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    FAQ by pfelix

    Version: 1.86 | Updated: 01/17/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    FAQ'S AUTHOR: Paulus Felix (pfelix)
    FAQ VERSION: 1.86
    1. Introduction
    2. History
    3. Copyright
    4. Controls
    5. FAQ
     5a. How do I start
     5b. Orange Circle
     5b1. 1st. Level, Orange Circle
     5b2. 2nd. Level, Orange Circle
     5b3. 3rd. Level, Orange Circle
     5b4. 4th. Level, Orange Circle
     5b5. 5th. Level, Orange Circle
     5b6. 6th. Level, Orange Circle
     5c. The Red Circle
     5c1. 1st. Level, Red Circle
     5c2. 2nd. Level, Red Circle
     5c3. 3rd. Level, Red Circle
     5c4. 4th. Level, Red Circle
     5c5. 5th. Level, Red Circle
     5c6. 6th. Level, Red Circle
     5c7. 7th. Level, Red Circle
     5d. The Pink Circle
     5d1. 1st. Level, Pink Circle
     5d2. 2nd. Level, Pink Circle
     5d3. 3rd. Level, Pink Circle
     5d4. 4th. Level, Pink Circle
     5d5. 5th. Level, Pink Circle
     5d6. 6th. Level, Pink Circle
     5d7. 7th. Level, Pink Circle
     5e. Where do I put my fish?
    6. Contact Me
    7. Credits
    This game is a very great game. With such a great graphic,
    sound, etc. If you like fishing, you should play this game.
    This game needs patience as the real life fishing do.
    So, good luck on this game. HAVE FUN!
    2. HISTORY
    Version 1.86 - Added Bitterling/Carp Catching Tips.
    Version 1.85 - Changed much on this FAQ. Couldn't believe it was a very big
    Also finished the game.
    Version 0.85 - This FAQ created.
    I (Paulus Felix) ask not to publish this FAQ on your own site.
    This FAQ is owned by me and myself. You can use this FAQ for help
    of your trouble in this game, print it for home use and use it for
    personal use for free, but please don't publish this FAQ on your
    own site.
    This FAQ is copyrighted 2003, Paulus Felix.
    This FAQ can be found only in these sites:
    - www.gamefaqs.com
    - my website (if I ever make one in future)
    Please let me know if you found any website using this FAQ beside
    the site above.
    4. Controls
    In Aqua Room:
    Directional Button: Quite obvious. Move the light to point to an object.
    X: Accept something/Look at highlighted object
    Select, Start, O, Triangle, Square, L1, R1, L2: None
    R2: Open Sound Option menu
    In Record on the wall:
    Directional Button: Quite obvious. Move the light to point to an object.
    X: Accept something/Look at highlighted object
    Select, Start, Triangle, Square, L1, R1, L2, R2: None
    O: Go back to Aqua Room, go out to record menu
    When looking at the Album:
    Directional Button: Move pages, etc.
    X: Accept something/Go to the fish location
    O: Go back to Aqua Room, Close Album.
    The rest: None
    When look at the photo:
    O: go back to Aqua Room
    The rest: None
    When you watch at the fish tank, you can use the following:
    R1 and R2: knock on the tank
    L1: Turn off the lamp
    L2: Turn off the oxygen bubbles
    NOTE: Some of those won't make the fish happy.
    When fish on the hook:
    X: Reel it.
    Start: Pause the game
    Directional Button UP: Zoom Out
    Directional Button DOWN: Zoom In
    The rest: None
    5. FAQ
    Here, I divide into some sections
    5a. How do I start the game
    Well, after you choose new game, you will be asked to enter your name
    then, you will be inside a room, which will be called AquaRoom in this
    You will be automatically open the Album, to the first page, with an area
    named Brook and only fish called Trout live here. So, let's start now.
