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    Leon Scenario 1 Guide by SAhmad

    Updated: 12/24/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    From: "Ahmad, Iqbal" <Iqbal.Ahmad@telecheck.com>
    Date: Thu, 24 Dec 1998 01:06:58 -0600
                                Solid's Guide to
                             Leon's Scenario One
                                           Table of Contents
    (1.) Leon - 1st Scenario
    (2.) Hints & Codes
    (3.) Cridits
    (1.) Leon - 1st Scenario
     From the starting point, clear a path through the zombies and make your
    way to the gun shop. There, you'll find two boxes of handgun ammunition. 
    Once the zombies break through the glass,  you can either flee in 
    terror or kill the zombies and get the shop owner's shotgun. Once in 
    the alley behind the shop, make your way to the back of the van and 
    collect the handgun rounds. The zombies will break through the gate; 
    take care of them and go to the door on the other side of the basketball 
    court. From this point, run by the zombies and head to the bus. Once 
    inside, take the handgun bullets out of the bag and take care of the 
    flesh eaters. Head for the front door of the bus. From here, it's only 
    a short distance to the police station, but beware - many of the undead
    are waiting. In the main hall of the police station, pick up the 
    handgun bullets and ink ribbon. You can save here at the typewriter.
    He will give you a key card. Use the key card on the computer in the 
    main hall where you first entered the station house. It unlocks the 
    other door. Now go through it, and you'll find a police memo. Head 
    through the door next to the window. In the hallway you will come 
    across an officer who has had a slight problem with his head. If you 
    double-check him you will find that he has some handgun bullets that 
    you might need. Further down the hall you'll come across a pool of 
    blood. Beware of the creature that drops down. Simply aim low and shoot
    until it doesn't move anymore. Pick up the green herbs to heal yourself
    now or later.
     Enter the door at the end of the hall. Go down the hall and through 
    will find the Operation Report file. Head to the small room to the left
    the lighter to reveal the first red jewel. Take it and head out the 
    door and continue down the hallway.  When you reach the room with the 
    zombies, take care of them quickly and head up the stairs to the left. 
    Now head down the hall until you reach the statue with the second red 
    jewel in its hand. Push the smaller gray statue over the square on the 
    floor to the left of the big statue. Push the reddish statue over the 
    square on the right side of the statue. The red jewel will be released 
    and is yours for the taking. Head through the door to the right of the 
    statue and down the hallway. Enter the first door, which is the S.T.A.R.S.
    office. On Chris's desk you will find his diary, and beneath that you 
    will find the Unicorn Medal. Get the shotgun out of the locker and 
    exit the room. Take the Unicorn Medal to the fountain in the main 
    hall of the police station, where you first entered. Place the Unicorn 
    Medal in the front of the fountain. This will release the spade key. 
    Go back into the door from which you came and down the hall, and unlock 
    the door to the file room. There, you'll find the Patrol Report, ink 
    ribbon, and a crank. To get the crank, push the step stool to the cabinet, 
    climb up, and get it. Exit the room and head up to the second floor. 
     Go down the hall past the statues and enter the door. Make your way 
    to the library. From there, head up the stairs to the right and down 
    the walkway. You will fall through the floor.  Look at the picture clue 
    the red switches to make the bookcases match the picture clue. Once in 
    the correct position, the picture will fall away and reveal the bishop
    plug. Take the plug and exit the double doors. Then make your way to 
    the other side of the balcony, past the zombies, and through the door 
    on the far side. Enter the room and pick up the desk key, ink ribbon, 
    and the Chief Secretary's Diary A. Then exit through the opposite door 
    and head down the hallway. Exit through the door straight ahead. Once 
    outside go down the stairs and enter the door. In the hallway, enter 
    the open doorway on the left. Enter the small room with the open door 
    to the right. Inside you will find green herbs behind a desk and a safe 
    in front. To open the safe, use the combo 2236. Inside you will find 
    acid rounds and the police station map. Exit double doors at far end of 
    the room. 
    Make your way to the burning helicopter outside the police station. Go 
    down the stairs and enter the door around the corner, where you'll find 
    a save point, bow darts, and a valve handle. With valve handle in hand, 
    return to the burning helicopter. Go behind the open fence next to the 
    door and use the valve handle on the water-pressure valve. Water will 
    quench the flames and in the smoke you will find handgun bullets. Head 
    back to hallway inside the house where the helicopter was protruding in.
