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    Move List by VWojnarowicz

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    Pocket Fighter
    FAQ/Move and Flash combo list 
    Version 1.2 by Vicki Wojnarowicz (gamechick@yahoo.com)
    June 30, 1998
    Thiefs are not well liked, so refrain from being one at all costs. If 
    you would like to use my info for your own FAQ, movelist, ect., please
    contact me for permission and permission will be granted.  
    In this update:
    Some character story and endings
    Gem info
    Minor correction in the flash combo section
    Some newly found moves
    1. Hidden Characters?
    2. The Gems
    3. Character Movelist
    4. Flash Combo
    5. Chararacter Story and Endings
    This is my movelist for the japanese playstation version of pocket
    fighter, but these moves will work for all versions including the 
    arcade. Also, If anyone has the english translations for the japanese
    text in the character build mode, please e-mail me at
    gamechick@yahoo.com. Thanks. 
    1. Hidden Characters?
    Gouki (Akuma) and Dan are not seen on the character select screen, 
    but they are there. All you have to do is move the cursor over Ryu
    and then move left and you've found Gouki. To the right of Ken is Dan. 
    That wasn't that hard now was it?  
    2. The Gems
    The colored gems are an essential part of Pocket Fighter's gameplay. The
    gems (when obtained) allow you to perform more powerful moves. You can
    very well play the game without getting many of them, but it is more 
    fun with the more you collect. 
    The gems come in three colors. The red gems increase your punch. The 
    yellow ones increase your kick. The blue gems increase your special.
    The gems also come in three sizes. The small ones will only bring your
    level up a little bit. The medium sized gems will bring your level up
    about half. The large gems will bring you level up one full level.  
    Once you go up in level you will be allowed to perform more powerful 
    moves. For example, Lei-Lei's rising sword attack at level one is just
    one sword rising up from the ground. At level to the attack is improved
    to three swords. At level three it is maxed out at five swords that take 
    up about half of the screen and produces major damage to your opponent.
    There are a number of ways to obtain the gems. Hitting your opponent will
    cause a gem to be knocked out of them. The more powerful the move, the 
    more (or bigger) gems are knocked out of your opponent. Just a couple
    of hints when it comes to getting gems: if you charge up your special 
    attack (by holding the circle button down), it will produce a big gem
    when you hit the other player. Doing your super special attacks (like
    Tabasa's proton cannon) will get you lots of small and medium sized gems.
    The chest in the middle of the screen will always give you big gems and
    sometimes up to three of them. You cam always jump high and hit the 
    little monkey floating across the top of the screen. He will drop a 
    number of small gems for you to collect.
    Collect gems also raises your super special attack gauge. Once again, 
    the bigger the gem, the more it goes up. When you reach a number above 
    zero, you can execute your super special attack. The higher the number,
    the more attacks you have left.
    Remember: the key to this game is the gems. If you don't collect them, 
    you opponent will.   
    3. Movelist
    The following moves are those that I have found thus far. For some of 
    them I don't have the official name, but I do have a shot description
    of what they looks like. 
