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    Hunk (4th Survivor) Walkthrough by ARedfield

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    RESIDENT EVIL 2 : 4th Survivor Walkthrough
    Copyright August 1999 by A.RedField	
    This document is unpublished work copyright (c) August 1999 by A.RedField 
    Just making sure
    Questions and Comments mail to: Guyver_6@yahoo.com
    (Please do not expect an immediate reply; I don't check my mail every day)
    Resident Evil, Resident Evil 2, RPD, Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redfield, Hunk, Licker, T-103, 
    Tyrant, Umbrella and all other miscellaneous Resident Evil-related persons, places and subjects 
    are all copyright Capcom Co. LTD and Capcom USA, Inc. 
    This FAQ is considered property of A.RedField and CAN be electronically reproduced as long as 
    this and the previous Copyright statements appear in the document along with it. No part of 
    this FAQ is to be cut out, copied or otherwise mimicked; it must appear in it entirety. 
    All that said and done, lets move on!
    Yeah, I know that I'm a bit late to write a walkthrough about Resident Evil 2, a game 
    that came out almost two years ago; but I never really wrote an FAQ before and since RE2 is 
    my all-time favorite game I figured, what the heck. I had beaten all four normal scenarios 
    over and over, but the adventures of Leon and Claire did not really present a challenge to me. 
    I mean, let's face it folks, the first Resident Evil was more difficult than this. But once 
    I had earned the Fourth Survivor scenario, I realized what a challenge really was. Still, with 
    about a few days of practice I eventually conquered it, and with this FAQ you can do the same 
    much easier and quicker. Oh, and just as a starting note, please do not exploit the E-mail
    address provided above in any way. I'll just answer any likely questions here...
    Yes, you can use this FAQ however you like as LONG as it appears in its entirety (yada yada)
    on your webpage or whatever. Yes, if there is really a need for it on the Internet I'll
    probably write a TOFU FAQ as well, but I won't do Speed Guides because there are already like
    a bazillion of them out there. As for anything else, do NOT send me any junk mail {you know
    what I mean} bulk mail, mail bombs, spam or I will report you to your E-mail provider and
    shut you down (yada yada) it's all been said and done. In short, the E-mail address provided 
    above is for questions, suggestions for this FAQ and others that I might write, and comments. 
    Section 0. Revision History
    Section 1. {Weapons and Starting Supplies}
    Section 2. {The Route Through The RPD Building}
    Section 3a. {The Walkthrough: Sewers - First Floor}
    Section 3b. {The Walkthrough: First Floor - Library}
    Section 3c. {The Walkthrough: Library - End}
    Section 4. {Survival Tactics}
    Section 5. {Acknowledgements}
    SECTION ZERO - Revisions History
    1:44 PM August 27 1999 Version 1.0
    FAQ created. Included Sections One and Two, included Walkthrough Part One.
    10:38 PM August 27 1999 Version 1.1
    Walkthrough Part Two added. "Hit Points" chart included and "Revisions History" Section started.
    Some typos and grammatical errors corrected. Certain phrases re-worded.
    11:54 AM August 28 1999 Version 1.2
    Walkthrough Part Three added. Full walkthrough polished up; some weapon use changes and number 
    of monsters in certain rooms corrected {whoops}. Survival Tactics section completed, "TOFU" 
    added to "Hit Points" chart and Acknowledgements included.
    6:59 PM August 28 1999 Version 1.3
    Document finalized, polished up, typos corrected etc. etc. Certain room-specific running tactics
    changed to increase FAQ accuracy. That's all!
    SECTION ONE  -  Weapons and Starting Supplies
    Hunk begins his scenario with his pockets very full. In the eight inventory slots he possesses 
    he carries:
    1. HKVP70 9mm Handgun
    2. Remington M1100 Shotgun
    3. Desert Eagle 50AE Magnum
    4. 150 9mm Parabellum Rounds 
    5. 15 Shotgun Shells
    6. One DOT50 Magnum Clip {8}
    7. Blue-Green Herb Combo
    8. Blue-Green Herb Combo
    In his Special Item slot he carries a vial of purple G-Virus. This does NOT come in handy.