    5b. Orange Circle
    Your first stage here start with orange circle. What's circle? Well, the circle
    located next
    5b1. Start the 1st Level - Trout, Orange Circle
    Fish Location: Brook
    Brook, nice view, eh? Press the square button to open up the new menu,
    there are 5 choice,
     - Select tackle: Choose bait, rod, etc.
     - Livewell: Fish you catch will be stored temporarily here, onlyh up to 2 fish
     - Return to Aqua Room: Clear enough. Back to the room where you was.
     - One point advice: Advice on how to catch the fish you will get
     - Start Fishing: also very clear. Start it.
    Choose Select tackle, choose your favorite one. (description will be later)
    For this level, the available rod:
     - Graphite F.A.
     - Graphite S.A.
     - Noodling Rod
     - Noodling Pack
     - Graphite B.A.
     - Graphite R.A.
    for Graphite F.A. until Noodling Pack, you may choose the Floats, hooks
    and baits.
    Floats available for these rods:
     - Bubble Float
     - Panfish Float
     - Plastic Leaf
     - Feather
    Hooks available:
     - Round Bend
     - Oshaughnessy
     - Sproat
     - Open Bend
    Bait available:
     - Caddis Larva
     - Salmon Egg
     - Larva
    As for Graphite B.A. and R.A. you can choose flies. Some of flies will be easier
    for beginner to catch a fish, but not always big. Here are the flies available:
     - Brown Parachute*
     - Elk Hair Fly*
     - March Brown*
     - Inch Worm
     - Brown West
     - Fur-Wing-Imager
     - Hare's Ear Nymph
     - Pheasant-Tail Nymph
     - Floating Nymph
    As beginner, I suggest you to choose Graphite R.A. or Graphite B.A. as rods
    and the one marked * as Flies. Now, let's begin.
    Press Circle until you get out of the screen and press X, hold it and throw it.
    If you want to take back your bait, just press circle again.
    Now, the * marked flies make it easier, when you see splashing on your bait,
    immediately press X and the fish will bite your lure, just wait until the fish
    calm down, if the fish struggling when you wait for it to slow down, tap X
    button a second after its struggling to prevent its escape, after the fish calm
    down, press X to make it closer to the water's surface.
    WARNING: If the fish fight you back when you reel it, don't push any button, it
    might release itself OR your bait will be lost. THIS is for EVERY FISH, not
    just Trout. If the bait is lost, press Triangle as a shortcut to use same bait
    without going to menu.
    The flies which don't have * have different method of fishing, here is the
    after you throw it, and there is a fish, the bait will blink and there will
    be a scene underwater. You must pretend that the flies are "alive". That's
    right, you must press X once in a while so the flies won't reach the ground,
    and when the fish is about to steal your fly, press X! and the fish will bite
    it, the rest is same just like above.
    Now, for the Graphite F.A. Rods until Noodling Pack Rods.
    I don't think there is any difference, I couldn't find any thing that will
    affect the fishing, I think the floats are for appearance, and I think the only
    matter here are hooks and baits. If you think they are do matters,
    please email me and explain why.
    The method for these rods are same, you must try to pretend the bait is still
    alive and press X when the fish is about to eat it.
    After you catch 10 trouts, you will hear some melody plays along with the
    background music. Your mission here is complete, go back to Aqua Room,
    I will try my best to explain. At the left of screen, there are 2 Aquarium.
    One of them (the near one) for the stream water fish and the other for lake
    water fish. The circle thing with black, white and orange color is to show you
    how many levels you have done. Go there each time you finish a level to
    get a sphere. Next on the wall is your record and the next one on the table
    are the album and the photo of legendary fisher, which made all those
    records on the album. You can get comments from that photo.
    5b2. Level 2 - Char, Orange Circle
    Fish Location: Stream
    Now, we will fish Char. At location with stream, go to the next page of the
    album, and here goes.
    Basically, how to catch Char is same as how to catch Trout, but you
    must do it with more patience. If you use the bait which needs to-be-"alive"
    you will get more trouble, as it is harder to catch that way.
