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    Leon Walkthrough/Speed Guide by BDennis

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/08/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Leon B FAQ/Walkthrough/Speed Guide (Version 1.0; finished 3-8-98)
    Written by Brandon W. Dennis, aka Majin Vegeta <wesley_d@juno.com>
    (Note #1: If you see this faq and wish to post it on a site related to
    video games or RE2, feel free to do so, but please leave it in its
    original form, IE don't modify it. Also, try to let me know you're
    posting it so that I can get an idea of how well it's being received.)
    (Note #2: If most of the faq looks double spaced, open it up in NotePad
    or some other text editor and use the "Word Wrap" option, as there are
    many paragraphs within. Thanks!)
    I. A Message from the Author
    II. Tips for using this guide and playing the game:
    III. The Guide
    	A. The City Streets/Outside the Station
    	B. Escaping the Police Station (and adjacent areas)
    		1. Dousing the fire, meeting Wallsmasher
    		2. Getting the red gems, Diamond, and Heart Keys
    		3. Getting the Club Key
    		4. Getting the Rook Plug, cogwheel, King Plug, and crank
    		5. Getting the Bishop and Knight Plugs, exiting the
    	C. The Sewers
    		1. Ada's second quest
    		2. Getting the Wolf and Eagle Medals, exiting the sewers
    	D. The Factory Area
    		1. Getting the shotgun parts, raising the tractor lift
    		2. 3rd form Willie
    	E. The Umbrella Lab
    		1. Turning on the power to the elevator
    		2. Turning on the lab power, getting the platform key
    		3. Getting to the train
    		4. Finishing Wallsmasher, getting the train moving
    		5. The final confrontation
    IV. Credits
    V. Final Notes
    I. A Message from the Author
    Note: If you want to avoid my praise of the game/pointless rambling and
    head straight to the streets of Racoon City, you'll want to skip the
    following paragraph!
    Resident Evil 2 is undoubtedly one of my favorite games of all time, and
    definitely the game that I have spent the most time playing of all of my
    PlayStation games (the rest of them being fighting games). As Leon B was
    the last of the missions I needed to complete (or rather, the last of the
    missions I cared to complete), I have decided to write this guide to
    completing it. Why? Well, I do this to give something back to those who
    have supported one of the most excellent games I have seen, and because I
    want others to have the experience of wielding the murderous firearm that
    is the gattling gun (but to do this, remember that you're not going to be
    able to save). But enough rambling; it's time to start shootin'!
    -Brandon W. Dennis
    II. Tips for using this guide and playing the game:
    1. I'd suggest reading over this guide one or more times before beginning
    play, primarily to get an idea of what you're supposed to be doing, what
    enemies will confront you at what time, and what items you're going to
    need in your arsenal.
    2. If you've never played through Leon B before, don't worry too much; if
    you've completed Claire A, you should have a good idea of where you are.
    Besides, once you get out of the police station, the game is pretty
    straight forward.
    3. If you come to a critical item you don't have enough room to grab, but
    you have two or more herbs/herb mixtures, combine the herbs to make room.
    Try to avoid using herbs to clear storage slots, but if you must consume
    an herb do it; you don't have time to run back to a storage bin (unless
    you're not trying to win anything).
    4. I haven't mentioned all of the item locations (mainly ink ribbons and
    non-visible ammo hidden in large rooms) because I don't know where they
    are. Remember, if you want the gattling gun you won't be able to save, so
    mention of ink ribbons wouldn't do you much good anyway (additionally, I
    haven't factored in ink ribbons in a lot of my storage calculations).
    However, for those that intend to use this guide as a walkthrough, I have
    included the locations of some ink ribbons (mostly visible ones).
    5. Many tasks in the game can be completed if the player wishes to gain
    files/ammo/health sprays, but can be skipped in the interest of saving
    time. Mention of such tasks (with the exception of picking up nearby
    ammo) will be preceded or followed by a notice of some sort.
    6. If you want the gattling gun, in addition to saving, you're not gonna
    want to use health sprays either (though herbs are acceptable). However,
    for those intending to use this as a walkthrough, I will mention the
    locations of health sprays I noticed.
    7. All directions mentioned are in reference to the direction your
    character is facing when he enters a room (left, right, forward, back are
    the only ones mentioned here). Since all turns aren't mentioned, just
    follow the paths unless otherwise noted, or check your maps to figure out
    where you're supposed to be going. Additionally, when I say to head to
    the back of a room or hall, it usually means to proceed to the side
    opposite the one you entered from.
    8. Unless you've got some objection to it, I'd suggest using the one of
    the auto-aiming control types (Type C works just fine). Although it won't
    help you much when shooting zombies and other normal enemies (though it
    will help you target enemies that Leon sees but you don't), having this
    option enabled will be an immense help against bosses, especially
    Birkin's third mutation.
    9. Check your health often, and heal every time your condition drops
    below fine unless you're sure that you won't be encountering any enemies
    for a while. If possible, try to carry at least a green herb on you, just
    in case an enemy is able to sneak in a hit or two before you blast it to
    10. The order of performing tasks in this guide has been arranged so that
    one can achieve a time fast enough to receive an "A" ranking (many of the
    tasks which must be completed are arranged so that they can follow each
    other without you needing to revisit areas), provided everything else is
    done right. However, if you simply want to get through the game, after
    reading through you should be able to devise your own course through the
    11. Finally, you'll notice I don't mention saving often, because if you
    save, you won't get the almighty gattling gun. I know I talk an awful lot
    about getting this weapon, but hey, if you really must save (it is a lot
    of pressure to keep from dying, especially as you get farther into the
    game), you'll still get the submachine gun and the rocket launcher (not
    to mention Hunk), provided you clear the game in under 2 and a half hours
    and don't save more than six times. I occasionally mention the locations
    of typewriters, so if you think there's a chance you might be killed by
    an upcoming foe and you don't care to get the gattling gun, saving your
    game might keep you from having to start all over.
    III. The Guide
    A. The City Streets/Outside the Station
    Lucky for you, Leon starts out on the other side of the wreckage, which
    means he has a lot less ground to cover before he's inside the station.
