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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MechaMrEd

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 06/21/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

        ____            _     __           __     ______      _ __   ___ 
       / __ \___  _____(_)___/ /__  ____  / /_   / ____/   __(_) /  |__ \
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     / _  _/  __(__  ) / /_/ /  __/ / / / /_   / /___ | |/ / / /   / __/ 
    /_/ |_|\___/____/_/\____/\___/_/ /_/\__/  /_____/ |___/_/_/   /____/ 
                          <({[-Resident Evil 2-]})>
    One who resides in a particular place permanently or for an extended period.
             Violating or inconsistent with the moral laws; wicked. 
    _____walkthrough V2.0 (Final Version)_____
    By Mecha Mr Ed. 
    Update history:
    21st Jun '00 v2.0- Last update-me-do! Thought I'd better just finish off this guide. Couple
                       of corrections, reader stuff added to the aptly named completely pointless
                       observations. I hope I can do another FAQ someday. I'll have to see if I'm
                       competent at Perfect Dark.
    8th  Apr '00 V1.9- New FAQ questions, some weapon corrections thanks to MolochFFF. I've had
                       this version for a while, but I was waiting for the DC version to come
                       out, so I could tip it. But, it doesn't seem to be out for a while, so
                       I put this version up so people could check the FAQ to solve some of their
                       questions. I'm surprised how much E-Mail I get on this FAQ. Keep sending
                       it in though! The next update should be final, and make the version number
                       nice and round. Mmmm... round.
    14th Mar '00 V1.8- Yes sirree, it's another update. Hunk walkthrough up. N64 cheats added.
                       This might be the last update, but then again, maybe not. And I added a
                       character guide near the end, to inform you of the different people in 
                       the game. Or rather I just wanted to take the rip out of the 1-dimensional 
    10th Mar '00 V1.7- Hunk tips up. Found a file I've never seen on the internet before, quite
                       an intresting one too (P-Epsilon gas) and added photo D.
                       Revamped (no pun inte- hang on, that's vampires) Secrets section to make
                       much more sense. Added cheesy clichéd definitions at top, to make me look
                       clever. Or tell stupid people what the title means.
    4th  Mar '00 V1.6- This and that. Made the FAQ easier to read in places, added comments to
                       the Ex files on their references to the other games, added a herb chart,
                       and a short observation section. Updated the FAQ section a fair bit too,
                       with story stuff mostly.
    26th Feb '00 V1.5- All the Ex-Files are now up. Okay, the truth is out there. Had to say it
                       really. Thanks to Mothugluv for telling me where they were.
    20th Feb '00 V1.4- Files added. Why? Felt like it. So there.
    18th Feb '00 V1.3- Leon Mission B tips up. Becomes more of a walkthrough near the end 
                       really. Booya, in the house, etc.
    15th Feb '00 V1.2- Copied the cheats from the lovely people at gamesages. Please make sure
                       you use the right version, mmmkay? Mmmkay.
    14th Feb '00 V1.1- Y'know, this and that. Weapons section, FAQ section. The stuff dreams are
                       made of. Not really though.
    12th Feb '00 V1.0- First version ever. In an incredibly ironic twist, everything is new.
    The highest update of this FAQ is always at www.gamefaqs.com, so check there before sending
    a correction.
    Note: This FAQ was written using the N64 version. It can be used for the PC, Playstation and
    Dreamcast versions. Any changes have been noted in the FAQ.
    Resident Evil 2. A very scary game. The number of times it made me jump right out of my
    seat. It can be quite tricky at times too, so this guide will help with Leon's first mission.
    Claire's mission is slightly different, but once you've done Leon's, you'll breeze through it.
    I'll try not to give away any big plot points, or many scares.
    Anyhoo, on with the guide.
    1) Controls                     
    2) General Tips                         
    3) Leon Mission A walkthrough   
       -Police Station               
         >Ground Floor                
         >First Floor                 
       -Sewage Treatment plant       
       -Umbrella Labs                
    4) Claire mission A tips        
    5) Leon Mission B tips
    6) Claire Mission B tips
    7) Hunk Walkthrough
    8) Enemies 
    9) Weapons
       -Normal files
       -Extra files 
    14)Completely Pointless Observations
    15)Credits/Legal pants/Contact info         
    -N64: (I STRONGLY recommend using first person controls)
    A button-      Action/fire/accept
    Z button-      Same as above
    B button-      Run with control stick if using default controls/cancel
    R button-      Aim weapon
    Start-         Pause game/ go to status screen
    Control stick- If in first person, push in direction you want to go.
                   If in default, push up to run forward, left/right to rotate on the spot.
    D-pad-         Same as above
    Up- Forward 
    Down- Backward 
    Right- Turn right 
    Left- Turn left 
    X- Action/fire/accept (while holding R1) 
    Square- Run with forward
    Circle- Open Character Menu 
    Triangle- Cancel 
    R1- Aim weapon
    Start- Pause 
    Select- Game options
    -Don't kill every zombie if you don't have to, conserve ammo, especially on the streets
    areas at the beginning. You can easily kill no one on the streets.
    -Use all the weapons. Know when to use them. Use the pistol on the normal zombies, apart from
    if there are some lined up, then use the shotgun. Use the shotgun on the lickers. Be merciless
    on the dogs. They are probably one of the nastiest enemies.
    -Try and pick up as many first aid sprays and green herbs, and put them in boxes for easy 
    -Check bodies like the "He was pecked to death" twice. Many hold ammo.
    -Press action a lot along bookcases, etc. You may come across something.
    -If you are prompted to discard an item, do so. It is useless.
    -Always reload manually (combine bullets and the gun). You don't want to be stuck reloading the
    shotgun when a pack of dogs are jumping at you.
    -Save often. There are plenty of ink ribbons. This, however, does not apply when you are trying
    for a good grade, as it affects your final grade.
    -Keep your old save files. The first time I played Claire A, I missed the grenade launcher.
    If I hadn't kept my old files, I would have had a long walk back to it. You can easily mess
    up your ammo stores so that the game is impossible. On the N64 version, there are around 15
    save slots. Use them.
    -You can mix herbs to use instead of first aid sprays and to free up space.
    Here's a chart:
    |Number of herbs        |Effect 
    |1 Green                |Replenishes just under a third of your health.
    |1 Blue                 |Cures poison status.
    |1 Red                  |Cannot be taken on it's own.
    |2 Green                |Double the power of green.
    |3 Green                |Nearly all health returned.
    |1 Green + 1 Blue       |Replenishes energy and cures poison.
    |2 Green + 1 Blue       |Replenishes twice the energy and cures poison status.
    |1 Green + 1 Red        |Triple the effect of a green herb.
    |1 Green, 1 Red + 1 Blue|Triple the effect of a green and cures poison status.
    After the 2 cut scenes, run immediately away from the tanker. Try and dodge zombies, only 
    shooting them if they get in your way. Follow the street to a car, and go in the gun shop
    next to it. After the wonderful voice acting, start searching the shop for ammo and notes.
    After a while, some zombies will break in, and eat the shop keeper. Kill them from a safe
    distance. Check the shop keeper. He's dead. Big whoopee. Check him again. A shotgun! Now
    that's more like it! :-) Exit the shop through the door near the counter.
    Make your way through the streets, shooting the zombies, except the ones feasting and go on
    the bus. Shoot the woman on the floor and the man. Check the briefcase near the driver for an
    interesting note (N64 only). Get off the bus, and shoot some zombies and avoid the others. 
    Go through the gate into the park. Go either way. You're at the Police station! Well, go in,
    I haven't got all day..
    +--Police Station--+
    +  -Ground floor-  +
    From the start, go through the unlocked door on the left to talk to the cop. After some
    waffle, he'll give you a Blue Card Key. He'll send you out and lock the door. Go to the
    reception desk, and use the computer. Pick up the bullets and ink ribbon. If this is your
    first go, I suggest you use the typewriter and ink ribbon to save.
    Go through the new unlocked door on the left (from the point of view of the main door) and
    pick up the note on the seats. Open the item box and dump the knife (it's useless).
    Go back into the Hall, and up the stairs to the other previously locked door (the east side).
    Kill the zombies, and go through the blue doors. Kill all the zombies in here. Look out for
    the git on the floor. Open the safe in the main office (combination in the file you just picked
    up). Take it's contents. Pick up the herb behind the desk. Back out through the blue double
    doors and find a new corridor. Find an unlocked interrogation room with a 2-way mirror. Take
    the key and the other goodies it contains. Go back into the main hall and through the west 
    door. Dump any health stuff in the item box. Open the desk. Go through the door, wait, I hear
    you ask, what the f*** was that that went past the window? You'll find out soon enough...
    Keep going down the corridors till you get to the remains of a copper. Check him for the 
    message- "It's head is missing. It appears to have been twisted off.". Charming. Equip the 
    shotgun, and walk up to the pool of blood for a cutscene. "Oh boy" says Leon. "Jesus H Christ,
    what the f*** is that?!" says I. Blast the Licker twice in the head with shotgun to silence 
    him. Go past it's twitching corpse to find some red doors. Go past all the chairs to get to a 
    back room. Use the lighter (it's in your inventory from the start) on the fire. Collect the red
    jewel. Keep pushing past zombies until you get to some stairs. Collect the herbs around and put
    them in the item box in the nearby darkroom, and pick up the goodies the room holds.
    Go up the 2 flights of stairs. Walk up to the statues, and push them round so they rest on the
    posts on the walls and the are facing each other. Pick up the red jewel. Keep going till you
    get to the S.T.A.R.S office. Search the place for a File, The Unicorn Medal, First Aid Spray
    and Shotgun Ammo. If you search the desk near the S.T.A.R.S poster 50 times(!) you'll get a
    useless film which you can develop in the dark room. Go back to the Main Hall. Use the Unicorn
    medal on big statue for a Precinct Key (Spade).
    Go to the place where you despatched the Licker. Unlock the door nearby. Push the step ladder
    up to the cabinet to get the crank. Search the bookshelf next to the ladders for a file. Go
    past the S.T.A.R.S. office and unlock another door.
    +--Police Station--+
    +  -First Floor-   +
    Make your way to the library, killing any "living impaired" that get in the way. Go up the 
    stairs and make your way to the part over the metal bookcases. Go down behind them, and check
    the plate. Press the button to get out. Press the button on shelf 1, and move it right. Do 
    the same for shelf 2. Collect the Bishop Plug. Go up the stairs again, and out the door. Go 
    along the balcony, eliminating any threats (sometimes a Licker is here). Go into the cog room.
    Use the Crank on the "Square Hole" to bring down the staircase. Go back to the library and exit
    through the double doors. Go round the balcony, killing any brain-hungry zombies and activate 
    the fire escape. Go through the next door. In the waiting room, pick up the key. You can open 
    the drawer in library with this for Hand Gun Parts. Combine them with the handgun to make it 
    semi-automatic. There is an ink ribbon here, and a typewriter to save with. Ignore the burning
    helicopter for now, and blast the Hitchcock the Birds/Edgar Allen Poe ravens. Make your way on 
    to the roof, past the rest of the helicopter and down the stairs. Zombies. Yes, kill or avoid 
    them, and make your way to the small building. Pick up the valve handle. Don't open the other
    door unless you want kill 2 zombies. Which I can see you might want to do.
    Go back up to the helicopter. Go next to the door and use the valve handle on the water tank.
    The fire will be put out. Note that the valve handle is not discarded, it is needed later, but
    not for a while so dump it in an item box when you get the chance.
    Go back to the area where the helicopter was through the wall and pass it into a new room. Use
    the 2 red jewels on the statues. Grab the King Plug. Search the room for a Precinct Key 
    (Diamond), Ink Ribbon and Shotgun Shells.
    Go back to the interrogation room, but enter on the locked side this time (where they take the
    perps). Take the First Aid Spray, Cord and Rook Plug. Run away.
    Go to the area near where you fought the first Licker. Use the cord on the circuit box. Go to
    the locked door near the dark room. Lots o' zombies in here. You may need the shotgun. There
    is some useless Film (Develop in dark room) and some useful Shotgun Shells here. Make your 
    way to the office that the dying cop locked you out of. Find him, and erm, kill him. Nice.
    Get the Precinct Key (Heart) from the table next to him.
    Go to the big room in the east of the station (with the blue double doors and safe) and open 
    the door. Go down the corridor 'til you reach some stairs. Grab some Shotgun Shells.
    Go down them stairs.
