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    Tessa by JCulbert

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    Tessa Character Guide
    Version 1.0
    By John Culbert <tigeraid@fighters.com>
    August 1998
    This FAQ and all my others can be accessed at the following sites:
    Wanna talk? You can contact me on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) as tigeraid, on
    channels #capcom, #fighters.net, #vfhome, #cars and #tkn.
         ________                    ________
        |___L2___|                  |___R2___|
         ________      Special      ________
        |___L1___|  Config Buttons  |___R1___|
                    .-------------Square- PUNCH (P)
         D-PAD      | .-----------Triangle- TAUNT
                    | | 
       U/B U U/F    | | 
          \|/       | | 
        B--o--F     | | 
          /|\       O O 
       D/B D D/F    O O 
                    | | 
                    | | 
                    | | 
                    | | 
                    | ------------Circle- SPECIAL (S)
                     -------------X- KICK (K)
    NOTE: These are default PS settings; they can be adjusted in the options, and the L/R triggers can be set to programmed macros of button combinations (eg. P+K+S, P+K, P+S, etc...)
    QCT  = Quarter Circle Toward (roll from D to F)
    QCB  = Quarter Circle Back (roll from D to B)
    HCT  = Half Circle Toward (roll from B to D to F)
    HCB  = Half Circle Back (roll from F to D to B)
     +   = enter commands simultainiously
    XX   = Buffer/Cancel into following move
    DP   = Dragon Punch or similiar joystick motion (F, D, D/F)
    HK   = Hurricane Kick or similiar joystick motion (QCB)
    FB   = Fireball
    SC   = Super Combo
    Well, all I can say is that it's a refreshing change from the stagnant fighting games coming from Capcom as of late. Pocket Fighter, while seemingly silly senseless fun, actually has good, mostly-balanced gameplay to it. The character designs and animations are hilarious, not to mention some neat backgrounds, and an innovative new Gem system, allowing you to power you Special Attacks to different levels. But enough about the game--for more on Pocket Fighter in general, check out my Fighters Net review at www.fighters.net. I also highly recommend checking out Kao Megura's Pocket Fighter FAQ for tons of info about the game in general.
    This is a Meter located directly under your health meter; and as you perform 
    moves or hit opponents (performing Special Moves fills it the fastest), it 
    will fill up. Once it is full, a one will appear beside it. This means you 
    have one Super Level, allowing you to perform a Super Combo. It can continue
    to be filled up to 9 levels.
    This is a devastating move that can only be performed when at least one level of your Super Meter is full. Tessa possesses three Super Combos.
    Using the Special button, characters can perform three different Guard Crushes. Just hitting S will get you an overhead Guard Crush to hit crouching opponents. Hitting D+S will get you an upward Guard Crush, possibly to hit airborne opponents. F+S performs a long-range Guard Crush. All Guard Crushes tend to come out slow, but they are unblockable, and can also be delayed by holding the S button, to confuse the opponent's timing. They can also be mixed into Flash Combos (see below).
    Each character has at least one Grabbing Guard Crush. This is an unblockable move that is essentially a Throw. However, it has the same Guard Crush delay on it. These can be done both seperately and in Flash Combos.
    By pressing B+S, each character can parry and counter a Guard Crush, provided they time it right (since the opponent can delay the Guard Crush). You are then rewarded with a Treasure box.
    One of the truly funny features of Pocket Fighters, Flash Combos (sometimes referred to as "Costume Combos") all begin with a single standing Punch. From there, you can chain into any combination of Punches and Kicks. As you perform the attacks, your character will attack with a variety of silly weapons, or morph into a silly costume to combo the opponent. Frequently, the last hit of the Flash Combo is delayed, however it can be varied depending on the combination. In addition, each character can finish a Flash Combo with a Grabbing Guard Crush (see above) or a Guard Crush. The following combinations are possible:
    Just so us veteran's didn't get pissed off, Capcom has kept old school buffering combos. All characters can combo off of their normal crouching K or crouching P.
    By hitting P+K+S, you can break the opponent's Flash Combo. The downside is that you lose all of your SC levels AND all of your Gems. Use this only in emergencies.