    FCF= Full Circle Forward                         P= Punch
    HCF= Half Circle Foward                          K= Kick
    HCB= Half Circle Backward                        S= Special
    QCF= Quarter Circle Foward                       T= Taunt
    QCB= Quarter Circle Backward                     
    (F)DP= Foward Dragon Punch (f,d,df)
    (B)DP= Backward Dragon Punch (b,d,db)
    Chun Li
    QCF+P= Kikoken (fireball)
    (F)DP+K= Rising Hurricane (upward spin kick)
    Rapid K= Lightning Kick  
    HCF+K= Hurricane Kick (forward spin kick)
    QCF+S= Super Kikoken
    HCB+S= Bicycle Attack
    (F)DP+S= Super Rising Hurricane 
    P+K= Throw
    HCF+P+K= Love Letter Throw
    HCB+P+K= Star Gladiator Kick 
    QCF+P= Hadouken (fireball)
    (F)DP+P= Shoryuken (rising uppercut)
    QCB+K= Flying Kick
    QCF+S= Super Hadouken 
    HCF+S= Proton Cannon
    (F)DP+S= Super Shoryuken
    P+K= Throw
    HCF+P+K= Oponent turns to stone (follow up with another hit)
    HCB+P+K= Launch Throw
    Down+T= Silly Taunt
    QCF+P= Catroll charge
    QCB+P= Double Catball Hop
    (While in D.C.H.) Rapid P= Cat scratch (5 hit max)
    QCF+K= Side Swipe 
    (F)DP+K= Delta Kick 
    HCF+S= Help! (multiple cat attack)
    HCB+S= Feline Kickline
    (F)DP+S= Lightning Ball Attack
    P+K= 9 Hit Scratch
    FCF+P+K= Zangief Style Smash
    HCF+P+K= Foward Throw
    HCB+P+K= 5 Hit Lick
    Gouki (Akuma)
    QCF+P= Hadouken (fireball)
    (F)DP+P= Shoryuken (rising uppercut)
    QCB+K= Hurricane Kick (spin kick)
    (F)DP+K= Teleport Foward
    (B)DP+K= Teleport Backward
    HCF+S= Super Hadouken
    HCB+S= Teleport Attack
    (F)DP+S= Super Shoryuken
    P+K= One Hand Throw
    (B)DP+P+K= Low Launch Throw
    HCB+P+K= High Launch Throw
    HCF+P+K= Turn Opponent to Stone (use a follow-up hit)
    QCF+P= Cammy Knife Throw
    (F)DP+K= Rising Kick
    (B)DP+K= Penguin Attack
    QCB+K= Spin Kick
    QCF+S= Super Cammy
    HCB+S= Frog Flame Attack
    (F)DP+S= Slice and Dice
    P+K= Disappearing Act/ Air Toss
    HCB+P+K= Top Spin
    HCF+P+K= High Air Toss
    QCF+P= Hadouken (fireball)
    (F)DP+P= Shoryuken (rising uppercut)
    QCB+K= Hurricane Kick (spin kick)
    (F)DP+S= Super Shoryuken
    (B)DP+S= Pheonix Shoryuken
    HCF+S= Super Hurricane Kick
    P+K= One Hand Throw
    HCF+P+K= Football/Soccer Kick
    HCB+P+K= High Launch Throw  
    Lei-Lei (Hsien-Ko)
    QCF+P= Weapon Throw
    QCB+P= Reflect Gong
    HCF+K= Rising Swords
    HCB+S= Spike Ball Drop
    QCF+S= Circus Ball Ride
    (F)DP+S= Umbrella Attack
    P+K= Throw Behind
    HCF+P+K= Air Toss/Opponent Lands on Spinning Blades
    HCB+P+K= High Throw Foward
    (While in Air) FF or BB= Walk on Air
    QCF+P= Hadouken (fireball)
    (F)DP+P= Wing Uppercut
    QCB+K= Spin Attack
    HCF+S= Lillith & Morrigan Combo
    (F)DP+S= Super Shoryuken
    QCB+S= Super Spin Attack
    P+K= Ground Smash
    HCF+P+K= Jetpack Ground Smash
    HCB+P+K= Cannon Launch
    QCF+P= Hadouken (fireball)
    (F)DP+P= Shoryuken (Rising Uppercut)
    QCB+K= Hurricane Kick (Spin Kick)
    QCF+S= Super Hadouken
    QCB+S= Super Hurricane Kick
    (F)DP+S= Super Shoryuken
    P+K= One Hand Throw
    (B)DP+P+K= Low Launch Throw
    HCB+P+K= High Launch Throw
    HCF+P+K= 11 Hit Pound
    QCF+P= Hadouken (fireball)
    (F)DP+P= Umbrella Shoryuken
    HCF+K= Baby Attack
    QCF+S= Super Hadouken
    (F)DP+S= Super Umbrella Shoryuken
    HCB+S= Hunk Attack
    P+K= Head Bite
    HCF+P+K= Bunny Butt Bump
    HCB+P+K= High Toss Foward
    Tabasa (Tessa)
    QCF+P= Dragon Strike
    (F)DP+P= Levitation Attack
    QCF+K= Dragon Roll
    QCF+S= Proton Cannon
    HCB+S= Robot Attack
    (F)DP+S= Dragon Transformation
    P+K= Cat Attack
    HCF+P+K= Super Cat Attack
    HCB+P+K= Rocket Launch
    (F)DP+P= Flaming Palm Strike
    P+S= Spin Attack
    (F)DP+S= Russian Dance
    HCF+S= Foward Jump and Bite
    FCF+S= Double Suplex and Smash
    P+K= Bite
    FCF+P+K= Spinning Smash
    HCF+P+K= Suplex
    HCB+P+K= High Throw
    (in air) DD+P= Stone Drop
    4. Flash Combos
    The flash combo is simply a series of hits on an opponent. They must 
    always be started with a punch and then can be followed-up by a series 
    of punches or kicks. When you execute a flash combo, your character
    will (usually) change costume with each blow. In the combo of 
    (p,p,p,k), (p,p,k,k), (p,k,p,p), and (p,k,k,p) the last hit is always 
    unblockable (this only means that if your opponent tries to block it, 
    they will always be hit. If they move out of your range or counter it
    with another hit, your combo will fail.). I have made a combo
    description list for each character to help. 