    First, run past the zombies until you reach the gate. Upon entering, walk
    forward a bit and hang a right, dodging the two zombies (it shouldn't be
    too hard, as they probably haven't noticed you yet). Run into the room
    back there, snag the cabin key off of the desk, and make your way
    straight across to the closed cabin door. Beware, as the two zombies you
    passed have probably started to advance (in an attempt to corner you),
    and the third zombie (who was to your left when you first entered) will
    awaken as you make your way to the cabin door. Use the key, discard, and
    enter the cabin.
    Once you're inside, hang a left to snag some handgun bullets (joy!) and
    the ink ribbons if you like. Then advance to the door directly across
    from the one you entered and exit. There is a good number of zombies out
    here, but they're pretty spread apart, meaning you shouldn't have much
    trouble dodging them. Follow the path and you'll come to some stairs,
    which you should ascend.
    Upon reaching the top of the stairs, you'll see a FMV segment that sheds
    a little light on the helicopter crash. Watch it if you like, or hold
    start to skip it and move on. Walk forward for a bit, then make a left.
    Eventually you'll see a door. Before entering, however, take note of the
    opening in the gate ahead (just take note of it, don't go inside just yet
    -- you won't need to return here until you've gotten the valve handle).
    B. Escaping the Police Station (and adjacent areas)
    1. Dousing the fire, meeting Wallsmasher
    Upon entering that door, you'll find a green herb, which you would do
    well to snag (if your condition isn't at fine use it now; if you're ok,
    keep it for later). Begin running down the hallway, and after a bit
    you'll come to the dead body (with lots of crows perched nearby). Snatch
    the bullets from the body and keep running straight until you come to the
    grey door. Enter.
    Snag the green herb out here, combine it with the one you already have
    (if you didn't need to use it), and proceed down the stairs to snag two
    more green herbs. Enter the door and pick up some ammo from the body
    before proceeding into the main office through the open doorway. Upon
    entering, make a left and grab the valve handle.
    (Note: The following paragraph can be skipped)
    Head into the open door a little ways across and to the right of the door
    you entered, killing zombies along the way, of course (use an herb if
    injured; if not, combine the two single herbs in your inventory). Once
    you get inside there, go behind the desk to pick up two green herbs, and
    combine them to form another two herb combo (if you haven't used any
    herbs yet, your inventory should at present consist of: the handgun,
    knife, ammo, 3 sets of double herbs, and the valve handle). Proceed to
    the safe, enter the combo (2236), and take the shotgun shells and police
    station map. (Note: In the large area of the office, there is a zombie
    playing dead behind the desk. You won't need to walk over him here, so
    just save your ammo and let him sleep.)
    You're done here for now, so head back out of the office the way you
    came, back up the stairs, and through the door. Hang a right and make
    your way back out to the burning helicopter (remember to run; those crows
    don't like you too much). Once you're back outside, duck into that
    opening in the gate, turn right, and make your way to the water tank. At
    this point, use the valve handle to increase the pressure and rupture the
    tank. The water from the tank will put out the fire (joy!), allowing you
    to head back out and grab a box of shotgun shells from inside the
    helicopter. Now head back inside the crow hallway once again (though the
    crows are all gone), either watching or skipping the FMV segment
    introducing our new friend.
    After you've taken a few steps forward, the roof will collapse and block
    the door (hopefully you didn't forget to snag those shotgun shells).
    You're probably pretty scared (you can hear heavy footsteps), but don't
    be alarmed; it's only Wallsmasher, aka Mr. Big Stuff. If I were you, I'd
    wait until I could actually see him before trying to duck him, but at any
    rate you should just run down the hallway and past him (he'll clothesline
    you back at first, but he'll try for an overhead smash, at which point
    you'll be able to give him the slip). Continue down the hallway, turning
    at the grey door, and out of the door at the end.
    2. Getting the red gems, Diamond, and Heart Keys
    Upon entering this hallway, you'll hear hissing sounds. This basically
    means that you should heal yourself now (if injured), and if not, get
    ready to heal yourself, because you will be injured by the end of the
    upcoming battle with two lickers. If you wish, you can try and avoid them
    while making your way into the room behind the fallen helicopter, but I
    found it easier to just whip out my pistol and take them head on.
    Remember to check your health periodically during the battle (and
    especially after a licker sets you up with a leaping slash). After
    they're dead, heal yourself as best you can and proceed into the room
    behind the helicopter.
    Once the interior of the room is visible, you'll find a box of shotgun
    shells to your right (under some junk; I couldn't see them), and a set of
    ink ribbons in the vase to your left (I think they're there, anyway).
    After snagging these, advance forward a bit and you'll see the blue key
    card gleaming to your left. Grab it and run out of the room, avoiding the
    licker who crashes through the skylight (hey, fight him if you want, but
    I wouldn't recommend it).
    Now head back down the hallway (proceed with caution if you left the
    lickers alive), and enter the first door on the right (that you skipped
    past before). Once inside, pick up the ink ribbons (if you want 'em) and
    the small key on the desk, and stop by the bin. Drop off the small key,
    the knife, and any remaining herbs you might have (and ink ribbons if you
    picked 'em up). Head out of the door closest to you. Follow along the
    railing until you come to the emergency ladder, which you should drop.
    (Note: The following paragraph can be skipped)
    If you're not playing to win anything special, continue along the railing
    (killing zombies as you go) until you come to the end wall, where you'll
    find the Unicorn Medal embedded in the wall. Having this will allow you
    access to the Spade Key (which only grants you access to a room with a
    file, ink ribbons, and a health spray).
    Proceed down the ladder, snag the shotgun on the counter, and use the
    computer (inserting the blue key card when asked). Take the ink ribbons
    near the typewriter if you like, and enter the double doors beneath the
    stairs (which could be on either side, depending on which way you go).
    (If you grabbed the Unicorn Medal above, don't forget to place it in its
    space beneath the statue to access the Spade Key before entering the
    double doors.)
    Note: If you got the special key with Claire in the first scenario, you
    can head outside the police station, make a left (grabbing the green herb
    in the leftmost greenery), down the stairs, and kill Mr. Vickers again to
    get the key in the second scenario as well. I wouldn't recommend doing
    this, as it will take a little time to do, but it's your call.
    Cap the three zombies in here, drop the ink ribbons in the bin (if you
    picked them up), and exit through the door in back of the room. Advance
    down this hallway until you come to the headless body, take some ammo
    from his corpse, and keep moving forward. (If you picked up the Spade
    Key, stop in the room on your right before continuing to obtain a file
    and some ink ribbons. Push the ladder to the shelf and climb up to grab a
    health spray.) Towards the end of the hallway, you'll see a green herb.
