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    Leon: Scenario 1 Speed Guide by JIrwin

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    Subject: RE2 - Leon scenario 1 speed guide here! (longish)
    From: irwin.51@postbox.acs.ohio-state.edu (Jim Irwin)
    Date: Thu, 29 Jan 1998 08:25:05 GMT
    Newsgroups: rec.games.video.sony
    Resident Evil 2 - Leon scenario 1 speed guide
    This guide is intended for people who have played Leon's first scenario
    and have a general idea of where everything is but can't finish it fast
    enough to earn the infinite rocket launcher.  It is NOT intended as a
    walkthrough; attempts to use it as such will probably result in confusion
    and/or frustration :)  I'll try to be as brief as possible, listing only
    the items you must have in your inventory and where to go.
    General rules:
    1.	Don't pick up First Aid Sprays.  You shouldn't use them, so picking them
    	up is a waste of an inventory slot.
    2.	You have a 6 saves to use, which is a lot.  Plan before starting where
    	you're going to save.  I'll include my recommendations in the guide.
    3.	Ink ribbons can be found at every typewriter, so never pick them up
    	or carry them around until you're going to use them (and then promptly
    	stick the extra one in a magic box).
    4.	You'll notice I don't mention picking up many herbs.  This is because
    	I have no idea what else you'll have in your inventory and thus how much
    	room you have left.  Pick up herbs at your own discretion.
    5.	To skip CGI animations (except the end) press start once it's started;
    	you can also skip the announcer at the beginning.
    And now for the guide:
    If you want the special key, run to the police station killing whatever you
    deem necessary...careful though, you only have 18 bullets.
    If you don't, after the gun owner gets attacked run up to him and try to
    grab the shotgun as fast as you can.  You might take a zombie hit, but this
    is faster than killing all 4.
    Down the back alley run to the fence, aim up and pop both zombies' heads
    with the shotgun.  Run past the gate to trigger it opening, then back thru.
    Avoid everything until you reach the bus.
    In the bus kill the zombie on the floor and knock the one walking towards you
    down, then run all the way to the police station.  Go in the room and hear
    the dying cop's speech, then run out and unlock the doors.
    SAVE #1- I hate listening to speeches more than once, you'll notice that :)
    Go to the west door and dump your knife in the magic box.
    Inventory:  Handgun, bullets, shotgun
    Dispose of the licker in the next room with the shotgun and grab the herb if
    you want.  Down the next hall, go in the briefing room and get the red jewel.
    In the next room there's 4 zombies.  Kill the 2 closest to you with the
    handgun and off the last 2 (standing together) with your last shotgun shell.
    Feel free to grab the 2 herbs on your way into the Darkroom.  Drop the
    empty shotgun and red jewel in the magic box.
    Inventory: Handgun, bullets
    Up the stairs, solve the oh-so-difficult statue puzzle and grab the 2nd red
    jewel, enter STARS office and grab the shotgun and diary/medal.  Listen to
    Claire drone on for a while then out and back all the way down to the 1st
    floor main hall.  Watch out for the zombie arms in the boarded up hallway.
    Use the unicorn medal to get the spade key, then back the way you came AGAIN,
    stopping by the file room to pick up the crank.  Up the stairs again past the
    STARS office and thru the spade door (discard the spade key).  Kill the zombies
    with your new shotgun and head into the library.  Get the bishop plug from
    the bookshelf puzzle and grab the red herb from the desk.
    Out on the balcony ignore the zombie to your right and proceed left.  Drop the
    ladder while killing/knocking down the other zombies then go to the 2nd floor
    east door.  Grab the small key then dump it, the red herb, Bishop plug and
    shotgun in the magic box and grab the 2 red jewels.
    Inventory:Handgun, bullets, red jewel, red jewel
    Ignore the 2 zombies in the helicopter hallway for now, and run past the crows
    to the roof (unlock the door to the 1st floor on the way if you want).  Out
    on the roof go down the stairs, past the zombies into the shed and grab the
    Valve handle.  Back up to the roof, douse the heli, back past the crows and
    off the 2 zombies in the small hallway.  In the next room plop the red jewels
    into place and grab the king plug and diamond key.  On the way back to the
    balcony dump the King plug and Valve handle and grab the small key.
