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"The final escape from Raccoon City....."

Many acts like only the absolute top selling games on the Playstation are the only games that anyone should pick up today, but anyone who had a Playstation when it was in it's prime knows that there are many gems on the system that doesn't get the attention it deserves today. The Resident Evil series used to be a great example for this until Resident Evil 4 got released. Almost everyone who had a Playstation during the days the system was popular either had an own copy of any of the three games or they had a friend who had the game.

The first Resident Evil game was a story about a police team who had to investigate an event in the outskirts of Raccoon City, and later they ran to a mansion to hide from human eating dogs. Then they discovered that the Umbrella Corporation had developed a virus that turned living humans into human eating zombies. After a lot of trouble four of the team managed to get out of the mansion alive.

The second game in the series was about the two civilians in who had to get out of Raccoon City at any cost since the city has been invaded by zombies. The two heroes had to see how not only the streets in Raccoon City, but also how the Police Station and many other buildings had been taken over by these zombies. After a lot of trouble the two managed to get out of the city , but they both decided that they had to do something against the Umbrella Corporation. Both Leon and Claire later got their own sequel in the series.

The main character in the third game in the series is the female main character from the first Resident Evil, Jill Valentine. The game takes place the same day as Resident Evil 2, but Jill is not a cop for the city anymore. Since no one believed her and Chris about what happened two months ago they both got fired from their job as policemen.

Just like in Resident Evil 2, the streets of Raccoon City is overrun by zombies, and Jill has decided that it's up to herself to get out of Raccoon City before she turns into another zombie. For some reason Jill decided to pick the most bluest clothes she had in her closet so she looks more like an "party girl" than a former officer. Her attitude in this game is almost much tougher than the silent little police girl she was in the first Resident Evil. She has also learned how to make bullets.

Just like the two previous Resident Evil series, Resident Evil 3 is a survival horror game. Jill starts in the streets of Raccoon City and has to escape the living dead. There are even more zombies in this game than in Resident Evil 2. To escape the city, Jill must go through both the Uptown and Downtown of Raccoon City. In the city it's total chaos and the there are a few sane people left in the city except for Jill. One of them is the pilot Brad from the first Resident Evil who tells Jill about a big monster who are after the S.T.A.R.S members and that no one can flee from him.

A while later, this monster shows up and beats the crap out of poor Brad. The monster's name is Nemesis. He looks like a bigger and stronger zombies, but he also is much smarter than any other zombie in the Resident Evil series. Even the big Mr X in Resident Evil 2 was easy to escape from since he didn't know how to open doors, but this doesn't stop Nemesis. He can either open the doors or he makes a new door with his massive strength.

Nemesis shows up in the game when you least expect it. Usually you have to options when you face him, either you can run away from him or you can battle him. Personally I think it's better to run away if you have the chance to. Not only is this big zombie tough as hell and can kill you in a few blows, but he also takes a lot of ammo to kill, ammo that will be useful against regular enemies.

Sometimes, Jill gets two choices to choose from how she will do in a situation. If the player chooses to do nothing, then it can be game over. The choices are usually are about what you are going to do when Nemesis shows up, but sometimes it can be other different things. Usually it doesn't matter what choice the player does but some of the choices will later decide where Nemesis will appear and such things.

Just like in the two previous puzzles, the player has to solve many different riddles to get any further in the game. However in Resident Evil 3, you have to use that thing inside your head much more than in the two previous games. One of the worst puzzles is where you have to place three different colours lines correct, and they start completely random so all FAQs on this site is useless on that riddle.

The famous frozen camera angles that are in the two previous Resident Evil games are still here, which means that you sometimes have to aim outside of the screen to hit an enemy with your deadly weapon, which can be really difficult sometimes. Some players also had a hard time to control the character in the previous game, and the control hasn't changed at all so those who had a problem to control their character in the first and second Resident Evil game will also have a problem in this game.

Another thing is strange is that there are doors everywhere in the Raccoon City streets, but most of them are just leading to another street. I know that Capcom only did this since the Playstation wouldn't be able to handle the whole city without any loading places, but why would anyone have a door in a middle of a street. This makes it much easier to get lost in the streets of Raccoon City.

Anyone who liked the first two Resident Evil games should also like this one. The only sad thing is that Jill is the only character that you can play as, while both Resident Evil 1 and Resident Evil 2 had two characters you could choose with two somewhat different stories. This game is harder than the other two on Playstation, and it takes maybe an hour more to beat this game than the others when you know everything in it. But just like the other two Resident Evil games Resident Evil 3 is a game you can play over and over again many times. Finally I must end this review that Resident Evil 3 has my favourite ending in any video game, and it would have been perfect to end the series with it. No I'm not going to spoil it here, just play the game instead!

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Originally Posted: 04/20/07

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