    +--Police Station--+
    +    -Basement-    +
    You may want to equip the shotgun now, as some zombie dogs lurk round the corner. Be careful,
    these mangy mutts can rip you to shreds. Go through the big double doors and find the Power
    Regulator. Turn switch 1 up, switch 2 up, switch 3 down, switch 4 down and switch 5 up. Take
    the Map and Herb. Exit the power room and find the car park (clue: It has "Parking" written
    above it). Meet Ada Wong and help her move the truck. There is a Herb here also. Go through
    the door and find the grating. Go through it to talk to Ben. Get the Manhole opener when he
    shuts up. Go to back to where you just were and find the kennels. The dogs here are not zombie
    dogs (but'll scare you nonetheless). Only waste bullets on them if you hate dogs, or are sick.
    I see you've killed them. Ho hum. Use the manhole opener on the, yes, manhole. Christ, you
    people are quick :-).
    You are now in the drains. Use the shotgun on the giant spiders (What? Where did they come 
    from? What have they got to do with the T and G viruses?). When you pass them, go into the 
    small room for a typewriter, chest and Ink Ribbon. Get the chess plugs you have and go into
    the next room.
    Use the 3 plugs on the panel at the end of the room. Leave the room. Talk to Ada. Give her a
    poorly animated boost (yeah, if you did it like that, you'd majorly do your back in).
    Now you play as Ada. Kill off the dogs, and go into the shed and go down the lift. Grab the
    Shotgun Shells. Go into the other building and climb down into the pit. Shift the crates to
    form a line. Go back up and use the panel to fill the pit. Run across the crates to get the
    Precinct Key (Club). Go back to the entrance, and you will chuck the items to Leon and take
    control of him once more. 
    As Leon, pick up the items and go back to the area before the car park. 2 Lickers now lurk
    here. Go to the autopsy room.
    make your way past the corpses and get the Red Card Key. Unsurprisingly, the corpses will
    attack you. Err.. kill them? Go use the card on the Weapons room. Pick up all the goodies it
    holds. When you get to the sub-machine gun and the items pack, you can leave one for Claire's
    mission B. The item pack is very useful. The submachine gun isn't really all that useful (and
    it takes up 2 spaces in the inventory). I took both, Claire doesn't really need them, and this
    is probably your first go on Resident Evil 2 so you need all the help you can get.
    Go back to the interrogation room area. Go to the big green door. Use your lighter on the stove
    and turn the faucets in the following order- 12, 13, 11 (Queen, King and Jack). You get the
    G.Cogwheel. Remember the cog room up near the library? Go there. Go up the stairs in there and
    use the cog in the mechanism. Grab the Knight Plug and jump down the shaft. Disgusting 
    cut-scene occurs. Oooh, I wish that was pre-rendered.... 
    In the area before the stairs down to where you first fought the dogs, is a door. Go and
    unlock it. Get the Magnum and Shotgun Shells. Go down to the area were you changed to Ada.
    Go in the room with double doors.
    Boss- Big Manky Cockroach Spitting err... Thing
    Yes, I made up that name. Great huh? He's pretty easy. If you picked up the sub-machine gun,
    use that. If not, use a combination of magnum and shotgun blasts, and pistols shots on the
    cockroaches that come near. Make sure your not pumping him full of lead when he's down.
    When he's dead, immediately exit the room. Come back in, and cockroaches that were there,
    (or on you) have buggered off. Huzzah!
    Put the Knight plug into the pad with the others. The door next to it will unlock. Don't
    go through it yet, go back to the store room and take out the valve (and save if you want).
    Go back in the door.
    +--Sewage Treatment Plant--+
    Meet up with Ada, go to control room, push locker to reveal secret room. Use the lighter
    on the 2 lamps and then search for Magnum Rounds and Shotgun Shells. Go back up to the control
    room at go down the lift. You now control Ada. Follow the woman, and go up through the fan.
    When you get attacked by cockroaches, they don't seem to hurt you, she's just being a big wussy
    girl :-). When you get to the woman, you get a great pre-rendered cut-scene. 
    When you get to control Leon, take the same route, but check around for a corpse holding a Wolf
    Medal and Shotgun Shells. Now, you can not go through the fan as it is going fast, so go past
    the spiders (it's not worth killing them) and up to a door. Use the Valve Handle you got at
    the station that I told you to get. If you don't have it, you'll have to go back to the control
    room. Use it to lower the bridge. Go across and pick up the Shotgun Shells and Ink Ribbon.
    You may save if you wish. Use the valve to lift the bridge and proceed. See that cylinder?
    You'll need that in a minute. Open the door.
    Boss: The Enormous Crocodile
    After nearly being turned into not half the man you used to be, RUN AWAY! Now, you could pump
    this mother full of lead, but there's an easier way. Go up to that cylinder, and activate it.
    It'll fall out. It'll be in the croc's way, so he'll erm.. eat it. You, shoot it. BLAM! The
    crocodile now has no head. <cough.. Jaws rip off ..cough>
    When you've finished laughing at the decapitated corpse of the croc, go up to Ada and climb the
    ladder and make your way to the corpse holding the Eagle Medal and a note. Go back to the place
    with the water cascading over the door and use both medals in the box. The water will stop.
    Go through the door. Turn on the cable car, and go inside. Please keep your arms inside the 
    vehicle at all times. Please keep any mutant's arms outside the car by shooting it with the
    pistol. Have a nice trip.
    When he gives up, get off the car. If you light the flare with the Lighter, you can get the 
    W.Box Key (gets you Magnum Parts in the lab) Go through the door. Hey! Zombies! Haven't seen 
    any for a while. Kill them and get the Herb and Shotgun Parts. Combine these with the shotgun
    if you get them. Go up the ladder. You can get Magnum Rounds, Shotgun Shells and Ink Ribbon 
    here. You may save here. Go up to the train, go in, get the key, go back out and use the key
    on the pad. Unimpressive pre-rendered cutscene. When you resume control, arm the magnum, 
    shotgun or submachine gun. Go outside.
    Boss: William Birkin Type G2
    Runaway to get some distance and get ready for him to come round the corner. Blast him. 
    Alternate between magnum, shotgun and sub-machine gun (if you took it) to keep your ammo
    for each up. You can't run right round the train, so when he corners you, run on his human
    armed side (well, his most human armed side). Keep blasting him, but don't get too greedy,
    shoot him once or twice at a time, that claw can reach along way. Keep checking your ammo and
    reload manually. After quite a few shots, he'll fall over and you can back to Ada.
    +-Umbrella Labs-+
    When you've finished tending to Ada, pick up the goodies and save if you wish.
    Leave the room, and go to through a blue door. Go down till you reach a cryogenic (duh.. cold)
    room. Get the Fuse and use it in the room and a neat machine will turn it into the Fuse Case.
    There is a First Aid Spray here too. Use the fuse case in the room before the blue door. Go 
    through the red door and go right. Go through the door and get the Flame Thrower. Pick up
    the file and turn on the gas. Toast the plant. Go through the ventilation shaft. 2 Lickers
    await. Blast them with all you've got. Magnum is best. Get the 2 Shotgun Shells and Ink Ribbon
    and go through the door. Open the shutter and shoot the plants (you don't need the 
    flamethrower). When you come across the Lickers, kill them all. You'll have to come back to 
    this area later. There are 2 Herbs and a Lab Map about. In the monitor room you can save. When
    out of the room, go left to the lab. Kill some of the scientist Zombies with the magnum to get
    to the Lab Card Key. There are also some Magnum Parts to combine with the magnum if you have
    the W.Box Key. They are in the locker with the blue light above it.
    The following is optional:
    Go out of the lab and into the green part. Run to avoid the maggots. Open the door. Shoot
    the moth. Oooh, big scary moth. Shame you can't light a big candle and watch it burn itself.
    Use the pistol or flamethrower to clear the maggots off the keyboard and type in NEMESIS as 
    your user name (GUEST on older versions of the game i.e.: PSX and PC).
    Go back to the fuse place, go through the blue door and unlock the next door. Take the First 
    Aid Spray and MO Disk. Exit to meet that psycho Annette. After she's comically crushed, go to
    the red door. Speak to Ada. When it has all finished, check Ada's pistol. Aww....
    Go to the place where the Lickers were and insert the MO disk. In the room with all the red
    tanks, press the button next to the lift and get ready to fight.
    Boss: William Birkin's Final Form (G4)
    Blast him quickly with the Magnum. After 2 or 3 times, he'll get pissed off, and the G-Virus
    will kick in and mutate him violently. Don't worry if you haven't got heavy weaponry, I
    beat him first time with the pistol. Sub-machine gun is best though. Just use the same 
    strategy as last time, only don't go too far round the tanks or he'll hit you from behind.
    When he jumps on top, point up and shoot him. 
    When he dies, jump into the elevator and run to the train. If you make it in time, you've 
    beaten Leon's mission A! Save after the credits for Claire's mission B.
    I will not be writing a full walkthrough for this, as I would be repeating, for the most
    part, what's above. 
    First, she starts off with a lockpick. This means she does not need any small keys. She must
    find the lighter to get the fireplace jewel. The Lighter is in the Secretary's office, near 
    the crashed helicopter. Instead of getting chess plugs, she's after 
    stones, there are 3 of these, but one is in half, so it's really four. When you find both
    blue stones, combine them to create the Jaguar stone. You must put these stones in the holes 
    behind the picture in chief's office. This is found through the door blocked by the helicopter.
    It must be blown up with the detenator (next to the black cop who turns into a zombie) and the
    plastic explosive (found in the cabinet in the room before the black cop, the lock must be
    picked). Combine these and use them on the door.
    In the Umbrella labs, you have to make an antidote for Sherry. Just unlock the door near the 
    cryo lab with the Red Lab key, and turn on the light, put the canister in the machine, activate
    it with the box on the wall to make it a milky colour. Take the canister out of the 
    machine, and to the Lab with the zombies. Put the antidote in the machine on the wall to 
    finish the preparation. Now you can face William G4 in the same place as Leon.
    Again, Claire B is similar to this, biggest difference is the same as A, plugs and stones.
    Be warned, you may think in this quest, "ah, I'm safe here" but there are lots more zombies
    and a ton of Lickers waiting for you. Not to mention that hard ass tyrant punching through
    walls like there's no tommorow.
    This is also similar to the normal quest, but you go in the back way of the police 
    station, and you see why the helicopter is there. 
    The valve to put out the helicopter is down the fire escape, and in the large office with 
    the safe. When you put out the copter,
    and go back in the station, you'll see the main difference between the A and B missions. 
    Agent T-00. This tyrant is one mean mutha. Surprisingly, his main punches don't hurt that much,
    and his piledriver is easy to avoid. Do not bother shooting him. The shotgun doesn't even
    seem to knock him back. Like the T-800, HE ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT STOP. This guy will ambush
    you loads of times during your quest scaring the living begeebers out of you. You can knock
    him down with some Acid Rounds, then check him for a refil.
    The key to open the electronic doors is in the the room where you put the red jewels. Just 
    pick it up and go down the fire escape in the hall and use the computer. The unicorn medal
    is in the hall at the fire escape level, on a crest guarded by zombies. Remember, use this
    on the statue.
    Your quest is still for the plugs and they are all in the same place. The crank is in the
    in the room where Claire met Sherry. You can get here after you you've finished playing as
    Ada with the boxes and the dogs.
    Ah, yes, and as Claire is despatching the Cockroach spitter, you get William. After you've
    got the Knight Plug, you'll fight him in the room where you put the plugs.
    Boss- William Birkin Type G1
    Not hard. Just get some distance between you and him, and blast him with the shotgun or
    magnum. You could use the pistol, but it has no kickback effect on him. Just make sure he 
    doesn't hit you with that railing, it's VERY dangerous. When the music stops, let him run off.
    The next different bit you'll encounter is when you get to the train. As Claire took it, your
    going to have to get it back. Go out to where it should be, and go down the ladder into the
    door. Grab the key, and turn on the monitor. Yipe. As usual, avoid him. Go back and use the key
    on where Ada is working.
    The train will stop half way down. Get off, and go through the doors to a large room (not the
    elevator). Push the box on to the lift, take it down and up near the others at the top end
    of the room. You don't need to climb up there yet. You can save round here. Take the small
    lift down and take out the Lickers. Go past the iron smelting pool and turn the elevator power.
    Now go back to where you started and into the elevator. Activate it and you'll find yourself
    in familar terratory from mission A. Go put the fuse plug in as normal. Then, go up to the
    lab area at the very top of the whole area and fight your way past the naked zombies (they
    were scientists in A) to the P.Room key. You can input the NEMESIS/GUEST code in the computer
    round here too. If you choose to, you can access the room in the blue area, which contains
    a submachine gun and 3 lickers. In the N64 version there is a dead hunter from RE1 too.
