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    Speed Guide (1:15) by VMerken

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    "I'm not easily impressed."
    ._______. ._______. ._________.___._______. ._________._______.   ._______.
    |   ._. !_|   ._. !_|   ._.   |   |   ._. !_|   ._.   |   ._. !_._! ._.   |
    |   |\|   |   |\|   |   |\!___|___|   |_|   |   |/|   |   |/|   |   |/|   |
    |   | |   |   !_!   |   !__\__|   |   | |   |   !_!   |   | |   |   | |   |
    |   | !___|   ._____!_____.   |   |   | |   |   ._____|   | |   |___! |   |
    |   | |\__|   !\_____\____!   |   |   !_!  _|   !_____|   | |   |__/| |   |
    !___! |   !_________________. |   |_______!_!   ._________! !___!   | !___!
     \___\|    \________|   ._. !_|   |\________|   |________/!/___/    !/___/
                        |   | |   |   | |   |___|   |
                        |   !_!   |   | |   |   |   | .___.
                        |   ._____|   !_!   |   |   |/|   |
                        |   !\____!_.     ._|   |   !_!   |
                         \________! !_______!___!________/
                                    |   ._.   |
                                    !___! |   |
                                    !___!_!   |
                                    |   ._____!
                                    |   !_____!
                              01:15 SPEED WALKTHROUGH
    Created by Vincent Merken, AD 990117
    Update (ASCII logo, reworked text), AD 020728
    1  Preface
    Hiya, this is good'ol Vince back at the keys... 
    After quite a bit of silence, I've decided to give all
    my older guides a small update - clean out the typos,
    remodel a few sections here and there and generally 
    finish the games a lot faster than before.
    And of course RE2 didn't escape this mad update frenzy.
    Below follows a complete and concise roadmap to finish
    Leon's A mission within 1:15. So without any further ado,
    let's get it on.
    First, a word from our sponsors about the contents:
    1  Preface
    The text you're reading right now. Intent on guiding you
    through the rest of the walkthrough.
    2  General Hints
    Here I'll give some directives on how to behave yourself
    with respect to the game's local wildlife. The local
    wildlife'll be described as well as game structure.
    3  Characters
    A little discussion about who you're playing/tinkering
    with. It's not essential to read, it's merely a personal
    view on the game itself (expect rants :).
    4  Walkthrough
    The 'piece de resistance'. This is what it's all about.
    5  Afterthoughts
    Some final conclusions and the International Declaration 
    of Copyrights.
    ... Well, that's about all I wanted to say in this here 
    Preface, thus onwards to part two!
    2  General Hints
    a) The Storyline
    Resident Evil 2 consists of 2 CDs, the Leon CD and the
    Claire CD. Each CD contains an A- and B-mission for it's
    respective character. The storyline you're gonna play 
    depends on which CD you boot first (which gets you an
    So, there are 2 possible storylines in all:
    Storyline 1: First Leon Mission A, then Claire Mission B
    Storyline 2: First Claire Mission A, then Leon Mission B
    In this walkthrough, we're gonna follow Storyline 1's 
    Mission A, as it's the fastest by far (and the most 
    boring; Storyline 2 is much better, but it's speed we're
    after here).
    A little note on the side: unlike Resident Evil, 
    there's a difference between GAME TIME and PLAYED 
    TIME. This means that the game won't add timeloss due
    to FMVs or character conversations, i.e. any action
    where you can't do a thing.
    Thus, the amount of time you spent in front of the TV or
    monitor is *longer* than the amount of time you'll get 
    to see once you complete the game.
    In the walkthrough, I'll sometimes say "check your 
    watch: you're now at...". This is PLAYED TIME, so expect
    your GAME TIME to be much shorter (exactly 15 minutes,
    Thus, if your played time is about 1:30, you can rest
    assured that you'll get 1:15 on your result screen. 
    NOTICE: The above is only verified for the PAL version.
    It could very well be that PLAYED TIME = GAME TIME in
    the NTSC version. Any feedback about this would be very
    welcome (drop me a line at vip(at)padua.org).
    b) You
    You either play Leon (the Guy) or Claire (the Tomboy).
    Differences between these characters are minimal; they
    both move in exactly the same way (hardly realistic),
    they both wear horrible outfits (although Leon hardly
    had a choice, as he's wearing a uniform) and feature
    the same garstly overacting (several examples'll be 
    mentioned in the walkthrough, no worries hehe :).
    Still, there *are* differences, the most important one 
    being the fact that Claire and Leon host different 
    Leon starts out with a gun that can handle 18 bullets,
    later he upgrades to a shotgun (5 rounds per go) and
    a magnum revolver.
    Claire also starts with a 9mm gun, but hers can only 
    hold 13 bullets. Later on, she gets her mits on a cross-
    bow and a bazooka. 
    The BIG winner here is Leon. His gun is easier to work
    with, the shotgun is an excellent zombie-cleaner and
    the magnum, although deceptive in size, is the BEST
    weapon around. Trust me.
    Also, Leon has a Zippo(tm)Lighter from the start, which
    is a MAJOR advantage over Claire, as the Lighter's 
    used in various places.
    I pity Claire. You have to count carefully whilst using
    her gun and the crossbow is the WORST weapon of the 
    game. The grenade launcher makes up for a bit, as it's
    a good weapon and the array of grenades (explosive, acid
    and flame) are sufficient enough to take on any creature
    you come across.  
    She also has access to the Grand Spark, a HUGE weapon 
    that produces high voltage bursts, which is a very cool
    weapon. Unfortunately, Grand Spark counts as a special
    weapon and as such lowers your rank at the end of the
    game (more about that *much* later), so I can't 
    recommend using it.
    Also, Claire has a Bobby Pin from the start, but this
    only proves half as useful as Leon's Zippo(tm).
    As you can see I favor Leon as best pick, and I'll soon
    demonstrate that the fastest times are only possible
    with him.
    Now, independant of what character you choose, they both
    react similar to the environment. When they get hurt
    and lose energy, they'll start to slow down. All
    in all there are three stages of deterioration:
    No problem here. You can move at top speed and quickly 
    turn around your body axis. 
    Here things get worse. Your walk is very slow and it's
    harder to turn around the axis. Only your dash is more
    or less acceptable.
    This sucks. You limb around like a granny with a walking
    rack, even when you're dashing (!). Turning around takes
    as long as changing a lightbulb so if you find yourself
    in this condition surrounded by enemies without any 
    health items, expect the "You Died" screen to turn up
    Experience has shown that even the 'Caution' mode sucks.
    c) The Environment
    As in it's predecessor, you're moving through beautiful
    raytraced sceneries. The game decides what you get to 
    see, and this allows for some claustrophobic and truly 
    scary moments.
    Let's take a look at the most common set of creatures
    you're likely to encounter:
    Isn't it sad? Only a few days ago, Fred & Irma were two
    of the kindest neighbours out there. Now they're both
    after your blood. And Harry, the postman, seems to have
    had enough of the local dogs tearing his pants every
    morning, so now he's tearing dog limbs off Blacky & co.
    not only to prove a point...
    Anyway, zombies are the main attraction in Resident Evil
    2. They travel in packs (typically 4-6), can be male as
    well as female, have the annoying tendancy to block 
    exits and can really deal damage when they bite. Expect 
    to be in 'Caution' when they hit you.   
    Fortunately, these ex-Raccoon Citizens are extremely 
    slow. At long distance, they just keep their ground,
    sniff a bit and create the occasional moan.
    Move into their vision range and they'll start to walk
    towards you, very s-l-o-w-l-y. Only if you're in their
    direct vicinity, they'll be at 'full speed', even 
    throwing themselves at you when they see fit. 
    So what's to learn of all this? Well, keep your distance
    around zombies. Swirl around them, making sure that
    there are at least a few yards between you and Harry
    the postman. And should the area be too small to keep
    apart, blast them into oblivion. 
    The weapon you'll use most for this, is the gun, as you
    mostly have to shoot zombies one at a time. The best 
    tactic here is to shoot consecutively until finally a
    bullet makes the zombie lose his/her balance, then a 
    final bullet to make him/her drop. Home in, aim down and
    shoot once/twice to finish off. Easy.
    But there'll also be rooms where you get attacked by 
    dense packs of zombies. In this case, the Shotgun (Leon)
    or the Grenade Launcher (Claire) are excellent cleaning
    tools. The Launcher's pretty straightforward, use explo-
    sive rounds and just fire right into the pack for ulti-
    mate damage.