    Store it and enter the door ahead.
    Advance down the hallway until the two zombies bust through the boarded
    up wall. Kill them and enter the double doors to your right. Run forward
    through aisle, then turn left and go through the open door. If you move
    forward past the fireplace as far as you can go, you should find some
    handgun ammo. After picking this up, stand in front of the fireplace
    (facing it) and use the lighter, which will release the first red jewel.
    Pocket it and go back out through the double doors into the hallway.
    Continue in the same direction you were moving and exit the hallway
    through the door at its end. Turn left and run into the space before the
    stairs, where you'll find two herbs and a door. Pocket the herbs (combine
    herbs if you don't have enough room) and enter the door. There's handgun
    bullets on top of the file cabinet that you'll want to grab (you may not
    be able to see them, but they're there towards the middle). Keep moving
    forward to find a storage box, where you'll want to drop off those herbs
    you just picked up, along with the red jewel. Also, take the small key
    out of the bin and proceed back out of this room and up the stairs. (If
    you picked up the special key, don't forget to change clothes and stuff
    before leaving, but be quick about it.)
    Run up another flight of stairs and keep going until you come to the
    statues puzzle. Complete it as you did in the first scenario (push the
    moving statues onto the opposite tiles of the room so that they are
    facing the center statue) and grab the red jewel. Proceed through the
    door ahead.
    Upon entering this hallway, you'll come across a gang of zombies (look
    out for the one crawling along the floor)! Draw that handgun and start
    shootin'; this is one of the last times you're going to use that weapon.
    When they're all dead, enter the S.T.A.R.S. office, grab the magnum from
    the locker, exit, and continue down the hallway, entering the door at the
    end. You'll see Sherry here, who will escape you after a brief chase down
    a corridor which leads to a dead end (for you, anyway). Luckily, she'll
    leave the Diamond Key behind. You'll want to grab this, as well as the
    shotgun shells hidden in the bucket to your left (or right, if you're
    exiting the corridor). Once you've made your way back into the main
    portion of the room, you'll meet up with Claire. After a brief talk, run
    down the other hallway within this room. Use the small key on the desk to
    uncover the handgun parts and combine them with your handgun to form the
    custom handgun. Whatever you do, don't enter the library just yet.
    Now go all the way back past Claire, through the door, down the hallway,
    through another door, past the statues, down the stairs, and into the
    darkroom. Drop off the red gem and the magnum in the bin and exit the
    room. Go forward, make a left, and enter the door at the very end of this
    hallway. Move forward, grab the shotgun shells from the drawers on your
    right, and exit through the door at the end of the file room. In the next
    room, blow away the zombie to your left first (a stream of three shots
    should put him down, another stream should keep him there). Next put down
    the zombie in front of you (who may not have noticed you yet). There's
    another zombie in the open who sometimes decides to cross over in front
    of you, and sometimes he just stays on the other side of the table and
    doesn't get in your way. If he crosses over, destroy him, if not, leave
    him alone. Grab the herb, advance, and kill the zombie in the office.
    Grab the Heart Key off of the desk and head straight on the right side of
    the long table, snagging the small key from below the receptionist's
    window and getting the handgun bullets out of the locker. Move between
    the overturned tables and exit the room.
    (Note: The following paragraph can be skipped. However, completing the
    quick tasks here shouldn't take long so I see no huge objections to them)
    Now, go back into the room with the double doors, storing the Diamond
    Key, the herb you just picked up, and possibly the handgun and bullets.
    If you want to take it with you to use your remaining bullets, do so by
    all means; you'll be dropping it off for good at the next bin (if you do
    drop it here, don't forget to equip the shotgun). Run to the desk towards
    the back of the room and use the small key on it to retrieve a box of
    shotgun shells. (Option: Rather than using the small key here, you can
    place it in the bin and save it for later use in the beginning of the
    sewer area...)
    3. Getting the Club Key
    Now, make your way up the stairs in front of the statue and into the door
    at your left (be prepared). A ton of zombies greet you here; two are
    fairly close to you, while the others are a little ways back. If you kept
    the handgun, quickly put down the one closest to you (he's a little ways
    to your right), then run towards his body, pivot, and take down the other
    one. (Note: It's not necessary to make sure the first one is dead until
    the other one is down -if- you're quick and don't want to get bitten.) If
    you dropped the handgun at the last bin, use a straight shotgun blast to
    knock down the first one, run in his direction, and kill the second one
    with either a shot to the gut (careful; you don't want to blow him in
    half) or a shot to the head. Carefully advance forward, take care of the
    rest of the gang (if you want; if not, you'll have to do it later
    anyway), and head into the police office through the blue double doors at
    your right.
    If you killed the zombies the first time you stopped in here, run
    straight through the room and out of the open door at the end (if not,
    you'll have to kill them before proceeding). Once in the hallway, make a
    left and enter the door (discarding the Heart Key). Snag the herb(s) (I
    don't remember if there's one or two here in Leon B) and walk forward
    until the camera angle changes. By this time, you should just be able to
    see the dog (you heard his tap-taps as soon as you entered) slowly
    rounding the corner. If you've still got handgun ammo, exhaust it on the
    dog; if not, kill the dog with the shotgun. After he's gone, advance down
    the hallway and descend the stairs at the end.
    Follow this hallway until you come to the intersection. If you want an
    extra red herb, make a left and proceed into the room with the "X" on the
    door, grab the red herb, and run back out (remember, doing this will take
    a little time, so you might want to skip it). Return to the intersection
    (or just make a right if you didn't want the red herb) and run forward
    until you reach the brown metal set of double doors on your right.
    Now here's where you have to make a decision. If you intend to access the
    weapons room later (which you definitely want to do if you left the
    sidepack for Leon), you'll want to go inside here. If not, you can keep
    moving along and skip the rest of this paragraph (unless you just want to
    go inside and snag the green herb). If you decide you need to go inside,
    enter, make a left, and snag the green herb (skip to the next paragraph
    if the herb is all you wanted). Continue along until you come to the
    reverse power control. Enter the correct sequence (up, down, up, down,
    up) and leave, snagging the map on your left if you wish.