    Go back in the elevator and make your way to the block you pushed. Climb up it and on to the 
    next block, so you can open the door with the key. After a cool cutscene involving, yes, 
    Agent T-00, look around the area you're in for a key. Make your way to the elevator, and
    to the room where Claire put Sherry. When you take Sherry back in the elevator, use the Master
    Key on the console to access the train platform.
    On the train, run down to the end for an item box and a typewriter. Pick up the key too.
    Make sure you have one free space in your inventory. Go out of the train and unlock the 
    platform area. Take the 2 plugs, and then go thought the next door. Use either of the plugs
    on the console in this room, and the lights will go out. Thought T-00 was dead? You thought
    wrong, my friend...
    Boss- Agent T-00, without his natty trenchcoat
    Yipe-a-roony! This is what's REALLY been stalking you! Stalking is a very serious crime, so
    lets make him pay... Just keep dodging him, and shooting him with the magnum, taking herbs
    and first aid sprays as you need them. After a while, a shadowy figure will throw you a rocket 
    launcher (believe me, Ada must have injected herself with the G-Virus in that pendant). Pick
    it up, equip it, take aim. Fire. Game over. Kablam! Luckily he's only a T-00, not a T-1000,
    so no reforming here. No more tyrant. 
    Run back to the train, restrain yourself from using the rocket launcher on the zombies, shotgun
    them, and press the switch they are near to open the gate. Get back on the train, and go into
    the cockpit to start it up. The ending. It's finally over... Uh oh, it isn't. Run towards the
    area with typewriter to find... Erm, remember when I said William Birkin's final form died in
    mission A? There's no easy way to put this...
    Boss- William Birkin's final final form (G5)
    I lied. As long as you kept that one rocket back, this should be a cinch. If you couldn't
    resist blowing up some zombies with it (like me), then it'll be a little harder. Just pelt
    him with everything you have! Magnum is best, as you don't want to caught out reloading the
    shotgun. When you've done enough, he'll melt. Not the hardest boss ever, then.
    Exit, and watch the exciting end sequence, and William's demise.
    Save after the credits for mission A. This is the same as a new game, but you can get secrets
    with it.
    Very short section. Lighter in the file room with ladder (near the area where the Licker FMV
    played in A), the crank can be found in the dog kennels, and the master key in Annette's hand
    when she's on the ground near the fuse area.
    William's first form is easy, just pump long range grenades at him, and when the music
    stops, leave him to run away.
    I HIGHLY recommend you save on the train, as the Tyrant can be VERY hard. For some strange
    reason he's a piece o' piss with Leon, but can be hell on earth for Claire. Take your time with
    him, only shoot when it's safe. Sometimes you'll just do it without a scratch. Use acid 
    rounds, flame rounds don't hurt him much, as he's on fire already.
    See? Told you it was short.
    The lab had been completely destroyed. William Birkin, the only carrier of the virus,
    was destroyed on the train. The T-00 agent sent to recover the G-Virus, had been 
    destroyed by Leon S. Kennedy. The the only other vial of the virus is presumed ingested
    by Umbrella agent Ada Wong. Was all of Birkin's research in vain?
    Umbrella has one hope. Agent Hunk, the 4th survivor of the Raccoon City incident... 
    Your Mission is, from the sewer, make your way to the roof of the RPD station.
    You go via the septic room, the drains, the kennels, the car park, the basement,
    the main office, the main hall, the waiting room, the licker hallway, boarded up
    corridor, up the stairs, the push-the-statue corridor, outside S.T.A.R.S., to the
    library, across the hall balcony, the secretary's office, crashed helicopter corridor,
    and finally the crow corridor.
    All other doors are locked, so no shortcuts. Or running off.
    Hunk starts off with the following items:
    Handgun loaded with 18 bullets
    Shotgun loaded with 5 shells
    Magnum loaded with 8 bullets
    150 Handgun bullets
    15 Shotgun shells
    8 Magnum bullets
    Mixed herbs- Blue and Green
    Mixed herbs- Blue and Green
    The herbs are just green herbs that cure poison (from plants and spiders).
    This is ALL you get. You cannot pick up anything else. At all. 
    And no, you don't have a sub-machine gun like in the cut scene. Maybe it was emptied
    when he shot at William. Maybe it would have been too easy, more like.
    *Bleep* Alpha team here. Mission accomplished. *Bleep* Copy. We'll rendezvous at
    the meeting point. *Meep, meep, meep*
    Exit from the sewers up into the Septic Room.
    --Room 1- SEPTIC ROOM- 5 Zombies--
    Shoot the girl to make her lunge. Run past her. The guy in the middle can be lured
    to one side and then dodged. It is possible to get past the zombies blocking the
    door, and as it's the begining, try to avoid using the shotgun as you can just start
    again if you mess up.
    --Room 2- CORRIDOR- 5 Zombies--
    Easy peasy. You can quite easily dodge the zombies (after a bit of practice).
    --Room 3- DRAIN- 2 Spiders--
    These 2 spiders can be easily dodged. If one does bite you, start again.
    --Room 4- KENNEL- 3 Dogs--
    I can dodge these most of the time. Be very fast though and do a sharp turn to the exit.
    --Room 5- CORRIDOR- 5 Zombies--
    Run quickly past the crawling zombie, you have to quick though, otherwise you'll
    be stuck and will have to kill him (the other zombie is alive). If he grabs you,
    2 buring zombies'll grab you and you'll have start again. Run past the other 2
    quickly and they'll make lunges and miss.
    --Room 6- CAR PARK- 3 Dogs--
    I can dodge these dogs quite easily. One will come from the right, and is easily 
    avoided, then 2 will come from the door you're aiming for. Dodge the first one,
    then quickly dodge the next. If you are having problems, killing one with the
    shotgun makes it easier.
    --Room 7- BASEMENT- God knows how many crows--
    Just run, like Mel Gibson in Gallipoli! If you are in caution, you'll have to be
    extremely fast to avoid being pecked. But then, if you are in caution, you should
    start again. If one or two peck you, you can get away with it. If the flock gets you,
    they can get you down to danger with ease.
    --Room 8- SHUTTER HALLWAY- 3 dogs--
    It is possible to dodge them all, but you have to be pretty good (and lucky) to
    do it. If you can't do it, handgun them.
    --Room 9- DETECTIVE'S OFFICE- 6 zombies--
    Go into the main office bit. Kill the zombie on the right with the shotgun, and go
    behind the desk, and dodge the zombie. If possible, dodge the final zombie (shoot
    him if he's blocking the way) and go through the doors.
    --Room 10- LOBBY- 6 Zombies--
    Shoot the guy by the phones with shotgun, then all three by the door. One will probably
    survive, just make sure you get through the door quick and he won't have time to attack.
    --Room 11- RPD HALL- Nowt--
    Shame, I wanted to battle things in here. Bit disapointing. On to the next room, the
    west door nearest the front of the station.
    --Room 12- WAITING ROOM- 2 Spiders--
    First, do not kill the spiders, as they will release annoying mini spiders. Dodge the
    first one (use the statue to your advantage) and then lure the next one out and nip
    behind it to the door.
    --Room 13- ORIGINAL LICKER CORRIDOR- 3 Lickers, ironicaly--
    Dodge the first Licker. Walk up to the corner and shotgun the Licker that appears.
    Quickly run to the exit, making sure you don't run into the next one or it jumping
    slashes you.
    --Room 14- BOARDED UP CORRIDOR- 2 plants--
    Run past the corner then zip back in to get it's attention. Get a good distance and
    handgun it til it dies. Repeat for the next.
    --Room 15- DARK ROOM HALL- 2 poisonous plants--
    These guys are right hard asses compared to the last two. Run right to the end and magnum
    them. If you empty the magnum in the process, use the shotgun to finish them off. Listen for
    the "Thhssssszzz" dying sound twice before proceeding.
    --Room 16- STATUE HALL- Agent T-00--
    Stand on one side of the landing. Then, let him come towards you, then nip behind him
    and flick up one finger at him. Sucker!
    --Room 17- OUTSIDE S.T.A.R.S.- 7 crawling zombies--
    Kill one of the first two with the handgun, then clear a path (A path! A path!) through the
    rest. Don't wake up the still ones. Ignore the last one and go for the door.
    --Room 18- LOUNGE- 3 green Lickers--
    Again, it's quite possible to get through this without any shots. The first one can be
    easily dodged. Same goes for the one that crawls from the boarded up door. The one that
    emerges from the library can be tricked into a jumping slash, and if you dodge that, you
    can run to the door. You can kill the first Licker to make life easier. You have to do
    some dodging in here, it's nigh on impossible to kill them all without getting seriously
    --Room 19- LIBRARY- Bugger all--
    Look, some scoundrel nicked the shelves! Tsk. How did they get them out the door?
    --Room 20- HALL BALCONY- 2 plants--
    Shoot from a safe distance with handgun. You can shoot over the hall. If you don't have
    auto aim, the second one is a problem. You may have lure it out if you are so stubborn 
    not to turn it on. If you have it on, just lock on and handgun it across the corner.
    --Room 21- SECRETARY'S ROOM- 8 zombies--
    Aiiieee! This room has to be seen to be believed. It looks like the zombies were playing
    sardines or something. Go mad with your shotgun, just walking towards the entrance, 
    massacring anything in the way. You will need a herb after this room.
    --Room 22- CRASHED HELICOPTER HALLWAY- 7 zombies--
    Nearly there now... Shotgun the zombie to the left and fire a few shots into the crowd 
    blocking the door. You may need to get out your magnum if you run out of shells. Run to
    the door quick.
    --Room 23- ORIGINAL CROW HALL- Agent T-00--
    If you have a couple of magnums left (Shotgun if you've been good) blast him with 
    everything you have. If the strong weapons don't kill, feel free to finish him off with
    handgun. I don't think you can take him out with the handgun alone, but it's a good idea
    to try if you are in danger mode. If you are in caution and have little ammo, take his punch.
    Go to the exit.
    You get a nice, but not great real time movie of the helicopter picking up Hunk and then 
    leaving into the moon. Some speech would have been nice...
    Then read the 2 epilouges. The second of which shows off the translators imcompetence. Bzzt!
    Wrong! Try again dumbass! Pay more attention in English class! "The another"? Really...
    You should never have to completely kill a zombie with the handgun. Knock them down.
    Enemies you would normally always kill (Crows and Lickers) should be dodged,
    as there is no back tracking in this game.
    To suceed you must learn to dummy zombies. The only time you ever need kill them
    is when you are absolutlely swamped with them. Draw them to one side of the room,
    then run across the other side behind their backs.
    Making an enemy do a jump attack can slow them down (Lickers and Dogs) it's
    hard to make them do it, and if you mess up it's painful, but is very useful
    if you pull it off.
    Do not use herbs as soon as you get in caution like you usually might, you only
    have 2, remember. Use them when you get in orange. Really, you shouldn't have to
    use any til you get up to the first floor. Save one for the secretary's office.
    Enemies you encounter:
    Zombies: Dummy and dodge them when you can, shotgun them if they are everywhere.
    Zombies: Try to dodge, but are weak so it's good to kill a couple.
    Lickers: Depends. Usually try to dodge them, making them flip on to their backs momentarily
             with the shotgun to buy time. Become super Lickers too. Very little difference 
    Dogs:    Dodge when possible, sometimes kill (the corridor after the basement).
    Ravens:  Run! Run Forrest, run! These gits can really hurt when in their big flock when
             they all peck you.
    Spiders: Dodge. No trouble.
    Plants:  Always kill with handgun, especially the poison ones. Except the ones near the Dark
             Room. Pump them full of a mixture of everything.
    T-00:    Dodge him in his first appearance, in the final corridor (where he first appeared),
             you can pump him full of what you have left in an attempt to kill him.
    Clothed  Look like:- Zombies. Y'know, "braaainzzzz" "urrgh" "zggkkkrkkrrghhgg..."
             The most common enemy. Pretty hard to kill, compared to the grunts of other games.
             They are only dead when they are on the floor in a pool of blood. If they are not in
             a pool of blood, they'll get up soon, and if you walk near them, they start gnawing
             at your leg! Press action to shake them off and stamp (Leon) or kick off (Claire)
             their head! Lovely..
    Lickers: Look like:- Skinless blighters with very long lance like tongues. No eyes. Near the
                         end of the game, go green because of the anti-B.O.W. gas released, which
                         they build up a immunity to and become super strong.
             Very dangerous. Use heavy weapons on them. Shotgun, magnum and grenades (Use flame
             only when far away, as it doesn't knock them back. 
             They are a big problem for Claire early on, as her bowgun is hard to aim. I like to 
             run away until they pounce and land in  a crouching position before I bowgun them.
             They become green in the Umbrella labs near the end of the game, and harder to kill.