    The shotgun's a bit more difficult. For one, always aim
    up to shoot the heads rather than the bodies, for if you
    shoot zombies in half, there's a chance that their upper
    body half comes crawling back and we don't want that to
    happen. Timing's also crucial as you need the zombies at 
    close range in order to shoot their heads. These condi-
    tions might be tricky to master, but once you got the 
    hang of it, you'll be able to shoot two or three at 
    Resident Evil featured Hunters, fearsome green monsters
    that were extremely fast and powerful. Resident Evil 2
    features their wall-climbing, acid-drewling, frog-
    tongued cousins: the Lickers. 
    Good thing: they're easier than Hunters and can't kill  
    you instantly. They don't move at lightning speed.
    Bad thing: they're still bad news and can *almost* kill
    you instantly. They *almost* move at lightning speed.
    Lickers show easy behaviour: at first, they charge up 
    close and harm you with either claws or tongue, then,
    should they sense that you are at 'Caution'-level, they
    hold back, perform some kind of shrieking noise and 
    make a huge claw jump right up to you. When it hits, 
    you're dead.
    So, at all costs, stay 'Fine' when you enter a Licker
    room. Unless you've got the weaponry, 'avoid and run to
    the next exit' is your best strategy. But should you be
    the proud owner of a Shotgun (Leon) or Grenade Launcher
    (Claire), you can go for the attack, where timing proves
    crucial; make sure you've reloaded before the hit Licker
    curls back into stance. Oh, and don't make the same mis-
    take I did: always aim *down*. 
    These behave in very much the same way as in Resident
    Evil 1; attack once, then run around their victim 
    attacking as necessary, then kill. Fast and vicious,
    these pets are not to be toyed with.
    Luckily the areas where these critters show up are of 
    the 'large corridor' variety, so you can easily avoid
    them. It's rarely necessary to take them out, but should
    it be unavoidable, 6 or 7 bullets suffice.
    Appear in some areas and are not really dangerous. Easy
    to avoid, just run around them as they need much time
    to turn. They can poison you, but even that's not too
    dangerous; usually, a Blue Herb is closeby.
    A bug to forget, despite it's size.
    These appear at the final stages of the game. They can
    blow toxic gas, but are so slow that it rarely hits you.
    Only dangerous when you're in too close, as they're able
    to trap you in their vines and strangle/poison vapour
    Just keep your distance and you should be fine. Also,
    never turn on the BOW sprinkler system in the A 
    missions unless you wanna make it hard on yourself - 
    the biotoxins apparently make the Plants stronger. 
    Don't go mailing me that I didn't warn you. And you'd 
    be naughty doing that in the first place - our run 
    doesn't even come close to the BOW system.
    d) Ammo & Health
    One thing you have to keep an eye out for is ammo. Your
    shotgun won't be effective without those all-important
    shells and how would Claire get by with her crossbow if
    she couldn't find darts by the dozen? 
    Luckily, there's loadsa ammo in the game, but usually 
    in places far off the track you plan to follow for 
    optimum speed. So if you want to go fast, which is the
    goal for this walkthrough, you'll have to economise.
    Keep that in mind when you're facing a pack of 6 zombies
    trying to peel your skin off :)
    Health is also abundant, under the form of various herbs
    and health sprays, or so you may think.
    Let me get straight to the point: THERE EXIST NO 
    If you're intent on getting that 1:15 up there, you 
    better be ready to rely on your skills to get through 
    without using any health items whatsoever. Especially in 
    our Leon A, where Ada gives him a full patch-up halfway 
    the game. I know, I know, this sounds hard, and it is, so
    be prepared to endure a lot of practice runs prior to 
    diving under the 1:20 mark. Hey, noone said this was going
    to be a walk in the park.
    3  Characters
    So, you read about things that bite, eat, strangle and
    kill, so what about the things that talk as well? Here's
    a personal rant about the characters...
    Okay, this is what I wrote halfway 1999:
    [Capcom, should you read this, repeat after me:
    "I must skip this chapter"
    "I must skip this chapter"
    (repeat 50 times) 
    (dramatic pause)
    "Must make Resident Evil 3"
    "Must include Real Life Actors and Motion Video again"]
    We are in 2002 now and apparently, Capcom hasn't read 
    this guide. Ah well. Their loss. Like I care.
    <:crawls away into a dark corner and sobs>
    Anyway, here are, in order of appearance:
    *Leon Kennedy*
    I don't know what criteria the Raccoon City Police Force
    based themselves on whilst hiring this guy. A first look
    at his face, I even doubt that he's legally entitled to 
    have a driver's licence (and yes, I know that in America
    there are some states that allow you to drive when you
    are 15 or over :).
    Maybe he was part of the recent "let's give the Police a
    happy face!"-campaign, I'm not sure. But one thing I do
    know: hardcore criminals will hardly be intimidated when
    this guy makes an entrance.
    Leon  "All right, bad baad people, you're under arrest!"
    Thug1 rotfl
    Thug2 "Here's a buck sonny, buy yourself some icecream."
    Leon  "Wow! A whole dollar! Gee, thank you mister!"
    But he makes a great tandem with...
    *Claire Redfield*
    Or the Tomboy. Now I know that female dress code in a 
    computer game is hilarious (at this point, I'd like to
    invite the gaming community to try and find a counter-
    example - in the three years between this guide and its
    update, I still have to find one), but Claire's *way* 
    OVER the top.
    What *were* the designers thinking?
    D1 "Let's make her a sexy biker."
    D2 "Yea, but not too sexy, we might distract the kids 
    from the game. I suggest covering her entire body, 
    except her head." 
    D1 "I agree. But now she doesn't look like a girl..."
    D2 "Oh no problem, let's make the suit pink."
    D1 "Deal! Let's drink some sake to celebrate!"
    D2 "Hai. Arigato!"
    Now, dress code aside, what about the "spirit" of 
    Claire? Well, one somehow gets the impression that she's
    a bit... how to put this... an idiot? This is the kind
    of girl that you meet once, then has the feeling to
    "know you for such a long time", then puts a gun to your
    head and say "Isn't it ironic?".
    But come to think of it, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit.
    I guess the full moon (which lasts the entire game) is 
    also to blame...
    *Gunshop Owner*
    This is the guy that Leon and Claire first meet. And 
    yes, Capcom have managed to portray the Gunshop Owner
    in all it's glory: fat, jeans & dirty white T-shirt,
    shotgun/crossbow ready at hand. A perfect 1D comic 
    The matching social behaviour's also there: Leon's 
    treated with respect, but Claire's called "Babe", 
    "Darlin'" etc... only thing he didn't do was slapping 
    her behind, but then we would've heard "Isn't it 
    ironic?" following suit.
    In the end he gets eaten by Irma & Fred, so I guess he 
    was entitled to some cheese before going to that great
    gunshop in the sky. 
    Liked the booger :)
    *Dying Cop*
    I recall some internet petition, saying "Keep the
    cheesey acting in Resident Evil 2!", and by golly Cap-
    com did listen. 
    This dying police officer is absolutely the max. The 
    way he moans, groans and babbles his last words is 
    incredible, and I'm sure no "The Bold & The Beautiful"
    actors can ever master this. I mean,
    "Who.. who are you? Ohhhh, it's you.."
    how could you ever beat this? Only "No! ...Don't go!"
    Chris Redfield can. 
    I'm a fan of cheesey acting, so I loved this guy to bits
    but Capcom, there's good cheese and there's Limburger.
    This is dangerously on the edge.
    Crown of the excellent performance is his encore, as
    he mutates into a zombie. Not to be missed :)
    *Ada Wong*
    Now this is more like it! Sweet hypnotic voice, nice
    outfit (even if it's weird to wear a cocktail dress when
    you're an Umbrella spy moving through a zombie-infested
    city) and cool lines to say, though sometimes they
    sound lecturing.
    But her looks aren't the only positive aspect, she's also
    the fastest character of the entire game. She warps 
    around everything the game can throw at her, almost 
    making you think "Dogs? What dogs? Were there dogs in 
    this room? Oh there they are, still catching up." :)
    The way she handles a gun is superior to Leon or Claire,
    she can eliminate a zombie twice as fast as them. Unlike
    Sherry Birkin (see next chapter), having her as company
    proves an advantage rather than a pain in the axx.
