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"Classic first person shooter action"

Who remembers when Quake II used to be a popular game on the PC? I do! I never played it back then, though. I experienced the game for the very first time just a couple weeks ago, in March of 2007. I was too obsessed with my Super Nintendo back then to really give anything else a chance. Well, Quake II on the Playstation is finally mine.

What can I say? First person shooters have always had a loyal fan base, ever since Doom and probably even before then. There's something appealing about going from hallway to hallway destroying everything that walks in your way. That's the main appeal of Quake II. Today, we have games like this everywhere you turn, but back then it wasn't quite like that. Back then we only had a couple, and people treasured them.

How does the Playstation version of Quake II stand up?

Well obviously, the graphics, while phenomenal back in the day, aren't nearly as good now. What once looked unbelievably life-like has now become dated. However, since when are graphics the most important thing about a game? Exactly. Quake II proves that just shooting everything you see can sometimes be the greatest way to pass the time.

This is a great game. I can't think of anything else to say. The action is fast, nonstop, violent and fun.

While the game may have been known as being exceptionally huge back in the day, today the 1-player mode can be completed in just over an hour, if you're good. However, to beat the game in such a short amount of time requires you to remember the puzzles in every stage, the shortest paths to take, and the best way to deal with enemies.

The way the levels are designed in this game, there's hidden goodies all over the place, including inside walls, which means going around shooting at walls can be a good thing (and on the harder difficulties, a necessary thing). As far as I know, when looking at these walls, there's nothing out of the ordinary about them to indicate something is hidden there, such as a health pack or ammo. Without a walkthrough, you could be exploring these giants missions for days figuring out where everything is.

You have a total of 5 missions, each one containing numerous small levels. At first, the game seems huge, but the more you play, the more you realize how short the game overall is.

The puzzles are really simple. They mostly require finding keys to open doors to faraway areas. Normally you don't have to travel *too* far away in order to find the correct door. Other puzzles are just operating computers to open doors and elevators. These are simple- just walk up next to a computer and a message will say you operated it and that a door opened somewhere, or an elevator became active. Very simple.

Another challenge in Quake II is surviving the many different enemies that stand in your way, and finding the best weapon to kill them. The first mission features simple enemies that can be destroyed with your regular blaster (which has unlimited bullets) but then, starting as soon as Mission 2, the challenge *really* goes up as you're required to find which weapon is best suited for the enemy you encounter.

Every weapon is conveniently located in an easy-to-find area. You also have to make sure you don't waste too many unnecessary bullets on one enemy, otherwise you will run out of bullets and be in a world of trouble when the next set of enemies arrive and you find yourself without anything worthwhile to kill them with.

Honestly, the best way to deal with the enemies is to go ahead and just ignore them. Walk right by them. The game encourages you to destroy everything you see, but sometimes that's easier said than done. You don't have to destroy every living creature to complete the game. Just find your way from Point A to Point B. You could be spending days on some of these missions just trying to figure out which enemies to shoot, and which ones to run away from. This is a good thing and keeps you interested in playing the game more.

The buttons on the controller are easy to learn. Keep in mind I'm using a regular Playstation controller that I got with the console back in 1996. It works great. Just use the L1 and R2 buttons to turn the screen up or down to find the enemy in your crosshairs. The crosshairs are permanently located in the middle of the screen. One thing about Quake II that may not have been intentional is that, you can be off a good deal when aiming at an enemy, and the shot will still connect and hit them. Seriously, many times I aim a few inches above the head of an enemy, and for some reason, he still takes damage. I doubt this was supposed to happen.

I'm really happy about the framerate in the game. Smooth, fast, and not clunky at all. Very good framerate. Enemy animations are above average. A surprising amount of blood is featured in this game. Quake II is showing its age by todays standards, but I remember when this game had parents screaming and children excited over the amount of blood and violence. It's everywhere. I have no complaints about how the game works, the graphics or anything else really. It's hard to complain about a game that does everything right.

Using the directional pad to move around is very easy for me. I don't make many mistakes thanks again to the fast framerate, and the only problem I have found with the game so far is that, sometimes when an enemy is standing right in front of you, sometimes you might shoot THROUGH him, while he continues shooting at you and draining your energy. In these cases, quickly press down to walk back, and then shoot. Make sure you keep a fair amount of distance between you and the enemy at all times.

Again, the game is challenging. I must have died a million times on easy mode. I still can't beat the game, though I can make it to the very end. That final boss is HARD as heck.

The music rocks. It's heavy metal tunes everywhere you go. The loading times are quite short in the game. Sometimes it takes a couple seconds to load when walking through a hallway, but it's not really a big deal. My only gripe with the game is how short it is once you memorize the levels. A little over an hour to complete isn't a long time at all. I was expecting a much bigger 1-player game. It's about the same amount of time as Mega Man X4 to complete.

Overall, great graphics (for its time) good, adrenaline-pumping heavy metal music, fast, smooth and arcade-like gameplay, and just a great way to satisfy your craving for shooting and violence makes this a really good game that stands up all these years later.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/02/07

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