    Inventory:Handgun, Bullets, Small Key, Diamond Key
    SAVE #2 - if you feel like it.  I didn't but hey, 6 saves is a lot.
    Around the balcony thru the library, use the small key to get the Handgun
    Parts and continue around the 2nd floor to the stairs.  Downstairs go thru the
    Diamond key door and get ready to fire fast.  Kill the 3 zombies immediately
    near you and grab the shotgun shells before proceeding into the next room.
    Go knock the now-zombified cop down and grab the Heart Key, then out to the
    Main Hall.
    Go out the east door, ignoring the mass of zombies and straight thru the blue
    doors.  Dodge (or kill if you feel like it) the zombies in the next room,
    stopping by the safe to grab some shells (2236 if you forgot).  Then out
    the back thru the Heart Door and grab the shells by the stairs before heading
    down to the basement.
    Kill the 3 dogs in the basement, stop by the power room and solve the power
    puzzle, then head to the parking lot to meet Ada.  After she whines about not
    being able to move the truck herself, help her out and go see Ben withering
    away in his cell.  Grab the manhole opener after his speech and head to the
    Don't grab the red herb in the kennel unless you feel like fighting dogs.  Just
    go down the manhole to the sewers, avoid the spiders and stop in the safe room.
    If you did get poisoned by the spiders there's a blue herb here, so don't worry
    Grab the Bishop and King plugs from the magic box and go to the lock
    in the next room.  Plug them in and go back out to find Ada and play her
    little mini-quest.
    Get the Club key and shells from Ada and go to the safe room again.  Trade
    your Handgun and Bullets for a Shotgun, it will go nicely with the 28 shells
    you've hoarded up.  Also grab the crank and head back to the police office.
    Inventory:Shotgun, Shells, Diamond Key, Club Key, Crank, 2 free inventory
    SAVE #3 - Who wants to listen to Ada, Ben, and play Ada's quest again :P
    Back through the sewers up the ladder and across the parking lot, you'll
    notice there's 2 lickers in the hallway now.  Off them with the shotgun and
    head to the autopsy room.  Grab the Red Card Key, kill the zombies and drop
    by the weapons storage before heading back up the stairs to the police HQ.
    I personally would leave the sidepack for Claire, and the submachine gun
    causes you to lose a rank if you use it, so just take the ammo and head up.
    Once upstairs drop by the night watchman's room to get the Magnum and some
    more shells, then head out the blue doors in the next room to the mob of
    zombies you left.  Blast them all with the shotgun then into the next hallway.
    Kill whatever zombies you need to here, and go in the diamond and club rooms,
    grabbing the Rook plug and Cog respectively.  Watch out for the licker that
    pops out after you get the Rook plug.
    Now it's back out to the main hall, up the ladder (there's a licker there
    now, watch it) and to the library.  When you enter the library zombies start
    crawling into rooms you'll never be returning to...so why does the game even
    bother :P  Anyway, up to the clock tower, use the crank and cog to get the
    Knight plug and down the dust chute to the basement you go.
    Oh no, Ben's in trouble, go check it out and then head back to the sewer
    running past the spiders (man, they're slow aren't they) and stop by the safe
    room.  If you don't feel confident enough to beat the upcoming boss then save,
    but he's really not that hard, especially since you'll be using the magnum :)
    Inventory:Magnum, Rook plug, Knight plug, some form of healing (just in case)
    You can take the handgun and bullets too, if you want to shoot the little
    things that chase you around...personally I just let them climb on me and
    take a little damage while pulverizing the boss.
    SAVE #4 - either before or after fighting the boss
    After defeating the boss, you meet Ada again (oh joy) and head towards
    the sewage plant.  Make sure to grab the magnum rounds and shells hidden down
    the ladder behind the pushable locker.  Grab the Valve handle from the magic box
    along with your Shotgun and Shells .  Then it's down the elevator to get
    shot by Annette.