    The combo tree looks like this:
                  /     \  /
                 /       \/
            punch        /\
           /     \      /  \
          /       \    /    \
         /         kick------kick    (unblockable)
         \        punch----punch     (unblockable)
          \      /     \  /
           \    /       \/
            kick        /\
                \      /  \ 
                 \    /    \
                                 Jill gunshot              Jill bazooka blast  
                 Jill punch
                                 Schoolgirl push           Love letter
                                 Cheerleader                Baton Hit 
                 June ring strike
                                 June ring strike           June ring strike
                                Right Punch            Uppercut   
                 Left Punch
                                Megaphone Yell         Spirit Smash
                                Singer's slide         Singing turns 
                 Elvis Slide                           opponent to stone
                                                       (use a follow-up hit)
                                Elvis kick             Elvis mic stand hit
                                Rikuo Fishbone Attack   Sasquatch punch
                                Rockman Slide           Rockman Blast
                                Turtle Samurai?         Zangief smash 
                                Umbrella                Concrete slab 
    Gouki (Akuma) 
                                Stretch                  Dive                       
                                Hammer hit               2x4 hit
                                Sensei kick              Discipline turns 
                 Barbarian kick                          opponent to stone
                                                         (use a follow-up hit)
                                Barbarian smash          Barbarian sword
                                Slap                       Singing
                 Guitar hit
                                Sneak attack              Clothes change
                                Chalk rub                  Paintbrush smack
                 Cutting flowers
                                Paint splash               Pan hit
                                Right punch                 Uppercut
                 Left punch  
                                Soccer slide                Soccer kick
                                Horse jump                  Horse kick 
                 Left kick  
                                Right kick                  Left kick
    Lei-Lei (Hsien-Ko)
                                Pan hit                    Serve Rice
                 Vegetable chop
                                Hammer hit                 Clock drop
                                Bowling ball drop          Bowling Strike   
                 Scottish rush  
                                Staff Jab                  Doll throw
                                I.V. rack hit                Wheelchair smash
                 Crutch swing
                                Mop attack                   Pan Squash
                                Fan hit                      Cannon shot
                 Waitress tray strike      
                                Tray drop                    Cashier charge
                                Right punch                  Uppercut
                 Left punch
                                Shoe shin kick               Shoe ax kick
                                Left punch                   11 hit combo
                 Left kick     
                                Right kick                   Left kick
                                Bow jab                      Bow slash up
                 Bow slash down
                                Towel pull                   Melon break
                                Tennis serve                 Tennis forehand
                 Bunny hat strike
                                Baton hit                    Butt bump
    Tabasa (Tessa)
                                Ghoul smash up               Ghoul attack 
                 Ghoul smash up
                                Snake charmer hit            Genie hit
                                Dolphin hoop trick           Rocket launch
                 Robot left punch
                                Robot right punch            Robot double punch
                                Missing link smash           Caveman bash
                 Monkey hit
                                Jackhammer attack            Pick ax
                                Table hit                    Table flip
                 Russian dance right kick
                                R.D. left kick               R.D. knee kick
    5. Character Story and Endings
    I know very little japanse so I have no way to translate the story and
    endings for each character. So, you ask, how could I figure them out?
    Well, you see, I have observed that the playstation version is merely
    a clone of the arcade version, so I pumped it with quarters and beat
    the game with every character (well, not yet). Hee hee.   
    Gouki spends every day on his island training, but within time, the
    island has become a tourist attraction and no longer suitable for Gouki's
    training. So Gouki goes in search for another training ground, one 
    without vacationers.