    Now with the flames out you can enter the door on the right.
     In this room you will find the diamond key and two stone busts protruding 
    out of the wall. Place a red jewel in each one of the busts. This will 
    reveal the king plug. Take the plug and head back to the first floor. 
    Use the diamond key to enter the evidence room on the first floor to the 
    right of the main staircase. Dispatch the zombies quickly,  and then search 
    for the film and shotgun shells. Exit through the other door into the room 
    where the officer gave you the key card at the beginning. This time he 
    won't be so nice. On the desk in the room where you find him will be 
    the heart key. If you look around the main room you will find some 
    handgun bullets in the locker and a memo to Leon on the desk. When 
    you're done poking around, head to the interrogation room that you can 
    open with the diamond key. Once inside you'll find the rook plug and 
    cord. Make your way out of the room quickly.... 
    Now go back to the room where you got the memo to Leon. From there, go 
    down the short hallway to the door you need the heart key for. Use it 
    and discard. Now head for the stairs, and look out for the dogs. Take 
    your first right and run to the first door on your right. Inside, pick 
    up the green herbs and police B1 map, then head for the reserve power 
    control panel. Once there press up, down, up, down, up. This will activate 
    the key card lock door. Now head back out, take a right, and head to 
    the door at the end of the hallway marked parking.
     You will now meet up with Ada Wong. Help Ada move the paddy wagon out 
    of the way. Follow her in and find the cell that Ben is in. After a 
    brief conversation, look to the shelf on the right for the manhole 
    opener. Head to the left of the kennels and look for the manhole.  Use 
    the manhole opener and head down. Once there you will become Ada. 
    Beware of the dogs! You want to take the first right and head straight 
    for the door. Inside the room, look to the right to find the sewage-disposal
    map hanging on the wall. Hop down to the left of the control panel and 
    push the boxes in place so they make a bridge. Once they are in place, 
    hop back up to the water-level control switch and push the button. The 
    water will raise the boxes and you can walk across and get the club key.
    Now head back to the door on the right, where some grenade rounds are
    and head back to where you first became Ada. She will automatically 
    give Leon the items. Once you are yourself again, head back up the 
    stairs, open the door using the diamond key, and discard it. Inside 
    the room, you'll acquire the Magnum, the night watchman's diary, and 
    ammo. Now go into the only room on the first-floor map you haven't been 
    in: the middle room on the upper right side. Use the club key to enter 
    and discard. With lighter in hand, ignite the furnace on the far side 
    of the room. Then turn the faucets on the wall in this order: 12, 13, 
    and 11. This will make the golden cogwheel fall out of the painting. 
    Take it and head to the third floor via the library on the second 
     Enter the only other door on the third floor and use the crank in the 
    square hole in the wall to lower a staircase. Head up the staircase 
    and use the golden cogwheel on the gears, then press the button to open 
    the door to the right. Behind the door you will find the knight plug. 
    Go down the shaft and pick up the mail to the chief. Keep going and 
    prepare for a fierce fight with the hideous monster waiting for you. 
    Once he's defeated, make your way to the door at which you need to place 
    all of the chess piece plugs to enter. From there you can find the room 
    that contains the ink ribbon, sewer manager file, and save point.
    When you exit, you'll run into Ada again. After a brief conversation, 
    you will be shot and become Ada again. Follow the woman up the ladder 
    and on into the vent shaft. After you meet up with her, head down the 
    ladder. Here you'll once again become Leon. Go down the hallway and 
    find the wolf coin. Follow the sewer until you reach the equipment. 
    Use the valve handle on the bridge-lowering mechanism. Once across and 
    on the other side, use it again to raise the bridge back up (trust me).
    Head down the corridor until the alligator attacks. Then run back until 
    you get to the red light on the left. Push the button to release the 
    gas canister. Let the alligator take the canister into his mouth, then 
    shoot it! Head down to the door in the direction the alligator came 
    from. Head up the ladder, go to the left, and get the eagle medal and 
    sewer manager's diary.
