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    Resident Evil 3-Nemesis
    Bio Hazard 3-Last Escape
    --Miscellaneous Faq--
    Table of Contents
    01. Intro
    02. What's New
    03. Controls
    04. Secrets
    05. Mercenaries Game
    06. Rank/ Grade
    07. About
    08. Special Thanks
    09. Disclaimer
    01. Intro
    This is the first faq I ever wrote, so please forgive me for not good in 
    writting this faq. I must say that this game is harder than the previous series 
    of Resident Evil as Nemesis(the one chasing you) in this episode is difficult to 
    handle. So don't underestimate this game! Nemesis will come running at you all 
    the time! He won't rest until you die in his hand...you will notice that, by the 
    time he appear he will say "DIE!!"
    02. What's New
    Version 0.1
    -First released
    -Include mercenaries game, controls, etc.
    03. Controls
    The following control is by default in the game. Control is break into two 
    parts, basic movement, and new movement.
    Basic movement		Control
    Walk forward		D-pad up
    Walk backward		D-pad down
    Turn right		D-pad right
    Turn left		D-pad left
    Run			D-pad up while holding X
    New movement		Control
    180 degrees turn	Press(or hold) D-pad down and X simultaneously
    Avoid obstacles		Rapidly press R1,R2 or L1 when enemy's going to attack 
    04. Secret
    There's lot of secret in Resident Evil 3 that might be easier to get comparing 
    to Resident Evil 1 or 2, because you will get the secret after you finish the 
    game despite your rank, depending a little on your progress along finishing the 
    Secret is obtained based on your rank upon completing the game. For everytime 
    you finish a game, you will get an epilogue, which i think comes in sequence. In 
    other words, you need to complete the game 8 times to get all the epilogue. 
    I'll list out the secret that you can obtain in this game:
    01. Antique key(used to open a locked door near where you first got the map)
    02. 5 extra costumes:
    	a. Jill's police uniform(from Resident Evil 1)
    	b. Police uniform with short skirt
    	c. Shopping clothes(white in color)
    	d. Combat uniform(black in color)
    	e. Regina uniform in dino crisis
    03. Mercenaries game(something like the extra game from Resident Evil 2 dual 
    shock version)
    04. 3 unlimited weapons(which is obtain by playing mecenaries game)
    05. Unlimited bullets(which is obtain by playing mecenaries game)
    Total secret: 11
    05. Mercenaries Game
    There's no walkthrough explaining how to get to a point here, I only provide 
    guide in this section. First of all, you can choose three person from the 
    01. Carlos
    -Machine gun(100%)
    -Desert eagle(15)
    -Pistol's round(105)
    -3 advance healing herbs(including curing poison)
    02. Mikhail
    -Rocket launcher(8)
    -Shotgun's round(28)
    -Magnum's round(24)
    -1 advance healing herb(including curing poison)
    03. Nicholai
    -1 blue herb
    -3 first aid spray
    Each one of them has their own difficulty, which obviously Mikhail is the 
    easiest among them.
    This part of game is not that easy where you just need to get to the target 
    destination, but you still can complete this game by just only heading to the 
    In order to get more income when you arrive at the destination, you are required 
    to save civilian including your members(Mikhail, Carlos, etc).
    There's some requirement on the time to save a person. For example the game 
    requires you to come to a place(which has civilian) in a minimum requirement of 
    time. If you can't fulfil the condition, the civilian will die there! I only 
    notice that in order to save Brad, you required minimum of 0.50.00 to be able to 
    save him.
    I'll list the location who and where the civilian/ members is:
    No. Person          Location
    01. Fat guy         Gas station
    02. Young girl      Building next to the garbage room
    03. Brad            Below the restaurant
    04. ????            Sales office
    05. ????            Bar
    The fourth and fifth person depends on who you're controlling. For example if 
    you choose Mikhail, the person is Carlos. Saving civilians/ members will 
    directly effect your grade and income.
    The income is approximately 1000 plus if you complete the game with saving all 
    the civilians/ members.
    In order to get grade A, you will need to save all the civilians/ members and 
    arrive at the target destination for approximately 1:30:00 plus. Once everytime 
    you save a civilian you will receives a reward such as bullets, or first aid 
    spray. I still don't know whether there's grade S in mecenaries game.
    06. Rank/ Grade
    The following rank is only for story mode despite its difficulty(heavy or 
    light). In other words, this section is not for mecenaries game. I don't have 
    exactly condition on how the rank is obtain, the following is only my 
    Rank  Condition
    E     Might no exist(or game over)
    D     Complete game over 03:30:00 hrs plus(or maybe 04:00:00), over 20 saves
    C     Complete game under 03:30:00 hrs, under 20 saves
    B     Complete game under 03:30:00 hrs, under 10 saves
    A     Complete game under 03:30:00 hrs, maximum 3 saves
    S     Complete game under 03:30:00 hrs(or maybe 03:00:00), no save(or 1 save)
    I assume that using unlimited weapon will NOT affect your rank. But I assume 
    using spray bottle(even 1 time) will directly affect your rank. Rank S might 
    only exist in Bio Hazard 3, and Resident Evil 3 might don't have this rank.
    Ok, I can't exactly lists out the condition but here's my result for your 
    No. of play  Time used  Save used  Rank/ Grade	Difficulty  Unlimited weapon  
    Spray bottle
    1st play     05:57:00	27	   D		Heavy       No		      No
    2nd play     03:57:00	4	   B		Heavy	    No	              No
    3rd play     02:36:36	3	   A		Heavy	    No                No
    4th play     02:27:23	2	   A		Heavy       No                No
    5th play     02:34:19	0	   S		Heavy	    Yes               No
    Well, good luck!!
    07. About
    Nothing is about me, you can contact me by email:
    08. Special Thanks
    -Obviously Capcom! This great rocks! Capcom has once again improved their 
    -People who wrote faqs!
    09. Disclaimer
    This faq is for personal use, which can't be sold. If you're going to use this 
    faq in your webpage, you can always ask for author's permission to do so.

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