    Dogs:    Look like:- I'm not going to dignify this with an answer.
             Nasty. These guys can easily outrun you if you start running, so don't. Try and get
             them all in front of you, and shoot them with the handgun as they run at you. They
             will emit a whine as they die. They are dangerous, so treat them RUFFly. Ha! Okay,
             maybe not.         
    Naked    Look like:- Very manky zombies, and ones in lab coats.
    Lab      These guys take a lot more hits than normal zombies, and can be ripped in half and
    Zombies: keep going! They are only in the Umbrella labs. Blow their heads off with the magnum.
    Ravens:  Look like:- Washing machines covered in jam! What do think, fer Pete's sake?
             Nevermore. Very rare, just get them all in front of you and blast away with your 
             handgun. If they get near you, they'll peck your head.
    Giant    Look like:- Well, spiders, but tarantulas to be exact.
             I have no idea what these guys are about. Why are they here? Capcom were obviously
             just bored. You can often get away with not killing them. If you must, use the 
             shotgun. Some can poison you. If one does, find a blue herb.
    Triffids Look like: Snappy plants with vines for limbs.
    plants): These guys, found at one point in Umbrella labs, are pretty nasty. They don't
             have to be taken out with the flamethrower, as you might think. They spit acid,
             and can strangle you. Magnum works a treat. Or flame rounds.
             I hate these, they are one of the down parts of RE's plot. The T-Virus infects a 
             plant, and it can move about? Sad. I've seen better in cartoons. Like that TMNT
             episode where there's that really big plant everywhere, and then Leo stabs the
             blighter in the neck and it melts... what am I doing? I shall shut up. 
    9) WEAPONS
    Here's an intresting tit bit. All these weapons, with the exception of the Sparkshot and
    flamethrower (and probably the Gattling gun) are real. This, and any other remotly technical
    sounding info in this section is thanks to MolochFFF.
    L=Leon only
    C=Claire only
    L/C= Y'know what, I won't tell you since it's so... okay, Leon or Claire can collect it.
    H= Hunk has it.
    Knife:   Useless. Dump it as quickly as possible. Takes around 25 stabs to kill a zombie.
    L/C      I've never used it in practice. Ever. Well, I used it a couple of times on Brad to 
    ---      finish him off when I ran out of ammo. What would have taken 2 shots took around 10
             stabs. See? Pants. It's the secret character Tofu's only weapon.
    Pistol:  Useful at first, but you'll be using it less and less as you progress in your jolly
    L/C H    zombie decapitating adventure. Best for dispatching zombies from a distance. Combine
    ---      it with the handgun parts to make it semi-automatic.
    Shotgun:  Lovely big double barreled thing. Good for blasting Lickers early on, and becomes
    L H       a mainer (does that word exist?) weapon as you find more ammo. Pitiful reload. Always
    ---       reload on the pause screen. Combine it with the shotgun parts, and it becomes a 
              monster, with a blast so loud it could wake the dead. Hang on..
    Magnum:   A semi-auto handgun (not a revolver as I said before). With extreme kick back. Bit 
    L H       like the shotgun, only quicker and faster reload. Combine it with the magnum parts 
    ---       to make it stronger and quicker reloading. Use it on zombies to blow their heads
    Bow Gun:  Sucks. No, really. It's a bitch to aim, it uses 3 bolts at a time, and ammo is 
    C         scarce. Only use is for taking out first Licker in Claire A.
    ---       Seems at first like Claire's shotgun, but that's more like the-
    Launcher: Hoo, hoo baby! Takes 3 types of ammo. Never needs reloading, so you should never 
    C         have more than 2 rounds in your inventory. These are:
           _Grenade Rounds: These err.. explode. They can blow a group of zombies to smithereens.
                            They don't kill everything in one shot though, so don't get too cocky.
                            Pethetic range too. Very amusing to blow off zombie's arms though.
                            Most powerful.
           _Acid Rounds:    These, well, are rounds, with acid in. What, you guessed that? You 
                            don't need me do you? They are pretty powerful, and go a lot further
                            than grenades. Middle power. Suprisingly large splatter zone, for
                            multiple hits.
           _Flame Rounds:   Ah, these are not rounds with flames in! Well, they are kinda. They set
                            enemies on fire. Have quite a good spread, is easy to hit more than one
                            at a time. Seem to be the most common round. Least powerful. Do not
                            use on Lickers, unless they are far away, as they won't flip them 
              Actually, the power depends on the enemy. Acid rounds are brilliant on Lickers, but
              not as good on zombies. Flame rounds are good on plants, but poor on Lickers. 
              Experiment a bit.
    Colt S.A.A.
    Revolver:  This comes with Claire's secret costume (See secrets section). It's okay, but it's
    C          only a six shooter. Uses the pistol bullets to fire. Which doesn't make sense, as
    ---        it's a .45, but the bullets are 9mm. But, still, this is a cheat, so we'll let 
               Capcom off.
    SPECIAL WEAPONS_  These take up two inventory slots, some affect final rating if used. Don't 
                      have ammo, have a percentage. If that runs out, it's as useless as a 
                      chocolate teapot. Hang on, you could eat that. Pah, you know what I mean.
    Sub-machine Gun: A very quick firing gun. Good for bosses. Affects rating.
    Flamethrower:    Powerful, but poor range. Throws flames. Burn, baby burn! (Disco inferno!). 
    L                Does not lower rank, since it sucks.
    Spark Shot:     This gun is great! Cannot be aimed up or down, as the electricity conducts to
    C               the enemy. Great power! Actually, a lot of people hate this gun. I think it's
    ---             "the biz" though. Affects rating.
    Rocket Launcher: Used for despatching the tyrant. Only has 2 shots. Not surprisingly, it has
    L/C              incredible power. Does not lower rank, duh...
    BONUS WEAPONS_ See below on how to get. Do not use if you are going for secrets. All are 
    Sub-machine Gun: Pretty fun to play with. It's obviously the same as the regular one. Gets a
    ---              bit boring after a while. Lickers are good victims for it.
    Rocket Launcher: Same as the one above, but now you can use it on any enemy. Blows anything
    ---              to smithereens. Has a great range, try firing right over the RPD main hall
                     and hitting the zombies on the other side. Is actually a surface to air
                     missile, or a Stinger, you triva hungry people.
    Gatling Gun:     Dakka dakka! Rips anything to ribbons. Completely exclusive. Surprisingly
    ---              powerful. Lovely to use. Nigh on impossible to get. In real life would knock
                     you over or rip your arm off due to recoil. But it's a cheat, so I'll let
                     Capcom off. Again.
    10) SECRETS
    There are N64, DC and PC only sections here.
    Most are taken from gamesages (www.gamesages.com).
    Extra costumes:
    Start a new game on normal. Make your way through the streets, but don't
    pick up anything. When you get to the park area, look around for a different looking zombie.
    He is Brad Vickers, from RE1 and RE3. Kill him (he takes 18 shots!) and search him for a 
    special key. Take this key to the dark room in the station, and unlock the locker. Tada!
    This is quite hard, as you won't have the shotgun/bowgun to take out the Licker. You could
    go back for it though. Or you could use a cheat weapon, as you won't be getting any good
    ratings with all those wasted bullets.
    Super Stamina 
    For limited invulnerability, mix the green, blue and red herbs in that order. You MUST mix the 
    herbs in that order, or they will not work. Green and Blue MUST be mixed together first, then 
    you add the red herb.  
    Hunk- 4th Survivor Scenario: 
    How to exactly get Hunk has been debated a lot over the net. Here's how I (MechaMrEd) got 
    Leon A Normal
    1:58, 2 saves, Rank A. Got Rocket launcher. Saved Claire B.
    Claire B Normal
    2:02, 3 saves, Rank A. Got Submachine gun. Used side pack if that makes any difference (It 
    Always save on the train before the Tyrant in B. If you don't get Hunk, go back to that save,
    and make your way to just before you fight William. Wait on the the train to get your time
    past 2:30 (don't go outside or you'll activate the destruct sequence). This often seems to 
    Hunk is an Umbrella solider from Annette's FMV flashback who survived William, and has to
    deliver the G-Virus to the roof of the Police station with limited ammo and TONS of monsters
    on the way.
    Tofu Scenario:
    Play six scenarios, one after another using the save file you get at the end of each
    game, on normal, and get an A on every one. Tofu's mission is the same as Hunk's, only
    this time Tofu only has a knife.
    And he's a block of bean curd. Go veggie!
    Machine Gun with Infinite Ammo: 
    Complete either character's second scenario in normal in under 3 hours with a A or B for the
    special machine gun. The special weapon will appear in the next game after the first chest is
    Rocket Launcher with Infinite Ammo: 
    Beat scenario A on normal difficulty with either Leon or Claire in under 2 1/2 hours with an 
    B ranking or better. After you accomplish that, save your game and the zombie destroyer will
    be located in your storage box
    Gatling Gun with Infinite Ammo:
    Complete either character's second scenario in normal without saving the game in under 2.5 
    hours with an A or B ranking for the special gatling gun. The special weapon will appear in 
    the next game after the first chest is opened.
    Randomizer mode:
    Complete all four scenarios on any level. This mode places all pick ups in different
    On the load game screen press: Down X4, left X4, L, R, R, L, C-up, C-down.
    The game will return to the title if entered correctly.
    Infinite Ammo:
    This will let you fire empty guns. On the load game screen press: 
    Up X4, Right X4, L, R, L, R, C-right, C-left. The game will return to
    the title if entered correctly.
    Infinite Ammo: 
    Access the item selection screen, then press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, 
    Right Trigger.
    Playing as Ada and Chris Redfield: 
    Finish both scenarios with rank A. You will receive powerful weapon, the 'Hunk' Mission, and 
    another one called 'Ex-Battle' that wasn't available on the PSX version. In 'Ex-Battle' 
    Mission, you can play as Leon, Claire, Ada, and a bonus character from the first Resident Evil 
    - Chris Redfield. Each character will have their own arsenal. The Mission is to find 4 anti-BOW
    bombs in the Police station. The characters will start from the lab and must backtrack to the 
    station to find it. There also a time record for the fastest player. 
    Alternatively, you can play these special Missions, including 'Tofu' by accessing Windows 
    9x's registry editor. Search for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CAPCOM\RESIDENT EVIL2\ and enter
    the value '8' on the "special" key. 
    Infinite ammo: 
    To get infinite ammo acess the item select screen then press up, up, down, down, left, right,
    left, right, aim. After this happens the ammo under your gun should change to an infinite sign.
    Hit me with your questions, and I will, with my infinite wisdom, answer them.
    Where is the Shotgun Upgrade/Sparkshot?
    After the cable car ride (where William smashes his claw in), in the
    zombie filled corridors, is a dead body. Check it.
    Where is the lighter for Claire?
    In A, it's in the secretary's office (Near the crashed helicopter). In B,
    near where the Licker FMV played in A, is the file room (requires a key).
    It is on top of the cabinet, push the steps up to it to reach it.
    What's behind that door you can't open near the statues you push? The toilets?
    If you look on the map, you'll see it connects to the boarded up door that
    Sherry crawls under. No, the RPD's lack of toilets has yet to be solved.
    What secret characters are there?
    Tofu and Hunk. Chris Redfield is in the PC version. Look up for the
    What's the best weapon?
    I think the explosive grenade launcher. I like the spark shot best though.
    Who should take the sidepack and Submachine Gun?
    If you aren't worried about your rank, give both to one character, as
    you won't be able to carry the gun round without the extra space.
    If you care about your rank, I'd always give the sidepack to Claire,
    to hold all her grenades.
    What is the difference between the missions?
    The two characters have slightly different ways to get the Umbrella labs, and they meet 
    different characters. Leon meets Ben and Ada, while Claire meets Sherry and the Police
    The B missions, however, take place at the same time as one of the A missions. You start on 
    the opposite side of the flaming tanker and go in the station through the back for instance. 
    If you thought Leon's mission A was at the same time as Claire's A, it can't be, it's a 
    different story (or in a parallel universe) as they meet in different places. How can they 
    both kill William anyway? The main difference however, is Agent T-00. Eeep.
    Which is the REAL story?
    It is commonly accepted as the Claire A, Leon B combo. The story is better,
    as the vaccine Devil is mentioned, and the Ada ressurection makes more sense.
    Files in RE:CV also refer to Sherry requiring medical attention at the end,
    which she didn't in Leon A/Claire B.
    Tofu? WTF?
    He's just a bonus character, alright? A bit of a laugh.
    Or alternatively; He's a special experimental Tyrant from Umbrella.
    Code named: Tofu, this solider can take extreme amounts of damage.
