alot more
           painful to watch. Oh well....go play some SF Alpha if you want
           the choke out, here you got the Noogie! Oh yeahhhhhh.)
    - hcf p+k (The Sky High Double Knuckle......She quickly grabs her
               opponent, and just as quickly does her double knuckle punch
               to send them sky high. It's not that flashy or worth seeing
               that much, but it is useful in that it does set up a person
               for more punishment.)
    - hcb p+k (The Playboy Bunny......Hey....when you see the throw you'll
               know why it's called this. Sakura gets into a red playboy
               bunny costume once she's grabbed her opponent and then
               bounces them away with her butt. Yes you did hear me right...
               I never knew she had a butt big enough to do something like
               this, but then again I never knew she was a Playboy
               Centerfold either. In anycase this is her definitive throw
               move in terms of power, hilarity, and even....sexiness. A
               must see move!)
    - Combos -
    - The combos that have descriptions with them are Sakura's most
      devestating combos in my eyes. So I suggest you stick with what I
      describe, or use the others that I didn't describe if you feel that
      they would serve you better. Either way I'll list them all.
    - PPPP (The Samurai School Girl.......after the first intial punch, she
            goes into Samurai garb complete with a spear. She then proceeds
            to slash and gash at the opponent for the remaining 3 punches.
            It's a very good combo to say the least and a tad on the funny
    - PKPP (The New Tennis Star.......at the 3rd hit Sakura dons a tennis
            outfit and proceeds to backhand the opponent with a tennis
            racket. Then on the 4th hit she overhand smashes the opponent
            all the way to the other side of the screen. This is a very
            reliable combo and it has some decent power behind it too.)
    - PKKK (The Magical Playboy Bunny.......Sakura goes magical on her
            enemy's ass in this combo. On the 2nd hit, she smacks the
            opponent with a top hat, then on the 3rd hit, she backhands with
            a magician's wand, and finally she ends it all off with her sexy
            Playboy Bunny Butt Bounce throw. All in all this is a rather
            good combo, with the exception of the grab being hard to pull
            off sometimes. Other than that you have yourself a funny and
            sexy combo.)
    - PPKK (Slicing Da Melons.......This combo is the one combo that has her
            S Attack at the end of it. After doing her towel smack in the
            3rd hit, she rares back blindfolded to smash a watermelon and
            the opponent. It seems that only the opponent gets smashed as
            the watermelon gets sliced in half ready to eat! Not one of her
            most reliable combos, but if you enjoy seeing Sakura in a one
            piece bathing suit, then this is your combo!)
    - PKPK
    - Special -
    - Time to learn how that S button works with Sakura. Remember now,
      each attack can be charged for extra amounts of damage, and each
      attack is designated to knocking out specific gem colors.
    - S Alone (The Pinata Bash......The Pinata Bash is 2nd in power and just
               slightly third in reach. It's just beat out by the Spear in
               reach, but not by a whole lot. This is the move that's at the
               end of the Slicing Da Melons combo, except there's no melon
               that will show up when you do this move. This move is an
               exellent counter move, and can be put to use as an offensive
               move too. Leave this as a counter though, because the other
               S Attacks are better offensively.
    - f+S     (The New Year's Champagne.......Sakura once again shows that
               she can be a Playboy Playmate by getting into her bunny
               outfit once again, this time with a bottle of champagne. She
               shakes up the bottle and then fires in the general direction
               of the opponent. This move is 1st in distance, and 3rd in
               strength. Really all her S Attacks are close in the strength
               department, just off by very little, but as far as distance
               is concerned, this is the definitive one. The other's fall
               short compared to this one in distance. This is the best move
               for all offense if you want to use your S Attacks for that.
               this is also another way for you to see Sakura in that bunny
               outfit again!)