    The way you should manage your supplies goes something like this: Use the Handgun through the 
    entire Septic System area. The Shotgun will only come into play when you reach the RPD basement
    and be used thereafter for more powerful enemies. The Magnum is to be used ONLY for 
    close-quarters situations, Lickers and the T-103. The most dangerous thing about Hunk's 
    scenario is that he CANNOT pick up extra supplies {ammo, health} along the way. What you start 
    with is what you get. This is what makes this minigame so difficult, in that although it would 
    seem that Hunk possesses ample amounts of ammunition, in truth it is just enough to make it 
    through the crowded police station. In each room {excludiing the Main Hall and Library} there 
    are more dangerous enemies than before. You must master the skills of dodging, running and 
    accurate shooting to make it through alive {see section 4}. The only benefit Hunk really has 
    to his name  is his extremely credible toughness. Comparing "hit points" of the characters, 
    using Leon as the standard, would resemble this:
    LEON		100
    CLAIRE	         80
    ADA		 90
    SHERRY	         80
    HUNK		120
    TOFU		140
    Now that you have been briefed of your armament lets move on...
    SECTION 2  -  The Route Through The RPD Building
    Hunk will start out in the first sewer tunnel that Leon enters after defeating the G-Virus boss.
    From there Hunk traverses through the Septic Room, through the safe room hallway, past the spider 
    tunnel and the kennels eventually passing the Parking Lot and Morgue Tunnels. Ending up in the 
    basement, Hunk goes through the Detectives' Office, the Lounge, the Main Hall, Receptionists 
    Room, Licker hallway, Boarded Up Hallway and will ascend the stairs to the second floor 
    {the ladder was not lowered in the main hall}.  Hunk passes the statue hallway, the hall 
    outside the STARS Office, the Second Floor Lounge, Library, Upper Main Hall, Secretary's Office,
     Crashed helicopter Hall, Crow Tunnel and finally to the Roof. The route itself is pretty 
    straightforward in that most of the other doors are locked anyway. 
    SECTION 3A.  -  Walkthrough Part One
    "G - G-Virus.....  I have to get it to Umbrella. *Krzzk* Alpha Team here. Mission accomplished."
    "*Krzzk* Roger. We'll rendezvous at the meeting point..."
    Room 1 - Sewer
    Enemies: None
    Weapon Use: None
    Just run up the stairs and go through the door.
    Room 2 - Septic Room
    Enemies: 5 zombies
    Weapon Use: Handgun
    Look at which way the zombie girl's head is looking and run the past her the other way. 
    Fake out the zombie on the bridge and hug the railing on the right side of the path to evade 
    the two deadheads guarding the door. If you think it may be too close then knock down the two 
    zombies near the end with your gun. Open the door and go through...
    Room 3 - Septic Tunnel Hall
    Enemies: 5 zombies
    Weapon Use: Handgun
    At the start only three of the five zombies are blocking the exit. Run forward and hug the wall
    to Hunk's right to evade the first zombie. Dash to the left wall to evade the second and fake 
    out the third to get to the stairs. If you must, just stumble the third zombie with your gun. 
    {You should not have even used a full clip yet}
    Room 4 - Sludge Tunnel
    Enemies: 2 Giant Spiders
    Weapon Use: None
    The spiders are easily dodged so save ammo and run by them. Hug the outer wall most of the way 
    to be safe. Go up the ladder.
    Room 5 - Kennel
    Enemies: 3 Dogs
    Weapon Use: None
    As you enter the Kennel quickly run forward and make a sharp turn to the exit. You can make it 
    through without a scratch if you move fast enough.
    Room 6 - Jail Cell Hall
    Enemies: 6 zombies
    Weapon Use: Shotgun
    As you enter the room take two steps forward, aim down and fire one shot with your Shotgun. 
    This will kill both grounded zombies. Run forward and stay close to the outer wall to avoid 
    the first of the next two walking zombies. Cut over to the inner wall in order to avoid the
    second and go for the door.
    Room 7 - Parking Lot
    Enemies: 3 Dogs
    Weapon Use: Shotgun
    Run forward and weave slightly to Hunk's left to avoid the oncoming dogs. Weave back a little 
    to the right to confuse your pursuers and make a break for the door. If you think that you may 
    not be able to avoid the dogs at the beginning, as you enter the room aim your Shotgun, wait 
    for them to get close and fire one shot. This should stun two dogs as you run for the exit.
    Room 8 - Basement Hall
    Enemies: a LOT of Crows
    Weapon Use: None
    You should know this hallway by now so just run for the stairs. Do NOT stop to try and kill the
    birds because the slightest lapse in speed will let the birds jack you up and let me tell you 
    it can amount to quite a bit of damage! Make for the stairs...
