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    Editor FAQ by Duo Maxwell

    Version: 0.1 | Updated: 09/02/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Date: Wed, 2 Sep 1998 00:24:30 -0700 (PDT)
    From: LoneWolf <f_91@yahoo.com>
                                                           TTTTTTTT                    TTTTTTTTTT
                             O                    KK      TT      TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT        T
           PPPPP            O O                   K  KK   T                                    T
     PPP          PP    O O     O O   CC       C  K    K                   T     T   
    P       PP      PP   O       O    C       C   K    K  KK   EEEEEEEE    T      T         
     P               PP  O       O   CC   C CC    K    K K  K  E       E   T      T
      P P     PPP  PP   O O     O O  CC   CC C    K   KK     K E   EEEE    T      T
       P P    P  PP    OOOOOOOOOOOOO  C       C   K       KK   E     E    T       T
          P    P            O O       CC       C  K      KK    E     E    T       T
           P    P            O          CCCCCCCC  K  K   K     E   EEEE   T       T
            P    P                                K  KKK   K   E       E  T   TTTT
             PPPPPP                               KKKK  KKK    EEEEEEEEE  TTTT
                                                            T               T
                                                            TTT              T
                      FFFF                                     TTTTTT   TTTTT   RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
                 FFFFF    F                        HH               T  T        R              RRRR
            FFFFF         F               GGG      H HHH      HH    T  T        R                  R 
        FFFF             F           GGGGG   G     H    H     H H   T  T        RRRR              R 
    FFFF                 F          G         G     H    H    H  H  T  T           R     RR      R  
    F                 FFF      I   G       GGGGGGG   H   H HHH    H T  T EEEEEEEE  R     RRR    R   
    F            FFFFF     IIII I G      GGG     GG  H            H TTTT E       E R     R  R    R 
     F       FFFF      IIII     I  G     G        G  H   H        H T  T E   EEEE  R     R   R    R  
     FFFF    F         I        I   G    GGGG     G  H    HHHH    H      E     E   R     R    R    RRRR
      F      FFFFFFFF  I         I   G         GGG    H   H   H   H      E     E   R     R    R        R
      F              F I         I    GG     GG   G    H  H   H   H      E   EEEE  R     R     R       R  
       F     FFFFFFFF  I         I      GGGGG   GGG    HHHH    HHH       E       E R     R      R     R 
       F    F          I         I        G   GG       H                 EEEEEEEEE RRRRRRR      RRRRRRR
      F    F           I         I         GGG
     F    F            I   IIII  I
    FFFFFF             IIII    III
    Pocket Fighter  Fighter Editer FAQ v0.1
     Stealing any of the work from this FAQ will not be tolerated. If you don't
    give me any credit for this work you can try to create your own Pocket
    Fighter FAQ. If for any reason I find any of your FAQ material similar to
    mine and if you don't even post my name on the credits section of your FAQ
    , I will personally make your life like hell if I ever find you. It's time
    to stop all of this FAQ-stealing injustice as this crap has gone way too 
    far. This FAQ can be reproduced, retransmitted, and redistributed as long
    as the contents of this FAQ are untouched, unedited, unmodified,
    unmutilated, and unpirated and you have the permission of the author. This
    FAQ can only be redistributed and obtained in its entirely original format.
    You wish to edit this FAQ for any reason, you must E-mail me at 
    F_91@yahoo.com with the subject of FAQ Editing for permission first. Also,
    please don't make any money out of this work by selling printouts of the
    FAQ or by using any of the material from this work as part of your magazine
     This FAQ has been created by Lone Wolf to comply with all international
    copyright laws, trademark laws, and international treaties, including
    United States Title 107. If you believe that any material in this FAQ
    violates any copyright law, trademark law, international treaty, or any
    part of United States Title 107, please E-mail me immediately at 
    F_91@yahoo.com with the subject of Copyright Infringement and I'll remove
    it quickly. All you need to include on your message is a list of material
    in this FAQ that you believe may have been under various violations.                                                                 
     Pocket Fighter, the Pocket Fighter Logo, and all Pocket Fighter related
    material and issues are registered trademarks and is a copyright of Capcom.
    If this FAQ/Walkthrough is posted up on a webpage, E-mail me and you will 
    be added to my E-mail list so you can get the most updated versions first.         
    1. General Stuff
    2. Credits
    1. General Stuff
    Since this is the first version of this FAQ this is going to be simple.
    When you start this you have about 9 options. The first one is to set up,
    but first you must create your own character. Go to the servey option and
    let Tabasa create your character for you. To get a good character, keep on
    trying unitl Tabasa says you have a pretty good character there. Save it.
    Your character is equipped with 3 cards. The green cards represent 
    emotions/attributes/characteristics for you character. The red cards
    represent def/atk/actions/spirit/etc. for your character. You can expand
    this by defeating people in street battle mode. The 2nd option from the top
    is street battle. To get green cards, you must fight a mirror of your self,
    all other characters give you red cards after you defeat him. All battles 
    in this option is computer-controlled. To figure out what a card does press
    the triangle button in default options on a highlighted card.
    2. Credits
    Jenkin Chiu for buying me the game.
    Mark Kim for the opening statement.
    This FAQ was created by Lone Wolf. My homepage is at
    You will not find any updates there though but if you are bored, go there. 
    Any additions/questions? E-mail me at F_91@yahoo.com, ICQ me at 13329280, 
    AIM me at LoneVVolfX, Yahoo page me at F_91 or with IRC my nick is 
    Duo_Maxwell and will on DALnet. I will usually be at #Virus/#Evangelion.

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