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    Hsein-Ko by Sanctuary Remix

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    Super Gem Fighter Mini-Mix
    Hsien-Ko FAQ
    By: Alex "Joker" Hall
    Started on - 6/01/04
    Completed on - 6/01/04
    E-Mail at SanctuaryRemix@AOL.com
    - Round 9!!!!!! Yeah I'm really cornering the Super Gem Fighter Mini-Mix
      department for character guides at GameFAQs huh? Well in anycase I
      bring you Hsien-Ko's guide. It's been long overdue for another Pocket
      Fighter guide, but I'm back to bring you guys this guide. I don't know
      why I've been slacking off in the walkthrough guides department lately
      since all the personal stuff that's been going on in my life has
      quieted down for now, but I guess I'm just lazy. Ah well....I got my
      ass up for this and I did remember that I was going to put out a guide
      for every character in this game. Now lets move on to Hsien-Ko's guide
    - Oh yeah.......No copying my work onto your site without asking my
      permission. It's as simple as e-mailing me, asking me to use it. I'll
      say yes if you do ask, so lets save some hassle here by doing things
    Table of Contents
    1) Hsien-Ko's Story
    2) Controls
    3) Moves
    4) Overall Stats
    5) Ending
    6) Credits
    1) Hsien-Ko's Story
    - Now I don't know much about Hsien-Ko except that she's a Darkstalker.
      Even so she has this cute and sexy factor going for her....kinda like
      Felicia, but Felicia still holds number one in my heart. Even so,
      Hsien-Ko seems to have this nobleness thing going on for her. I guess
      she has a good enough fan base to be in this game and to be pasted on
      the net in quite a few gaming areas....either that or she's just easy
      to market....in anycase here's her story.
    - (Shows Hsien-Ko with Lin Lin on her shoulder, both have a worried look
       on their faces)
      Hsien-Ko and Lin Lin are searching for the Darkstalkers.
      But before they can find the Darkstalkers, their money runs out. They
      are now searching for a part-time job.
      There are no good jobs! I guess the human world is a dull place...
      Hmm? What's this?
      (Hsien-Ko and Lin Lin begin to smile looking at the paper)
      "3 meals plus a nap. Only 2 hours of work per day!" This is it! I'll
      go and see the advertiser, Zangief!
      (Hsien-Ko and Lin Lin look at each other still smiling as the screen
    - Hsien-Ko's now dirt poor!!!! Much like most of the population of the
      world, but she's actually doing something about it instead of sitting
      on her ass in front of the TV. Zangief holds the key for her to have
      quite an easy sounding job. Hell I'd love to be paid for 2 hours of
      work a day and get three meals plus nap time.....*sighs*..... such is
      a beautiful dream.
    2) Controls
    - The Joystick controls your character (or if you got yourself an
      emulated version like me then you can use the D-Pad)
      up - jump
      down - duck
      left and right - move forward and backward
      double tap left and right - dash/run forward or backward
      P - Punch
      K - Kick
      S - Special
    - Common Motions Used:
      qcf - d-df-f
      qcb - d-db-b
      fdf - f-d-df
      bdb - b-d-db
      hcf - b-db-d-df-f
      hcb - f-df-d-db-b
      360 - f-df-d-db-b-ub-u-uf-f
    3) Moves
    - The Chinese ghost knows her abilities, but relies on you to bring them
      out. So pop those knuckles, stretch out some, and learn how to use the
      friggin controls!!!! This girl will haunt you for the rest of your
      natural life and feed you moldy socks while you sleep. She doesn't
      like people that don't know how to use her!....(and yes me and Hsien-
      Ko are well aware that that sounded dirty)
    - Throws -
    - Everyone can do a throw in the air by pressing the p+k buttons in the
      air. Hsien-Ko grabs her opponent and does a Mega Ground Slam.