    DAMAGE ASSESSMENT: At best you have taken NO damage and have used ONE Shotgun Shell. At worst, 
    you are barely in "Fine" used 3 shells and 4 - 10 Handgun Rounds. Anything worse than that and 
    you should probably start over. 
    SECTION 3B.  -  Walkthrough Part Two
    Room 9 - Night Watchman Hallway
    Enemies: 3 dogs
    Weapon Use: Handgun
    As you enter the first floor you will hear the tap-tap-tap of Dogs. Walk slowly forward until 
    the camera angle changes , dash to the outer wall and run along it. If you moved fast enough, 
    the dog will not be able to hit you due to the amount of time it takes for the CPU to recognize
    an enemy within the dogs' "range". Dash back to the inner wall and run in zigzag patterns to
    avoid the next two dogs. After you cleared all three dogs hit the door to exit. If you want to 
    take a little less risk , shoot down {don't kill} any dogs blocking your path with single shots 
    of the handgun and run for it. If you want to take no risk at all, simply kill all three dogs 
    with the Handgun {waste of ammo}.
    Room 10 - Detectives' Office
    Enemies: 6 zombies
    Weapon Use: Shotgun
    Run to the opening to the main office and cap the zombie with a headshot. Go around the right 
    side of the desk now directly in front of you to avoid the brunt of the zombie assault. Run 
    for the blue double doors, one more Shotgun shell will clear the path of any stragglers.
    Room 11 - Lounge
    Enemies: 6 zombies
    Weapon Use: Shotgun
    This room is EXTREMELY dangerous as that the six zombies start out mere feet away from you. 
    When you enter immediately aim up and fire one shot with the Shotgun. This should kill the 
    zombie in front of you. Take two or three steps forward , swivel to the left and cap the two 
    zombies standing there. Ignore the two now behind you and go for the door. There is a zombie 
    by the door but there is also sufficient time to lead him out, run around him and get to the 
    door. {You may get hit in this room, but one hit is manageable}
    Room 12 - Main Hall
    Enemies: None
    Weapon Use: None
    The Main Hall is devoid of enemies, thankfully. Take the time to reload all weapons and check 
    your {hopefully} perfect health. When you are ready, head for the lower-left-hand door. 
    Room 13 - Receptionists' Room
    Enemies: 2 Giant Spiders
    Weapon Use: None
    Run around the right side of the pillar to avoid the first spider. Wait for about two seconds 
    then run along the brim of the partition to avoid the second spider and make it to the door. 
    You must be very cautious in this room as that if you take a single hit from the venomous 
    spider acid you will be poisoned and will almost definitely have to use an herb. 
    {Notice that the music has changed!}
    Room 14 - File Room Hallway
    Enemies: 3 Lickers
    Weapon Use: Shotgun/Magnum
    As you enter this room you will hear the raspy breathing of the lickers. Move toward the outer 
    wall and dash along it. The first licker should drop right after you pass it. After the corner,
    the camera angle will change and give you a good view of the next two. Run around them, making 
    sure to avoid the jumping slash {or use a Shotgun Shell to stun them momentarily} and go for 
    the door.
    Room 15 - Boarded Up Hallway
    Enemies: 2 Ivies
    Weapon Use: Handgun
    Take a few steps forward until the camera angle changes and wait in the alcove by the first 
    window. The plant will round the corner; at this point start pelting it with Handgun rounds. 
    Since you start out with a lot of distance make sure to aim well {look for the spray or plant 
    blood to register a hit}. It will take 16+ bullets to kill this thing. After it dies, walk 
    forward to the first corner to lure the second Ivy out and shoot it up. If it starts getting 
    too close, rather than take a hit just retreat and wait for it to come back into your gun sight.
    FYI, the plants can both poison and deal out a massive amount of damage so it is really 
    advised that you keep your distance while pumping them full of lead. Anyway, after both Ivies 
    are dead and gone head for the door at the end of the hall.
    Room 16 - Staircase Hall
    Enemies: 2 Ivies
    Weapon Use: Magnum/Shotgun/Handgun
    As you enter this room quickly swivel and run toward the dead-end wall to Hunk's immediate 
    right. Load up your Desert Eagle and blast the Ivies. Each of these tough plants can take 4 
    rounds {or more} apiece so make it count. if you expend your ammo clip and they are still not 
    dead, take out the Shotgun to finish them off rather than reload the Magnum and waste bullets. 
