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    Dual Sock Extreme Battle Mode Guide by JCasper

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    Welcome to the world of survival horror! I will be your guide through 
    the unique Dual Shock hidden game, Extreme Battle mode. This is 
    basically a game in which you have one, main objective, and that is to 
    find the four hidden explosives, and use them to erase all traces of 
    the virus that Umbrella accidentally, or maybe purposely spilled. There 
    are also two hidden characters I will cover also. The game consists of 
    three almost forward stages, and I will not be able to give detailed 
    maps or descriptions because most of the game is randomized. Also, you 
    must have played through the game several times to achieve this mode so 
    I will assume that you know the areas. Well, are we ready to begin? 
    Good, lets kill some zombies, and find those explosives!
    					The Intro
    A hazardous virus has been detected inside the transport train.
    Return to the police precinct, find the "4 special bombs" located 
    within and use them to incinerate all traces of the virus!!
    Although unknown threats and terrors will be encountered throughout 
    your mission, the fate of all humankind depends upon your immediate 
    Level 1
    Now you must chose Leon or Claire. Backtrack through the laboratory 
    corridors until you reach the lift that originally brought you down 
    there in the normal game. Along the way you'll face some Zombies, Ivy, 
    and Lickers, but don't simply blast away at everything you see. You 
    have a limited amount of ammo, but there is some more scattered around 
    the area. Anyway don't do that because there are far more zombies than 
    bullets, so let's do the math. Let's say you have thirty bullets. Okay, 
    now let's say there is ten zombies. It takes around five bullets to 
    take one down, so you could only put six to rest. Lets all so say that 
    this is a large, wide hallway. Now the zombies are all grouped and the 
    middle and left side, or since the move slowly, instead of blasting 
    away, just simply run on the right avoiding the idiots, and using no 
    ammo. Let's move on. Save your ammo for when you are trapped and have 
    simply no escape. Once you are make it to the end, you are graded on 
    your performance, and. what is this? If you replay the stage who is 
    there? Ada Wong. You can now use here for this stage. On to the next 
    Level 2
    BAM!!! BAM!!! Another mindless zombie, dead. Again, you'll encounter 
    probably the toughest enemies in the entire game! Run through the areas 
    until you get to the Sewer floodgate. Also, the huge number of Green 
    Herbs in the area could be useful, if you got a little to cuddly with a 
    zombie. Once you reach those heavenly gates, the stage ends. A reward 
    will also be waiting for you. That reward is Resident Evil 1 macho-man 
    Chris Redfield! Finally the last stage, and the explosives!
    Stage 3
    Yep, if your gonna' waste ammo for idiotic reason, this is the place! 
    Taking out all of the obstructing zombies from your path is a must, 
    because you will be traveling through a certain area several times. You 
    are gonna' need all, all of the ammo you've got, and maybe more. When 
    you go a searching for the explosives try and look for special rooms, 
    and remember all the bomb locations are randomized so I can't tell you 
    where to go, I'll just tell you where all the possible bomb locations.
    Possible Bomb Areas
    1.Located in the Clock Tower Attic where you used the Gold Cog.
    2.The S.T.A.R.S. office, where you get the Unicorn Medal. 3.Located in 
    the First Floor Conference Room, where you burned the painting, only to 
    the back area of the room.
    4.Located where Ben was being held, you know the Basement Jail Cell.
    5.Located in Chief Irons office, where you found the little girl, 
    6.The last location, inside the furnace room with the three wall 
    Remember that the bombs are not in all of these locations, just four of 
    them. Once, you grab the bombs you win.
    Rating System
    I will now tell you how to get the best rankings, or the worst.
    How to Get An A
    Play and win under three hours.
    How to Get A B
    Play and win from between 3-5 hours.
    How to Get A C
    Play and win from between 5-7 hours.
    How to Get A D
    Play and win in anything over 7 hours.
    NOTICE: Your rank is brought down a letter if you use any special 
    weapons, and/or if you saved more than a dozen times.
    I would like to thank Prima Publishing, for the help on getting this 
    awesome mode. My dad for getting me the system and game. Capcom and its 
    RE 2 staff, for creating such a beautiful game, and cjayc at Game FAQs 
    for publishing this. Also, I want this to be restricted to this, and 
    Gamesages site. If you are a Web Site Master, and wish to borrow this 
    guide I strongly recommend you contact me first at John.casper@mci.com. 
    Thank you.

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