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"RUN, JILL RUN. The Nemesis has got the Munchies and he's Reaching for the Stars."

I've always been a fan of the Resi series ever since the Spencer Estate bought us gamers something only nightmares were made of. Large mansions were scary before Resi but now I won't go near one......(but don't tell anyone that) Damn, those zombies.

Story 9/10
(I'm just filling in gaps what the novel tells me) It's September and Jill awakes from a nightmare she was having about the mansion and the Tyrant to the smell of gas. Soon a blast happens and Jill is once again thrust in to a nightmare. But this time she must escape her hometown of Racoon City which has become infested with the undead. Along the way she bumps into a horrific creation designed to rid the world of the prying S.T.A.R.S members that knew all about Umbrella, a major pharmaceutical company who in secret tamper with the laws of nature by trying to create unstoppable biological weapons of mass destruction. One of these weapons is the Nemesis. An unstoppable monstrous Juggernaut of a creature who is hell bent on destroying Jill and her fellow buddies. Now it's time for survival as Jill has to escape once again from another nightmare.

Gameplay 8/10
Standard Resi fair here. Expect rigid controls, horrid camera angles, multiple puzzle solving and of course a fortune of backtracking. Though if you've played and enjoyed a Resi game before all this will come as a passing breeze. But there have been a few new things introduced to this one. The first which was a nice touch was the quick turn press a button or two and you can get out of any stick situation with ease. But the best new addition is the active time events. ATE pop up ever now and then and give you two choices, each choice changes the outcome of the storyline. Some choices could lead you to more danger while other allowed for a more swift passage through the game. The sweet addition of the Nemesis chasing you throughout the game is also a very nice touch, and because Res 3 has such a creepy and isolated feel to it when the Nemesis does just pop up out of no where you just kinda start to panic and dash to safety. The Gameplay is typical Resi Evil with a few interesting additions.

Visuals 8/10
For a Ps1 title it looked very good. The game had this amazingly creepy atmosphere about it that ate away at your fear and left you walking most of the time than running. Its glum, bleak looking backgrounds felt like you were trapped in a nightmare highly detailed. Signs flashed, fliers on walls, barricades blocking every exit, gushing water from a fountain. All these things gave you that overall feeling that you were never going to escape. The visuals involve the player even more so than they should and that's a sure sign that Capcom got things perfect in this area as they genuinely do scare you.

Audio 9/10
Cold, eerie and evil. The whistles of wind; the spooky music as you run through empty towns/clocktowers and who can forget the Nemesis' theme? You can't see him because of the camera angles, but you can hear his theme and know that he's in that very same room. Nemesis' theme made the Nemesis more scary than he might of actually been. As for effects they were nice. From zombie's groans to crows squawking, the Nemesis roaring STARS to the sound of distant screams. Everything has been considered to maximize the atmosphere of the game. This area is brilliant and really does help to provide great scares in many parts of the game.

Replay Value 8/10
When you beat the game you unlock a mini game call The Mercenaries. Beating that gives unlimited ammo or weapons for the next playthrough of the main depending on your grade you get. Beating the game on hard mode unlocks secret reports on certain characters each time you play(Or is that just the Dreamcast version?). Plus if you collect the boutique key you can change which clothes you wear if that rocks your boat then go right ahead.

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis is the daddy of the survival horror genre. It provides decent gameplay and the most perfectly eerie atmosphere. Produces a fortune of genuine scares and is highly enjoyable while it lasts. Many say Resi 3 is the worst in the series but I reckon that Res 3 is one of the best. Go buy it now if you haven't played it already, you may just like it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/02/08

Game Release: Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (EU, 03/17/00)

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