    Important Note: You should also make sure not to use more than 3 or 4 shells in this area since 
    you will be needing the Shotgun later on. DEFINITELY save at least  8 shells for the Remington. 
    Use the Handgun as a fallback.
    Room 17 -  Statue Hall
    Enemies: T-103
    Weapon Use: None
    Be careful, as that one slip and the Tyrant can really mess you up right here. As you reach 
    the top of the stairs, run for the short wall next to the railing preceding the stairs. As the 
    T-103 emerges, run quickly around him and head for the door. Try to pass him on the far right 
    if you can. Shooting is going to do jack squat, as that for the amount of bullets that are 
    required to even stun him are enormous and will almost surely kill you in the long run. Just 
    evade him...
    Room 18 - STARS Office Hallway
    Enemies: 7 grounded zombies
    Weapon Use: Handgun
    All of the zombies in this room are floored, but don't underestimate them, the combined damage 
    of seven ankle-bites can reduce you from "Fine" to near "Danger"! So, after entering this room, 
    walk around the first two crawling zombies, making sure to lure them away from you first. 
    Approach the bunch of half-dead ones and kill them with one or two shots apiece. Do this 
    quickly. Ignore the last crawling zombie and go for the door.
    Room  19 - Second Floor Lounge
    Enemies: 3 Ma3 Assassins
    Weapon Use: Shotgun/Magnum
    Okay, in this room there are 3 of the "super lickers" found in the labs. Don't waste ammo 
    killing them. As you get in, wait a few seconds for the first Ma3 to begin its slow crawl 
    toward you. When it gets close enough, WALK around it and then dash for the door to the 
    Library. In your way is one more Ma3 which you can avoid by dodging it on the left-hand side. 
    As you run down the short hall, the second licker will most likely try to jump-slash you so 
    open the door quick! {Have the shotgun/Magnum equipped in the event that you get jacked up by 
    that second Ma3}
    Room 20 - Library
    Enemies: None
    Weapon Use: None
    The second and last "quiet room" in the Fourth Survivor scenario. Use this time to take stock, 
    reload and get ready for the final few rooms...
    DAMAGE ASSESSMENT: At best, you have taken no damage, used 5 Shotgun Shells {in total} used 
    3-4 Handgun Clips and partially used ONE Magnum Clip. At worst, you have taken moderate damage, 
    putting you in "Caution" mode used 8-10 Shotgun Shells, 5 or 6 Handgun Clips and have only 
    6 Magnum Rounds left. Even if you are in the worst-case scenario, DO NOT use any herbs yet. 
    Room 21 - Main Hall Balcony
    Enemies: 2 Ivies
    Weapon Use: Handgun
    When you enter this room you will see an Ivy wandering around near the ladder. Arm your Handgun 
    {you should have plenty of ammo} and shoot him down. Walk over to the first plant's corpse and 
    look for the second one. IMHO, don't use that small camera angle when you are standing right 
    next to the ladder mechanism. The plant will be able to shoot acid at you from off the screen, 
    so use the larger scenes from before or after that section. Anyway, kill the second plant with 
    your gun and equip the Shotgun. Enter the Waiting Room.
    Room 22 - Waiting Room
    Enemies: 8 zombies!!!
    Weapon Use: definitely Shotgun!
    Arrgh!!! Zombies galore here. This is THE most dangerous room in the whole 4th Survivor Scenario
    mainly because of the small size, incredulous amount of zombies stuffed in here and the weird 
    first camera angle. As soon as you enter take two running steps forward and shoot upward with 
    the Shotgun. This should kill two {maybe three if you're lucky}  and stun a couple. At this 
    point one of the zombies behind you will probably grab you, but Hunk will push it off and will 
    knock down both of them. Pan Hunk slightly to his left and fire another shot that will clear 
    the path to the door. Now there will only be one or two zombies still alive {and walking} so 
    just ignore them and get to the exit.
    Room 23 - Crashed Helicopter Hallway
    Enemies: 7 zombies
    Weapon Use: Shotgun
    If you are injured to "Caution" or worse when you enter this room, use an herb... When you 
    enter this room it will appear as if the crowd of zombies off to Hunk's right are the immediate 
    threat, but there is another zombie to the left that is stumbling toward you. Turn Hunk to the 
    left and cap the zombie with a headshot. Run to the wall opposite the door and kill the bunch 
    of zombies grouped near the door {to the Crow Hallway}. There is still one zombie alive but 
    he's behind you so lets ignore him. Get to the exit. 