    Coated in a foul tasting substance synthesised from vegetables to
    discourage any T-Virus victims from snacking on him, Tofu is the
    ultimate Tyrant. Unfortunately, he only has the mental capacity
    to weild a hand knife and the coating is surprisingly tasty, which
    even the most hardened zombified cannibals can't resist.
    Note, I just made that up. Believe it if you wish.
    Do fish wear hats?
    Of course they do, you freak.
    I hope you didn't make up the last question,in an attempt to
    be funny.
    Whatever gave you that idea?
    Did you know that Agent T-00 is called Mr. X? He is a tyrant
    of the T-00 series (T-003 to be exact), but his name is Mr. X.
    Yes. I just thought it was a crap name, that's all. Mr. X? It's
    just makes me think there's a Mrs. Y. Agent T-00 is much better.
    What's a B.O.W.? I see it in your FAQ, and in some of the files.
    Bio Organic Weapon. Now you know eh? Your life is complete.
    Special Tactics And Rescue Service. Your life is doublely complete.
    Why is Agent T-00 after Sherry?
    He can sense the G-Virus in her pendant. He is sent by Umbrella to
    get the virus at all costs.
    Is there any difference between T-00 and Birkin?
    Yes! They are completely different. 
    T-00 is a purpose made tyrant, to destroy any survivors of the Raccoon incident, 
    but most importantly, deliver the G-Virus. He fails his mission, but the Hunk 
    character completes it for him. He appears as a bald guy in a trenchcoat, and a 
    monster similar to the RE1 tyrant when he falls into the molten pit. 
    William Birkin is an accident, he injected himself with the G-Virus
    to stay alive. He goes through around 5 mutations:
    G1: You fight it in scenario B. His right arm is a claw and has an eye in it.
    G2: You fight it on the lift to Umbrella in A. He has a new head, his old one
        has been pushed down to his chest. His left arm has become like his right. He has
        new T-Rex style arms out of his chest.
    G3: You fight it on the lift to Umbrella in B. He has a pulsing mouth in his chest,
        and is more symetrical. His new arms are now nearly as big as the others.
    G4: You fight in the bottling room in A. He has fallen onto his forelimbs, and has a
        mouth full of thousands of teeth, with his new head on top.
    G5: You fight it in the back of the train in B. He is now just a huge blob, with
        2 eyes either side, with a huge gaping maw with thousands of teeth. His new
        head still peaks over the top.
    Whats that thing you fight in A, that spits cockroaches?
    That is the spawn of William. Instead of turning the host (Ben or Chief
    Irons) into a B.O.W., their body rejects it, they explode, and the thing
    grows into that monster. He infects Sherry because her body will not reject
    as she has similar DNA to him, and she would in time turn into a B.O.W. like
    Damn, I spend to much time with this game...
    That's it for now. When I get a question asked more than once, I'll add it here.
    12) FILES
    These are found in all versions.
    I now believe them to be all here because:
    a) There is a nice round number of 20 files.
    b) I can't believe I could have missed any.
    1.  Memo to Leon
    2.  Police Memorandum
    3.  Operation Report
    4.  Operation Report 2
    5.  Addition to Operation Report
    6.  Chris' Diary
    7.  Patrol Report
    8.  Federal Police Dept. Internal Investigation Report
    9.  Chief Secretary's Diary A
    10. Chief Secretary's Diary B
    11. Chief's Diary
    12. Mail to the Chief
    13. Researcher's Message
    14. Night Watchman's Diary
    15. Fax to Sewer Manager
    16. Sewer Manager's Diary
    17. Temporary User Registration
    18. Laboratory Security Manual
    19. Instructions for Synthesis of the G-Virus Antigen
    20. Investigative Report on P-Epsilon Gas
    21. Film A
    22. Film B
    23. Film C
    24. Film D
    1---MEMO TO LEON
    To Leon S. Kennedy,
    Congratulations on your assignment to the Raccoon City police department.
    We all look forward to having you as part of our team and promise to 
    take good care of you. Welcome aboard!
    From all the guys at the Raccoon City police deparment.
    This letter is just to inform about the recent moment of equipment that
    has happened during the precinct's rearrangement.
    The safe with 4 digit lock has been moved from STARS office on the second 
    floor,to the eastern office on the first floor.
     Raccoon Police Liaison Dept.
    (2236 in PSX and PC versions, for some strange reason it was changed.
    Maybe to make a brilliant N64 and DC specific feature. Makes those
    PSX owners green with envy, huh?)
    -Operation Report-
    September 26th
    The Raccoon Police Dept. was unexpectedly attacked by zombies. Many have been
    injured. Even more were killed.
    During the attack, our communications equipment was destroyed and we no longer
    have contact with the outside.
    We have decided to carry out an operation with intent of rescuing any possible
    survivors as well as to prevent this disaster from spreading beyond Raccoon
    City. The details of the operation are as follows:
    Security of armaments and ammunition
    Chief Irons has voiced concern regarding the issue of terrorism due to a 
    series of recent unresolved incidents. On the very day before the zombie's 
    attack, he made the decision to relocate all weapons to scattered intervals
    throughout the building as a tempory measure to prevent their possible seizure.
    Unfortunately, this decision has made it extremely difficult to locate all 
    ammunition caches. It has become our top priority to recover these scattered 
    As stated earlier, it will be extremely difficult to secure all the ammunition.
    However, a considerable supply still remains in the underground weapon storage.
    Unfortunately, the person in charge of the card key used to access the weapon storage
    is missing and we have been unable to locate the key. One of the breakers went down
    during the battle and the electronic locks are not functioning in certain areas.
    It has become first priority to restore the power in the power in the power room
    and secure those locks.
    Recorder: David Ford
    -Operation Report-
    September 27th
    1:00 PM.
    The west barricade has been broken through and another exchange ensued.
    We sheltered the injured in the confiscation room on the first floor temporarily.
    12 more people were injured in the battle.
    Recorder: David Ford
    September 28th
    Early morning 2:30 AM.
    Zombies over ran the operation room and another battle broke out. We lost 4 more
    people, including David. We're down to 4 people, including myself. We failed to secure
    the weapons cache and hope for survival continues to diminish. We won't last much
    We agreed upon a plan to escape through the sewer. There's a path leading from the 
    precinct underground to the sewage disposal plant. We should be able to access the 
    sewers through there. The only drawback is that there is no guarantee the sewer 
    disposal plant is free of any dangers. We know our chances in the sewer are slim, but
    anything is better than simply waiting here to die.
    In order to buy more time, we locked the only door leading to the underground,
    which is located in the eastern office. We left the key behind in the western
    office since its unlikely that any of those creatures have the intelligence
    to find it and unlock the door.
    I pray that this operation report will be helpful to whoever may find it.
    Recorder: Elliot Edward
    -Additional Report-
     Three additional people were killed following the sudden appearance of an as of 
    yet unknown creature. This creature is identified by missing patches of skin
    and razor-like claws. However, its most distinguishing characteristic is it's
    lance-like tongue, capable of piercing a human torso in an instant. Their numbers
    as well as their location remains unknown. We have tentatively named this creature
    the "Licker" and are currently in the process of developing countermeasures
    to deal with this new threat.
    August 8th
    I talked to the chief today once again, but he refused to listen to me.
    I know for certain that Umbrella conducted T-Virus research in that
    mansion. Anyone infected turns into a zombie.
    But the entire mansion went up in that explosion; along with any 
    incriminating evidence. Since Umbrella employs so many people in town,
    no one is willing to talk about the incident. It looks like I'm running
    out of options.
    August 17th
    We've been receiving a lot of local reports about strange monsters appearing
    at random through out the city. This must be the work of Umbrella.
    August 24th
    With the help of Jill and Barry,I finally obtained information vital to 
    this case. Umbrella has begun research on the new G-virus, a variation 
    of the original T-Virus. Haven't they done enough damage already?
    We talked it over, and have decided to fly to the main Umbrella HQ in
    Europe. I can't tell my sister about this trip because doing so could put her
    in danger.
    Please forgive me Claire.
    September 20th
    9:30 PM
    Reporter: Sgt. Neil Carlsen
     --Patrol Report--
    We received a report of a suspicious individual skulking around the sewers in 
    the outskirts of Raccoon City. I searched the area and located the individual,
    but he ran away before I was able to question him.
    I recovered the following items:
       *A small amount of C4 plastic explosive
       *An electronic detonator
       *9 x 19 parabellum rounds
       *infrared scope (broken)
     End of report.
       Mr Chris Redfield             
       Raccoon City Police Dept
       S.T.A.R.S. division
    As per your request,we have conducted our internal investigation
    and discovered the following information:
    1)Regarding the G-Virus currently under developement by Umbrella Inc.
    So far its uncomfirmed that the G-virus even exists. We're continuing
    with our investigation.
    2)Regarding Mr.Brian Irons, Chief of Raccoon City Police Dept.
    Mr. Irons has allegedly received large sums of funds in bribes from
    Umbrella Inc. over the last 5 years. He was apparently involved in
    the cover up of the mansion lab case along with several other incidents
    in which Umbrella appears to have direct involvement.
    Mr.Irons had been arrested under suspicion of rape on two seperate counts
    during his years as a university student. He under went psychiatric
    evaluation as a result of the charges but was released due to circumstantial
    evidence as well as his phenomenal academic standing.
    As such, extreme caution is advised when dealing with him.
       Jack Hamilton
          Section Chief
          Internal Investigations
          United States Federal
          Police Department
    April 6th
    I accidently moved one of the stone statues on the second floor when I leaned
    against it. When the chief found out about it, he was furious. I swear the guy nearly
    but my head off, screaming at me never to touch the statue again. If it's so
    important, then maybe he shouldn't have put it out in the open like that....
    April 7th
    I heard that all the art pieces of the chief's collection are rare items, literally
    worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. I don't know which is the bigger mystery: where
    he finds those tacky things, or where he's getting the money to pay for them.
    May 10th
    I wasn't surprised to see the chief to come in today with yet another large picture
    frame in his hands. This time it was really disturbing painting depicting a nude person
    being hanged. I was appalled by the expression on the chief's face as he leered at the 
    Why anyone would consider that to be a work of art is beyond my comprehension.
    (I thought it was nice. I was ashamed to burn it. -Ed)
    June 8th
    As I was straightening up the chief's room, he burst through the door with a furious look 
    his face. It's been nearly 2 months since I've started working here, but that's the
    second time I've seen him like this. The last time was when I bumped into that 
    statue, only this time he looked more agitated than ever. I seriously thought for a moment
    that he was going to hurt me.
    June 10th
    The chief has been locked inside his room for the past 2 days. He won't come out
    for any reason and people are begging to spread rumors.
    June 15th
    I discovered what the chief has been hiding all along... If he finds out that I know,
    my life will be in serious danger. It's getting late already. I'm just going to have to
    take this one day at a time.
    11---CHIEF'S DIARY
    September 23rd
    It's all over. Those imbeciles from Umbrella have finally done it.....
    Despite all their promises, they've ruined my town. Soon the streets will be
    infested with zombies. I'm beginning to think that I may even be infected myself.
    I'll kill everyone in town if it turns out to be true!
    September 24th
    I was successful in spreading confusion among the police as planned. I've made
    sure that no one from the outside will come to help. With the delays in police
    actions,no one will have the chance to escape the city alive. I've seen to it
    personally that all escape routes from inside the precinct have been cut off 
    as well.
    There are several survivors still attempting to escape through the lower
    levels, but I'll make sure no one gets out.
    September 26th
    I've had a change of heart about the remaining survivors inside the precinct.
    I've decided to hunt them down myself.
    I shot Ed in the back through the heart less than an hour ago. I watched him
    writhe in pain upon the floor in a pool of his own blood. The expression on
    his face was positively exquisite. He died with his eyes wide open, staring
    up at me. It was beautiful.
    I wonder if the mayor's daughter is still alive? I let her escape so I could
    enjoy hunting her down later...
    I'm going to enjoy my new trophy. Yes, frozen forever in the pose I choose to
    give her.
    (What a nice man. Okay, he appears to be a total fruitcake, one pork pie
    short of picnic, shall we say? -Ed)
    To: Mr. Brian Irons, chief of the Raccoon City Police Dept.
    We have lost the mansion lab facility due to the actions of the renegade 
    operative, Albert Wesker. Fortunately,his interference will have no lasting
    effects upon our continued virus research.
    Our only present concern is the presence of the remaining STARS members:
    Redfield, Valentine, Burton, Chambers and Vickers.
    If it comes to light that the S.T.A.R.S. have any evidence as to the activities of our
    research, dispose of them in such a matter that would appear to be purely accidental.