    Her only mistake is to fall for 'babycheeks' Leon (you 
    only get to see Ada in a Leon mission) but hey, the
    japanese like it kinky, right? 
    Either way, she outclasses following character a zillion
    *Sherry Birkin*
    Capcom, a piece of advice, find out which designer 
    created this contraption, then fire him/her immediately 
    or make him/her read Avogadro's number times the entire 
    collection of Reader's Digest.
    This is by far the worst character in the entire game
    and, as that weren't enough, *you* have to play with her
    (if you select a Claire mission).
    She's a *gasp* 12 year old girl. Now my sister's 12 
    years old and if she were ever to look like Sherry I'd
    give her growth medicine. This girl has the physical
    and mental age of 6 or 8. Then her clothing... well, 
    it's a school dress. 
    Jezus, what did that girl deserve to wear a blue marine
    outfit with pants that *almost* looks like a skirt? 
    Neglecting parents I guess. Just one more reason to
    shoot her "daddy" (at least she doesn't say "dah-da" :)
    to kingdom come. 
    Oh, and she's so adorable when she crouches down in fear
    while she's accompanying Claire. That makes it really
    easy for Claire -and you- to lose even more time. :/
    There are no scales invented yet to measure my 'feeling'
    towards Sherry. Or no, there is: minus infinity.
    Well actually, I've been a little hard on Sherry. Over
    the years, I've come to realize that there *is* a good
    aspect about her: she's *the* reason why you should
    play Leon A, because she's not in it.
    Thank you Sherry.
    *Ben Bertolucci*
    Like the Gunshop Owner, this dude's also perfectly 
    represented as the nosey 'Are you looking at me?' 
    Italian American press reporter.
    Ben has the accent, the pizzaz and style to make it in
    any Godfather movie, so my two cents say that's where
    this character's supposed to be and most certainly not
    in Raccoon City's underground jailhouse.
    Walk with me; Ben knows all about Chief Iron's malprac-
    tices and the G-Virus. He is aware that hell will break
    loose in Raccoon City, zombies and everything. Now how
    would you proceed if you were a reporter and had all 
    that knowledge?
    Leave the city and expose the truth to the entire world?
    Nah... too easy.
    Go to the Police Department -where the man you wish to
    expose works- and lock yourself in -right in the middle
    of all biohazardous violence-?
    Yes, that's the logical way to proceed. How could I've
    ever doubted Ben's decision? :)
    No offense Capcom, But you could've done much better 
    than this poor excuse for a subplot. Something like...
    *Chief Irons*
    THIS is the *man*! Again, Chief Irons is nothing
    more than a stereotype; but this one's so brilliant 
    that you simply *have* to like the guy :)
    In short, Chief Irons plays the evil, twisted and insane
    sociopath of the game and boy does he shine! The man 
    doing the voice of the Chief is so excellent, he could
    just as well voice any cartoon villain like Kingpin, 
    Magneto etc... if he isn't doing that already.
    Now don't get me wrong, Irons is just as much a 1D 
    character as the rest, but the vocalist is doing his job
    with so much enthusiasm, it's funny.
    The Chief has to be heard to be believed, and I'm sure
    you'll agree once you checked him out. He's the only 
    reason why the Resident Evil 2 addicts out there play 
    the otherwise daft Claire Missions :)
    Now to introduce the rest of the Birkin family:
    *Annette Birkin*
    Another great character and matching superb vocal 
    artist. Annette is a scientist, a strong woman that
    can very well handle matters on her own and that's
    The way she talks to possible enemies -I'd almost call
    it hissing :)- makes her look mean, but mention "Sherry"
    (her Kryptonite) and she'll open up to become the
    worried, caring mother.
    Gets points up from me for calling Leon "gullible" and
    laughing at him. Go tell him, Annette, the truth never 
    hurts! :)
    *William Birkin*
    Not quite talkative, but more than makes up for it by
    undergoing a spectacular series of transformations from
    a humanoid superbeing to some kind of kiddy ooze with
    tentacles and teeth on.
    It's fun blasting him into smithereens every time, then 
    watch him come back with an extra set of muscles, fangs,
    arms/claws and teeth :)
    In the end I reckon he must've been pretty crazy, injec-
    ting the G-Virus into your body knowing that that'll 
    mean losing your human intelligence (delicate choice for
    a scientist) and family (an even more delicate choice
    for anyone).
    "Let's see, I can either wait for Annette to treat me or
    inject this here into my body and *go smash things*..."
    Okay, that's about it for the characters. I hope you
    liked the appetizers, let's proceed to the main course...
    4  Walkthrough
    Boot your Leon CD, select "New Game" and "Normal" 
    (Easy and Auto Aim are for wimps, btw) to unleash...
    Leon Mission A!
    (Btw, you can skip all FMV sequences by holding down
     the START button. Be patient as the skip only triggers
     after a few seconds (at least for the PAL version))
    Didn't expect rotting corpses, brainless zombies and
    Claire Redfield on day one as a cop, now did you?
    Well, now that you're stuck with her, might as well
    make the best of it. At least that burning truck has
    split you apart for a while...
    *Outside the Police Department*
    As you finally gain control of Leon after a massive
    intro sequence (alas no real actors :(), you find your-
    self surrounded by a lot of zombies. But as there's
    loads of distance between you and them, you can easily
    warp around them to the nearest exit, the Kendo Gunshop.
    Some mathematics as you whizz past'em: "2, 3.. 4.. 5..
    six zombies. I've got 18 bullets, a zombie requires
    about six bullets.. hmm... nope, can't waste'em all,
    so I'll just ignore the lot."
    Inside the shop, you spot loads of ammo and health,
    but as you move in to scavenge the goods, fatty Gunshop
    Owner stops you. Having gained much experience with
    zombie customers lately, he kindly enquires about name
    and purpose of visit, following the motto "if it 
    speaks not, toast it". 
    Luckily Leon did learn to speak in the sixth grade. The 
    Shop Owner, glad to see a real customer again, closes 
    the door (you're gonna BUY, matey!), then indulges
    himself in some chit-chat. After that, Leon can check
    out the shop, but unfortunately for us, there's nothing
    interesting, so just exit through the back door.
    Out in the small back alley, Leon only needs to run a 
    few yards only to hear the Shop window breaking and
    the Owner crying out in despair, followed by a silent
    "Come again!". Then nothing. Oh well, one Gunshop less
    in the world :)
    Running further after this incident, Leon spots 4 
    zombies enjoying a rather fun game of 2-on-2 basketball.
    Michael "Brains!" Jordan's just about to score, so let's
    not bother them, shall we?
    But as you run a bit further, you perceive a noise from
    the back. The 4 zombies decided that lunch was more 
    important than b-ball, so they opened the gate that
    kept Leon safe. Btw, be prepared for the occasional
    gate-slamming before this cutscene. Yep, it eats seconds.
    Yep, you can't do a thing about it.
    Anyway, once the magic happens, turn back and *get bitten
    by the first zombie*. Yes, you read right. Wait, I'll
    repeat: *get bitten by the first zombie*. When you do, 
    Leon will hurl the assailant away and drop the second
    zombie in the process. Two birds with one stone, as
    they say.
    Now hop forward to the gate entrance and pelt the third
    b-baller until he drops (2-3 shots). By the time the other 
    2 undeads get up you'll be long gone, avoiding the fourth 
    zombie which usually stands motionless at the end of the 
    b-ball court (must be Shaquille "Mwoarh" O'peel ;).
    After exiting through the other gate, run forward, up
    the stairs and down the stairs, then up the crate. Stay
    left, and drop off - the female zombie decides she won't
    bother you if you do. Glue Leon onto the wall on your 
    left and run along it. After evading a third zombie,
    stop once the camera angle changes. Use your own judgement
    on how to negate the fourth zombie, then do it.
    Curl around the truck you're seeing, then run along the
    road, ignoring the pack of feasting zombies on the 
    ground. They'll get up once you pass them but that's 
    okay, by the time they start to move you'll already
    have exited through the busdoor at end of the road.
    Inside the bus, enjoy the cool change of music and walk
    forwards until you can see the female crawling zombie
    on the floor. Shoot her until she's dead (3-5 shots), then 
    shoot the oncoming walking zombie until he drops down
    (2-3 shots). With him out of the way, run up to the driver 
    (although he won't be collecting the fair today) and exit.
    Outside the bus comes a tricky part. There are six 
    zombies positioned on the street and in such a way that
    it's hard to avoid them all. Just run and try to avoid
    them as well as you can until you reach the gate exit
    on the other end of the street.