     Head to the right and use the valve handle on the lighted machine to 
    the left of the spinning fan. This will allow you to climb up the ladder 
    and through the airshaft. Follow the sewer until you reach the waterfall 
    and use both of the medals on the water-flow control panel to the right.
    This will stop the flow of water and allow you access to the door behind. 
    Make your way to the right side of the trolley and turn on the power 
    switch on the control panel. This will activate the trolley. Enter it, 
    but beware of the monster. When he attacks, shoot up at his arms. Once 
    on the other side, exit, and to the immediate left, use the lighter on 
    the flare signal to make the weapon-box key gleam in the light. Pick up 
    the key and head for the door. Go down the walkway until you reach some 
    zombies and the first intersection. Go to the left, and search on the 
    dead guy for shotgun parts, which can be combined with the shotgun to 
    make a custom shotgun. Head to the right and up the ladder. In the room 
    above, you'll find ink ribbons, Magnum bullets, shotgun rounds, and a 
    save point. Once all of the items have been collected, head out the door. 
    Go into the tractor housing sitting on the platform. Inside, you'll find 
    more ammo and the key to activate the platform. Take the key out to the 
    control panel in front of the tractor housing, use it, and press the 
    button to activate. Once inside, William, the creature (you can't miss 
    him), will attack. Exit the tractor and get ready for battle!
     Once William is defeated, go back in the tractor housing. After Ada is 
    done talking, explore the room for various items, head to the east area, 
    and go through the frozen door.  Get the fuse case off the cart and use 
    it at table to have it put together by the mechanical arm. Take the 
    fuse to the junction in between the east and west area, and use it. 
    Head to the west area and go in the door to the right. Get the security 
    memo and temporary-user note. Go to the computer and turn on the anti-B.O.W.
    sprinklers. Shoot the plant coming out of the ventilation shaft with 
    flame rounds or the flamethrower found in the locker. Climb through the 
    vent shaft and pick up the ammo and ink ribbon. Now go to open the door 
    to the right, but beware of the fierce plant creatures waiting behind the 
    one more. Then head down the ladder by the big plant. Enter the door 
    and search beneath all of the monitors for the map. Go through the
    door and use the weapon-box key to get the Magnum parts. These can be 
    combined to make a custom Magnum. Go in and deal with the zombies and 
    pick up the red lab card. Take it and head to the door with the huge 
    eggs out front. Use the card to enter, and kill the giant moth. 
    Then move over to the computer and clear off the keyboard by killing 
    all of the little creatures on it. Use the computer and enter in the 
    password "guest." Then head back up to the east area and use the key 
    card on the door. Enter and kill the zombies and turn on the light 
    switch. Pick up the first-aid spray, Magnum rounds, and 
    most importantly the MO disk. When you go outside you'll run into 
    Annette and receive the G-virus. Head to the large door to use the 
    MO disk. Ada will confront you. After this, continue on your way to 
    the MO disk door. Enter and prepare for the final battle with William. 
    Just make sure you have a lot of herbs and/or first-aid spray and ammo!
    (2.) Hints and Cheats
    This has pretty much all of the Hints, Cheats, and cool things I could 
    find to give you guys, I really don't know anything else other than 
    what's on here, but if there's something that's not, let me know!! 
    Anyway, here goes what i've got for you all so far.  ** OK! I have recieved 
    a few E-mails asking if the famous hoax "Akuma" secret character is true, 
    and it IS NOT! I repeat, it was just a trick by EGM for April Fools, 
    (go to the site WWW.VIDEOGAMES.COM) and ask, they'll tell you the truth. 
    So if there's anyone who still thinks he does exist, he doesn't, and 
    anyone who has stuck with EGM for the past 4-5 years will tell you the 
    same, they've done it with Street Fighter two times for April Fool's, 
    saying Sheng Long (Ryu and Ken's master) was in the game, when he 
    really didn't exist (when we ever WILL see him, we don't know...) but 
    but EGM and Capcom like playing around like that, and they've done it 
    before, to test the real gamers from the gullible ones... (although it 
    would kick ass if Akuma was in it!) But anyways, he DOES NOT EXIST!!! 
    Change of Clothes: To get Leon or Claire to change clothes, Play a Normal 
    Mode game, and go to the Police Station without picking up any items. 