    Continue moving along, note the key card slot and weapons room door on
    your right, and enter the parking lot when you come to the door. Run
    forward for a while until you're surprised by Ada Wong. After talking
    with her a bit, run into the space to the right and snag the herb (you
    should've seen it during your talk with Ada). Return to help her push the
    car out of the way, and enter the door with her. At this point she'll run
    off to find Ben, leaving you on your own again. Run forward, make a left,
    and enter the gate at the end of the hall. Enter the open cell door, pick
    up the green and blue herbs (make sure you have one storage space free
    after this), and leave the cell. You should see something shiny towards
    the back of this cell area, so start moving towards it. Just before you
    get to it, however, Leon notices Ben in the cell. During your
    conversation with him (and Ada) you'll discover where you need to be
    going, so grab the manhole opener off of the shelf and exit this room.
    Run back down the hall until you come to the door you passed before.
    Enter and follow the left wall of the room until you come to the manhole.
    Use the manhole opener. Here, you can choose to either head down the
    ladder or go into the main portion of the room (depending on how many
    inventory slots you have left and how hungry you are for herbs). If
    you've got two storage spaces free and you lust for herbs, go into the
    main portion of the room (the dogs in the cells will surprise you). Shoot
    the dog in the second cell, but leave the one in the first cell alive.
    Run to the end of the room and pick up the herb, then run forward a bit
    and try to spin around quickly (if you've got auto-aiming on, you should
    be fine) to shoot the dog who busts out. Once he's dead, check his cell
    for a blue herb. After you're done, climb down the ladder into the
    Down here your path is pretty obvious; follow the walls until you reach
    the stairs on the other end. (Watch out; two giant spiders will attempt
    to attack you down here. I suggest simply running past them, but you can
    kill them if you like.) Go up the stairs and enter the first door on your
    left. Store the multitude of herbs you should now have (along with the
    blue herb in here) and retrieve the diamond key (and some form of health,
    preferably a double or triple mixed herb). You might want to take a blue
    herb as well (if you didn't kill the spiders and think they might poison
    you). Leave the room and run into the next open door (there's only one).
    Once inside, simply turn around and exit.
    When you come out, you'll run into Ada again. After helping her through
    the crawl space, you gain control of her. Exit the door and mow down the
    zombies you'll come across (there's one lying on the ground; be sure to
    take care of him too). After you've made a right, make a left and enter
    the building. Run to the end of the high ground (behind the sewage
    control device) and hop down a couple of levels. Once at the bottom, push
    the box closest to you (and furthest to your right) all the way against
    the wall. Then turn left, run forward, and hop up onto the box in front
    of you. Drop down into the little space between the other box and the
    wall and push this other box into the one you moved before. Hop out of
    the space (using either box), drop down, and push the remaining box
    against the wall. Return to the high ground and push the button on the
    sewage control device to raise the water. Cross over your newly made
    bridge, grab the Club Key on the shelf, and exit this room.
    (Note: The following paragraph can be skipped)
    Now head forward and turn into the open warehouse area. Use the platform
    lift to access a lower area, where you'll find a box of shotgun shells.
    Head back up the platform lift and run back out of the open door.
    Now, return Ada back to where she started. She'll converse with Leon,
    toss him the items, and run off again. At this point, Claire should
    inform you that she's cleared the helicopter wreckage, which means you
    can access Chief Irons' office and private room. Now, after regaining
    control of Leon, pick up the items and head back down into the sewers.
    4. Getting the Rook Plug, cogwheel, King Plug, and crank
    Navigate your way through and up the ladder to find yourself back in the
    kennel. Head out of here, down the hall, and back into the parking lot,
    where (surprise!) there are now dogs! Run past them (or kill them, if
    you're feeling vicious) and into the building.
    (Note: The following paragraph can be skipped)
    Depending on what you decided to do earlier, you're going to want to get
    into the weapons room. You'll have to enter the autopsy room first (all
    the way on the other side of the hall, now to your right). Instead of a
    ton of sleeping zombies (as in the first scenario), two lickers now
    reside in here. Pump them full of shotgun shells and grab the card key
    from the cabinet in the back of the room to the left. Leave this room and
    return to the door closest to the parking lot entrance. Insert the key
    card in the reader to your left and enter the weapons room (joy!). Snag
    the magnum rounds in here and proceed to the locker. Grab the sidepack
    (if you left it; if you didn't, I have no clue why you opted to go in
    here at all) and exit the room.
    Turn back the original way you came and ascend the stairs. Either enter
    the room at the top (using the Club Key) or proceed down the hall. If you
    decide to enter, you'll find shotgun shells in the locker and magnum
    rounds in the back of the room (on the dresser near the watchman's body).
    Once you're back in the hallway, make your way to the only other door (at
    the end), which will put you back bear the police office area. Run
    through the open door, through the office, and out of the blue double
    doors on the other side. Now make a right and snag the green herb near
    the soda machines. Either run around or take down the zombie here and
    enter the door near the boxes at the end of the hall.
    Continue down the hall and enter the first door you come to (discarding
    the Diamond Key). Go left around the table and grab the Rook Plug on the
    shelf. On your way out (if you're not trying for anything special) you
    can take the first aid spray, but don't be surprised when a licker comes
    busting through the mirror. Exit the room (either killing the licker or
    running away).
    Now enter the greenish door at the end of the hall (picking up the red
    herb nearby) and discard the Club Key. Once inside, simply proceed to the
    back of the room and light the fireplace in the left corner. Now, turn on
    the middle faucet (12), then the one farthest right (13), then the one
    farthest left (11). You'll see the cogwheel fall from the picture in the
    front of the room and Leon will turn to face in that direction. However,
    as soon as you move, Wallsmasher will come busting through the wall
    behind the desk. (Man, this guy doesn't quit!) Run across the room, pick
    up the cogwheel, and get out of there as fast as you can. Now run back
    down the hall, admiring Wallsmasher's handiwork along the way. Upon
    seeing this get ready, because around the next corner Mr. Big Stuff will
    bust through the wall again, this time right in front of you. When he
    does, continue running, but hug the wall on your right. If done
    correctly, you'll be able to run right past him -without- taking a hit.
    (You're good, Mr. Kennedy! However, this is the only time you'll ever be
    able to run past Wallsmasher without taking a hit, so don't get used to
    evading him unscathed.) Enter the door at the end of the hallway and
    leave our friend in the dust.