    Since the bait, rods and tackle here are all same as previous level, I
    suggest you to use the * marked bait to make this level easier, unless you
    are an expert or you have a marvelous timing, although it is harder than Trout,
    but you will be able to do it.
    After some time (I need 7 fish) another completely different melody plays.
    It's time for the next level.
    5b3. Level 3 - Bitterling, Orange Circle
    Fish Location: Creek
    Now, Level 3 is Bitterling. You can't use flies now, there is also a trick
    to make the bitterling bite your bait.
    Be careful in this level, Bitterling can lure your anger if you are not
    patient and control your emotion. (just like when the first time I played
    this game)
    The fishing rods in this level:
     - Bamboo Pole
     - Bamboo Pack
    The Floats in this level:
     - Bubble Float
     - Firefly Float
     - Panfish Float
     - Pencil, Long
     - Pencil, Short
     - Quill Float
     - Carlisle (A)
     - Carlisle (B)
     - Carlisle (C)
     - Carlisle (D)
     - Carlisle (E)
     - Carlisle (F)
     - CutEarthworm
     - Grub
     - Dough Ball
    As for me, for this level I use Bamboo Pole as rod, Firefly float, Carlisle (E)
    as hook and Dough ball as baits.
    Now, in this level, your patience is your key. Throw your baits nearest with
    you as possible, the bait will float further, and when it encounter a fish, it
    will blink and the scene will be underwater again.
    Here is the trick:
    Bitterling sometimes only pass through your bait, but don't get angry about
    Be patient. When the fish (finally) smell your bait, don't push X right away.
    Wait until the fish mouth release lots of bubbles around them,
    you must press X immediately, or else, your bait will be stolen. Sometimes
    the fish will wait for the bait, but sometimes not.
    There is an easy way to catch the Bitterling. Whenever you have to press the
    X button immediately, instead, press X and O at the same time, the fish will
    get hooked, but the game realize that you pull the line out of water, so you
    will get the fish instantly.
    WARNING: Sometimes it is possible for the fish to break your line or to escape
    before it reach the water's surface.
    NOTE: Sometimes the bitterling will smell your bait 2 or 3 times, but
    sometimes, it will also bite your bait directly.
    After you catch 20 Bitterlings, You will hear the melody plays again.
    Go back to the Aqua Room, and let's proceed to the next level.
    Due to its small size, it is easier to reel than the two fish before.
    5b4. Level 4 - Carp, Orange Circle
    Fish Location: Pond
    Before you go to this level, go to the small round obstacles to get one more
    sphere to add to your collection.
    Next, go to Album, and choose Pond, Carp.
    Here, if you don't like Bitterling method, you will have a hard time...
    Rods available in this stage:
     - Jigging, Long
     - Jigging, Reg.
    Floats available here is same as the level before.
    Hooks available here:
     - Sproat Barb A
     - Round Bend
     - Sproat Barb B
     - O'S Barbless
    and, now you will be forced using a huge Dough Ball.
    You know why it's huge? because it can melt in water... what? melt?
    No!!!! we have to hurry catch the fish or the bait will completely melt.
    After the bait encounter a fish, again, a scene underwater. For this
    fish, the method is a bit different from Bitterling.
    Here is the difference: The Carp will try to eat your bait, but don't press
    X immediately when lots of bubbles from its mouth or it will run.
    Wait until it eats some of your bait then press X but not too long or
    your bait will be lost.
    Another difference: when it is struggling for its escape, its harder to
    anticipate its action, because the method also different. Press X once in
    a second or two after after it begins its struggling to make it fail,
    hopefully it fails.
    TIPS: This fish can be caught using the same trick as Bitterling.
    The trick that works at with this fish is:
    Whenever you have to press the X button immediately, instead, press X and O
    at the same time, the fish will get hooked, but the game realize that you 
    pull the line out of water, so you will get the fish instantly.