    - p+k (The Overhead Throw.......Nothing flashy or special with this
           throw. Basically like Akuma's and Ryu's except that she just
           throws the opponent up into the air and they land just behind
           Hsien-Ko. Again.....nothing flashy but it can stop an opponent's
           momentum and give you a slight breather)
    - hcf p+k (Hell's Merry-Go-Round.......This is her charge up throw. Like
               anyone else's, the longer you hold the buttons, the more
               powerful it will be. Hsien-Ko throws the opponent up into the
               air and rather than letting them hit the ground, she
               transforms into a bowl-like thing and spins around with
               blades on the edges. She'll get around an 8 hit combo with
               this throw. Weird throw to say the least o_O )
    - hcb P+k (Straight-Up Throw.........Hsien-Ko puts more strength into
               her arms and with all her might, throw's the opponent
               straight up into the air pretty high, to let them come
               crashing down to the floor. Just like the Overhead Throw in
               most ways except they'll land in front of Hsien-Ko and they
               stay in the air much longer than the Overhead Throw. Plus
               this throw gives alot more time to get a breather in and
               really knocks the edge off the opponent to allow you to get
               the offensive started)
    - Combos -
    - The combos that have descriptions with them are Hsien-Ko's most
      devestating combos in my eyes. So I suggest you stick with what I
      describe, or use the others that I didn't describe if you feel that
      they would serve you better.
    - PPPP (Cooking with Hsien-Ko........The combo's funny, cute, and
            reliable. On the 2nd punch, Hsien-Ko dons a Japanese chef's
            outfit and starts cooking up a storm on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th
            hits. The combo is quick with barely any lag between hits, so
            you're good to go with this combo!)
    - PKKK (Sonson's Cameo Appearance......if you played the Marvel vs
            Capcom 2 game, then this combo will remind you of Sonson in
            everyway. On the 2nd hit, Hsien-Ko gets into what looks like
            Sonson's outfit and uses the staff she has as well, while riding
            a cloud. The whole rest of the combo is basically to this theme
            as well. I think the Sonson character may have been another type
            of Eastern story or something like that, but I don't know for
            sure. It does sound vaguely like the whole original story behind
            Dragon Ball, but I'm not sure about this. That's why I'm just
            gonna call it the Sonson combo)
    - PPKK (Wakey Wakey Time.......Hsien-Ko's personal wake up call to her
            opponent, this is the combo that contains one of Hsien-Ko's
            S Attacks. She starts with a regular attack, makes alittle
            breakfast on the 2nd attack, and on the 3rd and 4th she says its
            naptime for her. It's a cute little combo, but the hits on the
            3rd and 4th can be blocked, especially the 4th since it's the
            charge attack. The 4th attack doesn't have that much range
            either, so use this combo sparingly. If you know you can catch
            your opponent with this combo then do it since it is more
            powerful than most of her combos, but don't rely heavily on it)
    - PKPP (Strike!!!!!.......This is Hsien-Ko's throw combo and it is funny
            as hell! On the 4th hit, if you can land it, Hsien-Ko will grab
            her opponent and trap them into one of her iron balls. Then she
            uses it like a bowling ball and throws her opponent across the
            screen and into some bowling pins that appear out of nowhere to
            get a strike! Hsien-Ko's got more skills than just fighting!)
    - PKPK
    - Special -
    - Time to learn how that S button works with Hsien-Ko. Remember now,
      each attack can be charged for extra amounts of damage, and each
      attack is designated to knocking out specific gem colors.
    - S Alone (The Morning Wake Up........We all know that Hsien-Ko has like
               an ass load of things hidden in her sleeves. One of which is
               an alarm clock for waking up opponents that seem to be
               slacking in their battle skills. It is 3rd in reach and 2nd
               in power, so use it when your opponent is trying to close the
               gap between you and them)
    - f+S     (Eastern Staff Stab.......She goes back into her Sonson style
               and uses her staff to poke at her opponent. It's very
               debatable whether this move is the longest or not, but I say
               it's 2nd in reach and 3rd in power. It is one of her reliable
               attacks so make use of it when you need to)
    - d+S     (Bowling Pin Batter.......Hsien-Ko makes use of her bowling
               skills in another fashion. She just knocks the crap out of
               her opponent with on of the bowling pins. This move is very
               powerful and reliable. It's 1st in reach and power. I say
               use it alot when you need to, but when you see the move, you
               will use it more than you really need to)
    - Special Moves -
    - qcf+P (Sleeve Surprise.......Hsien-Ko throws various items from her
             sleeve at her opponent. This move is chargable also at any
             level. The longer you hold it, the more devestating the item
             that will be thrown. If you hold the button all the way til she
             auto throws the item, the item thrown may make the opponent go
             into a dizzy state for a few seconds. Collecting Red Gems will
             make this move much more devestating than it already seems to
             be. The items she throws are sometimes hilarious to see. At LVL
             1 she can throw a mini Akuma statue if hold the button for
             about 1.5 - 2 seconds and let go in between that time period.