    As a general pointer, try to go 'through the middle'. 
    It's hard to describe in words, but the zombies are 
    more or less along the edges of the area, thus 'going
    through the middle' is a good idea. Practice the area
    a few times until you manage to reliably get through 
    without taking a bite.
    Now having entered the gate, it's nice to look back 
    and see what you just did. You reached the Police 
    Department without grabbing any ammo.
    This means that you can get the Special Key for some
    interesting clothes changes by merely walking down the
    stairs at the sides of the Station entrance and killing
    the zombie that roams the tunnel (allegedly Brad 
    Vickers, STARS). 
    In the speed department, we just finished this part of
    the game as fast as possible, since we didn't pick 
    anything up. Check your watch, if it says 4 minutes
    you're on your way to 1:15.
    As an added bonus, there won't be any blocking zombies 
    towards the entrance, so we can clear this path quicker 
    than normal, too!
    Now as this walkthrough's about speed, we're not wasting
    time on obtaining the Special Key. Just turn to Leon's
    right and run to the double doors, entering the...
    *Police Department*
    Savour the nice music theme -here's the only place 
    you get to hear it- as Leon enters the Main Hall. 
    It's phwopping colossal (but not even close to the
    clocktower theme in RE3).
    The centerpiece is a cool Greek woman statue, behind it
    a computer desk. Forgetting the main entrance (which we
    won't use anymore), there are three doors. Two of them
    are locked, so swiftly enter the one that's open, namely
    the second door to Leon's left.
    Inside you'll find the Dying Cop moaning along. Touched
    by his suffering, Leon runs forward to aid him and after
    some dry humor and more moaning, the Cop hands him a
    Blue Keycard in order to aid him rescuing any survivors.
    After that, Leon has a choice: leave the room or swallow
    a bullet courtesy of Dying Cop.
    Leon goes for the first option, albeit promising to be
    back later. He finds himself back in the Main Hall, the
    door behind him firmly locked. Onto the computer desk,
    where you'll find a box of 30 bullets as you turn 
    around. needless to say, this is a must-have.
    Here, use the activated computer (with the blinking 
    monitor) and it will ask you if you'd like to use the 
    keycard. Of course you confirm and after some unlocking
    you can move on (don't forget to press X after usage :).
    Now go through the double doors at the side of Dying 
    Cop's room.
    In this Office Room, the music stops. Grizzly innit? 
    Anyway, quickly run behind the screens, where you can 
    find a door. Enter it and don't be afraid of the ugly 
    brown pixel mess that just passed along the window.
    In this corridor, again no music. Only the occasional
    dripping of... blood? Oil? Donut jelly? This is spooky.
    Run along the turn to find a beheaded policeman. Yes, 
    he carries bullets, but you won't be needing them.
    Moving on there's a locked door to your left, ignore it
    for now, we'll come back to it laterjust keep going
    ...a licker drops from the ceiling. Judging from the 
    sound it makes I don't think it'll invite Leon for tea.
    As you need your precious ammo elswhere, curb around him
    ignoring the Green Herb on the right. Just exit.
    Here, take a small pause... wow, this background music's
    the bomb! Coming back to earth, run along this Green
    Corridor and enter the first pair of doors you come 
    Inside is what seems to be the police's ready room. Run
    to the back through an opening in the vicinity of the
    speaker's desk until you stumble across a Fireplace.
    Use the Lighter on the painting above the Fireplace and
    watch a shiny Red Jewel roll out. Pick it up and exit
    back to the Green Corridor, where you continue on to the
    next door, which give access to the Waiting Room.
    Here you're merrily greeted by four humans who aren't
    infected by the G-Virus. Instead, they turned into zom-
    bies due to reading the same five issues of Vogue over
    and over again. As you're a police officer, they want
    revenge for their endless waiting and suffering.
    Unfortunately, we're not letting them have any. Curl left
    and go through the middle of two practically stationary
    zombies to reach the staircase. It's *that* easy and 
    fast, too. Go up and face...
    Puzzle Time. Three statues, one in the middle, holding 
    another of those strange Red Jewels, two more on each
    side. Two Markings on the floor that mysteriously match
    the base size of the two side statues. Now what must you
    Ding! Place two side statues on markings? 
    Yes, but now something trickier: which statue on what
    Hmm.. that's harder, huh? Well, the solution lies in the
    inscription on the middle statue. It tells you to place
    the right statue on the marking to the left and the left
    statue on the right marking, in such a way that the
    heads on the side statues both look at the middle
    statue. After that, the Red Jewel's yours.
    Clock: 10 minutes. 
    Exit through the only door that opens (the other one's 
    blocked from the other side). You're inside a corridor 
    and no music (which means bad news anytime it happens), 
    except the shuffling of some feet. Three cop zombies 
    For now, ignore them and run directly to the first door
    you see. You've reached the STARS room where you can
    have a laugh at Barry's fake gun, Jill's crummy boy-
    friend and so on. What grabs your attention the most,
    however, is Chris's Diary. Take it, read and file it, 
    after which you'll be able to get the Unicorn Medallion.
    Hint: you don't have to actually *read* the document.
    Press the Cancel button twice to get the whole deal out
    of the way.
    Once that's done, you hear the door close. What? Zombie?
    Licker? Elvis? Oh, it's Claire.
    Using the limited resources he posesses, Leon informs 
    her about what he just read in Chris's Diary. Seemingly
    disturbed, Claire bows her head, but Leon's got a making
    up present; a portable radio, which can be used to 
    transmit messages. After that, control goes back to 
    you. Now go to the locker right of the radio equipment
    and open it to find the.. SHOTGUN. Oh baby.
    Exit the room and go all the way back to the Office Room.
    At the waiting area with the 4 zombies, simply wait for
    the single blocker zombie to walk a few steps, then curl
    around him to hit the exit. The Licker shouldn't be a 
    problem (if it is, go directly to jail).
    Proceed to the Main Hall in front of the Greek statue. 
    Use the Unicorn Medallion to unveil the secret Spade Key. 
    Take it and proceed to the Licker Corridor beyond the 
    Office Room. Remember the locked door? Well, now we can 
    unlock, so run to it avoiding the Licker as good as you 
    A good way of doing this is to run up to the corner wall
    on the right and suddenly halt for a second, turning Leon
    left. The activated Licker will do lots of things except 
    hitting or even seeing him, so use this to make a short 
    curb, straight into the door you want to unlock with the 
    Spade Key. Enter before Lickey gets a rebound.
    You've entered the police's file cabinet. Zoom around
    the files to find a steprack. Push it all the way to-
    wards a smaller cabinet, then step up to find a...
    CRANK?! Oh god, not *those* things again! Grumble a bit,
    then take it and go back to the Licker, avoid him,
    which is easy now as he comes dropping down and needs
    time to recover.
    Clock: 15 minutes.
    Go all the way up to the corridor containing the STARS 
    room. Evade the cop zombies by luring them to one side 
    of the hallway, then pass them along the other side. 
    Around the corner lies a door which you can unlock using 
    the Spade Key. Discard it afterwards and enter.
    Another corridor, this time filled with cop zombies that
    are feasting over fresh prey. There are two ways you can
    go; one straight up, another to your right. Take the
    last option and go right, as the way straight up is a 
    dead end, forcing you to shoot all zombies, thus wasting
    a lot of precious ammo. But now you head for a nice 
    door, so enter it before the undead get to you.
    Hmmm... such sweet music. This is the Library all right,
    and superb it looks, too. For now however, we're not
    spending too much time in here. Ignore the stairs and
    run until you reach double doors. Exit to Main Hall, 
    1st floor.
    Here you have to run through a very small tileway to
    the other side of the Main Hall. Evade the first zombie
    close to you and shoot the second one on your path until
    he drops down. March all over him, then finally kill
    the remaining two zombies. You should be very low on 
    bullets now (should you run out of bullets, don't
    hesitate to use the Shotgun). Enter the door.
    Remember the tune you're hearing now; it stands for 
    Safety, as you're now in a real Save Room, which is 
    entirely baddy-free. Use the Storage Box to ditch the 
    Crank and Combat Knife, then exit through the opposite 
    door, ignoring all the sparkly objects in the room.
    In this Heli Corridor you can make out that something's
    burning. Unfortunately a zombie's blocking the direction 
    the sound came from and as you're low on bullets it's
    wiser to go to the door close to you. Here you
    enter the...