    Inventory:Shotgun, Shells, Valve handle
    Time for another Ada quest.  She can't pick anything up for you this time, so
    just climb thru the ventilation shaft and get generally annoyed by Annette
    for a while.  After Ada knocks Annette down run across the bridge and down
    the ladder to stare at the bubbling water.
    Meanwhile, Leon is feeling better.  Go thru the door, hang a left and grab
    the Wolf medal and some shells off the dead guys, then head back the other
    way.  Avoid the spiders and run around to the lower level where you'll need
    to use the Valve handle to lower the bridge.  Run across, use the handle to
    raise the bridge back up and grab more shells before heading into the alligator
    Kill the alligator with the gas canister (that way Claire doesn't have to
    fight it in her 2nd scenario) and have Ada patch you up.  Then it's through
    the murky water, up the ladder, grab the Eagle medallion from the corpse
    across the bridge, and use the Valve handle for the last time on the
    ventilation shaft.  Run through the shaft, around to the waterfall and
    pop the medals into the machine.  Then it's off to the sky tram.
    In the tram shoot the big hand a few times and it will leave you alone.  Make
    sure to grab the W. Locker key right next to the flare gun before heading
    into the factory.  In the first factory room get the shotgun parts and
    upgrade...don't forget that when you upgrade you get a free reload, so
    spend all the rounds on the zombies hanging around here before you combine.
    Through the next room and up the ladder to a safe room, grab the magnum rounds
    and shells, and if you're afraid of the next boss, save.  I personally would
    wait until after you beat him, since you carry Ada and have her give another
    speech, and who wants to listen to that :P  Don't miss the Magnum rounds inside
    the train before you go out to fight the boss.
    Inventory:Magnum, Magnum rounds, healing stuff
    SAVE #5 - either before or after fighting the boss
    Inventory after boss:Magnum, Magnum rounds, Custom Shotgun, Shells, W. Locker
    After the boss is history, you carry Ada to a safe room stocked with more
    Magnum rounds and Shells...happy day!  Then out the door, and down the west
    (blue) path of the central room, turn left and head to the freezer.  Grab the
    fuse case and turn it into the main fuse with the robotic arm, then back
    to the central room to power up.
    Now down the red path and open the shutter.  Kill the 2 plants, through the
    door and kill another plant right inside.  Down the ladder and through the
    door, kill the large number of lickers you'll be encountering (don't you just
    love your custom shotgun?).  Go around the computer room, turn left at the end
    of the last hallway and head into Birkin's Lab area.  Just inside grab
    the Magnum Parts from the locker, and expend whatever bullets you still have
    on the zombies in the next room before upgrading (free reloads kick ass!).
    SCENARIO, you must go to the moth room and do the computer stuff now.
    You should have plenty of time to do it, but all Claire gets is a Submachine
    gun (which lowers Rank).  Then make sure to open the shutter and enter your
    fingerprint after opening the shutter next to the card key door.
    Grab the Lab Card Key from the lab and head all the way back up the ladder,
    watching for the licker that will drop from the ceiling.  Up the ladder some
    more plants have appeared, finish them off and head back through the central
    room and down the blue path again.  Unlock the card key door, kill the zombis
    inside and grab the MO Disk and more magnum rounds (but NOT the first aid
    spray...remember, those are bad).
    Back outside Annette tries to annoy you again but is thwarted by beams from
    the ceiling.  Back to the central room and down the red pathway, Ada tries
    to steal the G-virus but ends up dead, then Annette passes out and you toss
    away the G-virus.  Now it's down the ladder hurrying toward the final elevator.
    In the hall downstairs those wacky naked zombies have taken over...kill them
    all and head toward the save point in the adjacent computer room.  Grab all
    the items you need for the final confrontation and save the game for the last
    Invetory:Custom Magnum, Magnum rounds, MO Disk, as much healing stuff as you
    have left
    SAVE #6 -	This is it, the final showdown.  If you followed this guide you
    		should've gotten here with plenty of time (read 20 minutes) to
    		kill the boss.
    Kill the boss, jump the train and hope you were fast enough!  If you were
    you'll get the Rocket Launcher for Claire, which is a very good thing :)
    Hope this helps everyone!
    Jim Irwin

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