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"Another killer sequel from Capcom"

Capcom has definitely done it again in this awesome series. The best series in the history of video games? Quite possibly, because the whole series of games are unbelievably great. With the Resident Evil series Capcom really made a name for itself, even though it was already well known. Capcom became especially big after R E 3 came out. At first I thought the 3rd one would be a sorry wrap-up sequel to a series, but I was wrong. Capcom really succeeded the Resident Evil name with R E 3. Hopefully there will be more Resident Evil sequels, but let's hope they stay in quality.

Resident Evil 3 was another nail biter in the series. I love the original idea of scarring people in a video game. It sure as hell scarred the crap out of me. In fact the whole series scarred the carp out of me, but that's not the point. The point is Resident Evil 3 had flawless game play, a flawless plot, flawless audio visuals, perfect difficulty and difficulty settings, and overall the game was simply flawless.

Game Play - 10
The game play is an awesome factor in what makes this game so damn good. The guns are awesome (cough, Shotgun, cough), the enemies are fun to kill, and the game is just extremely fun and interesting to play and watch. The mixing of the gun powders was also a very good idea which made finding ammo fun. You had to find different types of gun powder and then mix them and you'd get ammo. There were many different recipes for making all types of ammo for all the weapons in the game. Resident Evil 3 was just plain fun and that's why the game play gets a 10.

Plot - 10
The usual awesome plot for Resident Evil 3. I was never bored and was always interested to see what would happen next in the plot. A very interesting and great plot.

Audio Visuals - 10
Great graphics, sound, music, and FMVs (movies). Whoever was the audio visual guy for this game should get a raise from Capcom. No annoying music or sounds. Very appropriate music for the type of atmosphere you are playing in also.

Difficulty - 5 - 9 (1 being easiest, 10 being hardest)
The difficulty of this game varied. It varied because it depends on what difficulty setting you set it on. If you set it on easy, you start out with all the guns except the grenade launcher. If you set it on Normal, you have to find all of the guns one by one. Normal is a very hard difficulty to play.

Overall - 10
Go buy this game! You'll be happy. I definitely recommend it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/18/01, Updated 06/18/01

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