    The innovative new gem system takes a little getting used to, but increases the depth of the gameplay quite a bit. Gems come in three colors: Blue, Red and Yellow. In addition, you can also pick up multi-colored diamonds. At the bottom of the screen, there are three small meters, representing three of the character's Special Moves. As a character gains a certain colored gem, that colored meter will increase. Once it is full, the Special Move represented by that meter will increase to level 2--this will continue to be increased to level 3 as more gems are gained. Gems can be gained by hitting the opponent; usually the more spectacular and damaging the move, the more gems fall from the opponent. You then have a chance to pick up many of those gems. If you hit the opponent with a Guard Crush move (see above), a treasure chest will pop out containing multiple gems as well. What's most important is that the opponent will literally LOSE the power of those gems, meaning their gem meters will decrease, sometimes enough to lose a level on the Special Move.
    Super Jumps cause you to jump very high into the air; to perform a Super
    Jump, quickly tap D before jumping.
    To perform a Throw in PF, you have to press P+K. Throw range is quite close, and if you miss a Throw, your character will grab at the air. Each character has at least one normal Throw (P+K), as well as a Special P+K Throw (usually done with HCB or HCT), and also an Air Throw, done with P+K close in the air.
    Tech hits allow you to recover from Throws done to you. To tech hit a Throw,
    perform the motion P+K just as they Throw; this will lessen the damage to you. This will not work against Special Throws (eg. Zangief's SPD).
    Immediately as you are knocked down you can roll left or right by hitting F
    or B+P or S.
    An aspect of the game I'm not so hot on, you can perform a quick get-up
    reversal similar to normal reversals (eg. getting up with Ken's DP) simply
    by tapping S as you get up.
    Each character can follow-up a knock-down on the opponent by hitting on the ground, done with U+K.
    To perform a dash forward, tap forward twice. To perform a retreating dash,
    tap back twice. Each character has two dashing attacks, one with Punch and one with Kick.
    To taunt or tease your opponent, press the Taunt button (default Triangle on the PS controller). Note that taunts cannot be stopped, and you will be totally vulnerable, so choose where to do it wisely.
    When a fighter is hit many times in a row with powerful moves in a short
    time (it doesn't have to be a combo) they will eventually dizzy; after a 
    certain point the character will bounce up then stand to be dizzy. At this 
    point is the opponent's chance to do an attack or combo that the dizzy 
    character will have no defense against. When you're is dizzy, hit the D-Pad and buttons rapidly to regain control faster.
    -Dragon Snap: QCT+P
    -Levitation: F,D,D/F+P
    -Dragon Ball: QCT+K
    -Cat Dive: D/F+K (during Super Jump)
    -Cat Roll: P+K
    -Cat Spin: P+K (in mid-air)
    -High Cat Roll: HCT+P+K
    -Cat Stick: Dash+P
    -Cat Slide: Dash+K
    -Grabbing Guard Crush; Clown Rocket: HCB+P+K
    -Pounce; Cat Drop: U+K (on fallen opponent)
    -Super Combo 1; Robot Laser: QCT+S
    -Super Combo 2; Robot Dash: HCB+S
    -Super Combo 3; Rising Dragon: F,D,D/F+P
    -Punch: Tessa thrusts her cat staff forward. Decent range (as with most of  her attacks) and speed, used to start her Flash Combos.
    -Crouching Punch: Tessa thrusts her cat staff forward from a crouch. Again,  good range and speed--excellent combo attack, buffers well into the Dragon  Snap or Levitation.
    -Jumping Punch: Tessa thrusts her cat staff straight forward during a  straight jump, or downward when jumping forward or back. Good jump-in attack  with decent priority.
    -D/F+Punch: Tessa thrusts upward with the tip of her hat. Has almost no  horizontal range, but still possesses good priority over jump-in moves. A  good substitute for the Levitation at lower levels.
    -Kick: Tessa kicks forward, rolling her cat out to hit the opponent. Good  range with decent priority against crouching attacks.
    -Crouching Kick: Tessa crouches and throws her cat outward by her foot,  stretching the cat's feet out to hit the opponent low. EXCELLENT range and  easily comboable into the Levitation or Dragon Snap.
    -Jumping Kick: When jumping straight or backward, Tessa rolls her cat outward  and downward respectively. When jumping forward she will stretch her cat out  as in her crouching kick, giving it GREAT range and also good priority.  Excellent long-distance jump-in attack, especially over projectiles.
    -D/F+Kick: An extended version of her crouching kick, except it knocks down.
    -Special: Tessa morphs into the dress of a middle-eastern princess and calls  forth a genie, which surges forward and downward. Hold the button to delay  the hit--hits crouching opponents well.
    -F+Special: Tessa morphs into the dress of a middle-eastern princess and  calls forth a genie, which surges straight forward. Hold the button to delay  the hit--EXCELLENT range, good for snagging missed moves from a distance to  gain some gems.