             She may throw something else at first, but just be patient and
             you'll see that hilarious little mini Akuma statue)
    - hcf+K (Blades of Death......A move that looks more or less like it
             should be a finishing move for a Mortal Kombat game, on the
             first level it shouldn't really be used except for when an
             opponent is trying to jump over you. The blade stays directly
             behind Hsien-Ko so it's no good for anything but a defensive
             or counter move. But when you gather Blue Gems, you raise the
             levels of this move and the effective offensiveness of this
             move. The blades wave from her intial standing point. On the
             2nd LVL use it sparringly, but on the third use it like crazy.
             It looks like a special on her third and it's too damn hard to
             dodge too. Basically the opponent is only able to block it at
             best. So basically use the 1st and 2nd LVLs as defensive and
             counter measures, but the 3rd for nothing but offense. It's
             that damn good on LVL 3, trust me)
    - hcb+P (Gong Wave.......More so of a counter move than an offensive at
             first, the wave at LVL 1 travels a very short distance but if
             it hits an opponents launched attack, it will send it right
             back at them. At LVL 2, it becomes a ranged attack itself,
             with the wave traveling at a slow pace, but decent distance. At
             LVL 3 is when it gets crazy. Hsien-Ko hits her gong 4 times
             very quickly sending 4 continious waves ahead of her. It
             is pretty decent to use at this LVL, but the waves don't travel
             from one side of the screen to the other like Ryu's Hadouken.
             Keep that in mind when using this move.)
    - f+P (Double Panda Fist........Simple put, Hsien-Ko extends two panda
           heads (they're stuffed animal versions!) on the end of chains at
           her opponent. It's got some good distance but it's, for better or
           worse, a normal attack at most. Little more powerful, but normal
           enough still)
    - f+K (Knee Cap Chainsaw Cutter.......This move is just like the Double
           Panda fist in most ways except different look. Just use it as you
           see fit and you'll be fine)
    - Super Moves -
    - Hsien-Ko's sacrificed alot to learn what she's learned, and since she
      is hunting the Darkstalkers, she's gonna need alot of strength and
      some damn good moves to do it. Here's the pinnacle of her work, so
      learn em, practice em, use em!
    - hcf+S (Great Ball Balancing Act........She does a flip upwards and
             turns into this panda. Then a gigantic ball appears under her
             as she starts balancing and riding the ball forward. It's one
             special that's so damn hard to dodge, but easy to see coming.
             Most opponents will sacrifice a small amount of health to block
             this move, but some decide to try and jump over the move. Big
             mistake. It is possible to do, but since she moves quickly and
             has height with the move, it is very hard to do. Get in close
             to your opponent and then use it to force them to block or just
             hit them with the full force of the move)
    - fdf+S (Umbrella Balancing Act......This move is her strongest Super
             Move in her arsenal. She needs to be in close to the opponent
             to use it. She extends out an umbrella and if it hits, she
             tosses the opponent up into the air and opens the umbrella.
             She then twirls the umbrella with the opponent in a small ball
             getting the bejeezus twirled out of them. You'll get plenty of
             gems from this move as well, so use it when you know you can
             land it)
    - hcb+S (Crashing Chaos.......This super of hers isn't the greatest in
             her arsenal, nor is it anywhere near the greatest in the game.