    - d+S     (The Samurai Spear.......It's really like Sakura learned a
               little bit from playing Dynasty Warriors and decided she'd
               be the next female Zhao Yun while she was it. With a spear
               in her hands she swings this thing at a fast pace upward to
               the opponent's head. This move is 1st in power and 2nd in
               reach. This is by far her best S Attack to use. You can use
               this attack freely as either offensive or a counter. This is
               one of the rare S Attacks in the game that's very flexible to
               use. I'll leave things up to you on how you want to use it)
    - Special Moves -
    - qcf+P (The Hadoken.........One of Sakura's moves that she took from
             watching Ryu. If you've played the SF Alpha games then you do
             know that her Hadoken doesn't travel on til it's offscreen or
             until it hits the opponent. It does have limited distance. Now
             also if you do remember that you can charge up her hadoken by
             repeatidly pressing the Punch button. Well instead you have to
             level it up by collecting Red Gems. At LVL 3 this move does
             serious damage and has a little comboing to it too.)
    - hcf+K (The Temper Tantrum.......Sakura's got a new move in this game.
             This replaces the Hurricane Kick that she copied from Ryu, and
             instead goes charging like a bad out of hell after the opponent
             with her arms going into full circles and her legs kicking like
             there's no tommorow. This move does combo, and if you keep
             pressing the Kick button repeatidly you can make the move last
             just a little bit longer. A powerful move that rivals her Super
             Moves at LVL 3, and an extremely hilarious move to witness each
             and everytime. Just get down the movement for the move and
             collect Blue Gems to make it that much stronger and you've got
             yourself one hell of a maneuver to your arsenal)
    - fdf+P (The Umbrella Shinryuken........If you know Sakura then you know
             that her Shinryuken is a running combo that puts everyone
             else's versions to shame.....least in my opinion. In this game
             she does the same Shinryuken she's always done, except that she
             does it with an umbrella. Collect Yellow Gems to power this
             move up, and then use it. At LVL 1 this move really isn't much
             to speak off, except that it's only good as a counter. Once
             you get it to LVL 2 and 3, then you have something to use over
             and over. This move at LVL 3 is basically a Super Move all in
             it's own due to the massive power and comboing it does. Also
             when she drops back down from the jump of the punch, she opens
             up the umbrella to drop safely and comfortably back down to the
    - Super Moves -
    - Sakura's not only been hitting the books, but she's been busy studying
      on how to unleash holy hell upon her unsuspecting victims with these
      Super Moves. So just like her, it's up to you to study up and learn to
      properly use these moves to their fullest. You wouldn't want to let
      her down would you?
    - hcf+S (The Ultimate Hadouken.......Really known as the Shinkuu
             Hadouken, this move is the real culmination of Sakura's
             training. She puts all her force behind this move to unleash
             a huge Hadouken the size of her LVL 3 Hadouken with the only
             exception being that it can travel on until it goes offscreen
             and the bigger combo and power behind it. She hasn't been
             watching Ryu for nothing after all these years huh? This move
             does travel at a pretty slow pace and can be easily blocked or
             jumped over it your opponent is on the other side of the
             screen. Try to close the gap in on them first before you send
             this baby flying)
    - fdf+S (The Mary Poppings Combo.......This is the Super Move that you
             want to use over and over again. This is her Shinryuken Super
             from other games, just with her umbrella. The move is fast,
             powerful and a long combo chain. To use it to it's full get in
             as close as you can to your opponent and then put it in. It
             also helps to get you those much needed gems that you want if
             you're lacking in them. Again....this is the one move that you
             want to stay with when it comes to Supers. It's really hard to
             dodge and really only blockable.)
    - qcb+S (Her Personal Bodyguards.......A new move for her, she gets into
             her bunny outfit once again and calls out two huge muscle guys
             that put Zangief to shame! This is her most powerful of all her
             Supers, with the downside being that it's too EASILY BLOCKABLE!
             The only way to hit this move is by getting as close to the
             edge of the screen that your back is facing, and having your
             opponent get as close as they can to you. Then just put in the
             move and hope for the best. This move is a great move to use
             against CPU opponents, but against human opponents, unless they
             are newbs at the gaming world, or just plain suck ass totally,
             then you will have a hard time hitting this move. When it hits
             though, the gems go flying everywhere, and the opponent is
             thrown back on screen with hearts in their eyes. It sort of
             creeps me out that the male characters come back with hearts in
             their eyes as well. What could make a man come back loving what
             two huge muscular men in speedos do to him? It's a bit weird
             and out of my league to want to know. A very powerful and very
             funny move to watch)
    4) Overall Stats
    - Time to tell you nice people my opinions on Sakura and what she says
      for victories......