    -D+Special: Tessa morphs into the dress of a middle-eastern princess and  calls forth a genie, which surges upward like an uppercut. Hold the button  to delay the hit--decent against jumping or super jumping opponents,  provided you start early enough.
    -Dragon Snap-
    Level 1- Tessa extends her arm out, which forms into the shape of a dragon          and bites at the opponent.
    Level 2- Dragon gets more range/damage/hits, and looks bigger with more          scales.
    Level 3- BIG dragon with much more range/hits/damage.
    Truly an awesome move, it has decent priority, but its biggest asset is range. From its farther range, it is very difficult to counter if blocked, allowing a good distancing game... it is also excellent for countering missed moves from a distance, and can snuff fireballs easily in this fashion. To top it all off, it comes out fast enough to combo easily off of many attacks, most notably the crouching punch. A Jumping Punch, Crouching Punch XX L3 Dragon Snap does CONSIDERABLE damage. Overall an excellent move.
    Level 1- Tessa exclaims "Levitation!" and rises into the air spinning a small          blade.
    Level 2- slightly more horizontal range, hits twice, more damage.
    Level 3- large spinning blade for 3 hits, plenty more damage/priority, and          range.
    A not so good move that gets much better as the levels rise. The level 1 Levitation is not all that good in any respect, except to hit really close jump-in attacks. However as the range increases it becomes an excellent air counter, and can be used as a shoto-type DP up close, having enough priority to snuff slower sweeps and such. It'd be a good idea to refrain from using the Levitation at level 1 in combos, it has a tendancy to miss with its poor range.
    -Dragon Ball-
    Level 1- Tessa turns into a ball and rolls forward for multiple hits
    Level 2- bigger ball, more hits and range
    Level 3- much bigger ball, many hits
    This is, for the most part, pretty useless. On the one hand, it has good range (obviously) and even better you can juggle off of it with just about anything (see Combos). But it does not come out that fast (thus it cannot be comboed)--and the worst part, it is probably the LOWEST PRIORITY move in the game. ANYTHING can knock Tessa out of this move, be it a jab, projectile, sweep, whatever. So either way, ensure that you only use this when you have a sure opening (like a missed DP).
    -Cat Dive-
    Tessa dives downward on her cat stick.
    Similar in many respects to Akuma's Dive Kick, this allows Tessa to continue into a combo just like a regular jump-in attack. However Tessa dives quite fast, and can often surprise the opponent from that Super Jump.
    -Super Combo 1: Robot Laser-
    Tessa morphs into a lab technician and calls down a big robot to stand beside her--it fires a thick blue beam from its head to hit the opponent for massive damage.
    One of the more dominating moves in the game, it can easily be likened to Iron Man's Proton Cannon. The only real difference is that the beam is a tad thinner. However, this is still an excellent attack to counter just about any move except quick pokes up close; it is also a very good projectile counter. As well, like Shellhead's Infinity Combo, the Robot Laser works well as an air counter, often catching the opponent right by Tessa's head. The only drawback to this move is that it has a fairly long recovery time, so it can be countered if blocked resonably close.
    -Super Combo 2: Robot Dash-
    Tessa morphs into a giant blue robot and glides toward the opponent; if the robot connects, it performs two quick punches then finishes with a rising uppercut.
    Another great move for Tessa. This is totally unblockable and does a LOT of damage. It works somewhat with ticks, but I'm sure it can be avoided. It can also be "sort of" comboed out of a crouching punch, but again I'm sure it is avoidable. The initial glide is fairly slow it is easy to jump out of the way. Altogether it's a good counter to missed attacks up close, or after ticking, esp. jump-ins. Overall the Robot Laser is a better attack for countering though.
    -Super Combo 3; Rising Dragon-
    Tessa morphs into a dragon and begins to roll into a fast ball--the ball unravels and the dragon's head rises upward.
    This has next to zip range, however it does good damage and has good priority up close. You can use it similar to Ken's Shoryureppa to snuff most attacks from close range. It can also work as an air counter provided the opponent is going to land extremely close. VERY bad recovery plagues this move however, so beware of when to use it.
    All of these combos are pretty basic, with the juggles requiring a bit of timing, obviously. Overall combo #2 is your most effective, especially at higher levels on the Dragon Snap.
