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Reviewed: 04/12/10

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In video game History, there have been few games that have stood the test of time like Resident Evil. It’s simple, yet extreme gameplay put Capcom’s series of death and guns on the map with it’s gripping second game. Fast Forward to the third game in the series. A game that many people may have passed up, but like the other two before hand, you did so at your own risk.


It’s survival horror without the horror. This game isn’t as scary as the other RE games. But what they put away from fear they took into action. You know what’s likely to happen before it does, but it still doesn’t mean you can slack off. You’ve got work to do, make sure it gets done. 8/10


Kill stuff, keep yourself alive, find weapons, the same old same old. This time however you’re able to use reload ammo for more bullets, and sometimes more power. Although this isn’t always a great idea to make tons of shotgun shells, it’s worth noting it adds a bit more game-planning into the mix, all be it small. 8/10


Run, check, menu, aim, shoot. Pretty straight forward. But they also added in an evasive move that would come in handy in RE4. I got crossed-up a few times on other systems but in the long run this is the same lay-out as RE2. 10/10


Pretty much your standard PS1 style stuff and a few, though much choppier CGI. I know it’s Resident Evil but could they have at least added a few more shades of black to this game? Most of the monster’s main color is black, and really that’s kind of bland. Once in a while they may give you a red here and there, but it’s just too dark without being hidden. Otherwise, it’s not too bad. 7/10


Take the same Sound Effects from the past to RE titles and that’s what you get here. The music is pretty much different but in the long-run, you’ll notice most of the same moans and death sounds. I do however wish they didn’t have that song Nemesis comes around to. It’s not scary at all. That’s about the only new thing, so yeah, it was time for an upgrade after this game. 5/10


Jill Valentine, the hero of Resident Evil 1, is stuck in Raccoon City and it’s up to you to get her out. Or that’s how it starts. Then you find out that a monster is after S.T.A.R.S. members, and Umbrella hired warriors to clean up their mess. Unlike the past games where you’re normally thrown into it, this one has a more ’aftermath’ story. I personally like the idea, a bit of a different direction, but a good one. 10/10

Replay Value:

This one’s higher than the other ones simply because of three things. The first is the ‘Epilogue’ you got for beating the hard mode each time. To get all the Epilogues you had to beat it 8 times over. The second thing is that there’s a mini-game you can play that allows you to use special weapons in the main game with no penalty. Finally for beating each game with a high rank you unlocked an outfit for Jill that can be used in-game, although it doesn’t help you at all, it’s fun to look at. 10/10

Fun Factor:

Mainly this is more about action then spooky. It happens, but the action does tend to go down the more you beat the game and the more you do things with it. The first two runs are fun, but the rest of the time it’s not much to enjoy. But the mini-game is always a blast to try. And since your rewards from the mini-game go to the main one, you’ll be balancing it out in the end. 8/10


Easy mode is… well, easy. Boringly so. Hard mode is a tad harder but you can still pretty much go though it without much of a problem. For me the mini-game is pretty fun and a lot tougher. The game’s not as tough as you’d think, but don’t get caught sleeping, or you’ll be caught eaten. 7/10


This game really didn’t sell as well as it should have, being near the end of the PS1’s life. Those of us who did play it don’t talk about much anyway. Making matters worse, they made the second Resident Evil Movie based right off of this game. And I don’t have to tell you how bad that ended up. 4/10

Over-all Rating:

Give it it’s due, Resident Evil is to Capcom what Metriod is to Nintendo: Plays second fiddle in the minds of reviewers, but to us, it’s still always solid. This game is no exception to that rule. I don’t think this is as ‘good’ as 2 was, but it’s as ‘creative’ as 4 would be. It’s somewhat available, pending on what system you have. But for my tastes, I like the Dreamcast version a lot more than the others. Wouldn’t matter what system you use, the game is all the same.

Play it, worth your time. 82 out of 100.

But… the next game would rock the universe…

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (US, 11/11/99)

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