    Continue to monitor there progress and make certain their knowledge does not go 
    Annette will continue to be your contact through out this affair.
              William Birkin
    To: Mr. Brian Irons, chief of the Raccoon City Police Dept. 
    I have deposited the amount of US $10,000 to the account for you services this
    term as per our agreement.
    This developement of the G-Virus schedule to replace the T-Virus,is near completion.
    Once completed, I am certain that I will be appointed to be a member of the executive
    board for Umbrella Inc.
    It is imperative that we proceed with extreme caution. Redfield and the remaining
    STARS members are still attempting to uncover information on the project. Continue
    to monitor their activities and block all attempts to investigate the underground
    research facilities.
              William Birkin
    To: Mr. Brian Irons, chief of the Raccoon City Police Dept.
    We have a problem. I have received information informing me the Umbrella HQ
    has sent spies to recover my research on the G-Virus. There an unknown number
    of agents involved. They must not be allowed to take this project away from me
    as it represents my entire life's work.
    Search the city thoroughly for any suspicious persons. Detain any such individuals
    by whatever means deemed necesary and contact me through Annette. With these 
    precautions, any possible threat should be eliminated.
    I will not allow anyone to steal my work on the G-Virus. Not even Umbrella....
              William Birkin
    To whom it may concern:
    I've sealed my own fate... I lost the key vital to my survival. Without that key,
    it is only a matter of time before I am overcome by the zombies and become one 
    of them. I can't bear the thought of infecting others when it really happens.
    If I could only recall where I left that key....
    It is inevitable that I will be caught and infected by the zombies...
    Before this happens, I leave one last important message:
    If you happen to find the key within the complex, proceed to the lab immediately.
    It may be your only hope.
    August 25th
    I finally had the chance to see blue skies for the first time in ages,
    but it did little to lift my spirits. I was reprimanded by the chief for neglecting
    my duties while I was up on the clock tower.
    There's only one thing I still don't understand: the chief seemed to be more
    concerned about the fact that I was up on the tower rather than I was neglecting
    my duties. Why was access to the tower prohibited in the first place anyway?
    September 19th
    I recently talked to the old man who works in the scrap yard out back. His name
    is Thomas. He's a quiet man and really seems to enjoy chess. He even went so far as
    to design a special key and lock engraved with chess pieces on them for one of the
    doors in the disposal yard.
    We made plans to play chess tomorrow night. I can't help but wonder how good he is.
    One thing that's been bothering me about him is the way that he's always scratching
    himself... Does he have some sort of skin disease or is he just rude?
    September 23rd
    Thomas was a much better player than I imagined. I used to think of myself as
    a fairly decent player, but he did a pretty good job of humbling me.
    About the only thing I imagine could match his appetite. All the guy did was 
    talk about food throughout the entire game. He sounded fairly heathly, but he didn't
    look quite right... I wonder if he's okay.
    September 26th
    I was supposed to play another game of chess with Thomas, but we had to cancel it
    because he hasn't been feeling to well. He stopped by to see me, but I told him to go
    back and rest since he literally looked like the living dead.
    He insisted that he was just fine, but I could tell he was really having problems.
    Come to think of it, I haven't been feeling to good lately....
    -User list of the Connecting Facility-
    On the first and third Wednesdays of the month, Angelica Margaret, chief of matinance,
    will make use of the facilities. Be sure to reduce the moisture levels in the facility
    by activating the fan, as the equipment she will be using is susceptible to the effects
    of water vapor.
    On the 28th every month,the chemical transporter Don Weller will use the facility.
    The chemicals he will be tranporting are extremely volatile. Extreme caution should be
    observed throughout their transport.
    On the 6th and 16th of every other month, police chief Brian Irons will visit the
    facility to attend regular meetings that take place in the lab.
    On the fourth Friday of every other month, William Birkin will use the facility
    to conduct a training seminar for the Chigaco branch of Umbrella Inc. As the probabilty
    of an attack upon Dr.Birkin will be high, take every measure conceivable to guard his life.
    You will be informed of all other potential visitors and the time they will arrive as 
    needed. Guide these individuals to their destination safely. We expect nothing but the 
    best from you.
       Charles Coleman
       Secretary Chief
       Umbrella Headquarters  
    June 28th
     It's been a while, but I saw Don today and we talked after completing our work.
    He told me he had been sick in bed until yesterday. It really doesn't come as much
    of a surprise given how long he's been working here. He was sweating like a horse
    and kept scratching his body while we were talking. I asked if he was hot, but he
    just looked at me funny. What's wrong with him anyway?
    July 7th
    Chief Irons has been visiting the lab often lately. I don't know what he's doing over
    there but he always looks grim.The expression on her face has been even more unsetting
    than usual...
    My guess is that it's because of Dr. Birkin's impossible requests. The chief has my 
    sympathies though. After all he's done for the town,he doesn't deserve this.
    July 21st
    I rarely drink because I'm on the grave yard shift, but don't suppose I have much
    to complain about since this is how I make my living. I saw this new guy working at the lab
    today. He was tall, skinny and well dressed. His annual bonus is probably bigger than my 
    salary. The world ain't fair....
    August 16th
    Chief Irons came in late today, looking grimmer than his usual self. I tried to joke
    with him to cheer him up but he wasn't ammused. He pulled out his gun and threatened to shoot
    me! I was able to calm him down, but that guy must have some serious problems.He knows he 
    can't enter the lab without my help and medal.
    This is what it means for the chief "to serve and protect"?!
    August 21st
    William informed me that the police and media have begun their investigation on
    Umbrella's Affairs. He said that the investigation will be citywide and that there is
    a possibilty that they'll even search threw the sewers. He asked me to suspend all Umbrella
    sewer facility operations until the investigation has concluded. The sewer will still be 
    used for passage, but he stressed that I have to be extremely cautious and that I'd lose my 
    job if anyone finds out about this operation.
    Temporary User Registration for the Culture Experiment Room.
       User Name: "NEMESIS"
       Password: none
      Valid for 24 hours.
    (This is "GUEST" on PSX and PC)
    -Security measures in case of an emergency-
    In the instance of an uncontainable biohazardous breakout, all security measures 
    will be directed torward the underground transport facility.
    In the instance that any abnormalities are detected among cargo in transit,
    all materials will automatically be transported from the loading zone to the designated
    high-speed train. At which point, all materials will be isolated and disposed of immediately.
    In the instance of a Class 1 emergency, the entire train will be purged and disposed of
    without delay.
    In the instance that the lab itself becomes contaminated,the northern most route 
    currently used to transport materials to and from the facility will be designated
    as the escape route. This route will secure passage to the relay point outside the city 
    Disclosure about any information regarding research conducted here, or the existance
    of this facility, is strictly prohibited. Since it is top priority to keep all research 
    classified, escape access may be denied under certain extenuating circumstances.
    Any beings infected by the G-Virus will reproduce through impregnation of an
    embryo within another living being.
    Unless rejected by the host, the embryo will undertake a process of gradual
    cellular invasion, infecting the host's cells on a molecular level as it rewrites 
    their DNA. Once the metomorphosis is complete, the host will be capable of continuing
    this cycle of self-reproducting.
    The duration of time for the process to run its course will vary from subject to 
    subject. In the early stages of cellular invasion, it is possible to halt progression
    of the metomorphosis through the administration of the G-Vaccine antigen. The 
    following procedure details the synthesis.
    The vaccine creation requires the base vaccine. This can be arranged by the activator
    VAM. First set the empty cartridge to the VAM and activate it. After several moments the
    process will be complete and the white-colored base vaccine will be set in the cartridge
    automatically. Then confirm the green light is on, remove the cartidge, and proceed to
    the next step.
    Once the base vaccine has been prepared, set it in the vaccine synthesis machine
    located in the P-4 level experimental room. The machine is fully automated and only 
    requires the user to push the sequence start switch. At this point, the program will run
    automatically and synthesis will be complete within approximately 10 seconds.
    As the synthesis of "DEVIL" is an extremely delicate process, the quality will vary
    with slight shocks or changes in temperature. Careful handling is required for the proper
    -This report demands immediate attention-
    The P-Epsilon gas has been proven capable of incapacitating all known
    B.O.W.S. (Bio Organic Weapon). As such, it has been designated for
    emergency usage in the event of B.O.W. escape.
    Reports based upon data collected during prior incidents indicate the
    potential for negetive side effects.
    The P-epsilon gas has proven to weaken B.O.W.s' cellular functions.
    However, prolonged or repeated exposures will result in the creation
    of adaptive antibodies to the agent.
    Furthermore, some species have been observed to absorb the P-epsilon
    gas as a source of nutrition and use the toxins extracted against anything
    perceived as a threat.
    Use of the P-epsilon gas should be severly limited to extreme cases only.
    We strongly request the authority to re-evaluate the P-epsilon gas deployment
    system. We would like this re-evaluation to take place immediately.
                                               2nd R&D Room/Security Team
    21---FILM A
    Code G Human Body Experiment 9/15 15:24
    Pic of, well, something rather unpleasant in a tank.
    22---FILM B
    Pictured in front of the Arukas tailor. Regressed into a zombie within 2 hours.
    Subject repeatedly complained about severe agitation of the epidermis in addition
    to feelings of nausea. This happened up to the moment he lost consciousness.
    Picture by R.Lambert
    Pic of a zombie on the floor.
    23---FILM C
    Development Code: T-103
    Due to accelerated metabolism relative to the earlier 00 series, this subject 
    possesses exemplary regenerative capabilities.
    Pic of a Tyrant in a tube (without his mac).
    24---FILM D
    (That's all it says!)
    A woman holding a basketball. Found by searching S.T.A.R.S. office desk by poster
    50 times. I believe it to be Rebecca Chambers.
    These are only found on the N64 and I think the Dreamcast. They differ between scenarios.
    (half on A, half on B). They provide intresting links to the old, new and forthcoming RE
    games (RE, RE3: Nemesis and RE Code: Veronica). I do not believe Survivor -Aka Gun Survivor-
    is referenced (It's a side story anyway. And it's crap).
    I read in an article on IGN64 (http://ign64.ign.com) that the forthcoming
    RE Zero is referenced in some Ex-files. Which ones, the interviewee wouldn't
    say. Misery guts. BTW, RE0 is almost certainly coming out the Dolphin,
    Nintendo's next gen system. Ho hum. At least I still have Dino Planet to 
    look forward in 2001 for my N64.
    They are now all here. I think this is the only complete list on the net.
    I am so skilled. Well, it was, but then someone came up with a list shortly
    after I posted this version. Bah, humbug. Actually, it's very good and course
    I don't mind it being up, so don't complain about me being all competitive.
    Thanks to Mothugluv for telling me where they were.
    1.  Jill's Report
    2.  MA121 Progress Report
    3.  Operation Instructions
    4.  Robert's Note
    5.  Dario's Note
    6.  Mercenary's Log
    7.  David's Letter
    8.  Jill's Note
    9.  Rebecca's Report
    10. Brad's Note
    11. Umbrella Memo
    12. Journalist's Note
    13. Mother Virus Report
    14. Chris' Report
    15. Want Ad
    16. City Pamplet
    ---JILL'S REPORT 1/16
    July 24th, 1998
    Raccoon Forest:
     The following documents were obtained at a sanitarium owned by Umbrella
    "Umbrella Bio Organic Weapon Publicity Material"
       Dev. Code: MA-39  Cerberus
       Dev. Code: MA-121 Hunter
       Dev. Code: Fi-3   Neptune
       Dev. Code: T-002  Tyrant
    In addition to the above, it is believed that several other B.O.W. were
    created by means of accidental infection.
    During the course of the tests, it was discovered that the contagion is
    not limited to human beings, and may pose a hazardous risk to plant and
    animal lifeforms.
    Effective means of controlling this contagion have yet to be found.
    Racoon City Police Department
    S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team
    Jill Valentine
    +Reference to: Resident Evil. These are some baddies from the game.
                   Cerberus: The dogs. The 3 headed dog from the underworld
                             in Greek mythology too, fact fans.
                   Hunter:   The old Licker. There's a dead one in the finger-
                             print room in Umbrella (N64)
                   Neptune:  A shark. Notice the "Fi". What? Yes, fish. Well
                             done Einstein...
                   Tyrant:   A skinner version of T-00 without his coat. Has a
                             heart on the outside.
    I believe the "MA-121" to be a typo, since the MA-120 is the RE version, while
    the MA-121 is the upgraded version from RE3 (See below).
    ---MA121 PROGRESS REPORT 2/16
    As a result of the scheduled product improvment plans for the MA120, production
    of the latest multi-purpose B.O.W. MA121-Hunter has been completed.