    Make your way down this hallway, turning at the soda machines, and exit
    through the door at the very end. Head up the emergency ladder, kill the
    licker who is now waiting at the top (creepy lil guy, isn't he), and head
    back to the safe room (turn right). Here's where you'll want to drop off
    the Rook Plug, any herbs you collected (you may want to keep one just in
    case), and the cogwheel. Retrieve the two red gems and the magnum. Now,
    head into the hallway where the fire used to be. Duck into the door
    behind the helicopter (where you got the blue key card). Kill the licker
    and place the red gems in the busts located on both sides of the center
    statue. Hold start to skip the FMV sequence and snatch the King Plug.
    Now exit this room and enter the hole in the wall Claire made for you.
    You'll find a door at the end of this newly made hallway, which you
    should enter. Go around the table, enter the door on the other side, and
    proceed down this hallway until you reach the next door. Go inside and
    follow either wall until you come to the well lit area with the chest
    towards the back left corner. Inside the chest you'll find the crank. Now
    exit the room.
    As soon as you enter this narrow hallway again, you'll hear the
    Wallsmasher theme music! You run past him if you want (you'll take a hit
    this time), or you can put him down. If you choose option B (joy!), equip
    the magnum and walk forward just a bit (so you can get the most
    convenient camera angle). As soon as he rounds the corner, start
    shooting. Four shots should bring him down. You should be fine; there's a
    nice stretch of hallway between you two (if you let him hit you, you
    didn't start shooting fast enough). Check him for ammo, then make your
    way back to the safe room (through the chief's office, out the hole, and
    down the hallway to the first door on your right).
    5. Getting the Bishop and Knight Plugs, exiting the station
    Pick up the cogwheel, King Plug, and Rook Plug from the bin, then exit
    the room onto the balcony. Make absolutely sure you have two slots open
    (store the shotgun and ammo if you have to). Advance to the library
    (enter the set of double doors you'll eventually come to) and take the
    red herb from the vase on the desk. After walking forward a bit (that is,
    if you used the cord to seal up the windows in the first scenario), Leon
    will stop to hear the sounds of a horde of zombies breaking into the
    police station. Fortunately for you, you've already completed the
    necessary tasks downstairs and won't have to bother yourself with them
    (gotta love that order of tasks thing we've got going on here). Now run
    up the stairs and to the end of the platform, falling through the floor.
    Run over to the button and press it to allow yourself a passage out of
    there, as well as activating the controls on the other bookshelves. Move
    the first and second bookshelves (starting from the left) over to the
    right. This will make the Bishop Plug accessible, which you should run
    back behind the bookshelves and grab. Climb the stairs again and exit
    through the only door up there.
    Turn right and enter the other door on the third floor. Once inside, turn
    right and approach the square hole in the wall. Using the crank here will
    lower a staircase (as well as free up an inventory slot). Ascend the
    stairs, place the cogwheel in the gears, and press the button. To your
    right a panel will move aside and allow you access to the Knight Plug.
    After taking it, slide down the chute.
    Upon reaching the bottom, you'll hear a bit of commotion nearby. Don't
    ask me how Willie got inside Ben's cell or how he escaped (there's no
    hole in the wall back there), but somehow he got next to Ben and gave him
    a good slash. Go check on Ben and he'll give you Chief Irons' mail, which
    you can read if you want. Get out of there and head down the manhole in
    the kennel again, avoid the spiders (unless you killed them before), and
    ascend the stairs at the end of the path. Keep heading forward and enter
    the door directly ahead (skipping past the save room). Advance a bit in
    here and you'll run into Big Willie. Run back over by the door and start
    shooting (here's where that auto-aiming comes into play). After about 6
    shots from the magnum he'll go into a slashing frenzy. You can simply
    wait him out, but I prefer giving him another shot to calm him down.
    He'll fall over the railing, allowing you to advance to the door on the
    other side of the room. Insert the plugs in the panel and enter the door.
    C. The Sewers
    1. Ada's second quest
    After meeting up with Ada again, enter the door at the end of this area.
    Proceed until you see a corridor that you can hop up onto. Pick up the
    two blue herbs and enter the door. You'll find yourself inside another
    safe room. Drop off the herbs in the bin and retrieve the valve handle
    (pick up the shotgun and shells if you left them before). Make sure that
    you have three spaces free (drop off the magnum and rounds if you have
    (Note: The following paragraph can be skipped)
    Before leaving, you'll notice a locker that seems horribly out of place.
    Push it aside to reveal a secret door. Open it, climb down the ladder,
    and (after lighting the oil lamps on each side) recover the shotgun
    shells and magnum rounds. Climb back up the ladder (and deposit your
    newly acquired magnum rounds in the bin if you dropped the others off
    Now take the platform lift out of here and you'll run into Annette.
    She'll shoot Leon, leaving you in control of Ada. Run down the narrow
    hallway, entering the door at the end. You'll see her running towards the
    ladder, which means you should too. Climb up the ladder, run through the
    shaft (look out for the bugs), and exit at the other side. Down here
    you'll catch up with Annette and she'll tell Ada her tale of woe. After
    Annette makes it apparent that she intends to kill Ada, Ms. Wong will
    retaliate and knock her over the railing. (What a woman!) Now run across
    the bridge, through the open doorway, and climb down the ladder. Right
    about now you'll regain control of Leon.
    2. Getting the Wolf and Eagle Medals, exiting the sewers
    (Note: The following paragraph can be skipped)
    Use the platform lift opposite the one you used to enter the other
    control room. In here you'll find three herbs, which you should stick
    inside the bin nearby. If you kept a small key, you can use it to open
    the warehouse door (although I don't recommend wasting time doing it; you
    should now have enough ammo now to last you the rest of the game). If you
    must, climb down the ladder and recover the shotgun and magnum rounds,
    keeping an eye out for the zombie hanging out down here. Climb back out
    and leave via the platform lift.
    Now follow the same route you did with Ada until you hop down into the
    water. Go back past the ladder (you'll notice that the fan is now
    spinning, so you can't take Ada's route anyway) until you see a little
    alcove. Hop inside and grab the Wolf Medal. (The other officer holds the
    small key for use in the other control room, but if you didn't save the
    other key to do it there's no sense in going back; it's a waste of time.)