    Room 24 - Crow Hall
    Enemies: T-103
    Weapon Use: anything you've got left
    The final room. As you get in here use all remaining herbs if you're injured, this is the 
    final battle. Walk down to the first turn and wait for T-103 to emerge. The best thing to do 
    is to run up to him, take the punch, and dash past him while he does the two-handed overhead 
    thingy {which is really slow}. Run past him and get to the door! If you are not healthy for 
    any reason or if you don't want to risk the hit you'll have to shoot him. By now all you've 
    got left is probably the Magnum Clip and a few spare shells and Handgun bullets. Use the 
    Magnum first, then if you've still got some distance snipe him with the Handgun. As he gets 
    close retreat and put him down with your trusty Remington. Either way, just get to the door. 
    NOTE: Even if you are in "Caution" mode you can still take the first punch without losing all 
    of your health. 
    Room 25 - The End!
    Enemies: Nuthin
    Weapon Use: 
    You made it. That was the 4th Survivor, the second hardest scenario in the game! You are 
    {almost} a complete RE2 master... Sit back, relax and watch the ending sequence. Notice the 
    typo in the words. :)
    Y    O    U  '  V    E         W    O    N    	!    !    !
    Tactic: Faking Out
    Enemy: Zombies
    Faking out is getting near enough to a zombie so that it starts walking toward you. Stay near 
    one side of the hall/room until you lure the zombie close enough to that side. Then make a fast 
    dash to the other side, allowing you to get past the deadhead quickly and painlessly.
    Tactic: Stumbling
    Enemy: Zombies
    Stumbling a zombie is shooting it with a single shotgun shell or the third shot of a handgun 
    so that it takes a step back, allowing you to get past it.
    Tactic: Stunning
    Enemy: Zombies/Lickers
    Shoot the zombie with four handgun rounds or a shotgun shell and it will fall to the ground, 
    making it easy for you to get past it. Blasting the licker with a shotgun shell achieves the 
    same effect. This tactic saves you ammo in the long run.
    Tactic: Auto Aim
    Enemy: All
    Go to the configuration menu and set control type to "C". This will let you lock-on to enemies 
    with the "Draw Weapon" button giving you a sure shot as long as you can see and aim at the 
    enemy. This comes in handy at the Boarded Up Hallway, Staircase Hall, Main Hall Balcony and 
    Crow Hall.
    Tactic: Taking The Hit
    Enemy: Zombie/T-103
    Sometimes allowing yourself to get hit {at the right times} will save you save you valuable 
    health and ammo. If you let a zombie grab you when a bunch of other zombies are behind it, 
    shoving it off will also knock down the other ones, clearing a path for you. The T-103's 
    attack is almost always a quick punch followed by a slow but powerful hammer smash. By taking 
    the first hit you can run past him and avoid the second. Also, if a zombie is coming at you 
    and you are forced to retreat, backing up slowly will sometimes make the zombe lunge at your 
    ankles, letting Hunk do the head crush.
    Tactic: Aggression
    Enemy: Lickers/Dogs
    This tactic is a bit complicated but useful. Luring will make the enemy do a rushing attack 
    that will give you enough room to get past them. With Lickers, walk backwards from them very 
    slowly, then take one running step forward so that they get in the "crouching" position. Now 
    any sudden movement will make them try the jump-slash. Listen for the shriek before they jump. 
    As they jump-slash, run in a sweeping pattern toward where they WERE. This will make the 
    Licker jump completely over you, freeing the way. With dogs its simpler. As they are chasing 
    you wait for them to get close and spring at you. At this point make a sharp turn and the dog 
    will miss. Now as the dog lands it will try to U-turn  to make another pass. AS its turning 
    flank the dog {so that it can't get to you} until the path is clear and keep running. Piece of 
    SECTION 5  -  Acknowledgements
    Thanks go out to:
    -Capcom Co. first of all, for making this awesome game {and hopefully more to come}
    -GameFAQs and CJayC for giving me the inspiration to write this in the first place 
     {and hopefully more to come}
    -Vesther Fauransy for writing the Resident Evil Chris Manual that also inspired me
    -Electronic Gaming Monthly for finally telling me the correct way to earn the 4th Survivor
    -My friend Jay for also being an avid RE2 speed-and-score player

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