    1.  Jumping Kick, D/F+Kick
    2.  Jumping Punch, Crouching Punch XX Dragon Snap
    3.  Jumping Kick, Crouching Kick XX Levitation
    4.  C.Punch XX Dragon Laser
    5.  C.Punch XX Robot Dash (not a real combo, but usually connects)
    6.  C.Punch XX Rising Dragon (CLOSE)
    7.  any Level Dragon Ball, Standing Punch juggle
    8.  any Level Dragon Ball, any level Dragon Snap
    9.  any Level Dragon Ball, Level 2/3 Levitation
    10. Level 3 Dragon Ball, Robot Beam
    11. High Cat Roll, any level Dragon Snap (close to corner)
    12. High Cat Roll, any level Levitation (in corner)
    13. High Cat Roll, Robot Beam
    14. Clown Rocket, Levitation
    15. Clown Rocket, Dragon Rise
    16. Clown Rocket, Robot Beam
    NOTES: #11- easier to connect with the Level 3 Dragon Snap... the lower the level for the Dragon Snap, the closer you need to be in the corner. #14,15- for the Levitation or Dragon Rise to connect, it must be done so the opponent is as close to the ground as possible--as well, you should have to move forward a step or two to connect with the Dragon Rise, or especially the Levitation at lower levels.
    P,P,P,P- Cat Staff -> Morph to dark wizard, overhead slash, Uppercut,
    	 Shoulder Slam
    P,P,P,K- Cat Staff -> Morph to dark wizard, overhead slash, Uppercut,
             Overhead Genie Guard Crush (can be delayed)
    P,P,K,K- Cat Staff -> Morph to dark wizard, overhead slash, snake attack,
             Overhead Genie Guard Crush (can be delayed) 
    P,K,K,K- Cat Staff -> Morph to robot, Punch, Punch, Rising Uppercut
    P,K,P,P- Cat Staff -> Morph to robot, Punch, Clown Dolphin attack, Clown
             Rocket Grab Guard Crush
    P,K,P,K- Cat Staff -> Morph to robot, Robot Punch, Clown Dolphin Attack,
             Rising Uppercut
    P,K,K,P- Cat Staff, Morph to robot, Punch, Punch, Clown Rockect Grab Guard
    P,P,K,P- Cat Staff, Morph to dark wizard, overhead slash, snake attack,
             shoulder charge
    Tessa's basic strategy revolves around a bit of a poking game. Tessa's greatest asset is her range, and her ability to do damage from mid-range while avoiding the opponent's attacks. From about half-screen Tessa is in her prime. Here you should revolve your attack around the Dragon Snap--provided you are at level 2 or 3. From this range, the Dragon Snap will usually be uncounterable if blocked, and you can snuff projectiles and slower attacks.
    Once you've hit the opponent and knocked them off guard, you should advance and get close for a combo, or time a Guard Crush to catch them for some gems. Mix up the timing to help make sure they can't counter. From the air, use the Jumping Kick to snag the opponent from this distance--if it connects, combo from there. Once you are up close, you have to focus on getting your Flash Combos in, mixing them up. From the ground, dashing in works quickly to get you up close, but remember that the dashing attacks don't have very good recovery, so just dash in and go from there.
    The Standing Punch will start the Flash Combos and is quite quick. You should also mix in the Levitation when you're unsure what the opponent will do here--it is also excellent for interrupting the opponent's Flash Combos, before the last hit. The Rising Dragon will work in this fashion as well. If the opponent is persistantly blocking your attacks, work them over with quick punches, then buffer into the Robot Dash, which may connect if they don't expect it.
    Also remember from pretty much any range other than RIGHT up close, the Robot Laser will snuff practically any move you can see starting.
    Against airborne opponents, either the Levitation (at higher levels), D/F+Punch, or Robot Laser will suffice. In addition, the Dragon Ball can get you out of a jam pretty quick as well, to avoid jump-in attacks if the opponent is getting to close to you--this can also allow you to get back into the proper position from a short distance away. Against dashing opponents, the Robot Laser will stop them short in their tracks, and as well the Dragon Snap will quickly snuff a dashing attack... The D/F+Roundhouse can also work in a similar fashion. When the opponent starts mixing in Guard Crushes, or goes offensive with Flash Combos, keep calm and try to anticipate the Guard Crushes, countering with your Guard Crush Counter...
    First a thanks to fellow author Kao Megura for an excellent Pocket Fighter FAQ. Also thanks to Ryan Jackson (ryanjackson@usa.net) and Jason Jamieson (cka@fighters.net) for good competition. Watch for my Pocket Fighter Zangief FAQ coming soon!
    You can access this FAQ and many others at these pages:
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