    Now hop down and run forward (past the ladder) until you eventually make
    it to some open space. Watch out, because there are two spiders here who
    would just love to poison you. Make a left and run into the only door
    In this section you'll find two more spiders, so run until you reach the
    high ground. Hop up and enter the double doors here. Run to the end of
    this narrow path and use the valve handle to lower the bridge. Run across
    and use it again to raise the bridge. Take the green herb and shotgun
    shells on your left (and the ink ribbons if you're saving, but make sure
    you have one extra space left) and enter the door over here.
    Run down this empty corridor (if you killed the 'gator with Claire; if
    not, put him down this time) and exit through the door at the end. Wade
    over to Ada and hop up. After she patches you up, you'll automatically
    ascend the ladder. Run out of this area, across the bridge, make a left,
    and proceed until you reach the control station. Grab the Eagle Medal and
    run down to where Ada first entered this area. Use the valve handle to
    stop the fan and climb up the ladder. Run through the tunnel (no bugs
    this time) and climb down the ladder on the other side.
    Once back here, you're in for some good news and bad news. The good news
    is that the spiders in this section of the sewers are gone. The bad news,
    however, is that they've been replaced with a good number of zombies. Run
    out of this area the way you went before with Leon (stick to the right)
    and enter the door. This area should look familiar as well; you've been
    here before too. Run forward again, but instead of hopping onto the high
    ground, position yourself in front of the device on the right wall. Here,
    use both of the medals you're currently carrying to stop the waterfall.
    (Don't be afraid; if the spiders get too close while you're inserting the
    medals, Ada has your back.) Once the waterfall stops, hop up and enter
    the door behind it.
    D. The Factory Area
    1. Getting the shotgun parts, raising the tractor lift
    Once inside, simply follow the path until you reach the next door, then
    enter. Advance in this next room, but make a right onto a small path when
    you see it. Fool with the controls at the end of it and the train will
    come back. Hop inside and hitch a ride. While inside, you'll hear a bit
    of banging on the top of the train. It's our good buddy Willie! Wait
    until you see dust fall over your head, then back up a bit. When he busts
    his arm through, aim your shotgun upwards (at the arm) and blast it good.
    After a few good shots, he'll leave you alone. When the train stops, exit
    through the door. There's a weapon box key hidden near the railing. If
    you remember where it is, just walk over to its area and pick it up (Leon
    will look down at it). If you don't remember, light the flare gun to the
    left to make it gleam. Once you've gotten it, follow the railing to the
    building and enter the door.
    Either advance or wait for the nearby zombies to enter your viewpoint
    before blowing them away (there's over 3 of them around here, so be
    careful when turning corners). After advancing into the hallway, you'll
    notice there are two paths you can take. If you go left you'll eventually
    find a body with custom shotgun parts, which you should take. Combine
    these with your shotgun to make a custom shotgun. Now go back down to
    where you came from and take the right path this time. Enter the door at
    the end. Follow this path (killing zombies as you go) until you come to
    another crossroads. This time, going right will yield you two green
    herbs, while going left will lead you to a ladder. Get the herbs (if you
    don't have enough space for them, combine herbs and/or forget about
    them), then make your way to the ladder and climb it.
    Pick up all of the junk inside here (except the first aid spray and ink
    ribbons, unless you're not playing for rank), save if you like (if you
    don't want the gattling gun, that is), place stuff in the bin (all you'll
    really need during your next journey is the magnum and an empty storage
    slot), and exit through the only door. Turn right and use the platform
    ahead and to your left to lower yourself onto the walkway below. Enter
    the door down hear and follow this walkway until you come to a small
    control area. Pick up the key and turn on the monitor (or not) and equip
    the magnum, because you'll run into Wallsmasher on the way out. I suggest
    turning on the monitor and positioning yourself so that the camera shows
    you standing towards the lower left corner of the screen (standing/aiming
    at an angle). This way you can hit him with four quick shots as soon as
    he's visible without getting hit (apparently he turns even more slowly
    than the regular characters when walking). Once he's down, check him for
    ammo, and make your way back to the room where you left Ada.
    In the upper left corner of the room, use the key in the panel to raise
    the tractor lift. Run outside (taking with you a few triple herbs and the
    magnum/bullets; there's an upcoming boss), make a left, and examine the
    control panel outside of the tractor. Leon and Ada will automatically hop
    onboard. (Hold start if you want to skip the short FMV segment.)
    2. 3rd form Willie
    On the way down , a monstrous claw will come busting through the side of
    the transport and KO Ada. Being an idiot, you now have to go outside and
    see for yourself what's out there. Advance to the front of the tractor
    lift and round the corner and you'll run into Willie's 3rd form (joy!).
    Shoot him twice with the magnum (or three times if you're feeling risky),
    turn, and run back in the direction you came (but don't hop up and go
    back inside). You should hear him jump on top of the tractor, which is
    your cue to turn around and run back the other way (you can also wait for
    the sound of him jumping off to run). Willie should land behind you, but
    keep running until you get near the corner again (this should put
    sufficient distance between you two). Turn (auto-aiming does it for you,
    not to mention faster than you could), shoot him two or three times, turn
    back, and run around towards the end of the opposite side of the tractor.
    Listen for him jumping, and repeat the process of running around the
    tractor until he's defeated (watch for him to turn towards the side of
    the tractor and listen for the music to change). (If you did it right,
    you should have survived this battle without a scratch!) Even before he
    jumps off, start making your way back to the entrance to the tractor.
    After entering, you'll talk to Ada for a bit, and then the tractor lift
    will overheat. Go back outside once again and follow the edge of the lift
    until you come to a path which you can hop up onto. Do so and enter the
    grate at the end of it.
    E. The Umbrella Lab
    1. Turning on the power to the elevator
    Upon falling down inside, Leon will hear the tractor lift resume its
    descent. (Hold start if you want to skip the short FMV segment.) Once you
    regain control of Leon, turn right and enter the doors at the end.