    Raven Corridor! Hitchcock's favorite pets, and they're 
    all present in this hallway. Just run along, ignoring 
    the first door you see. Run as fast as you can to the
    second exit, for the crows'll be storming through the 
    windows to get you.
    After exiting you're on a huge Heliport. Now you can see
    what's burning: a large crashed chopper. Run along 'til
    you spot some stairs; go down those.
    Once you're down, wait. You see a female zombie tracking 
    you. Behind her is a male zombie, which you want closing
    in on your left. When he does, curl around the duo. Be 
    careful: two more zombies await around the corner. Those 
    are easier to avoid, so march to the door and go in.
    In this machinery room, walk towards the opposing door
    (but NEVER open it unless you want a nice surprise), 
    then go right to a small desk. On the desk are some 
    bullets and on the ground is a Valve Handle. Take the
    Handle and proceed all the way back to the Heliport, 
    avoiding zombies and such.
    In the Heliport, behind a grating close to the door, you
    find a valve opening controlling Water Tank Pressure.
    Use the Valve Handle to rupture the water Tank, extin-
    guishing the fire consuming the chopper. 
    Clock: 20 minutes.
    Go back to the Heli Corridor before the Save Room (the 
    crows inside the Raven Corridor shouldn't be a problem 
    Take out the two zombies haunting the corridor only to 
    find the burnt-out Heli wreck and two doors. One of them 
    is entirely blocked by the wreckage and is of no importance 
    to you, so enter the other one into some kind of attic.
    Move to the back of the attic where there is a large
    statue surrounded by two female plaques. Place one Red 
    Jewel into the plaque on the right, then pick up the 
    Diamond Key. Place the second Red Jewel into the other 
    plaque and grab the King Plug.
    Return to the 1st floor save room and open the safe box.
    We're going to access it only twice during this game. At
    this point, your inventory should look like this:
    Handgun (with 10+ bullets)
    Shotgun (5 shells)
    Combat Knife
    Diamond Key
    King Plug
    Valve Handle
    Goes into the safe box:
    Combat Knife
    Valve Handle
    Thus you inventory now is:
    Shotgun (5 shells)
    Diamond Key
    King Plug
    Okay. Now return to Main Hall, 1st floor.
    Run up to the middle of the room, where you can find an
    emergency ladder (don't worry about the oncoming 
    zombie). Activate the ladder and go down, proceeding
    for the third time to the Waiting Room (meet Lickey yet
    again :). There, go straight up and unlock the grey
    door using the Diamond Key. Arm your Shotgun and enter...
    This room is tricky as it's stacked with cop zombies.
    Just stand your ground, aim the Shotgun up and turn
    a bit to Leon's right. Then wait until two zombies are
    close and shoot, repeating this until the room is 
    cleaned. Check the drawers for some extra Shotgun 
    shells, then unlock and enter the door for some real
    Note: there's a riskier way of handling this room and
    that's to just aim forward and shoot twice. 60% of the
    time, the three blocker zombies will die and you can 
    proceed as usual and gain 5-6 seconds. 40% of the time,
    a decked zombie will footbite you, allowing the trailer
    zombie to get a free bite. Not good. 
    Since we're not using health items, I don't recommend 
    the tactic, however, 60% of the time it's faster. For 
    the hardcore amongst us *grin*.
    First of all, this music sounds VERY familiar. Where
    was it played before.. ah yes, the Dying Cop scene!
    So you're in that same room, where you got locked out
    at first. Proceed onwards until you see a corpse lying 
    on the floor. Go into the room the corpse is 
    In this room you find Dying Cop. Thank god, he's still 
    okay, you think and rush up to him, but.. what's that?
    Dying Cop gets back up (and you thought he was 
    crippled..) and transforms into a zombie! Not a quite
    appetising sight, then the blighter's attacking you!
    Well, you're still carrying a Shotgun, so waste the
    sucker. As you recover from the scare, you notice ano-
    ther sparkly object. It's the Heart Key. Take it and
    and exit to the Main Hall, as you're now able to unlock
    the door.
    Clock: 25 minutes.
    Now go to that one door you still haven't entered yet;
    it's the door near the outside entrance. As you enter
    and walk on, you perceive a pack of zombies approaching.
    Luckily there's a door to the left. Open it, and be 
    greeted by two zombies closeby. Evade them as follows:
    there's a large table to the left of the screen - one
    side has lotsa moving cop zombies, the other one sleeper
    zombie. Now which side will you take? I'll leave that
    decision of cosmic importance up to you.
    Move further to the back for some sort of "rear 
    corridor". This corridor has two doors, of which one
    can be unlocked via the Heart Key. Go through that
    door and marvel upon the sight of two Green Herbs, which
    we're not going to use. 
    Go further down the hallway (see the broken windows? 
    Now *that's* scary :) until you reach some eery-
    looking stairs. Go down...
    Brr.. spooky music. Run down the left side of the alley 
    at top speed and turn to the right, avoiding the charging 
    dogs. Keep running until you reach the door at the end 
    of the line. Go in unless you're a dog person. Leon is 
    *not* a dog person :)
    You've reached the Police's parking lot. Many cars are
    displayed, but somehow Leon's not in the mood of using
    any to escape. Keep on running until you get halted by
    a gunshot. Who did that?
    "A pair of black shoes, no, stockings, looonnng legs,
    a red dress, ooh, a face! And boy, she's cute", goes 
    through Leon's mind, but poor'ol Leon's so gobsmacked 
    that he can only say "Who are you?". As she replies 
    "Ada Wong", he must've been melting. Hot.
    Anyway, after some crap chat, which Leon obviously buys
    ("I'm searching for my boyfriend and for that, I risk
    my life in a zombie slugfest"), Ada asks for some help.
    How could Leon possibly refuse that, so he moves the
    big police van together with her to unveil the entrance
    to the station's Jail House. Enter and watch Ada zip
    away from you for the first time. Gallant as you are, you
    follow her all the way down the corridor until you reach
    a grating. Go in.
    How nice, a cellblock. Run up until the computer takes
    over, introducing Ben Bertolucci. After some small talk,
    which gets joined by Ada later on, Leon informs Ben that
    he's the only cop alive in the building. Ben startles,
    knowing that he has to join Leon in order to escape and
    live, not a pleasant thought. He spills the beans and
    informs Leon where he can reach the sewers. For someone
    who isn't a cop, Ben knows the building really well, but
    who's complaining about storyline hickups? :)
    Clock: 30 minutes.
    Once you regain control of the Last of the Raccoon
    Police, grab the Manhole Opener displayed in the 
    cupboard and get on out. In the Jail Corridor, retrace 
    your steps until you reach a door. Enter it and don't be
    frightened by the strange noises you're hearing. It's 
    just a couple of dogs, safely locked inside their cages. 
    As long as you don't go to the Red Herb, they won't 
    break loose.
    So just head for the manhole and use the Manhole Opener.
    Descend down the now-exposed ladder. Bleargh! You're
    standing with your feet in the city's sewage. Well, now
    that you're dirty, you might as well continue, so run
    through the dark and small corridor. Two Spiders await
    you, so try to evade them as well as you can. Run up the
    stairs at the end of the corridor.
    Note: be extra careful here, the Spiders have a poison 
    attack and there's only one Blue Herb around. We're 
    going to see this corridor 3 times total, so you do the
    Back on solid concrete, run up to the second door you 
    see. Enter it, but immediately exit again. This way you
    triggered a computer sequence where Ada returns. She's 
    looking for a way to proceed further and with Leon's 
    help she manages to climb into a ventilation shaft. As
    she drops down on the other side, you gain control of
    After Leon's sluggish control, taste some Ada speed! 
    Even in Caution Mode she's faster than him or any living
    object, actually. Go through the door and avoid the dogs
    that desperately try to find a target :)
    In this area, there are two possible exits apart from
    the door you entered through, one, another door, two, a 
    corridor that gives access to a lift. Go for the door.
    You're now in some kind of sewage processing unit. In
    front of you is a control panel, but you're not using
    that yet. Run to the left of the panel and keep descen-
    ding 'stairs' until you're on the bottom in which 3 
    crates lie scattered around. There's one loose crate 
    and two in contact. 
    Go to the contact crates and jump into the hole they 
    form. Push the far right crate until you can bring the
    left one to the same level. Then push in the loose crate
    so that you've created a crate walkway. You don't need
    to push these crates in all the way - just make sure Ada
    can walk over'em later on.