    The only difference is at the "WARNING", it is now sounds like this:
    WARNING: Very often (instead of sometimes) it is possible for the fish to
    break your line or to escape before it reach the water's surface.
    This level also test your patience. Due to its larger size than all the
    fish we catch before, its strength also bigger, making it hard to reel
    and the pond also deep, making it even harder to reel it to the surface.
    Another method: sometimes, the floats will blink, but you are not taken
    to the underwater scene, if you see this happen, press X after the floats
    The scene will change underwater and the fish will be on the hook!!
    If you don't do anything, your bait will be lost.
    This fish is rather strong, if you try to fight it when it fight you,
    you will lost your: Hooks, Baits and the fish.
    Remember: You can use only 6 hooks for each hooks available!
    I use Jigging, Long as rod, Firefly float, and O's Barbless as hook
    (and of course, Dough ball as baits.)
    I told you again. This is a very, very hard fish. Reel it with very carefully
    and hopefully you will get it.
    After you catch some Carps, we can advance to next level. Again, a melody will
    plays to let you know if you already finish the level.
    5b5. Level 5 - Black Bass & Blue Gill, Orange Circle
    Fish Location: Lake
    Go to the object where you collect sphere, to add one more of your
    Wait.. Black Bass & Blue Gill...? Does it mean...? Yes. It means you can
    catch both of those, but in order to advance to next level, just Black
    Bass is enough. The Blue Gill only for completing the sphere.
    Now, you use a totally different baits. You use lures.
    Rods available in this area:
     - Spinning Rod
     - Bait Casting
    Lures available in this area:
     - Popper*
     - Floating Minnow
     - Deep Diver
     - Copper Spoon
     - Spinner
     - Jigging Spoon
     - Rubber Jig
     - Structure Spoon
     - Plastic Worm
     - Grub
     - Spinner Bait
     - Buzz Bait (after you finish with Black Bass)
     - Fly Spinner (same as Buzz Bait)
     - Frog* (same as Craw)
     - Craw (after Blue gill)
    I use Spinning Rod and Sinking Minnow (sometimes Grub) to catch them.
    Now, press X, throw as far as you can. Then, reel it. On the way, the lure
    might encounter the fish, the scene will be underwater again.
    Again, you must pretend the lure is "alive", so press X once in a while
    to lure them
    Small One, not very hard to catch
    Big one, this one is very hard to catch, not only it appearance are
    less often than Blue Gill, but also strong.
    The only difference of these fish from all the fish before:
    To catch one, not only the fish must reach the surface, but must reach
    your boat (if it reached your boat, the screen won't be moving again,
    and the fish will be reeled above.)
    As for the lure, any lure can catch any fish, so, it depends on your
    luck which fish encounter your lure.
    Advantages of throwing far away:
     - Increase Fish encounter rate
     - When the fish is hooked, You will have to reeled it to your boat (a long
    and vice-versa for throwing near your boat.
    Another difference to catch bass: when it is struggling for its escape,
    you must press X for one second or two, and hopefully it will fail
    escaping itself.
    To hook the fish: Let the fish bite your lure, and press X.
    If you press X when the fish is about to bire your lure, it will
    run away.
    With some Black Bass, you can advance to next level and get a sphere.
    To get another sphere in this level, you must catch many Blue gills (me=25 Blue
    gills) and you will get another sphere
    5b6. Level 6 - Cutthroat Trout, Orange Circle
    Fish Location: Beaver Dam
    Welcome to the home of another species of trout, Cutthroat Trout, also
    known as C. Trout.
    The equipment here are all the same as Trout, except the Baits.
     - Rockfly Nymph
     - Mayfly Nymph
     - Earthworm
     - Larva
     - Grub
    Now, now... what more can I say. This fish is very tough. It's very hard
    to catch some. The difference with the normal Trout:
    When this fish is struggling for its escape, you ought to press X around
    5 times. Hopefully its effort will be in vain.