    Advance forward to find a storage bin with a green herb to its right
    (your left). Pick up the herb and stick it in the bin (along with any
    health you might not have used during the battle with Willie) and make
    your way back to the center area of this room. To your right (or left,
    depending on which way you're facing) you should see a dark blue crate as
    well as a platform with a control panel. Push the blue crate onto the
    platform (the light will turn green again when it's all the way on) and
    descend to the next level using the control panel. Push the crate to the
    right of the screen (pushing it forward and then over if necessary),
    until eventually you get it in the joint where two paths come together
    and form a sort of "L." Push it down the path vertical (in respect to the
    screen) until it won't go any further. Return to the joint of the "L" and
    this time advance down the other path until you come to another lift and
    Right about now you'll want to equip your shotgun, because there are two
    lickers hanging out down here. Turn right and you should come to an angle
    that shows a long stretch of ground before you. If you've got auto-aiming
    enabled, you won't have to wait for the lickers to come into your view
    before blasting at them, but if you're playing with normal control I
    suggest you wait until you can see them before you fire. Kill both of
    them and then advance, taking the only continuous path until you come to
    the power control machine at the end. Turn on the power to the elevator
    and make your way back to the room where you first landed (when you
    jumped down the grate).
    2. Turning on the lab power, getting the platform key
    Round the room and you'll come to an elevator. Enter it, turn left, and
    press the button. You'll exit at the bottom automatically, finding
    yourself in a familiar place (if you remember the general area Claire
    enters the lab in her first scenario). Kill the naked zombies here
    (there's quite a few of them, so advance with caution), make a right into
    the corridor, and enter the door at the end of it. Advance down the
    walkway, go right around the machinery in the center, and exit through
    the open blue doorway. Make your way down this walkway and exit.
    Again, if you remember Claire's first scenario, this should all seem
    pretty familiar to you. Walk forward, turn left, and enter the frozen
    door. Once inside, advance, turn left, and follow the path until you come
    to a cart. Take the fuse case and use it in the machine behind you to
    produce the main fuse. Take it and return to the junction just inside of
    the open blue doorway. Use the main fuse in the machinery in the center
    of the room to restore power to the mansion lab. Now exit through the
    open red doorway and make your way to the door at the end of yet another
    walkway. Once inside the door at the end, advance until you come to
    another crossroads.
    (Note: The following paragraph can be skipped)
    For one, I don't recommend doing this part at all (I never actually did
    it in Leon B, but from reading other faqs and wasting time here in Claire
    B, I've got a pretty good idea of what you'll come across). I only
    suggest taking this route if you're really low on ammo (as in less than
    ten shotgun shells). If you must go this way, however, make a right and
    enter the door ahead of you (you'll notice that the door to your left is
    locked anyway). There should be about three zombies in here (who you'd do
    well to kill). If you are even attempting to finish this game in under
    2:30 (I don't know why you're in here at all if you are), ignore the key
    card, kill the plant coming from the shaft in the back of the room
    (unless you killed it last time), and climb inside. Upon falling into the
    next room, kill the two lickers inside and check the locker in the back
    to get two boxes of shotgun shells. There are some ink ribbons near the
    lamp as well (but if you're not saving, ignore them). Unlock the door in
    here, exit, and make your way back to the crossroads.
    Go left and open the shutter by pressing the button on the wall. Now run
    back a ways (to avoid the poison the plants will spit at you) and pump
    three shotgun blasts into the newly opened corridor. Advance down the
    corridor and enter the door at the end. Hit this plant creature with
    three quick shotgun blasts and climb down the ladder to your right. Enter
    the door at the bottom.
    When you enter this corridor, you'll hear hissing sounds, and you know
    what that means. Advance until the licker drops from the ceiling and kill
    him. By the time he's finished, the other lickers hanging around here
    should have trickled into your sights. If not, quickly run out into the
    open and fire standing shots at them until they join their friend. Pick
    up the three herbs and keep moving down the corridor until you come to a
    door. Enter it and move along the path in this room. Near the door at the
    end you'll find ink ribbons, a storage bin, and a typewriter. Drop off
    the herbs and the ink ribbons, take the weapon box key with you, and exit
    through the door.
    Advance down this corridor, make a left, snag the red herb, and enter the
    doors. Use the weapon box key on the locker to get the magnum parts
    (equip the magnum, but don't combine the parts with the gun just yet).
    Now turn around and enter the door ahead and to the right (it opens for
    you) and then the other one ahead and to the left. You'll be greeted by a
    zombie, whose head you should promptly blow off. Enter the door and kill
    the zombies in here with the magnum, but do not reload. (When your magnum
    is out of bullets, combine it with the magnum parts. You'll get a free
    reload!) Follow the left wall of the room and you'll eventually come to
    the power room key. Grab it.
    3. Getting to the train
    Now make your way all the way back to the elevator you entered from.
    (Watch out; upon exiting the monitor room a licker will drop down. Two
    plant creatures will be waiting for you when you exit through the door at
    the top of the ladder. If you stand at the right angle, you can shoot the
    one nearest you without getting hit; its poison will hit the corner in
    front of it. After it's dead, quickly advance and run down the corridor
    at your right, ignoring the other plant creature). Once you've made it to
    the elevator, press the button to your left to go back up. Upon exiting
    at the top, attempt to round the room and enter the door up there.
    However, before you reach it, you'll be stopped by Annette.
    After the two of you talk for a bit, Wallsmasher will interrupt. Run past
    him (taking your hit), enter the door, and make your way to where you
    positioned the dark blue box. Climb onto it and then climb up onto the
    platform to your right. Use the power room key to enter the door.
    Follow the path in here until you come to a dead end, at which point
    you'll notice Mr. Big Stuff has been tailing you. Just when it looks like
    you're finished, Ada shows up to save your butt. Unfortunately, she
    should have packed a better weapon, because those bullets aren't stopping
    Wallsmasher. Watch in awe as the big guy manhandles your woman and goes
    off the edge. Get your kiss on, then grab the master key on the floor
    near your fallen love. Since the self-destruct sequence has been
    activated, you had better get out of here. Leave this area and head all
    the way back to the elevator (Notice that our buddy Wallsmasher isn't
    dead yet!)
    After you leave the room with Ada, you'll be contacted by Claire. After
    she tells you where to get Sherry, continue on your way back up to the
    elevator. Press the button to your left again and you'll come out back in
    the lab. Go forward and enter the locked door to your left using the
    master key. You'll automatically pick up Sherry (too bad you can't get
    any of the items in here) and carry her back to the elevator. Once
    inside, go to the panel in the back of the elevator and use the master
    key. You'll be taken down the escape route to the train at the bottom of
    the factory, which you'll automatically enter and set Sherry down inside.