    When you get to the alley near the Police Station, (the walkway under 
    the entrance) there should be a Zombie there. Run past him, go in and 
    grab the shotgun, then kill him. He’s kind of strong, so aim for the 
    head. When he’s dead, search him and you should find the Special Key. 
    That key will open the lockers in the Dark Room. Claire: She has one 
    costume and a revolver. The revolver shoots and reloads faster than 
    the pistol. Leon: Leon has two different costumes. If you get one of 
    the outfits, Leon’s gun handling will upgrade. He’ll now hold it with 
    one hand. 
    Kill the Camera: At the area outside of the manhole, where the two 
    dogs jump down from above to attack you, If you have the shotgun, then 
    you can aim the shotgun at the screen, and if you shoot it, The screen 
    will look like you shot the glass out of it. It's a cool trick to show 
    your friends, try it!
    1-hit Gator Kill: Here's a secret trick to kill the Gator boss. When he 
    starts advancing on you, you'll notice a yellow light on the left wall. 
    Push the X button and a canister will fall to the ground. When the 
    Gator chomps down on the gas canister, shoot the canister and the Gator 
    will blow into bloody chunks!
    Play as Hunk: Remember in the cinema with Dr. Birkin getting shot at 
    by those guys in the SWAT-Team suits? Well, one of them survived, and 
    he is Hunk. To play as Hunk, go through an A and a B game and get A's 
    on both missions. When you've completed both missions, a screen should 
    come up that says Save This Game on it. Hunk is one of the SWAT 
    team members from Umbrella. His mission is to get to the roof top from 
    the sewers. Be warned, there are a ton of enemies -- so watch out!
    To play as Tofu: Ok, i don't know what's up with this guy.. He's just 
    a big, gelatinous cube of well, Tofu! All he's got is a knife, and he 
    shouts weird words when he's in situations in the game, such as getting 
    hit. What sucks, is he can only use a knife!! Can we say, CHALLENGE!?!?!? 
    Anyways...If you go through the game six times (A, B, A, B, A, B) and 
    get all the weapons and costumes, basically all the secrets, a bonus 
    screen will come up which will let you play as Tofu. Tofu’s scenario 
    is the same as Hunk’s mission, but instead of all the cool weapons, 
    Tofu gets a knife--and he can’t use guns. Note: When you’re starting
    another A-game, load up your previous B-game save. Hey, it’s just a 
    To get the Gatling gun, Sub-Machine gun, or Rocket Launcher: This isn't 
    too hard to do.. If you get a B or higer ranking after beating the game, 
    on NORMAL MODE, using NO HEALTH SPRAYS, and DO NOT SAVE at all, you 
    can obtain one of these three items. If you beat the second mission, 
    with a B or higher ranking, in less than 2 and a 1/2 hrs, you can get 
    all three! (I'm not sure exactly how it determines what weapon you get, 
    but I got a Rocket Launcher after beating game A, then all three after 
    I beat game B.) One drawback though... If you use any one of these 
    three weapons, you will automatically drop one letter grade. (IE: If 
    you used a Rocket Launcher, in a game, You may get a C ranking instead 
    of the B rank you may have originally been working at. My thought? Use 
    the Custom Shotgun, or Custom Magnum for Leon, and try to keep the 
    grenade launcher filled with ammo, or use the spark shot with Claire. 
    Both are powerful, and real easy to keep on ya, w/o penalizing your 
    And another trick... : If you'd like to play both game A and B with the 
    same person, try this: After you beat the game, where you get your 
    ranking, you will see the save screen. When this comes up, Open the 
    Playstation. (it won't do anything, don't worry..) then put in the 
    other disc. It'll then save it as the same person, either a game A or 
    B. It's a weird trick, but kinda cool. 
    In the S.T.A.A.R.S. Office, if you go to the desk that is in front of 
    the Members Picture on the wall, and you search the desk, it'll say it 
    looks like it's been searched already. If you search it 50 times, 
    you'll find a film roll. Take it to the dark room and develop it, and 
    you'll see a nice picture of Rebecca from the original Resident Evil!! 
    (3.) Credits
    -Well, me, Solid Shawn, of course. shawn_ahmad@hotmail.com
    -And, also to Capcom for there great minds on making the great game
    to teach the World hoy to beat. Thanks!!!

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