    - The victory phrases.....
    - Serves you right for trying to pick on a little girl!
    - I could have sweat more, but it was a great workout anyways!
    - You have alot to learn! Maybe I'll see you in class sometime!
    - Don't underestimate me just because I'm a school girl!
    - Time to hear my mouth on Sakura. She's basically one of the biggest
      up and coming stars in the Capcom Universe. Her strength and skills
      keep growing with each and every game she's in. Sooner or later, she's
      bound to knock Ryu off his throne as one of the most prolific Street
      Fighters in the game. Sakura's really coming into her own, and if she
      keeps going the way she's going, who knows. One day we may see her and
      Ryu hook up. Then we can have a child Ryu running around doing Mini-
      Hadoukens all over the place! Just like Ryu, Sakura does take time to
      truely master, and when you do master her, she becomes a force to be
      reckoned with.
    - Time to see what Sakura has to say with Ryu.......
    - (Sakura)
      Ryu! I've finally found you! Let's fight!
    - (Ryu)
      Hi Sakura! It's been awhile... Do you think you're ready?
    - (Sakura)
      If I win, will you be my training partner through the summer vacation?
    - (Ryu)
      Oh...Okay...(She is so young, yet spirited... I must be careful not to
      hurt her...)
    - Time to see if Sakura will fulfill her dreams this summer.....
    - Costumes -
    - Now yes you do hve different costumes to use, but they're really just
      different colors like in the other Capcom games. Ah well, least wise
      they add some diversity to each character right? Here's Sakura's
      different colors.
    - Punch Button = Normal Colors
    - Kick Button = All the blue that's on her normal costume is now all
    - S Button = All the blue that's on her normal costume is now all green.
                 Her gloves and shoes are blue.
    5) Ending
    - Now again......if you want to earn the ending for Sakura yourself
      then don't look at this chapter. Now for those that do, here it is.
    - (Sakura and Ryu standing after the battle looking at each other)
      Yes I won!!! Ryu, I've fought long and hard for this. Now you're going
      to be my partner as you promised, right?
      You have my honor. I have no choice... I'll do good on my promise.
      (screen goes black)
      And, so they started training with Sakura leading...
      (Shows Sakura in a one piece bathing suit and Ryu on the beach with
      Sakura smiling and waving at a worried look Ryu)
      Look! I've mastered the Shinkuu Hado Beam too! I'm so happy!
      Whew I'm so thirsty... Let's have some ice candy together!
      (I wonder if she will want to go home once the summer vacation is
      (Shows Sakura still smiling but now her eyes are closed)
      Hahaha! It's so fun to train with you Ryu! I don't ever want to go
      home now! Let's keep going!
      (Shows Ryu with an exasperated look and a sweat bubble)
    - So Sakura got her wish to train with Ryu, but Ryu doesn't really seem
      to be wanting to be with her that long. Still he did make a promise,
      so he has to keep it. Looks like he won't be traveling all over the
      world anytime soon.
    6) Credits
    - Now thanks goto Capcom for making this addictive little game. It's
      crazy as hell to play and really anybody should be able to get into
      the game no matter who it is.
    - Creds go out to all my friends that support my walkthrough making
      ways. Hey....they're good for something....
    - Lastly I thank all those who read this and my other FAQs I've made.
      I'm glad I've been of help to all of you, and I'll keep on making
      more walkthroughs.
    - If I've screwed this thing up in any way, shape, form, or fashion,
      then e-mail me at SanctuaryRemix@AOL.com to correct my foolish]
      mistakes. I'll correct them and give you the proper credit you deserve
      for catching something that I didn't see.
      Sees Yas Later
      Alex "Joker" Hall

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