    Now go back up to the control panel and activate it. 
    Water gets pumped in, making the crate walkway rise up.
    You can now guide Ada over the walkway to reach a small
    cupboard. Inside the cupboard lies the fourth and final
    key, the Club Key. Take it and go all the way back
    to the ventilation hole, where Leon's waiting.
    Clock: 35 minutes.
    Ada will now toss the Key over to Leon, after which she
    says goodbye yet again, as she can't get back to him.
    Now control sadly goes back to Leon (after you've tasted
    Ada's speed, Leon seems to move like a Russian tank).
    Pick up the Club Key and go all the way back to the 
    corridor that once hosted Doggies.
    Now there are two Lickers. Not good. So here's what you
    WALK until the first corner. You'll see a Licker who 
    apparently doesn't see you. Storm past him into the red
    double doors for a quick exit/reentry. Leon now stands
    in the middle of two unactivated Lickers, who seem to
    be on patrol.
    WALK to the second Licker guarding the Autopsy Room. Sneak
    up behind him until you can use the Club Key to unlock it,
    then dash to the staircase for a quick exit. 
    This tactic works 100%, but might be a bit sluggish. You
    can always try the 'run like hell' technique, but I guaran-
    tee you'll be hit right into Caution mode, and that ain't
    a good idea. So use the above, okay?
    Once you're up the stairs, have a look at the door
    behind it. You can now unlock it with the Club Key,
    so do just that and go in. Search the lockers until you
    find a batch of Shotgun Shells. Take it, then go to the
    back of the room where there lies a dead cop. On the
    small dresser you find the Magnum. This is the most
    important object of the entire game. Wait and see :)
    Exit this room and proceed back through the corridor,
    through the office with the big table and sleeper zombie,
    then open the double doors at the end. This is the place 
    with the stack of zombies you fled from, remember? Well, 
    now it's beheadin' time.
    Arm the Shotgun and take out the 6 zombies (aim up and 
    shoot two or three per shell). Go all the way down the 
    corridor until you've reached a door you haven't seen 
    before. Enter.
    Yet another corridor, featuring 4 zombies. Toast them
    with the Shotgun, then use and discard the Diamond Key
    on the first door you see.
    Inside is an interrogation room with a big mirror and
    NO music. So what you expect is a large critter, say, a
    Licker, to burst out of the mirror. And indeed, once
    you've picked up the Rook Plug from a rack at the end
    of the room and run back, Lickey comes a-jumpin'. Don't
    pay attention to this sucker, just exit through the
    Then skip the following door, until you reach the one
    at the very end of the hallway. Unlock it with the 
    Club Key and go in. 
    In this room, the police staff must've held press con-
    ferences. Go to the back where you can see 3 female
    plaques and a green furnace. Use the Zippo(tm)Lighter on
    the furnace, which starts burning. Then light the 3
    busts in following sequence: 
    first the middle plaque (12)
    then the most right plaque (13)
    finally the left plaque (11)
    If you did it right, you should see a Cogwheel falling
    off a picture. Pick it up and exit, you should have one
    inventory slot left. Now go to the Main Hall. Move
    up the emergency ladder and don't be surprised by the 
    Licker right in front of you. Ignore him and take a left
    to the Library.
    Hmm, that cool tune again... but what's that? As you 
    take a few steps, you clearly hear glass breaking all
    over the precinct. In a little sequence the horror be-
    comes evident to you... the zombies are on the attack!
    They're pouring out everywhere; but have no fear, for 
    you're never going back to the rooms they've invaded :)
    Anyway, go up the stairs this time, then keep on 
    following the books, ignoring the door to Leon's right. 
    Once you're far enough, you'll fall down in to a 
    previously blocked area. run forward until you get to a 
    glowing button. Press it to move a bookshelf after which
    you can get out. Now go to the two most left bookshelfs 
    (of those that are lit) and press "right" on both of 
    them. A secret display box should  open, containing the 
    Bishop Plug. 
    After taking it, go up the stairs again, but this time
    go through the door you first ignored.
    Clock: 45 minutes.
    You're now in Main Hall, 2nd floor. There's only one 
    door left to take here, so go for it. You've entered the
    clock tower. Wind right and use the Crank on the square
    hole. A hidden stairway should come squeaking down. 
    March on up and run along the smal pathway until you
    get to a set of large cogwheels. Add your Cogwheel, then
    activate the machinery. A metal plate should move aside,
    giving you the Knight Plug. As you take it, a chute 
    uncovers, so jump down.
    After a frantic glide down, you find yourself in the 
    Jail Corridor. Then, suddenly, you hear Ben crying
    for help. Zombies? No, far worse, William Birkin
    stopped by for a word or two, shoving junkfood through
    Ben's mouth.
    Let Leon charge up to Ben's jail, only to find him near 
    death on the floor. He reveils some details on the evil 
    mastermind Chief Irons and his connection to an even 
    more twisted William Birkin. You're ordered to get rid
    of the scum, but then the junkfood is really coming
    through. Ben rises to throw up the lot, but then the
    food decides to take a less customary path through his 
    chest. Junkfood with an aftertaste. Cool.
    After Ben's demise, Ada drops by, only to leave again
    after you've briefed her (double-cancel the text). As 
    she's heading to the Umbrella plant and as there's 
    nothing left for you to do in the Precinct, you might as 
    well follow her. So go to the dog kennel with the manhole, 
    have a word with the spiders again and go up the metal 
    Proceed to the room you previously entered and exited to 
    get the Ada sequence. This time you'll have a pleasant
    meeting with Mr. Junkfood. As you observe how something
    that looks like a McRib transforms into a hideous 
    bug-spitting monster you realise that the first boss-
    fight is coming up. So load up the Magnum and let rip!
    This boss is real easy; just stand your ground and blast
    7 shells into his direction. You'll know he's dead when 
    the bossmusic stops. Shake off any bugs that leeched onto
    Leon, and run forwards (ignoring the remaining bugs) until 
    you see a chessboard on the wall. Now put in all plugs.
    As the electronic lock slides open you meditate about
    what you've done up to now. "Wow, ", you ponder, "so
    you have to do all *this* just to get to the sewers.
    Being a sewage worker in this town is *nuts* !
    But also, what if you want to get from the sewers to the
    precinct...?" :) 
    But now it's time to get back to reality, or rather, 
    the game. Check your watch: you should be at 51 minutes.
    Good. That leaves you about 39 minutes of playing time
    for the final sections.
    *Raccoon Sewers*
    March towards the stairs. Halfway, the computer will
    interrupt you as Leon hears a suspicious noise. Turns
    out to be Ada dropping from a higher-lying canvas.
    Leon joins her and starts talking rant about being 
    irresponsable, reckless etc. Ada agrees to follow him;
    for now.
    Proceed through various boring sewer tunnels until you
    reach a new Save Room, with a lift installed in the
    back. Go to the safe box one last time to retrieve the
    Valve Handle and the loaded Handgun. Your inventory 
    now pretty much looks like this:
    Shotgun (2-3 shells left)
    Shells  (7 pieces)
    Handgun (10+ bullets)
    Magnum  (1 bullet)
    Valve Handle
    Use the lift to go down, after which another 
    computer sequence jilts into action. Meet Annette.
    The female researcher figure shrugs back, then decides 
    to run away. Annette, reckless and irresponsable as she 
    is, follows her; only to meet some lead. She would've
    eaten it too, if there wasn't a heroic Leon jumping to
    the rescue and taking the heat. "Such bravery must be
    paid by leaving him alone", Ada thinks and she decides
    to go after Annette. You regain control of Ada.
    Follow Annette all the way down the tunnel, sewer 
    corridor and up a ladder. Ignore the superfast bugs who
    look like slugs in comparison to Ada, then descend the
    ladder. After some extra running, a gunshot flings 
    Ada's weapon from her hand (ouch). Pretty nice shooting
    from Annette there.
    In the following sequence we see Annette telling the 
    entire story behind the G-virus. She's not worried about
    spilling the secret as she's intent on killing Ada 
    afterwards. Of course Ada won't sit there like a duck 
    and a catfight ensues, with Annette as the sore loser,
    falling down for a nice sewer bath.
    You can then move Ada again, so wind to her left to
    guide her to the ladder at the end of the road. Go down
    the ladder where Ada's in for a nice treat...
    Unfortunately, the computer almost immediately switches
    to Leon, so you can't you see what's in store for her.
