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"A post-RE4 review of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis - June 14 2007"

PS: <sp></sp> will indicate the beginning and end of any spoilers.

So you played RE4 and thought it was the best thing ever since the zombie, am I right? Probably true. Now how does RE3 stand up in gamers eyes today, post-RE4? I probably don't care, since I'm not one to measure my enjoyment on a comparison scale. However, there will be a couple or so (non)intentional comparisons...

RE3 as of today has been released on like a bazillion platforms, and they all offer the same sweet experience, add or trim a little. The version under my knife here is the PS iteration of the zombie-fest. Zombie... teh zombeh? YAY! Teh ZOMBIES! You can probably make out I'm one of those that didn't enjoy a Ganado as much as a dumb IQ-less zombie: you have your fat zombies, you have your thin zombies, you have your girl zombies (who lost all their womanly etiquette), you have your crawling thin zombie, etc. They're all ugly, and so the PlayStation's now dated graphics won't be much of a burden on the gameplay, since, seriously, the game runs smoothly and the models are pretty good looking. That's not to mention that the backgrounds are mostly, if not all, pre-rendered -- that means they look really good, PS2-esque if we were to put them into real-time.

The subtitle? What's that?

Nemesis. What a great sub-name, and what a horrifying creature. You can't help but piss your pants every time he makes an appearance; and then you can't help but piss in your new clean pants you just changed into after he/it/whatever charges towards you, grabs Jill by her neck (you'd be already changing into another pant at this since you know there's know escape), and punches her face in for an insta-kill!11!

Raccoon city?

So you play Jill, all tuned-up from her first appearance in RE1; armed with a skirt and a hawt tank top (and a machine gun if you choose EASY from the two difficulties - easy and hard), she has to make her Last Escape from the rotten Raccoon city. It won't be easy though Jill, what with the brand-spanking new Nemesis (back in 99) out to finish off every single S.T.A.R.S. member. Nemesis is this 7-foot butt-ugly "2-in-1 palm and tentacles for everyday tasks like using a bazooka to barbecue pretty girls" behemoth.

And somehow Umbrella sent a small army under its command into the city to supposedly help out the citizens (liek lewls). One of these troops will be playable in the game as the one and only Carlos (good thing we're not set in Mexico), and eventually <sp>more troops will join in the fun in the Mercenaries game you will unlock after you obliterate Nemesis on your first run-through. Just buy the all 9's deal btw ;)</sp>.


You're thrown smack into the heat of things after your usual sexy FMV plays following New Game. Like mostly every RE game out there, you run with [], open your status menu with O, ready your gun with R1, and shoot with X. You use your R2 to "Aim All", but what I mostly use it for is to aim quickly at exploding red barrels, wall-fixed bombs, gas canisters... anything you can interact with outside things out there to kill you... not that red barrels won't kill you if you were close anyway... err, so yeah, there's an exclusive move to this game: Press R1 as soon as the enemy launches its attack and you'll dodge. INCREDIBLEZ! Another slick move is pressing X, O, /\, R1, R2, and L1 (used to change aim btw) simultaneously to push back zombies.

A Reloading Tool makes its debut in this game, a tool you use to make all types of ammo for your weapons. You need gun powder for this - A, B, and C. Gunpowder C is yielded by combining both A & B together. Combine C & C after that for example, and you'll get CC. A trip into the reloading tool will give you 10 Freeze Rounds for your grenade launcher (which are a necessity for your fights with Nemmy since they slow him down). CCC gives you magnum rounds. And so on.

Your trademark RE puzzles are here, and it's fun to have a little brain-tweezer following a mindless shotgunning of six dogs, four shriekers, and a bazillion zombies. Enemies most of the time outside Nemmy don't give anything in return, so it's a good ammo-saver if you just run past/dodge them. And you'll really need the ammo, especially on HARD and if you want to bring Nemmy down to his knees instead of fleeing him on your various encounters. Oh and you'll be rewarded for taking up the challenge. Ten freeze rounds and some magnum shots and bazooka-shells-to-Jill's-face later, Nemmy will drop a prize. The more you kill him, the more prizes you get. The sixth is a sexy infinite ammo for your weapon of choice, so start practicing.

What will you be doing most of the time throughout your escape? Shooting, running, dodging, healing with the three trademark herbs and first-aid spray, solving puzzles, inserting items, unlocking doors, treading back to use item A to get item B to use on place A to get item C to use to unlock door Z, aaannnddd... picking between two options at certain points in the game.

What dat?

B&W (black and white) events take place at certain spots throughout the game where the screen fades into a black and white and two options take helm at the middle of a flashing screen. Which one you pick will have a different result. For example, at the beginning of the game when you reach the RPD, <sp>a B&W event will take place and you will be given the choice to either run into the building or stay and fight nemmy</sp>. It's one of this game's benchmarks that makes it stand out from other REs.

I heard it's really short...

It's all really addicting. You can never get tired of shattering zombie heads with a swift blow of your shottie. There's just something that keeps calling you in for more even after you've finished your first run. You'll be back to see the other choices, to see the different ending, to get that elusive A, to see new costumes and fight for more, hell to just listen to Nemmie say "STASSSS" (stars)... Back when this game was a full-priced 50 I would've snatched it up, so what with now. A real keeper. Do yourself a favor, and do get whichever version of this RE3 you can lay your hands on (unless there was one released on cellphone or something).

Didn't you forget about audio? And how about a con or two >.>!?

Your zombies moan and your shottie splatters their brains on walls in convincing audial projection. Glass shatters and you jump off your seat and stay up as a horrifying beat plays and keeps you tensed up.

You might be annoyed by the static camera angles that the "traditional" REs throw at your way. You will prbably curse from time and time and swear not to play the game again after multiple deaths (most probably due to your own stupid mistakes btw). At times Jill will dodge when you don't want her to, and at times she won't aim where you want her to. A couple more issues that I might have forgotten due to their negligiblity...

Nothing that ruins the gameplay for you here, so just go out and get it...


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+ NEMESIS! Nuff said.
+ NEMESIS! Nuff said.
+ NEMESIS! Nuff said.
+ Sweet FMVs like usual
+ You can dodge now
+ Alternate routes for following run-throughs
+ Plenty to do once you're done


- The camera might prove bothersome for some
- Jill doesn't aim where you want her too at times

Story - 7

Typical RE story of Umbrella's mishaps and coverups. Nemesis is a sweet addition.

Visuals - 8

The RE games have always been the the best of looking on the PS, mainly due to the pre-rendered scenery.

Audio - 8

STASSSS... good voice acting and soundtrack. You'll especially like the clock tower's theme.

Gameplay - 9
-Fun Factor - A
-Controls - B
-Difficulty - Average

You'll get pulled into the story, kill zombies, solve (some good) puzzles, and RUN AWAY FROM AND FACE NEMESIS! IMO, the main attraction of this RE title, and what an attraction!

Lifespan - 9

First run - Around the 8 hour mark

Subsequent runs and extras - You'll be here for quite a while

After you're done with the game for the first time, you'll still have plenty to come back to: character epilogues, costumes, alternate routes, Nemesis obliteration once you get an infinite rocket launcher, extra mini-game etc. It doesn't get tiresome really. For a first-play through, the length is still somewhat decent.

Overall - 9

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/23/07, Updated 06/14/07

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