             She raises her arm in the air and lets one of her giant weights
             fall from her sleeve, crashing into the ground. Then a few
             spiked balls fall from the sky and spread out all over. Granted
             this move is great for giving the opponent nowhere to run since
             it does spread everywhere on screen, but it lacks combo ability
             power, and gem aquiring. It really lacks if you hit the
             opponent with the weight she drops. It'll flatten your opponent
             and the balls may actually miss hitting them. It has happened
             to me that not a single ball hit them when they were flattened
             but not all the time. Use this super at your own discretion.
    4) Overall Stats
    - Time to tell you nice people my opinions on Hsien-Ko and what she says
      for victories......
    - The victory phrases.....
    - I wonder if my sister will work hard when we get our job!
    - I think I lost an iron ball... can you help me find it?
    - Don't despair, even after death, you might be happy... like me!
    - You might think I'm laid back, but I've been through hell!
    - Time to give you my personal opinions of Hsien-Ko. She's cute and
      quite sexy to say the least. Her fighting style does take some getting
      used to, as in the rest of the games she's been in as well. But since
      this game is more cartoony and easier to get the hang of, this is by
      far the easiest Hsien-Ko version you'll play with. Just put in the
      practice with her and you'll be set to kick some major ass with her!
    - If you didn't see it coming that she was going to fight Zangief for
      her final battle, then I guess you's just ignant! Time for the fists
      to fly and for Hsien-Ko to get that job she wanted from Zangief!
    - (Hsien-Ko)
      So you are the one offering the killer job?
    - (Zangief)
      Hmmm? Oh you came for the part time job
    - (Hsien-Ko)
      Do you really get 3 meals a day and a nap?
    - (Zangief)
      Of course! But I have to test you before I decide... hee hee hee
    - Is Zangief really offering a job that pays well, feeds you, and gives
      you time to nap during the day? Sounds more like the military if you
      ask me.....but fight on to see what the job is and if it's really to
      Hsien-Ko's liking.
    - Costumes -
    - Now yes you do hve different costumes to use, but they're really just
      different colors like in the other Capcom games. Ah well, least wise
      they add some diversity to each character right? Here's Hsien-Ko's
      different colors.
    - Punch Button = Normal Colors
    - Kick Button = Suit is Royal Blue
    - S Button = Suit is a Bright Yellow and Lin Lin is more pale looking
    5) Ending
    - Now again......if you want to earn the ending for Hsien-Ko yourself
      then don't look at this chapter. Now for those that do, here it is.
    - (Shows Hsien-Ko in her normal standing pose looking at Zangief in his
       happy flexing pose)
      I won! Now that I've proven myself, I'd like to have my 3 meals now!
      If you don't mind...
      Okay, your skill leaves nothing to be criticized. Come with me.
      (screen goes black)
      1 month has passed since Hsien-Ko started working at the job
      advertised by Zangief....
      (shows Hsien-Ko and what I'm guessing to be Lin Lin in human form)
      Wow! She is spinning better than ever...
      The two have become stars of a popular Russian circus group
      It seems they have completely forgotten about the Darkstalkers!
      (Hsien-Ko's expression changes as she now has only one eye open)
      Perhaps it doesn't make sense for a zombie like myself to say this,
      but a happy life is better than a long one!
    - Well all in all everything worked out for Hsien-Ko.....It's not often
      enough that you see one of the characters of this game get a good
      happy ending, but Hsien-Ko does seem to be happy. Who'd of thought
      that she would of found her calling by twirling an umbrella around?
    6) Credits
    - Now thanks goto Capcom for making this addictive little game. It's
      crazy as hell to play and really anybody should be able to get into
      the game no matter who it is.
    - Creds go out to all my friends that support my walkthrough making
      ways. Hey....they're good for something....
    - Lastly I thank all those who read this and my other FAQs I've made.
      I'm glad I've been of help to all of you, and I'll keep on making
      more walkthroughs.
    - If I've screwed this thing up in any way, shape, form, or fashion,
      then e-mail me at SanctuaryRemix@AOL.com to correct my foolish 
      mistakes. I'll correct them and give you the proper credit you deserve
      for catching something that I didn't see.
      Sees Yas Later
      Alex "Joker" Hall

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