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Reviewed: 06/20/07

Does Jill Valentine have unlimited stamina?

First off, I will start by saying that Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is the best game in the Resident Evil series. This includes Resident Evil Zero, REmake, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 4 and the outbreak series. While the game isn't perfect, it is still the finest survival horror game released by Capcom.

Story: You are Jill Valentine, after the incident in Resident Evil she decided to return to Raccoon City. Upon her arrival, however, she discovers that the T-Virus has made its way into the city and infected countless civilians thanks to the Umbrella Corporation. She must leave the city, fighting to survive by any means necessary. Mercenaries have been sent by Umbrella to rescue survivors, yet Umbrella also sends a new weapon...NEMESIS!!! Nemesis is a killing machine programed to hunt down all surviving S.T.A.R.S. members. This means trouble for Jill, as not only does she have to avoid zombies and other mutated creatures, she has to avoid an 8 ft humanoid killing machine. The story is along the lines of Resident Evil 2, yet with an extra twist involving new characters, enemies and locations. While it's not a break away from Resident Evil 2 as far as an 'escape the city' plot, it is better than Resident Evil 2.

Characters: There are a few major characters in Resident Evil 3:Nemesis these are Jill Valentine(the main girl in RE 1 who just happens to have a new sexy haircut and cut off top and miniskirt) Carlos Olivera(spanish mercenary) Nikolai Genovev(russian mercenary) Mickael something(another merc.) and Brad Vickers!! Of course, Nemesis is also a character in the game with major involvement.

Gameplay: This Resident Evil uses the same controls from previous Resident Evil's, however extra features have been added to make the game stand out particularly well. There is now an ability to do a quick 180 degree turn, in order to escape faster by pressing down and square. Gone are the times where your character slowly turns around to get away from an enemy. Jill can now shove enemies out of the way if she is encircled by mashing all of the control buttons in unision, this is difficult to pull off, but can be done. Lastly, Jill can dodge enemies by pressing the weapon and L1 button at the same time, right before the enemy strikes. This saves your butt in a lot of places, especially in fights against Nemesis. However, this isn't the easiest thing to do, which is a good thing because you still have a challenge. BTW, this game is possibly the hardest Resident Evil, just because of that darn Nemesis popping out of nowhere chasing after you. This guy scares the living crud out of you while playing because you could be walking through an alley when all of a sudden, STARRRSSS! and oh crap you have to bolt! The learning curve isn't extremely difficult, though it may take some practice to perfect everything. For those not confident on their first runthrough, there is an easy mode where you start off with a machine gun and 3 100 percent clips to dish out anger against those zombies, though in easy mode you won't get nearly as much of a reward or secrets for playing the game. Wanna know why my tagline is titled that, huh? Well, it's cuz Jill will be running from one place to the nenxt this entire game. Be prepared to be on the alert cuz enemies pop out of nowhere.

Graphics: Capcom went all the way in pushing the graphics to the limit in this one. It is the most realistic looking out of the resident evil's on the last generation consoles. Mutated zombies and creatures look varied and are mutated in all the right places. When shooting an enemy, blood flows realistically from them and the satisying headshot produces an awesome amount of gore. The few FMV's in this game are really nicely done as well, with very little graininess. The backgrounds are pre-rendered, so it's basically like wallpaper. Just think FFVII. The enemies and characters are made with actual polygons though, which look pretty good as I said before.

Sound/Music: This game doesn't have too much music and is very quiet most of the time. This is a really good thing because it makes the game feel so much creepier. The zombies all sound like you expect zombies would sound, and they produce some grotesque moans, which add to the 'realism' of being in a zombie infested city. Nemesis sounds especially cool with his growling and stomping after you. Windows smashing and pipes creaking all sound real and makes the game very eerie. I always got scared going through gates as I saw and heard the gate slowly creak open in front of you.

Replayability: This game has an excellent replay value, if you beat it with a higher ranking you uncover more secrets, such as photos and Jill's Diary. You also unlock the mercenaries mini-game which lets you play as one of three mercenaries:Carlos,Nikolai,Mikaeil. You start off in a trolley and have to make it back to the warehouse where Jill meets the fat guy early in the game. There is a time limit and if it reaches zero, you blow up due to a bomb that was planted in your body. You have limited health and weapons, so you must get extra health/weapons by rescuing people in the city, which can by done only by killing the monsters around the person you are trying to rescue. There are at least 9 Nemesis monsters through this mini game which you can avoid or kill. If you survive, you are given a score. The better you did, such as the amount of time it took you to beat it, how many weapons/items you have and used, and the amount of health contribute to how much money you receive. When you gain enough money you can use it to by an unlimited ammo magnum, gatling gun, or rocket launcher. It's very fun and makes RE: 3 a really fun game to play again

Rent or buy: Buy this. You won't be disappointed. Although, it is a bit short.


Rating:   4.0 - Great

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