    Do not try to fight against it when it fights against you. You will lose.
    Certainly. These fish are somewhat strong. You need more patience to
    fish them. Hopefully you will be successful. (I'm having a hard time with
    this one)
    This fish struggle a bit longer than other fish. It will threaten you a bit
    because its long struggling and very long battle with it underwater.
    I used * marked flies. If you run out of them, I used Noodling Rod, Feather
    floats, Open Bend hooks and Grub baits.
    This fish is even harder than Carp. So, be prepared.
    NOTE: This one is very hard to prevent its struggling-for-escape become
    Now, after some of these fish, you will hear another melody, you will get the
    7th sphere.
    5c. Red Circle
    Now, to get this, you must catch and release 100 (more or less) fish (in a
    row?). I think it doesn't matter what kind of fish (because I only catch
    Bitterlings all the time, since it is the easiest one).
    Once you get this, the Orange Circle will turn into red color and all the
    spheres you've collected are all gone.
    Note: I think the fish you caught BEFORE the 7th sphere are not counted.
    5c1. Level 1 - Trout, Red Circle
    Location: Brook
    The only way to get a sphere (now, it's more likely a pearl) you must catch a
    trout that is at least the same size than the record in the book.
    The record of the trout is: 13.8" (same number as C. Trout)
    This gonna take a while. You should be even more patient than the first one.
    With your fishing skill right now, you shouldn't have a problem, the problem is
    just only the fish size.
    The melody will play once you have fulfilled the requirements, but its very
    soft, kind of difficult to hear.
    5c2. Level 2 - Char, Red Circle
    Location: Stream
    This one also needs some patience. You can use the same techniques. The problem
    is only one... The fish which have the size bigger than the record's size is
    very rare.
    The Char record's size is 19.7"
    I hope you can through pass this level, it tooks me a while too, so don't worry.
    The same, soft melody will appear again when you have done this level.
    5c3. Level 3 - Bitterling, Red Circle
    Location: Creek
    This one needs less patience, since there is a trick to catch Bitterling(s)
    The Bitterling record's size is 3.1"
    You will pass this level easier than the level before.
    5c4. Level 4 - Carp, Red Circle
    Location: Pond
    This one needs just about the same patience as Carp. You can use a same trick
    you use for Bitterling to catch this fish.
    This fish record's size is 17.7"
    Again, the same melody...
    5c5. Level 5 - Black Bass & Blue Gill, Red Circle
    Location: Lake
    This one the hardest one, as there are 2 different fish you need to catch to
    get 2 spheres. The Black Bass and Blue Gill.
    The Black Bass record is 23.6"
    while the Blue gill record is 11.8"
    This level takes the most of my time. Hopefully not for you.
    You need 2 melodies in this level - one for Black Bass and another for Blue
    5c6. Level 6 - C. Trout, Red Circle
    Location: Beaver Dam
    Now, this one's crazy. Not only the fish is very rare, but also very strong.
    The one which will take your time much, but since only one, not as much as the
    previous level. (as for me, this one.)
    The C. Trout record is 13.8"
    After you have done this level, a very soft melody will appear and there will
    be a new pages in the Album. An unknown fish with the location: Waterfall.
    5c7. Level 7 - Salmon, Red Circle
    Location: Waterfall
    The equipment here are exactly the same as C. Trout. The only problem you can
    get is... The strength of Salmon, etc. This one is very hard to get hook, but
    not impossible. You have to be very patient.
    After some time, you will surely catch a Salmon. After you put it in the
    livewell, you will be taken to Aqua Room automatically and Congratulations!!
    You have beaten the game!! Then, enjoy the ending. (I didn't enjoy it much,
    Its struggling-for-escape is the hardest one to prevent. When it does that
    action, it will most likely succeed.
    The Salmon record is your catch.
    5d. The Pink Circle
    After the credits roll, you will be taken to the Aqua Room again.