    With Leon activated, go to the end of the tunnel and
    enter the door.
    Crouch down to get full sewer exposure, then, instead of
    going to the ladder (where Ada went), go the opposite
    direction and exit through the gate door, avoiding the
    big spiders. In the next room, keep on avoiding, then
    climb up to the set of double doors. Enter and smell...
    Yet more sewage! Follow the beaten track until you see
    a red light. Use the Valve Handle in the hole close to
    that light. A pathbeam should be hovering down. March
    over it to the other side, where you can see a green
    light. Again use the Valve Handle to rotate the pathbeam
    back up. Now pick up both Green Herbs and the Shotgun 
    Shells. Go through the door (as if you had another
    Here there's no music, and we all know what that means.
    Just run down this huge sewer pathway until the computer
    takes over in a massive sequence, where Ada's fighting
    off a huge crocodile, which turns to Leon the moment he
    spots him.
    Once you get back into control, retreat as fast as you
    can down the pathway until you spot a red light against
    the wall. Go to that light, then start pressing X like a
    maniac until a pressure tank drops down.
    Now patiently wait as croccy takes the pressure tank in 
    his mouth. Then, carefully aim at the croc and grin 
    insanely as you waste him entirely (Big Jawsy Style :).
    Run back to the end of the pathway. Unlock the doors
    pressing the red-green control light and step into...
    More sewage! Rahh... oh well, at least there's Ada, so
    run up to her. The computer takes control again and this
    time Ada's a lot friendlier than usual (I guess she just
    saw her white knight in shining armor; in reality, she
    saw a blue babyface cop in a blooded bulletproof vest,
    but hey, who cares about trivia). She takes care of Leon,
    fully restoring his health (oh yeah, one zombie bite offa
    Leon, wicked) and agrees to become partners, more or less. 
    Then it's back to you as master of the puppet Leon.
    Run along the little pathway, pathbeam safely locked 
    into place, now turn left to go up a bit. Here you'll
    find the Eagle Medal close to a dead sewage worker. 
    Moving back, go to the big fan (where Ada came out
    of as she pursued Annette) and use the Valve Handle for
    the last time. Go up the ladder and through the fan
    tunnel, then down the ladder for some more sewage 
    splashy fun.
    This time, turn to Leon's right to find a small alcove
    where two dead Umbrella agents rest in peace. Search the
    agent on the right for the Wolf Medal, then proceed to
    the gate door, but hold on... now there're zombies here
    instead of spiders... as if those weenies are going to
    block you...
    Beyond the gate door all is still the same. Two useless
    spiders 'guard' the room, so just run along the stream
    until you get to a small electric box (red light bur-
    ning). Plug in both Medals to stop the waterfall
    previously barring an entrance. Go through...
    *Umbrella Factory*
    Walk down corridors and go through doors until you can't
    go any further. Chances are, you're looking at a cool
    Sky Tram. To your right is a small path; there you find
    the Tram's controls, so activate the lot and enter the
    Tram on the other side. As you go for a ride you'll be
    the victim of a small subgame...
    William has grown himself a huge claw arm and now he's
    showing it off to Leon and Ada by peircing through
    the Sky Tram's ceiling. What you need to do is very
    simple: Stand under a piece of ceiling that hasn't been
    peirced yet and wait for some dustclouds to fall down,
    then walk to another piece of unpeirced ceiling, avoi-
    ding William's big claws. Shoot once for immediate 
    retraction of the claw, speeding the sequence.
    Lather, rinse, repeat until finally Ada takes over and 
    shoots the arm into shreds. Not bad for someone who's
    merely "John's boyfriend", but Leon still believes the
    muck, so who are we to bring him back to earth?
    As you exit the skytram, turn to Leon's left and walk to
    a balcony with a flare gun to the left. Use the
    Zippo(tm)Lighter to ignite it and as the flare lights
    the entire place, you spot something shimmering to the
    right. Take it, it's a Weapon Storage Key which'll prove
    mighty handy later on.
    Now go further to the door at the back of the room and
    Woo-yaw! This is *stunning* music! Pity it only lasts
    for a few corridors, really. Anyway, run down the corri-
    dor, then turn to Leon's left and exit for another 
    corridor, where you again turn to Leon's left to find a
    ladder exit. Use the shotgun to clear out anything that
    even vaguely wants to stop you, let Ada handle the rest,
    her shooting is superior to yours :)
    Up the ladder, a new tune begins, which is imo the best
    tune on the entire CD. In this room you find some 
    Shotgun Shells and Magnum Rounds. Take the rounds, not
    the shells. Yes, I know it's very tempting to ditch the 
    near-empty Handgun and redundant Valve Handle, but let's 
    not waste any time on that.
    Clock: 1:10.
    Now exit the room which gives way to a huge hangar. Turn
    to Leon's right and run, run, run. You eventually reach
    a giant Elevator Machine. Go inside the Machine and 
    pick up some extra Magnum Rounds near the toilet (or
    broom closet, dunno for sure :P). Walk on for a sparkly
    object, namely an Activation Key. Go outside again and 
    use the Activation Key to fire up the Elevator.
    As they're going down, Leon seems intent on spending a 
    comfy 15 minutes with Ada. Unluckily, William's claw arm
    is out for revenge. It peirces through the side wall of
    the Elevator this time, dangerously slicing Ada. Now
    Leon gets furious. This G-virus mutation is going to
    suffer some serious hernia. 
    As you walk outside the Machine, arm the Magnum. Shortly
    after, a big rod is thrown violently at you. As you turn
    around, you see William Birkin, hideously deformed.
    "All right MR. Birkin, ", Leon screams, "it's between
    you and me now. You and your ugly face... which gets 
    deflated like a balloon and replaced by an even uglier
    mug. And your claw arm.. which gets bigger with added
    muscles... *gulp* ooh boyyye... nice William.. heel!"
    Of course Mr. Birkin heels, but not as you'd expect it.
    Once he comes down and you regain control, do the 
    following: Run and shoot! Yes, that's it, run about 20
    yards, then shoot twice and run on, before William can
    dice you with his collection of oversized Samurai 
    After 7 or 8 eight rounds, you should notice William
    crouching down, badly hurt. Once that happens, wait
    until he gets back up. One final bullet should finish
    him and the boss music will stop playing. Get back
    inside the lift, for it's still a long way down to...
    *Umbrella Secret Laborotory*
    Check your watch: you should be at 1:13. 17 minutes
    In the following computer sequence, we see Leon carrying
    Ada to the last Save Room of the game. Inside we have a 
    heart-breaking "love sequence", but let's face it; there
    is a mission to fulfill, so soon after, Leon's back
    under your control. It's just not for today (do try out 
    Leon's B Mission for some smoochin' tho'! :).
    Inside the Save Room lies another pack of Magnum Rounds.
    Exit back to the giant hall the Elevator crashed in, and
    head for the slide-door to Leon's right. Go in.
    We're now inside the Generator Hall. Here the road 
    splits in two, one side marked with blue neonlights,
    the other with red neons. Follow the Blue Neonlight
    Road to another slide door. Guess what you have to do
    Here, proceed to the only unlocked set of doors in the
    room. It's easily recognised by the ice surrounding the
    entire thing. As you open the doors, you feel an incre-
    dible chill... hardly surprising, you've entered an
    area where they conducted superlow temperature 
    Bend around the corner and seek out the Fuse Case, a
    long black cilindrical structure (yawza! double-talk
    ahoy! ;). Once you have it, go to the active computer
    and use the Case. 
    You should now see a cool sequence where a withered 
    robot-arm places a fuse in the Fuse Case. Every home
    should have one of these little toys, it's the max :)
    Pick up the Fuse Case and run back to the center of the
    Generator Hall. Plug the Fuse Case into the central
    generator (you should get a small computer sequence
    for this), then follow the Red Neon Road through a 
    Run forwards until you hit a shutter switch. An 
    interlock opens up, unveiling two Plants, ready for the 
    attack. Be smart and exit/reenter so that the Plants
    appear on their default positions, making it incredibly
    easy for you to reach the next area.
    There, a Plant's guarding a collection of Green Herbs, 
    but isn't blocking the way you need to follow, so ignore
    him and go straight down the ladder to Leon's right.
    At the bottom of the ladder's a door, so go through it
    for one of the busiest places in the game...