    Although the hunter has demonstrated high performance exceeding expectations as
    a B.O.W., in the interest of producing improved products with higher levels
    of usability and enhanced power, Hunter-R and additional enhanced B.O.W.s are
    currently under development.
    There should be no shortage of pratical applications for current products
    under development.
    William Birkin  
    +Reference to: The MA121 is an advanced MA120. You'll find the buggers
                   in RE3.
    Orders for Special Agent Hunk are as follows: 
    Penetrate Umbrella research facility located outside of raccoon city. 
    Recover G-virus sample from Dr. William Birkin. You are authorized to 
    use any means necessary to secure this sample.
    Upon recovery, sample is to be delivered to Loire Village. Failure on 
    this mission is NOT an option.
    French Division
    R&D Facility Head Manager
    Christine Henri
    +Reference to: The Hunk bonus game. Umbrella's headquarters is somewhere
                   in Europe. No mention of their secret lump of bean curd though... 
                   And, I've been to the Loire! Pointless info if there ever was.
                   No, there were no B.O.W.. A lot of French though.
    ---ROBERT'S NOTE 4/16
    How could this have happened Barry? The town's been overrun by zombies and
    has literally become a nightmare on earth.
    As you know, my concern for this town is as great as your own. I have waited for
    your arrival on the assuption you were still in the area, but the threat of my 
    shop being overwhelmed by zombies has become too great.
    I've already distrubuted the majority of weapons and ammo
    to the town survivors including the raging bull you special ordered.
    I hope you understand, given the circumstances.
    At any rate, I have no intention of pointlessly sacrificing my life
    and will be retreating to Stone Ville.
    If you get this message, meet me there. We'll go fishing...
    Robert Kendo
    +Reference to: Don't know. But Kendo's gun shop is in RE3, so it might
                   be that. Or rather is, as that's the only it could be.
    ---DARIO'S NOTE 5/16
    I can't help but wonder if anyone will read these words, but writing 
    them will help me maintain my sanity if nothing else.
    After I've become a meal for those undead monsters, will the G.I.s 
    responsible for sealing off the town laugh upon discovering my corpse? 
    So is this how it's supposed to end? I don't want to die, I'm just not 
    My wife, daughter, mother... My entire family has been killed. But 
    none of that matters anymore. Right now, my life is the only important 
    thing. That's all that matters.
    I never would have pictured my end to be like this. I had so much 
    left to do. Rather than becoming a salesman, I should have tried my hand 
    at being a novelist. It's what I've always wanted, but my mother would 
    only tell me "you have a long way to go". Why did I ever listen to her?
    But this looks like the end for the great Dario Rosso, novelist 
    extraordinaire. Cut down before his prime...
    +Reference to: RE3. Jill sees this bloke near the beginning.
    ---MERCENARY'S LOG 6/16
    September 1st
    Following six months of intensive training, my body's edge had returned.
    I was a good soldier, but they order my execution with no reason given.
    I was tortured and forced to give a false confession.
    But on the morning of my execution, a miracle happened. The company had
    helped me out, giving me a second lease of life.
    September 15th
    I ended my vaction short and returned to the HQ office. It looks like
    my UBCS unit's been called into action.
    Umbrella maintains it's own paramilitary unit to counter corparate
    terrorism and V.I.P. abduction. In addition, they have nightmen who
    specialize in handling problems caused by illegal products.
    I'm currently a member of the latter.
    September 28th
    Dawn's here, but we're still slogging through this nightmare. There are
    no provisions of any kind here. The undead walk the streets feeding upon
    the flesh of the living.
    Given the choice again, I would have been rather have been executed. Death
    row was a heavenly asylum compared to this place.
    I've chosen to pull the trigger myself, in the hope that my dead body won't
    come back to life. 
    +Reference to: RE3. UBCS= Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasures Service. As
                   I don't have a PSX, that's all I know 'bout this file.
    ---DAVID'S LETTER 7/16
    My sanity is at its end...I still can't believe this is happening. We 
    lost another man yesterday. Meyer; one of our better marksmen. He saw me 
    panic once we were overrun by the zombies, but he came back to save me.
    When the time came to return the debt, I ran.
    I can still hear him calling out my name. I can still hear the screams 
    coming from behind. The sound of his fleshed being ripped from its 
    bones. I was afraid... terrified...
    It's the 27th. The fight to stay alive continues. I took out several 
    zombies who managed to break through the barricades. Now I'm cutting 
    through the chill with whisky, unloading my Mossberg on anything undead. 
    That shotgun's become a close friend of mine. I've blasted many a zombie 
    into fertilizer with it.
    We've lost 13 mean as of yesterday, in three hours we'll bicker over 
    trivial things in the meeting room. It's a total waste of time. When I 
    finish this bottle, my old friend Mossberg will be turning one last body 
    into fertilizer.
    Peace at last. I can hardly wait.
    +Reference to: RE3.
    ---JILL'S NOTE 8/16
    It all began as an ordinary day in September. An ordinary day in 
    Raccoon City. A city controlled by Umbrella. No one dared to oppose them.
    That and the lack of strength would ultimately lead to their destruction.
    I suppose they had to suffer the consequences of their actions, but 
    there would be no forgiveness afterwards. If only they had the courage 
    to fight...
    But it's true that once the wheels of justice begin to turn, nothing 
    can stop them. Nothing.
    It was Raccoon City's last chance... 
    And my last chance, my last escape...
    +Reference to: This exact text is at the start of RE3. And, RE3 was
                   called Biohazard: Last Escape in Japan. Go figure.
    On July 23rd, an MP vehicle was found inside the Arklay Mountains.
    Corpses of MP members and an unidentified body were found near
    the vehicle.
    According to the information from military authorities, the
    unidentified body was identified as former ensign Billy Koen,
    who was sentenced to the death penalty following a court-martial
    on July 22nd. While Koen was on transfer via Navy MP escort, they
    must have experienced some kind of accident.
    The copses were severely mauled, apparently torn apart by unidentified
    wild animals.
    The following day we returned to the location to recover the bodies but
    they were nowhere to be found.
    Military authorities have requested that we hand over Koen's body as proof
    of his death. But due to the circumstances described above, it will be a
    difficult task to recover the corpse.
    I am requesting that this case be temporarily closed until further notice.
    Racoon City Police Department
    S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team
    Rebecca Chambers
    +Reference to: I haven't a clue. Sorry. Maybe a Zero reference.
    ---BRAD'S NOTE 10/16
    It's that monster in the black suit again! Why does that thing
    keep chasing me?! What did I do? This must be someone's sick idea
    of a joke.
    If I knew things would end up like this, I would have left the
    S.T.A.R.S. team a long time ago.
    But whining won't help me now, I know I'm finished.
    Oh... In my hometown Delucia, I bet the flowers are in full bloom.
    If only I could see them once more before I die...
    Brad Vickers
    +Reference to: RE3, duh... Well, if you don't know what 
                   Mr "Large-Vocabulary" Nemesis looks like then
                   "monster in black suit" might be lost on you. Flowers 
                   full bloom in late september? Strange..
    ---UMBRELLA MEMO 11/16
    Dear Dr. Birkin,
    It has come to my attention that we are currently experiencing a 
    shortage of APL-14. To counteract this problem I am asking you and 
    several other labs to donate five cases of APL-14 to our facility 
    For your information, we have discovered, that our base of the South 
    Pole, in Antarctica, is primarily responsible for this shortage. 
    We are currently taking steps to prevent this from happening in the 
    future. And don't worry, the Ashford's reputation is now irreparably 
    Your quick response is greatly appreciated.
     Joel Allman
     USA Branch
     September 15
    +Reference to: RE Code: Veronica. South Pole? Sounds a bit
                   like "The Thing", eh? 
    ---JOURNALIST'S NOTE 12/16
    As I write this, my hands shake with both anger and fear. The 
    civilians of the town have been blockaded by the military. And though I 
    sigh for the survivors of the town, I still feel that it's the best 
    decision. They cannot take the chance of the disease spreading any 
    I am going to make it my top priority to discover what has causes 
    this incredibly dangerous incident. So far, I have only concluded that 
    the disease is not airborne.
    +Reference to: Nothing really. Just intresting. Oh, and if you followed
                   the plot, you'll know the virus was carried by rats.
    The Mother Virus was first discovered by Ozwell E. Spencer. And it was him,
    who founded Umbrella Inc.. As time passed, Spencer's research was succeeded
    to Dr. J. Marcus. However, Dr Marcus abused his power and had to be fired.
    Following Dr. Marcus came Dr. William Birkin. Dr. Birkin's experiments delivered
    many outstanding results including the T-Virus. It is presumed he will be
    finishing work on the more powerful G-Virus in the near future.
    Currently, research on the mother virus takes place at our laboratories all
    over the world. In the near future, we hope to discover many new viruses.
    +Reference to: Again, intresting tit-bits. No more, no less. And yes, more
                   Viruses! The H-Virus, an airborne G-Virus. That'd be nice, huh?
    ---CHRIS'S REPORT 14/16
    Dear Chief,
    Below is my account of what led up to the explosion at the mansion:
    On July 23rd, S.T.A.R.S Bravo team, led by captain Marini, went to
    investigate the bizarre homicides that occored in the Arklay mountains.
    After contact with the team's chopper was lost, S.T.A.R.S alpha team,
    lead (led, they made a typo- Ed) by Captain Wesker went in.
    We found the remains of Bravo teams helicopter on the ground. After landing
    we were immediately attacked by blood thirsty dogs. We later discovered these
    were actually zombie dogs as they did not even feel our gunfire. After Joseph
    Frost was killed, we were forced to retreat to a nearby mansion.
    After further investigating the mansion, we learned it was actually a secret
    laboratory of Umbrella Inc..
    All researchers were turned into zombies by some type of unknown virus. We also
    discovered that Umbrella was using that lab as a testing area for new Bio Organic
    We found the dead bodies of some of the Bravo team members including Enrico Marini,
    Kenneth Sullivan, Forest Speyer and Richard Aiken. We believe that those Bio Organic
    Weapons caused their deaths.
    After that, we discovered that Captain Wesker was actually working with Umbrella and
    that both Alpha and Bravo teams were being used as live test subjects for the Bio
    Organic Weapons. Wesker had betrayed us!
    We barely managed to survive that nightmare. However, since the mansion exploded,
    there is no evidence to support our claim of Umbrella's secret lab or the Bio
    Organic Weapons.
    The zombie phenomenon that has been occuring in the city is extremely similar
    to the zombies we saw at the mansion. We suspect that Umbrella is somehow linked
    to all this.
    In order to solve this mystery and put an end to the zombies that are roaming the
    city, I propose we launch a formal investigation into Umbrella.
    Thank you for your attention to this extremely important matter.
    Chris Redfield
    S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team.
    +Reference to: Hmmm... Using my skill and dexterity, I concluded it's a RE reference.
                   Very subtle.
                   So, the most obvious Ex file. A synopsis of RE1. Might as well have
                   "RESIDENT EVIL 1 RELATED FILE!" written on it.
    ---WANT AD 15/16
    Umbrella Inc. Raccoon Branch
    FULL TIME (Includes benefits)
    As the number one
    pharmaceutical corporation in
    the world, we are constantly
    reaching for new ways to 
    expand and grow.
    We're looking for healthy,
    dedicated, and single
    individuals of any race,
    religion or sex.
    Sales, Service, Production, etc.
    No Experience needed, but you
    must have a clean bill of 
    Overseas positions are also 
    availible! (please note this on
    your application.)
    +Reference to: Count me in! Does it have a dental plan? Yet more "fun"
                   info. Although the "overseas" might be about Code: Veronica.
    ---CITY PAMPHLET 16/16
    City Guide No. 12
    -A Brief Look-
    Hello and welcome to Raccoon City! As you will notice, our city
    is a clean and private town dedicated to families. Raccoon City
    has partnered with our friends at Umbrella Inc., in order to
    generate unprecedented growth and stability. Umbrella is a highly
    regarded and well funded corporation that cares about it's employees.
    They have helped to create many public facilities to make this city a 
    safer place for everyone.
    As we look to the future, I will continue to support Umbrella Inc. in
    terms of new business developments.
    Please enjoy your stay in my lovely city. Thank you.
    Michael Warren
    Raccoon City Mayor 
    +Reference to: Just a big bag of ironic-ness really. Might as well say
                   "And completely zombie free" or something.
    Hey, everyone else does it, and I wanted to take the piss out of the 1 dimensional characters,
    so I created this section.
    SPOILERS in this section ahoy! Don't read if don't want the story spoilt (Masterpiece it is).
    Please note, the scores are for the game, none of the actors have the slightest bit of
    talent. Okay, they do, but they aren't Oscar material, are they?