    Oh my God! If you look at the circle to get your last sphere, then after you
    re-look it again, the circle will turn pink... oh no... not another one! Well,
    this time, surely you will have to finish this all over again. Don't worry,
    this is the last one.
    The music at Aqua Room is changed!
    At the last pages of the Album, you can see the photo of the legendary
    fisherman will be located there.
    5d1. Level 1 - Trout, Pink Circle
    Location: Brook
    This one needs a trout that is at least the same size of the records.
    Well, now I can't help you, since this is only combination, you can combine
    both section.
    The melody will play when you finish.
    5d2. Level 2 - Char, Pink Circle
    Location: Stream
    The same as Trout. You have to catch one at least the same size of the records.
    The melody will play when you finish.
    5d3. Level 3 - Bitterling, Pink Circle
    Location: Creek
    Same like before, catch a Bitterling at least the same size of the record.
    The melody will play when you finish.
    5d4. Level 4 - Carp, Pink Circle
    Location: Pond
    Again, same one the same size as records
    The melody will play when you finish.
    5d5. Level 5 - Black Bass & Blue Gill, Pink Circle
    Location: Lake
    Both of the fish must be at least the same size of the record.
    The melody will play when you finish.
    5d6. Level 6 - C. Trout, Pink Circle
    Location: Beaver Dam
    Same as all the previous fish.
    The melody will play when you finish.
    5d7. Level 7 - Salmon, Pink Circle
    Location: Waterfall
    I'm not sure about this one. I catch the higher size but I didn't get any
    sphere. I made two experiments (using a GameShark) to catch the maximum size.
    When I get it, the melody play and I get a sphere.
    Size does matter, while for quantity, it doesn't matter.
    When you got all 8 spheres, the Aqua Room's music will change again.
    5e. Where do I put my fish
    Fish tank. Quite obvious, right? The tank which is nearer to the screen
    is used for stream/river water fish.
    Stream/River water fish:
     - Trout
     - Char
     - C.Trout
     - Salmon
    The other one is for lake water fish.
    Lake water fish:
     - Bitterling
     - Carp
     - Black Bass
     - Blue Gill
    Just about when you will put in your fish, you will be asked to give it
    a name, just answer no if you don't want to. Then, you can do some things
    with the fish in your fish tanks.
    What you can do:
    First, choose 'Watch fish in the tank'
    You will see inside the fish tank.
    You can grow your fish now.
    The fish tank only enough for 3 fish each tank.
    when looking at the fish tank, push:
    Directional button: to look around the fish tank
    X: gives small earthworm as food
    Triangle: gives dough ball as food
    Square: gives fish food (?) as food
    Circle: Go back to menu & Aqua Room
    L1: Turn off the light
    L2: Turn off the Oxygen bubbles
    R2: Big knock
    R1: Small knock
    Your fish will grow after you gave it food (of course) and wait for a while, it
    will grow about 0.1" each time it grows.
    6. Contact Me
    To contact me simply email me at gue_fx@yahoo.com please put
    Reel Fishing FAQ in the subject line, so I know you're talking
    about this FAQ (don't forget to put the version number of history either in the
    body or the subject line of the e-mail)
    Any questions, suggestions, comments, mistakes and corrections please send to
    that email.
    If you have any codes, hints, etc, please email that too, I will give
    you a credit in this FAQ once the codes/hints/cheats are approved.
    If I'm in holiday, hopefully I can reply to your e-mail quickly. If not, then
    please wait a few days or so to let me reply to your e-mail. If you e-mail me
    something that can be found in this FAQ, your e-mail will be most likely
    ignored, or you will receive an e-mail from me saying 'Please read the FAQ
    I won't change anything in this FAQ once this FAQ version marked Final
    next to FAQ Versions number.
    7. Credits
    - GameFAQs - for helping me finish many and many of my games.
    - You for reading this.
    Thanks for reading this FAQ.
    This FAQ is Copyrighted 2003 by Paulus Felix (pfelix)

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