    4. Finishing Wallsmasher, getting the train moving
    Once inside, head all the way to the back of the train (travel opposite
    the direction of the stairs leading to the controls). Once you reach the
    very back, you'll see a typewriter (if you've been saving, make your
    final save here), a storage bin, and the platform key on the floor. Pick
    it up, equip your magnum, and open the storage bin for the last time.
    Take with you your magnum, your shotgun, ammo for each, and as many mixed
    herbs (preferably red and green combos, but triple greens will do) as you
    can carry, but make sure that you have one space free (with the platform
    key). Head back to the front of the train (not going up the stairs) and
    exit it.
    Once outside, hang a left and use the platform key to open the gate (you
    should now have two free inventory slots). Move forward in this next area
    and ascend the stairs (stay towards the right side of the screen), then
    turn left and go up some more. Then go across the platform and go down
    the two sets of stairs on the other side. Advance and you should see a
    control panel. Press the button and the joint plugs will become
    accessible. Grab both of these (filling your inventory), turn around, and
    run under the stairs. You'll come to a door, which you should enter.
    Advance inside here and eventually you'll see the outlets for the plugs.
    Insert them both (notice that molten pool nearby) and prepare for the
    final confrontation with Wallsmasher. During this battle, it is
    imperative that you continuously check your health, healing yourself at
    any time you find your condition to be less than "fine." (If you got the
    sidepack earlier, you should have plenty of herbs with you, and as such
    you should not have a problem fulfilling this task. Additionally, if you
    didn't enable auto-aiming earlier, do use it for this battle.) Shoot
    Wallsmasher twice with the magnum (you'll take a few hits) and attempt to
    move to your right. After you've moved a bit, a friend (Ada, perhaps?)
    will toss a rocket launcher down. Run over and pick it up (picking it up
    won't be easy; Mr. Big Stuff can hit you when you're kneeling to grab the
    weapon). Once you have it, equip it and start to run away from the
    monster. When you're a little ways away, raise the weapon (auto-aiming
    should turn you to face him) and fire. In the following cut scene,
    Wallsmasher will be blown to bits. (Note: If you still refused to turn on
    auto-aiming, make absolutely sure you hit Wallsmasher, as you can miss.
    If you waste both of your shots, I have no idea how you're going to
    finish the game. Should this happen, however, I suggest running to the
    door and attempting to leave him behind.)
    Now that Wallsmasher is done with, heal yourself (if you have herbs
    left), equip your shotgun, and make your way back inside the gate (on
    which you used the platform key). Advance in the direction of the naked
    zombies (killing them with your shotgun or evading them) until you come
    to a control panel. Messing with it will open the doors blocking the
    train. Now enter the train, turn left, go up the stairs, and into the
    front compartment of the train. (Note: Do not attempt to go back and save
    upon entering the train again; Leon will just complain that there's no
    time to do so.) Push the lever to start up the train and enjoy the show
    (which is almost the ending to Claire's first scenario).
    5. The final confrontation
    However, after the point where Claire's ending finished, you'll feel a
    bit of a disturbance on the train. Once you're back in control, head
    towards the back of the train until you run into William's final form.
    Leon will take over and run back a ways, and you'll be treated to a good
    look at the final result of William's G-virus induced transformation.
    (Lovely, isn't it?) Once you regain control of Leon, back up a little,
    equip the rocket launcher, and fire your final shot at him. Then equip
    your magnum and fire at him until he's dead (should you run out of magnum
    bullets, switch over to the shotgun). (Note: The trick to killing him
    unscathed is staying fairly close to him, but not too much so; try to put
    yourself around four or so feet away from him each time you move back. If
    you're too close, his toothy little mouth will bite you, but if you're
    too far he'll swat you with his tentacles. However, if you're at just the
    right distance, he'll do nothing but advance, which means you just have
    to back up once or twice when he gets too close.)
    Once he's dead, turn around, exit the door behind you, and try to enter
    the next compartment. Before you reach it, however, the game will take
    over and you'll be forced to watch the lovely ending sequence. Enjoy!
    After the credits roll and all of that, you'll get to see your ranking.
    If you finished in under 2:30 without using health sprays and saving more
    than six times, you'll be rewarded with an infinite ammo submachine gun
    and an infinite ammo rocket launcher, which you'll find waiting for you
    in the bins in the Claire A game you'll be saving. If you made the time
    limit and used no herbs, but didn't save, the unlimited ammo gattling gun
    will join the above arsenal. If you met the reqs above (either set),
    you'll also gain access to Hunk's mission. And that's all, folks!
    IV. Credits
    Special thanks to...
    KamiKaze, Tanya, and Kevin for looking at this faq before I finished it
    and offering suggestions and the like.
    Vegitto for being the first to play the game using the faq!
    TrunksKun, Tanya (again), Master D, and Paul for supporting me in writing
    this faq.
    the folks at Neo-Gaming <http://www.epinc.net> for posting my reviews of
    this game and of Robo Pit 2 (and hopefully more in the future).
    Capcom for creating the greatest game I've played yet!
    TrunksKun (again) for convincing/forcing me to buy this game. To think
    that I actually doubted it would be any good!
    all sites that house this faq, as these sites are helping the faq to
    reach those who need it!
    you, because if nobody found any use for this faq, my writing it would
    have been a waste of time (although I enjoyed doing it).
    V. Final Notes
    Thanks again for reading this faq; I hope you found it helpful in
    completing Leon's second quest and attaining your desired ranking. I know
    there are quite a few other Leon B faqs (at www.gamefaqs.com and
    www.videogames.com, not to mention numerous gaming mags), but following
    the order of events they contain won't get you the time you need to
    attain the secrets of RE2. If you have any suggestions for future updates
    to this faq or comments on it, please don't hesitate to e-mail me at
    <wesley_d@juno.com> (omit <>, obviously). And enjoy blowing zombies apart
    with the coveted infinite ammo weapons (I'm sure Claire will)!
    -Brandon W. Dennis
    Visit the Dragonball Core! <http://dbcore.tierranet.com>
    Check out the cornucopia of gaming mirth and merriment accessible at
    Neo-Gaming! <http://www.epinc.net> (and don't forget to check out my
    reviews of RE2 and RP2)

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