    Super Corridor! I named it as such because from now on, 
    any enemy you meet is a lot stronger than usual. We now
    have Super zombies that require more ammo before they
    leave the world and Super Lickers which are twice as
    as strong and resilient as the ones in the Police
    And in this corridor you're bound to meet one of either
    species. First off are 3 Super Lickers. Two of them are
    already on the floor as you enter the corridor, but a
    third comes crashing down the ceiling after the first 
    turn. Use your Shotgun on these critters, or the Magnum
    if you're in trouble. Four Shells should suffice to take
    a single Licker out, the Magnum only requires three
    rounds. I prefer the Shotgun, as it's spread gives
    you sometimes the opportunity to take out two Licks at
    the same time. Also, we need the Magnum for something
    much bigger.
    Beyond the corridor lies a big octogonal winding road
    with a Storage Box somewhere. Just exit through the door
    at the end of the road. Another corridor, but as the
    road splits, choose left for a set of double doors.
    Through the double doors, you spot a locker with a light
    marking it; this is the Weapon Storage, so use your
    key to unlock it. Inside are Magnum Parts, take them,
    but don't use them yet. We're gonna empty the Magnum 
    first, then use the Parts for a free refill.
    Go through the two following slide doors, taking out
    Super zombies with your shotgun (aim up). Somewhere,
    at the end of this large lab, lies a red Lab Card.
    Take it and go back to Super Corridor. Although you've
    decked all three Super Lickers, a fourth one will 
    tumble off the ceiling. Ignore this one, running around
    Move further back to the Red Neonlight Corridor, where 
    the 2 Plants are. Return to the Blue Neonlight Corridor 
    and unlock the first door you see with the Red Lab Card.
    Inside you find some extra Magnum Rounds. Take them and 
    blast the rogue Super zombie that moves towards you (at
    this point, the Magnum's all we got left). Now walk on 
    to spot a very dark area.
    In front of you there's a light switch, so push it to
    shed some light on four extra Super zombies. Waste them
    and get your hands on the MO Disk which lies somewhere
    on a utility table. Exit and meet Annette.
    Annette's quite mad at you. Not only did you "remodel"
    her loving husband/monster William into paste, but you
    also helped Ada, which turns out to be a corporate spy,
    intent on stealing the G-virus and that just happened
    to be William's legacy.
    Leon still won't believe it. "Nononono, she shoots and 
    runs like hell, but a spy... nooooo..." Annette then
    laughs at his gullibility and pulls the trigger yet
    again. We know what that means, exit Annette as she gets
    crumbled by falling debris. Leon picks up the G-virus
    flask in exchange for his Zippo(tm)Lighter. A bad 
    trade-off if you ask me.
    Go to the Generator Hall and move to the Red Neonlight
    Corridor. You'll be stopped by a still-injured Ada who
    wishes to retrieve the G-virus flask. Finally Leon sees
    the light: "So Annette *was* right!" *sigh*
    After some ging-gang-goolie, a half-dead Annette shoots
    Ada who then drops off the hallway into nothingness.
    Leon goes berserk and throws the G-virus away. Wow, so
    the guy is smart after all...
    Clock: 1:27
    No survivors left, Leon must now get out of the lab, as
    the self-destruct mechanism got activated (by Claire). 
    So let's get going. Move down to Super Corridor and be
    welcomed by 5 naked Super zombies (not that someone gets
    turned on by those guys :). 
    Shoot them all with your Magnum (don't forget to upgrade 
    once it's empty), then place the MO Disk in the computer 
    (spottable through the active monitor) to open up the 
    emergency escape route. 
    Go through the emergency exit. You're now inside a 
    hangar with a lift at the back (note the huge inscription
    on the floor: ELEVATER. There's a Capcom employee out 
    there in dire need of a spellchecker). 
    As you take a few steps, there's a little shock and a nice 
    voice telling that there're five minutes left before the 
    lab desintegrates. Nice.
    Run up to the 'elevater' and activate it pushing the 
    switch to the right.
    All seems well, but after two bleeps a HUGE mutated
    William Birkin crashes down. But you're not afraid.
    You've got the Super Magnum. Here's how you should 
    proceed during the final fight:
    As William poses and growls victory, you regain control
    over Leon. Immediately turn around and run to the back 
    of the lane you're on. Turn around again, aim the 
    Super Magnum and shoot. Three (!) shots are enough.
    Then William undergoes another transformation, where he
    entirely loses his humanoid form and becomes a dog, but
    with 10+ HUGE blades out of his mouth. He's also able
    to perform giant leaps with his powerful legs.
    Exercise EXTREME caution; albeit other editors claim
    differently, this is the most difficult mutation of 
    Mr. Birkin. You better not get hit by him a lot, 
    because he has a combo finisher which takes you from
    yellow Caution to 'You're Dead' in no time.
    He's easy, though, requiring only 6 hits. Stay in the
    central part of the room and watch how he jumps on the
    canvas. He'll do a jump to the other side, then come 
    down, so be ready to evade the ensuing attack.
    When you do, you'll notice how Doggieboy needs a little
    time to get his bearings straight. Plug in another 
    bullet or two. After that, he'll want to attack. Ignore
    and blast a third. Birkin doesn't like this and returns
    to the canvas. Repeat the previous a second time and
    you're home free with about 3:30-3:40 left on the 
    countdown timer. Hah!
    Once Birkin's history and pulverised to a bleeding pulp,
    Run to the elevator. Once you're down, run further and
    enjoy the nice ending sequence...
    *The End*
    Check your watch: it should say 1:30 max, which means you
    just managed to finish RE 2 in 1:15. Now go impress your
    5  Afterthoughts
    With this walkthrough, you'll definately have made an
    A ranking, giving you access to the popular Rocket
    Launcher with infinite ammo. If you ever use it, you'll
    no longer be able to score an A Ranking, so watch out.
    You can now proceed on to Claire's B Mission and if you
    complete it without using Ink Ribbons, Health Sprays or
    special weapons, you'll be given the cool Gatling Gun 
    and the lame Submachine Gun. These things also lower
    your rank, so use them for fungames only. And if you
    think about at least improving your time with one of'em,
    forget it. Times hardly are any better, due to the 
    general framework of the game, which remains as time
    consuming as it is.
    But you'll also get a new character, Hunk. I'm not 
    reviewing the Hunk game however as it's too small and 
    not timebased, so speed isn't of the essence there.
    Finally a note on why I won't review the B missions or
    even Claire's A mission: the key elements are the same
    everywhere and the puzzles don't change, except for
    a few added surprise elements, such as the extra Tyrant
    monster, surprise Lickers, more Williams etc...
    Just incorporate the hints and tips I've written down
    here and you'll soon be doing 1:30 B missions as well.
    Phew, that was a helluva lot of writing, but I enjoyed
    doing it. I hope you dudes liked it and should you be
    in the mood for some extra tips or feedback, please
    contact me via e-mail at 
    See ya around,
    Nadine, Frank, Tim, Tam, Stijn, Inge, Koen, Robrecht, 
    Anke, Bart, Tine, Sofie, Gert, Griet, Geert, Frank 
    Michlick, Frank Glaser, Joerg Kraut, Ives Brabant, Geert 
    Verschueren, Fredrik, Marco, Mikko, Yariv, my former 
    colleague-students at KUL, my fraternities Filii Lamberti 
    and Wina, Ron, JR, Aya Brea, Mermaid, Xbow, Deekay, Jeff, 
    Thomas, Oak, Ryoga, Milk, Zy, everyone at Marvel Unlimited 
    (hey there Ki-Rin, Munin, Eris, Blythe, Breath, Jack, 
    Tigra, Ayden, Lani, Ororo, Thom, couldgoonforawhilehere :) 
    and the forgotten rest...
    Declaration of Copyrights:
    I hereby solemnly declare that everything, from the 
    first to the last character, has been written by me and
    has not been printed earlier by someone else. I take
    full liability for what I've said (So come on with that
    hate-mail, Capcom ;) and keep, as businessmen like to
    say a lot, all rights reserved.
    If you want to publish part or all of this collection of
    sentences and paragraphs, I'd really like to be contac-
    ted first, so I know who or what is using my findings on
    a game as banal as RE 2. I'll usually give my blessing
    afterwards since you were so polite to contact me.
    Finally, a word of warning; this text, besides being
    extremely long, also features a high rant level. Do
    NOT take rants seriously. As an indication, I've put
    smileys after such rants.
    This to avoid being put on the Capcom(tm)Yakuza Kill
    List :) (<- see?)

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