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Reviewed: 11/13/01 | Updated: 11/13/01

Good Ranger Series, Poor Ranger Game

As of the writing of this review, I have yet to actually complete Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (PRLR). I'm not entirely certain I want to. While Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue is one of the best Ranger series, it's not much of a game.

The setup is pretty easy to deal with: 3/4 top view, you walk around with your Ranger (choice of all five, each has varying Power, Speed, and Defense stats), locating people being threatened by Batlings. In this respect, it's kind of like a Final Fight sidescroller. However, it lacks many of the special tricks that have made and kept sidescrollers popular.

There are no team attacks, and very little attack variation (punch, kick, and a flying kick, along with a dodge button). There's not even a 'pick up and throw' option. Even Final Fight had grabs! Your special attack is a beam of Ranger-colored light from your Battle Booster; you recharge this by collecting colored crystals that litter the landscape. Despite the huge variety of Ranger weapons in the series, this is your ONLY special attack. No Rescue Blasters, no V-Lancers, no Mega-Battle Armor. Other than the obligatory life-ups and health-ups, there are no other power-up items or weapons.

The graphics are very grainy, and seem very sub-standard for the Playstation. The characters movements are very unnatural looking (the martial arts 'hunch' looks cool when fighting, but when running, they just look like they need a chiropractor). You have to explore a moderately-well rendered landscape, but sometimes it's hard to tell where you can and can't walk to and jump to.

The Megazord fights are also very disappointing. In 1-p mode, you're stuck with the Supertrain Megazord, and the battles aren't challenging in the slightest; you can just tap the Missile attack and flatten any of the monsters (or at least weaken them to one or two punches).

And this is the whole of the game. Some of the later levels have some puzzles, but these are in the 'seek and destroy' mold (smash this panel to lower this forcefield), but there are no minigames, nothing to collect. The entire game is just walk and fight, walk and fight. The only 'traps' you encounter are precipices where you can fall to your death ... but you can't tell those from jumps you're able to take and live!

The game's main outstanding feature is the FMV's they use, taken directly from the TV show, for the formation of the Supertrain and other scenes, and the theme song, all of which are faithfully reproduced. But on the whole ... that's not a great reason to buy a game. Unfortunately, it looks like this game is rental only, and then only for young kids who are Ranger fans.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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