    Leon S. Kennedy: A police rookie, coming into Raccoon city for his first day on the job.
                     While reckless and brash, he is not as naive as his demeanor would suggest.
                     In a poor attempt at plot, falls in love with Ada Wong. Has a stupid fringe.
                     And the personality of a brick. And has his catchphrase: "Why does no one
                     ever listen to me?" *canned laughter*.
    Actor's Score- **/***** He's just crap really.
    Claire Redfield: A lighthearted, articulate, modern woman. Is in Raccon city looking for her
                     brother, S.T.A.R.S. member Chris. Is a bit stupid really. Sorry, she just
    Actor's Score- **/***** "What's the matter, *laugh* don't you trust me?" Not after that, no.
    Ada Wong:       Some woman, says she's looking for her boyfriend (some bloke called John from
                    RE1). Very mysterious, mainly because she reveals she's an Umbrella agent.
                    For some reason, falls in love with Leon, even after his not at all 
                    patronising "Running off like that was reckless AND stupid" speech. Should
                    have given her a slap, the silly cow. Is now a G-Type, presumably, as she
                    was ressurected and had access to a G-Virus in both stories.
    Actor's Score- ****/***** Nothing wrong, since she says little.
    Sherry Birkin:  An extremely annoying 12 year old, wearing very trendy gear. Honest. Is 
                    completely oblivious to anything. Keeps sitting down. Makes you bugger about
                    making a vaccine because she is stupid enough to get caught by daddy. Capcom,
                    please kill her off like Newt in Aliens.
    Actor's Score- ***/***** The actor's competent. I just hate that "Claire!" she keeps saying.
    Brian Irons:    Everybody loves ol' Brian. A suspected rapist, who stuffs animals (ahem). And
                    wears his mother's... no, hang on.. He is mad, and is a sadist. Yes, and is 
                    the head of the RPD. Well done Raccoon city. And then he dies. Hooray!          
    Actor's Score- *****/***** "Mwhaahaha, so you've made it this far..", who couldn't like that?
    Ben Bertolucci: Some idiot who locks himself in cells. And then dies. Is a journalist, who,
                    instead of leaving Raccoon City, and exposing the truth out there, does it
                    in the place where Umbrella rules supreme. Duh!
    Actor's Score- ***/***** Nice hamming it up. And the "Who the heck are you?" line is blatant
    Annette Birkin: A psycho, who doesn't give a toss about her daughter, and is hellbent on
                    finishing the G-Virus. She doesn't seem to know the equation G-Virus= Bad,
                    and ends up dying in 2 amusing ways. Huzzah! I like the way she calls Leon
                    gullible. Someone had to say it...
    Actor's Score- ****/***** Not bad. Hams it up at times.
    William Birkin: A scientist who gets about 3 lines ("Ah, my precious G-Virus. No one will take
                    you away from me!", "No" and "Ouchooheecrapthathurtsowowowow". And "Gawooor!"
                    if that counts). Strangely, instead of letting Annette treat him after being 
                    shot, has the bright idea to inject himself with the virus, and proceeds to
                    smash things. Mutates at first really slowly, then really quick. I mean, you
                    wait days for a mutation, then 4 come along at once! For some reason, grows
                    enormous in about 2 minutes.
    Actor's Score- *****/***** If Deigo (I remember him from the credits) does the roars that is.
    Agent T-00:     A big guy who wants attention, but everyone ignores him for the most part. The
                    only time anyone says something about him, is when Claire calls him "The 
                    Monster" when he's chasing Sherry. Dies humliatingly at the end of a bazooka
                    and a witty one liner.
    Actor's Score- *****/***** Wether it was an actor, a machine or a sound from the Sound Bank,
                               you gotta love that final growl when he's on fire at the end.
    Robert Kendo:   Okay, he dies within the first two minutes, but this guy's great. I love his
                    "I ain't got no clue darlin'". Then he dies. And wastes a bullet. Moron.
    Actor's Score- ****/***** As I said, he's brilliant.
    Dying cop:      If we're gonna have Kendo, we might as well have this guy. The guy played
                    this guy is Mr. Cheese, with more ham than a butcher's shop. "Urrghhhhhh..
                    oh, it's you..."
                    "Now go!" *Extremely long gap* "but" *Yet another gap* "Just go!". That bit
                    stinks of missed cues.
    Actor's Score- *****/***** His cheesiness gets him 5 stars!
    I'll keep this short, since I don't want to be accused of needless KB to
    make my FAQ bigger, but here are some things I noticed about RE2 you might
    find intresting. Or you might say "What a load of rubbish" and leave and
    go and read something else more intresting, like a dictionary or War and
    Peace- The Director's Cut. Some Spoilers Here.
    The police station is very realistic isn't it? Car parks, waiting rooms,
    offices and kennels. But what about TOILETS? Do the police of Racoon city
    not go to the bog at work? The place also has only one fax machine! Hmm..
    Notice how many times Leon and Claire come across phones, but when you check
    them, they are "useless"? Calling in the military might be a good idea.
    The characters don't care much for human life do they? Does anyone care when
    Ben dies? Do they throw up at the sight of his horiffic dismeberment? Do they
    buggery. And Sherry walks straight past the grisly corpse of Chief Irons.
    You can see T-00 written on the side of the pod when the Tyrant is dropped. Note
    there are around 6 pods altogether. So, maybe the Tyrant Hunk encounters isn't
    the same one as our heroes do. Come to think of it, how do we know that's the same
    T-00 in B? Arrgh! There must be loads! I'm surprised there aren't any T-00's in
    Okay, okay. Many people told me there is a T-00(3) in RE3, but Matt Collareda
    sent three occurences of T-00s. 
    "In the final battle with Nemisis, as soon as you enter
    the room, turn left. There's one in it's clawed, no
    trench coat for dead in the wall.
    Directly opposite it, dead in the other wall, is a
    second T-00, in it's trenchcoat form.
    Finally, there is one dead in front of the rail cannon
    in it's trench coat form.". Well there you are.
    You can see T-00's heart beating under the flames (Reference to RE1).
    Watch some of the bosses after they die. The spawn of William is paticulary intresting.
    Recognize anyone's voice? Well, nearly all the cast were in Free Willy (the cartoon,
    not the film). If you did recognize them from that, then I think you are rather sad.
    Leon voiced Willy y'know. And did "additional voices" in X-Men.
    Want to know more? Probably not, but if you are a bit bored, go to:
    http://us.imdb.com/Details?0161941. If you wonder how I found that, I was seeing
    if the RE movie had an entry. It didn't. Development hell, then.
    Well, many people also share my fascination for RE2's various plot holes,
    so sent in their own picky comments/observations. Here are a few:
    CrAzY_CloWnZ@aol.com wrote:
    -When you play the first scenario and you meet Claire(or Leon I guess)
    in the S.T.A.R.S. room...why do they split up? Personally I think that
    is just dumb. You'd think they would want to stick together. Come to
    think of it...who cares about survivors? Neither character has a reason
    to stay any longer. Claire knows her brother skipped town, and obviously
    Leon has no hopes of being a cop any more. But then if they just left
    there would be no game...oh well.
    -Why do they even give you a knife? Why not a baseball bat or crowbar? A
    board with a nail in it would be better than the knife! (Because they'll make
    bigger boards with bigger nails, and they'll make a board with a nail in it so
    big, it will destroy them all!- Ed)
    Ian Davidson wrote:
    In RE2 the american flag hung in the police office (the room with all the chairs 
    with the small room in back with a fire place in it. you get the red jewel 
    there I think) is hung upside down on the pole. The stars part is the 
    unattached part and the striped part is the hooked to the pole. 
    Also in the room that has the small room with the safe and the dead guy on 
    the ground in the hallway in the back hallway of the office (the dead guy is 
    near the door that leads to the stairs outside that go 2 the second floor), 
    well the major room has a burger king (or kong is what it looks like) box on 
    the table. 
    DTM357@aol.com sent a metric assload of stuff:
    1: The "gremlins" from the generator room in RE1 aren't mentioned in Jill's 
    2: In the scene from Leon A when Ada is shot, she falls off the walkway with 
    her gun. Yet after the scene, it's sitting there on the walkway.
    3: There are 5 desks in the Stars office. For Wesker, Barry, Chris, Jill and 
    Rebecca. Yet as I recall, there was a 6th member of the Alpha team in RE1 
    (mauled in the beginning movie by dogs) and an entire Bravo team. As there 
    are no more doors in the police station, where is their office?
    4: How can an alligator that big live in a room that small that's only 
    waist-deep at most? (Never mind that; how can alligator that big live...
    period? -Ed)
    5: If the city is under military quarantine, how did Claire get in?
    6: Even if it was his first day, why didn't Leon know about the zombies? If 
    he wasn't from Raccoon, how'd he join the RPD?
    7: How did the watchman die? If he shot himself, then why is his gun fully 
    loaded and on the night stand?
    8: What happened to that guy that shot himself's shotgun he talked about? If 
    the zombies took it, why haven't they shot at me?
    9: And last but not least, how do these people get in all of these locked 
    rooms? For example, how did Leon get into the locked room past the STARS 
    hallway when the door was locked and the other boarded up?
    Top 5 Arrghhhh! Moments.
    5. Slam dunkin' in at 5, when you fall through the floor in the library. Sad really, but it
       made you jump the first time, admit it.
    4. Coming at 4, when that Licker smashes through the ceiling glass in scenario B. Jezzumcrap!
    3. Smashing straight in at 3, comes that bit where the dogs jump up against the Kennel door. 
       Then you kill the gets to teach 'em a lesson.
    2. Slam dunkin' in at 2, when T-00 smashes through the C.Cogwheel room wall. To add insult to
       injury, he smashes out AGAIN when you are running away in terror.
    1. And the biggest Arrghhhh! moment is: When the Licker smashes through the magic mirror. That
       scared the life out of me. I actually went arrghh! when it happened. It still makes me 
       jump a bit every time.
    I might post some more of these, but not too many, as I don't want needless KB
    in my FAQ. If you noticed something like this in RE2, mail me, and I may post it.
    Me!- (mecha_mr_ed@yahoo.com) for writing this FAQ.
    My muscles and brain for working together at moving my fingers to type.
    You- (you@company.com) for actually reading this!
    Mothugluv (mothugluv@aol.com) for his help in finding all the extra files.
    MolochFFF (MolochFFF@aol.com) for the correction on the magnum not being a revolver and other
    weapon info.
    (CrAzY_CloWnZ@aol.com) Sent in completely pointless observations.
    (DTM357@aol.com) Did too.
    Ian Davidson (Idavi1222@aol.com) Ditto.
    Matthew Colladera (masa_mewn@yahoo.com) For info on T-00s in RE3.
    Gamesages- (www.gamesages.com) for the secrets and cheats and erm, stuff.
    Jeff "CJayC" Veasy- (gamefaqs@gamefaqs.com) For making gamefaqs, accepting my FAQs,
    and updating every 5 minutes even when he has the 'flu. Or even the T-virus. Cripes,
    he'd probably update if he had the G-virus. I can see it now:
    "First update online. I'm a bit behind on reviews, but you would be too, if you had a
    large eyeball sticking out of your arm"
    Well, there you are. Resident Evil 2. If you have a RE2 question, a thankyou, 
    a letter bomb, death threat, a free shampoo sample or a copious amount of money (real money,
    y'know, cash) then send it to mecha_mr_ed@yahoo.com.
    I won't be posting anything new on the FAQ unless it's really important. That's why it's
    called a final version. Do you see?
    If would like to use this FAQ on your site (what? really? You're not taking the piss, right?)
    then e-mail me first. Or face the wrath of ancient oriental curse. This FAQ is on a lot
    of sites at the moment, so I will probably refuse most requests at the moment.
    If you send a mail, please put in the subject if it is a correction or a question. Thanks!
    If you send me a mail thanking me, chances are I won't reply, but I appreciate any thanks.
    It makes FAQ writing worthwhile...  
    <shameless self promotion>
    Oh, and check out my other FAQs.
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    This document copyright Mecha Mr Ed 2000 AD. Do not nick it without permission! You can put
    on your hard drive, print it out, shove it up your arse, give it to a friend, but don't
    put it on your site/magazine/cover CD without permission. 
     You MUST have permission for public distribution.
    Resident Evil 2 was developed by Angel Studios and Capcom
    It is was published by Capcom and Virgin Interactive in the UK
    Sound Compression by Factor 5
    Nintendo made the system I played it on
    Sony and Sega made systems I could play it on
    All viruses in the game were developed by Umbrella Incorporated
    I am not associated with any of these companies (although I've applied for a post at Umbrella)

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