    Gouki eventually comes across Lei-Lei. She tells him that she knows of
    a perfect place for him to train. The catch is, she must test his skills
    as a warrior before she will reveal the location.
    After Gouki defeats Lei-Lei, she takes him to the training grounds. It 
    happens to be an abandoned graveyard deep within a forest. At night, 
    zombies rise from their graves and roam freely. Gouki feels that this 
    place may be just what he has been looking for. With the zombies, he can
    practice his killing techniques. He does just this and becomes one of the
    world's best fighters.
    Ibuki is a ninja who spends all of her time training, but daydreams of
    running off to Tokyo and eating ice cream. So, she packs her ninja 
    costume and leaves.
    In Tokyo she meets Sakura. Ibuki asks Sakura for directions to the 
    nearest ice cream shop. Sakura finds it very cool to meet an actual ninja
    and tells Ibuki how excited she is. Ibuki is shocked that Sakura can see
    through her disguise (not that she really has one dressed in her ninja 
    outfit). To silence her, Ibuki battles Sakura.
    When Ibuki defeats Sakura, Sakura tells Ibuki the way to the ice cream 
    parlor. After getting her ice cream Ibuki comes across a guy who she 
    believes is a ninja spy from an enemy clan. She challenges him but he
    refuses to fight. Instead, he gives she a baked potato (which she can't
    resist) to cool her temper. He runs off to his master leaving her to 
    munch on her food.
    Lei-Lei and her sister Lin-Lin are in search of Darkstalkers. 
    Unfortunately, they run out of money and need to look for a job. They
    look in the paper and see an add for a job offering 3 meals a day and
    2 naps. Realizing that this is a good deal, Lei-Lei and Lin-Lin go off
    to find the person who placed the ad: Zangief.
    When they encounter Zangief, he tests Lei-Lei's might before he even
    consider them for the job.
    When Lei-Lei defeats Zangief, he gives the girls a job. They become 
    members of the Russian Circus. Lei-Lei can now spin her umbrella 
    faster than ever. The sisters have long forgotten their task of looking
    for Darkstalkers.  
    Morrigan is sitting at home looking at a picture of Chun-Li. She
    comments that is not pretty at all. Morrigan likes to insult girls and
    then sends her goons after them to add to her collection. This time she
    decides to go after someone herself, Chun-Li.
    Chun-Li and Morrigan meet at a fast food place while ordering a meal.
    Morrigan wants no MSG or garlic in her food, but Chun-Li wants tons of
    garlic. Morrigan asks how anyone could want so much garlic and Chun-Li
    replies that a policewoman needs a lot of it for energy. Realizing that
    this is the same woman she is looking for, Morrigan challenges Chun-Li
    to a fight.
    When Morrigan wins the battle, she declares herself the most beautiful 
    woman in the world. Then, Lillith walks by with love-struck men following
    her. None of the men notice Morrigan at all. Morrigan wonders how any
    man could like such a puny, flat-chested girl like Lillith. She then 
    reassures herself that Lillith is just cute, but not as beautiful as her.
    Tired, Morrigan decides to go home, planning to take care of Lillith
    another day.   
    Tabasa is a student of magic. While going through one of her books she 
    discovers that she needs a magic wand from the Shou family to perform 
    an appearance-altering spell. Knowing that any girl would die to have 
    this wand (including herself), Tabasa goes in search of Lei-Lei, a 
    descendent of the Shou family.
    When Tabasa encounters Lei-Lei, Tabasa demands the wand. Lei-Lei only 
    asks for a meal in return, but having no money, Tabasa decides to try
    to take it by force.
    When Tabasa beats Lei-Lei, Tabasa takes the wand and goes back home to
    try out her new toy. She reads the instruction manual and it tells her
    to wave the stick in the air and hit herself on the head with it. Tabasa
    does this and is turned into a small, squat bird. She finishes reading
    the instructions which explain to be careful because when you have used
    the wand, you must stay in your new form for 30 days. Angry at the 
    company that made the wand (The Anarakaris Magic Co.), she vows to get
    them once she changes back (and if she ever comes across those 
    Well, that's it. Any problems, comments, or questions regarding this 
    movelist contact me at gamechick@yahoo.com.

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